Jason Licht: 100% Green Light On Spending

March 25th, 2018

Bucs co-chairmen Bryan (left) and Ed Glazer.

Back in January, when Dirk Koetter learned he was returning to coach the Buccaneers in 2018, the head coach thanked Team Glazer for showing “a lot of courage.”

It was a classic, candid remark — and telling.

The NFL is a quick-trigger league, and ownership in Tampa has often been impatient. Rightfully so.

Keeping Koetter for a win-now third season Greg Schiano and Lovie Smith didn’t get led many fans to believe Team Glazer might subsequently hesitate to free general Jason Licht to make bold moves and spend freely this offseason to fix a last-place team.

During his recent visit to the Sports Day Tampa Bay podcast, Licht explained with gratitude that Team Glazer gave him just one edict this offseason: do whatever it takes to win.

“I’m very lucky that our ownership, we sat down several times before free agency just to kind of go over what their expectations were, and those expectations were simple. It’s, ‘Do what you think is best for this football team. If you walk away without spending any money, and you can justify that, it wasn’t worth the price, the player wasn’t worth it, we’re ok. If you go out and do what we did this year [spend a lot], and you justify it, then we’re ok with that, too. We just want you to make the best football decisions that you can.’

“So I’m fortunate that I didn’t have any directive. I didn’t have, ‘You need to do this.’ Do what’s best, the wins will come and the fans will follow.”

Great stuff there from Licht, who might have relieved himself of some agita if he had delivered this detail four weeks ago. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with keeping things close to the vest.

Major kudos to Team Glazer for epitomizing the Dirk Koetter mantra this offseason, “speak softly and carry a big MF stick.” They gave Licht a green light, certainly knowing he would do whatever it takes to find the playoffs in his fifth season in Tampa.

Joe won’t use the “courage” word that Koetter did. It’s just very cool to hear that Team Glazer wants the NFC-leading playoff drought to end as much as the fans do.

124 Responses to “Jason Licht: 100% Green Light On Spending”

  1. BetterBuccinBelieveIt Says:

    “Do whatever it takes to win”. Whatever..is also draft capital.

    Two words…Saquon Barkley.

    Go Bucs!

  2. Alan Says:

    Great.. Sign Duh sign breeland and Go get us Barkley lol

  3. Alan Says:

    SUH NOT DUH dam auto correct

  4. Broy3434 Says:

    But but but but the Glazers but but but they don’t let him spend but but but they’re definitely tanking. Any moron fan that thinks the Glazers have ran an off-season should be banned from this site. The Glazers like a dozen or even two dozen owners hire a gm to run the football operations. Finances general management everything. Never ONCE on this site since the Freeman days have I complained about the Glazers.

  5. Architek Says:

    Hope the Glazers tell Koetter and Smith to stop ruining CBs. If Hargreaves don’t turn it around that will be a massive failure for a highly touted CB with exceptional ball skills. Put him in press and stop monkeying around.

  6. IsrBuc Says:

    The ‘win now’ agenda is good for jl and dk but i’m not sure it’s good for the team. I think the glazers are stupid if they told jl “win or go home”. i don’t want jl to gamble and morgage our future as i don’t think wer’e close. jl interest of kipping his job does not necessarily align with the bucs interst for the long term

  7. Alan Says:

    Notice the good things JPP said in his exit from new Y ork. “World class organization ” I was born and raised up there the giants franchise as we all know is ran completely different than the jets in the same building. The bucs need to be more like the giants and less like the jets. 12 straight seasons of no playoffs. Now is the time to build a championship team we have brought guys in that have won super bowls like JPP and Vinny Curry and Beau Allen. We are slowing move up in the right direction it will take time and jameis will need to avoid uber rides and college campuses and publix but I believe we can turn this around! Go sign Suh why not? Dirk and Jason could be on their last year why not go big or go home

  8. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    There’s a few guys out there that have yet to be signed that could really help to improve this roster and probably won’t break the bank.

    Eric Reid SS – Probowler as a rookie, as good in run support as he is covering Tight ends, Running backs, versatile and competent young player. So what he took a knee to support his teammate? This team needs guys who can ball.

    Orleans Darkwa RB – young dude with fresh legs that got some decent production behind a terrible Giants O-line, 171 carries for 751 yards at 4.4 yards a clip and had 5 Td’s on the ground. Would be an upgrade over Quizz Imho.

    Kony Ealy DE – Kony Ealy had a bad year last year, but I believe he was out of place in the Jets 3-4. And before that he was consistently 4-5 sack guy for the panthers, and he blew up in the Super Bowl. Is it alarming that he was dealt by Belicheck so quickly after being traded for? Yes. But he should come on the cheap and if he bounces back would be a solid addition to our new look D-line.

  9. Dave Says:

    Suh is a cancer just waiting to destroy our locker room; just ask the guys in Miami. Too high maintenance for a team that desperately needs to come together.

  10. Lamarcus Says:

    But the defense scheme is alive and well. It would interesting to see the “new” defensive line overcome that 4 safety scheme featuring Brent ” how do you want your toast” Grimes

  11. El_Buc941 Says:

    Now everything makes sense.rrleasing Jay Hayes,Ayers,revamping the DLine,Tampa believes after Grimes leaves next year we will have a shot at a great FA CB and it’s definitely too early to give up on Hargreaves.i don’t know why everyone says we need a Safety.justin Evans is doing his job dayum good and he called last year for a rookie.the only problem on defense we have,I mean had was the rush and we brought in new guys.

  12. Alan Says:

    Conte sucks. VH3 will never be a number one corner. We need Fitzpatrick and ward or derwin. We need two improve at both ss and cb

  13. ben Says:

    So is it Mr. Licht that has failed the team with not getting ggod players OR is the bucs coaching staff that are unable to improve the team? A lot of years since the bucs were thought of as a team to beat !still(season tkts prices keep going up)

  14. NFLNut Says:


    Owners don’t win games, they sign checks, that’s it … the Glazers are good owners.

    There were also a lot of people on this site that were certain the Glazers were tanking this offseason and had forbid Licht from spending any money … those people look like loons now.

    The Glazers are 100% all-in on Jameis and the team … now Koetter and Smitty better coach their butts off as they are both, firmly planted on the hot-seat.


  15. Alan Says:

    Guys it’s getting old talking about how we need to do this and that every year and how we would be excited about a 9 and 7 season. We need to start raising the bar with expectations boy cott Raymond James until they give us a reason to go. Bring out the brown paper bags and where them on our heads when we do Go! Something has gotta change its been a decade of disappointment period

  16. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    The problem with the Glazers isn’t that they haven’t spent money….it’s that the GMs & Coaches haven’t done a good job with it….and that still somewhat falls on the owners by making those decisions.
    I think they made the right decision by keeping the staff in place for a third year…..it may not turn out well….but it was the right decision nevertheless.

    The Glazers have delegated responsibilities as they should…let’s hope Licht & Koetter end up being the right team.

    Mark Dominick was their huge mistake….he cost us many years of talent void.

  17. Alan Says:

    Glass is half full kinda thinking has done nothing… Glass as half empty has not worked either. They need to do something BIG in this year’s draft!

  18. JabooBuc Says:

    Not sure I understand this narrative that the Bucs coaching staff ruins CB’s. Did they ruin VH3 or is he just not that good. Same thing with Ryan Smith, he was drafted as a tweener. They tried him at S and it didn’t workout. Now he seems to be getting better at CB so not sure how the staff has ruined him.

    Joe, what am I missing?

  19. Realbucfan941 Says:

    Oh you mean the same loon named tmax? The dude who doesn’t know squat, but rambled on about the Glazer’s and GMC The 2 non issues of this team.. That dude needs to be banned. Reading his posts makes everyone a little dumber.

  20. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Okay can we please stop with the whole sign suh we do not need to sign him he’s a trouble maker and it would be like signing a worse version of baker the man talented but he is not worth the risk as for Breeland he’s worth a look but tbh this draft is so deep at CB, RB & S that I would not mind if we wait untill the draft.

  21. Alan Says:

    Realbucfan is right tamponcon guy is a moron and I feel dumb when I read his worthless posts

  22. BucEmUp Says:

    Fire Mike Smjth

  23. Alan Says:

    Everybody is on fire today with great comments except for T Max tampon guy

  24. BucEmUp Says:

    Architek this soft zone will ruin any secondary position. The safeties, the corners last place in unacceptable. A little press coverage would do this team wonders and a better defense by default is an increased time of possession. 32 teams not everyone can have a too tier defense however last place at anything is on coaching.

  25. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    My brother and I accidentally ran into Joel Glazer in an elevator Downtown a few years ago.
    In the brief time I got to talk with him, it was obvious to me that he wants the Bucs to win.

  26. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    I thought the Glazers put a spending cap on Licht. I guess I was wrong.

  27. Mtbucsfan Says:

    Suh McCoy jpp you can only double team 2 of them lol. I dislike suh as a person. But that line up is scary. Especially being backed up with lvd and Kwon.

  28. Alan Says:

    I miss Malcolm I loved watching him shaking holding that Lombardi trophy and hugging John gruden. We need to get back to winning boys

  29. Alan Says:

    MT bucs fan is right that would be insane

  30. Alan Says:

    JPP McCoy Suh and curry starting wow

  31. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    JabooBuc Says:
    March 25th, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Not sure I understand this narrative that the Bucs coaching staff ruins CB’s. Did they ruin VH3 or is he just not that good. Same thing with Ryan Smith

    I agree….I’m not so sure it’s the coaching staff….why can’t it be the players?…..we will see, I guess….but Joe continues the narrative the the staff is at fault…..not real sure about that….

    I guess the staff ruined ASJ…..Freeman….Talib….And really blew it with Doug Martin….perhaps Bajakian is in the process of destroying Winston’s career…..

  32. Alan Says:

    I don’t care if talib strangled that driver who hit his car We should have never traded him away

  33. AlteredEgo Says:

    Hell yeah…t..get the already worth 2 billion dollar franchise winning and it will be 3 billion $$$….Carolina will be setting the bar soon when they are sold….the G’Boyz paid 145 million….bet the Outback boys have been kicking themselves ever since that day

  34. Alan Says:

    We really need to fix the secondary and get a running back and I’m not just talking about one guy whether it’s Fitz Patrick or James or ward (if we get that lucky) I’m talking about 1 of each safety and corner preferably shut down corner. If we can’t get Nelson chub or Barkley we need to fix the secondary that is that will be the priority of the draft. I believe our D line will be explosive but in order for them to get all the help they need we need to make that quarterback hold the football longer

  35. Wausa Says:

    I was somewhat worried that a governor had been put on the Bucs speed of spending, but I don’t think that was the case. Ideally for me I would like to see the Bucs already working on the extensions of Kwon, Ali and Jameis.

  36. Pickgrin Says:

    Why are people still talking about Suh? If the Bucs were going to bring him in – it would have happened already.

    FYI to all who are saying “we still need this – we still need that” – you are probably correct in stating that but apparently aren’t aware the the Bucs are out of money to spend on Free Agents.

    By my figuring we are already over this year’s cap # once you subtract the dead cap $ and ($8.7M) rookie pool – If that’s not the case – we are damn close to it.

  37. Howard Cosell Says:

    If this is true then why do we sit an salary cap every year? Some years we’re in the top 5 teams who sit on mountains of salary cap cash. Some years we’re near the middle of the pack. We’re never a top 5 spender.

    It’s like going into battle with surplus 1950’s armament when the other guy has smart weapons and stealth technology.

  38. Alan Says:

    Pick grin is a smart dude I enjoy his posts but dude again… were dreaming here. We all day dream about what number saykwan Barkley will wear but we know we’re not going to get him. same thing with Suh. I think we all didn’t realize how great it was when we had Warren sapp John Lynch Derrick Brooks ronde Barber and all those guys. And on this site we just hope we can build that again

  39. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    By my count we should still have around 15 million, the base salary cap hit on most of the deals is lower then the reported totals with all incentives. And in addition to that we can free up some money by releasing Sweezy.

  40. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    I do not believe we have the money to sign Suh now, so anyone hoping for that will be disappointed…not to mention Licht already addressed the position.

  41. Alan Says:

    The whole point of this post is about spending money so we’re just suggesting that they spend it

  42. AlteredEgo Says:

    Whether we sign Suh or not…he has been humbled by the markets response for his services…maybe McCoy will restructure his contract to allow Suh to play here….

  43. Alan Says:


  44. tmaxcon Says:

    all the money spent and all the pro bowlers brought it can’t cure cancer93 nor the losing culture led by said POS career loser DT…. Only hopes bucs have is to eradicate cancer93… anyone who believes differently is related to the cryin clown or in complete denial.

  45. ManzielMadness Says:

    I can see them adding another DT we only have 3 on the roster. Maybe not in FA but I can see them drafting 1 more… and hopefully one more DE too.

  46. tmaxcon Says:

    suh has more class in his big toe than that fraudulent hypocrite dt you nuthuggers worship… suh is a man I know that scares the sheep..

  47. Alan Says:

    A tampon is back boys

  48. Alan Says:

    Or is maxi pad better?

  49. First Down Tampa Bay Says:


    You wanna see a cancer? I’ll show you Suh. Now, we all know how you love to point out how GMC allows a losing culture, and to your credit, he hasn’t won a meaningful game in his life, so that aspect may be true. But, Suh has literally destroyed locker rooms. If you wanna see what a real cancer can do, look no further than our friends in Miami.

  50. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    One more interior guard (Nelson would be the lottery).
    One more young DE for the rotation.


  51. Alan Says:

    1st down is speaking the truth however not really sure it’s all Gerald mccoy’s fault sound like we put any pieces around the guy

  52. Destinjohnny Says:

    Ya right…..

  53. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Yea Alan. I’m no GMC hater by any stretch, he’s the best defensive player we’ve had since we broke up the band that won us a championship. I’m just saying the hypocrites than criticize GMC for being a cancer want to bring in someone who ravages and destroys any locker room he enters.

  54. Alan Says:

    I agree with what you’re saying I’m simply saying that Gerald mccoy is a top 5 defensive tackle in this league he has rare abilities that other defensive tackles don’t have so I don’t understand why we continually bash this guy

  55. Defense Rules Says:

    @JabooBuc … “Not sure I understand this narrative that the Bucs coaching staff ruins CB’s.” Totally agree Jaboo. VHIII was not worth a 1st Rnd pick, although I think he can be a very good nickel & even a backup outside CB. Ryan Smith is coming along (only 1 year as a CB) but it’d be hard for any CB to do well behind the DLine we put on the field last year. Bucs might think a lot of Elliott like they’ve said, but he doesn’t appear to be starter material from my perspective. Besides those 3, we have Grimes, Robinson, Fleming & Rivers under contract. What do folks expect a defensive coaching staff to do with corners like that? Personally I’d bring back McClain (as a backup), probably bring back Jude (to compete in camp), sign someone like Breeland (while he’s still available), and draft at least 1 outside CB in the upper Rnds. Right now, the Secondary is by far our weakest position group.

  56. unbelievable Says:


    I’m right there with you on signing Eric Reid and Kony Ealy.

    They are both young, in their prime, and can be had for reasonable prices. Plus it would give us the ultimate flexibility in the draft.

    Unfortunately too many “fans” in Tampa would be against Eric Reid, cuz he has an opinion they don’t want to listen to.

  57. Alan Says:

    I would love to have both guys

  58. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    tmaxcon Says
    “suh has more class”

    Wow. You really are an idiot. I thought it was just an act…but now its just obvious. Stupid is as stupid says.

  59. Bossmode Says:

    They will not add Suh because the new guy Allen he was giving the starting role.

  60. Alan Says:

    Bonzai your 110% right the guys is a moron I wish he liked another team so we could get him off this site. Spending so much time hating a top 5 Defensive tackle must be exhausting lol

  61. Bossmode Says:

    Early would give somemore depth and if Buckner can coach he up could be a good asset

  62. Phillip Says:

    The owners have made poor decision after poor decision so they don’t just “sign checks”..

    They panicked and promoted Raheem from his recent DC promotion to HC because he was cheap and believed his was the next Mike Tomlin and they thought Denver or whoever was gonna sign him away from us. They failed on luring Chip to Tampa and went complete opposite after firing a players coach and went drill sergeant that had done absolutely nothing during his time as a coach in college. Fired both before their 3rd seasons and thought if we can’t bring Dungy back into the organization in some capacity let’s hire one of his disciple’s for the nostalgia feel and get back to “Buc Ball” without interviewing anyone else seriously.. Well, that failed miserably and also wasn’t given more than 2 seasons..

    They panic when they don’t get who they want or believe the media hype.. They rush to fire and while it was good to get those terrible coaches out of here it also shows no faith to any HC interviewing for the position.. The Bucs are sadly Cleveland South and now might become worse than them(no I’m not being dramatic.. I like what Dorsey has done so far and think he’s an amazing GM) in the future.

    They need to hire someone to keep the Glazers away from the Bucs and the important decisions and truly turn them into a sign checks only owner..

  63. Alan Says:

    Another glass is half empty guy Can’t really blame you 12 seasons with no playoffs

  64. tmaxcon Says:

    on field results prove I am 100% correct pertaining to cancer93 the face of the basement years. cancer93 is just another fraudulent religious hypocrite who is a locker room cancer with a smile and only fools who rely on crutches to make it through life who support career losers based on faith versus reality..

  65. Alan Says:

    Maxi pad.. that was deep man. Deep dumb and borderline retarded. Perhaps maybe you could write him a letter and stop posting these ridiculous thoughts I think we’re all over it bro

  66. Buccfan37 Says:

    Yay Tmax! Is this a poll?

  67. Jarod lauderdale Says:

    Everyone on here always blasts the Glaser fam but #1 they did bring a championship here which I never thought could be possible & #2 they care and have spent money now to try n win again… However I feel great owner’s find a way to stay consistent which these boys have not done.. I would say alot of wrong hires can do that and not only set the team back bit the owners as well… Stay consistent now guys and I feel meathead did good this off-season and I have a feeling this draft he will really do a good job. Unlike 2016…things are treading up my fellow bucs fan’s… We heard that last year but I felt that was false hope… Not this time around.. It will be an uphill battle for sure but things are shaping up to make this squad a ruff one! Now if we can put these guys in a hard added training camp this year and the injury bug does not hit us hard then we got a shot! I really really really would love to be watching the bucs in January… It’s been far to long!

  68. SCBucsFan Says:

    I pray someday you have some love in your life TMax. Love you don’t pay for by the hour.

  69. Alan Says:


  70. DB55 Says:

    Well if Suh taking every one of his teams to the playoffs when they we nothing more than bottom of the barrel teams before he got there, if that equates to ruining a lockeroom then let’s light this bitch on fire.

    Only in the meth Capitol of the world, the 49th smartest state, is a consistent playoffs player not wanted over a guy that cries about a broken nail.

    But please keep changing your screen names to spout of dreams and BS. We are truly interested in your opinion.

    “worst defensive in the NFL, can’t rush the passer and is coming off a five-win season” – Joe of JBF

    But wtf do we know?

  71. Lamarcus Says:

    Here we go again with this GMC crap

    If GMC was as half as good what everyone thinks he is our defense should been ranked 31st

  72. Alan Says:

    It pains me to agree with DB55 but it’s true our defensive passing game is the worst in the NFL and its hard wo watch quarterbacks throw the ball around on us like it’s back yard football. We need to fix the secondary badly I really think we should sign bashad breeland and draft ward. If Fitzpatrick is that good then throw I’m him in the mix but it’s not a good sign when even FSU fans are saying he derwin is overated

  73. JAB83 Says:

    With what our GM has done…


    The 12th Man is like the weakest link on any team…

    You know you got a good team when your weakest link is a boss…

    You dont question management unless you want to be fired…. When your a team, you give your best. REGARDLESS of outcome…

    You stick carries…. You SPEAK loudly and CARRY a little mother fing stick….

    So STFU, be the Siege.


  74. Alan Says:

    I’m not sure what that has to do with anything but I like the passion jab

  75. AKick'nTheBucNuts Says:

    So, if this article is correct, then it’s the same 2 things this organization cannot do:

    1: Cannot evaluate talent.
    2: Cannot properly coach players.

  76. Chris K Says:

    I for one believe that once it’s obvious someone isn’t a Bucs fan (tmaxipad) and just a troll, the Joes should ban the troll from this site. I would actually visit more myself if the trolling was kicked out of here. It’s JoeBucsfan, not JoetrollBucsfans. Tmaxipad is an obvious doushe who is probably infatuated by GMC. I’ve never seen a man this obsessed with another man since 87 and his undeniable loves for Jameis.

  77. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Ya know, for some reason, I don’t know why, I could be wrong, but something tells me that you’re a certain poster commenting under a different name. A poster who just happens to owe me $100.

    Am I at all correct with that assumption?

  78. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Never mind I’m wrong, just looked through the archives quickly and seen that you were around when he was. Disregard that.

  79. Stanglassman Says:

    Pickgrin or whoever follows the salary cap closely.

    The best numbers I can find on this have the Bucs @ slightly over 32 million. Subtracting .8 in dead money and 7.5 to sign the draft picks doesn’t that leave us around 23.5 under the cap. I understand you need a cushion for 2nd waive of FA and in season moves but if this is the case they really should of signed EJ Gaines if he was willing to play here.

  80. Stanglassman Says:

    Alan I’ve read more people skeptical of Fitzpatrick than James so don’t give me that crap. James will be a better NFL player.

  81. USFBUC Says:

    @Blake – 100% on all three of them. All would be cheap with Reid being the most expensive but he could be worth it. We would still need to trade down to fill our needs but our only real needs would be at CB, OG (depending on how you feel about Sweezy), and an additional RB.

  82. tino Says:

    Weird post! remember like a month ago when the Joes were speculating that Licht’s hands were tied and couldn’t spend any money this offseason?

    Don’t worry, though. The new horse they are beating is the “Bucs can’t develop a cornerback,” so we can look forward to that until the “analysis” around here is proven wrong yet again.

  83. dexterOHMAN Says:


    I saw one of your comments that said why didn’t we get Hyde or Demarco Murray. What’s the point of getting a veteran back when hes going to be more expensive and of course older than a rookie in the draft?

  84. AlteredEgo Says:

    Gosh…it was only 2-3 years ago when everyone was saying RB were not worth (long list of reasons) taking with high draft picks….lol….football has always been about running the ball and stopping the run…all the rest is entertainment

  85. Alan Says:

    I just figured we could spend more early picks on defense and improving the secondary and d line if we didn’t have to worry about drafting a back this year. Then next year we could get the back. We had the 5th most cap room so I figured eff it spend it. It’s not money lol

    Strangle glass whatever I don’t hate James or fitz I’d just prefer ward

  86. DB55 Says:

    These guys asking for people to be banned are always really confident in the offseason but come week 8 they’re the first ones to start talking about the draft. Gimme a fckn break.

  87. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Signing Eric Reid (who is every bit as athletic as Derwin James, literally just 1 inch shorter, .06 seconds slower 40 time, every other measurable is identical or better) completely eliminates the possible need to draft a safety in round 1.

    We sign Reid, and we can draft Barkley or Nelson at 7 with zero negative ramifications to the defense.

  88. Realbucfan941 Says:

    This is to help all the not so bright people that think because we have plenty of cap room….. The Glazer’s don’t want to spend or are cheap. I mean how many times have we paid a guy top money at their position? We have a good system going, no signing bonuses that pro rate throughout the contract that leaves dead money when a player is released. Also all guaranteed money is usually in the first 2 years, then bucs are on the hook for nothing. Finally we also aren’t paying a franchise quarterback 27-30 million which limits teams spending ability, but just wait in 2 years we’re going to have to make tough decisions when we extend Kwon, jameis, or jpp.

  89. Alan Says:

    I don’t know about extending JPP on Jameis. JPPs contract with the giants is half the reason he is here! Jameis who I love could end up in prison before his rookie deal is up. With our luck he will take an uber from a college campus to a publix than steal crab legs and grope the driver on the way home! Let’s worry about this year and next before we discuss new contracts.

    All in fun guys don’t hate on me

  90. Big Daddy 58 Says:

    I have a feeling were going to draft a QB if the right ones available.I have a feeling old jameis is headed for suspension .Along with half witted antics on the sidelines and inability to throw the long ball I think the team will head in a different direction.Hate to say it.Wait and see!

  91. AlteredEgo Says:

    Big Dad…all or most of that may be true….but no QB with draft picks this year,IMO, next year if Jameis is still Jameis…..DREW LOCK !

  92. JimmyJack Says:

    Fans worrying about money makes no sense to me at all. Only one thing matter with your teams money…..do they have any? In the NFL teams either have money and can buy free agents….or…..they don’t have any money and can’t buy any free agents.

    That’s it. That’s all the matters. It very simple.

    The Bucs had money this year and we’re buying. Now they don’t have any money and can’t buy any players……But they still do have a few dollars. Not enough for Suh, but enough to buy a few nonanme scrubs.

  93. Joe Says:

    Don’t worry, though. The new horse they are beating is the “Bucs can’t develop a cornerback,” so we can look forward to that until the “analysis” around here is proven wrong yet again.

    Exactly — until proven otherwise. Joe has written that several times.

    Feel free to document the rookie corners Mike Smith/Brett Maxie/Jon Hoke have developed while with the Bucs.

    Go ahead. List the rookie corners these guys have developed in their tenure with the Bucs.

    Joe has all night to wait.

  94. Defense Rules Says:

    @JAB83 … “With what our GM has done … EVERYONE NEEDS TO RELAX… TRUST THE PROCESS AND KNOW YOUR ROLE … The 12th Man is like the weakest link on any team … You know you got a good team when your weakest link is a boss … You dont question management unless you want to be fired …. When your a team, you give your best. REGARDLESS of outcome.”

    “KNOW YOUR ROLE.” Seriously JAB83? JBFers & other ‘Stick Carriers’ are supposed to “KNOW OUR ROLE”? We’re the weakest link on the Bucs? My gut tells me you haven’t been following the Bucs as long as I, and many other Bucs’ fans, have. And what’s this about ‘You don’t question management”? Pro football is SHOW BIZ Jab, not the military. JBFers & other fans pay the bills. Without them, Tampa Bay has no Bucs’ team. Kinda sorta gives all of us, as those who ‘buy their product’ to have a say in what that product looks like. And to provide ‘feedback’ on how that product is performing.

    Not a huge fan of the Glazer Boyz & Jason Licht admittedly based on YEARS of losing & ‘sub-standard performance’. I do like several of the most recent moves that have been made (adding JPP, Curry & Evans especially to shore up last year’s low-performing DLine plus the addition of Jensen to our OLine). Whether those additions were all ‘part of the master plan’ this year or whether we just lucked into them is irrelevant to me … they’re solid additions and that’s all that matters. A LOT more needs to still be done to make this team competitive in the NFC South IMO. I’ve commented before that I’m ‘cautiously optimistic’ about this year, and I’ll stand by that.

  95. Defense Rules Says:

    @JimmyJack … “But they still do have a few dollars. Not enough for Suh, but enough to buy a few noname scrubs.” I hope you’re wrong JimmyJack. Without some significant improvements to our Secondary, this will most likely be another LOOONG year for the defense. They’re still the weak link on this defense.

  96. tino Says:

    Joe, so we’re just not talking about your prior diatribes about how Licht was prohibited from spending money this offseason? Those goalposts are just ripped up and moved, hey?

  97. tino Says:

    And as to developing young CBs – we’re talking about only the coaches hired in 2016, right? And Hargreaves and Ryan Smith are the sample size?

    Just want to make sure we’ve got the whole universe covered here.

  98. USFBUC Says:

    @Joes – thoughts on Eric Reid? He fills a role, solid player.

  99. JimmyJack Says:

    Defense Rules. The only significant improvements we are making to the secondary will be draft picks. There are no big name players Left on the market at DB. I’d like to see us get somebody with some experience for the secondary, but they are not getting anybody that moves the needle except maybe, Fitzpatrick #7, or whoever they wind up picking.

  100. Reach87 Says:

    Halfway thru the first step in developing a winner. So far so good but LOTS of work to be done. Yes to Reid or Ealy if they check out. Then draft Defense, Defense or RB, Defense or RB, OL, then BPA. After that work the new additions into the scheme, after that, better game time decisions and adjustments. Again good first steps (get better players), stay on course, hit every step and we will be a winner this year. Go Bucs!

  101. JimmyJack Says:

    I think Joe is wrong about the secondary coaches. But when you look at the team roster they think they can developers a corner. They didn’t pick up anybody for the secondary so they are planning on VHIII and Ryan Smith to be there to take snaps.

    Joe may call it a wasted draft pick but I don’t see how they come out of the draft without a DB.

    They are planning to start the year with 3 players they plan on developing. If they can’t get any performance from their developing CBs after three years and three players then I’ll give it to Joe. But I think we will see somebody besides Grimes making plays out there.

  102. Defense Rules Says:

    Breeland’s still unsigned JimmyJack. So is DRC. Also wouldn’t mind seeing us re-sign McClain & Jude. I think we’ll pick up a CB and/or SS in the draft, but again you’re talking about development when you put a rookie out there. I think both VHIII and Ryan Smith are decent nickels & probably adequate as backup outside CBs, but would much rather see more experience starting opposite Grimes.

  103. Howard Cosell Says:

    The bottom, undeniable line is that the Bucs have sucked forever. Spin it 1000 ways from Tuesday and we still return to the cold hard fact that the Bucs have sucked since the entitled kids took over for Malcolm.
    I’m assuming you work for the Bucs pr the Glazers because I really don’t think the Bucs have any fans left, really just onlookers or rubberneckers like at a traffic accident…

    …..and yes….name the last quality CB developed in the Bucs system (and don’t say Talib because he was an underachieving 1st round draft pick until he left the dysfunctional Bucs…

    So go ahead….name some great (or even good) CB’s the Bucs have developed

    Hard truth

  104. JAB83 Says:

    II Only Bet on Myself.

    Signed, Pete Rose.


  105. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Defense. I’d like to see us sign somebody else, but only guys left come with a ton of question marks. There’s no sure fire solutions left.

    According to Joe I’ll be rooting for a losing cause but I’ll be hoping one of our young players(including draft) developes over a guy like Breeman or DRC or whoever else is left in FA.

  106. Pickgrin Says:

    Stanglassman Says:
    “The best numbers I can find on this have the Bucs @ slightly over 32 million. Subtracting .8 in dead money and 7.5 to sign the draft picks doesn’t that leave us around 23.5 under the cap.”

    OK – I’ll explain it. Sigh

    There’s 2 sources that specialize in this. Over the Cap and Spotrac.

    You are getting the #s you quoted from the former – while I find the later to be more accurate. Both are within 1-2M of each other I believe – but neither is taking everything into account.

    As just one example of why Spotrac is more accurate – look at the “dead money” section over to the rt side on OTC. It only lists 2 players. the 1st one is Andrew Wylie – $573k in dead money … um wait – Who the fluck is Andrew Wylie??? Just to save you the search – he is or was a LT for the Chiefs – and they’ve had his name there for weeks now. Spotrac lists our dead cap # accurately – its spread among 6 players – not 2 – Aguayo accounts for most of it with McPlaybook, Hawley and Bonzai’s boy Derel Walker making up most of the $950k we are eating this year. (that’s a fantastic dead cap # btw – probably 30 other teams wish it was theirs).

    So $1Mish for dead cap and $7.9M needed for the rookie contracts if we pick at the 7 spots we are currently assigned. Lets just say $9M for both combined.

    So regarding the $ the Bucs have already committed to in 2018 – Curry, Jensen and Evan Smith’s deals are not included in either OTC’s or Spotrac’s #s yet for starters.

    The specific #s for those 3 contracts have apparently not been “released” yet – but we can guesstimate fairly accurately from what was already reported.
    Jensen’s deal averages $10.5M per year
    Curry’s deal averages $9M per year
    Evan Smith’s deal is likely $2.5-$3M per year (that’s a guess – haven’t seen any #s mentioned)

    10.5 + 9 + 2.5 = $22M for Jensen, Curry and E. Smith.

    OTC lists “Total cap liabilities” as $169.34M – this includes all current contracts in place + the dead cap $ they have incorrectly listed. It does not include $7.9M for rookie contracts. OTC’s “Top 51” # is $161.63M (the top 51 contract amounts combined).

    Spotrac’s #s are similar – they list “Total (all)” as $169.43M (all contracts + 951k dead cap $) and their “Total (Top 51)” # is $162.56M

    “Top 51” contracts is too low because you have spots 52, 53 and 10 spots on the PC that have to get paid too. “Total (all)” is too much because some of those guys now listed will get cut. Best thing to do is split the difference and you will come close to a true #. So we are going to use $165M as the current active contract # – then have to add the 3 players not listed + dead cap + rookie pool #s.

    So thus:

    $165M (current contractual obligations adjusted down a bit for some low level cuts) + $22M for Jensen, Curry and Smith + $9M for dead cap and rookie pool equals $196M.

    Our cap # this year (which includes $15.2M rolled over from 2017) is $192.4M.

    I believe these calculations are as close to reality as you will find and by my means of calculating – we are currently about $3.5M over the cap at this moment.

    Even if you take the most conservative # you can find which is OTC’s “Top 51” contracts – $161.6M + $22M for Jensen, Curry and Smith + $9M for dead cap and rookie pool – you get $192.6M which is still a couple hundred Gs over the cap.

    Bottom line – The Bucs are OUT of money to spend. You heard it here 1st I believe because no one else is saying this yet.

  107. Pickgrin Says:

    PS (not PC) – practice squad

  108. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Eric Reid does not come with a ton of question marks. He literally issued a statement like 3 days ago saying that he will no longer kneel during the anthem.

    The dude is good enough to start at SS for pretty much every team in the league, he has zero locker room issues, and the one thing you could hold against him (which really shouldn’t be that big of a deal to begin with) is no longer an issue.

    LICHT! SIGN ERIC REID AND KONY EALY IMMEDIATELY! Orleans Darkwa would be solid too.

  109. Kstoges Says:

    I can not believe people want to sign N suh still in down to get more dline help but we have a sick 3tech at way more of a bargain Jason signed Gerald to a preety decent deal tbh but we got beau Allen as a run stuffer goulstan Can kick inside also we got Spence curry jpp N SUH would just be overkill way to much money and I guarantee he wouldn’t be worth it

  110. JAB83 Says:

    Don’t be silly and try to pick a fight newbe. “KNOW YOUR ROLE.” Its a privilege to be a part of this team. Your ROLE IS BEST PLAYED if you remain a FAN not a TROLL.

    You can be a “Stick Carrier” if you prefer. Sounds Intimidating, I get it.

    I’m not the fan you wanna challenge on Loyalty.

  111. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Blake, Eric Reid isn’t a bad name to throw in the hat. But signing Ried isn’t going to transform the secondary, most likely.

    I’m just saying that everybody knows our secondary pieces are weak. We are not going to buy our way out of that…..There not enough talent on the market. IMO, whoever they draft for the secondary is much more important then who they sign.

  112. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Pickgrin, what you are failing to consider in your estimates are the base line salaries before any incentives. I’m not sure if you know this or not, you very well may, but there are 2 kind of contract incentives. Likely to be earned, or ltbe, and not likely to be earned, or nltbe. The latter of which does not count against the salary cap.

    For an example, say you are signing a WR that had for 1,200 recieving yards last season, and you include a $100,000 bonus in his contract if he hits the 1,000 yard mark for the upcoming season. Because it’s established that he can acheive that goal, evidenced by the 1,200 yards the previous season, the bonus would count against the cap as it is ltbe. However if you flip it, he got 1,000 yards the previous year, and you include a bonus for hitting the 1,200 mark, it would be categorized as nltbe and would not count against your cap.

    Ok then, a more specific example to consider. Vinny Curry’s deal on paper is 3 years 27 million with all incentives included. However, we know from information that was made public by Greg Auman, that Curry’s baseline salary for 2018 will be 6.5 million, and he has to reach certain sack numbers in ’18, and we need to reach the playoffs for him to collect his bonus money.

    Now because Curry only had 3 sacks in ’17, and we didn’t make the playoffs in ’17, both of those incentives would be nltbe incentives and therefore, do not count against the cap.

    It’s an incredibly simple concept to grasp, and you can bet that Licht was crafty enough to structure all the major signings so as to have the least amount of cap hit possible. I can guarantee you that we have more a lot more than 9 mill in cap space even when accounting for the 2018 draft class. Release Sweezy and that’s an additional 7 million.


  113. Stanglassman Says:

    Pickgrin- Thank You!

    You could’ve got away with the new fa signing aren’t included but I appreciate the full explanation. Hopefully it will help out others. If it stops one other person from writing that the Bucs should sign Suh it will be worth it.

  114. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    No, signing Reid will not completely fix our entire Secondary, but it would without a doubt improve our group of Safeties. Justin Evans and Eric Reid is just as potent a combo as Justin Evans and Derwin James.

    Not to mention, by signing Reid, we could also draft Denzel Ward at 7 in round 1 if he is available (provided that Chubb, Barkley and Nelson are off the board), which would greatly improve our secondary as a whole.

    It’s a no brainer.

  115. webster Says:

    @ howard cosell

    You are an uneducated bucs fan. I hate posters like you. Talib has more ints with tampa 18 then he does since he left tampa. The problem uneducated one is the bucs sucked when talib was here therefore he did not get the love he got when he was with the patriots and broncos. We see lavonte david and kwon not getting the love but they are very good just like talib was when he was with the bucs. Educate yourself.

  116. Duke Says:


    The appeal of conspiracy theories or rampant speculation is surprisingly strong . Proof of its appeal is on display here on the comments section. The narrative that is prevalent among the legions is that Suh isn’t signed because it’s money related.
    Salary cap and cheap owners being the most often mentioned.

    There’s nothing to separate these ideas except for the truths, facts or whatever evidence is put out to support one or discredit the other. Humorous to see what links people will go to elevate their favorite explanation over another explanation that is built upon the same premise.

    I know that with the time and effort made to post comments and research, the most innocuous minutiae found is gold and as easy to find, that it is almost a certainty that the actual answer and the explanation for the decision making process has been in front of the glazed grills of the majority of this group for awhile.

    This very phenomena is …..f’d up and it perpetuates and sustains a level of stupidity that is staggering. If there wasn’t an already published explanation that provided an answer that’s one thing. But in this case it is easier to find why Suh isn’t in play, than the stats on who was selected in every RD 3 that ended up better than the Bucs pick in that RD.

    Question is why the data miners,with there expert knowledge an insider sources,
    have missed the actual answer and chosen to debate about something that isn’t debatable. The actual debating points are avoided which is, from such a self appointed group of experts , or should be, a great humbling experience. Yeah, you got to realize the situation first but that’s another story entirely.

    The truth is out there!

  117. JAB83 Says:

    Its official…





  118. Pickgrin Says:

    Blake – all of the contracts listed that add up to the $165 (or whatever the exact but close # is) do not even include incentives at all. Neither LTBE nor NLTBE.

    Look at Grimes for example. Brent gets $3.5M in salary and $3.5M in “roster bonus” – for a total of $7M guaranteed. He also has up to $3M in potential incentives. I believe I heard about half ($1.5M) were LTBEs and the other half were NLTBEs. But his contract # for calculating purposes at this point is $7M according to both OTC and Spotrac. So in a case like Brent’s for these early calculation purposes the $7 listed is likely to be $1M or more HIGHER in the final (year end) calculation than what we are figuring with now.

    So you are WRONG if you are claiming we have $9M+ left to spend on top of the $8M needed to sign rooklies.

    You ARE right about Curry as I did hear part of that $9M yearly was incentives.
    So lets use your $6.5M base for Curry and lets say $9M base for Jensen just to be conservative and keep Evan Smith at $2.5M.

    9 + 6.5 + 2.5 = $18M

    $165M (all current contracts adjusted down $4ishM for cuts) + $18M (Jensen, Curry and E. Smith contracts) +1M (dead cap) + $8M (rookie pool) = $192M

    Our cap # again is $192.4M (after rolling over $15.2M from 2017)

    $192.4M minus $192M does NOT equal $9+M. LOL

    No matter how you slice it bro – the Bucs are out of “spending $”.

    Maybe we are sitting at $2-3M under the cap right now best case scenario – MAYBE…

  119. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Im glad seeing the Glazers in their confident ways again for once. It also sounds like this staff will be eventually renewed at some point too. They actually got good structure to this staff there’s a ton of candidates on this staff that can replace Koetter if he’s fired but I don’t think it will come to that.
    I also would like to say that VH3 isn’t regressing and I’m glad Licht and Koetter have recognized that too if not they would have been blowing money on corners this offseason as well. They should use the draft and obtain some depth to but they don’t need a first round corner but one definitely wouldn’t hurt. Better Safety next to Evans would upgrade the entire defense at this point in my opinion. Need the king of strong Derwin James, that native spear that will play with that passion that puts butts in the seats. VH3 should get his outside role back but I think they should consider giving Keith Tandy who just resigned, a chance to play nickelback. Tandy is crafty and speedy for his age and he has a natural knack for the ball. Tandy is a crafty guy but he may no longer be a safety in the NFL because he doesn’t possess the makeup speed but he still has legit enough speed to play corner. Tandy has awesome ball instincts as well I definitely think it’s worth writing about and pushing for because I think Tandy is more than special teams but Conte should be on special teams and he’s in position to groom a young guy as well. Conte is not going to play starter level to much longer.
    I also think it’s time to see if Jason Licht can pull off that traditional second first rounder like other GMs in the past have done. I think we should trade our second round pick to get back in the first and draft some kind of tackle that can protect and Winston and so we can give D. Smith a permanent fit at RG and Marpet at LG to go with Jensen at center. Beneoch and Wester can then push Dotson who is in his final days as well for that LT or RT.
    Running back should not be viewed as a first round need because with those moves on the offensive line Barber will be highly effective immediately. We can always get a RB if we can create a package of future draft picks to get back up in the third round of the draft then let’s draft a RB or make that trade get us back in the second. With 3 picks in the first two rounds on real needs we won’t need 3,4,5 round picks although we would still be able to trade back into third round as well but no 6&7 rounder this year on the team plz or fifth rounders either.

  120. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Ok maybe I spoke too soon, after actually adding it all up you’re a lot closer to the number than I was. But we can still release Sweezy and free up 7 million, and there’s a list 20 names long of players making between $555,000 and $480,000. We get rid of 4-5 and thats 2-2.5 million more.

    We can afford to sign Eric Reid and Kony Ealy. And we should do so immediately.

  121. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    But wait there’s more, you and I were going off of the current total, when in reality, the only total that matters is the final 53 man roster. The number you and I were going off of when accounting the total cap hit, was the total 65 player count that are currently, technically under contract.

    So, If you take off the 12 lowest salaries of the team, to get to a 53 player total, you gain an additional 6 million dollars. 6 million, plus the 2-3 million we are currently over, plus cutting IR Sweezy’s 7 million. And thats 15-16 million to sign Eric Reid and Kony Ealy.

  122. Jason Mclaurin Says:

    Two players moved position no money spent.
    LT: Mcglinchey or Brown out the draft
    LG: A. Marpet, Sweezy
    C: Ryan Jensen, E. Smith
    RG: D. Smith, E.Smith
    RT: Dotson, Beneoch, Wester, or another Drafted player

    CB: VH3, Grimes; Elliot, Smith,
    SS: Derwin James, Chris Conte
    FS: Justin Evans, Keith Tandy
    NB: Tandy
    RDE: JPP, W.Gholston; W. Clarke
    DT: McCoy, Allen; Unrein, Stevie T
    LDE: V.Curry, N.Spence; R. Russell
    That’s the team at position of needs besides RB. What you guys think we good I think so if we draft at LT instead of Guard.

  123. denjoe Says:

    It’s all on Jason then and the fact they don’t think they need a another DECENT CB, is puzzling, Would you count on R. Smith or VH3 with your job on the line?

  124. Pickgrin Says:

    Blake says:
    “in reality, the only total that matters is the final 53 man roster… If you take off the 12 lowest salaries of the team, to get to a 53 player total, you gain an additional 6 million dollars”

    You can’t figure it that way. As I explained pretty thoroughly I thought – the best way to try and figure the current “number” is to take the “Top 51” ($162.5M according to Spotrac) and add about $3M to that for spots 52, 53 and the 10 man practice squad. That’s how I came up w/ the $165M starting point and I was being conservative just adding $2.5M to the “Top 51” (plus $18-$20M for the 3 unlisted salaries + $1M dead cap + $8M for rookie pool)

    Keep in mind that at least 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 of those PS players will be brought up during the season and then earn part or all of a min salary. Also no incentives are being counted yet so the final # is going to be a bit higher in the end.

    $165M + $18M(Jensen, Curry,Smith base contracts) + $1M (dead cap) +$8M (rookie pool) = $192M.

    The bottom line is – Bucs are OUT of spending $ and have no “cushion” at all for the 2nd/3rd waves of FA or saving a few $M to head into the season with in case of the need for an emergency signing.

    Regarding Sweezy – his cap # is $7.125M this year but $625k of that was from his signing bonus so is already paid but still counts towards the cap.

    $6.5M is JR’s salary. But there’s a dead cap hit of $1.875M if he is released this year (from the signing bonus which is why Licht rarely does “signing bonuses” opting typically instead for yearly “roster bonuses” that don’t create dead cap hits if released) So $6.5M – $1.875 = $4.625M.

    $4.625M is the savings if Sweezy is released before June 1st. If after June 1st then only $625k dead cap hit this year and $1.25M dead cap hit rolls over to “next” year (2019).

    Should have released Gholston prior to March 18th IMO – we would have saved $6.5M – but now that entire $6.5M for Will is guaranteed and can no longer be “accessed”. I’m assuming Buckner was pushing to keep Gholston so he could work with him for a year – But at the very least, Licht should have demanded a re-negotiation of Will’s contract to a figure more in line with a DE who is pretty good against the run but couldn’t even stumble into a sack at some point during the season last year – for which he was paid $7M. SMH