Pro Bowl Dream Come True For Kwon Alexander

January 16th, 2018

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Back in the summer, the Bucs tore down Doug Martin’s image from the side of the Stadium on Dale Mabry Highway and a new face and image adorned the facade.

It was Kwon Alexander.

Kwon was humbled by the move, and Joe suspects Kwon is humbled today.

An alternate to make the NFL Pro Bowl in 12 days, Kwon got the call today as a replacement linebacker. He’s going — for the first time — taking the spot of injured Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner.

Kudos to Kwon, the heart and soul of the Bucs defense. He’ll join Gerald McCoy there.

Kwon was sackless this season and was slowed by an injury — he missed four games and was limited in two. But Kwon came on strong and finished with three interceptions.

See you in Orlando, Kwon.

35 Responses to “Pro Bowl Dream Come True For Kwon Alexander”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Great news for this young guy…..I couldn’t be happier for him….he works hard on every play and this should keep him fired up going forward. Now, if we could get LVD there, that would be good.

  2. Mike Johnson Says:

    Does anybody even watch the Pro Bowl anymore? its not like you say, Man…I’m dropping everything this weekend to watch the Pro Bowl. Over the yrs, most starters are simply..calling in injured anyway. Thats how much it means to them now.

  3. doctor_berto Says:

    Great for Kwon, although I felt he had a down year.

  4. AlteredEgo Says:

    Pro Bowl ….should be an Honorary not a game

  5. Jolly Bucs Fan Says:

    I am actually surprised by this because I thought he had a bit of a down year as well. though some of that might just be perception due to not hearing his name alot while he was out for injury.

    That being said, he deserved the pro bowl for some of the past few years and didnt get it. He’s pro bowl quality and like the Joe’s say, the heart and soul of the defense. Very happy for him.

    Once we get some help on the Dline the LBs will start getting national attention.

    LVD, Kwon, and Beckwith will be regular pro bowl names

  6. rrsrq Says:

    about time, next year no pro bowl, super bowl

  7. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I love Kwon but the whole thing is a farce. 9 guys drop out and you’re now a pro-bowler. remember John McKay? “a couple of plane crashes and we’re in the playoffs”. He would never get away with that today. lol

  8. BrianBucs Says:

    The LB’ s are the strongest unit on the team. Glad to see it. GO KWON!!!

  9. Rod Munch Says:

    MLB isn’t a pass rusher in the Mike Smith defense, so not sure why sacks would be the goto stat for you Joe. David took back his spot as the best player on the defense this year, but I love Kwon and David fighting for that title every year.

  10. Arealbucsfan Says:

    @Tampabaybucfan ur trying to LVD needs to be in the pro bowl rite?

  11. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    As much as we all love Kwon and celebrate this news, I think we can agree this was not an outstanding year for him. Some very good games but his injury really messed up this year for him. If he regains his health he’ll be even better next year.

    So imagine we get an excellent young DE in the draft…perhaps a couple more in lower rounds. Imagine we have Noah back. Remember the joint practices in Jax…people on both teams were raving about Noah. If he gets healthy…I fear that shoulder but not as much as Jack Smith’s injury…hate to say it but I do not expect to see Jack back in a Buc’s uni healthy.

    Now we sign a really good FA CB and resign Grimes. If we truly get a really good pass rush the DB’s will all look better.

    Bottom line…if we can get Kwon really healthy…Noah’s shoulder is finally repaired…and we get two good DL out of the draft…may need to use four picks to get two but I do not care. Now add an FA or two…before long our D becomes good.

    If you look at the major common thread in the Saints, Panthers, and Falcons success it is better than average top tier franchise QB’s. This is the year #3 needs to break out and join that crowd. From what I’ve seen I believe he can do it if we fix the rest of the team.

  12. Rod Munch Says:

    Jolly – Yeah, I agree, this was Kwon’s worse year – not that he was bad by any means, but he was making less plays and notably missed more than a few tackles. But generally the Pro Bowl isn’t about a single year unless you have a huge stat, a lot of times players won’t get the pro bowl nod in a year where they deserve it, then they’ll get it like a year later when they a solid, but not nearly as impressive year.

    With that said David not being in the Pro Bowl is a huge huge pile of steaming dog s, he was clearly the best player on defense this year and clearly one of the best in the game, but since Mike Smith didn’t blitz him and he didn’t get any INTs, he got passed over since no one on a national level actually watches the games, they just look at his box score and say he is the one that had a down year.

  13. Hodad Says:

    Kwon, David, McCoy, all belong in the pro bowl, then why does our defense suck?

  14. Greg Says:

    LVD deserved it more than Kwon.

  15. El_Buc941 Says:

    About time the kid gets recognition! hopefully Kwon can recruit idk…SAY A PRO BOWL CALIBER DE?!

  16. TheDailyCoroner Says:

    With one good down defensive lineman you can double-team him. That neutralizes McCoy.
    Alexander and David are over stressed due to the lack of defense line play. They have to cover too many runners.
    Those two things lead to to a secondary with too many unfettered targets to cover.

  17. Tom Edrington Says:

    They might as well play flag football for the Pro Bowl…..a pitiful exhibition game….

  18. TampaBayRaidersFan Says:

    No WAY LVD deserves the pro bowl more then Kwon. When was the last time LVD ever landed a bone cursing hit on anyone. I swear David is so over rated by bucs fans. That’s what this defense lacks. Kwon plays with violence, something the bucs need a lot more of. David is soft as cotton.

  19. webster Says:

    Good for kwon

  20. TampaBayRaidersFan Says:

    Also if you put Kwon at weak side LB he would make LVD’s numbers look like SH!T.

  21. TampaBayRaidersFan Says:

    Trade LVD for picks put Beckwith in the middle and slide Kwon over. Then you would have something.

  22. Easy Says:

    LOL Kwon misses way to many tackles to play the will linebacker. He’s not even in the same category of player that LVD is.

  23. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    @ TampaBayRaidersFan…
    go play in traffic with that line of thought, you a$sclown.

  24. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    Go be a raiders fan boy
    My bad @Joe. Guess that was a lil much. These trolls need to be put in moderation though lol

  25. Buccfan37 Says:


  26. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Hold up….No LVD again?!?!

  27. AceMcBuc Says:

    Love Kwon and the fire he brings to the team, but ffs…I feel so bad for Lavonte. Might be the most underrated LB that I can remember. Keep grinding Lavonte, I believe in you!

  28. Rod Munch Says:

    Seriously, there’s no David haters as well?

    No, it’s just one of the McCoy hater trolls with a new account name.

  29. Rod Munch Says:


    Opps, that changes the context.

  30. teacherman777 Says:

    LaVonte was not changed by the money!

    LaVonte fights til the whistle and he fights to the end of every game no matter the score!

    We love you LaVonte, Kwon, and Kendall!

    Best LB trio in the NFL!!

    They are all LIONS!

  31. firethecannons Says:

    Man I am so proud of Kwon, kid is a real player, he will make us proud–he always does! Go Kwon!!!!!!!! Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  32. TDTB Says:

    To succeed next year the Bucs have to do some trading and FA signing. The draft is not deep in the areas the Bucs are weak. So, as much as hurts to say it, I think they should consider trading Kwon. Great player, but Beckwith can step in. Bucs have a log jam at LB. There are a number of potential partners, but a trade to Indy for Marlon Mack and Brissett (and possibly a Round 1 swap) would be pretty hard to turn down. The Bucs have to get weaker in some areas to get stronger in others. I’ll keep beating the trade DJax drum for DE/CB help too. If the Bucs can address DE, DT and CB in trade and FA, then they can focus on OL in the draft.

  33. WutdaBucisthis Says:

    @Rod Munch…
    Yea, apparently we’re about to be bombarded with trolls more than ever.

  34. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Shows you how dumb pro bowl system is. No one from a last ranked defense should go to the pro bowl EVER.

  35. Rod Munch Says:

    derrickbrooksforGM – Ugh… why? The Pro-Bowl rewards individuals for their play – in 1984 when the Bucs are terrible and James Wilder is rushing for 1500 yards and catching 85 passes, I guess he’s not eligible to be a Pro-Bowl player because of the lack of team success? You might want to look up what the Pro-Bowl is about.