“A Lot Of People Laugh At You”

March 23rd, 2018

GM Jason Licht talks trade

Jason Licht went inside the evolution of the Jason Pierre-Paul trade.

The Buccaneers general manager painted a picture of a man on a mission, a general manager determined to fill a roster crater, an eager telemarketer fishing for a maybe that could become a yes.

The chatter came on today’s Sports Day Tampa Bay podcast.

“You know, this business in a lot of ways is not unlike other businesses where it’s relationship-based. And, you know, I have a good relationship with the GM there, Dave Gettleman. And, you know, you just never know unless you ask in this business. You just never know. So, obviously defensive end is a position where we’re trying to get a premier player. So I just started making calls, ‘Is this player available? Is this player available?’

“A lot of people laugh at you. You say, ‘You never know unless you ask.’ Pierre-Paul was one of those guys who was one of those calls. Dave said, ‘I have to think about that.” We kept the talks going. … We just kept the conversations going for the last three weeks and finally yesterday it came to a head. Late [Wednesday] night we came to an agreement.”

Man, Joe can imagine Licht’s face when Gettleman offered that glimmer of hope. And what a play by Licht to massage it into a trade of just a third-round pick, plus a swap of fourth-round picks that falls in the Bucs’ favor.

53 Responses to ““A Lot Of People Laugh At You””

  1. tmaxcon Says:

    “A lot of people laugh at you

    especially when you work for the worst owners in pro sports and own the nfl’s worst winning percentage and you waste first round picks on 5th round midget CB and follow it up with a 2nd rd kicker…. lots and lots to laugh or cry about the bucs.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    He who laughs last laughs best. Let’s hope we’re all still laughing next January.

  3. Fire the Glazers Says:

    I like Jason Licht, but he’s going to be looking for a new job after this season is over. He swings and misses on almost every draft pick from the 5th round to the 7th, and let’s not forget the HUGE mistake to trade up to draft the worst kicker in Bucs history.

  4. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    Kudos to licht for finding a way and getting it done.

    v excited to see this new look dline and what GMC can do surrounded by talented dlinemen for once.

  5. gotbbucs Says:

    I have a ton of respect for the job that these NFL executives have to do.

    Licht is a good GM, and he’ll only get better.

  6. gotbbucs Says:

    ……oh wait, sorry.

    Fire everybody, every move and non-move sucks, burn it down to the ground…….!!!
    Now I’m a legit Bucs blog site poster.

  7. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    He is also the GM that drafted a K in round 2 and the bucs record is not too stellar on his watch thus far so there is also that

  8. JabooBuc Says:

    Fire the Glazers; No offense but what a dumb comment. “he swings and misses on almost every draft pick from the 5th round to the 7th round”. Umm, you just described every GM in the NFL. If you are drafted in the 5th to the 7th rounds, you are by definition a long shot.

    With all of your great wisdom, which GM do you think does a great job drafting between the 5th and 7th?

  9. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    @ fire the glazers

    Numbers according to Pro Football Reference

    1. Rounds 5-7 have an average rate of pics developing into starters of 5.17%

    The % of undrafted players becoming starters is 13.6%. A pick in rounds 5-7 is LESS LIKELY to become a starter than an undrafted player is.

    2. The success rate of first round picks is 29.9% In the entire first 4 rounds, licht has found 9 starters out of 15 picks a success rate of 60%.

    Dont be a fool yo.

  10. Oxycondoms Says:

    With respect to Hargreaves wasn’t that draft week a weak class. Were there any good players Bucs missed out on when they drafted him. I remember Floyd was available but looks like he had knee issues last season.

  11. Bird Says:


    Don’t even respond to tmax “wears a baby thong”
    He says the same thing every post 15 times a day. Boring and predictable.

    You wonder why he is the first poster on every article? Cause he has no life. Sits in front of his computer all day. Lives in his mamas basement and just trolls bucs fans cause he is saints fan.

  12. Pa Privateer Says:

    This is the most positive I have felt about FA in a long time. Not overly excited, but positive. JPP and Jensen make me very happy.

    JPP improved the pass rush
    Curry improved the pass rush
    Jensen improved 2 positions with Marpet going back to OG
    Enrien is a great younger rotational player
    Allen is an upgrade to Baker
    Grimes is coming back

    All positives to me.

  13. OrlandoJoe Says:

    JabooBuc, Jolly Bucs Fan, and Bird,

    Thank you guys for everything you said in the above comments. You guys are awesome.

  14. Mojiska Says:

    Exactly! He has been a great drafting gm. I would love for him to get some help in the fa department, but imo he is one of the better drafting gm’s in the league. (With the exception of the terrible aguayo pick, one that many fans one here were happy about until he turned into a terrible kicker)

  15. Pickgrin Says:

    We spend 245 draft value points (#69 pick) trading for JPP – and gained back 30 value points in the 4th rd swap. So 215 draft value points (equivalent to the #75 pick) for a legit, proven Pass Rushing 4-3 Defensive End who is still in his later prime years throughout the 3 year contract.

    Sounds like a hell of a good deal to me. Especially considering how desperate we were for DE help coming into FA.

    By comparison – our 1st rd pick this year is worth 1500 points and we could easily net an additional +500 value points in a trade down with some QB needy team – more than doubling the value we “paid” for JPP.

    Chubb, Nelson or TRADE DOWN!!!

  16. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    oxycondomns, the pick that year should have been laremy tunsil not hargreaves, tunsil is a franchise LT

  17. DB55 Says:

    My friends in NY have been laughing at me for about 24 hours straight.

  18. webster Says:

    Anybody that thinks licht is terrible at drafting players is an idiot. Having said that, i laugh at all the complainers who were crying that licht was doing nothing when free agency started. You whinny babies have no idea what calls are being made behind the scences. This man was working on this trade for three weeks while you cry babies were falsely stating he was doing nothing. Here is a suggestion…..stop acting like you know it all, stop complaining and sit back and watch the offseason unfold. Be a fan and not a whinny cry baby complainer. Its ok to disagree with moves etc but being a whinny cry baby complainer as a grown man/woman is not a good look for you.

  19. Realbucfan941 Says:


    You obviously know nothing about the Ray’s then if you think bucs have worst ownership in sports. Ask Cincinnati fans how they feel about their owner. Bucs aren’t even close to worst. You dwell on the past when they were buying man u otherwise ownership had been good and not the problem here. How many years did they buy our tickets so fans could watch without the blackout?

    Stick to your Lane. The obsessed GMC hater that makes himself look like an idiot with every post.

  20. webster Says:

    @ db55

    That means you have idiot friends as well. I have seen many giant fans that hated to see jpp go but understood it was a financial thing. Just because your friends does not understand that jpp is a good player says more about their football iq. And for the record, you were one of the posters who blasted licht for not trading for quinn or bennett. Guess what…..over the past two years jpp has been more productive than both and missed fewer games then both. Laugh at that

  21. DB55 Says:


    You’re right most don’t even know there’s an nfl team named the buccaneers.

    Here’s something we can all laugh at Webster:

    2013 – 4-12 – 4th place
    2014 – 2-14 – 4th place
    2015 – 6-10 – 4th place
    2017 – 5-11 – 4th place

    Now that is funny!

  22. DB55 Says:

    Webster out here lifting the Lombardi trophy in the preseason, lol, hows that worked out for you in the past?

    They say if you don’t learn from history your bond to repeat it.

  23. NJBucsFan Says:

    @ PA Privateer.

    I agree. I am feeling pretty positive about this FA class. Just want to call out that Mitch Unrien is 30.

  24. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    DB55 mic drop

  25. DB55 Says:


    I tried to tell them don’t start nothing won’t be nuttin, but they don’t hear me though. Lmao

  26. webster Says:

    @ db55

    You got me twisted. I havent lifted squat but to suggest this is a bad move only proves you are a lonely miserable person who hates his own existence and thats why you come to jbf to troll in order to feel better about your life. I hate it for you because you troll to give your life meaning. Dont take your personal disappointment in yourself out on us buc fans. We did not put you in your current mental situation. Seek help.

  27. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Licht really taking a victory lap on this one? LMAO!

  28. bucs_365 Says:

    I still think a 3rd rounder might be a little much to acquire an aging DE with a massive contract. If we can get 8-10 sacks for us each of the next 2 years, then I guess a 3rd is reasonable… We could really use a trade back to acquire more picks.

  29. Eric Says:

    Licht on line one.

    Other legit GM: bwaaaahahahaahahahahahhaha ……give me five minutes to regain my composure….

  30. tmaxcon Says:


    again with the thong panties… i know your frustrated. it’s not my fault you can no longer hit both sides after I left my first pair over.

    SCOREBOARD proves you a fool… when they EARN their way out of the basement then positive respect will be due. it’s the low standard fans like yourself that get panties left over while you are at work. again sorry you can no longer hit both sides.

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I’ve said I would make a final judgement with Licht’s off-season moves on the opening day roster….(isn’t that only the fair way to proceed)..?
    Even if no more moves, he actually did pretty well…..

    I am expecting a couple of changes between now and then…..perhaps Sweezy will be cut for someone more promising and less expensive….perhaps Djax will be traded for a pick or CB. Perhaps we will sign a G or CB or S or RB in remaining FA.

    And, like before, I expect there will be an UDFA or two making this roster.

  32. DB55 Says:

    Of course my life sucks imma fckn Bucs fan!! Lmao. Amarite though?! What fckn losers sit around all day arguing about a team that has the same winning percentage as the bad news bears? We should all get a life. Lmao

  33. DVSONE Says:

    People complaining about JPP’s contract don’t understand that this upcoming season is his only guarantee money. We can ditch him after the season if he doesn’t produce with no hit to us. Was a 3rd rd pick steep, a little but it was a risk that needed to be taken at this point.

    People on here complaining, talking bout firing Licht just need to stop. He’s built a great young core and is working on locking them down long term. It’s going to take a year or two for the Bucs to be relevant but once we get there, we’ll be built to last because of Licht and his drafting. Is there/have there been hits and misses, of course, but for the most part, he’s done a pretty good job. Constant changing of the front office and coaching staff is what keeps organization from moving forward. There is no consistency to build off of

  34. Dewey Selmon Says:

    We have the #2 pick on day 3. A couple players with a 2nd/3rd round grade are going to drop to up.

  35. tmaxcon Says:


    Final Judgement will be made at the end of season…. anything less than a first round playoff win is FAILURE! No more free passes. Time for the organization to EARN IT on the filed.

  36. The Buc Realist Says:

    Someone’s campaign of status woe sure look more like status whine saga!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  37. James Craig Marlow Says:

    Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

  38. Big Daddy 58 Says:

    T max con
    I dont always agree with you but you do spout some truths.
    Enough losing,its time for the franchise to earn respect.
    When the Cleveland Browns seem to have more upside than this franchise then its time !

  39. NFLNut Says:



    If the Bills can’t get into the top 6 and one of the top 4 QBs is still available at #7, I would prefer to trade the #7 to the Bills for the #12, #22 and #96.

    I love Saquon and Nelson and like Chubb, but I don’t think any of those three guys are worth THREE players.

    Instead of Saquon, we could get Viti Vea + Derrius Guice + Anthony Averett

    Instead of Nelson we could get Derwin + Isaiah Wynn + Rashaad Penny

    Instead of Chubb we could get Davenport + Joshua Jackson + Derrick Nnandi


  40. Rod Munch Says:

    For what it’s worth I heard JPP’s name being thrown around but I didn’t really think he was available. Then post-trade I went and looked at his cap hit and WOW, yeah, that made it really obvious. JPP had an unsustainably high cap hit and they had to get rid of JPP to take the cap hit this season so they’d have money to extend Beckham. The Bucs meanwhile got a pretty good deal as far as the cap goes considering what d-lineman go for anymore. It does make giving the Bears 4th DE $4m make very very little sense, but oh well, it’s the Glazers money.

  41. AlteredEgo Says:

    I am off the Davenport wagon….small school…weak competition…one year resume…No WAY ! anywhere in the first round…let some other team experiment with him

  42. NFLNut Says:

    ^ I’ve never been high on Davenport … I just included him as a DE we could get, along with Joshua Jackson and Derrick Nnandi, rather than Bradley Chubb alone.

  43. Realbucfan941 Says:

    Exactly! Way too raw for 7th pick. I’d rather take a flyer on key if we can trade back into the 3rd. Character issues aside.

  44. feelthepewterpower Says:

    tmaxcon Says:
    March 23rd, 2018 at 12:35 pm
    “A lot of people laugh at you

    especially when you work for the worst owners in pro sports and own the nfl’s worst winning percentage and you waste first round picks on 5th round midget CB and follow it up with a 2nd rd kicker…. lots and lots to laugh or cry about the bucs.

    Name a team that’s hit on all their draftpicks? Hargreaves is still on the roster, too. Corner is one of the toughest to adjust to coming out of college in the NFL.

  45. tmaxcon Says:


    it’s not about other teams it’s about the basement dwelling bucs that I love and their incompetent ownership. not a single meaningful win since Superbowl and not a single meaningful game played in over decade…. I’ll gladly be positive after the bucs earn it.. free passes are over. shut up and f**king WIN….

    vh3 is 100% and wasted space on an already talent void roster. you can’t fix short, slow and stupid and vh3 and his BS celebrations are all 3…

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    AlteredEgo – You literally described JPP who was a one year wonder at USF. As for Davenport he’s actually had consistent growing production and he has tools off the chart. He won’t do much his rookie year but he very much has the ability to become a monster in the NFL… but the key word is ability. He is nearly a perfect match for JPP in terms of talent.

    I don’t know enough about Davenport to say if he should be the pick over, say, Ward. I’d certainly pick Davenport over Nelson however, picking a guard in the top 10 is insane when you can get all-pro’s in the 2nd and 3rd round all day long. Anywho for Davenport I was just pointing out what the Bucs like to do and I don’t know if that will go into the thinking or not, just something to throw out there.

  47. DaveinFortMyers Says:

    Why not take the best DT Vita Vea?

  48. Guzzie Says:

    7th isn’t looking so bad anymore, 4 QBs go to 6 (unlikely) we get one of the big 3 Chubb, Barkley n Nelson, only 3 QBs get drafted before us and the big 3 are gone, 7 becomes a possibility to trade down to 11 Miami, 12 Buffalo, or 15 Arizona, although the 3 teams picking behind us don’t need QBs either, so we can’t ask for the moon, Tampa, Chicago, SF, Oakland pick befor Miami at 11, but at least we’d be 2nd in line behind Indy not needing a QB

  49. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jason is an okay to good scout
    He is a below average gm

  50. Duke Says:

    Altered ego,

    If I’m wrong please say so, haven’t you listed Hernandez as the second best guard. If you think that is the case, as most do, then why the inconsistencies in how you view the player.


    Who is Alabama’s toughest opponent yr in yr out?


    Davenport started school at about 180 . The fact is He needed extra time to mature. I remember meeting James Wilder Jr when He was a freshman in High school. The thing that jumped off the page w him was how physically mature He was. BTW, He didn’t really change much thru hs or college. Point is, elite college
    programs get the best of the best and most times that guy is 18yrs old on paper
    physical maturity is more like 28. At 18 they’re grown as men.

  51. Lucious Selmon Says:


  52. Lucious Selmon Says:


  53. AlteredEgo Says: