Would Team Glazer Free Mike Smith For The New York Giants?

December 5th, 2017

An esteemed Pro Football Hall of Fame voter from New York, Bob Glauber, has put Mike Smith on a list of likely potential candidates for the vacant Giants head coaching job.

Glauber, writing for Newsday, represents the Giants beat among the 48-person Hall of Fame selection committee. (For those unaware, JoeBucsFan.com columnist Ira Kaufman is the lone Tampa Bay area selector.)

The Giants fired head coach Ben McAdoo this week, and Glauber typed up a list of possible targets to replace him.

Smith was second on his list, which may or may not have been a coincidence.

• Mike Smith, Buccaneers defensive coordinator: Smith was a candidate in 2016 when the Giants settled on McAdoo. He enjoyed a solid career as the Falcons’ head coach, finishing with a 66-46 career record. He becomes a more attractive possibility to the Giants if they’re looking for someone with previous head-coaching experience to avoid the inevitable learning curve that comes with a first-time coach.

Yes, the Giants interviewed Smith but chose McAdoo. After getting fired by the Falcons, Smith sat out the 2015 season, wrote a book and spent a lot of time at NFL headquarters in New York consulting with the NFL in the area of officiating.

The Mara family, which owns the Giants, has a reputation for being a conservative organization that craves stability and experience. Maybe Smith, who Joe imagines was extremely impressive during the interview process, left an impression and fits their desired mold.

However, (and it’s a giant however), Smith signed a fat new contract with the Bucs that prohibits him from seeking a head coaching job this offseason. That’s how badly Team Glazer wanted to keep Smith, chieftain of the NFL’s 31st-ranked defense. Bucs icon Derric Brooks and others loved the bold move and called it the biggest offseason signing of the year by ownership.

But might Team Glazer eagerly consider waving rights to Smith and let him interview for an HC gig anyway? Certainly they could. There’s nothing stopping them; Smith surely wouldn’t object.

Or maybe Team Glazer respects the job Smith has done this season and has every intention of clinging to him?

Interesting sailing ahead for Team Glazer.

For those wondering, Smith’s .589 winning percentage with the Falcons ranks 42nd all-time among NFL coaches, just behind John Harbaugh (.590), Mike Holmgren (.591) and Pete Carroll (.593). Jon Gruden ranks 69th at .540.

43 Responses to “Would Team Glazer Free Mike Smith For The New York Giants?”

  1. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Ernie Accorsi has been charged with Hiring the GM that will Hire the next coach for the Giants.

    There is no way anyone that Accorsi, who is a brilliant football mind, and a legendary GM, would never hire anyone so stupid.

  2. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    The Bucs would have to let Smitty take an HC position. They may want to cut ties anyway but with only 32 jobs and just a few of those opening each year..the Bucs will do the decent thing and let Smitty take over the Giants if that’s what the Giants want to do.

  3. Waterboy Says:

    Joe you really have to ask that question? They would release Mike Smith to take the N.Y. job in a New York second if they wanted to hire him and get them out of that contract.

  4. Waterboy Says:

    They would even pay his moving expenses.

  5. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Did Gruden really say that he would consider coaching the Giants? I saw that on Twitter from some sports news person…cannot remember who though..

    Maybe Joe can confirm or deny?

  6. tmaxcon Says:

    it’s not like the rest of the owners take the bucs or glazers seriously so his failures here will not count against him.

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    Two words: Bye Felicia!

  8. Waterboy Says:

    Gruden would be a good fit in NY. Big market team with a veteran QB. I hope they hire him soon.

  9. Bayers Says:

    Bye felicia

  10. Phil Says:

    We can only hope.

  11. The Buc Realist Says:

    Cannot stop a coach from taking a Head Coaching job!!!!!!! The question is will the Bucs be worse next year losing a Defensive coach like Coach Smitty!!!!!!! We have seen his defense looks like with just a rookie NS57 and a healthy RA91 in the back half of last season!!!!! Think what he could do with a real DE thrown into the mix!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Realist- I don’t think that those are the only two missing links. VHIII has turned into a scared nickel back and our CBs play 10 yards off on EVERY play. I watched last night’s game and DBs were at the LOS on MOST plays. Our defense mirrors it’s DC…….SCARED!

  13. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    swap defensive coordinators

    grudog will be probably take a hard look at bringing john spagnola as dc next year

    230lb nowhere spence cant play in the NFL

    Son of Kobe Faker

  14. The Buc Realist Says:


    I know, its like they had a pass rush or something!!!!!!!! Let me ask you this, why did not one scream about this last year, especially the last half of the season?????????????

  15. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Here’s the thing…the Bucs are about to retool the defense. If they succeed, then Smith will probably leave after next year anyway…and that will mean he’ll leave in the middle of the retooling.

    Best to just let him interview for the job. Perhaps they can work out a trade deal if the Giants want Smith…like a pick or something, if that’s still doable in the nfl.

    But if the giants do offer him a job, then the Bucs need to give him up. It gets them out of a bog contract, and though it doesn’t affect the cap, it does affect the Glazers pockets.

  16. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Bucsfanman Says
    “I don’t think that those are the only two missing links. VHIII has turned into a scared nickel back and our CBs play 10 yards off on EVERY play.”

    That is coaching. VHIII will be fine…in the middle. Possibly on the outside later. But you are right, we still need a CB. Grimes will probably retire, and even if he doesn’t we have to prepare for when he does.

    The thing is, we might be able to get that CB in free agency.

  17. The Buc Realist Says:

    @Buc Bonzai

    fyi BG24 did not “get it” until his 4th year!!!!!! And if we were actually told the truth of why the CB play back, it is because they know that they will have to cover in the 4-7 second category all game long and it save energy and steps!!!

    Fix the D-line and the defense will look totally different!!!!!!! That is what we saw last year when NS57 was either shortening the time to throw or was getting attention from the RB-Te that had to help block so the pass rush was more successful!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. brooks55hof Says:

    Allow Mike Smith to walk for two first round and two second round picks!

  19. not there yet Says:

    I can’t think of a better way to move Mike Smith. Yes please his defense in our division is one less NFC opponent to worry about

  20. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    The Bucs should consider giving up a couple of picks to get Smith out of here!

  21. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    did the sheep see Xavier rhodes play against Jul Jones this week

    if you are going to play press man2man…you need to out physical the recievers. rhodes is big enough and strong enough to handle JJs hand fighting and the speed to recover and run with

    whats our 5’9 185lb weakling corners going to do against the physical bigs?

    like my pops said…the 2016 draft was the worst draft in the history of the bucs franchise…all we got is a avg slot corner and a shoulder harness

    Son of Kobe Faker

  22. GoBucYourself Says:

    Eli Manning put the kibosh on a Smith hiring in NY. He claimed the team needed the continuity McAdoo would provide and effectively vetoed a Smith hire. Didn’t work out that well for Eli.

  23. Buc believer Says:

    Seriously???? Uhh okay. They will stink for a while then.

  24. Broy34CantWaitForGruden Says:

    Lol no Joe the Glazers like having the worst defense in football. Was that a serious question?? This team is seeing big overhauls. If they fired Raheem schiano and lovie who had similar records with less talent what do you see happening here

  25. Broy34CantWaitForGruden Says:

    Blake you know this Accorsi guy is a brilliant mind how exactly?

  26. Capt.Tim Says:

    We wish!

  27. Rob Says:

    For draft picks sure.

  28. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    Bye don’t let the door hit ya where God split ya.

  29. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Anyone remember Crater and Freighters, who used to advertise here ?
    They said they will help Mike Smith pack for NY, if it will help The Bucs 🙂

  30. JonBuc Says:

    Yes please! There’s no way the Giants would do this. Bill Sheridan would be brought back before Smith is hired.

  31. passthebuc Says:

    What a Christmas Present

  32. BucEmUp Says:



    I know it won’t happen though because that would actually make the team better and that doesn’t happen here in Tampa.

  33. Blake_Bucsfan Says:


    Ernie Accorsi is the guy, who as the GM of the Baltimore Colts drafted John Elway. Granted, Elway refused to play for the Colts and was then traded the Broncos.

    As well as being the main guy responsible for constructing the 2 time Super Bowl Champion New York Giants.

    So yeah I’d say he knows a thing or two.

  34. TampaTown Says:

    Talk about a win/win. Well…a win for us.

  35. passthebuc Says:

    What a thought. Maybe we throw in JW and get a 1st and 2nd

  36. Bird Says:

    Giants have been going in wrong direction so anything is possible.

    He has really looked bad though and I know not having pass rush is key.

  37. BringBucsBack Says:

    Smithy is hired as their HC and he then hires the newly-fired Koetter as his OC.🙏🏼🙏🏼 …a 2fer!

    Anyone with eyeballs isn’t hiring Smith as a Head Crapper!

    Whatever happens the Bucs will humiliate themselves and us by extension!

  38. Mike Johnson Says:

    Excellent idea. Take Koetter with you Smitty!!

  39. Joeypoppems Says:

    He was 2nd last year. With the way the defense preformed this season who knows if they still have intrest.

  40. Lakeland Says:

    As I stated last season…..Mike Smith will NEVER be a Head Coach again in the NFL!

  41. darin Says:

    Lol. Smith will be fired. He is a laughingstock of the league this year. Coaches are making fun of him these days. You rarely hear that. Adios Mikey adios. I wish it would happen yesterday

  42. Pick6 Says:

    the only time i recall a franchise having success hiring a coordinator coming off a bad year for a bad team is the packers hiring mccarthy. it’s an extremely un-conservative move coming off the mcadoo disaster

    whether mike smith gets head coaching offers or not, the most likely scenario is the Glazer paying two defensive coordinators next year. Even if they don’t totally clean house it’s hard to see them bringing back the architect of a historically bad defense as a sidekick to the architect of one of the most underachieving bucs squads of all time

  43. America's Commenter Says:

    Raheem Morris has a better chance of getting hired as a Head Coach than Mike Smith does. Morris has largely shored up his reputation over the past several seasons, while Mike Smith has done nothing but show that the game has passed him by.