Now What In The Draft?

March 22nd, 2018

“You’re damn right there’s a plan.”

Today’s trade for 29-year-old stud defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul cost the Buccaneers a third-round draft pick next month.

Joe can already hear draft-obsessed fans trembling.

“The Bucs lost a good pick. They’re not building through the draft. The sky is falling!”

No, it’s not.

But the pressure really is on general manager Jason Licht to deliver with those first two picks.

As it stands now, in the world of need, the Bucs are highly deficient at cornerback and running back. And if the Bucs want to address those needs in order, then they’re in perfect position to go corner at No. 7 overall and then running back at No. 38 overall. Great options should be available in the respective slots.

Yes, teams draft for need all the time. Most GMs, even the great ones, acknowledge the “best available player” mantra is always influenced by need.

What would Joe do?

Well, if the Giants traded JPP because they want to draft North Carolina State stud defensive end Bradley Chubb at No. 2 overall, then the Bucs absolutely should be looking at a draft-day power play to trade up and get in position to draft Penn State running back Saquon Barkley.

Yeah, it might mean the mortgaging another draft pick. But so what? Winning now is important, too. And for the Bucs, a team not seeking a quarterback, Barkley very likely is the biggest-impact player they could possibly snag.

Be there for Thursday’s Round 1. Arrive early. Return for Rounds 2 and 3 the following day.

130 Responses to “Now What In The Draft?”

  1. SteveK Says:

    Agree with you Joe!

    Go get Barkley if he can be had. Use our improved 4th round slot to trade up and snag this man.

  2. ChanEpic Says:

    I swear if they get Barkley…. J Winston, M Evans, D Jax, OJ Howard / C Brate, AND Barkley…?!?!?!?! We would be BEASTING fools….please please please make this happen football Gods.

  3. Doctor_berto Says:

    Trade up for a running back? You drunk already?

  4. gbobucsfan Says:

    I think we have to ask how much better Barkley is over Guice/Michel. If they truly believe Barkley is a complete game changer, then go get him. I don’t think he is worth trading up for, but that’s why I’m an accountant and not a NFL GM.

  5. Dre Says:

    I absolutely love it!

  6. ArgYeMaties Says:

    Pick a quality S/DB with the first pick at #7 and then grab Nick Chubb RB/Georiga in the second …IMHO

  7. IAN B Says:

    if we cant trade down with the Bills or Cards, do not be shocked to see Guice at 7 and then see us attempt to trade down in round 2 to pick up additional picks. Can’t risk losing out on a top shelf RB if Barkley goes before us

  8. OneBucPerson Says:

    Still think we need to trade up with Denver to get Chubb.

  9. al121976 Says:

    gbobucsfan, you are assuming the other 2 will be there for us in the second. if they go before we pick, then what? at least w a trade up for barkley we know for sure we have a running back. I think I would be ok with any scenario, its been a good off season.

  10. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:


    Hey, you’re coming around! Why just now joining the insurgency?? For what it’s worth, we also don’t know that the NYG won’t be taking Nelson there or lower, but not entirely sure why you (@Joe) are now all-in on trading up for SA-QUON (like THIS Bucs fan has been passionately pining for), when FOR WEEKS you have been constantly against the picks required to go get Saquon, now that we have one less pick of draft capital???

    Puzzled. But hey, glad to have another one on the insurgency.

    Go Bucs!

  11. zzbuc Says:

    Doctor_berto….I would trade up for barckley, and I am not drunk, if you can add Barckley and some CB and safetys threw your draft picks left and over FA, this could be a really good team, packed with options and talent, so as some of the guys say, there will be no excuses………

  12. SoCalBucFan Says:

    Never trade up for a RB! History lesson….how did that go for Minnesota and Ditka?

  13. Rlichtson Says:

    Nelson or Vea or Ward

  14. Cover Deuce Says:

    Derrius Guice, Rashad Penny, Sony Michael, and Nick Chubb, are all guys that are going to be available later. Trading up for running backs in the first round is a waste unless you’re 100% sure that guy is the next AP or Barry Sanders, and I’m not sure that’s what Barkley is. I’d rather stay put and take Ward or trade back and target someone like Davenport in the back half of the first.

  15. CostaRica John Says:

    The way things are shaping up Barkley may be there at 7. Just let the draft come to the Bucs now. The team is already better with all the defensive line additions. I wouldn’t even mind seeing them draft Vita Vea now. What a rotation to keep pressure on the other teams. Our DB’s May even look a lot better now. Go Bucs!

  16. SoCalBucFan Says:

    Better to trade down this year or CB at 7 and there will be good choices for RB in 2nd Rd.

  17. martinni Says:

    Totally agree joe. Barkley has been referred to as a generational player and would definitely be worth the draft investment. We still have some cap space and could use remaining draft picks to shore-up our DB’s and OL. With a little luck we won’t be in this high pick situation going forward so I’m with you, let’s go get this kid.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    No trading up.

    None of those guys are worth multiple draft picks, sorry. We are not 1 player away, even with the signing of JPP.

    Still have deficiencies at: OL, DE, CB, RB, S

  19. @Hands2theFace Says:

    No to Barkley. If Nelson is there you HAVE TO take him. If not, not sure who the player is but I think Guice from LSU will be more effective in this offense. He can be had down the line.

  20. WhatTheBucIsWrongWithYou Says:

    Lmao someone saying guise at 7, y’all cmon. The “I want this guy or I hope this happens” is great in fantasy land but let’s focus on the facts. Bucs got a lot of what fans wanted: solid olineman and dline man in fa, 2 de’s and resigned a corner. Granted it would be nice for Hargreaves to not only play the nickel and Evans looks promising but Our defense isn’t a sustainable unit in the secondary. But on d we aren’t horrible right now. Chubb, Nelson, Derwin, Saquon would be ideal. Landry or Davenport later. Lotta options. But this move by licht was brilliant, this and jensen and curry…unreal job so far. Don’t be enamored by the big names that are locker room poison

  21. Joeypoppems Says:

    I think the Bradley Chubb dream is now over. Im thinking they go DB or Nelson at 7 if he is there.

    Ward or James is the badnwagon Im on now I guess. Like James a little more although I havent watched Ward at all

  22. Rojas Says:

    Barkley, or Nelson if not trade down, and take Derwin James or Ward, and OG Will Hernandez. Then in the 2nd take A RB

  23. Issic haggins Says:

    Need two quality corners or this D will be in trouble Again !!! The D line should be very improved but the secondary is still the worst in the NFL!!!

    Things are def better but the secondary is worse than last year !!

  24. OneBucPerson Says:

    Trade down with Buffalo if one of the top QBs slip and our top target isn’t there at 7.

  25. Bird Says:

    I love all the haters still complaining.

    Saying bucs give up 2 needed picks. It s one pick cause they are exchanging 4th.
    Also. Bucs could trade back from 7 and get better then a third.

    Go away you trolls.

  26. Rojas Says:

    Also wouldn’t mind taking DE John Sweat in the later rounds if we trade down and get more picks. Can never have too many players on the Dline

  27. Bird Says:


    All the babies crying. Someone change tmax wears a thong panties.

  28. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Don’t trade up. Trade back if possible. If you can’t find a trade partner, draft bpa that’s on your board. Hopefully, it’s trenches because fix the trenches, fix the Bucs!

  29. bucs_365 Says:

    A trade up for Barkley? Are you people insane? We still have a need at CB, and any trade up would cost us our 2… I guess then the Joes could spend the rest of the offseason complaining how we didn’t get a CB… even though they’re the ones advocating giving away all our picks.

    Since we’re not as desperate for DE at this point, do we go with Derwin James at 7 if Chubb, Nelson, and Barkley are gone?

    Do we trade down? Maybe. If it helps us get back a 3rd rounder.

    How good is Barkley? Does he make us forget that we don’t currently have an acceptable starter at one of our CB positions? I mean, what if Grimes is injured? Does Barkley make a big enough difference to outweigh the fact that we’d have no CBs on the field who can cover against Drew Brees and Matt Ryan?

    Personally, I’m trying to acquire more picks. Gotta come away with a CB and a RB… Or Derwin James and a RB…

  30. JWick Says:

    3rd rounder maybe for an aging guy….but did everybody forget about the $ he’s owed over the next 3 yrs….for this guy….I don’t think so…..hopefully I’m wrong

  31. ATLBUC Says:

    We need to trade down not up. We can trade down into the middle of the first pick up a third that we gave up for JPP if not more and take the best available RB or CB. Michel would be the pick.

  32. tmaxcon Says:


    we have talked about the panties and once again I apologize for leaving them at your wifes.

    i forget how many games have the bucs won with this trade so far???? get excited after they win not before they let you down.

  33. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    So not only did we get JPP, but we moved up 4 spots in the 4th round. This is probably the best trade of Jason Licht’s GM career. He actually did not get fleeced this time!

    Round 1, Pick #7
    Round 2, Pick #6 (#38)
    Round 4, Pick #2 (#102) (was #8 (#108) before trade.
    Round 5, Pick #7 (#144)
    Round 6, Pick #6 (#180)
    Round 6, Pick #28 (#202)
    Round 7, Pick #37 (#255)

  34. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    There are several excellent running backs that can be picked up in the 2nd round.

    You don’t trade the farm to move up for a running back! Ask Mike Ditka how that worked out for him and the Saints

  35. SammyRebel Says:

    I think Barkley is getting a little hyped and over rated, don’t get me wrong he’s very good, but they’re a like 10 running backs in this draft all worth being a workhorse, we don’t have to give up assets for Saquon

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Well, my wishlist needs dome adjusting now…

  37. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Chris Sims was a third round pick. Anyone here think Sims was better than JPP?

  38. SammyRebel Says:

    Joe, do you have the ability to block TMAXCON? This guy is everything that’s wrong with the internet….and TMAX, would love for you to respond to me as well

  39. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Lol at the guys who act like trading down is on the table at all times and the Bucs should just do it. You have to find a willing trade partner and they have to be willing to give you reasonable compensation for that 7th pick. They may never get that call and even if they do, they may not get a reasonable offer. It is really funny when guys mention specific teams like “Buffalo” when you have no idea what they would be willing to give up, or what other teams might be in play for a trade with them. Just stop with the nonsencical posts please.

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I don’t think this automatically means Chubb to Giants. Giants are moving to a 3-4. Chubb is much better suited as a 4-3 DE. Giants kind of rebuilding and I could still see them going QB regardless

    1-Browns-Darnold QB
    2-Bills Rosen QB
    3-Jets-Mayfield QB
    4-Browns-Barkley RB
    5-Broncos-Nelson OG
    6-Colts-Chubb DE

    Bucs get Arizona’s #15, #47, & #97 picks (1/2/later 3rd they got as a compensatory pick)

    Bucs would have picks

    15 –
    38 –
    47 –
    97 –
    102 –

    15/38/47 = BPA DE/RB/CB
    97/102 = BPA OG/DT

    Hit on all 5 picks and holy sh1t our lines look pretty damn adequate for once:

    DE-Vinny Curry/Noah Spence
    DT-GMC/Mitch Unrein
    DT-Beau Allen/Stevie T/Draft Pick from 4th or 5th
    DE-JPP/draft pick from 1st-2nd/Will Clarke

    LT-Donavon Smith
    LG-Sweezy/draft pick from 4th or 5th (if we hit on this pick we cut Sweezy)
    C-Ryan Jensen
    RG-Ali Marpet

  41. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    NELSON…..NELSON….if not there trade down….go get the RB, then Defense, back end

  42. Joeypoppems Says:

    I think the ideal draft move is to trade back and pick up an extra day 2 pick.

    If they traded down to the mid 1st round, there will probably still be good DBs on the board. I like Jaire Alexander a lot. He would be a good pick in that range.

    Also I dont think I would hate the idea of trading down and drafting Derrius Guice now. Or at least I wouldnt hate it as much as I would have yesterday. Which is weird for me to say because Guice is my favorite player in the entire draft.

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    The move changes things a little but, if Chubb is still there at #7, what do you do? I think the move allows us some leeway in the draft. Now, you can afford to grab Barkley at 7 if he’s there and not worry about scurrying for the next DE who might not be a fit. Also, the Bucs can now afford to trade back if Barkley, Nelson, Chubb are off the board.
    It’s a good move, on paper. We’ll see how it pans out, I feel a little better though.

  44. AlteredEgo Says:

    Hope the Bills come knocking for the Bucs 7th pick in the first…..that would be a perfect world

  45. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Nothing nonsenical about it. No one knows wtf is going to happen – but we do know this:

    There are 3 elite players in this class per most experts; and 4 elite QBs

    We pick 7th.

    This isn’t that complicated. Nor is it nonsensical.

  46. ChanEpic Says:

    Lets pull some of those hated stats into the convo:

    Penn State RB Saquon Barkley at 2018 Combine:

    – Stronger than Joe Thomas
    – Quicker than DeSean Jackson
    – Faster than Devin Hester
    – Jumps higher than Julio Jones

    Recent Running backs picked in the 1st round:
    Leonard Fournette
    Christian McCaffrey
    Todd Gurley

    NONE of those teams regret picking up an RB in the first round. Sure we have a lot of holes but let’s not act like it’s CRAZY to trade up for a GENERATIONAL RB if he is there. #Perspective

  47. 813bucboi Says:

    nelson….james or trade down……Justin evans and derwin james would be great!!!!!!….james could play CB if needed too!!!!!!…..

    I’d go with nelson…..protect the franchise….open up run lanes…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….NOPASSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!

  48. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Yes, Barkley really is worth trading up for….and here’s WHY:

    The dude is 230 lbs…scary good. He’ll likely be better than fournette, zeke, gurley, and even bell, etc.

  49. Bucsfanman Says:

    813- I disagree on James. We need a corner far worse than a safety. I would say Nelson, Chubb, Barkley, or Ward for 7, OR trade down from 7.

  50. Pa Privateer Says:

    @Lord C

    You are correct, the Giants are going to 3-4 defense. DE Chubb doesn’t fit that role as far as size. I wish other people were as informed around the league.

  51. webster Says:

    Once again i am glad joe and many of you posters are not the gm. Just trading up 3 spots in the first round will cost you 4 draft picks. Did you not see the colts/jets trade. No, barkley is not worth 4 picks. Some of you buc fans are not too bright. Heres an idea, pick the best player on your board at 7. If you dont like the value, trade down for extra picks and draft the best player available then. But in no way shape or form do you trade up for a running back. The good move licht just made today with jpp would be wasted by trading up for a running back losing 4 picks. I am so glad the joes and some of you posters are not the gm

  52. webster Says:

    Moderation again

    [Joe has no idea why your comments are being moderated. Unfortunately, Joe doesn’t write software code. Only thing Joe can guess is you are using an IP address that has been flagged before either by the commenting software or by Joe himself. It’s not some twisted personal attack on you. — Joe]

  53. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Nelson (Gaurd) or Ward (CB) in round 1 (unless Barkley is there at 7….but he won’t be), Sony Michel or best RB available in Round 2. Grab another raw DE in round 4 (maybe Arden Key will drop like a stone…..).

    I also would grab another RB in the late rounds….I like Ryan Nall out of Oregon State….6”2’, 240lbs, 4.58 in the 40….would be a good goal line workhorse. and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

  54. Warrenfb12 Says:

    i will vomit if the Bucs pick a RB in the first round

  55. JAB83 Says:



    You have big balls, I have big ball but JL has the BIGGEST BALLS OF US ALL!!!!

  56. JAB83 Says:

    JL just tought us all a HUGE LESSON….

    Ignore the trolls and they kill themselves

  57. Bird Says:

    Yah. Same comeback from the guy that says the same thing over and over again. Sorry yah life sucks so bad bruh

    Living in momies basement sucks

    Predictable and just plain boring now.

    “Mom. Bring the meatloaf”.

  58. SCBucsFan Says:

    To those who want to move up… Trent Richardson was can’t miss too.

    I’m guessing the Giants trading JPP means there is room on their roster for Chubb so cross him off the list for us.

  59. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Pa Privateer Says:
    March 22nd, 2018 at 12:59 pm
    @Lord C

    You are correct, the Giants are going to 3-4 defense. DE Chubb doesn’t fit that role as far as size. I wish other people were as informed around the league.


    This is what Lord C is referring to:

  60. webster Says:

    @ joe

    I dont know why but i just noticed about 2 weeks ago that 80% of my post go to moderation now

  61. Frank Pillow Says:

    Time for me to eat a thin slice of humble pie. This was a necessary move and credit to Licht for getting it done. The jury’ll be out on the price and production vs Quinn, but we are better today at DL on paper than last season and that’s Jason’s job.

    As for the draft- there has to be a plan to go up and get Barkley, Chubb, Nelson. A plan to stand pat and wait for one to fall. A plan to take the BPA and a plan to trade down. On the latter, don’t sleep on the DB from UCF or Davenport- both are palatable in the upper-mid-first. Recouping the 3rd could be an option. There will be many quality players available at that pick.

    The pressure is to HIT on these picks and get meaningful contributions THIS season, while adding to a nucleus. I’d take 3 quality starters or rookie role players over 7 marginal picks every single time. If that means moving up, down or all around- so be it.

  62. Pepsi Says:

    If they traded up, I would hope itd be for Nelson or Chubb. Why draft Barkley and hope for 5 years of stellar play when you can draft Nelson and have 10 years worth of good interior line play(for both run and pass blocking) making any RB we have succeed.

  63. Armybucsfan Says:

    I swear some of you Bucs fans have been brainwashed by this organization to believe let’s get second rate players and make do. Have we forgotten what it felt like to have a win NOW mentality? I’d say so… if we pick up Barkley we have the opportunity to become the best offense in the league. Hence, scoring 28 points or more in a game puts opposing defenses having to play catch up instead of the Bucs trying to win from behind like always. The addition of Jpp and curry has already improved our D-line in turn putting pressure of QB’s to release the ball before they want to and creating opportunity for our DB’s to make plays. The way some of you are acting is like we have horrible DB’s. They aren’t great but they are good enough to make plays when they aren’t running down field for 6 seconds on every play. (Thats how long opposing quarterbacks on average had to throw against the Bucs last year). I don’t care if you had D. Revis (in his prime) and P. Peterson at CB our secondary would still look gassed. Since Chubb is most likely going to NYG go balls deep after Barkley if available and transform this offense to a Dynasty for years to come.

  64. Armybucsfan Says:


    THAT WOULD BE 5 years of WINNING SEASONS INSTEAD of 10 years of blocking. WE NEED TO WIN NOW…!!! None of us want to wait another 10 years before that starts to happen.

  65. Kobe Faker Says:

    Lord corn agreed

    I punched in all the xs and os, tendensies, astrology, palm readings….and the Faker anaylitic s spit out….

    “From 1 meathead to another”

    110% trade to Arizona

  66. JAB83 Says:


    You got it right bud. Been my point all along. Im taking Nelson 100% of the time.

    If he is gone the best DB available would be my choice.

    I would likely never take a RB or DE in the top 10… In fact the only time I would use a top 10 pick would be for QB and OL.

    If my team sucked enough to be in the top 10 of picks. I would always look to trade out and get more pics or proven talent.

    It aint cool to be picking top 10. IT MEANS YOU SUCK. And if you miss on that pick its like an exclamation point on YOU SUCK!

    Give me Nelson or a trade down and I will be one jacked up #12 Man

    I would sleep well with a top shelf DB or if Barkley fell and Nelson was gone.

  67. Bobby M. Says:

    I think this move means they are drafting another DE to develop…..A trade down would likely pick up the lost selection, still able to snag quality OL, RB….even CB…or a DE to develop.

  68. Chris Says:

    Agree 100% with Webster. Trading up is for losers. Focus of offensive and defensive lines and corner backs. The rest you can pick up in any round. Maybe take Barkely at #7 if he drops.

  69. SteveK Says:

    If we could trade up
    Using our 4th round pick for Barkley, do it!
    Don’t give up more than that.

  70. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t agree with you Joe. Barkley is not all of that. There is value at RB in the 2nd and 3rd rds of this draft. Hell..even 4th. A smart team would look for a trade down partner to get a 2 for 1 and recoup that 3rd rd draft pick lost. A..Smart team that is……

  71. Pryda ...sec147 Says:

    Barkley would be great if he can just jump into the league and play lights out like stud RBs have in recent drafts but I think Nelson and then Guice or Michel or any RB

  72. NFLNut Says:



    GIANTS: JOSH ROSEN (I think they turned down Jets offer as they want a QB)
    BILLS (trade with Browns): JOSH ALLEN

    If however, Saquon/Chubb/Nelson are all off the board, the last remaining of the top 4 QBs will still be there and we SHOULD try to trade down. For example, perhaps the Bills can’t trade up into the top 6 and the Browns grab Saquon Barkley at #4 … Josh Allen would still be on the board and we could trade the #7 to the Bills for the #12, #22 and #96.

    We have a ton of options now:


    #7 Saquon, Nelson, Chubb, Minkah, Ward or Derwin – THAT’S IT!
    #38 Will Hernandez, Arden Key, Nick Chubb, Ronnie Harrison, etc.
    #102 RJ McIntosh, Tony Brown, Josh Sweat, DeShone Elliott, etc.
    #144 Chad Thomas, Kendrick Norton, Holton Hill, Kyzir White, etc.
    #180 Bo Scarborough, Roc Thomas, JC Jackson, etc.
    #202 DJ Reed
    #255 BPA

    I LIKE: Saquon, Hernandez, McIntosh, Thomas, Jackson, Reed and BPA


    #12 Derwin, Davenport, Vea, Payne, Joshua Jackson, McGlinchey, etc.
    #22 Guice, Payne, Bryant, Joshua Jackson, Mike Hughes, Sam Hubbard, etc
    #38 Will Hernandez, Arden Key, Nick Chubb, Ronnie Harrison, etc.
    #96 Derrick Nnandi, Harrison Phillips, Frank Ragnow, Anthony Averett, etc
    #102 RJ McIntosh, Tony Brown, Josh Sweat, DeShone Elliott, etc.
    #144 Chad Thomas, Kendrick Norton, Holton Hill, Kyzir White, etc.
    #180 Bo Scarborough, Roc Thomas, JC Jackson, etc.
    #202 DJ Reed
    #255 BPA

    I LIKE: Derwin, Guice, Hernandez, Nnandi, Brown, Thomas, JC, Reed, BPA

    I WISH THE DRAFT WAS TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  73. James Craig Marlow Says:

    Better D line play helps the back end of the defense by default, or at least it should. We need to address the run game now that we have made 3 moves to help the defensive front. With that said, by any means necessary we need to get Barkley, and not another freaking pet hamster. Worst running back name ever by the way. Who fears a dadgum hamster, or a rehabilitated muscle hamster at that? Awful. Winston and the offense will not progress without a POWERFUL running game.

  74. Erik w/ Clean Athletics Says:

    Why was I unimpressed everytime I watched Barkley play this year?

    I like Pryda’s comment, personally

  75. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    It is nonsensical to assume you know the specific desires of a given team and who and exactly what they may be willing to give up in order to do so. I mean there a so many variables and potential trades that could happen between now and when the Bucs are on the clock. In your example, how do you know AZ doesn’t covet just one of these 4 QBs, or maybe two. Which ones are they? Just because it is assumed that there are 4 top QB prospects doesn’t mean that AZ would be happy to have all of them. Maybe they have specific needs that they plan to address with those other picks you suggested they are willing to trade. There is more to the draft than the 1st round and they may be eyeing specific players in those rounds and may not be willing to get rid of them. It is kind of crazy to give such a specific example. There is no way of knowing what the Cardinals are looking at with the draft board and whether or not specific picks are even on the table for a trade. I mean when I woke up this morning I had no idea the Bucs would be trading away thier 3rd round pick for JPP. Way too many variable to make such specific fictional trades.

  76. NFLNut Says:

    Would ya’ll rather have:




    as if we go with a RB and OG in either order in the first two rounds, the above is basiclally the choice you have.

    Personally, I’d take Barkley + Hernandez as I think both have All-Pro potential where as I don’t think Nick Chubb has All-Pro potential.

  77. JGhoti86 Says:

    moving back 30 plus spots from our 3rd round pick is really nothing when you think about it. For those complaining that we gave up a critical draft pick to get a legit pass rusher (pretty sure this was a huge area of need that EVERYONE has been clamorong for) is just silly. We gained a proven pass rusher with that pick…we didn’t just give it up. The folks that say that just sound foolish. It’s not like we just tossed that pick in the water or spent it on a kicker. Grow up some Bucs fans and sound smarter please. You sadly represent a lot of us. It’s not a good look!

    As far as draft is concerned, if Barkley doesn’t fall to us. I think this all, but states we are taking Ward or a DB/CB with the 1st round pick. They MIGHT take Nelson, but i think the DB/CB is a bigger area of need now and easier to find a later round guard than a good DB, especially since this will probably be Gromes’ last year with us in all likelihood. Barkley falling to us would be the wildcard. Chubb and Nelson are maybes if they do I think now. Or could they trade down and let Marcus Davenport develop for a year?

  78. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    @ Stevek……..

    Yeah Steve, another team is going to let us move up to grab Barkley from #7 to #5, or #7 to #4, …..for JUST A 4TH ROUND PICK. Sure Steve.



    Go Bucs!

  79. NFLNut Says:


    If you were unimpressed every time you watched Saquon play, you either (a) hardly watched any of his games, or (b) think Le’Veon Bell sucks … in either case, you’d be defined as ignorant.

  80. SOEbuc Says:

    Stay at seven and get Nelson/Derwin/Fitzpatrick. Or trade back in the first 15-20 range for Vea/Ward/Jackson and pick up picks while we do it. RB in the second only if it’s Michel or Guice. We still have five picks with our extra sixth so we have room to make some moves and also get a round three pick back if we trade down. If so, SS in three and OG in four.

  81. AlteredEgo Says:

    I’m a …

  82. Pit Says:

    So i guess there was a plan after all.

    In Light we trust.

  83. Tnew Says:

    I think some would be happy to just trade down until we had every pick in the 7th round. That way we could fill every hole with a young, cheap player. Who cares if they are potentially great.

  84. Pickgrin Says:

    Put down the bottle Joe. Trading up to the very top of the 1st for a RB is a terrible idea – almost as bad as pushing hard for Johnny Rehab (ah memories). Especially since we no longer have a 3rd rd pick and there will be more than one very good RB available on the board when we pick in the 2nd rd. (Rashaad Penny and Nick Chubb should both be there for sure).

    I’d rather trade our 4th coupled with our 2nd to move back into the bottom of the 1st for Sony and still have picks 5,6,6,7 to draft depth with than trade away our entire draft practically for 1 RB (ask Ditka how well that works out in reality).

    Nelson/James/Ward + Sony will have way more positive impact for this team in 2018 and beyond – vs just Barkley.

    Seems likely we might even be in a favorable spot at #7 to trade down this year and recoup not only the 3rd used for JPP but perhaps another additional decent pick as well. Hell – there’s even a chance that Barkley falls to us at 7. But NOOOOOOO – Joe would rather trade up into the top 5 for a RB – SMH.

  85. Jman Says:

    A QB

  86. Joeypoppems Says:

    You guys are putting waaaaaaaaay too much stock into combine numbers lol. Did I really just read someone say Barkley is like a LT because of his bench press numbers? Lmao

    You guys are crazy sometimes.

  87. 813bucboi Says:


    with the soft coverage smitty likes to play, we’d be better off taking james… joe has stated, this staff hasn’t shown the ability to develop CB’s…..


  88. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Being moderated isn’t so bad. Joe usually gets it approved pretty quickly, which is amazing given how little time he has.

  89. webster Says:

    Everyone keeps saying trade back to recoup the 3rd round pick. You guys do know the bucs have the #2 pick in the fourth round. The bucs still have 7 draft picks. Btw…the bucs traded their fourth round and a sixth round pick to move back up in the third round to draft beckwith. You do not only have to trade back if you want a 3rd round pick. Having the #2 pick in the 4th round is plenty of ammunition.

  90. NFLNut Says:


    I’d be happy with Nelson + Chubb though I’d prefer Saquon + Hernandez.

    WHY do you prefer the Nelson package? Do you think he’s simply that special of a OG and is that much better than Will Hernandez, enough so to make up the gap between Saquon and Chubb … or are you simply higher on Chubb than most?

  91. pick6 Says:

    bucs should now join the trade down party….Chubb is as good as gone, probably can say the same for Barkley and nelson unless someone goes all in on the 4th QB in the top 6. Grab Vea and try to fill holes at DE, RB, DB with another 2 or 3 picks in the first 4 rounds

  92. webster Says:

    @ bonzai

    Joe does a great job with this site. Thats why sapps like you and i are on it 100 times a day. I was just wondering the past couple of weeks 85% of my post moderate. Today it has been every one.

  93. Joeypoppems Says:


    Nelson + Chubb. The gap between Nelson and Hernandez is bigger than the gap between Barkley and Chubb.

  94. Pickgrin Says:

    Nothing has changed about the draft strategy with the JPP acquisition.

    Its still Chubb, Nelson, Barkley or TRADE DOWN!

    If those 3 are off the board and no trade down offers come – you take the highest rated (non LBer) defensive player on your board at #7. Which would likely be either Ward or James – and give a much needed boost of high end talent to your struggling secondary. Then look for your RB with the 2nd pick. That could mean trade back up into the late 1st for Sony or Guice. Take your pick of Nick Chubb or Penny at #38 – or perhaps even trade down in the 2nd – still get one of those 2 and recoup your 3rd spent on JPP.

    Its not that hard really….

  95. AlteredEgo Says:

    Nut…special guard and I think RB Chubb had a guarded recovery year last season and will be back to historical form….and I think it is a more realistic chance of becoming reality….now I am thinking of shoring up the back up of the Bucs defense with the 1 pick…Fitz-James-Ward….this would help the new front end of the defense….there is always Trumaine Edmunds the LB who I’ve been touting…he has #55 sideline to sideline speed…he’s very young and very big…excellent blitzer

  96. Joeypoppems Says:

    I think people are forgetting how much of a freak Nick Chubb was before his injury.

    2 years removed from the injury, he isnt quite back to that elite form of a true “generational” RB. But he is still a damn good player

  97. kennys Says:

    trade down and get a 3rd pick again

  98. Not there yet Says:

    You guys nuts. Just because Doug Martin has sucked over 2 years doesn’t mean you go overboard and trade up for a running back

  99. ZK Says:

    Trade back an get some more picks.

  100. Batman Wood Says:

    If Nelson is gone at 7 trade BACK. Get a 3rd round pick from Miami and still be in a position to take James, Ward or Vea at 10.

  101. AlteredEgo Says:

    Whatever…..the Bucs are in a much more relaxed position going into the draft….huge variety draft options now…thanks to the Haitian Hitman !

  102. NFLNut Says:

    ALTEREDEGO … thanks for the reply; you have a point for sure.

  103. DB55 Says:

    If you wanna impress me with your draft knowledge predict the 5th round pick.

  104. DB55 Says:

    Would ya’ll rather have:



    Nelson and Perry or Jones (usc)

  105. LakeLand Says:

    Poor delusional Bucs fans…….your team just traded the 69th draft pick for a one handed Edge Rusher. And you’re are all excited like little kids on Christmas day.


    The life and times of a Bottom Feeder

  106. Rod Munch Says:

    You know how the Bucs like to stack players. Well I, and others, have been saying Davenport looks like he could be another JPP. The Bucs, if they’re planning long term and Licht thinks he’ll get another contract – that might be the guy to get. You can always find a CB in the 2nd – and you can literally find a RB anywhere in the draft.

  107. SteveK Says:


    Can we revisit your “poor delusional fans” comment this season when we see JPP out there?

    I beg to differ, and think you may very well end up the “poor delusional

  108. bucs_365 Says:

    LakeLand Says:
    March 22nd, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    Poor delusional Bucs fans…….your team just traded the 69th draft pick for a one handed Edge Rusher. And you’re are all excited like little kids on Christmas day.


    The life and times of a Bottom Feeder

    He still got 8 sacks with one hand and remains a very disruptive player.

  109. NFLNut Says:


    NOW you sound like a loon … come on man, you’re better than that.

    JPP has been way, way, way more productive the last two years than Robert Quinn has and is only a year older … and you were ticked we didn’t get Quinn for a 3rd and 6th … but instead we get JPP for a 3rd and move UP in the 4th and you’re still ticked? Me thinks there is something wrong with that picture.

  110. Tony from Los Angeles Says:


    Yes, Le’veon, David Johnson, Gurley, Shady McCoy, Zeke, etc are all great fantasy talents and light up score boards.

    How many Super Bowls have those guys won?
    Hint: you need zero fingers to count them

    The Bucs need to keep adding to the trenches. Pick another DE and another interior lineman with those first two picks and use the second level of free agency, the draft and roster cuts to fortify the other less important issues.


  111. Bucsfanman Says:

    @813- I can hope, can’t I?! Maybe Smitty will come down from his perch to put a foot in somebody’s a$$ this year.
    And, I’m not confident in relying on finger-wave Hargreaves for anything! That leaves us pretty thin at DB. I think we could make do with the safeties we have (Conte, Tandy, Evans, etc.).

  112. Bucsfanman Says:

    Ya’ll leave LakeLand alone! He’s got BUCoffseason-itis. It’s a persistent condition associated with offseason optimism followed by swift, forceful kicks to the groin over periods of time.
    I keep my icebag ready at all times!
    The antidote? Well, winning, of course!

  113. Pickgrin Says:

    More like Lakeland has – iamnotcontentunlessiamcomplainingitis.

  114. BucsAnthemHitman Says:

    You guys do understand that the Jets gave up THREE 2nd round picks (2 in 2018 and 1 in 2019) to move up just THREE spots!?!? I’m sorry, but there is no way you make that move for a rookie RunningBack, I don’t care what kinda prospect he is. If you could “guarantee” he was the next coming of Adrian Peterson than maybe, but there is no such thing as a guarantee with rookies EVER… I love the prospect but unless he falls into our lap than I don’t see us swinging to move up, unless its like one spot and all it takes is a 4th (it wont, based on value chart moving up that high in a draft takes ALOT more)… Also with the depth of RBs in this class, I wouldnt see it entirely crazy to take Nelson, Ward, Fitzpatrick over Barkley and snag Guice, Nick Chubb, Michele, etc in the 2nd Round. Personally I think Chubb is going to BALL out in the pros, the guy was the best prospect in the country before his knee and he has shown improvement from year to year since the devastating event… Anyways I am feeling better and better about our position in the draft, gunna be able to snag a stud.. Im rooting for the scumteams of the leauge to draft their

  115. Rob Says:


    If Nelson, Chubb or Barkley are there at 7 and the Bucs take a DB I’m going to lose my mind.

  116. King C Says:

    In a draft deep at RB Joe suggests trading up…for a RB?

    —-“ might mean the mortgaging another draft pick. But so what? Winning now is important, too. ”

    Wow. Just wow.
    Some times people never learn.
    Must be the same Joe who suggested trading up for Johnny Manziel.

  117. M0J0 Says:

    If the Bucs stay at 7, they have to get either Barkley or Nelson. If they are not going to be there, then and only then would I consider moving up 1 or 2 spots to get one of them. Otherwise, trade back if at all possible. But if all else fails, there will be some very good corners and safeties available.

  118. tmaxcon Says:


    give me nelson and perry and no matter how many leads that POS cancer93 led soft arse defense blows we can still have a shot.

  119. darin Says:

    If people really say licht shouldnt trade a 3rd round pick for a good pass rushing DE they havnt seen licht draft or 3rd round de’s rush the passer. My guess is licht might FINALLY be ready to trade back and get more picks. I think this move was because he didnt think chubb would be there. I do think barkley may be there still. Qbs will be going early and often. I think licht waits until draft night and takes barkley or nelson of theyre there or trades back with buf, arz or miami if theyre not. The fact they got jpp as their 3rd round pick is a great pick! Nobody there is gona have near as much impact. Id love to see licht get that pick and more back and load up. I’m finally coming around to a 1st round corner too. Never thought id say that. If they can get pressure a great corner would help immensely. If not dont touch a corner in the first 3 rounds. No corners can cover that long

  120. firethecannons Says:

    Super pleased with the move to acquire JPP, he is apt to be better immediately than Chubb even, who is the best DE in draft but not necessarily a HOF like Bosa likely to be, he is good even very good but that is all that can be said about Chubb who was a bit weird anyway with the towel pulling episodes in one of his last games. Can’t believe he was picked up for a 3rd. Awesome!

    I hope for Nelson or Minkah or Saquon or trade down

  121. firethecannons Says:

    trade down best idea and snag Davenport wow

  122. Bucdjt1174 Says:

    I think s they stay at 7 and if Chubb, Nelson, or Barkley are not there they need to trade back and get more picks. With JPP there, Davenport would be a good pick to learn from a master, we need CB and RB and more picks would help

  123. Alanbucsfan Says:

    Pierre trade was a good move- 2-3 quality years left for a pro bowl caliber lineman and you could easily recoup the 3rd round pick by trading down a few spots. Trading up would cost a 2nd round pick or more- for what? Another Reggie Bush?

  124. Radman Says:

    1st pick CB, 2nd RB, next trade 1or 2 6th round picks to move up from 4th to 3rd.

  125. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    If they think Barkley is Barry Sanders they should do whatever it takes. I am not payed to study the video as they are, so trust is required. Hopefully Licht’s evaluation skills are better with Running Backs than kickers…🤔

  126. Jeremy Says:

    It would take (2) 1st rd picks to move up. Only a QB is worth that. I question your brain function daily

  127. toopanca Says:

    The DL improvements should make the DBs better – they should spend less time in the box, and they should not have to cover for as long. That should make LG and RB the priorities. If B, C and N are gone, trading down would be best. 1st LG, 2nd RB, and all the rest on DBs and DL.

  128. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    @jeremy It depends on how far your going up. Get a clue! Either way, “IF” he is “Barry Sanders” 2 number ones may be worth it. The 2 number ones might be players like Gaines Adams or Kenyatta Walker.

  129. Jayj813headbusta Says:

    Yada Yada Yada If we do this we should have done that shut the Buc up and either SUPPORT or ABORT the damnnnn team.

  130. DPewter Says:

    Unless we can move ahead of Cleveland at four I very much doubt Barkley will be on the board.

    Not to mention it apparently takes a kings ransom to move up a couple picks within the top five. Barkley is a no brainer at 7 but may not be plausible/possible trade up for him.

    Nelson would be best case, if not the DB conundrum continues.