Triumphant Return

December 24th, 2017

Simply stated, Gerald McCoy is a one-man band on the Buccaneers defensive line.

Today, he was a one-armed bandit.

McCoy is playing with a significant biceps issue. It kept him out last week and he gutted it out today with some sort of support sleeve on.

In the first quarter, McCoy dropped the Buccaneers equivalent of Sasquatch on Cam Newton: a sack. And it was all McCoy. His spin move wasn’t perfect but it got him a little daylight and Newton could not escape. It was a huge play on 3rd-and-4 and it seemed to knock all the air out of the Panthers offense for the rest of the first half.

Late in the third quarter on a key Panthers 3rd-and-2 in the red zone, it was McCoy’s rush up the gut that led to an incompletion and putting Newton on the ground.

McCoy’s fresh legs and talent were difference-makers today, though not enough to win. And that’s why the Bucs pay him the big bucks.

Can somebody please sign some defensive line talent to help McCoy. Please! Please!

32 Responses to “Triumphant Return”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Look at the ice cream man in action

  2. Season Is Over Says:

    The complimentary first half sack and the David Copperfield routine the rest of the game. Championship!

  3. DB55 Says:

    Will you post Cam’s touchdown on 4th&1 in the 4th qrt? I bet you won’t! Garuntee!

  4. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Somewhere tmaxcon just puked.

  5. Lamarcus Says:

    Better had going against a reserve guard on 1 on 1. Still no game winner sack in the clutch when we need it

  6. Bucs14 Says:

    What game were you watching Joe? All game all I mostly saw was Ice Cream Softy 93 going half speed. The final score of the game was through his gap.

  7. DB55 Says:

    I just want to know how much he pays to get such positive coverage? We all know he got the money. Does he pay-off the media? It’s not too far fetched that he would.

  8. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This game wasn’t lost by GMC….of course not….only fool haters would spew that nonsense…..and it wasn’t lost by the idiot Swaggy….

    This game was lost by Dirk Koetter playcalling and poor clock management……how many trips to the red zone for 3 points?

    Come on guys….put your smart glasses on……it is as plain as day.

  9. DB55 Says:


    Will you post Cam Newton’s 4th qrt TD run on 4th&1?

  10. orlbucfan Says:

    Tell all the GMC trolls to stick it where the (climate change) rear don’t shine!! We will beat Aints next weekend. Mark my words.

  11. Bucssuccs Says:

    Honestly this team sucks from ownership, to management, coaching, and players. We have too many players who don’t care about anything other than collecting their multi-million dollar paycheck. Licht passed on Campbell for “swagless” Baker. The O-line is terrible, albeit it’s missing 3 players, but Jameis needs to protect the ball better. I’m not blaming the loss on Jameis, however, he’s known for STUPID plays and he’s not stopping anytime soon

  12. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    One of the greatest Crimes of this century is Gerald McCoy robbing the glazers of their money

    He has to be one of the most overrated defensive tackles to have ever played in the history of this league

  13. Pelbuc Says:

    The most overrated Buc of all time. Please trade batman wanna be and give me a DT with more heart.

  14. orlbucfan Says:

    P.S.: I’m a woman and missed the game cos I attended a Xmas ballet.

  15. DB55 Says:

    4th&1 with 30secs left from the 2. Cam fumbles. Picks it up and runs through McCoy’s gap where he’s got his back to the gap again then turns to watch Cam score.

    You make 16mil a year to stop plays just like that. If you make on of your many tackles for loss or pick up the fumble the Bucs win and you’re the hero but why do that? The check will clear, no one will blame you and you get to go clothes shopping for the pro bowl in 2 weeks. Win-win-win for McIceCream

  16. Joel Says:

    Defense wasn’t any better today with him in there. Another meaningless sack in a meaningless game. Then didn’t see him the rest of the day.

  17. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Joel Says:
    December 24th, 2017 at 4:41 pm
    Defense wasn’t any better today with him in there. Another meaningless sack in a meaningless game. Then didn’t see him the rest of the day.

    GMC is like Britney Spears in comparison

    ……both of their talents are severely overrated but they look good doing it for a short amount of time and then disappears again

  18. Matt B Says:

    GMC Haters make me chuckle. They think they know football better than NFL head coaches and offensive coordinators who say week after week that they must game plan for him. Unbelievable. With one arm he’s still our best defensive lineman.

  19. BurgDweller Says:

    I think Joe is on McCoy’s payroll. Nice sack in the first half but nowhere to be found to make a clutch play when needed.

  20. Matt B Says:

    If he sits out with his torn bicep, the haters say he’s soft. If he plays and only gets one sack and another key pressure, he’s still a softy collecting a check in the haters’ eyes. Misplaced frustration to the Nth degree.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Who cares if McCoy had a good game. He choked in the end…….I’m not saying this game is on him. But dude, close out one game a season. Is one clutch play per season asking too much? His side of the ball has had plenty of chances to come up clutch and make just one play to close out a game…….If McCoy want respect from all the fans then give us one clutch play per season.

    He should be looked at as the first guy that we hold accountable for a complete inabilit6 to close out games. He’s the only guy repping the team in the pro bowl. This defense can’t close out game because they are mentally weak and McCoy is the first guy we need to point a finger at and ask “Why not?”

    Let McCoy make one play per year to close out a game…….Then let somebody else feel the need to have his back……..Let somebody else feel challenged to one-up him.

    This is just how sports work……..Ability to win games and make the game winning clutch plays has to start somewhere and from somebody. If your getting it from nowhere the first person that’s required to change that is your best player, McCoy.

    This is just how sports works……..You guys remember when the Rays were good? When they were a winning team it was fueled by pitching……When you guy had a great game/win the others where challenged to match it. They fed off one another…..When they hit a losing skid Shields,our best, was the first guy to throw a great game and end the slump……The next losing skid somebody else matched him.

    This is just how sports works. We get none of that with the Bucs. Nobody is breaking the slump. On defense, McoCoy get the brunt of the blame. You win games at the end……Not in the first freaking quarter.

  22. DB55 Says:

    Matt B

    Are you blind? Do you watch the game in Braille?

  23. Buc believer Says:

    I think that Joe is the ice cream mans agent at least part time. How else do you explain him constantly making excuses for this limp noodle.

  24. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I hate to be the one to inform you but there are many, many teams and players that don’t stop Cam Newton…..
    The key was…..Our offense had 1 touchdown…….1….uno.

    With all of Winston’s production, you have to ask yourself why?

    The common element with our impotent offense over the last two years is HC Dirk Koetter’s playcalling….as an OC he was OK….but it is over his head….you can see his clock management is awful…

    But, no….it’s GMCs fault….

    So, Glazers simply trade GMC….and if he is as bad as many JBF say he is…we’ll get a 7th rounder for him.

  25. SOEbuc Says:

    Take a hint from the dumbarse Rays and get rid of GMC for some picks and players. Thing about E-Lo though is he is still very talented and loved by an entire generation of Rays’ fans. Has GMC ever made it through one season without having some kind of injury? I know a much younger guy that played great with his shoulder wrapped up and has now had two surgeries in two years. What a great call by the entire Bucs organization to let Spawn play like, also.

  26. Tattoodonny Says:

    After watching DE Demarcus Lawrence of the Dallas Cowboys run down Russell Wilson one-on-one for a big sack he’d be someone to go after in free agency provided he’s not franchised by them. This team normally gives the big money up front, he has been suspended for pot, but it’s normal 2 add Provisions in their contracts the Safeguard the team. Draft Brady Chubb in 1st rd w/Lawrence & Spence of healthy plus DMC this DL world be vastly improved. Again, the Bucs fans “DREAMING OF BETTER DAYS”.

  27. not there yet Says:

    What the hell are you talking about!!! Yeah ok they pay him big bucks to make one play a game hell Clinton McDonald made one play last week and got the sack in the 4th quarter so what!!! Sucking McCoy for stories is not cute girls

  28. ElioT Says:

    Grimace got his 1st quarter stat and then disappeared per usual.

    He’s a good guy and his talent is undeniable.

    What is equally undeniable is that he has made ZERO impact plays in clutch situations his entire career and he does not hold other players accountable or make anyone else better around him.

    When have we ever seen McCoy rallying the defense when they need it the most? It’s never f**king happened!!!!

    The Bucs can lose without him, and they need to trade him for a couple of pucks while they can. Let him finish his career with a competitive team, he deserves it in all honesty.

  29. Samsung Says:

    Mccoy doesn’t care enough about winning, time to rid our team of this perennial loser. Levantine David and Brent Grimes are the only pro bowlers on this defense

  30. Samsung Says:

    Mccoy doesn’t care enough about winning, time to rid our team of this perennial loser.

  31. Clint Says:

    Dude, you’re dreaming. Anyone who is paid for a living to scout football would tell you Mccoy is just a guy and has been for several years now. He got a sack! Who cares. Just collects stacks and punches the time clock. Couldn’t get a 4th rounder for him without retaining some salary.

  32. Reach87 Says:

    Db55 you’re a moron. You had credibilty but spewed it away with your Mccoy obsession. Moron. Go Bucs!