The Bank Breaker

March 9th, 2018

With the most salary cap room in the NFC and the worst-ranked defense in the NFC, the Bucs appear to be in a no-brainer situation entering free agency.

Buy the best player available on defense in a position of need. Period.

The Bucs didn’t do that last year and it cost them dearly.

Michael David Smith over at made a great point about the cornerbacks market. With the Rams, coming off an 11-5 season and trading for stud corners Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib (just yesterday), there is zero chance they’ll re-sign star corner Trumaine Johnson. He earned $16.7 million last year, the second consecutive year the Rams slapped the franchise tag on him. But landing Talib and Peters did Johnson a favor by pulling two guys off next week’s free agency market.

Supply for good cornerbacks has been cut while demand stays the same.

Enter the Bucs.

Someone will pay just-turned-28-year-old Johnson $15 million per season with probably at least two seasons fully guaranteed.

It would be a power purchase for the Bucs and free them in the draft to further bolster the broken defensive line. Plus, unlike Brent Grimes, Johnson should be counted on for another three years of strong football, though Joe would be pleased to see the Bucs instead sign Grimes and another veteran corner, such as versatile and young Aaron Colvin from Jacksonville.

Johnson is the bank-breaker of the year at corner, and he’d make a lot of fans happy and make the Bucs more stable.

After a kick-in-the-groin season by the Bucs that left fans in a unique and deep depression, it sure would be uplifting to see Team Glazer and Jason Licht swing for the fences.

44 Responses to “The Bank Breaker”

  1. Buccnbeliever Says:

    I bet he’s better than that guy with the busted knee they traded NY for a while ago.

  2. JonBuc Says:

    This is a player worth paying a premium for…good size…solid citizen…young…a huge need and no trading away of draft picks required. Having said that…Johnny Lynch or Chucky will most likely land him.

  3. Waterboy Says:

    Keep dreaming Joe the bargain basement Bucs won’t spend money on top free agents. They may bring in 1 top guy but that’ll only fill 1 of about 7 major holes on the team. Management is content having the worst defense in the league.

    “They’re saving that 70 mil cap space to sign their own players” (3 years from now). It’s just too bad cap savings don’t roll over and accumulate from season to season.

  4. JAB83 Says:

    I’m sure I stand alone in this. (Nothing new personally)

    However I still Believe the 12th Man must show up and support this team.

    It feels like we are on the cusp of Greatness.

    What kind of greatness is debatable. Great failure? Great success?


    We need to have some VIRTUE as the 12th man. PATIENCE Chief Among Them.

    We need to create stability from the TOP DOWN.

    Hate it or Love it. We need to honor contracts and we need to grow as a TEAM.

    I don’t want FA to come here and be counted on.

    Time will tell…

  5. Bucsfanman Says:

    Time will tell. They need to go ahead and start positioning themselves if we’re going to field anything remotely resembling a “winning team.”

  6. D-Rome Says:

    Bucs resigned Ryan Fitzpatrick.

  7. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    3 years 65 million, 55 guaranteed, averaging 18.3 million a season. I think he would have a hard time turning that down.

    I am of the opinion that it would be well worth the cost of acquiring the best press corner in the league from last season.

  8. Gman Says:

    ….but they won’t

  9. Maze Says:

    Would be a great day in Bucs history if they can signed this stud

  10. Andrew Says:

    Why would the Rams TRADE for 2 corners when they have TT? Probably because he isn’t as good as he wants to be paid for.

    But, we lack talent and have cap so spend away.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    i am starting to see how Joe and the sheep and so called fans thought that desperate talk show host dominik was a good gm!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!

  12. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Do it!

  13. University of Seffner Says:

    @JAB83 I like your enthusiasm and optimism, but the thing of what’s got all of us Bucs Fans pissed off is that we’re gonna have to be dumpster diving for players to play on Defense. We have the 32nd (last) ranked defense in the NFL. No team can win the Super Bowl with a defense that bad. We all want to see the Bucs get competitive again, but when we all envisioned 11-5, we were given 5-11. We all wish we could find reason to be excited, but finding the reasons is a hard task.

  14. TOM Says:

    T Johnson , not cost effective.

  15. 911bucs Says:

    The ball is now in Grimes court it appears. The rate these another corners are getting signed for only drives up Grimes’ price.

  16. JJV Says:

    Out of all the recent potential free agents this player makes the most sense. Instant huge upgrade filling a huge defensive need with immediate impact. Which is exactly why it will not happen. Our leadership are content with status quo of being “close”. Winners make the right moves. And losers fail. You want to change the culture well it starts at the top.

  17. Dewey Selmon Says:

    with fewer CB’s on the market this makes Grimes value go on the market. Someone will sign him to a 2 year deal.

  18. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    The fact that they even sniffed Bennett tells us that they won’t do squat in FA.

  19. Waterboy Says:

    @Andrew those were my exact thoughts on TT BUT he’s better than what the Bucs already have so they probably will have to overspend to get him but at this point who cares. You want to field the best 22 guys possible. As long as the contract is structured to allow them to cut bait in 2 yrs if it doesn’t workout.

    I agree the Bucs are building a nice core thru the draft which is the right way to build a team but you have to take advantage of free agency too. Teams aren’t going to get much more than 2 impact players in any one draft so you’ll never put together a championship team strictly depending on the draft. The goal is to field a solid roster every season while still building towards the future. By the time you put together a solid lineup thru the draft guys have left in free agency, gotten injured, etc. The goal is to compete for a super bowl every year not in 3 yrs. If in any season you’re a GM and starting the season without super bowl expectations you’ve failed in the off-season.

  20. Not there yet Says:

    No defensive ends on the Market, I doubt he’ll come here just to get roasted

  21. martinii Says:

    All those has beens, Quinn, Talib, Bennett, ect. that most fans begged for earlier can’t collectively match this guy. I’m not saying the Buc’s will spend the money especially with several contract renewals just around the corner, but it I were going to shoot for the moon this might be the guy.

  22. jerseybuc Says:

    This is the guy I would target. And though I like Grimes I am in the minority as I would let him walk as he is really a one year plug in for us, and I would not spend $25 million a year on two corners. Let’s stabilize the backend by bringing in a big physical and YOUNG corner to build around in Johnson. Grab another corner in FA and go BPA on defense in round 1. Hargreaves is salvagable as a press nickel, definately need a top flight safety to pair with Evans, an edge rusher and a guard/center so we have our work cut out for us.

  23. IndianaBuc Says:

    Definitely have to go all in on this kid. Pay Poe the money he deserves and give Wilkerson a prove it contract. Draft Guice with the #7 I don’t think he’ll be there in the 2nd rd. Grab Josh Jackson in the 2nd and trade up to get McFadden.

  24. Pick6 Says:

    Johnson, Grimes, and a third guy. Basically, VH3 should be the #3 or #4 corner on this team by the time mini camps start. then draft a raw middle round athlete who you hope to develop and will contribute on special teams in the meantime (i.e. the next Ryan Smith type project)

    by week 1, one or two among McClain, Josh Robinson, and Ryan Smith should be looking for a new team. good guys, but none should be on the field in Nickel or possibly even Dime coverage if your roster is healthy

  25. Pick6 Says:

    it’s easier to justify overpaying a CB or RB than a guy like Norwell. When you think about salary allocations by position group, the cupboard is totally bare at CB or RB and there’s no reason to think big contracts will be coming through from our current players that we need to plan for. at OL we have some young guys to pay and making Norwell one of the league’s top paid guard probably boxes them into a corner when it’s time to reward Marpet and Donovan Smith. Do we really want 2 of the 5 highest paid guards in football to go with a guy who will get paid like a top 10 LT even though most of us hope someone bumps him to RT?

  26. BucswinBucswin Says:

    Licht appears too scared to do anything!!! Or the Glazer boys want to save money which if that’s the case please sell the team .

  27. Joeypoppems Says:

    Wouldnt shock me at all if Trumaine Johnson isnt even a target for this franchise.

  28. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    So accurate and poignant a point that it hurts my heart.

  29. Nick2 Says:

    As a result of our inactivity where valuable DE’s and Corners are being traded for 4th and 5th round picks and Mr Licht has chosen to remain idol we are entering a phase where we question whether Jason Licht has a brain. The NO BRAINER deal fits right in!!!

  30. tmaxcon Says:

    TOM Says:
    March 9th, 2018 at 11:05 am

    T Johnson , not cost effective.



  31. Oxycondoms Says:

    Manchester United closer to a championship then the Bucs are glazer money will be spent on them

  32. pewterpirate99 Says:

    Johnson will not come here. He’s a California guy and will most likely sign with either the Raiders or 49ners. More likely the 49ners considering the Raiders will be moving to Las Vegas, not to mention they have more cap space then the Raiders. As far as him coming here……LMMFAO!!!!!! Why in the holy hell would a blue chip player in their prime want to come to a LOSING organization with no prospects of turning things around, with lame duck coaching staff/GM who has been a bottom feeder in the NFL for over a decade? Don’t give me this “to get paid” bullsh!t, he’s been franchised for two years straight and has gotten paid. He’ll want to go to a contender to possibly win a championship, and yes both the Raiders and 49ners are more of a playoff team/championship contender then our Bucs.

    As a FA I look at this franchise and laugh hysterically at the thought of signing here. And as bad as the 49ners got after they went to the Super Bowl with Jim Harbaugh, they are still a MUCH BETTER option and organization then this sh!t show known as the Buccaneers. Hell just on the GM alone I would sign with them. Let’s see, John Lynch a future Hall of Fame ex-player who so far has done a great job of starting to turn around a franchise with a history of winning ( by TRADING for a franchise quarterback who went on a 5 game winning streak at the end of the season ) or the glorified scout putz Jason Licht who has NO clue on what it takes to turn around a franchise or any on field knowledge/experience. Right, he’s going to come here…….HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Don’t talk to me about the “no state tax” crap or the “we have beautiful beaches and things to do bullsh!t”. Last time I checked San Francisco is beautiful as well. Oh and one more thing……..THE GLAZERS DON’T GIVE A SH!T ABOUT WINNING, THEY ARE CHEAP BASTARDS AND ONLY CARE ABOUT LINING THEIR POCKETS. This franchise has won a Super Bowl and that’s what they hang their hat on, even though these three F@#KTARDS had NOTHING to do with winning it. They’ve got their Lombardi trophy and are content with that. Remember there’s revenue sharing in the NFL and as long as you optimistic sheep keep going to the games and putting money in their pockets, they’re happy.

  33. GhostofSchiano Says:

    sign Suh if released.

  34. PewterPower93 Says:

    Miko Grimes made it abundantly clear that the Glazers have zero interest in spending money to field a winning team here in Tampa. I don’t expect them, as usual, to sign anybody in free agency of any real impact. They will continue to overpay guys who have had zero to little success in the league and then continue to pretend to be dumbfounded when they fall on their face. #itsabucslife

  35. webster Says:

    Too funny. So some of you guys debated me up and down just yesterday that no good free agents want to come to tampa. I proved that narrative false by pointing out every year since 2012, the bucs have signed the top free agent at a position whether it was vjax at wr or dashon goldson at safety etc. These players were pro bowlers and all pros prior to the bucs yet many of you debated me how the bucs cant sign top free agents eventhough these players were top of their position for that free agency class. Now im reading some of you want the bucs to pay johnson who has never made one pro bowl or all pro as if he is patrick peterson or revis in his prime? Let me get this straight… tell me the bucs cant attract big time free agents eventhough since 2012 they have signed multiple all pros and pro bowlers (ie players who were ranked at the top of their free agent class) and you will satisfied if they break the bank for a player who has never made a pro bowl or all pro? None of you find it remotely suspect that the rams did not want to keep him? Talib makes 12 mil a year. The rams do not fell johnson is worth 12 mil but you want the bucs to pay him 15 mil? Only buc fans. Smh

  36. Pickgrin Says:

    Pick6 Says:
    “it’s easier to justify overpaying a CB or RB than a guy like Norwell…”

    You made some very astute points in support of that idea. Norwell will be VERY expensive with multi-year guaranteed $ to even have a chance at him.

    We aren’t getting rid of Smith or Marpet and both those guys are about to get big $.

    Paying $22M for 2 Guards sounds like a bad idea. We need to be drafting and developing our talent – not buying it when it comes to Oline and Dline.

    Which is why Pamphile’s crappy year last year was so disappointing. He looked promising and played well in 2016 his 1st year as a starter – then totally crapped the bed in his contract year – getting chance after chance after chance to beat out Evan Smith – and couldn’t… What do you do with that??

    I’d prefer to draft our future RBs personally – but spending a nice chunk of our cap $ on a proven NFL CB makes sense – even assuming we sign Grimes back for 1 more year.

    If we lock up a high end FA talent at CB for at least a couple years and can get Grimes back or any other decent to good vet CB for at least 1 year – it buys time to allow Hargreaves and Ryan Smith to develop. One of those 2 and perhaps both have the intangibles and talent to be starting NFL CBs – I’m quite sure of it – might just take another year or 2 for them to become viable options to count on.

    Fully on topic – I’m not 100% sold on Trumaine Johnson as a stud CB play in and play out- year in year out basis. He’s obviously good – but I don’t think he’s worth anywhere near $15M per year. High end free agents usually net like 25-35% above their true market value when they are young like this and enter a bidding war on the free market though – so maybe that $15M is close to right and is just the cost of having an extreme need at a given position in today’s NFL.

  37. Owlykat Says:

    Thank goodness they resigned Fitz!!! Now go after Johnson and resign Grimes so the fans see Licht is actually trying to sign some help for the Bucs

  38. Bucsfanman Says:

    We’ll overpay for an average DB, but gripe about our DT’s pay?! Hilarious!

  39. Dan Says:

    Lets be clear this team is not good. We are a miss mash of very average players and subpar coaching. I won’t bore you with all the stats but we are one of the worst teams in football over the past decade and that’s not gonna change folks. not until new leadership happens at 3 levels. Players Coaching and Team Ownership Management. All the offseason hype and draft day excitement will melt away by week 5 every year until those changes happen.

  40. johnny wishbone Says:

    Grimes sucks, he is a dwarf and is old and brittle

  41. Mo_Downs Says:

    @Dan Says,


    Don’t forget a #1 overall draft pick QB who is a immature brat off the field and “Mr. Fumbles” on the field.

    Hey Jameis…GROW-TF-UP…!!!

  42. Bossmode Says:

    These are some option that works in favor of our wonderful front office.

    Free agent:

    Weston Richburg center
    Cameron Fleming tackle
    Jerry Attaochu DE
    Star Lotulelei DT
    Bechaud Breeland corner
    Aaron Colvin corner

    Draft: Do what has to be done to get Chubb.
    Get Reashard Penney and Ito Smith.

    All move fit with our draft guru GM and will save the Glazer money with tier 2 and 3 sign with some injury issue. Which should produce a better team with coaching.

    If the honey badger hit the market get active

  43. TeddyTB Says:

    I pray they do something. We need so much help on the defence and OL that if we don’t get busy in free agency the draft won’t save us no matter how good Limp Licht does.

  44. Jp_09 Says:

    The Bucs should go after Trumaine Johnson, Maurice Claiborne, and Eric Ried in FA. Those three should combine for 30-35 million against the cap, leaving enough money to go after Richardson also and sign out draft picks as well