“I Thought It Was A Waste”

January 16th, 2018

The great experiment of 2017 didn’t work, says a prominent former Buccaneer.

And he wasn’t talking about the Hail Mary call that banked on Doug Martin to beat long odds and run like it was 2015.

Joe’s referring to former Bucs starting guard Ian Beckles (1990-1996). The South Tampa socialite and local 102.5 FM host also has a podcast, In The Trenchesin which he talks only football each week.

On Monday, Beckles was asked what he thought of this season’s controversial relocation of Ali Marpet from high-caliber right guard to center.

“Failure,” Beckles replied.

“It was a failure. We didn’t get better at anything. What did we get better at doing? I mean, to me, I thought we were unathletic at guard. And I thought Ali Marpet was the best chance we had to be athletic. Ali Marpet’s kind of wasted at center. I thought it was a waste. I think Marpet and [Demar] Dotson work well together. And I see Demar every once in a while; he didn’t really understand the whole thing. Sweezy, it didn’t work with Sweezy, that’s for sure.

“I would put the kid [Marpet] back. You can get away with a half-assed center sometimes, but when you have a half-assed guard, that’s a lot of stuff going on there. Seriously.”

Hard words from Beckles. So what next for the Bucs’ offensive line?

Will veteran Dotson get a return call at right tackle after missing 18 games through the past three seasons? He’s in line to cash in on just over $4.5 million in 2018.

Sweezy? Well, he turns 29 soon and he did not look like the player the Bucs expected when he was signed for massive cash in March of 2016.

Marpet? Can anyone really say he was better at center than at guard?

The job-sharing at left guard among Kevin Pamphile and Evan Smith was a head-scratcher through much of the season. Did Pamphile do enough there to get a new contract after Marpet was lost for the season?

Donovan Smith was a rock at left tackle and is coming off a strong close to last season. So no worries there (unless you’re among the large group of Bucs fans who think Smith is brutal).

Like with the coaching staff, Joe largely expects the status quo.

61 Responses to ““I Thought It Was A Waste””

  1. pelbuc Says:

    Another failed experiment and indication of bad coaching and personnel evaluation along with the Ryan Smith and Hargreaves project. Sadly, Bucs are light years away. Wish we had a Tom Coughlin type to clean up this mess.

  2. unbelievable Says:

    You can get away with a half-assed center sometimes, but when you have a half-assed guard, that’s a lot of stuff going on there.

    Interesting, because Marpet at guard appeared to be halfassed, and yet our running game was terrible.

    Hawley comes in and suddenly we could run the ball again.

  3. #FireKoetter Says:

    I can’t stand Ian Beckles, but he makes a fair point. They rearranged the entire line to fit Sweezy in because of his contract. Marpet is a good center but has all-pro potential at guard. Our offensive line was at its best with Marpet at guard and Hawley at center.

  4. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    We didn’t make one change to the coaching staff, which makes it pretty obvious to me we aren’t going to be making many changes, so I would expect Marpet to stay at center.

  5. Cesar Del Fierro Says:

    Sweezy at left guard maybe? Or not even that?

  6. DirtyIrishman81 Says:

    If Chubb is gone by the time we pick. Grab Nelson at 7 move Marpet back to guard. Huge line upgrade and maybe some of those fumbles from Winston cut down.

  7. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I can’t take credit because there was a bunch of saying this would fail when it was first announced. Put Ali back at RG and draft a LG and a mauler at C.

  8. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I’d sign the best FA C we can and move Marpet back to RG. Keep Pamphile as versatile depth. Let Sweezy & Evan Smith go. Hawley = C backup. Sign or draft another OG… ideally Quinton Nelson and just shore this sh1t up.

    R1-LG Nelson
    R2-DE (Davenport / Ejifor)
    R3-RB (Rashaad Penny)
    R4-DE/DT (Chad whatever from Miami)

    LG-Q. Nelson
    C-best FA available on market

    You’d have Pamphile as depth for the entire line basically; plus Hawley as C dpeth; plus a drafted OT and Benecoch behind Dotson.

  9. Kevin Says:

    Maybe Hawley wasnt that great but sacrificing your only good guard was not worth it. They really banked on Sweezy being good, but truns out he just wasn’t this year. While this was obvious early on, i get they wanted to give it time to gel. After this season though this should be re-evaluated.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    What about Marpet’s versatility? You never know when that may be needed.

  11. William Says:

    Draft Nelson at #7, sign Norwell as a FA, release Sweezy….OL solved.

  12. Duke Says:


    I have to agree.
    The last two games with Hawley and Smith was an improvement.

  13. William Says:

    Release Martin, Baker, Gholston. Sign Ansah, sign Breeland, sign Joyner, and absolutely sign Bennett if he becomes available again. Resign Brate and Grimes (assuming he still wants to play…..watch how the Bucs look in 2018 then. Plenty of cap space available. Licht and Koetter should be going all in, because they are 100% unemployed if the Bucs don’t make the playoffs next season.

  14. Bculaw Says:

    Good post, @Lord Cornelius.

    I’ve never understood the move. At the very least, put Hawley back in at center. Hawley had a rough 2016, but was hurt by all accounts and seems to have played well at the end of 2017 when given the chance. He brought a bit of nastiness that seemed missing from the run game all year. If Chubb is gone before we pick in the draft, I’d draft Nelson at 7, move Marpet back to RG where he belongs. Hawley can hold the fort down at C until a replacement could be found (maybe even in this offseason).

  15. William Says:

    Re-sign McDonald for Baker’s spot….forgot that in the last comment

  16. Destinjohnny Says:

    We need 3’great drafts to sniff at 8-8

  17. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Sorry guys but I trust the Bucs eyes more than Beckles. He’s prejudiced about the value of guard versus center!!! DUH he played guard. Would we rather have had Ian or Tony Mayberry? Why did they waste the better talent Mayberry on C?
    And I can’t forget Kevin Mawae’s career who was a pro bowl caliber guard who got moved to Center for many more pro bowls.

    Sorry I just don’t see the increased value of a guard over a center…the center touches the ball EVERY play and he’s charged with snapping the ball to the QB.
    I was worried about more mistaken QB Center exchanges but I think #3 was very comfortable with Ali snapping the ball.

    The center is also generally responsible for calling out line assignments pre snap and so I also appreciate Ali’s brainpower.

    Moving him to center did NOT hurt the Bucs. Sweezy’s poor play DID.

  18. DB55 Says:

    This is really sad to watch. Most of you guys are really cool but I have to enlighten you for your own sake. This is all pointless. The glazers could really give 2 chits about winning football games! Is it not clear to you? Doesn’t matter!

    The only expectations are to be 1 of 32 families on the planet to own an nfl franchise and to generate tv revenue and corporate sponsorship. They just have to field a team nothing more.

    I commend you guys for spending your hard earned money and continuing to hope and pray that this “team” will someday compete for a championship but I don’t see it. Not even close.

    You have a drunk as a gm, penny pinchers for owners, no one with any real vision or football sense, and 2 coaches who were run out of ATL for having a soft defense and never winning a darn thing.

    Keeping fighting the good fight I’m sure it will turn around soon. Real question: what kind of anti-depressants do the joes take in order to write about the Bucs day in and day out for a decade now? Surprised your not strung out on H by now.

  19. Dewey Selmon Says:

    DB some us went through 0-26 and Culverhouse. This stuff here is amateur hour.

  20. Kalind Says:

    Quentin Nelson..7th pick. Look at that guy. He’s a monster. Guaranteed pro bowl guard.

  21. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    @ Dewey Selmon

    Absolutely right, good Sir, this is a walk in the park compared to those days…..we were thrilled simply to score….even 3.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the two teams in the NFC Championship and one in the AFC Championship have never won Super Bowls although the Vikings won a NFL Championship before the merger.

    So, at least our Bucs have that going for them…..we will get there again…but it’s a very hard thing to do….

    We need RB, C/G, DE (2) CB & K

    We are a minimum of 6 starters away from a complete roster capable of winning…..we should be able to get there this year…..”God willing and if the cap rises”

  22. darin Says:

    Exactly Dewey. These failed coaching experiments are sad, and plentiful. These guys are in over their heads. First time in many years Im not looking forward to next season or the draft. Weve got a predictable offense and defense, coaches who dont adjust and a gm who doesnt seem to be on the same page as the coaching staff. Owners who are probably the reason. Boooooooooo

  23. Tnew Says:

    Some continue to be revisionist on this board regarding Hawley being the key to the running game. Could it be not obvious. Martin looked like hot garbage no matter who played center and Alan Cross was added back to the roster. Watching the line play Marpet was having a solid season at center. The guard play was abysmal. Hawley is not physically able to play an entire season, plus when Hawley was the starting center the yardage totals were not great. The only time we had a 100 yard rusher was when Smith started at center vs Green Bay.

    Martin missed so many holes this season. Going back and watching film he was by far the worst per dollar spent buccaneer of the season. It wasn’t even close Koetter‘s decision to go with him vs the Lions lost that game.

    Marpet back to center wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world but if there is good value on one in the fourth, draft him (I’m hoping for Frank Ragnow) move Marpet back to right guard and roll from there.

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    So many holes to fill..So many tears to be repaired..So many deficiencies everywhere. This all equals an 8-8 next year at best or 7-9. Along with Koetter and smitty being swept out to the..pink slip sea!!!!!!!!

  25. D-Rome Says:

    Another failed experiment and indication of bad coaching and personnel evaluation

    Completely agreed. Marpet was very good at RG. Sweezy was another failed FA signing in a string of bad FA signings by Jason Licht. Dirk shouldn’t fall on the sword for putting Sweezy at C as this seems to be a Jason Licht decision and organizational decision. The hubris of Jason Licht strikes again!

    Beckles has it right here.

  26. Defense Rules Says:

    Lord C, initially I liked your OLine lineup, but on 2nd thought I think it needs some tweaking. Bear with me for a second (OK, or two).

    Back in 2015 Bucs’ OLine tore it up. Offense had over 2,000 yds rushing from just 3 guys (Martin, Sims, Winston). We went 6-10 on the season, but were 6-6 with 4 games left (yup, lost all 4). The OLine for almost all games consisted of D. Smith (LT), Mankins (LG), Hawley (C), Marpet (RG), Dotson (RT).

    2016 was a much different story. We went 9-7 on the season, yet rushing fell off to 1,600 yds from 5 different guys (Martin, Sims, Winston, Rodgers, Barber). The OLine struggled, big time. Why? Mankins retired in 2016 and Pamphile took his LG spot. I’d contend that losing Mankins’ LEADERSHIP represented the primary difference … he was the glue that made it all work.

    And we’ve struggled since then IMO. Look at the OLine now from the LEADERSHIP perspective. Who’s providing it? D. Smith? Pamphile? Marpet? Dotson? No to all 4. Hawley? When he’s healthy, yes he can … and does IMO. The magic words are “when he’s healthy”. I’d personally keep Joe at Center to provide that LEADERSHIP that this OLine so desperately needs, and re-sign Evan Smith to a 2-year contract as a backup Center & to provide some Guard backup also. I’d keep Donovan at LT (for now at least), move Marpet back to RG, keep Dots at RT (for now at least) and sign someone like Norwell to be a beastly LG (not impressed at all with Pamphile although I’d sign him as a backup if the price was right). Oh, and I’d give Sweezy his walking papers.

    And if there happened to be a studly LT running around in FA or the draft, I’d sign him in an instant, especially if he could also play RT. If we found that Tackle, I wouldn’t re-sign Pamphile. Concerned about having someone to back up the tackles, (especially Donovan since quality LTs are so hard to find & Jameis’ well-being is at stake). Would eventually also love to see how Donovan would perform at LG … my gut tells me he’d be a real mauler.

  27. Lord Cornelius Says:


    From what I’ve read I thought Marpet had become the vocal leader of the O-line but I do like Hawley.

    I could live with that. I don’t think O-line is that big of a problem honestly in general. I’d put D-line / RB / S & CB over it in terms of priority needs.

    I think we should just go after the best O-lineman we can in FA (hopefully 2 but realistically I’d bet we only make 1 big signing) – and basically let that dictate how we go at the draft. If the best lineman we can get is a C, LG, or OT then so be it. Looking at the FA class – I’m guessing it’ll be either OG or C as the best available players.

    It’d be great if we could sign a LG & a C but i’d imagine we only make one premium signing there. If it’s LG then we should still look to grab a C in the draft to mix with Hawley. If it’s a C then we should still draft a LG and probably go for Nelson in R1.

    Will definitely be a fluid situation. I think a stud RB would make the line look a lot better. Hell look at how much better the run game was with Barber and he isn’t some elite talent. It’s more so doug martin was just terrible.

  28. DB55 Says:


    But isn’t that the point? That losing is simply the norm?

  29. Mike Johnson Says:

    I told you all about Sweezy. You don’t recover from serious back injuries at this level. Yes in HS or college. But not in the NFl. You gotta use all of your brute force just to maintain. And I knew Sweez was done. Still though…he got his money for nothin and his chicks for free!!

  30. Rod Munch Says:

    Marpet needs to be moved back to G, it was a dumb decision to move him to C and it helped no one. Marpet is a pro-bowl player and perhaps a future all-pro at G, but at center he’s just not anything special. This offseason the Bucs would be wise to sign a proven C in free agency, then maybe flip Sweezy to the G position, I think that would go a long ways towards fixing the line. I highly doubt the Bucs start dumping guys like Dotson, if healthy he’s a bargain. Sweezy I’m guessing they keep around for one more year, he didn’t stand out as being bad to me this season and with so many injuries everywhere in my mind it was hard to evaluate him, but he didn’t stick out to me on a consistent basis, which is normally a good thing as a lineman.

  31. IndyBucsFan Says:

    @joe I get a bad feeling that the Bucs are going to come back for training camp with mostly the same O-line and tell us some bs.

    JBF: Coach why should the fans have more faith in the team this year, specifically on the O line and Defnse?

    Coach: ” Well I think they should have confidence in both units. Look, people like to rag on our line a lot but Sweezy played injured all year as did Marpet, but they are both fully healthy this year and are ready to rock! And plus Marpet was put on IR last year, so getting him back, alone, will be YUUUUGE”….”We’re counting on Spence and VH3 to take the next step in their games as well , so you see right there that we have THE playmakers on our team, we just need to put it all together.

    JBF: … 🤦‍♂️not again

  32. Rod Munch Says:

    Mike Johnson – Sweezy played nearly the entire season, not sure how that’s getting money for nothing. If he was good or bad that’s a different question, but he certainly wasn’t lazy.

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    Lord C, agree wholeheartedly. However, if we don’t somewhat upgrade the OLine in FA or draft, we’ll have the same results next year as this year. Adding a beastly LG & moving Marpet back to RG should be our minimum modification.

    Torn on how to prioritize the draft this year. Rounds 1 & 2 are critical IMO. I still see Round 1 as being a DE or DT or CB, depending upon who’s on the table at the time (definitely prefer DLine since ours is soooo bad, but could accept a corner IF he’s a sure-thing … tall, speedy, quick, great tackler, sticks like glue, etc … OK, Superman IOW). Wouldn’t be opposed to a RB in Round 2 but would prefer to stick with Defense (add a RB in FA so we can focus on Defense).

  34. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Yeah man in the end I just hope they’re aggressive in FA regardless. Not only so that we can go different directions in the draft and take BPA – but primarily because we just need that much of a talent upgrade.

    I see Chubb mocked to us a lot. There is no 4-3 team with a desperate need at edge rusher ahead of us.He could fit in a 3-4 like Bosa but I’m not sure he’s of the same pass rushing pedigree in terms of draft stock. I could see the Browns/Colts possibly pulling the trigger but those teams have bigger needs according to most… it really seems to come down to the Colts.

    I remember Leanord Williams being thought of us as the no-brainer best player besides WInston/Mariota but he went #6 because teams picked for need. I’m hoping this year something similar could happen.

    I’d be absolutely shocked if the Giants/Broncos/Jets took Chubb. Their front 7’s are nasty already and they have too many other needs between O-line/QB/RB/playmakers. Jets need really any offensive player over a defensive player. Broncos need QB or O-line bad or RB even.

    I think it just comes down to the Colts or someone potentially trading up in front of us. If they go with Barkley or Nelson I think there’s a great chance we land Chubb.

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    • Andrew Norwell • LG 26
    • Spencer Long • C/G 27 (Bargain: Coming off injury)

    • Quenton Nelson • OG, Notre Dame
    • Brandon Parker • OT, North Carolina A&T

    Projected Depth Chart
    LT Donovan Smith | Leonard Wester
    LG Andrew Norwell | Caleb Benenoch
    C Ali Marpet | Joe Hawley
    RG Quenton Nelson | Spencer Long
    RT Demar Dotson | Brandon Parker

  36. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    DeSean Jackson + Pick or Kendal Beckwith


    Carlos Dunlap

  37. Hodad Says:

    This is what happens when you have clowns running the circus. We need four more Marpets for our O line, LoL!

  38. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Trade for
    • Carlos Dunlap

    • Bennie Logan
    • Michael Bennett

    • Duke Ejiofor • DE, Wake Forest
    • R.J. McIntosh • DT, Miami
    • Kendrick Norton • DT, Miami

    Depth Chart
    LDE Carlos Dunlap | Noah Spence | Duke Ejiofor
    LDT Gerald McCoy | R.J. McIntosh
    RDT Bennie Logan | Kendrick Norton
    RDE Michael Bennett | Will Clarke

  39. BucEmUp Says:

    The fact that this entire staff, specifically Mike Smith is going to still be here next year has me thinking I will need to find a way to force myself to watch these games.

    Same reason I quit watching the Rays, why invest time in something that you know has no hope

  40. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Make Cinny an offer that they can’t refuse.
    There’s offense need DeSean Jackson badly.
    Dunlap’s on a team friendly contract for one more year ($7M).

    Make it happen

  41. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Make Cinny an offer that they can’t refuse.
    Their offense needs – DeSean Jackson badly.

    Why think they drafted that brittle WR Jon Ross?

  42. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    You’ll never guess what I’m going to say…

    The Bucs need to add 8 new faces to the offensive and defensive lines to compete with the incumbents truly improve the starting lineup and bolster the depth. The goal is to be ABOVE average at as many positions as possible.

    Marpet is a strength. Move D. Smith inside or to RT and he will be as well. The rest needs to be totally revamped for the Bucs to be great.

    Fix the trenches, fix the Bucs!!!

  43. El_Buc941 Says:

    Nate Solder is a Free Agent this year…he would be a huge upgrade

  44. AlteredEgo Says:

    Bradely Chubb ….1st round pick
    Center Billy Price…2nd round pick

  45. Bird Says:

    4.5 for right tackle is not a ton these days

  46. cmurda Says:

    Marpet was a clear upgrade at Center but his strength is being wasted at Center. Marpet needs to shift back to guard. Watch the run game benefit and we either go average at Center or draft one. I’d prefer to draft a guard and still move Marpet to the other guard spot. Sweezy should be cut.

  47. orlbucfan Says:

    Dewey Selmon Says:
    January 16th, 2018 at 3:29 pm
    DB some us went through 0-26 and Culverhouse. This stuff here is amateur hour.
    Amen plus one!!

  48. Bradentonbuc Says:

    @Joe thanks for the passion.
    I’ve been saying this since around mid season. It’s sad too that Marpet consistently got good film grades from Koetter because what the hell does that say.

  49. Pelbuc Says:

    All the above are very good suggestions but most pressing need to to revamp the Dline and DBs. Only keep GMC, Spence and McDonald and get rid of all the other Dlinemen. Draft and FA heavy on Dline and DBs. Oline needs a FA center and RB. Once JW grows up and learns to protect the ball, we’ll be ok. Trade DJack for picks since JW has a tendency to favor him despite all other good receivers and Godwin will be even better.

  50. NFLNut Says:

    Simply drafting Quenton Nelson at #7 and Billy Price with our 2nd rounder could give us a great O-Line of Smith/Nelson/Price/Marpet/Dotson … but we better hit the DE’s hard in free agency if we’re going after O-Line in the draft!

  51. Defense Rules Says:

    NFLNut … What you proposed (Nelson & Price in Rnds 1 & 2) is what got us into the 2017 position in the 1st place. There aren’t enough quality DEs in FA who would come here to fix the defensive line, nor would we have enough money to coerce them into coming here. We MUST use the draft to fix our defense.

    Found a CBS Sports Top 32 list of 2018 prospects (who’ve declared thus far at least) that looks pretty intriguing. In that list I found 1 Center, 1 Guard, 4 Tackles & 3 RBs on offense, plus 4 CB, 3 DT & 3 DEs on defense. Certainly some will fall to the 2nd Round (they always do). I’m hoping that Licht focuses on Defense in Rnds 1 & 2, BUT … if the offensive talent falls (ya, BPA) like OJ did last year then it might be beneficial to use 1 of the 1st 2 picks on offense (OT, G or C). No sense in drafting a projected 3rd rounder (defense) in the 2nd round if a projected 1st rounder (offense) fell to the 2nd round where we pick.

  52. Issic Haggins Says:

    Beckles is Spot On and usaually is , people just don’t like the truth !!!

    Ian played hard and doesn’t think much of paid players that don’t !!! Again he is spot on most of the time !!!

  53. Eric Says:

    O-26 wasn’t near as frustrating as this. I was just thrilled at that time that we had a major sports team in Tampa. Exciting times.

    I compare this time to the horror that was the period between John McKay and Toby Dungy. We went through 15 years of no playoffs. No winning seasons either.

    I rank this the second worst stretch only buffered by having Jameis and hope. I think that kid is going to figure this thing out and bust through, even with mediocre Koetter.

  54. Rod Munch Says:

    I was too young too for the early early years, but the first Bucs game I remember watching was the playoff games against the Cowboys, which was the 1982 season I do believe. I was still young enough that I don’t remember much between about 1982 and 1986, but I very very clearly remember starting in the 1987, I think because of the buzz of drafting Vinny and the Bucs blowing out the Falcons on opening day 48-10 (Steve DeBerg was the QB there). I wasn’t there and it wasn’t on TV, so I had to listen on the radio, which was the norm for all home games until what, midway through the 1997 season (by which time I had season tickets so it didn’t matter). But being young, going from 1987-1997, that seemed like an incredibly long time. This strech now isn’t nearly as bad as that strech, probably because the Bucs haven’t been completely awful the entire time – you’ve had a 10 win season in there, a 9 win season and some 7-9 seasons, that 83-96 strech, the team wasn’t even close to being competitive.

  55. Rod Munch Says:

    Wow I just look up something… in 1987, Vinny’s rookie season, he was 24 years old. Vinny played forever in the league, 20 years, and he was 24 when got started.

    First, why was Vinny so old when he was drafted?

    Second, Winston didn’t even turn 24 until a couple of weeks ago. That’s remarkable.

    I never really thought about it before but Vinny was 30 years old already when he left to go to Cleveland – I always thought he was younger than that since Wyche wanted to bring him back since people still thought he’d get a lot better. I guess if Josh Freeman, who is still just 29, wants to look for anyone as a role model he should look at Testaverde.

  56. Sunny Says:

    @joe how many do u think the bad snapping Ali was doin , lead to fumbles by JW

    JW was way up in fumbles this year , I am thinking Ali had something to do with it , he gets the ball out funny when u go back and compare tape the last two years

  57. firethecannons Says:

    you are right–Bucs suc we are so far from having a chance, the Joes must be on strong meds to keep writing about the Bucs(LOL! no doubt!), I am hoping to jump ship but I keep hanging on for some reason

    Now that Arians and Palmer are gone from the Cards I’m hopin to get on board on that team I live out here in the valley.

  58. SOEbuc Says:

    -Nelson is my first with Chubb as my second or trade down. You never know how these first/early round DE are going to work out (it has not worked out well for the Bucs in the past: Adrian Clayborn, Da’Quan Bowers, Gaines Adams.) It is almost guaranteed that Nelson will be a non-bust if not all-star.

    -Do what you absolutely must to pick up Ziggy and Michael Bennett.

    -Trade Djax for picks or players or both.

    -Pick up 2 CB in FA (one being a Malcom Butler type). Draft one more in the later rounds. Brent Grimes is not coming back people. If Miko says he’s retiring then that’s that.

    -DE in round two and depending on how many other picks we have another DE in rounds 2-4.

    -DT in round 3. Need to draft a early round DT and get one in FA to replace Baker’s fat lazy ass.

    -RB in rouund 4 depending on how many picks. If we have no extras than move it to 5th and get a DE.

    -Round 6: OG
    -Round 6: CB/S


  59. Capt.Tim Says:

    Moving Marpet was Stupid
    Sweezy Lost some flexibility last year, because he was off a year.
    He’ll be fine.
    Marpet and Sweezy are great guards.
    Donovan Smith And Demar Dotson are good Tackles.
    Draft a center

    Free agents dont sign with crappy yeams, where the coach and management are under fire. Free agents can go where they want and this is an ugly destination.

    First pick HAS to be A De. Its insanity not to go that way.

  60. pick6 Says:

    one of my takeaways from the depressing ending to the season was that joe hawley still appears to be our best center, especially against defenses that are predicated more on athleticism than sheer mass. hawley is getting on in years but probably well rested. he’d go into the offseason as my starting C until i find someone better. whether that’s marpet after another offseason of work, or some other rookie or FA, that player should actually outplay hawley

    to this day, we have not replicated the success we had in 2015 with the run game or the screen game. hawley was our starter that season but not in the seasons since.

  61. JJBucFan Says:

    You absolutely throw the house at Nate Solder-move D Smith (to RT or LG) who has been a good, not great LT that will be due for his second contract. Move Marpet back to Guard, period! Draft a Center 3rd or 4th round, Take Chubb in first if there, if not trade back for picks. I would love for them to get a speed back that can catch like Sony Michel in the second. Get a FA CB that can play. Convince Grimes to come back for one more year if possible. Hargreaves has been ruined by the defense we play, IMO. The biggest offseason move would be to FIRE Mike Smith. His defense is outdated (like Lovie’s) and he cannot make adjustments. If I see him up in that F-ing booth again next year I am going to lose it. If he is staying he needs to get his down on the sidelines. I would love to see Dirk Koetter punch his lights out when he allows a team to go 75 yards in a minute thirty because he plays that freaking prevent defense and never comes out of it. Also if you want to fire Koetter, I am okay with that, I think his play designs are garbage. He never (or rarely) even puts someone in motion so Jameis can see if a team is in zone or man. How do you not sneak Jameis on 4th and 1? It cost Todd Haley his job, how have these 2 guys survived here? BTW, anyone who says the Glazer’s don’t spend money are full of BS. They have gotten some of the most pricey and highest rated FA at their position in the last couple years, they just haven’t worked out in Tampa.