A Lesson For Jameis In Blake Bortles’ Wrist

February 1st, 2018

Remember that unsourced December NFL Network report from insider Ian Rapoport?

It claimed America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, had/has a strained relationship with Dirk Koetter because Jameis “didn’t feel fully supported” when it came to how his shoulder injury was discussed publicly.

Maybe there were elements of truth there. Maybe not. The report was firmly denied by Koetter and Jameis — and then Rapoport stood strong behind the report during a Tampa radio interview.

Regardless, Jameis can learn from the experience in various ways.

One thing Jameis should be clear on is that he can’t be sensitive to how injuries are discussed. And if he is, then he can come out and set the record straight on his injuries long before he has to worry about what anyone else is chirping.

Despite throwing for the 11th-most yards in the NFL this season and landing the AFC Championship game, Jaguars QB Blake Bortles was a popular punching bag for NFL fans and uninformed media because of a handful of poor games.

Late last week, it was reported that Bortles had surgery on his throwing wrist after it was a lingering injury all season. And the news surprised a lot of people.

Bortles was on the official injury report every week (Jameis was not), but nobody in Jacksonville peeped about how the injury was or might have been a factor throughout the season.

All that media clubbing of Bortles, and the Jaguars — from Bortles to Tom Coughlin — ignored it while knowing their QB was staring down possible surgery after the season.

Funny how Rapoport didn’t find any tension in Jacksonville.

What kind of factor was Jameis’ shoulder in the Bucs’ 5-11 season, one in which they went 2-1 without Jameis? That’s unclear and unimportant. Playing hurt is part of the deal for every QB.

53 Responses to “A Lesson For Jameis In Blake Bortles’ Wrist”

  1. Cgmaster27 Says:

    REALLY not sure the point of this article. You know why no one cared about Brotles injury? Because Jacksonville was winning.

  2. Vic Says:

    Great point Joe, and it should be a message to Jameis or any other young player paying attention.

  3. Tnew Says:

    What lesson should he learn? He and Koetter fervently denied any such rift. Should he learn to do exactly what he did and ignore the Rapoport report? My recollection was he downplayed the shoulder for the entire season. If I am wrong and he did publicly complain about lack of support from Koetter I totally missed that. I’ll go as far as to say, and this is my speculation, if Winston had any issues with Koetter, we would have a coaching search at 1 Buc.

  4. ruggyup Says:

    Winston and Koetter are all about Winston and Koetter. Bortles and Jags are all about TEAM. Think about it.

  5. Chris in WA Says:

    Jay Cutler’s reputation was permanently damaged when he was injured during the NFC championship game vs the Packers. Turns out it was more serious than the Late Night talk shows let on A.K.A grade 2 MCL injury. Doesn’t matter, Jay Cutler is now a meme for eternity. Now the next generation of QB’s has to prove they are tough for their personal image which is what you see in Winston and Bortels. Famous example is RG3 in the playoffs.

  6. DBrad67 Says:

    Like I’ve said prior… let the Coaching Carousel Watch begin … hopefully this doesn’t turn into another debacle or the norm of settling for mediocrey

  7. Bobby M. Says:

    What made the situation worse was going to see Dr Andrews….It gave off the impression there was an internal disagreement between the Bucs staff and Winston’s people.

  8. NFLNut Says:

    Bortles isn’t a real QB and Jacksonville is making a huge mistake not cutting him and signing Cousins … that defense is built to win a ring NOW … but it’s not happening with Bortles as the QB imho

  9. 813bucboi Says:

    I believe theres a rift…..

    an example of that was Winston saying screw this play and hitting godwin deep on that final play to win the game…..he ignored his OC/HC….another example happened earlier in the season when Winston voiced his frustration during a PC explain how the team is still searching for an identity 6weeks into the season….

    glazer tried to get gruden but gruden was hit with a better offer….cant blame either side for walking away……

    Winston had to go to an outside source to get an second and third opinion on his shoulder….obviously he didn’t trust someone at one buc place….Winston should’ve sat vs the bills, panthers, and saints in addition to the jets and dolphins….

    playing hurt is one thing….playing injured is another….Winston was playing injured….the staff threw him out there to save their jobs so they could pull off another heist….mission accomplished……

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  10. Dewey Selmon Says:

    If Bortles can’t pass his physical on mar 8th after surgery the Jags on on the hook for 2018, why would they go after Cousins?

  11. Guzzie Says:

    So much for finally having a franchise QB, face of our franchise had a pretty rough year, the girls don’t matter speech, Uber, NO game, Carolina game, Rapoport article, the way his shoulder injury was handled, Hard Knocks, preseason from the back throw, fumble problems, and that embarrassing eat his fingers W speech, I’m not bashing JW, he’s embarrassing himself, is this a sign of things to come, he had multiple well publicized incidents throughout his college career, fortunately for him he kept winning in college, he’s gonna get crucified if this crap continues especially if the Bucs continue losing

  12. 813bucboi Says:


    I AGREE……

    him seeking different opinions suggest there were 2 different views of his injury…..someone thought it was worse than expected and someone thought it was a minor injury…..

    even if dr. Andrews reports were that it was worse than expected, the team is going to follow their doctors…if their doctors say all he needs is a few weeks rest that’s the direction the team will go…..

    #NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  13. Ndog Says:

    Keep on turning on Jameis Joe it is clear you want to so just jump in both feet. After all he is the 4th best QB in the division right?
    1) Jameis is a promising young QB and has the talent to be the franchise QB through 2030. It’s obvious. Will he put it all together? Big question mark. That’s just reality.
    2) Joe would like nothing more than for Jameis to thrive. If Jameis wins, the Bucs win. Joe is happy. Joe’s bank account is happy. Life is extra good.
    3) Joe is not “turning on Jameis.” Joe writes and talks often about the good and the bad with Jameis. Big year for him coming up on many fronts. –Joe

  14. Ndog Says:

    There you go Guzzle fuel that idiotic fire! You people are so clueless. Just like Doug Williams was the problem and Steve Young was the problem and Vinny T was the problem cause they all left here and we’re trash afterwards. Oh wait they did what….. Keep hoping and you might get you want the QB that holds every all time record and we got rid of him. Man you guys are smart.

  15. StPeteBucsFan Says:



    About half this board think you are a Jameis Hater. The other half think you are a Jameis booster and sycophant. You must be doing something right!!!

    There is a small % of us who think you’ve reported accurately and FAIRLY in all things Jameis.

    Remember 42% of a certain party in a recent survey thought that factually correct reports were still “fake” if they went against their dear leader. I can see the same thing in some Jameis fans….I say some because I am a Jameis fan but I’m not so blind as to not see his flaws and they’re not fake news but something he needs to work on. Being the optimist I believe he’ll figure it out.

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Jmeis will and is going nowheres but perhaps in a few record books a la Dan Marino Unless..This Tampa Bay Buc Organization starts realizing how to, what makes up, a TEAM. Thats from the top to the bottom..players and support staff.
    Sure you guys can ohhh’s and ahh’s about Jameis late antics and how he fought bravely. But you’d better surround him with a TEAM. And that right now is a..Foreign Language to this Buc organization. And it will be for a couple more yrs until the light bulb..comes on. If it ever does.

  17. NFLNut Says:


    Guzzie and JOE,

    Jameis also:

    – played through pain

    – became #1 ALL-TIME in NFL HISTORY in passing yards before the age of 24

    – became #1 ALL-TIME in NFL HISTORY in passing TDs before the age of 24

    – finished a season in which he played most of it with an injured THROWING shoulder and NO RUNNING GAME support, with a higher passer rating than the reigning MVP Matt Ryan

    – entered the last game of the season (a game which he and Koetter admitted he was forcing balls to Mike to get Evans his record, without worrying about his (i.e. Jameis’) own stats) with a higher passer rating AND higher completion percentage than MVP candidate Russell Wilson, despite having played much of the year with an injured THROWING shoulder

    – never once gave up on the season, pouted like Cam and many others, or “shut it down” in regards to the injury

    – Played an almost PERFECT game against the Falcons on Monday Night Football, in which he completed 27 of 28 passes that weren’t dropped or clock-spiked, etc.

    – Led the best last-drive comeback of any QB in the past 10+ years

    – Finished the season, despite playing much of it injured with career highs in completion percentage and passer rating

    JAMEIS IS PROGRESSING WONDERFULLY … THE BUCS TEAM IS REGRESSING DREADFULLY … and if I was Jameis I would REFUSE to sign any extension with the team … let them exercise the 5th year option and use the franchise tag for the 6th year but then BOLT TO A BETTER ORGANIZATION IN THE INFERIOR AFC come 2021 when the new TV deal (and possible gambling deal) comes into effect and sign the richest contract in NFL history with an organization that knows what it’s doing like Pittsburgh, Denver, Baltimore or New England IF the Bucs haven’t turned it around by then!


  18. Maze Says:

    Tough to find tension when your team’s constantly winning

  19. Ndog Says:

    Come on NFLNUT don’t you know Jameis is the 4th best QB in the division! Are you crazy man, plus he had a losing record he is horrible man we should starting looking to the draft for our future QB. The guy is inaccurate, unathletic and is just plain stupid, I mean he eats his fingers how dumb is that? We really need to start over with a guy bright enough to understand basic offense I mean this guy could only get into a college like FSU so how smart can he be?

  20. Ndog Says:

    Signed most posters on this site.

  21. NFLNut Says:


    I think most legit posters know Jameis is the real deal … there are a lot of trolls, username-changers and goofs that pop up that talk smack, but their idiocy is extremely transparent

  22. LakeLand Says:

    Football is a team sport, 53 men.

    That’s all I have

  23. darin Says:

    Not enough of a nut, or too much depending on the definition of nut. Bortles isnt a real qb? Cmon dude. Think before you speak. The guy made the afc championship game and was close to winning it. He got beat by the best ever. Qbs are judged off wins and losses. Bortles did his job in the playoffs. And that defense is really good. They didnt play really good in Pittsburgh or New england. Blake did tho. As far as Jameis he is just fine. He isnt the only one who has issues with dirk. Cant wait to get a real hc and d coordinator. This patience thing is just gona put the team a year behind.

  24. DB55 Says:

    playing hurt is one thing….playing injured is another….Winston was playing injured….the staff threw him out there to save their jobs so they could pull off another heist….mission accomplished……

    Not to save their jobs (obviously) but if jw got injured ala rg3 then it paves the way for Koetter’s hand-picked q.b Ryan Griffin. And let’s be honest how many “real buc fans” would love to have Griffin as the face of the franchise over Jameis the thug from FSU? I’d say the vast majority.

  25. ben Says:

    its ok to defend Winston but being the 1st pick in the draft,,, how many other young qb’s are rated ahead of Winston with all his receiver weapons? Hoping he works on his accuracy leading receivers and shows he can throw the long ball.

  26. NFLNut Says:


    I have said many, many times that TEAMS WINS mean next to NOTHING in evaluating INDIVIDUAL TALENT.

    Josh Allen will get drafted higher than probably 100+ college QBs with better W/L records … team wins mean next to nothing.

    Marino, Fouts, Moon, Kelly, Tarkenton combined to win ZERO rings in 70+ years of NFL football while the immortal Jeff Hostettler, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson all won one.

    NO, Blake Bortles is NOT a “real QB” no matter how many games his TEAM wins … neither is Dak, Mariota or Tyrod Taylor … they’re gimmicky game-managers that can only complete a decent amount of their passes out of play-action … they are NOT “real QBs” which are QBs that can make every throw, carry an offense and are the type of QBs that coaches hand the ball to and say “win this game” … Jameis is that kind of QB as is Matt Stafford … even if both of them play for horrible organizations and will never win a ring.

    Most fans simply don’t understand the QB position … they look at box scores and team standings are draw asinine conclusions based on their own ignorance … it’s rather sad and funny all at the same time.

    The Jags could go 19-0 next year with Bortles playing the same as he did this past season and the Lions and Bucs could both go 0-16 with Stafford and Jameis playing the same as they did this past season and the Jags would still include multiple 1st round picks with Bortles to trade for Stafford or Jameis … because they are real QBs that can carry an offense, no gimmicky game managers that need a team to carry them.


  27. gambelero Says:

    I agree with NFLNut. If the Glazers don’t get it together, Winston is five and done. He’d be crazy to agree to spend his career with such a dysfunctional organization. He only has to look at Rivers and what’s happened to him because he spend so many years with moronic ownership.

    If he lets Evans know early enough, he’ll also leave after five. Maybe one tag for each, so six years.

  28. 813bucboi Says:

    DB55 SAYS: Not to save their jobs (obviously) but if jw got injured ala rg3 then it paves the way for Koetter’s hand-picked q.b Ryan Griffin.

    maybe….I never thought of it that way…..maybe dirk is telling the glazers,” see, I cant win with Winston”…..it wouldn’t surprise me….GO BUCS!!!!

  29. NFLNut Says:

    ^ HAHAHAHAHAHA … Koetter went 9-7 with Jameis … Ryan Griffin is garbage

  30. 813bucboi Says:


    I understand where your coming from but game managing QB’s like brortles have won SB’s before and will continue to do so….brady was a game manager while collecting his first 3 rings…..he later evolved into a playmaking beast…..

    I think it was in winstons best interest to be a game manager his first few years in the league….lovie managed Winston the right way…..don’t ask him to do too much and make every throw, just keep it simple and pound the rock…..

    things got scraped when the executives(licht & glazers) saw his play making ability and craved more…..enter dirk…..

    I think dirk put too much on his plate and caused Winston to think instead of just playing…..and he started to feel like he needed to make every play because everyone was telling him he’s a play maker…..that’s when we started to see him doing too much….instead of taking the sack he’s throwing it up for grabs…..instead of throwing it out of bounds he’s forcing throws…..instead of running, he’s holding on to the ball looking for the big play…..

    I don’t want a 10year vet at QB that’s a game manager but i’ll take a game manager at QB if he’s 20 years old…..that would give him time to develop into a play making machine….

    I get where you coming from tho…..

    NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!!

  31. 813bucboi Says:


    we know he’s trash…..I think DB55’s point was that dirk like pocket passers like matty ice….griffin fits that mold….

    Winston is too much of a “gun slinger” for dirk…..he didn’t hand pick Winston….but he did hand pick griffin….

    NOEXCUSESIN2018!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  32. NFLNut Says:

    ^ One can NOT even be a “game-manager” when one has the worst defense in the entire NFL and no running game. Any “game manager” at QB would have gone 0-16 for the Bucs last year imho.

    On the flip side, any team with a solid defense and running game can thrive with a game-manager … but every coach and team would love to have a “real QB” that can make all the throws and carry an offense … great teams or even good teams with great systems can have huge team success with average QBs and game-managers, but everyone wants the “real QB”.

    Dan Marino was better than Joe Montana and most acknowledge that … but he was in Miami and Joe was with Walsh in Frisco.

    Romo was better than Eli Manning …

    Tarkenton was better than Bradshaw …

    All of the above said, if I’m Jameis, I’m refusing to sign an extension with the Bucs and making them franchise me in my 6th year and then hitting free agency in my 7th year

  33. NFLNut Says:

    If Jameis is an unrestricted free agent come 2021, Brady, Roethlisberger, Brees, Manning and Rivers should all be retired and the market for Jameis will be insane … no reason for him to tie himself to the Bucs franchise and eliminate all the options he would have, and for his sake, I hope he doesn’t tie himself to the Bucs.

  34. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Wow @Nut and @813bucboi u guys have made a lot of sense. Let’s jus hope we can turn this dam thing around

  35. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Dirk needs to get his head outta his ass.

  36. GhostofSchiano Says:

    As Winston matures (in time) he will be a great quarterback. He has the potential to set Bucs passing records and take this team to the Superbowl.

    Growing pains, nothing more than growing pains.


  37. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Arealbucsfan Says:

    February 1st, 2018 at 4:16 pm

    Dirk needs to get his head outta his ass.

    He needs to get his foot in Smittys.

  38. Eric Says:

    so cute to see ndog and nfl nut sharing Jameis’s balls… Are the two of you women? It sure sounds like women describing Brad Pitt or George Clooney. 4th best and you both know it, but like all Semen holes your eyes only see garnet and gold…oh and Jameis’s balls too!!

  39. JimmyJack Says:

    Well Ian Rapports track record of accuracy speaks for itself. No, I don’t study every little thing he reports but the things I do see are accurate. He also has a good rep for being accurate from what I understand.

    I believe this report did come from somewhere and my theory is that one of the higher ups at Ole One Bucs wanted to give to team a chance to air out any dirty laundry or disconnect they had with the coach.

    The reason for my theory is if this story caused drama between coach and players they would have fired Dirk. Since it seemed clear that players and coaches were supporting each other they gave Dirk another year to fix the performance.

    I just don’t see any other reason for this story.

  40. JimmyJack Says:

    I think Winston is better then Newton. Better then Ryan? That’s a close debate. Gotta give Ryan the edge for accomplishing much more in his career but next year could change that.

    He’ll never be better then Bress unless we fast forward a decade and Winston is still slinging. Not gonna be easy to outsuit a HOFer

  41. NFLNut Says:


    You’re so well spoken and your posts are so in-depth and thought provoking I just can’t get enough of them. Please Eric, please teach us all how to hate Jameis and to let bias cloud our judgment as I know we could all be happier, more productive people if you would only teach us.


  42. NFLNut Says:


    Jameis is better than Cam by far, at least as a pure passer.

    Jameis is also better than Matt Ryan … Jameis finished the year with a higher passer rating despite playing behind the worse O-Line, with the worse running game supporting him, and playing half the year with an injured throwing shoulder. Matt Ryan is not as good as Jameis, nor is he as good as Stafford or Rivers or Wilson, etc … he had one magical year just like Cam, and that’s it.

    However Jameis is NOT as good as Brees right now. I believe Jameis in his prime will be better than Brees in his prime was, but for right now, Brees is the better QB obviously. I actually consider Brees one of the most under-rated QBs to ever play.

  43. Eric Says:

    Marino, Fouts,Tarkenton, could all throw the deep ball with regularity and in the perfect spot for them to get YAC. Winston can’t. 1 deep ball in one meaningless game and missing most of rest makes you a game manager. Desean Jackson was leading the league in yards per reception until he had Aimless throwing him the ball. I’m sure you will blame the the guy that has been to many probowls instead of the guy who got to one because 3 guys decided to not play. You people are just like the Trump base…a bunch of mindless sheep! smh

  44. Eric Says:

    Nut, Im not here to type long winded posts that nobody cares about except the base. I’m sure they would rather attend a course in Jameis worshiping 101. Despite all your long and ridiculous posts, most of Tampa knows we made a huge mistake drafting him.
    Regardless of what you think I will continue to make fun of stupid fools like you! It’s just too much fun poking at retards.

  45. Duke Says:

    NFL NUT,

    Dak Prescott, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson. They are have the league’s top completion avg off play action.
    Last year, Matt Ryan lead the league.

    I’m with you on a lot of stuff but the play action stat……not so much. Mainly because the alternative is an empty set which smacks of gimmicky.

  46. JAB83 Says:

    I have been searching for a leader of the 12th Man!!! I think we have one folks!!!

    @ Nut you speak life into a lifeless JBF poster…. ie the 12th Man… AKA Soft Ice Cream Eating “Stick Carriers”.

    You have me nutting all over!!!

    Your mission and mine are the same… Reality is a female dog!!!

    I however think the Glazers realize your exact point….

    And while Gruden is willing to tell the enemy his plan…. Kotter has learned to keep the enemy guessing….

    JW is not going anywhere EVER….

    With that said, Team Glazer better be careful because THIS IS A BUSINESS AFTER ALL!!!

  47. DB55 Says:

    I think I know who nflnut is and I think she is a women but I wouldn’t mess with her bc she knows her stuff. I could be wrong though, obviously.

    But yea nut just like 813 said it’s a matter of dirk having his qb that he hand picked.

    You of all people know the nfl don’t care about certain qb’s like rg3, cam, Winston. Proof is in how often they get roughing calls and such.

  48. JimmyJack Says:

    Nut…..I can buy what your selling with Winston being better then Ryan. But he will never get that credit until he can lead his team somewhere.

    It’s up to the Bucs to get a better team around Winston so that he can get into pressure games under the spotlight……….All the numbers in the world can’t make up for the spotlight. Right now nobody can see Winston.

    It’s fair game to concede the credit to another guy that’s been some places in the league. For the sake of argument I’ll let Winston ride the backseat til he gets his shot. Them two will get into a big head-to head battle before long. I know who I’ll be betting on when that day comes.

  49. richbucsfan Says:

    Bring in Cousins and let Jameis sit and watch

  50. Lamarcus Says:


    As for Bortles. He has been expecting to have some type of injury associated with his decline and his throwing motion. Bortles refused to be checked out in preseason. I remember him being questioned and he said no

    As for JW. He was hurt on live TV. It was obvious for everyone to see.

    But u can’t make any excuses when u are hurt or injured and decide to play. Jw is my favorite player in the NFL and there was no excuses cuz he is on the field

  51. NFLNut Says:



    The knowledgeable posters on here know I come with the goods … I don’t respect loons, don’t like biased opinions and come with hard facts, statistical data, historical comparisons and the like. You’re irrelevant, period.
    DUKE, I wasn’t saying throwing out of play-action is bad, however when that’s all your good at, you’re not a “real QB” … Mariota for example was #1 in the entire NFL in passer rating out of play-action this year … and 31st on ALL other throws, right ahead of Browns dreadful rookie QB DeShone Kizer and behind the horrible Trevor Siemian. He’s a point guard that can lead the league in free throw percentage but can’t hit a 3 to save his life or even shoot 35% from the floor.


    Thanks for the kind words … however, I’m not a Bucs fan per se. I only started following them in 2015. I simply pay attention to QBs and enjoy focusing on those I feel will turn into all-time greats. I did so with Favre (and believe me, Packers fans and others thought he sucked throughout his career) and Peyton Manning (and with his 100 INTs in his first 5 years, there were many saying he was an over-rated bum as well and that younger guys like Daunte Culpepper were better) and now I’m keyed in to Jameis, Stafford and Wentz … and I plan to follow Sam Darnold (aka “White Jameis”) closely as well as I believe in all 4 of those QBs future and am looking forward to seeing how their careers play out.

    Most “team fans” seem to be rabid, illogical, extremely biased and just plain strange, so I get a chuckle out of many on this board who just fly off the handle and try to rip me, as I know they are speaking from a place of ignorance and could never win a debate against me as they have no truth to stand on and can’t even look at the facts without bias … HOWEVER … while I post on other team forums I LOVE this website and the people on it and there are some extremely logical, sensible and awesome people on this website. When I open a thread I scroll down looking for those posters’ comments and ignore many of the others … though people as nutty as Eric also make for a fun read too from time to time. So … as long as Jameis is on the Bucs, I will be pulling for them and studying them but if he’s ever traded or if he ever signs elsewhere, I will likely disappear from this forum … it’s just the way I am as I’m all about players rather than teams.


    I understand Jameis isn’t exactly Koetter’s pick but as Jameis got him his head coaching job and then saved his job this year, I do think Koetter backs Jameis 100% … Ryan Griffin seems to me to just be a pet project for Koetter.
    JIMMYJACK, I agree with you and don’t think Jameis will ever get the credit he deserves until he wins a ring or until he’s close to retirement and becomes #1 all-time in career passing yards or TDs … much like Warren Moon … however I do believe Jameis will win a least one ring (I’m not sure that will happen in Tampa though) and will retire as the NFL’s all-time leader in both passing yards and passing TDs.


    Your comment is silly. The Redskins would have traded their entire draft this year along with Cousins to get Jameis, and you want to sign Cousins so Jameis can “learn”? What an absurd idea. Jameis won an NCAA Title and Heisman in his first year of college while Kirk dorked around at Michigan State for forever, then Jameis beat out Cousins for a Pro Bowl as a 21 year old rookie when Kirk was 27 years old … if anything Kirk would sit behind Jameis. Regardless, if the Bucs signed Cousins they would obviously trade Jameis … the Browns, Broncos, Jets, Bills, Cardinals and Vikings would all give up a King’s ransom to land Jameis via trade.


  52. Duke Says:

    Nfl Nut,

    I have asked about this before but I don’t agree with the PA stat line …
    If it’s MM saying he can only complete passes in PA. , therefore he’s a gimmick.
    C’mon man! That’s crazy to use such a arcane stat and then build an entire premises around it. It’s also easily refuted , too easily.

    You just jumped at a stat line you read somewhere that was not positive for MM. built upon it. It doesnt help your case for JW. I know you don’t believe JW is a gimmick.

  53. NFLNut Says:



    I don’t understand your point of view at all.

    MM is #1 in the entire NFL in passer rating out of play-action and 2nd to LAST on ALL OTHER THROWS … that is NOT a meaningless stat, that is a huge red flag and the sign of a gimmicky game-manager and it shows why the Titans coaching staff didn’t trust him and often took the ball out of his hands on 3rd and mediums and 4th and shorts and the like … the guy was HORRIBLE on EVERY PASS HE THREW other than those he threw out of the play-action.

    Jameis was nothing like that … he’s balling on all passes … I don’t understand why you object to the stat or my comments at all, please explain.