Joe Dives Into D-Line Approach, Jameis Ranking, NFL Foot-Dragging, Brate Decision, Team Glazer Budget & Edicts, And More

February 19th, 2018

23 days from free agency means excitement is building for Bucs fans and the Monday Morning Joe podcast, presented by Lakeland Automall Discount Garage Doors, Inc. The podcast marches on through the offseason (what offseason?) and Joe has plenty to share.

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10 Responses to “Joe Dives Into D-Line Approach, Jameis Ranking, NFL Foot-Dragging, Brate Decision, Team Glazer Budget & Edicts, And More”

  1. cgmaster Says:

    Joe your hole Jameis hiding thing made no sense. SO James is out doing things with Kids for Black Panther, and other functions, but because of not going to the Superbowl, the night he announced his childs sex by the way, he’s hiding?

  2. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Great podcast!

  3. JonBuc Says:

    Buccaneer BrownNose trying to pass himself off as an insider…LOL! Joes ain’t buying it even with the slurpin’!

  4. DoNUTS Says:

    The Glazers/Licht are not a part of the clique that runs the NFL so we dont get preferred treatment when needed. If this were Dallas/NYG/Wash/Philly, Winston’s uber review would be done and case closed. The Bucs have not been a powerful ownership group in the NFL at any point.

    We have soft owners, who don’t speak publicly and get pushed around by the other owners in meetings. The NFL knows this and hence no action on the Winston uber investigation. I agree with Joe if we had owners with balls this would be over by now. I do think Winston will be found innocent due to lack of evidence. Let’s be real here. Joe never said that.–Joe

    Hey Joel, want to impress fans? Come out and say in public to the NFL that you are personally disappointed that the Winston issue has not been resolved.

  5. Bob Higginbotham Says:

    Great work Steve!

  6. Chelly Says:

    Gotta admit the podcasts have made me appreciate JoeBucsFan more, though I still want to kick you guys sometimes. This is my favorite along with Free Stretch

  7. SteveK Says:

    Great podcast, Steve!

    Look forward to this each Monday.

    And, totally agree on your assessment of Jameis.

    NFC QBs ranking in no particular order, but “better” than ours:

    1 Aaron Rodgers
    2 Drew Brees
    3 Russel Wilson
    4 Matt Ryan
    5 Cam Newton
    6 Carson Wentz
    7 Jimmy G
    8 Kirk Cousins
    9 Matt Stanford
    10 Case Keenum? Jared Goff? Jameis Winston

    I love my QB, but reality is reality.

    I would draft Quentin Nelson if Chubb and Barkley are not attainable. That guy is a stud, and Jameis should get the best protection we can out there.

  8. SteveK Says:


    Can you compare Rays Ownership’s recent shenanigans to the Glazers’ before the last CBA:

    Not spending money to field a competitive team, and even worse the Rays are slashing talent/payroll.

  9. Joe Says:

    Steve K:

    Apples/oranges. Bucs did field a competitive team. Won 10 games in 2010.

    Additionally, Glazers were not lobbying for a new stadium.

  10. SteveK Says:

    Thanks, Joe!

    Agree with your sentiments 100%!

    As a fan of both teams, im exponentially more pissed off and feeling jilted by the RFO and $ternberg.

    I wish that nerd would sell the team to an owner that’s in it for the legacy, and not greedy AF.