Jags Driving Bucs Fans Mental

January 15th, 2018

Fantasy football.

It only took one game – and Lord knows how many beers – for Bucs fans to lose their minds.

In short, the historical revisionists were out in force yesterday watching the Jags upend the Steelers to advance to the AFC title game against the Belicheats.

The Jags jumped on the Steelers early and then hung on. It was actually beautiful. And then, on Twitter, the crazies came out of the woodwork.

Naturally, folks went after Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht. One fool actually typed on Twitter that the Bucs could have had Jalen Ramsey, A.J. (Baba) Bouye and Calais Campbell.

Well, the guy was dead solid perfect on Campbell. Not scoring Campbell damned near made Joe punch his computer screen last year. But that’s a story for another day.

This guy who Twittered that the Bucs could have had Baba Bouye and Ramsey must have been awash in craft beer or just doesn’t know the simple facts.

Bouye was not even on the radar of the Bucs, and for good reason. The Bucs already had a shutdown corner in Brent Grimes. The Bucs also had a promising rookie first round draft pick in Vernon Hargreaves. There was no way the Bucs were going to bring in Baba Bouye for the $13 million a year he got from the Jaguars, and then bench Hargreaves or cut Grimes. The notion the Bucs would do either of the two aforementioned stunts is high level fantasy football. This simply was not going to happen.

Ramsey? Uh, this just in: The Bucs had no chance to land Ramsey because he was drafted before the Bucs had a chance to call his name in the draft. Sure, the Bucs maybe could have sold the farm to trade up for Ramsey, but it is a good bet the Bucs would not have O.J. Howard and maybe not even Chris Godwin if the Bucs pulled off such a deal for Ramsey.

Joe will allow the Bucs royally screwed up in not getting Campbell. That’s a massive fail. Instead, the Bucs signed half-sack Swaggy Baker. As local radio legend Scott Ledger Twittered yesterday, Baker wrapped his arms around more palm trees than quarterbacks this past season. What a friggin’ waste!

Yeah, it stinks the Bucs had a lousy season. That’s no reason to move the goal posts and invent fiction. There was just no way the Bucs were going to pursue Baba Bouye, and Ramsey was out of reach.

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  1. Frank Pillow Says:

    The formula is simple-draft playmakers! For all the flash/bang, a stout D and a running game will still get a team into the playoffs. Unfortunately, we have neither.

  2. lambchop Says:

    Off-topic but I loved how Sean Payton lost to the Vikings. In epic fashion. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy! LMAO. Vikings deserved the win and they managed to get it. I feel bad for the Saints players, but not their cocky coach.

  3. BrianBucs Says:

    On that same note guys, chew on this ;

    Four years ago when the Glazers were about to make the monumental mistake of hiring Lovie Smith, Mike Zimmer, who was the defensive coordinator of the Bengals (running a Tampa 2 defense) was looking for a head coaching job and expressed interest in the Bucs head coaching vacancy. Reports were he interviewed here even though the Glazers knew they were going to hire Lovie. Zimmer was then hired by the Vikings and four years later he has his team in the NFC championship game and has the league’s top rated defense.
    UGH, what might have been……………..

  4. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    The Jags won with a predictable offense, run the ball effectively and mix in play action passing. The clear difference is personnel. I don’t think we’re far off, but we need a respectable running game. Defensively, everyone knows we need a pass rush. If we can upgrade both this offseason, I like our chances of next year being where the Jags are now.

  5. webster Says:

    @ brianbuc

    Not one buc fan cried because the bucs hired lovie over zimmer. To look back on it and say what could have been is the exact definition of hindsight being 20/20. He11, did you hear the stat that zimmer had lost his last 10 playoff games as either a position coach, coordinator and head coach combined? I did so the bucs did not miss on this cant miss coach. The bucs last 2 head coaching hires have experienced the playoffs as head coach or coordinator as well. The one point i will take out of your statement is in zimmer’s 4th year, he made it to the nfc championship. Thats all the reason the bucs stayed with koetter. We have no idea where the bucs could be in their 4th year under koetter let alone next year. Buc fans, stop trying to make more out of another team’s success. U do not know what the future holds.

  6. Gambelero Says:

    The way to improve the running game is to get some studs on the oline. It’s not the skill positions we need to upgrade, but the two lines.

  7. Season Is Over Says:

    Buc fans are mental because they see that the Jags have made the correct moves and the Bucs have made all the wrong moves? Yes, makes sense to me. Dirk “We were done by Halloween” Koetter has peaked in his coaching ability. The guy can’t even get a corner drafted 11th overall on the field. To think that they are bringing this staff back is absolute comedy. Even funnier is expecting the fans to be happy about it.

    What team relies on a 34yo CB at any level? Revis is only 32 and most consider him washed up. Grimes would be wise to leave this circus anyway. Maybe they should bring in more older free agents like this website keeps pining for. You know the same kind of free agents the very same media ran Gruden out of town for. Irony.

  8. BrianBucs Says:


    At that time, I was disappointed that the Bucs hired Lovie over Zimmer. I thought Lovie was a very overrated coach and Zimmer had what it takes to lead a successful team. The only reason Zimmer has the bad playoff record is because he spent those years with Lewis

  9. NFLNut Says:


    TRADING #7 to the Bills for #21 and #22 makes a ton of sense …


  10. Rod Munch Says:

    Actually I’m a huge fan of having more than 2 corners when one is in his mid-30s and the other is a rookie who had a solid year, but not really a good year, and the depth behind those two is absolute barely practice squad level garbage. It’s sort of like at WR, those dopes calling for the Bucs to cut D-Jax, they’re putting the Bucs one injury away from having to start Adam Humphries again. Anywho you really do need more than 2 corners, the 2003 Bucs were tanked by only having 2 corners when Brian Kelly got injured in that famous MNF game against Indy when Dungy returned – and neither Grimes and certainly not VH3 are even as good as Kelly (and I like Grimes, but Kelly is vastly underrated). If you have salary cap space, and the Bucs have plenty, then there is no reason to not get everyone you can afford.

    Anywho the call on Bouye is not nearly as bad as the call on Campbell and the Bucs saying that $15-mil was too much… meanwhile Gholston got $7-mil as a two down run defender and the Bucs finished the season with the 4th most cap space. For Bouye the Jags had a bigger need and much more cap space, but the Jags didn’t have a big need for Campbell but spent big anyways – the Jags had a ton of money invested in their d-line and easily could have said we don’t need him, he’s too old, too expensive – he same thing the Bucs said. Campbell is a huge miss since it was a need and the Bucs did have the money.

  11. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    At one point I wanted Zimmer and also wanted Sean McDermott. I didn’t so much as claim it but I did think they would have been better hires.

  12. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    And yes I watched the saints sh it the bed in the break room at work. All I missed was Sean Payton’s face

  13. NFLNut Says:


    Jameis may need to put on his LeBron James mask in the future and tell the Bucs, “unless you max out your cap this year and next year, I’m not re-signing with you in 2020 and will make you franchise me for a year and then I’ll leave you with nothing” … the Glazer’s may hate it if he does that but I think ALL the coaches and ALL the players will be thrilled as while it’s an anti-owner stance to take it’s a pro-TEAM stance to take.


  14. Ndog Says:

    Let’s all just face it our franchise sucks. Period end of story.

  15. NFLNut Says:

    ^ Not true … I grew up a Lions fan and have a cousin that’s a Browns fan … neither franchise has ever won a Super Bowl! The Bucs have.

    By the way, the three greatest players in Lions franchise history during the SB era (Barry Sanders, Calvin Johnson and Matt Stafford) have COMBINED to win just ONE playoff game … Warren Sapp won way more than all three of those Lions-legends combined!

  16. teacherman777 Says:

    @NFL Nut

    totally agree!

    Trade #7 to the Bills for #21 and #22.

    With late 1st round picks, the highest value picks, are

    OG, OT, S, and CB.

    With #21 and #22 we could easily add a DE and one of the best safeties in the draft. Safeties rarely go in the top 20. Neither do guards.

    Trade back again in the 2nd round to try to pick up an extra 2nd rounder.

    With 2 2nd round picks, we could address OG and CB.

    With our 3rd rounder- draft a RB.

    I dont even care about 5th, 6th, or 7th round picks this year.

    F- em.

    I want 6 picks in the first 3 rounds.

    Make it happen!

  17. MadMax Says:

    @NflNut, im thinking that trade is probably not going to happen……but if it did, Vita and CB Ward could be there…..then draft the best DE available in the 2nd (Aikeem Coleman) then….

    RB Rashaad Penny in the 3rd
    C/G Frank Ragnow in the 4th
    OT Desmond Harrison in the 5th
    *havent played with the rest yet*

  18. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Feb.28. 2017
    • Jacksonville Jaguars: Salary Cap Space: $73,567,963
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Salary Cap Space: *$79,303,361 <-

    Note this was after the Bucs released Alterraun Verner.

  19. NFLNut Says:


    Teacherman … I love the idea of trading down in the 2nd for (2) #2s as well, and it may be possible if someone really wants a guy like Mason Rudolph or even someone who slips like maybe Bryce Love or Arden Key, etc.

    MadMax … why don’t you think the trade of #7 for #21-22 is going to happen? It seems quite realistic to me … anyways, as for your mock, Viti Vea and Denzel Ward would be nice and I like the Penny, Ragnow and Harrison picks as well though I have a feeling Harrison may go way higher than people think … I have no clue who Aikeem Coleman is so I guess I should go google him!

    Have a great day ya’ll!

  20. Defense Rules Says:

    @Season Is Over … “Koetter has peaked in his coaching ability. The guy can’t even get a corner drafted 11th overall on the field.” So apparently the measure of Dirk Koetter’s coaching ability is whether or not he can get VHIII to perform in a defensive scheme he wasn’t really suited for in the beginning? Nah, don’t think so.

    Reality to me is that VHIII was NEVER a valid 1st Round pick. Bucs were desperate & Licht jumped at drafting a CB instead of filling other equally valid priority needs (such as DE?). VHIII survived in 2016 IMO as an outside corner … nothing more. Once other teams got sufficient film on him to identify his weaknesses (and there are several), he was in trouble, especially in this defensive scheme (BTW, most CBs would be in jeopardy if they were playing behind a DLine that couldn’t put any pressure on opposing QBs).

  21. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Resign *6 of our own Free Agents

    • Jacquizz Rodgers RB – $1,700,000
    • Joe Hawley C – $2,875,000M

    • William Gholston DE – $7,000,000
    • Sealver Siliga DT – $1,100,000
    • Josh Robinson CB – $3,125,000M
    • Christopher Conte FS – $3,000,000

    Grand Total: $18,800,000

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    $18 mil (For Resigning those 6 FA’s)
    • $18 (M) For Resign our FA’s
    • $6.5 (M) Reserved for Draft Picks
    • $10 (M) Safe cushion carry-over into the season (Licht averages $8M)
    Total = $34.5 (M)

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    That’s roughly leaves us $44,803,361 to acquiring new FA’s

    But If we choose to Release…
    • Doug Martin RB $7,000,000
    • Evan Smith C $3,500,000
    • George Johnson DE $2,250,000
    • Luke Stocker TE $1,700,000
    Total = $14,450,00M

    That bumps that estimate up to $59,253,361 – to acquire new FA’s

    Enough to add a few…

    Top-Tier Prospects
    • WR Marquise Goodwin (26) 4.5 mil
    • DE Calais Campbell (30) 15 mil
    • CB A.J. Bouye (25) 13.5mil
    • SS John Cyprien (26) 7.mil

  24. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Jason Might be decent at drafting prospects.
    But lets be real – we’ve never had a GM do this bad in free agency.

  25. Bucn Enough Says:


    You talk about the OJ Howard pick was the greatest thing since sliced bread…
    If Licht did not whiff on ASJ so badly, then maybe we do not draft a TE, we draft a badly needed RB or DE….

    Also, for all the “good picks” we rave about, there is a equally awful pick.
    Simms (3rd round )
    Maybe Spence.. Undersized for DE

  26. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Why not? Put Hargreaves in the slot or safety! And they should have been thinking Grimes is 90 plus where’s the depth?

  27. webster Says:

    @ brianbuc

    The point is you can make excuses all you want to about why zimmer lost 10 straight playoff games (none of which you seem to believe that maybe his defense while coordinator could have crapped the bed that day) or (maybe as a position coach his position players stunk that day) but the fact of the matter is he lost 10 straight and again he was not viewed as a cant miss coach. If he was a cant miss, then their would have been a bidding war for his services. 20/20 is a…….

    @ Defenserules

    You are the definition of arm chair gm and I am glad you are not the actual gm. You say vh3 was never a valid 1st round pick yet every scout, gm, mock draft, expert etc had him as a top 10 pick and the 2nd corner behind ramsey in the draft. You say they should have drafted another need de? The only de drafted in the first round after vh3 was shaq lawson 4 or 5 picks later and noah spence has more sacks than him and spence has missed a whole season basically. Just because you say something does not make it true. What vh3 did in college, combine, pro day led him to being a valid 1st round corner. Its up to the player to start performing. Btw…..1st round picks have a 50% bust rate. If he does bust, licht would be batting 75% on 1st rounders. Since some on this thread is praising zimmer, look at minnesota. They drafted the wr Treadwell in the first round 4 years ago and he sucks yet that team is going to the nfc championship game. Missing on picks happens with all teams. All this wouldve couldve shouldve is just stupid.

  28. Matt Says:

    FLNut Says:
    January 15th, 2018 at 1:11 am

    TRADING #7 to the Bills for #21 and #22 makes a ton of sense …

    Couldn’t agree more!!! If the chance presences itself.

  29. AlteredEgo Says:

    NFLNut Says:
    January 15th, 2018 at 1:11 am

    TRADING #7 to the Bills for #21 and #22 makes a ton of sense …

    I am for trading down….have you run this through the draft position weight trade charts
    ?….seem the should be an additional pick in the mix

  30. Andrew Says:

    Jags had Jalen and still got AJ. Drafted Yannick after Roberto as selected. Paid Calais. Bucs could have accomplished those 3 things and been way better off than they are now. Yannick was exactly the player we needed and we missed him. Still searching for a DE.

  31. Not there yet Says:

    Bucs have a shutdown corner lol what are you smoking? Grimes is average corner who’s old and can’t cover the best receiver anymore. Seems our definition of elite if different in Tampa than everywhere else. No one on this roster is elite but doesn’t stop people from saying that should be us not the jags and it’s sad

  32. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Happy for Jags fans, that’s a good team. Bucs would be wise to follow their lead in how to deal with JW and the defense. I doubt they will be, but it’s fun to pretend they know what they’re doing.

  33. BrianBucs Says:


    You know that when you are a coordinator you still have to do things the head coach’s way. With the Bengals Lewis is a defensive coach and gave Zimmer parameters. Now that Zimmer is calling the shots, his team is in the NFC championship game and has the league’s top defense. Zimmer would have been a much better hire than Lovie

  34. Doctor Stroud Says:

    As others have suggested, the Jags have just had a good combination of drafting well (e.g., Ramsey, Ngakoue, and Fournette) and solid free agent signings (e.g., Campbell, Church, and Bouye). The Bucs just can’t say that. Licht is learning on the job. All we can do is hope that he gets it right this year.

  35. Bucsace Says:

    Too bad the Bucs don’t have a Tom Coughlin running the show!

  36. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not many here have taken the time to Congratulate our in state rivals. So I will. Besides, they are not even in our Division. its just good to know we have one Pro team from Fl still in the hunt. I’m pulling for them. It just makes the playoffs a little more digestible knowing Fl is represented. And they are doing it without a great QB. Like I’ve always said, I’d rather have an Outstanding defense and an average offense any day of the week. We had that great Defense in TampaBay once upon a time..And I don’t think the addition of one good DE is the answer rither. Its gonna take us some time. GO JAGS!!! My 2nd NFl team Behind my..Loser Bucs.

  37. Bobby M. Says:

    The Jaguars are a great example of a team committed to building an identity….They’ve been investing in their defense, particularly defensive line, for the past few years and pushed all in this past offseason. They are playing in the AFC Conference Championship with probably the worst starting qB in the league.

    And all the emphasis on a franchise QB….You got Brady (6th rd pick) vs Bortles (the worst QB in football) and Case Keenum vs Foles….one 1st rd pick in the bunch and he’s the worst in football.

  38. Pa Privateer Says:

    TO all my fellow Bucs Fans…. LET IT GO

    You guys have to stop talking about the past transactions of the team. You are making yourselves more flippin miserable. I really don’t read most of the comments anymore because it is stupid to re-live a missed opportunity or want something to return. It is like wishing you would have banged some chic at the bar years ago, or want an old girlfriend back.

    Good Grief You Cannot Undo the past. Start talking about the possibilities of the future. Study the Draft prospects, understand other teams needs, study salaries of FAs, and spend the rest of your time looking into the UDFA players.

    It is so tiring to hear all of you talk about some draft pick, so many years ago that some Bucs GM passed on.

    Believe it or not, DE Chubb has a very high probability of being there at #7 if you would just study the 2018 draft, study the 2018 FA list, and study the future needs of other teams drafting in the top 6 picks.

  39. webster Says:

    @ brianbuc

    You are just trying to justify your flawed point. If that is the case, why are you so hell bent on getting rid of mike smith? You have no clue what or why he ran his defense under lewis. To sit here and give zimmer no responsibility for 10 straight losses is just you trying to force a flawed narrative. Again, show me the line of teams clamoring for this guy. Show me the articles that said this guy was a cant miss coach. Oh thats right, you cant. You are one of those wouldve couldve shouldve fans.

  40. Broy34 Says:

    Webster speak for yourself. Half the people here didn’t like the lovie hire

  41. BringBucsBack Says:

    PA, Hear Hear!

  42. Pickgrin Says:

    According to the draft trade chart – our 3rd, 4th and 5th round picks should have been enough trade value to move up in the 1st round from #9 to #5.

    Jalen Ramsey was the 5th overall pick in the 2016 draft.

    We selected Hargreaves in rd 1, Aguayo with the 3rd and 4th rd picks (traded up into the 2nd) and Benenoch with the 5th round pick.

    Now its all retrospect and quite selective at that – but would we be better off with Jalen Ramsey right now for those 1700 points of draft equity – or Hargreaves, Aguayo and Benenoch who we selected with roughly the same draft equity? LOL – its not even a comparison

    Just goes to show that ‘trading down’ from a top 1st round draft position is not always a good idea when you have a legit blue chip, 5 star prospect staring at you from the top of your board. Also shows that trading up for a player you KNOW will be special is sometimes well worth the high cost of multiple picks if you are 100% sure he will be among the leagues best players in short order….

    Most importantly, it shows that blowing your 1st, 3rd and 4th round draft picks for little return in any given draft is going to haunt you to at least some degree. So don’t do that again please Mr Licht.

    I will point out that IMO – both the Hargreaves and Aguayo picks were made primarily due to a perceived “desperate need” at those positions. So – while the real problem with both those picks was the over-estimation and/or mis-evaluation of talent – the underlying problem was drafting for “need” when higher rated players (like Tunsil/Rankins in the 1st and Vonn Bell in the 2nd) at other positions of relative need were still on the board.

    Hope you learned that valuable lesson in 2016 Mr Licht. It sure seemed like it based on the results of last year’s draft – which was stellar and all about value/BPA. Selecting the best football players you could get your hands on by selecting the best of what the draft board and your board was giving you.

    More of that please Jason.

    And if that means no DE in the 1st or 2nd rd because there are more highly rated OL, CB, S or RB prospects available – then so be it.

  43. mark2001 Says:

    Altered…chart for 7 is about 1500…. 21 and 22 is about 800/780 a piece…pretty close.

  44. MadMax Says:

    @Luv, those were last years posts (ideas) right?

    @Nut, I hope it does happen, just cant see them giving up 2 firsts for our 7th….maybe for someone’s 5th or higher….but if so, dude! that would be awesome! Oh, nvm Coleman, I had him mixed up with someone else….DT from Stanford, Harrison Phillips who could be a 3rd rounder (my notes saved in wordpad were out of order).

  45. webster Says:

    @ broy34

    Alternative facts. At the time of lovie’s hire most sung the praises of going back to the old days just like they were ready to sing if gruden was hired. Just like how most sung the praises of mike smith getting the extension in the offseason. Posters like you called it the best move of the offseason now you all want to run him out of town. Thats what happened to lovie. You sung his praises and when he did not win in his first year, many turned on him. Then he had the gall to prefer jameis over mariota, many other fans jumped on. Stop trying to re-write history.

  46. Tom Says:

    It all depends if a teams player they want is still there.

  47. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Yup – Just wanted to call B.S on the notion that we didnt have enough capspace to sign multiple key free agents.

  48. LUVMYBUCS Says:


  49. IE Buc Says:

    I really really hated the Lovie hire at the time. Lovie wouldn’t have been hired as a HC by any team and he couldn’t even get a DC job anywhere in the league. We were the only team that would have hired him, all because of some nostalgia nonsense about him being on Dungy’s staff in the 90’s. He wasn’t even on the ’02 championship staff.

    After Koetter fails next season, the Bucs should look at hiring Jaguars DC Todd Wash. He will bring a championship level defense, one of the best in the league, and will hire his own competent OC.

  50. webster Says:

    @ IE

    Again alternative facts. Lovie sat out one year not because he could not get a job. Lovie was the number one coaching candidate according to many national outlets out there when the bucs hired him. Gtfoh with all your made up alternative facts.

  51. cmurda Says:

    I like the thought of trading our #7 with the Bills for #21 and #22. It could actually gain some traction as the Bills are close and already were in the playoffs. Particularly if there is an impact player at #7 that the Bills envision getting them over the hump. It’s a pretty steep price but possible. I wouldn’t hesitate if that offer becomes real.

  52. MadMax Says:

    Yeah, good job Bud! the Bucs need to sign us to their staff…..if it failed, theyre failing anyway right? But it wouldnt…..WE”D TURN THAT JIT AROUND!!!!!!!!

  53. NFLNut Says:

    The Jags signed a starting DE, S and CB last year … and we have around $20mil more to spend this year than they did last year, so there’s no reason the Bucs can’t add their own starting DE, CB, SS AND one other player (RB, OG, another DE, DT, etc) this offseason:

    DE: Ziggy Ansah’
    CB: Trumaine Johnson or Malcolm Butler or EJ Gaines or Bradley Nickel-Robey
    SS: LaMarcus Joyner or Tre Boston or Eric Reid
    Other: LEV BELL or Andrew Norwell or Justin Ellis or Dontari Poe, etc

    If we can sign starters at, at least the DE, CB and SS spots, our defense will be almost fixed and adding one more DE and DT in the draft will complete the task … that would still leave multiple picks to add a RB and improve the line.

    This is a monster off-season for Jason Licht and I expect him to hit hard to save his job!

  54. mike10 Says:

    What should drive the Bucs mad is the formula used by JAX coming into the season.

    1. Hiring Coughlin as president. To me the most polarizing proof in the success of that move was the acquisition of C Campbell at such a high price. You don’t take that gamble if you’re not sure it pays off. Hats off to their scouting, it was a home run and has brought their defense to life.

    2. Having a physical camp. If any team should be timid of contact in the offseason, it’s Jax for having previously lost Fowler Jr in OTAs. They brought their intensity into the regular season, led the league in sacks, and are playing in January (despite the league’s worst QB).

  55. Buccaneer Bill Says:

    @Pa for his righteous comment 👍🏻 Too bad it will mostly be ignored.

  56. IE Buc Says:


    After the Bears fired Lovie, there was no interest in Lovie even as a DC. The Cowboys needed a new DC and he wasn’t even a prospect or hot commodity. They went with an older Monte Kiffin in 2013.

    So after he took his year off, I forgot the Lions were interested. So it was only two teams, the Bucs and Lions. Two bad downtrodden franchises. No one else in the league was interested.

  57. webster Says:


    Lions, texans were just two teams off the top of my head and you forget the bucs signed lovie as soon as the season ended so he did not have the time to interview for many jobs. Again you can live in your alternative fact world. Btw…..the cowboys did not sign lovie because he was not looking for a coordinators job. Those coaches who leave a head coaching job and go to coordinators are the ones who flopped as a head coach. Lovie was not a flop in chicago hence the fact he was not looking for a coordinators job. Thanks again for the alternative facts.

  58. webster Says:


    the bucs hired lovie on january 1st which would have been about 2 days after the season ended. Not all the teams who fired coaches probably hadnt even fired their current coach by january 1st. We did know that the texans and lions (who fired their coach during the season) was interested. Again, you should not live by alternative facts.

  59. IE Buc Says:


    The Texans interview looked like a pure Rooney rule interview. Lovie was fired in Chicago due to bad coaching. The Bears fans were happy.
    As far as the Bucs, he was very lucky to get that second year. The Glazers gave some serious thought to firing him after that first year.