Video: Relentless Offseason Regimen

March 2nd, 2018

The 2018 Jameis appears

America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, has learned about losing the hard way since joining the Buccaneers.

Losing makes you a loser, and nothing can shake that until W’s start flowing. Jameis touches on that a bit in the fresh video below from Kevin O’Donnell of FOX-13 in Tampa. It was the message of Dirk Koetter back in 2015, “All that anyone gives a sh*t in this league about is Ws.

O’Donnell dives into what Jameis’ offseason has looked like after a three-week break.

In short, Jameis is pushing himself to the extreme. If the Bucs are actually “very, very close,” as Jason Licht says they are, then it’s because of the chance this guy has of becoming great.


54 Responses to “Video: Relentless Offseason Regimen”

  1. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Let’s go!!!!

  2. OneBucPerson Says:

    He’s looking like he’s in great shape, now let’s see that translate into the necessary play that gets us Ws.

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    Glad to see….#3 working out with his super secret NFL QB coach Otis…

  4. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    A leader leads by example, and Jameis truly is a leader. He looks great.

  5. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    I haven’t seen many cars on a football field during games. Nor do I think hoping fences is pertinent on a football field.

    And who’s afraid of little orange cones being tossed about?

    Really? This is the “hard” work? LOL!

    The one drill I do think is useful was trying to knock the ball out of his hand multiple times. However, the trainer is just patty-caking on Jameis. Watch the vid when it reaches around 1:09.

    All it takes is ONE GOOD hit to knock the ball out. That’s as in 1.

    Why isn’t the trainer knocking the crap out of the ball in this practice (like on game day) instead of pussy-footing around?

    Sigh. I believe this is part of the Buc culture problem. They are NOT being prepared for the REAL Football action they will see on Sundays.

    Soft game preparation equals soft play on Sundays.

  6. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    This is a like a scene from Ground Hog’s Day. Didn’t we seem a similar article this time last year about Jameis’s “relentless” offseason regime?

  7. BrianBucs Says:

    I hope it helps. The man has a Long way to go

  8. Ndog Says:

    See Altered once again you show your hate and bias against OUR QB. You need to stay away from every Jameis thread cause it is clear anything you say is predetermined by your bias as if you are ripping him for working out on his own to get better when most players are chilling then clearly you will not like anything he does

  9. Ndog Says:

    Correct all you Jameis haters we did see this last year and he got better. That is what you don’t get, he will keep getting better and better cause he cares and works hard something we are not used to around here. But you can’t see that as you are blinded by your hate.

  10. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


  11. What in the buc Says:

    I hope for patience in his game punting is far better than a pick or strip sack. He is a leader but God willing he grows in that area. I love the fire he has!

  12. Ndog Says:

    Correct BrianBucs Jameis has to be the greatest football to ever to make you happy but I have a funny feeling even if that happened you will still not be happy.

  13. Wausa Says:

    Jameis is going to be one of the elites for a long time.

  14. tmaxcon Says:

    Jameis working his arse off why the POS selfish camera hound is playing dress up with dolls. No wonder one is good in 4th qtr and the other disappears

  15. BrianBucs Says:

    This video is fantastic rah-rah fodder for all of the Winston fanboys on here who love to just click away. Im sure that Winston is the only QB in the NFL that is putting in off-season work.

  16. Tom Edrington Says:

    He’s SUPPOSED to be doing this if he wants to get better….with the way guys are paid, it’s a full-time, year-round job, if you want the next big contract, you have to earn it and you earn it by honing your craft but it still has to translate onto the playing field…….

  17. tmaxcon Says:


    Winston will be greatest buc of all time which does not say much outside of Sapp and Selmon so you might want to get on board… Most important player in team history already

  18. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    I can hear it now from Gene Deckerhoff…

    Jameis hands the ball off to the 2018 rookie Ford Bronco….gets stopped at the line, but Jameis runs in and helps backpedal the Bronco across…TOUCHDOWN BUCS!!!

  19. SteveK Says:

    Go Jameis!

    Keep working and work those “unforced errors” out of your game!

    I’m excited for Jameis going into his 4th year. I believe this is his year to shine and establish himself as better than 4th best in the division.

  20. ChanEpic Says:

    That’s our guy!

  21. 911bucs Says:

    As the great Ronald Mund stated “Are ya’ll ready to get this sh|t started”. Nice to see the dedication in Jameis.

  22. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    SAQUUOOONN…..say-gone BARKLEYY. Yeaauu.

    Go Barkley Bucs, Go Barkley Bucs…Go Bucs!

  23. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    AKick’nTheBucNuts Says
    “I haven’t seen many cars on a football field during games. Nor do I think hopping fences is pertinent on a football field.

    And who’s afraid of little orange cones being tossed about?

    Really? This is the “hard” work? LOL!”

    Every drill they showed there has a valid use.

    The cones were to get him to sense movement so he can move around the pocket while watching downfield. Plus they help develop proper footwork.

    Pushing the car? Helpful for quarterback scrambles (pushing thru a pile) and goal line rushing.

    Trying to knock the football loose or attempting to grab it? Ball security.

    Hopping fence? Builds upper body strength and flexibility.

    Just because you don’t personally see the point to those exercises, that does not mean they do not have a valid place. Ask anyone who has played football.

    Remember, Winston is still recovering from his injury, working on getting his flexibility and strength back, while also working to improve the weak areas of his production. He’s got a self arranged get together with WRs, OL and TEs coming up soon as well, where he will work on developing chemistry and execution.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    Joe has more of a chance with Mrs Watson than bucs have of getting Barkley or Chubb. Plus both those guys would probably sit out a year not to play for this crapshow franchise

  25. Pawel Says:

    Remember the Jamarcus Russell talk? ..At least that fire got extinguished, now he needs to do some more of it.

  26. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Barkley will never be drafted by the Buccaneers. Won’t happen. I guarantee that pick will go toward one of the lines.

  27. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Incidentally, videos like that? They show other players in the NFL that he’s working hard, making them more apt to play in Tampa.

  28. tmaxcon Says:


    Keep dreaming homer… it will take a lot more than a video to change 41 years of FAILURE and the perception of the worst ran sports franchise in the world of proffesional sports.

  29. SteveK Says:


    Saquon Barkley would be the pick if he were there at 7. I suspect your “guarantee” that we won’t pick him is bc he will be long gone by #7 and we won’t trade up for him.

    Lol dude is a complete player and a stud.

  30. Waterboy Says:

    Hopefully Licht is putting in the same level of work to figure out how to bring guys in to build a complete team around Winston like Philly and Minnesota’s GM’s. Both teams were built well enough to win regardless of who they put in at QB. Tampa is built with the expectation that Winston has to be great for them to have any shot at winning.

  31. tmaxcon Says:


    You can’t compare proffesional ran nfl teams with the Mickey mouse circus that is the glazer ran buccaneers… that’s comparing apples and dog turdz

  32. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


    Hollaa!! Well said sir, on the analysis of Barkley as a player. Every year at this time before the draft, so many poo-poo the likelihood of trading draft picks to get a franchise player, a organizationally-changing cornerstone, like Barkley would be. Licht is very close to actual extinction here, and he knows it, deeply, IMO.

    Not to bore folks on the obvious statistical analysis at length of how he would change time of possession dramatically, stay on the filed for all 3 downs, slow down all the opposing QB’s in our division….ON and ON and ON….

    Do you think the GLAZERS “don’t” want to be on primetime games??? In future years? What would Barkley…do for future NFL scheduling? (with other Buc FA improvements) Hmm…hmmm.

    Do you think the Rams….could pass on Gurley @ #4? (We’re at #7)

    Jags pass on Fournette at #4?..(We’re at #7) and he doesn’t even stay on the field for all 3 downs or pass-block like Saquon.

    Le’Veon Bell to the Steelers…..

    So lastly…ask yourselves……in all your “GM wisehoods”–ha! around here, if you are THE GUY, who is about to be COMPLETELY canned by Brian/Joel/Ed…and you can trade a 3rd round pick (say a Beckwith last year), and a 2nd round pick in 2019 (say a Justin Evans last year) plus/or LVD, plus or GMC, plus/or Djax…. FOR SAQUON BARKLEY?? and the difference that would make for 12 years to the whole franchise, you wouldn’t right?

    Yeah, a Beckwith, a Justin Evans….(those draft picks) man, are SOO worth hanging on too. Cause Justin Evans types, Kendall Beckwith types…..KEEP YOU EMPLOYED.

    🙂 🙂

    Go Barkley Bucs!

  33. AlteredEgo Says:

    LOL noledawg…I don’t hate Jameis or anyone for that matter….I simply do not see that as a NFL outwork….more like something I’d do on my own in the summer early 60’s getting ready for HS football….it was underwhelming and not impressive at all….I hope Jameis is the QB the Bucs have been searching for since Randy Hedberg

  34. SteveK Says:

    My wish list:

    1 Saquon
    2 Brad Chubb
    3 Quentin Nelson
    4 Trade Back
    5 Minkah if trade back is not there/worth it

  35. tmaxcon Says:


    Nice list obviously the 1st two won’t be there. Nelson or trade back are my hooe. Too many holes and they will not be able to sucker many free agents

  36. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Just because you don’t personally see the point to those exercises, that does not mean they do not have a valid place. Ask anyone who has played football.”

    My point is, I don’t think the Bucs have done or are doing what it takes to get better. Ex: See the last 16 years.

    Isn’t this why you change coaches or players? You change them BECAUSE they have a DIFFERENT view point. That what is being done now by the incumbent staff and players isn’t valid or working. AKA…Winning. Ex: See the last 16 years.

    There are probably better coaches than the Bucs have that would have Jameis doing different drills that might translate to more success on the field.

    Just because he’s working doesn’t make what he’s working at is the right work to win on Sundays. This is a coaching problem. Not a Jameis problem.

    Remember, Winston is still recovering from his injury, working on getting his flexibility and strength back, while also working to improve the weak areas of his production. He’s got a self arranged get together with WRs, OL and TEs coming up soon as well, where he will work on developing chemistry and execution.

    I will give you that he is still recovering. I get that. Maybe they don’t want to push too hard this early. I also get he’s our best hope.

  37. SteveK Says:

    Spot on Tmaxcon!

    I agree the first two are long gone. I hope we get a stud OG or trade back. And if we trade back we better not use the ammo to trade up in round two for a kicker this time.

    Lol I too think we will have to overpay for FAs. Between a crappy team, lame duck regime, and the possibility of the franchise’s best player getting suspended next year are all major detractors.

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    Has anybody ever wondered how tmax KNOWS that GMC is at home playing with his dolls?! I’m just asking!

  39. SteveK Says:

    Lol, not sure how one would know that.

    But he and others do know our defense is underwhelming as hell. Not on GMC, but we need to stop looking to him for leadership. We need a mean, beastly, nasty mofo on the line. Kind of like a Calais Campbell presence. Smdh we didn’t do EVERYTHING to sign that guy last off-season. Owner are stuck overpaying for a lesser talent that
    Could also potentially cost draft capital.

  40. Bucsfanman Says:

    Agreed SteveK, and not just a mouthpiece like Ayers. We need productive, talented, aggressive players. If for nothing else but to mask the soft play of others.

  41. BigHogHaynes Says:

    GMC beems him up on a regular bases! ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  42. webster Says:

    Some of you guys are truly idiots. You dont see how pushing a truck helps? Its called building strength. You dont remember the stories of alstott pulling his jeep on his college campus? How did that work out? Oh I get it. Alstott was the great white hope that could do no wrong and all the fans adore him. Well you will see when jameis shrugs off a dlineman and throw a strike to evans how pushing that truck made his legs stronger. You freaking IDIOTS!!!! I am so sick of this fan base. Down playing jameis work ethic as if he is doing nothing special. All the greats work hard in the off season ie jordan, kobe etc. Can’t you stupid haters just be happy he is trying to be great? You come on here to bash the man for working hard during his own time? This fan base does not deserve this guy. Some of you guys are freaking IDIOTS!!!! Altererdego, akicknthebucs I am talking to you amongst others

  43. tmaxcon Says:


    I know all. I have a crystal bong that allows me to see all.

  44. Bucsfanman Says:

    tmax- 3 words: puff, puff, give!

    You’re a trip dude!

  45. rrsrq Says:

    @ Webster,

    they rather have him holding onto the ball while being tackled during the off season, they don’t understand that all Jameis is doing is not only physical but also mental, because when you are tired, if your mental capacity isn’t there to continue and remember the drills he was working hard at, hold on to the ball, even when you are tired. Sometimes I wonder about the guys that come on this site as well just to complain about the players and coaches and I admit, I will at times, but I am still about the team and who’s on it and coaching/scouting – these guys even criticize Doug martin’s thank you letter to the team and fans as if they ever had the pressure of playing in the league.

  46. SteveK Says:


    Sure hope you’re not lumping me in as an “idiot”.

    If so, I’m prepared to debate with you in a mature manner.

    For the record I love Jameis. And if he’s suspended, I love the Bucs more and expect a new QB.

  47. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I refuse to believe the negative, self defeating, stupid, non sensical crap that come out of somw of these posters are from Buc fans. (it has to be perps)

  48. SteveK Says:

    Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:
    March 2nd, 2018 at 12:43 pm
    I refuse to believe the negative, self defeating, stupid, non sensical crap that come out of somw of these posters are from Buc fans. (it has to be perps


    Right! Don’t let hate upset you. But, more importantly don’t go “ostrich” and bury your head in the sand either. 6 games without Jaboo would cripple our playoff chances! A suspension of this nature would also split the fan base and decrease ticket sales.

  49. webster Says:

    @ stevek

    Yes i would call you an idiot if you thunk the bucs should get a new qb if jameis is suspended. Did pittsburg get a new qb for big ben when he was suspended? No because that would have been IDIOTIC!!!!

  50. El_Buc941 Says:

    For anyone that has ever done training of any sort,the cones being thrown at Jameis is to work on his perifial vision and keep him from flinching his boxing if you even flinch or turn to the first thing coming at you,your completely blind on the opposite side.and alot can happen in the wink of an eye.also Jameis pushing the vehicle backwards strengthens his bottom half of his body,because if the bottom of your body isn’t in condition to keep you upright you will go down easily.its like chopping a tree,you hit it at the bottom trunk and it will come down.that is all.

  51. BrianBucs Says:


    Thank You for making my point for me, lol

  52. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t get into or believe the Hype. Watch out..Here comes the..Jhizz!

  53. NFLNut Says:

    Dak is starring in every commercial known to man

    Watson and Wentz are rehabilitating injuries

    Russell Wilson is dinking around playing baseball

    and … Jameis is working his butt off … I love the kid!

  54. NFLNut Says:

    Now, just give Jameis a running game, something he hasn’t had for 2 years …