Show-Stopping Win In Dallas! Assessing The Roster From Top To Bottom & More; It’s The New JoeBoltsFan Podcast With Tom Lang

March 2nd, 2018

Man, Joe is fired up to bring you the new JoeBoltsFan podcast with Tom Lang, lifelong Lightning fan, Clearwater native and personality at ESPN Tallahassee.

That’s right, Lightning. (Don’t like hockey, then don’t listen.)

Some of you know Lang from The ScuttleBucs podcast, but do not fear, Lang knows his beloved Bolts inside and out.

Click above to listen, or subscribe and listen on iTunes. (More podcast platforms coming soon.) Like the Bolts? Give this a listen. It’ll be here every Friday through the season. And if you missed Tom’s introductory podcast, it’s worth the 10 minutes.

Go Bolts!

7 Responses to “Show-Stopping Win In Dallas! Assessing The Roster From Top To Bottom & More; It’s The New JoeBoltsFan Podcast With Tom Lang”

  1. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    Man i am so pumped to go to the game tommorrow @ 1, C’mon out people and support the lightning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DBS Says:

    What a game this was. I guess when it comes to the Lightning do anything to the Goal Tender you want and it it not interference. Got to clean up this 3rd period. Seems to be one of the biggest problems.

  3. ChanEpic Says:

    DBS, you are so right. If the Bolts can clean up the 3rd period throughout the playoffs, they can take the cup with ease. I hope I didn’t jinx them.

  4. Enrich Ciccone Says:

    Joes, I listed to the opening podcast and can’t tell you how exciting it is to finally hear the Bolts recieve the attention they deserve. I’m ready to slash, cross-check, board, rough and drop gloves on anyone who doesn’t get pumped by this team. Remember where we came from- how bad it was- the cup glory- the dastardly lockout denying a repeat chance- then the pits. That’s what makes this sustained run so satisfying. We have youth, experience and super stars to boot. Plus the ownership, GM and fan experience they offer is second to none.

    I love the Bucs too- damn passionate, in fact…which is why I can say there’s simply no comparison in terms of which team is being run as a first-class organization.

    Go all in on the Bolts and charge-hard!

  5. Herb Says:

    Tom, loved your take on the Lightning players. The only question for me, is Jon Cooper the head coach who can lead us to the Cup? Is he adjusting enough as opposing teams learn our tendencies. It seems like it’s now or never for him.

    I disagree with you on Sergachev. I like his toughness and the way he carries the puck into the center ice zone rather than trying those high risk, low percentage rink-wide passes that almost never seem to connect.

    We need to get tougher on defense. I hope McDonagh is a mean SOB who will bust some heads.

  6. uckinator Says:

    Things come and things go. Glad you enjoy. Thanks. –Joe

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Love this Joe!