Welcome Back Koetter

December 30th, 2017

This is NOT an episode to miss from The Commish, Justin Pawlowski (@CommishOnline). He’s got plenty to say after the news of Dirk Koetter returning for the 2018 season. …On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, Bucs Uncensored unifies Tampa Bay fans (Stick Carriers!) in every corner of the universe. You can be a part of the show. Just email a 90-second-or-less audio blast to BucsUncensored@gmail.com. Listen above or subscribe on iTunes right here, or at Podbean.com. Justin’s work is not influenced by JoeBucsFan.com. Joe just thinks it’s very, very, very special. **CAUTION: some R-RATED language!**

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13 Responses to “Welcome Back Koetter”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    Gonna guess that Justin Time P. will be happy as the two shared an oil painting, chest bumps and ”atta boys”.

  2. Nate Says:

    I’m hoping for the best JP……but playcalling duties HAS to be relinquished ….as he started to do last year

    along with other changes

  3. Waterboy Says:

    To your point on the defense carrying the team last year if you look back at Gruden’s offenses during his whole 5-6 years in Tampa the defense carried him. He was barely over .500 in Tampa and his offenses were average at best (Look up his offensive rankings).

    Don’t give me that Gruden didn’t have draft picks due to the trade for him, that was in the 2002 and 2003 draft, what did that guru do in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 drafts to put together an offense?

    BTW ASJ is gone I would call that accountability. Doug and Swaggy won’t be back next season I’d bet on that.

    Gruden trade in 2002:
    1st round/21st overall, 2002
    2nd round/53rd overall, 2002
    1st round/32nd overall, 2003
    2nd round/33rd overall, 2004

  4. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Mike Smith is a Hack. That 5 game win streak was a fluke. Toss it in the garbage, it’s worth less than dirt.

    Fire him, post haste.

  5. William Berry Says:

    Joe, I bet you’ve been waiting three years to use that post title! Awesome!

  6. IsrBuc Says:

    @blake fake or not- what does it say about the HC? Did he have a successful season last year? Was this his first bad season as joe and ira claim repeatedly?

  7. The Buc Realist Says:

    Out of everything this year, the “Stick quitters” might be the most disappointing!!!!! Even for Bucs fans they turned on the coaches quick!!!!!!!! And I see next year even being worse!!!!!!!!

    Maybe they should rebrand to the “pink-slippers” !!!!!!! And you can use that, I am looking for no royalties!!!!!!!!!

    If the self claimed “hardcore fans” turn on the coaching staff before the half point of the season, what does that say???? With fans like the stick quitters, who needs detractors and local media!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!! And Go Head Coach Koetter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Don Ryjo Says:

    How long have you been sitting on this article title, Joe(s)?

  9. mark2001 Says:

    Realist give Justin and the “stick carriers” a break. They didn’t know Koetter was going to Coach like the “big stick” got rammed up his backside last year.

  10. Garv Says:

    It was and is the right decision IMO. Kudos to the Glazers for making the tough call.
    Firing a HC after one losing season would be a terrible look for the team. Another year to correct the obvious mistakes (not addressing the pass rush, soft training camp etc.) with an intact staff, yes, including Mike Smith was in order and we should expect better results next season. Health was a huge factor as well.

    OK, I’m done. Dealing with pissed off Gruden fans (liked him too) is exhausting.

  11. mark2001 Says:

    Garv….isn’t just PO’ed Gruden fans. It is just another year of wasted time, and coaches that don’t seem to have a good game plan or make in game adjustments very well. A bad team that always finds a way to lose. A draft and FA plan that seems to have little strategic logic based upon reality. And on top of the continual losing…being the Laughing stock of the league, excluding Cleveland. So you’re happy? Business as usual? I’m done. It is exhausting.

  12. Waterboy Says:

    You’d think Gruden had the team in the playoffs every year the way some of you all worship him. He was barely .500 in Tampa and only has 3 more wins than Dungy with a whole extra year of coaching the Bucs.

  13. David Smith Says:

    Don’t ever forget I coined that name for Koetter 1st. I watched the show, it was a painful comedy just like this season has been.