Are The Bucs Jonesing?

April 6th, 2018

Let’s face it, the college running back most Bucs fans are not chatting about over beers is Ronald Jones II, and it’s only because he played 3,000 miles away at the University of Southern California.

That’s just how it is around these parts. Regional bias lives, especially when there are stud running backs in the draft from the east coast and the SEC.

Jones is a game-breaker, a slasher type who also runs between the tackles. USC pounded him last year with 261 carries and he responded with 1,550 yards and 19 touchdowns on the ground. (You can see all those TDs in the video below.)

In fact, Jones averaged 6.1 yards per carry through 591 college carries as a Trojan who was ready as a true freshman. The young man is just 20 years old.

Jones picked up unwanted notoriety when he pulled up with a hamstring issue during his 40-yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine five weeks ago. But at his Pro Day yesterday, Jones ran a strong 4.48 time in the 40, though it’s unclear whether his hamstring was even 100 percent ready.

Joe sees Jones as an excellent complement to Peyton Barber. If the Bucs really believe in Barber (and Joe thinks they do), then it’s likely Tampa Bay has Jones as the No. 2 running back on their board after Saquon Barkley.

Former NFL team scout turned NFL Network year-round draft guru Daniel Jeremiah ranks Jones as the 20th best overall player in the the draft and calls him one of the most “explosive” players available.

“Jones is a threat to score every time he touches the ball and I love his toughness and upside in the passing game,” Jeremiah wrote.

Joe advises you to remember how much the Bucs talked about getting “explosive” last offseason, hence the signing of DeSean Jackson and then the drafting of O.J. Howard. But did the Bucs actually get more explosive in their performance?

Perhaps Jones completes their puzzle.

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51 Responses to “Are The Bucs Jonesing?”

  1. BucFanFromOhio Says:

    Damn that kid looks like he runs angry as hell, and I like it!

  2. Lord Cornelius Says:

    100% agree with you on this one Joe. He’s flown a bit under the radar somehow but this guy is like a Jamaal Charles / Alvin Kamara type back imo; and would compliment Barber well.

  3. TheDailyCoroner Says:

    I have been following him. If Darrius Guice is gone Jones is on my list.

  4. mike10 Says:

    That’s impressive film! I haven’t been nearly as impressed with the other RB film.

  5. Shane247 Says:

    Not a fan of that upright running style!

  6. Brenton Says:

    I’ve been saying he should be our 2nd round pick since the beginning, ahead of guys like Guice and Michel. To be fair I will be happy with any of them in the 2nd.

  7. uckinator Says:

    20th best player… I wonder where he would go in the draft? Early 2nd round ? Hey! Don’t we have an early 2nd round draft pick ?

  8. uckinator Says:

    20th best player… I wonder where he would go in the draft? Early 2nd round ? Hey! Don’t we have an early 2nd round draft pick ?

  9. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Not a fan of that upright running style!”

    That’s Jamaal Charles’ style tho. Balance/vision/timing all excellent. He does a good job naturally shielding hits / protecting his body.

  10. darin Says:

    I’d be excited to get Jones. Barkley, Michel then Jones is my order. 4.48 is gettin it. He produces and is explosive. Trade back, get 2 extra early picks and somehow get a DE and RB in the first/early 2nd and things are lookin up fast.

  11. adambomb418 Says:


    HEIGHT 5′ 11″
    WEIGHT 205 lbs
    ARMS 31 1/8”
    HANDS 8 3/4”

    I always like to know this but it doesn’t make it in the articles sometimes.

  12. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This guy has great vision…wow. He doesn’t good off in the backfield. He just goes and finds space. He is really good.

  13. Tackleblockwin Says:

    *goof off

  14. John meeks Says:

    The kid is very elusive and has speed but can also catch the ball.alot of very good backs this year and one of them will be in Tampa in a few weeks!

  15. rrsrq Says:

    Just as long as the Bucs don’t muck it up – do not go outside of:
    Barkley, Michel, Jones, Guice, Chubb, Penny, Johnson – anybody outside of those RB’s I (not that it matters) would not be happy.

    With Jones it would be like having Earnest Graham (Peyton Barber) and Warrick Dunn (Ronald Jones II)

  16. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    ehh, rather have Nick Chubb over him IMO.

    Shane247 agree, he had some big holes to run through too, Chubb’s vision to extend plays, push the pile, and has an extra gear that Jones doesn’t seem to have.

    compare both highlights of 2017.

  17. K_Bassuka Says:

    But can he pass pro Joe?

  18. martinni Says:

    Kiper and McShay have the Buc’s taking him at 38 in their most recent Mock,

  19. William Berry Says:

    He looked like a man playing against a bunch of Cali boys. I loved watching that highlight reel. I just don’t know how he’ll do against the real men that play on NFL defenses. I suppose someone will draft him at the end of April and we’ll all find out come September.

  20. AlteredEgo Says:

    As I’ve said before….I’m cracking the whip on the RB Chubb bandwagon….2nd Rnd…yeah I know about his knee….but IMO…last year was recovery and just showing he could play…and was on cruise control by his coaches getting him into the NFL…he’s a punishing bowling ball with ability to break off longer runs…then the RB from Grambling Carter….

  21. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    @Alteredego….Dilly dilly!!!!!

  22. Birdman Says:

    Rojo is a top level one-cut prospect. His 40 times don’t match up with the level of explosiveness on tape. Despite not having a strong offensive line, Rojo is willing and able to plant his leg and cut through small gaps in the line with incredible burst. I wouldn’t be shocked if we took him second round.
    If you believe in player comps, Rojo’s player comp would be Jamaal Charles

  23. DB55 Says:

    I like this kid over Barkley. Yea I said it. If the Bucs could land Jones and Penny watch out.

  24. Destinjohnny Says:

    In the pros you don’t get to use that 5th gear
    That often. He is clearly explosive and fun to watch but can he run between the tackles at 5’11 200 ?
    Guice and Sony can but they will be long gone at our pick.
    He will be available.
    Man winning that saints game killed us with the trade back.
    We could have traded with the bills and bagged both of their picks.
    Davenport, Hernandez or a top flight corner and this guy would have been a haul. We can’t fix all our issues in one draft

  25. Horse Liver Says:

    That young man runs like…….a stallion.

  26. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    He’s gonna earn his respect. Just watch

    Jeffery Wilson RB North Texas

  27. Bucs Guy Says:

    One word – overrated. He only ran well against soft Pac 10 defenses. Hopefully the Bucs pass on him. I would prefer most any of the other top RBs: Barkley, Guise, Michel, Chubb or Penny.

    Look at what he did in USC’s 3 biggest games: TX, ND and OSU, 18 carries for 47 yards, 12 carries for 32 yards and 19 carries for 64 yards. I was at the ND game and I wasn’t impressed. He’s not a threat as a pass catcher either — 14 catches in 13 games.

  28. JB Says:

    Having gone to USC I watched this guy over his career (not easy given time zone and sucky Pac12 network challenges) and he’s a definitely a talent the Bucs would be lucky to get with their 2nd pick. I doubt he goes later than 2nd rd.

  29. 813bucboi Says:

    Ronald jones
    bo scarbrough

    I think any of these RB’s would be a good complement for barber…..would love guice or jones…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  30. SOEbuc Says:

    Sure is fast and can shed some tackles. He’d be nice with Quenton Nelson. Why do I have a feeling Koetter’s one and only running play is gonna be the straight shot up the middle with a little guy again.

  31. SoCalBucFan Says:

    If they can’t get Barkley then the Bucs are looking at 2nd RD talent. Guise might be off the board because of off field issues.

  32. SoCalBucFan Says:

    It looks like they really like Michel, Chubb and Penny.

  33. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    I like this kid.

    Saquon is a little too boom or bust for me. He def has the potential to be elite, but he also has some high bust potential. Definitely elite in space but I am worried about his ability to really bang it between the tackles in the NFL, where he cant always bounce outside. He has got huge legs, but fails to really churn them for extra yards.

    In the NFL you need someone who is gonna really fight for those 3-5 tough yards when the blocking isnt there, Idk if Saquon can do that.

    Jones might not be elite in space, but I think he is more of a guarantee in translating to the Pros, with just a smaller ceiling.

    Jones could be a great 2nd round pick, or a late first in a trade back scenario.

  34. BigHogHaynes Says:

    DB55: you said it best we need two running backs in this draft to make this team…no practice squad…we need both to contribute …CONTINUE TO BUILD THE WALL ON BOTH SIDES OF THE BAY!!

  35. Ben the GA Buc Says:

    Runs through first contact pretty well. Like someone said, an angry runner. Devonta Freeman-style, if you will. I’d be fine with this pick in the 2nd round.

  36. MadMax Says:

    Yes, i like.

    possible trade/or no trade:

    1. Chubb DE (or if not there, trade back and get Landry)
    2. Jones II RB

    4. Jesse Bates S
    5. Nick Nelson CB (led nation in pass break ups, tore meniscus though which will heal…projected 3rd/4th)
    6. Martinas Rankin T (RT in training)

  37. Kobe Faker Says:

    Kobe likes wiggles in his runningbacks

    Elusive, studder step, stop and go speed skillset is what is needed in the NFL plus breaking the intial contact

    **Doesnt matter who we pick, Klueless will have him sit and practice pass blocking all year…if we drafted alvin kamara, koetter who had him sitting all year

  38. grafikdetail Says:

    running style is just what the bucs need… tough, downhill running… makes no sense to get guys like Michel or Penny who’s strong point is beating guys in space if Dirk continues to call plays that don’t exploit his players strength… hate to see Michel’s talents misused by running him up the middle all game w/an occasional toss play LOL

  39. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Upright or not he has a nice looking “glide” to him. Looks as if he’s doing a lot of this stuff effortlessly. I like athletes who make things look easy.

    I just cannot get the Panthers pounding us over the years with two RB’s.

    I like Barber. He is more smash-mouth at 225 and Jones seems like a perfect complement to Barber. I’m not against RB by committee if like Carolina we had TWO good backs to implement the strategy. Sadly many teams like the Bucs end up with running back by committee because nobody has enough talent…but when it’s two good players who are complementary I like it.

  40. Capt.Tim Says:

    I strongly believe in Peyton Barber

    Saquon Barkley is the best Back since Adrian Petersen
    I think he is better than that. I think he is the next Barry Sanders.
    If we can get him- it changes everything here for the next 8-12 years.

    But if we cant get him( and we should try very hard), this year is a 3 round deep draft for Rbs.
    Like last year( where we drafted a RB in the 4th round)

    Jones is a slasher- would really improve our offense.

  41. Walktheplank Says:

    Wow nice he’s definitely a nice looking rb. Barry Sanders was awesome but the loins never won anything. Hopefully we can get the whole offense going like the greatest show on turf.,or grass in our case.

  42. lambchop Says:

    Sony Michel > Ronald Jones. Playing against SEC talent is a better indicator.

  43. NJBucsFan Says:

    Not a fan of Jones at all.

  44. unbelievable Says:

    I could only dream of our o-line opening holes that big!

    Jones has got come serious wheels though. As others have said, he Reminds me of Alvin Kamara / Jamal Charles

  45. USFBUC Says:

    I like that some of you are thinking smart – wanting two backs in the draft. Jones looks good but he is a little small for my preference and he ran a little slow, 4.6 (I know fractions of a second but still slower than some other guys who are bigger than him).

  46. Issic haggins Says:

    Love Jones as what Charles Sims was hoped to kinda be …….. 12 carries , 3 or 4 catches ……. N Chubb is allot like Barber and was totally ineffective against Alabama , he is good with push and a lane but not a make a seem guy !!

  47. denjoe Says:

    Can he pass protect? That’s whats most important apparently.

  48. denjoe Says:

    Nice acceleration!

  49. Jjones Says:

    Just watched tape on Jones, not highlights, actual game tape. Before people freak out, yes he has talent and he is damn fast, but that’s about as special as he is right now. Heard he ran behind not the best Oline but I don’t know if that’s true. Beyond the Oline argument his weaknesses have nothing to do with them, in my opinion. I don’t believe he’s as mature a runner as Chubb or Michel in anyway shape or form. He has tight hips (not an east west slasher) he’s really bad in pass blocking, he’s more of a north and south runner and he’s not a zone or gap runner(he doesn’t set up the safeties coming down hill on him), just isn’t as gifted as those Georgia boys. When he’s scrambling he’s really not aware of what’s happening around him or his QB very often, he’ll not transition out of scrambling to blocking. Again, he might be able to learn this at the next level but I don’t think so, so I’ll pass. Michel or Chubb should be the pick if Barkley is unavailable.

  50. Jjones Says:

    Chubb is absolutely NOTHING like Barber, that’s the most uneducated comparison I’ve ever heard of, LOL!!! And Chubb having a bad game against Alabama doesn’t mean anything. Alabama knew they had to contain Chubb or Michel, there was no way they were going to contain them both. That’s why Michel ran for 98yrds on 14 carries and Chubb was held to 25yrds on 18 carries.

    RJII has played in 40 games with 561 attempts, Chubb has played in 47 games with 758 attempts and he came back successfully from an ACL injury(2 years proven).

    You can’t compare the competition Chubb saw week in and week out. That’s like trying to compare the PAC12 to the SEC…oh wait, exactly!

  51. Duke Says:


    I think you’re right to be critical of Barkley’ s actual game tendencies vs the fact that He’s a combine champion. His skills are not the question, His style of play is where the questions should be coming from.

    I have to think, Barkley, being below the top ten backs in runs of 4yds or more and 10yds or more per carry is not nothing. Especially, if He is considered the next Barry Sanders. Barkley has been tackled for a loss more than anyone in the top ten as well. If the Big 10 is easier to run against than the NFL it’s news to me.

    Use Barkley the right way and He’s a game changer, expect him to grind and the possibility of him living up to the expectations and He might disappoint.