Gaines And Bucs A “Fit”

March 16th, 2018

Why not?

It seems there is a love connection out there in the NFL and both parties don’t know it yet, but should.

That’s the word from Ian Wharton, an NFL analyst for Bleacher Report. It seems his speciality is studying cornerbacks. He authored a publication to be released soon: “Comprehensive Cornerback Handbook.”

Wharton has studied the needs of teams with cornerbacks issues and corners that were out there for the picking in the free agent market and he can’t believe the Bucs and 26-year-old E.J. Gaines have not yet consummated a relationship.

@NFLFilmStudy: I’m surprised the Buccaneers and E.J. Gaines haven’t hammered out a deal yet. I think that’s the perfect fit for both parties.

It is a mystery to Joe as well. It is beyond troubling the Bucs seem, at this state in mid-March, hellbent on starting Ryan Smith at corner. Look, this Gaines started at corner for a playoff team. How exactly bad can he be?

Joe is often asked on Twitter if (pick a name) should play for the Bucs at corner. Joe’s common reply is, “Choose just about any corner you can think of > Ryan Smith.”

56 Responses to “Gaines And Bucs A “Fit””

  1. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Somebody tell Jason to please put down the beer.
    We need him as sharp as possible right now.

  2. BucFanFromOhio Says:

    Licht too worried about working out rookies before the draft that he’s been completely ignoring FA.

  3. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    At this point, wouldn’t ANYONE (including Adrian Slowborne) be a “FIT” for the Bucs?

  4. Shane247 Says:

    Yeah umm………We’re looking for a few unknown, way under the radar guys with potential, not production.

    I see that the Browns have a few guys on their practice squad that couldn’t quite make the team……… Looks like we can get these guys for a bag of popcorn and smile.

  5. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Everybody seems to forget that we have Hey Jude coming back….we don’t need a CB..

    And, Joe…..we appreciate you letting us know all the players that we won’t sign….maybe if we are lucky you will parade one in front of us that we will pick up.
    But, like I said, it’s like having the dessert tray rolled out in front of you when you are a diabetic… can look but can’t indulge.

  6. zzbuc Says:

    No DE and no RB….Please surprise me Jason Light, I beg you…. Let me dream……We need this two positions with no excuse, and one of them has to be filled in the FA…….I feel sorry for Koetter…….

  7. FortMyersDave Says:

    Prediction: he will sign with someone else, TMax will post 4-12 and perhaps something concerning 93 and cancer, a few other posters will point out what a %$%%$% Licht is and predict 3-13 like the late great Dusty Rhodes (have ya talked to Gordon lately???) and guys like Lakeland will point out some facts about the players the Bucs are too cheap to sign….. Its too bad that the Buc organization promises season ticket holders that last yera was unacceptable but besides cutting Dougie and Loaf Baker they have done next to nothing to address the issue. Is it 1989 again with Hugh C crowing about his Bucs finishing 3rd in the division in ’88 and on the way up with champion coach Ray Perkins from his alma mater of Alabama???? History for young punks: Bucs were 5-11 in 88, Pack and Detroit 4-12: Green Bay with the # 2 pick made a miss with Tony Mandarich, Bucs beat them twice…. Detroit drafted Barry Sanders with the #3 selection: Barry Sanders; the guy that would rip off 200 yards a game vs the Bucs until Dungy brought the Tampa 2…. Bucs got Broderick Thomas with pick #6: Who? Yeah, many of us old Buc fans from the Sombrero days say the same thing…. Anyhow, after Sanders two guys were selected 4th and 5th: Deion Sanders a very arrogant and cocky kid from North Fort Myers High and a guy named Derrick Thomas who KC took with a 4-11-1 record on pick before the Bucs… Why repeat this horrible history of the Bucs under Culverhouse? Well itis obvious, the Bucs pick 7, Licht is probably counting on the draft to fill the numerous holes in the Buc run game, DL, secondary, etc. etc… who but a moron would expect a savior to pop in Licht’s lap at #7. Heck even if Jameis obeyed coaches’ orders to throw a down and out in the RJS Saint game to set up a 51 FG that we all know Murray miss and the Bucs went 4-12 and pick 5th, they’d be boned. You can bet on it, if they had someone targeted at 5 a team would trade up with Houston and snake them. Tough being a BUC fan when Licht is acting like the GM OF THE BOTTOM FEEDING PITTSBURGH PIRATES or THAT GUY IN MIAMI NAMED JETER who is turning a former competitor into the new Montreal Expos. BTW: Oakland A and Stu in Tampa mad because they missed the boat on this and got a late start…..

  8. AlteredEgo Says:

    you left out Eric Curry

  9. SteveK Says:

    Remember the time Dominik traded back, and still drafted Mark Barron over Luke Keuchly?

    Or the time when Dominik drafted Adrian Clayborn over Cameron Jordan?

    Or when Dominik let Mike Bennett walk bc he was so proud of a Clayborn and Bowers being the next wave of DEs for the Bucs?

    How about when Dom would publicly pride himself on not drafting O-linemen?

    What about the time Dom traded our 1st for Revis, and the player taken in that slot, Sheldon Richardson, won defensive rookie of the year. D’oh!

    We are where we are today bc the talk show host failed miserably. We are also here because most of Licht’s FA moves have failed too.

    We are in nfl purgatory. This league is supposed to have parity and right now the Bucs are going to be one dimensional on either side of the ball: pass happy offense, and only able to stop the run on defense.

    We are staring down the sites of a 5-11 season, again. Shameful.

  10. Bucsfan1010 Says:

    Hey Tampabaybucsfan Jude wasn’t tender a contract he gone

  11. BucFanFromOhio Says:

    5-11 seems optimistic at this point.

  12. SCBucsFan Says:

    On a bright note SteveK you didn’t mention the pending Winston suspension

  13. BucFanFromOhio Says:

    I was all excited because Tampa only plays a regular season game in OH once every 4 years, and 2018 is one of those years. Now I don’t even want to waste my money watching this this team at the stadium when I already have to pay insane DTV costs to watch them fail miserably on TV every Sunday. Licht, Koetter, and Smith all seem to be in over their heads.

  14. FortMyersDave Says:

    Altered Ego; yeah what a waste of a #6 pick overall.

  15. rrsrq Says:

    They just stop trying for some reason, #selltheteam, maybe I’m overreacting and they are as close as they said they were

  16. AlteredEgo Says:

    Rumors the G’Boyz are going to be the first team in the NFL history to turn over coaching and GM duties to… AI

  17. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ FortMyersDave

    You forgot Joe’s 11,677 mention of Mark Dominick’s “letting Michael Bennett go for no good reason”…..oh, that’s right….never mentions Dominick.

  18. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Can’t wait for 2019, yeah, Go Bucs!!

  19. K_Bassuka Says:

    Why not? Because the alleged GM sucks, that’s why!

  20. Joel Says:

    You know the frantics are out when people say you can’t get a good player at #7. Hahahahaha!!!!

  21. Pancake block Says:

    EJ Gaines?….why do that when we can get a quarter of that player for. 1m less in Morris Clairborne

  22. SteveK Says:

    SCBucsFan Says:
    March 16th, 2018 at 9:00 am
    On a bright note SteveK you didn’t mention the pending Winston suspension


    Lol touché!

    I hope and pray Jameis is free and clear to ball out for the Buccaneers next season! A suspension would torpedo our playoff chances, and leave us looking for a QB. Jameis hopefully gets free and clear of roger’s arbitrary hammer.

  23. Not there yet Says:

    The answer is easy…. The bucs don’t want to pay a premium for a quality player. If so Claiborne makes 7 mil then he’ll get more and the bucs don’t want to give it up. It’s not like you need quality corners on this division lol below average gm. The draft is only one part of your job Licht

  24. SteveK Says:

    4th best GM,HC,QB, coupled with the worst pass rush in the entire nfl means a recipe for NFCS basement!

    Repeat as last place champs (losers)!

  25. AlteredEgo Says:

    Relax ….The Glazer’s are implementing on a long term fix for the Buccaneers

  26. Matthew Says:

    Go get Eric Reid, above average Safety who can be had for cheap just because some teams are stupidly scared of the anthem stuff. Dude is the epitome of value for what it’ll take to sign him.

  27. Eric Says:

    I’m going to start looking for things to do on Sunday’s. I will not subject myself to watching this AA football team. We must be moving to the CFL!

  28. Tampabaybucfan Says:


    From what I can tell….no team has been wise enough to pick up this superstar. So, I expect Licht to sign him for league minimum…..

    I simply can’t wait to see him on the field.

  29. 813bucboi Says:

    he wont be signed….glazer told dirk and licht, “you say we’re very very close, so prove it!!!!!!!!!”

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  30. NFLNut Says:


    According to OverTheCap we have approx. $36.8mil in remaining cap space … take $8.8mil away for rookies and that gives us a nice round number of approx. $28mil to spend on free agents.

    $28mil is more than enough to sign Ryan Jensen AND EJ Gaines AND either Sonny Vaccaro or Tre Boston AND bring back Kevin Pamphile and still have a bit left over for a free agent after the draft (Adrian Peterson or another vet that is just sitting around …) and THAT is what I’m hoping to see.

    If we can add Jense, Gaines, Vaccaro and bring back Pamphile, the only NEEDS we will have going into the draft, where Jason Licht excels, are (1) CB, (1) DT, (1) RB, (1) developmental OG and an upgrade at DE … that’s it, five need players to find with our (8) draft picks.

    If Bradley Chubb falls to us at #7 which looks a lot ore likely today than it did a week ago, and we add a RB (Guice, Michel, Jones III or Chubb) in round 2, a DT in round 3 (Derrick Nnandi?), a CB in round 4 (Tony Brown, Holton Hill, JC Jackson?) and a developmental OG in the 5th round, we’ll have 3 picks left to just take BPA … maybe even add another RB like Bo Scarborough if we trade our (2) 6th rounders to move back into the 5th.

    If the above happens, we will be set at every position, with no obvious weaknesses.



  31. NFLNut Says:



    Jameis has been better than Cam for the past 2 years and was better than Matt Ryan last year, despite playing behind a worse line, with a worse running game, and with a jacked throwing shoulder for half the year … Jameis is easily the 2nd best QB in the division just like Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford are easily the 1st and 2nd best QBs in the NFC North but both missed the playoffs, and Phillip Rivers is easily the best QB in the AFC West but missed the playoffs … TEAMS wins games not players.

    You are right about the HC … Koetter is the 4th best coach in our division. As for Licht, I don’t know where I’d rank him honestly as he’s a very good drafter but pretty bad in free agency.


  32. Buff3745 Says:

    That’s how I feel every year @Shane247. 😢
    Go Bucs!!!

  33. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    Why do you guys keep focusing on Licht??? The Glazers clearly aren’t letting him spend money in FA this year. SMH, he would spend it all right now to save his job if they would let him.

  34. NFLNut Says:


    Again, as I see it, we should be able to sign:

    (1) C: Jensen or Pouncey
    (1) CB: Gaines or Claiborne
    (1) SS: Vaccaro or Boston

    If we do ALL of the above, and we have more than enough remaining cap space to do all of the above, I’m feeling great heading into the draft.


  35. 813bucboi Says:

    TouchDownTampaBay Says:
    March 16th, 2018 at 10:34 am
    Why do you guys keep focusing on Licht??? The Glazers clearly aren’t letting him spend money in FA this year. SMH, he would spend it all right now to save his job if they would let him.


    they wont allow him to spend and save his job because they don’t want him as GM next year…..this entire staff is gone….the writing is on the wall!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  36. NFLNut Says:

    ^ As the Don would say with pursed lips; wrong.

  37. SteveK Says:


    Good points on Jameis! I think if he can eliminate the silly turnovers, he is well on his way to ascend to the top.

    It’s tough to say he’s been better than Ryan And Newton, when both went to the playoffs last year. I get it, stats wise, but Jameis needs to tidy up how game: poor decision picks/costly fumbles. I believe in him! And I believe he will improve moving forward. We just can’t afford a potential suspension. That would derail our entire season. Jameis is the lifeblood of the Bucs.

  38. NFLNut Says:


    TEAM Wins means nothing when evaluating INDIVIDUAL talent. Jameis was flat out better than Ryan and especially Cam last year but his “team” sucked.

    Is Jameis a finished product? Heck no, he was still 23 years old when he played his last game last season … and he has the potential to be the best QB in the NFL, so he knows he has work to do … and he does it, which is one reason I love the young man … he’s all about improving rather than partying and acting like a diva.

    I believe he will reach his potential and I wouldn’t say that about most players … I still get rather sad when I think about NBA players like Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady and NFL players like Jay Cutler and Jeff George and MLB players like Josh Hamilton … guys with worlds of talent that never even seemed like they wanted to reach their full potential … that’s one thing I never worry about with Jameis as the young man is extremely driven.

  39. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs are no more than a 3-13 team. All of this what if, shoulda, woulda, coulda won’t improve this garbage team.

  40. NFLNut Says:


    3-13? No.

    At worst, I have them going:

    Division: 1-5
    AFC North: 2-2
    NFC East: 2-2
    49ers: Win
    Bears: Win

    Record: 7-9 at worst imho … but that should get Koetter and Smith fired … Licht stays.

  41. 813bucboi Says:


    9ers won 5games in a row to close out the season……and they have added talent thru FA…..that’s an “L”……browns may beat us…..I see us going 1-3 vs the nfc east…..that’s another 5-11 season…..don’t see how licht stays….he hired dirk…..he’ll get canned too!!!!

    besides maybe Jensen signing any of those other players you’ve named wont move the needle on this team…..or weakness is DE and coaching… forgot to include that on your list….

    no urgency….no excuse

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  42. Oxycondoms Says:

    #trusttheprocces, #mybeermughasaholeinit

  43. NFLNut Says:



    I don’t buy into the 49’ers at all … yet. They beat the Bears by 1 point, the Texans who were being QB’d by the 3rd strong TJ Yates, Rams JV Squad and the Jags right after the Jags found out they had already clichéd a playoff berth and just didn’t show up, the ONLY team they beat that was decent and actually playing was the Titans.

    And, no I don’t think the 49’ers have gotten better … signing Sherman could be irrelevant as he may not even be healthy and it looks like they’re losing Eric Reid. That to me is a loss. They also lost Carlos Hyde and replaced him with a 3rd string pass-catching back in McKinnon, to me another loss.

    And, as for Jimmy G … the guy threw 6 TDs and 5 INTs in beating that sad slate of teams.

    The Bucs on the other hand may have went 1-4 in their last 5 but they played 4 teams in the playoff hunt who were all playing tough, and the Bucs lost the first 3 games by just 1 FG each time and they won the last game against the Saints … and Jameis threw 9 TDs to 5 INTs in those games.

    Honestly the Bucs last 5 games impressed me a heck of a lot more than the 49’ers last 5 games did, and Jameis absolutely played better over those games than Jimmy G did, and Jimmy G was playing far inferior competition.

    A lot of times, people just glance at “record” and the boxscores and miss the big picture.


  44. NFLNut Says:


    As for Jameis, games 12-15 are what I expect from him next year … he was healthy in those games and wasn’t forcing to Mike just to get Mike the record he coveted like he did in the last game of the year.

    In those 4 games, yes all losses against teams in the playoff hunt (2 of whom made the playoffs) but by just an average of 3.75 points per game … JAMEIS COMPLETED 72% of his passes for an average of 305.25 yards per game, with 8 TDs and just 2 INTs … THAT IS MVP LEVEL PLAY!

    Extrapolate those 4 games out for an entire year and you’re looking at:

    Completion Percentage: 72% (would tie Brees for #1 in the NFL)
    Passing Yards: 4,884 (would BE #1 in the NFL by nearly 300 yards!)
    TDs: 32 (exactly what Tom Brady had last year)
    INTs: 8 (exactly what Tom Brady had last year)
    Passer Rating: 114.5 (would have been #1 in the NFL by a ton!)

    The above is what Jameis 4 healthy games towards the end of this year, ALL AGAINST TEAMS IN THE PLAYOFF HUNT, extrapolated over an entire year would look like … and THOSE numbers would have him standing as the #1 QB in the entire NFL without even a close 2nd statistically.


  45. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Thanks for the excellent perspective. QB is not our problem. In fact if we could get a pass rush I think we’re in good shape.

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    Is Donnie Abraham still alive? If so let’s go sign him, he’d be better than Ryan Smith.

  47. NFLNut Says:


    Thanks for the kind words.

    I agree that pass rush is our biggest weakness, though I would like to see the team sign or draft one more starting quality CB and a starting quality strong safety, and feel that our rushing attack is also pretty bad … a 2nd round stud like Guice, Michel, Jones III or Chubb could fix that quick though, especially if we also get a center like Jensen or Pouncey.

    I’m starting to dream of a Bradley Chubb and Nick Chubb 1st and 2nd round pick combo … the cousins could be a great duo for us!

  48. 813bucboi Says:


    i disagree… way a 5-0 record is better than a 1-4 record……it can be debated that the saints didn’t show up either because they knew they were in the playoffs…..

    they also filled they needs with a rb that fits their system and adding one of the best CB’s in the league…..losing eric reid is no big deal because he was drafted as a SS and this regime had him playing LB…..they want more versatility at safety so they let him walk…..his replacement is already on the team…..

    if losing 4 out of your last 5games impress you than i feel sorry for you lol……i don’t know what big picture your referring to….the big picture boils down to wins and loses and did your team improve……

    as bad as you think the 9ers are, they have the same record as the bucs but they ended their season on a 5game winning streak……that’s improvement…..”W” are the only picture!!!!!!

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  49. 813bucboi Says:

    regarding Winston, im not concerned a bit……imo, Winston has made dirk a lot of money!!!!!…lol….

    Winston has made dirk look better than he actually is….that was highlighted by the 5-11 season and the last play of the saints game when Winston ignored dirk and called godwins number himself…..that shows he doesn’t trust dirk play calling(which was questioned thru out the year)……

    but im not worried…..actions speak louder than words……this staff will be canned after this year…..glazers are making dirk licht and smitty prove it since they stated we are very very close… obvious this team is retaining their core players and building depth for the new regime……bucs have no stability… player wants to be apart of that…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  50. buc4ya Says:

    NflNut… You’d take Nick Chubb over Michel? I think Chubb’s game is similar to Peyton Barber, yes he’s better no doubt but Michel is the change of pace back we need. He can run between the tackles and catch outta the backfield and has that slasher ability that Barber lacks.
    If you go back and watch the 2 of them in the national championship I think Georgia wins if they continue to feed Michel instead of going with Chubb.

  51. NFLNut Says:



    I completely disagree with you on many points.

    I do not consider Sherman coming off an achilles injury as an upgrade over Eric Reid, not do I consider McKinnon an upgrade over Hyde.

    I also do NOT think measuring a team is as simple as looking at their W/L record. You can think that if you want, but I think that’s naïve. Alabama won the BCS Title last year despite having a worse W/L record than UCF and many SB champions have finished with worse winning percentages than teams that didn’t win the SB … looking at mere W/L records is dumb.

    Who you play and how you play matters … who cares that the 49’ers went 6-10 and the Bucs went 5-11, they both missed the playoffs and the Bucs ended up with the higher draft pick … their records both sucked and don’t matter.

    However, I maintain that playing 5 teams in playoff contention tough, losing by a FG 3 times, an OT TD another time and then beating the Saints (who were playing for seeding!) is “more impressive” than beating garbage teams and the Rams JV squad, etc.

    Looking at W/L records is like merely looking at box scores and never watching a game … it’s child’s play.

    As for “the big picture” … it’s winning a SB not merely winning regular season games. I know many fans get excited by playoff appearances and the like but those things don’t excite me … I’ve always thought teams should either go all-out to win a chip or tank for higher draft picks. For example, if I was a 49’er fan, I would have rather seen the team lose their last 5 games and get the #2 pick in the draft and add Saquon with Jimmy G and use the $7.5mil on a starter in free agency, than win 5 meaningless games and use the $7.5mil to drastically overpay McKinnon.

    You have to understand that even HOF QBs play entire careers without ever even playing in a SB (Fouts and Moon are the best examples) while MANY others never actually win a SB … but the ONLY real goal of an organization should be to win a ring, not just dink around and make the playoffs … to me the Lions are a team that just dinks around hoping to make the playoffs and that bugs me as they have a future HOF’er at QB they are wasting.

    I believe Licht is taking the long-term view and trying to build a SB champ and not just sign some names to get a 9-7 record and a 1st round playoff loss and then go back to the drawing board the next year, and I’m okay with that plan …


  52. NFLNut Says:


    I agree with your second post about Jameis … I don’t think he respects Koetter either … I think he loves him and will play all-out for him as that’s just who Jameis is as a person, but I’d be surprised if he actually thinks Koetter can “teach him” much of anything … and Jameis knows he is the job saver and cash getter as he got Jimbo paid and then Koetter and then Koetter’s.

    HOWEVER, I disagree the Bucs are tanking free agency … if they are then so are the Patriots, Cowboys, Steelers and many other teams who are doing next to nothing and losing more guys than they’re gaining.

  53. NFLNut Says:



    No, I would NOT personally take Chubb ahead of Michel. I simply think that Guice, Michel and most likely Ronald Jones III will be off the board by the time our 2nd round pick rolls around, but that Chubb will be available, and I’d be happy with him.

    I feel Michel plays faster than Chubb and is a better receiver out of the backfield which I value … he also has a lot less wear and tear on his body which is important to me as well and is one of the reasons I LOVE Derrius Guice, so I would take Michel ahead of Chubb.

    HOWEVER, it does mean something that Chubb has always started over Michel and that the Georgia coaching staff always gave him the heavier workload … and it is a fact that Chubb actually runs a faster 40 than Michel and is a heck of a lot stronger … so … it could be one of those Emmitt Smith things where while Chubb “appears” slower and far less dynamic than Michel (as Emmitt appeared as such when compared to MANY other backs), there is just something about Chubb that can’t be ignored … production.

    Anyways, I have the RBs as follows: Saquon, Guice, Michel, Jones III, Chubb and I really wish Damien Harris and Bryce Love would have entered the draft as well … but I’d be happy with Chubb as a 2nd round pick.


  54. bkyrdbob Says:

    Licht couldn’t hit a home run with a FA signing if his life depended on it. Thank God he has been good in the draft. He has had his mistakes (sims, ASJ, Hargreaves, and the kicker), but he has hit on some very good players. Evans, OJ, Winston, Marpet, Brate, Kwon, Godwin, Beckwith, D Smith, J Evans, and more. 2016 was really the only bad draft he has had. If Licht could just sign 2 or 3 good FA in the last 3 years, we would be ok. I am almost glad he didn’t waste money on FA’s because he just would have messed it up anyways….Yep I’m officially apathetic.

  55. 813bucboi Says:


    i disagree with you completely on all level except for Winston…..

    so i guess the browns got better as the year went on since judging a team by “w” and “l” are misguided….lol….even tho the pats had a better “w” “l” record than us, that doesn’t mean they were better than us(even tho they beat us and played in the SB)…..I guess the bucs are actually ranked 1st in our division since we cant judge a team by “w” and “l”……lol….ok right….lol…..

    cant compare those teams you named above to the bucs offseason because they have been in the playoffs recently…..obviously they have fewer holes to fill…..or they just have better coaches…..a little bit of both imo…..

    i guess we can agree to disagree……no big deal…..

    but if Winston doesn’t respect dirk as you stated(i share the same views), than im pretty sure other players don’t respect him either…..and im pretty sure if me and you can see that, i know the glazers can…..

    glazers are only giving this staff 2018 since they claimed we are very very close… playoffs…no job….and that’s licht included…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  56. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Don’t be silly … you know I’m right.

    It’s not all about the W/L record … if it were the team with the best win percentage would always win the SB and in fact, that is not the case many, many times.