Report: Gruden Scores $10 Million Annually, Nails Down Ex-Bucs Staff

January 5th, 2018

“Hey, Bisaccia. Look at Derek Carr. If he starts turning the ball over like Jameis, I’m texting freakin’ Griese immediately.”

The newest Buccaneers Ring of Honor member hit the jackpot from the Oakland/Vegas Raiders.

NFL Network is claiming Chucky, Jon Gruden, will feast on a 10-year contract that could be worth up to $100 million. And Greg Olson, architect of the worst repeated play call in Bucs history, will leave the Rams to become offensive coordinator. It’ll be Olson’s second trip down the aisle as quarterback Derek Carr’s boss.

And special teams guru Rich Bisaccia, who spent nine years on the Bucs sidelines (Chucky and Raheem) will leave the Cowboys to join Chucky.

Chucky is expected to be formally announced as head coach on Tuesday.

It’s a shame the Bucs won’t play the Raiders until 2020. No word yet on how much personnel control Chucky will have. Joe suspects he’ll have more control than the moron who named Josh McCown starting quarterback of the Bucs in March 2014.

111 Responses to “Report: Gruden Scores $10 Million Annually, Nails Down Ex-Bucs Staff”

  1. miken Says:

    Man, I wanted him bad, very bad, but I don’t give a 10 year contract to anyone, anytime. Good for him. I guess with the Vegas move, Mark Davis has plenty of money and doesn’t care if he has to eat the last 3 years or so. I would have been fine with 5 years at 10 per. I bet his staff is expensive. They will make the playoffs this year and sell out every game for awhile in vegas so I guess its worth it to the raiders.

  2. BucEmUp Says:

    A shame? I’m glad they don’t have to play them any time soon. It would be embarrassing with our defense. Green is going to come out like a mad scientist just wrecking opposing teams every Sunday

  3. Broy34 Says:

    And there we have it. 100 million is, if anything the very reason Gruden is coaching the raiders

  4. theodore Says:

    Stop knocking the Benn-around, Joe. It was used to setup a 4-yard Cadillac run 2 quarters later.

  5. unbelievable Says:

    I told ya’ll all damn season long he wasn’t coming back here…

  6. JL47 Says:

    And we’re stuck with mediocre coaches and players. Oh well.

  7. buddy Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA hows that taste you CHEAP A$$ Team Glazers!!!! you get what you pay for and the CRAPPY BUCS have a DISCOUNT COACH in Klueless Koetter!!!

  8. McBuc Says:

    I do not get why everyone thinks Gruden will have immediate and sustained success when league history seems to lean against returns. I am a huge Gruden fan, so I wish him all the luck. With a huge contract will come huge pressure to win fast and often. I guess we will see how this thing pans out. I for one am happy that we will have the same coach for a third year. GO BUCS!

  9. lightningbuc Says:

    Cheap ass Glazers? I’m no fan of the Glazer goofs, but Gruden isn’t worth that. If Gruden was so good, why did the Bucs barely break .500 his last couple of years. I’m not sure there is a more overrated person on the planet than Jon Gruden. He’s a huckster, simple as that.

  10. Thegregwitul Says:

    That contract is absolutely ludicrous. I would have loved Gruden to come back to Tampa, but that contract doesn’t make any sense.

  11. Poor Glennon Says:


  12. 813bucboi Says:

    smooth criminal!!!!!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    I think he’ll have some success….he has 10years to knock the dust off and figure it out….GO BUCS!!!!

  14. buddy Says:

    he played TEAM GLAZER and was nice to them again and forgave them for firing him, his name was floated out there increasing his own value and then had them put his name on their stadium FOREVER!!!!!!!! TEAM GLAZER and the Bucs will always be a joke.
    New $2billon stadium in Vegas-check-
    new practice facility-check
    highest paid coach EVER-CHECK!!!!!!


  15. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs will hire at 5 Head Coaches during Jon Gruden 10 year contract with the Bucs.

    #WeaponsForWinstons# = 5-11

  16. BringBucsBack Says:

    Joes, get off of J. McCown. He lead a fairly competitive team to a better record with a fraction of the weapons Captain Ass-Pass has. McC also fumbles much, much less…everyone does! McCown is an excellent backup QB. Always has been.–Joe

  17. Lakeland Says:

    at least 5 Head Coaches

  18. Jaybuc Says:

    No coach is worth a 10 year contract HAHAHA Raiders, I’m a Gruden fan, but come on that ridiculous

  19. Dave Says:

    Whether Gruden was the right fit here or not doesn’t change the fact what we have right now is still garbage.

  20. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Good for him. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

    The Raiders have drafted pretty well the last few years- he should stay hands off of all of that and they’d have a pretty good formula for success.

  21. Reed Says:

    This might hurt if you believe that in a player to player comparison the Bucs are as good as the Raiders. They’re not, at least not now (thinking Jameis). Raiders are closer and I don’t believe Gruden has the patience to put up with a work in progress which is what we are. And with the exception of the Lovie year and Raheem’s 3rd (discounting Ra’s first year because it was a dumpster fire situation), I’m not convinced Gru could have coached significantly more wins out of the roster over the years. We have made some some terrible personnel moves over the years and unless you think Gru would have been working with a different roster, I don’t think coaching could have saved us. If it works for the Raiders then good for them. I just don’t believe it would mean the same could be said for us.

  22. bucs_365 Says:

    Raiders got jobbed. 10 million for a guy who was barely .500 in his last coaching gig 9 years ago. Bucs dodged a bullet.

  23. Destinjohnny Says:

    Gruden with a strong gm and team president…..
    Would have been magical….
    O well I’m sure Jason will draft a guard or running back at 1
    And we will go 6-10 next year
    Seems like the Rays and bucs are one in the same…

  24. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Gruden has Carr..a guy that is squeaky clean, nothing dodgy in his past, no chance of suspensions, nothing is his past that suggest future behavior..

    So yeah, I am sure that’s a huge reason he doesn’t want anything to do with the Bucs too..Jameis’ is too unstable and one still has to wonder what’s going to happen with the Uber incident..

    Yeah I am so dang upset today at Gruden picking those Raiders and their nasty fan base. I am not a very happy camper today.

  25. Lakeland Says:

    My earlier post stated that Jon Gruden had a 10 year contract with the Bucs. That was a huge error, I meant his 10 year contract with the Raiders.

  26. Joseph Mamma Says:

    The owners of NFL teams are billionaires, like with a B. Who cares how much they pay coaches? It doesn’t get subtracted from the team’s salary cap so if the man wants to pay Gruden 500 million who gives a sh#t. Sounds like an owner that wants to win and doesn’t care how much he has to spend. If it doesn’t work out he’ll fire the guy and hire someone else.

  27. Bradentonbuc Says:

    @Joe I love your captions for Gruden. This one is gold. Just enough nuance to get a legit laugh and a great remanence for one of the ‘best’ mid season qb battles in Bucs history. Jk he should have start Garcia the entire time

  28. JimmyJack Says:

    Good for Gruden. Don’t care about him no more. Sure I wanted him but he ain’t the only coach who can win football games.

    But we do need somebody who will have this team better prepared then what they’ve shown. Hopefully Dirk figures it out.

  29. Buc believer Says:

    Well here we go watching the Raiders win multiple Super Bowls and we are still scraping the bottom of the NFC south with sub par coaching and and even worse GM. Thank you Glazer boys!

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    If Martin was running that end around Joe would say the play call was perfect, it’s Martin’s fault he couldn’t break 12 tackles to get a 3 yard gain.

  31. Rod Munch Says:

    Again I’ll say I’m not a huge Gruden fan but I like the idea of a 10 year deal for a coach that is at capable, even if overrated. That should be a huge advantage when resigning players and trying to get FA’s, knowing the coach is going to be there for a long time. Also that type of stability should lead to go things. As John McKay said, he signed a 5-year contract so he had a 5-year plan – for Gruden he can build the team exactly like he wants and should be able to get the coaches he wants as well. Finally getting out of the s-hole that is California and going to Vegas, into a new stadium, the Raiders will need star power, and from being on MNF Gruden certainly has that. If the Bucs had given him a deal like this, a 10 year contract, I’d have actually been happy with that for all the above. However if I was the Bucs I’d aim higher, I’d call up Dungy.

  32. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Mark Davis has complete trust in Gruden as shown by this contract. I hope the Glazers are right but their track record doesn’t give me much faith. Hopefully Koetter is the next Bill Belichick….

  33. cmurda Says:

    If you think the 100 million / 10 year contract, you haven’t heard the craziest yet. I guarantee it. I’m awaiting the percentage of ownership or supreme control that Gruden will also receive. The 10 mill pricetage is one thing and many teams would be happy to pay Gruden that, but the control that Gru wanted or may have received from Oakland is the part that concerned me. Let’s see how this plays out.

  34. Ed Kerber Says:

    Here’s an idea—Monday Night Football EVERY Monday night live from Vegas. Come see your favorite team against America’s coach, Jon Gruden and the Raiders. See the Gruden hype all week long on ESPN. Then post game coverage exclusive on Tuesday Morning on ESPN2. Kinda like going to see Celine Dion in concert. The 1990’s are back baby!!

  35. Grt1 Says:

    You guys are insane if you think he’s a good coach. The Bucs would’ve won 2 Super Bowls with Dungy. Gruden and his puppet GM destroyed this team for years after the Super Bowl win. There is a reason his a$$ got canned.

  36. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Stop by the new Joe Raiders for all your latest Jon Gruden and Raider news..Muhahahaha

  37. Lamarcus Says:

    Al Davis probably spinning in his grave. Al Davis would never let Clunky run his team again.

    That’s 225, 000, 000 million invested in Coach and Qb is a great way to win a Superbowl.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    cmurda – For $100-million that the Raiders will be paying him I’d be shocked if it was that AND part of the team. 1% of the team is about $22-million from my math, so perhaps this deal is more like a 10-year $80-million dollar deal with the option to buy part of the team at a set price at any time and have that deducted from his overall pay. That could be an excellent deal since Gruden would have like 10 years to pull the trigger and could wait and see what TV deals like are in the future, etc. Also it could be a deal that lets him buy a % at a set price or lower should values go down, etc. There could be lots of creative financing going on – or perhaps it really is just a simple deal. The 10 year deal is not something I would have thought so perhaps that was something they came up with to get around the team ownership %.

  39. University of Seffner Says:

    Let’s think about this: When the Glazers hired Greg Schiano, he was locked in with Rutgers and went 68-67 (Not a strong impression to make to the NFL). After the Drill Sergeant was discharged, Lovie Smith was hired, who was sitting on his couch and WASN’T coaching anywhere in that 1 year after he was fired by the Bears, and he had made the playoffs only 3 times from 2004-2012 when he was in Chicago. Sorry, but I have a hard time putting trust in the Glazers. The good news is that they are better than Culverhouse.

  40. Pickgrin Says:

    Good Luck with that Raiders.

    When Gruden has succeeded in destroying the roster and is getting under everyone’s skin come about year 5 or 6 – Davis will be like – “WTF was I thinking –
    I still owe this guy I’m about to fire $50Million”… LOL

  41. pick6 Says:

    the bucs don’t need koeter to be the next Belichick for this to look like a smart non-move. they just need Gruden to not be the next Belichick, and as much as i love Jon that’s a very remote possibility.

    and let’s not get all fired up if he has a good 2018, we know better than to overrate a solid year 1 when it comes to Jon. From the superbowl to yo-yo records, from tolerating mckay to demanding bruce allen, and of course all the rookie of the year candidates who later faded into oblivion, the first year tended to to be the best for most in Jon’s orbit

  42. Mike Johnson Says:

    Who cares? Its all water under the bridge now. Besides, our Bucs are cheap. They’d rather keep Koetter and Smitty than go get a real winner. Koetter and Smith are FALCONS rejects. They ain’t takin the Bucs nowheres but to..the celler again!

  43. University of Seffner Says:

    @gtr1, Dungy would’ve NEVER taken the Bucs to the Super Bowl. His Offense’s were never a unit that opponents looked at on film and said “Dang these guys are tough! How are we gonna stop these guys?” Now let’s take a time machine and go back to 2002, and the Glazers keep Tony Dungy and Clyde Christiansen as OC, and the Bucs make the Playoffs. Guess who we would have to get through? The Philadelphia Eagles. They had Home Field Advantage in the Playoff Bracket that year. By the way, in 2000 and 2001, the combined score between Dungy’s Bucs and Andy Reid’s Eagles was 52-12 in the Playoffs (21-3, 31-9). It’s also good to remember that in the NFC Championship Game against the Rams, Mike Shula as OC scored 6 freakin points even while our Defense picked off Kurt Warner 3 TIMES. 1 more point, if Dungy somehow made it to Super Bowl, and played the Raiders, he’d be facing Jon Gruden who in 1999, kicked Dungy’s Bucs right in the gut 45-0. Do you really think Dungy could’ve beaten Gruden’s 2002 Raiders with the amount of points he was scoring here in Tampa? If you do, that’s you’re opinion. History would suggest otherwise.

  44. Defense Rules Says:

    Would’ve taken Gruden about 15 years at ESPN to haul in $100 million, maybe longer given ESPN’s financial issues. Don’t blame him a bit for jumping all over this one. Never ever thought I’d see a 10-year, $100 million contract offered to a NFL head coach. Wow! Live and learn.

  45. R.O. Says:

    Didn’t we know his already?

  46. mark2001 Says:

    I guess it is how you look at it. How many players get $10 mil. a year? And they count against the cap. I don’t have a problem with the 10 mil….I have a problem with the 10 years. I wouldn’t give any coach that many years guaranteed.

  47. mark2001 Says:

    Hey guys…Lombardi didn’t even finish in Green Bay. So I have no issue with the “moving on ” part. My problem is that the Glazers have left us stuck with a HC that seems to have little clue on how to get his team in line.

  48. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    I know this,Derek Carr won’t beat Gruden to their facility in the morning. Our coach raves how Jameis always beats him to our facility. I guess the Bucs don’t need the extra work. Once again, I hope this changes and Koetter makes me forget Gruden…

  49. Crazy Cossack Says:

    Not a big Gruden fan, but why do his critics always forget the team gave up 2 number 1’s and 2 number 2 drafts pick for him? That alone is enough to kill a team for many years!

  50. Ed Schwartz Says:

    All the stars end up in Vegas: Sinatra, Elvis, the Rat Pack, Celine, Cher, Britney, Lady Gaga. It makes sense for Gruden to want to be there, its a city driven by sports betting and having an NFL team like the Raiders gives younger/affluent LA partiers and Bay Area fun-seekers a place where they can party out and have a shot at watching the “new” Raiders at the NFL’s latest Uber-stadium. I expect Gruden to do very well in that environment, its the entertainment capital of the world and he will join in to make the Raiders a powerhouse again. Good for the NFL, not so great for Bucs, but the league has to be looking at all the dough that Gruden and the Vegas Raiders will make, who knows in a couple of years, Jerry Jones’ will have to submit that “America’s Team” will be in the Nevada desert.

  51. Tackleblockwin Says:

    This is just the beginning of a new story for Gruden. It will be interesting to see how it turns out for him and the Raiders.

  52. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I’m sure somewhere in his contract he is promised a Hooters in the stadium 🙂

  53. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Rich Bisaccia rocked on special teams. Wish we could have gotten him.

    Well, I will EAT CROW.

    I honestly thought he would not return to coaching this year. $10m per year for 10 years…wow. That has to be the biggest coach contract in history.

  54. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    university –

    the Bucs offense in the super bowl season averaged 21.3 points per game, up 1 point per game from Dungy’s last year. The ravens won a super bowl with a ball control offense (like the Bucs under Dungy) and a dominant defense. Gruden made the offense different but lets not pretend that we were such a dominant offense under Gruden that it scared teams….

  55. DBS Says:

    There you go. All the cry babies don’t need to cry now. You can go become Raider fans.

  56. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:


    Let’s hire dungy as our president. Then we can beat the Raiders again using Dungy’s team in the superbowl 😉

  57. James Walker Says:

    Wow! So the rumor I heard from the night janitor at One Buc has to have been a lie. I am glad.

  58. DoNUTS Says:

    Raiders overpaid for Gruden. It was an offer he couldnt refuse.
    While I would have liked Gruden back in Tampa, this is the one time I dont blame the Glazers for taking a pass. I will assume Chucky agent told the Glazers the ball park numbers being offered. I dont buy the BS – we didnt talk to Gruden; they must take us fans for fools. Personally, I think they need to be more honest with the fans as I think it would reflect well.

    Now that they saved all that money….I expect them to land some big DEF FA. If they dont, then the mesage from the Glazers is we are “cheap” and “settle for average”. Hey Glazers if you read this….are you really going to let Kahn )jags owner) upstage you in your own state?

  59. Eric Says:

    I predict if he wins the Super Bowl the raider fans will actually appreciate it.

    Unlike the goobers that inhabit this area.

    Most ungrateful and ignorant fans in the league.

  60. Lakeland Says:

    10 years $100 million isn’t that bad. The Bucs paid over $38 million to Gruden,Rah,Schiano and Lovie not to coach.That’s close to 4 years of Gruden salary.

  61. DBS Says:

    Bye Eric. You can be the first one to leave. Nobody is ungrateful. Past is the past. And the Glazers would have been fools to even consider that kind of deal. Gruden will be gone from the Raiders sooner tan 10 years!!!

  62. sj_bucsfan Says:

    I Predict (if true) the Vegas Raiders will do great the 1st season maybe even go all the way! Meh the second and third seasons, maybe make make the wild card the 4th, tank the 5th. Maybe make a wildcard appearance in the 6th and then well lets just say sub par from then on. Then Jon will get fired and replaced by Raheem Morris…

  63. Espo Says:

    We might just play them in 2018 🙂

  64. Espo Says:

    Eric is right though. Ton of people don’t appreciate what he did. My damn barber earlier was doing that whole “Dungy’s team” crap lol.

  65. University of Seffner Says:

    @FanAlyzer34 What do you think of the personnel of Jacquez Green and Redell Anthony compared to Joe Jurevicus and Keenan McCardell? Also, do you think that Dungy is a better Offensive mind than Gruden? Dungy’s strengths are Elite, but are strictly on the Defensive side of the ball.

  66. Eric Says:

    Many bucs fans are ungrateful. Insulting. And ignorant.

    Poor Vegas, they are going to have to suffer through a Super Bowl win followed by a decline.

    Oh the HORROR.

    So much better to not have anything to decline from.

  67. Cobraboy Says:

    Who will have a better staff: Koetter or Gruden?

    Case closed.

  68. University of Seffner Says:

    @FanAlyzer34 (continued) You know the reason Dungy went to the Colts because Tom Moore had them rolling with Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, and Edgerrin James. But I guess Tony Dungy took Jim Mora’s team to the Super Bowl…

  69. Cobraboy Says:

    Hilarious how $15 mil a season is righteous for an old DE, but $10 mil. for a proven coach is way too much.

    I ask you: who would determine the outcome of a season more often? A DE or a head coach?

  70. Lakeland Says:

    All of this debating and the Bucs still stinks.

  71. pick6 Says:

    Crazy Cossack Says:
    Not a big Gruden fan, but why do his critics always forget the team gave up 2 number 1’s and 2 number 2 drafts pick for him? That alone is enough to kill a team for many years!

    Did you see what the team did with its #1 and #2 picks once he had them to spend? off the top of my head i recall sabby, dewayne white, gaines adams, cadillac, mike clayton, barret ruud, and dexter jackson

    talib and davin joseph were the only guys drafted under Gruden in the first 2 rounds who might have been long term starters on at least half the other teams in the league

  72. D-Rome Says:

    HAHAHA! The Benn-around! I can’t stop laughing!

  73. Fanalyzer34 Says:

    University – never said Jacquez or Reidel Anthony were better than Joe J or McCardell. I simply said the philosophy Dungy had was similar to Ravens team that won the Super Bowl in 2000. But the numbers don’t lie about the offense from 2001 to 2002.

    To your point about the Colts, the year they won the Super Bowl was the first year they became more balanced offensively with Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai running the football. That was offense was “high scoring” but to keep the defense with Freeny, Mathis, Bob Sanders fresh – that season they implemented a more balanced offense. Plus it took 4 years after Dungy got there to build a defense complimentary to the offense. Additionally, the Colts got back to Super Bowl a couple of years later – that team was built for sustained competitiveness. The Bucs and Colts situations don’t compare.

  74. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Our coach will get us there.

    The thing I like about the Gruden deal is the length of the contract. That’s a real commitment. Glazers should learn from it.

  75. Issic Haggins Says:

    Unless he’s learned to be more forthright and honest he will burn all his player relationships by year three !!! The Gruden ego is as big as they get so his mouth moves without thinking and it does this often to players with memories that ole Jon baby’s ego won’t allow him to have the same recall !!! This will be his down fall again !!! Egos like his don’t learn and he has 100 million reasons not to have to !!!

  76. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I think this trade was best for everyone, and though we are losing a customer unless Gruden keeps his home here, I look forward to next season.
    I think if we can sign Bennett away from the Seahawks, and have a good draft, we can be a playoff team next year.
    Go Bucs !

  77. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Joe: LOVIE gone! And since he been gone …this team has not improved…so I’m guessing he is not the only moron to coach the BUCS! We should have cleaned house!!! TAKE A KNEE…KEEP AMERICA FREE! WILL WE CONTINUE TO REGRESS IN 2018?!! ANSWER THE QUESTION …you moron!!

  78. BringBucsBack Says:

    I always felt that Gru would be perfect in college. All the rah-rah would motivate the kids that would be out of his care in 3-4 years. They wouldn’t be around long enough to learn to hate it. The job would require less hours, he’d still be worshipped and who thinks he wouldn’t be a great recruiter?

  79. Rod Munch Says:

    Seffner – Actually the Colts went from 31st in defense in 2001, to 7th in defense in 2002, and improved to the point that they were the 1 defense by 2007. The fact Dungy was able to take a choke artist like Manning to a SB title was a big part of why he’s in the HOF.

    But you see what Dungy did there was build something, he improved the team. Gruden meanwhile took over a team with the best defense in football, and then destroyed it in order to sign offensive players like Charlie Garner and every injured mid-30s offensive lineman he could get.

    For those that say Dungy NEVER would have gone to the SB, well I’m guessing you’re not much of a Bucs fan since that is a really dumb statement considering the Bucs absolutely would have went to the SB had not the BS Bert Emanuel catch abortion.

    By 2002 the defense was due, it didn’t matter who the coach was the team was going to win the SB. I strongly believe had the Bucs got Steve Spurrier, so long as the defensive staff stayed in place, he’d be a SB winning coach. Really anyone that came in, with that defense, was going to win so long as they didn’t mess it up. Look at the playoffs, they held SF to 6 points, AND they had a defensive TD by Brooks called back on a BS holding call, in the Philly game they gave up 10 points (which was mainly because special teams gave up a huge opening return) and scored 7 and in the SB Oakland scored 15 points (Tupa got blocked in the endzone) and the defense scored 21. Offenses put up a net of 13 points in the playoffs again the Bucs in 3 games, or just over 4 points a game – and if the Brooks TD against SF stands it’s down to a net of 6 points, or 2 points a game.

    Evan Mike Shula could have gotten the Bucs 4 points a game.

  80. Rod Munch Says:

    I’ll add to the above, the 2002 Bucs defense, which gave up those 4 points per game in the playoffs, that was against the #1, the #8 and the #10 offenses in football that year.

    Also going back to those points scored, in addition to the Eagles getting a short field on the opening kickoff for their only TD, in the SB against the Raiders they got a FG on a Brad Johnson INT and they got a completely fake news BS TD to Joey Porter where he did not catch the ball. The next year on MNF to open the season they had a pre-taped interview with Gruden where he still went nuts saying that was a BS call and that it wasn’t a TD. I mean seriously, take away that 6 points and add back in Brooks TD and you’re at a net of 0 points given up in the playoffs, all against top 10 offenses.

  81. 321BucFan Says:

    I’d rather wait and get Ex-Buc Scott Frost to be our head coach and pay him $10million

  82. Jim Says:

    The Raiders ARE NOT gonna win the Super Bowl, OK? Everybody should just calm down…

  83. mark2001 Says:

    So did Gruden and the Glazers know about the possible Jameis need for surgery, and the effect it would have on the 2018 season? And therefore decided to retain Koetter to deal with the repercussions of that?

  84. AceofAerospace Says:

    Gruden is worth exactly what an owner is willing to pay. Doesn’t effect the salary cap, so who cares. Good for him. I hope he wins the super bowl next year. Lord knows the Bucs won’t be there. Not with this coaching staff.

  85. Kansas95Buc Says:

    i mean, haven’t we been paying coaches to sit at home? I just want a coach that’s going to have the team prepared and actually win some games(sad face emoji goes here)

  86. Pete Says:

    As much as I like Gruden, the Raiders have way overpaid for him. The Bucs will reach the Superbowl before the Raiders do…

  87. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Ur high

  88. Off the Cuff Says:

    The Raiders pulled the dumbest move all time. 2 years out from the new CBA, you pay a coach more and for longer than half of the players in the league. Good luck with that!

  89. Patrick Says:

    Anybody remember the last time Gruden coached AGAINST the Bucs?

    Final score: 45-0

    Hint: we didn’t win

  90. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Pete is still sipping on the holiday egg-nog…lol..

  91. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    @ Rod Munch I just want to prepare myself if Gruden takes the Raiders to the Super Bowl to hear everyone say “Gruden took Del Rio’s team to the Super Bowl”. I’m amazed at the disrespect and ignorance. Gruden destroyed Dungy 45-0! If I follow your warped logic then Dungy couldn’t take his own team to the Super Bowl! How bad is that! Oh, I guess that Bill Callahan took Gruden’s team to the Super Bowl and Gruden just happened to take Dungy’s team to the Super Bowl… Thinking that way is mindless. As a season ticket holder, I personally watched EVERY home game Dungy and Gruden coached. Dungy was the Field Goal King and tried to win every game with a kicker! The players even said that they were sick of the lack of accountability of the offense. I watched us dismantle the 49ers and Eagles in the playoffs. I watched Coach Gruden isolate Joe Jurivicious on Barry Gardner. Dungy couldn’t do that in his dreams. I’m with University of Seffner. Give credit where it’s due and quit with the disrespect. I’ve coached State Championship high school teams and been a part of winless teams. I know good coaching when I see it. As far as the “Bert Emmanuel” fiasco… what makes anyone think we would have converted 3rd and 10 with Shawn King, Jacquez Green, Reidell Anthony, etc. We got the ball on the 20 yard line after a Steve White interception and still couldn’t score a touchdown! In 2000 and 2001, Dungy went to play the Eagles he’d kick his Field Goals and go home… I could go on and on. University of Seffner knows his stuff and is a true fan. We ALL want the Bucs to get another ring! Stop talking about what could’ve happened and what DID happen!

  92. Nate Says:

    Espo Says:
    January 5th, 2018 at 5:24 pm
    Eric is right though. Ton of people don’t appreciate what he did. My damn barber earlier was doing that whole “Dungy’s team” crap lol.


    tell your barber to go watch the sapp in canton ” special


    Gruden was the right coach , at the right time , for this team….”

    we never would of won a superbowl with that offense….PERIOD

    some people forget how we lost against the sorry eagles 3 times for playoff contention

  93. Rod Munch Says:

    Blocker – LOL! Yeah lets see that happen next year and then we can reevaluate.

  94. Rod Munch Says:

    Someone said Gruden was the Trent Dilfer of coaches… and I was like wow, that’s stiff and no way accurate, but the more I thought about it the more it rings true. He won the SB when he was just the guy when any guy could have done it.

  95. Lakeland Says:

    Didn’t Tony Dungy and the Colts come back from a 35-14 fourth quarter deficit to beat Jon Gruden and the Bucs 38-35 in 2003? Yeah I thought so!!!!!

  96. JonGrudenForPresident Says:

    at the very minimum Kaczor , Hoke. and Bajakian

  97. JonGrudenForPresident Says:

    with all the coaching changes in the NFL there has to be some upgrades at those coaching spots. lets get an veteran NFL QB coach in here to get in the kids ear. maybe limit some of his turnovers cause whatever Bajakian is saying to JW he just isn’t tuning in.

  98. JonGrudenForPresident Says:

    but keep Mike Smith minus well. lets see what this defense could do if we got GMAC93 some REAL dang help for once and not some bum and invest heavily in defense in this draft.

  99. JonGrudenForPresident Says:

    10 wins nothing less! Ten wins to bring this group back if not ADIOS!!!

  100. BUCSFAN61 Says:

    Who hires a coach on a ten year contract? That’s insanity but I guess if you have the fans money to throw away it’s no sweat off your back so Davis won’t hesitate to fire him in three or four years knowing he will go on to the next hire and sucker the fans again . There is only about 10 teams in this whole league that really care about winning ( AND THE RAIDERS AIN’T ONE OF THEM)the rest are in it for the money only !

  101. TampaJim Says:

    At one point, we were paying Schiano, Lovie, and Dirk at the same time weren’t we? Since coaches contracts are fully guaranteed. Might have been close to $10m.
    As a long Time season ticket holder with seats 4 rows behind the Bucs bench…I wanted Gruden. I don’t mind the $10m a year (not my money anyways). He would have been a joy to watch on the sidelines every Sunday. You know he works hard. You know his players work hard for him. I don’t mind 10 years guaranteed. Again, If he sucks…you can always replace him (you just have to keep paying him). The one thing I wouldn’t give him was GM override control. That would be the deal breaker for me. Bruce Allen sucked. He was hand picked by Gruden, and did everything Gruden wanted. He was/is terrible at GM.

  102. Bucco bruce Says:

    In 2019 the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will beat the Las Vegas Raiders and Super Bowl! Walk around with that in your head all day a Pocketful of Sunshine!!!!!!

  103. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    @Lakeland I guess that 38-35 Colt win was all of that Tony Dungy offensive expertise… 🙄

  104. Bucsace Says:

    And while their at it……..Why not bring back Jamarcus Russell?

  105. Mike Johnson Says:

    Hope for miracles Buc fans. But the Bucs ain’t goin nowheres but to best under Koetter and his faithful servant..Smitty. Keep your faith. You will certainly need it for next year!

  106. lambchop Says:

    Time to focus on stealing Sean McVay in the future. We’re good at poaching coaches in their prime. McVay is the modern Gruden.

  107. BucTrooper Says:

    If the Bucs have $100M to spend on a coach, then they can pony up for a DE and a RB.

  108. adam from ny Says:

    chuckenfuss took the gig because kids are out the house, marriage is on the rocks, and living the bordello life sounded like a good mid life crisis plan…oh yeah and he can dingleberry around coaching an nfl team to a .500 record all the while…


  109. adam from ny Says:

    davis signed him to this big contract because he knows the glazers are thirsty for JG…so after a few years of shennanies he will just trade jonboy back to the bucs for everything and a bag of chips


  110. Dave Says:

    Put me on record-

    Dirk is a damn good coach and not going anywhere for years. Him and Jameis and Licht will bring a Super Bowl to Tampa.

    Suddenly you pseudo-fans Are happy with years of Coach Gruden’s mediocrity and extremely old teams? You really want Gruden’s dink n dunk offense? I like Gruden, but he is not the guy for young quarterback.

    No way Glaziers were ready to get rid of Dirk. If they are that stupid where they are willing to change coordinators and coaches every two years to guarantee staying in the basement indefinitely (see the Browns) then I give them too much credit

  111. Mike Johnson Says:

    Dave please send your..Supplier my way. Thats some great stuff you smokin there Brother!! Dreamin and hoping..must be a new..strain!