Mission Accomplished

March 22nd, 2018

GM Jason Licht

UPDATED 10:46 a.m. – Pop the champagne.

Throw away that Jason Licht Voodoo doll you just ordered on Amazon.

Your Buccaneers general manager has not abandoned his “no-risk-it, no biscuit” roots.

The deal today that is bringing 29-year-old defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul to Tampa is exactly what the Bucs needed. He’s a real-deal edge rusher, missing digits and all.

What a win-now power play by Licht to cough up a third-round and fourth-round pick to end the embarrassing nonsense that has been the Bucs’ edge rush (what edge rush?). The Bucs also get back a fourth-rounder from the Giants.

Licht essentially dropped a stick of dynamite on the woeful Bucs defensive line this month and we’re probably looking at three new starters there in September. And now there’s depth. And competition.  … And bring on a rookie pass rusher and a faith healer for Noah Spence.

The GM deserves every Bucs fan’s applause today.

(And give Joe an ounce of love here. Joe said on Tuesday’s Ira Kaufman Podcast that the wild card in the draft would be new Giants general manager Dave Gettleman trading either Pierre-Paul or DE Olivier Vernon and then drafting Bradley Chubb at No. 2 overall.)

Stay bold, Licht.

And high-five to Team Glazer for signing off on adding Pierre-Paul’s contract. He’ll earn $12.5 million this year and is signed for two more years, per Spotrac.com.

127 Responses to “Mission Accomplished”

  1. Cover Deuce Says:

    I still want Chubb to be honest, but man this D-line looks so much better with this trade.

  2. Ramblingman Says:

    Like this move. Kudos to Licht.

  3. SteveK Says:

    Cue the fireworks!

    Hells to the yeah!

  4. DoSomething Says:

    Notable recent 3rd rounders the Bucs could have just given up:

    2017 – Chris Godwin AND Kendell Beckwith
    2015 – pick used to trade up and get Ali Marpet in 2nd round
    2014 – Chuck Sims (like him or not he was a contributor)

    This team is too far from a super bowl to start trading draft picks. Licht just endorsed his own pink slip.

  5. TheBucsAnthem Says:


    another almost over the hill pass rusher again………


  6. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    There’s always someone ready to poop on the parade.

  7. Easy Says:

    Now Dekemper or whatever Joes name is will get his panties outta a bunch

  8. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ……and this is a BAD MOVE

    ….giving A 3 AND A 4……..for JPP who’s almost 30??????


  9. SCBucsFan Says:

    It won’t matter as long as that cancer93 is still anchoring that soft line.

    I figured I might as well say it before someone else does.

    I like the move. Not like it wasn’t a huge need.

  10. Joeypoppems Says:


  11. SCBucsFan Says:

    Anthem reread, its just a 3 and swap 4’s

  12. IowaBuc Says:

    Why do you think JPP will fall off that much? We got Simeon Rice when he was 27, he produced for 4 years in double digit sacks before injuries derailed his career. If we can get 2 or 3 years of double digit sacks out of JPP for what is essentially a 3rd round pick…I’d take that. Especially giving he can mentor Noah Spence.

  13. DPewter Says:

    Great move!

    Pass rushing is is our greatest weakness and we aren’t going to draft a better pass rusher in the third round in this draft class.

    Bitter sweet, now you expect the Giants to draft Chubb. It was unlikely he slipped but now all hope is gone.

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Sorry Joe………

    we could’ve shored up a few spots with those two picks…..

    The Giants just stole from the Bucs…….dammit I’m pissed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Zach Says:

    “……and this is a BAD MOVE

    ….giving A 3 AND A 4……..for JPP who’s almost 30??????


    We are also getting a 4th round pick which is 6 picks higher than the 4th round pick we are giving up.

  16. DB55 Says:


    Get Ayers back, this def needs Robert Ayers.


  17. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Now I am starting to believe the whole “we are really close mentality”

    This D line is ready to compete and hard. Could be one of the better in the league.

    In addition to adding 2 REAL pass rushers for 2018 (3 if you consider Spence could be healthy). We also seriously improved our run defense. Meaning?

    More 2nd,3rd and longs. More passing downs, more time to get to the QB. Less slant route opportunities.

    Bucs already have the best LB core in the league. Safety spots are good with Justin Evans and servicable Conte/Tandy (or better, Derwin?).

    CB is still a concern, as everyone is aware, however it will look much less like a gaping hole when QBs dont have time to slow-cook a frozen turkey on each passing play.

    Add in a RB in the 2nd round and the offense will start humming.

    Could be a good year. gonna temper my expectations just a hair though, cause im starting to get that offseason high that I get every year

  18. Joe Blahak Says:

    no celebration here…just the kind of stupid trades that put this team in this HUGE hole…keep trading the picks Licht and another 10 years in the basement for the Bucs

  19. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    You can find starters and contributors in the 3rd round

    ……like I said before

    BAD MOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Jarod lauderdale Says:

    Essentially just giving up a 3rd rd pick and giants 4th is up further than ours… Love it!!!

  21. JA Says:

    @Dosomething…so, Dosomething’s advice is to do nothing? Interesting concept…I like the move for an eight sacker guy. As a USF alum, JPP is coming home!

  22. Pit Says:

    What the hell is wrong with you ppl. If he doesn’t make a move he should be fired, if he makes a move he should be fired.

    How do you live your lives like that? That’s just sad. I feel bad for all of you

  23. DPewter Says:

    I’m sorry but if you don’t think this is a win for the Bucs you truly are a detractor.

    I work with two die hard Giants fans and they are scratching their heads asking why the hell Gettleman would make that trade.

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    it’s a move but only ON FIELD results will prove whether it was a good move. no recoup the pick by shipping out the bucs main problem POS cancer93

    free passes are long gone until they earn it on the field this is just another buc transaction.

  25. Evolvingbucfan Says:

    When Noah Gets Healthy he will finally have some one to learn from and Buckner
    will push all those guys im sure to be better. I like it.

  26. Ricky Says:

    great move!now hopefully, Noah Spence can step up this year

  27. Owlykat Says:

    This is more like it! I don’t think we would have gotten near the pass rusher in the third round and this DE should enjoy Tampa since he played at USF! However we are really going to need to trade down now to fill all the rest of our holes. We still need a top CB, a top LG, or LT if they smartly move Smith to LG, a feature RB, and a Strong Safety. That will be tough to do with just our first and second pick. However, it can be accomplished if they move Tandy to CB and get a replacement Safety in the fourth round. Then they can take a RB in the fifth round.

  28. Jarod lauderdale Says:

    You pathetic cry babies crying about this move are the same pathetic cry babies crying how we aren’t getting any free agents… You guys can go hump a tree with Cris baker somewhere not in Tampa!

  29. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    @Anthem…you’re just an idiot. You don’t look at football things, and you’re just plain wrong, in your analysis anyway.

    (Re-post from prior thread…)

    JPP is a quality wise move by Licht! SOOO many on here bad-mouthing him all the time, but THIS Bucs fan wasn’t. WHY THE HELL did Gettleman want to take a $15 million dollar CAP HIT?! And lose their best sack pressure, will make the job that much harder for Vernon and others!

    Little bummed by the high 3rd round pick leaving…as SA-QUON fruit grabbing capital.

    Perhaps we could trade DJax or LVD to the Colts…to GET BACK that 3rd pund pick lost?!?!? Mull it over gang….makes a ton of sense.

    Go Bucs!

  30. Lamarcus Says:

    Thank you Licht

  31. miken Says:

    The giants GM has a history of letting good players go. I wonder if he was happy to give a good player to a panthers division rival over spite?

  32. tmaxcon Says:

    remember the buc life cycle people

    get excited with free agency

    love the draft

    set unrealistic expectations based on underwear football

    NUT PUNCHED by week 4

    Week 8 Full Blown Draft talk bucs out of it…

    that is the lifecycle of a bucfan

    proceed with caution overly optimistic fanboys.

  33. Cover Deuce Says:

    Consider the odds that a third round pick sticks around for 3-4 years, versus the likelihood that JPP can boost the pass rush for that long, and everyone griping would see that this was a good move. That 4th rounder is going to be a high 4th round pick, so it could also be leveraged into a trade up into the 3rd if we find a partner willing to deal. I really like the flexibility this gives them in the draft, they can stay put or trade back and still be in position to get guys who can help. Can’t say enough about how much I like this move. It’s risky, but the upside is very very evident.

  34. Guzziep Says:

    This opens up the possibility should Barkley fall to us he’s our pick

  35. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Lol @ all yall GMC haters.

    Watch him EXPLODE this year.

    Proven players like Vinny Curry (also a SB champ) and JPP will be singing GMCs praises as he allows them to crush opposing QBs.

    This will be the FIRST year in GMCs ENTIRE CAREER that he has legitimate assistance on the outside. GMC has got to be ecstatic

  36. Nater Says:

    Are you done whining now? Does everyone have faith in Licht yet?

  37. Guzziep Says:

    Still hoping for a trade down, good day to be a Bucs fan, shows our GM is actually trying to win

  38. Lamarcus Says:

    Now this dline looks legit. Like very off-season. But this one should hold no excuses

  39. Eric Says:

    excellent move, and its a third and a swap of 4th rounders.

    Extremely unlikely a third rounder this year, in a relatively weak draft year, would have the impact of JP.

    should get 3-5 good years from him. As opposed to the crap shoot third rounder who might bust out and never do squat. We’ve seen that before.

    so many crybabies, its pathetic.

  40. tmaxcon Says:

    Jolly Bucs Fan

    so when POS cancer93 fails miserably this season as usual and misses 6 to 8 games with a boo boo because he cant keep up the intensity with new dlineman what will your excuses be then… same ones or will you be creating all new excuses for the cryin clown.

  41. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Anyone criticizing this move is seriously insane lol.


    Also – yes we gave up slightly more than the Dolphins did (a 3rd vs a 4th basically – although we upgraded our 4th to the 2nd pick of the 4th).


    – JPP is 6’5 280 lbs; and played 93% of the snaps last year. He is a 3 down 4-3 DE.

    – Robert Quinn is 6’3 250 lbs; and only played 58% of the snaps last year. He would have been a situational pass rusher here – not only because of our base defense but because they started monitoring his snaps already for health.

    Because Quinn only played pass downs he could still rack up sacks (8.5 – same as JPP basically); but JPP was a 3 down DE while Quinn was not – evidenced by the 68 tackles he was in on – vs just 32 for Quinn.

    So given the above info – that JPP seemingly looks healthier / can play all 3 downs / is a better fit at a 4-3 DE than Quinn – i could care less that we gave up a 3rd vs a 4th pick.

    GO BUCS!

  42. Eric Says:

    This mean Nelson over Chubb if we have the choice?

  43. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    I bet JPP loves coming back to warm Tampa and his USF homeland too! Whole lot better than the miserable weather at Metlife Stadium.

    Maybe Gettleman IS NOT in win-now mode then. Maybe he does trade down and take Nelson…

    Go Bucs!

  44. Marc Says:


    I guess it’s true… someone is always going to bitch about something.

    -Unconcerned Bucs fan

  45. Ramblingman Says:

    Trolls to the left of me, haters to the right,
    Here I am, stuck in the middle with you

    Great job, Licht. You showed people you were not sitting on your hands doing nothing.

  46. DPewter Says:

    TheBucsAnthemSays, name a better pass rusher than JPP that will be available in the third round?

    Just because we got lucky with Beckwith ( slipped because of injury) and Godwin doesn’t mean we should keep rolling the dice. Sims doesn’t help your argument either.

    Other Bucs 3rd picks in past ten years: Glennon, Mason Foster, Myron Lewis, Roy Miller, Jeremy Zuttah.

    None of these players are worth a straight up trade with JPP. Heck Beckwith and Godwin aren’t worth a straight up trade with JPP.

  47. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Jesus Christ we have actually have some legit DE talent to work with

    Vinny Curry
    Jason Pierre Paul
    Noah Spence

    I get to say 3 names before Will Clarke! Now add 1-2 more in the draft!

  48. Its_A_Tough_Buc_Life Says:

    The same people saying he’s almost “over the hill” were clamoring for Michael Bennett two weeks ago lmao

  49. Steve in Mad Beach Says:

    If we draft Nelson or Chubb, and pick up a stud RB in the second, I think that the Bucs could make a playoff run. Rush the passer, and the secondary will fall into place!

  50. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    All the haters on here are starting to get awfully old.
    Some posters here are as negative as a post on a battery, and perhaps need to be on a Prozac drip.
    I am certainly not a Jason Licht fanboi, but I have to admit, I am impressed by what he has done so far this year.

  51. DB55 Says:

    If this the best licht can do then golf clap to you sir. Seems to fall a bit short of the Quinn deal though especially at 12.5 but wtfdik? All I know is your USF BULL ALUMNI IS BACK BABY. NY REPRESENT!

    Shoot last night I saw the judge rock 4 homers over the wall and this morning I wake up to news that cracka jack fingers is coming to town.

    Current mood:

  52. unbelievable Says:

    Man the level of cry babies on JBF seems to have really hit new levels this offseason.

    We got a proven pass rusher for a 3rd round pick, and actually moved up 6 spots improving our position in the 4th round. Pretty decent deal for a team with dire needs at DE.

  53. Reach87 Says:

    Promising move (get better players thru free agency, then the draft. To do: draft a contributing DB and RB (as a minimum). Then comes workouts and camp. Then weekly game planning, then in game execution and adjustments. BL: good initial steps in a long process. We CAN do this and win this year. Go Bucs!

  54. webster Says:

    Oh but i thought the bucs did not want to win. The many complaining posters said licht is an idiot and we were doomed to 3-13. I thought the bucs did not get quality players to play here? Lol. By my count, its another year the bucs have added pro bowl talent to the team. Thats not an opinion, thats fact

  55. Memberberries Says:

    Time to put on my 2011 glasses and celebrate!

    WHAT have you DONE for me LATELY

  56. miken Says:

    @lordc… good point. This might be great for Spence. He can grow, doesn’t have the pressure ect ect. Bring him in fresh in different situation and we may have a great pass rush.

  57. webster Says:

    Joe why do you always moderate me?

  58. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Yes!! The people who say they would rather have Quinn are clueless and are only looking at Sack numbers. Robert Quinn is very limited in his skill set because he is a pass rush specialist. He is by no means a run stopper.

    However JPP is both and fits the perfect mold of what you want out of a 4-3 d end. Tall and slippery. Quinn is more of a 3-4 guy.

    JPP provides more consistent play than Robert Quinn and fits perfectly with the run stopping theme that Jason Licht seems to be going for.

  59. Lord Cornelius Says:

    IF no trade down; and no signed CB before the draft

    2-likely need to draft CB
    4-pray for a RB to fall


    1-Denzel Ward CB
    2-best RB/DE available

    Sign EJ Gaines so we can go all in on LG/DE/RB/DT

    Or trade down to get back another 2 and another 4 so we can hit those 4 positions hard. Don’t settle!

  60. tmaxcon Says:

    note to people acting like this is a great move

    Exactly how many wins has this translated into so far????? Bucs most earn it on the field… fee passes are for tee ball players.

  61. DB55 Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    March 22nd, 2018 at 10:52 am
    remember the buc life cycle people

    get excited with free agency

    love the draft

    set unrealistic expectations based on underwear football

    NUT PUNCHED by week 4

    Week 8 Full Blown Draft talk bucs out of it…

    that is the lifecycle of a bucfan

    proceed with caution overly optimistic fanboys
    Good point! I got happy there for a second. Thank you for the cold hard facts.

  62. The Buc Realist Says:

    Was really hoping to see a more of a fresh start to the D-line in stead of the constant patching!!!! While this may be a down year for the DE in the draft there are still asset in it, and Deep and DT, I hope that the Bucs take advantage of that as we have seen too many old free-agents in trades to field a D-line!!!!!!!

    It sure seems that a certain DT is considered untouchable and orders from the very top are hell bent to put his name in the ring of honor no matter the cost of building a D-line!!!!!!!!

    Improved the D-line today, but will it for tomorrow???????

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Licht finally does something that makes good sense. I like JPP always have. Think he will be a difference maker on the Defensive side of the ball. Much skills and a positive, experienced presence in the locker room. The sun has just begun to shine a little brighter in Tampa. How you like that move TMax????? GO BUCS!!!!!

  64. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    ARE WE GETTING the Giants 4th round compensatory selection in exchange for our 7th overall pick in Round 4???!?! That’s what Schefter hasn’t said…yet.

    That does change the valuation analysis a fair amount, if we fall from 7th in round 4 to 35th in round 4, basically 5th round now. For those wondering, the NFL changed the rules 2 years ago on being able to trade compensatory selections.

    IF ..we swapped our 7th pick in round 4, for their 2nd pick in round 4, then fantastic! We just lost a 3rd is all. IF… we lost a 3rd AND a 4th (basically by being at the bottom of the round)…then THAT changes things.

    Go Bucs!

  65. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    All you hater miserable b****** need to get off this site!

  66. zzbuc Says:

    Far away form being a Light fan, but on paper this is really good, now is all about RB and secondary….. we need an elite RB and we have a better team than last season….No doubt.

  67. Patrickbucs Says:

    Jarod lauderdale Says:
    March 22nd, 2018 at 10:51 am
    You pathetic cry babies crying about this move are the same pathetic cry babies crying how we aren’t getting any free agents… You guys can go hump a tree with Cris baker somewhere not in Tampa!

    Thank you so much. Half of these fools that post every 5 minutes and rip the Bucs still are? Whatever great trade!

  68. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    So….let me see…..constant whining that we didn’t give up draft picks for Quinn or Bennett……now whining because of giving up a pick….that’s right “one pick” for Paul…..
    This takes some pressure off the draft with the possibility of picking up a CB or S…..
    We may even get the pick back by trading down.

    We can still pick up a DE in round 1, 2, 4….

    If I had my choice now, it would be Nelson then Sony with a CB in 4th….or Minkah then Sony.

  69. DoSomething Says:

    As a diehard fan not looking for flashy moves I was down to be patient while Jameis progresses, stockpile talent through the draft and make these type of moves in 2-3 years when the team is ready. Jason kills it in the draft but dammit some of these moves knock us off track in my opinion. Not crying because this does make us better up front but some people are in denial that this team needs to be in build-through-the-draft mode. That’s why I liked bringing Licht back in the first place but this move goes against the philosophy he preaches all the time.

  70. ndog Says:

    Bottom line here if you give me the choice Bennett (liar and doesn’t respect the flag, Quinn (hurt back so you never know what you will get) or JPP (messed up hand but can still get after it). I will take JPP all day every day. Losing the 3rd pick hurts but if we can get a NFL quality starting DE vs a guy that maybe will contribute this year it is a great move. Now, in either order, get Barkley (RB) and Will Hernandez (G) or Nelson (G) and Sony Micheal (RB) in rounds 1 or 2 and we will be good to go!!!

  71. jerseybuc Says:

    I see some of the same clowns who complained that we were doing nothing and wanted Licht’s head are now complaing about this?
    JPP is in the prime of his career, is a legit edge rusher, and we only had to give up the 69th pick in the draft.
    Would a resonable person expect that pick to give you 8.5 sacks next year?
    We now have options at 7.
    Huge move, my only concern is that he stays motivated, but our talent on the D line is better than it has been in a decade.

  72. SCBucsFan Says:

    DB55 and TMax I believe are separated at birth. Must stink to be a fan but hate the team so much.

  73. DanBucsFan Says:

    Lord Cornelius

    Thx for the stats, that SHOULD shut up all the IDIOTS who are complaining about this trade. I won’t go as far as to say if you complain about this move, your not a Bucs fan, but I will say, you clearly are not a smart footbal fan if your against this move. JPP is a instant upgrade especially the fact he has roots here USF, 8.5 sacks, nevermind you still wont get it lol. And I will say this. I do agree with Tmaxon, as far as lets not schedule a parade just yet down Dale Mabry, we need to be optimistic, but cautious about our expectations. Last year was miserable so if I am a player on the team I am not drinking the kool-aid and playing like I am pissed all year long until we finally have a winning season. GO BUCS FIRED UP FOR THE DRAFT !!!

  74. Fire the Glazers Says:

    Seriously, this is a horrible move.

  75. webster Says:

    @ tmax

    How many wins will it translate to? The point is the bucs wrecked your argument they do not want to win. They do want to win and that is why they add pro bowl talent every year in the offseason since 2012. Has it worked? Heck no. The record speaks for itself but they do try. And as lord c said, anyone hating on this move is just and idiot troll. Mccoy your favorite tmax finally has a legitimate edge rusher to play with. Maybe curry can add something. Maybe spence can stay healthy and fufill his potential. Who knows? It can all blow up, but effort is clearly there to win.

  76. Eric Says:

    Had another team traded a third for JP, it would be a cascade of “another swing and miss from Jason”…….”bucs are cheap”…..”bucs don’t want to win”

    ad nauseam.

  77. Joe Blahak Says:

    panic move…high 3rd round pick and lose almost 30 spots with the 4th rounder…BRUTAL

  78. SteveK Says:

    DB55 and Tmaxcon are you’re fans, SCBucsfan!

    Go read Buccaneers.com if all you want is positivity with rainbows and unicorns!

    Us JBFerslike to keep our Bucs Talk on the real side!

    Boo yah!

  79. webster Says:

    Once again moderated

  80. DB55 Says:

    I don’t remember all this love for jpp 2 years ago when he was a FA but wtfdik? 2 yrs ago he was just another thug who blew up his hand but hmm cough cough wtfdik

  81. tmaxcon Says:

    Buccaneer scotty

    if reality is tough for you to handle up your meds and go back to the safe space. It is not hate if it’s reality!!!! Reality sucks for bucs they must earn on the field. every year fools like you get all positive and then kicked in the nuts by week 4. 16 years without a single meaningful it’s time for them to shut up and earn it on the field. no more free passes

  82. Eric Says:

    Another 2-3 year rebuild?

    that would make a seven year rebuild!

    Beyond the average career of an NFL player.

  83. AnotherBucsFanGM Says:

    This is the most annoying fan base I have ever come across, he didn’t trade picks and everyone was complaining that he didn’t and we were doomed, now he does and you’re all complaining because it wasn’t the player you wanted, some of the same people who complained about not trading a our picks are the ones complaining that we did, just STFU and watch everything play out, no one here will ever be a NFL GM so stop pretending you know anything!

  84. Pa Privateer Says:

    @Joe Blahak

    We moved up in the 4th round when we swapped picks with the Giants. We did not lose 30 spots.

  85. SOEbuc Says:

    Wow. This is a whole new ball game for Bucs draft now. They wouldn’t bring in JPP or Vinny Curry and Noah Spence to sit on the bench behind Chubb. If we get Nelson, I now approve of getting a RB in the second.

    1. Nelson
    2. RB
    4. S
    5. CB
    6. CB
    6. DT
    7. DE

    Buckner is continuing his scouting and research. This pleases me.

  86. BIGBUC1977 Says:


  87. Joe Blahak Says:

    better check again…108 to NYG for 135 to TB

  88. I’m a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Good move Jason, you got it right this time. I have always liked JPP. I think #90 is going to be a difference maker on the defensive side of the ball. A proven, experienced player that will be a positive impact on the Bucs Locker Room. How you like this move TMax? GO BUCS!!!!

  89. SCBucsFan Says:

    Pa Privateer please stop with the facts. It makes the clueless rants less effective.

  90. Joe Blahak Says:

    my bad…did move up with 4th

  91. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t know if he is worth that third rounder or not…time will tell.

    But you guys thinking we could draft an impact third round DE are smoking Colorado prime. That would be a great spot for a RB…. and that is more accurately the cost, not a third round DB. Impact RB’s are often drafted in their third round,

  92. Dapostman Says:

    This is a good short term 2-3 years answer to a bad defense. 8.5 sacks on a bad team where you are playing from behind all the time is quite decent. If the Bucs are leading some games next season I can see 10+ sacks from JPP. Most importantly they are rebuilding the DL to get after the QB. Can see pick #7 being a DB or maybe trade back to grab an extra pick that they paid for JPP.

  93. Capt.Tim Says:

    This is a great trade.
    Much better than if we had aquired Robert Quinn.
    With McCoy blowing up the Pocket, Jpp and Curry should both feast on QBs.

    For the first time since The Great Simione Rice retired, the Bucs have a real DE!!

    Well Done Mr.Licht

  94. Jeffbuc Says:

    Bucs anthem I would trade Godwin and Beckwith right know the both of them for Pierre Paul. I don’t know what is wrong with you. We just got a top 10 4-3 defensive end for a 3rd round pick and moved up 5 spots in the fourth. What is not to love. Now I bet we trade back pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd. And draft best available. How can any real Bucs fan not be super excited about this. Best news all season for me. And he is back in Florida playing in his college stadium. Now it all makes sense signing those run stuffers and now have three good pass rushers. We might be ready to take a step up in the division with these moves

  95. 813bucboi Says:


    we still switch to 34?…….lol……wrong again I see…as usual!!!!!!…..this trade represents a win now mode for this staff!!!!!!….pressures on dirk and smitty now!!!!!….licht has done his job!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..NOPASSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  96. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    reality is you’re miserable b**** loser

  97. tmaxcon Says:


    until it translates into wins it’s nothing but a transaction. every year its the same BS… This does not mean they are trying to win. by no means does this guarantee wins. it will be a great deal when and only when bucs win.

  98. tmaxcon Says:

    Buccaneer scotty

    poor baby got his feelings hurt… quit the opposite my man but believe what you wish. I am happily retired in the mountains laughing at low standard buc fan….

  99. Pawel Says:

    This a good move for proven player, now Bucs easily can trade down and get more picks.

  100. M0J0 Says:

    This was an absolutely brilliant trade on the Bucs part. We filled our #1 need at the cost of a 3rd round pick. Opposing defenses will have to respect JPP on the edge and that can only help GMC on the inside, and also will help the secondary. I am excited to see how the draft falls out, but I feel like we are going to come out of it with a vastly improved team in comparison to where we were last year.

  101. SCBucsFan Says:

    That’s great logic TMax; since the Bucs lost last year then all moves made by them are loser moves until proven otherwise. Like you say, its been 16 years since a meaningful post by you.

  102. Baz Says:

    I swear we could have traded for Bruce Smith and Reggie White in their primes for a 7th round pick and people would still b*tch.

    Thank you Licht for a bold move! Love it!

    And I don’t see the Giants drafting Chubb if reports are accurate they’re moving to a 3-4… see them trading down for more picks and picking an edge rusher

  103. Mike Johnson Says:

    Mission Accomplished? Please Joe..Cut it out and Knock it off..Please sir!! No mission has been accomplished. You sound like Ex prez Bush! This team still must perform. So don’t start the hype Joe. We are still a 5-11 team until the regular season starts. I don’t want to hear or see Excuses from this franchise. Perform or wipe the coaching slate clean. Do or Die!!

  104. unbelievable Says:

    Wow. So a FA acquisition in the offseason hasn’t translated into wins yet? Because we haven’t played a game yet?

    Say it ain’t so! Some of you are just too smart for your own good.

  105. Eric Says:

    We are all fully aware they have to prove it on the field…..

    Should Joebucsfan just shut down till September?


  106. BucEmUp Says:

    Too bad there isn’t any tight coverage to give him time to get to the qb

  107. BucEmUp Says:

    Defense will be last place AGAIN with Mike Smith running things.

  108. ChanEpic Says:

    Much like Adrian Clayborn, I LOVE that we signed a DL that had to fight (this time self imposed) adversity to become a starter in the NFL. Good work Mr. Licht.. All is not forgiven but we’re getting there.

  109. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Take Vea in round one and we have one of the top Defensive Lines.

  110. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    All we gave up is a third. We swapped 4th rounders.

    Wow. Just wow. I really, really like this move.

    Joe, was there any kind of hint that JPP was on the trading block?

  111. Owlykat Says:

    We have gotten Jameis sacked by sackers we thought we’re way over the hill who were about seven years older than Piere Paul who is a great athlete with great power and speed and knows all the moves. Remember that Chubb is just the best of a weak 2018 crop of DEs rated only C plus by Lindy’s. So chances are good he would not get the sacks that Piere Paul, an experienced, proven elite DE will get this year. Yes he has a prosthetic hand but he has proven he can still use it to get to the QB. We were not going to get Chubb anyway so this was the best move. If we take Barkley in the first and a top Guard in the second, move Tandy to a CB, and then grab another either DE or DT to develop in the fourth, a Strong Safety to develop in the 5th, the Gator place Kicker in the 6th, and two speedy special team players in the other 6th and 7th round picks; we still may be OK without moving down.

  112. JAB83 Says:

    This signing is JL way of telling The 12th Man….


    Ignore them and you kill them… SIMPLE AS THAT…

  113. GhostofSchiano Says:

    TIME will tell if this and the other moves this off season were successful. Glad to see at least SOMETHING done to address the defensive line.

    I am sure others will agree except one poster with an intense dislike for one of our defensive tackles, multi- pro bowl selection, I wont mention any names, but it rhymes with JOY. Hopefully the Licht moves prove quite successful which will prove the highly pessimistic, supremely critical of one particular player that wears the number 93, poster WRONG.

    It’s a Bucs life, GO BUCS!

  114. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    Wow, I really like this move. So basically a straight up trade of 3rd rounder for JPP and we moved to 2nd pic of 4th round now.
    I’m liking this!!!

    If Nelson or Barkley isn’t there, we will definitely trade out of 7 and move down in 1st round. Make us an offer for that last QB Miami, Buffalo, or Arizona.
    We’ll get at least that 3rd round pic back.

    Then we nab best corner or safety 1st round…Get our RB in 2nd round (Guice!!), and deal w young DL for other 2nd, and then grab SHAQUEM GRIFFIN IN EARLY 4th ( or move up to late 3rd) if we didn’t take safety in 1st round. After that it’s BPA.

  115. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    JPP is a proven pass rusher, that other teams must game plan for. With both Curry and JPP, our opponents will not be able to keep the double and triple teams on GMC.
    Plus, Jason got us a kicker and a center this year! I am impressed and encouraged.
    I really really like this trade, and it is said that the contract of JPP is null and void, if he is seen within 100 feet of a fireworks stand, LOL

  116. Skipper Says:

    Just acquired one of the premier pass rushers in the league for essentially a third round pick and we have some people here claiming this is a bad move?

  117. Pryda ...sec147 Says:

    Over the hill at 29! this is the prime of their lives with the right mentality hopefully from Buckner these guys on the D-Line can aspire to become more than great become phenomenal.

  118. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Still think Licht sucks but this FA signing makes him suck a little less. Good pick up!

  119. Bossmode Says:

    You fans kill me with build through the draft crap. This is building through the draft a pick for a player of need. What else do you expect your 3 rounder to do beside fill a hole?

  120. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    This was a good trade for both teams.

    This is a fine acquisition for the Buccaneers. Moving down a whole round hurts a bit – the No. 69 overall pick is a valuable one – but they need to win now for everyone to keep their jobs, and Pierre-Paul can help them do that. With Pierre-Paul and Vinny Curry rushing the quarterback, we certainly won’t have the worst sack total in the NFL anymore.

    As for the Giants, if they thought Pierre-Paul didn’t fit well into their new 3-4, this trade makes a ton of sense. In fact, I’d say they won the deal. Obtaining the 69th-overall selection is a nice move for a team trying to rebuild. They’re also getting rid of a bad contract – it gets ugly after 2018, as Pierre-Paul will eat up $27 million over two seasons – and they can take a younger edge rusher in the opening round as a replacement.

  121. The Anomaly Says:

    Elite? In his prime? Young?

    I’ve seen some pretty hilarious descriptions of JPP.

    Elite? If you think JPP is elite you probably couldn’t beat Forrest Gump at tic tac toe.

    It’s an ok move. Nothing more. People making it out to be some blockbuster trade are morons.

  122. Joel Says:

    Only an idiot doesn’t like this trade. Moving up 6 slots in the 4th round is nice too.

  123. Duke Says:


    The fact that there’s maybe one poster that can name more than 4 DE in the draft
    And it’s a universal opinion that there’s one de and one guard and one RB worth picking in the top 10. Add that together and the obvious answer is the best way to get a pass rush d e is to spend the pick. Who’s the third tier de group? That is the 3 rd pick equivalency. Not a single poster knows that group…..jpp is avg…
    Avg starter not avg third tier prospect. The difference is not to be underestimated.

    Is jpp all pro….nope……But he’s a million miles closer than the 3rd 3rate talent
    who we would have been rolling with.

    Homerun homey! This park has zero outfield and this team still can’t hit it out.
    So jpp is a epic smash into the brown viscous of the port authority . Like cheering for the special Olympics hurdles contestants…….just not suffering a fracture is like a super bowl appearance. Be happy the team improves to avg.

  124. The Anomaly Says:

    Duke, I said it’s an ok move. Nothing more. The guy is on the downward slope of his career. And that contract…yikes.

  125. mike Says:

    Now get Suh!!

  126. Duke Says:

    I agree with you on both sides. Wow is right about the contract.

    Hopefully, the Smith will use JPP in a rotational role. Extend the players career by
    reducing their role and a 30-32 yr old can go 90% in spots. Then hopefully they spin the wheel and sign or draft more de talent. It’s obvious that there’s nothing much to choose from in the NFL ready serv mkt. Jpp is the price the team pays for not addressing the position earlier and the price to essentially kick the can down the road a little farther.

    That’s why I see this as a team win. Because We signed a proven commodity and He is capable of playing a little better than a place holder or an on the job trainee.
    Buying time is a win only if the team signs, trades for or drafts a better d end in the 2yr window he just bought. If not then this deal will start to stink badly yr 3.

    Sorry, but keep the party favors and get back to work Mr light. The job ain’t done until it’s done. And it ain’t done.

  127. Hec Diz Says:

    It’s actually just a 3rd and a swap of 4th round picks in which the bucs moves up I don’t think it’s a bad move especially since our pass rush has been nonexistent