Rich Gannon Talks Chucky

December 28th, 2017

Former Super Bowl quarterback Rich Gannon thinks Chucky will return.

Few people are tighter with the greatest coach in Bucs history, Chucky, than his former Raiders quarterback, Rich Gannon.

And if Gannon had to lay cash, it wouldn’t shock him one bit if Chucky is employed in the NFL as a head coach before the Super Bowl kicks off in Minnesota.

Gannon recently did a hit with Bonta Hill on KGMZ-FM 95.7 in San Francisco. There, much like across Tampa Bay, fans and some employed to talk behind microphones for a living are begging and screaming for the return of Chucky.

(For those unaware, Chucky once coached the Raiders before Al Davis traded him to the Bucs. And just like with the Bucs, the Raiders have had scant success since he left the franchise.)

In Oakland, it appears Jack Del Rio, like Dirk Koetter, is in hot water as the Raiders have terribly under-performed expectations this season, just like the Bucs. Raiders fans, like Bucs fans, want their team to step back into the wayback machine and bring back Chucky. Gannon believes one of those two fan bases may get their wish.

Gannon says he often keeps close contact with Chucky, though with his work schedule and Chucky’s (Gannon calls NFL games for CBS), the two haven’t touched base in about a month.

But Gannon has the sense Chucky is coming back to the NFL this year.

“It’s almost like the Rocky movie where he went and trained in Russia,” Gannon said. “I think Jon has been training like that for five years.

“I think he has done an unbelievable job staying abreast of what is going on in the league, looking at personnel. He has spent a lot of time with college coaches and learning about different defenses and different things they are doing on offense in terms of the spread game. He gathers all of this information and when he comes back he’s going to come back with a vengeance.

“I think it is getting close. That is my personal opinion. It would not surprise me if he comes back within the next month.”

When Hill pressed Gannon where he thinks Chucky will coach next season, Gannon was slightly coy, saying, “My sense is it could be on the west coast or it could be somewhere down south, I will just leave it at that.”

Well, let’s do some math here. Let’s first look at the west coast. Neither San Diego, Los Angeles (Rams or Chargers) or San Francisco will be looking for a new coach. Unless Pete Carroll decides to retire, it’s difficult seeing him being shoved aside for Chucky. That leaves just the Raiders.

And the Raiders have a quarterback Chucky covets.

So, down south. Well, Peter King of fame appeared with Chris “Mad Dog” Russo for his weekly spot on Sirius XM Mad Dog Radio Tuesday and flat out said he doesn’t buy Jerry Jones’ alleged vote of confidence for Jason Garrett. King believes Chucky could be in play in Dallas.

Other teams in the south? Well, there has been some chatter that Houston is fed up with Bill O’Brien and clearly the Texans have a quarterback.

Tennessee may have an opening as Mike Mularkey is fielding questions about his job security. Joe cannot see any other opening in the south aside from perhaps the Dolphins, but that team doesn’t have a quarterback if bratty Jay Cutler decides to retire (again). So scratch the Dolphins.

So outside Dallas and Houston and Tennessee, the only other possible opening for a southern team with a quarterback could be the Bucs.

So per Gannon’s and King’s words, the potential landing spots for Chucky could be the Raiders, the Cowboys, the Titans, the Texans or the Bucs.

And clearly Chucky has emotional ties to Oakland and Tampa Bay (Chucky was honored before a recent Raiders home game by lighting Al Davis’ torch, which only a select few have had the privilege, including John Madden, Kenny Stabler’s family and select Raiders Hall of Famers.)

To hear Gannon’s full interview, click the arrow below and fast-forward to the 10:00 mark. Audio courtesy of 95.7 The Fan.

65 Responses to “Rich Gannon Talks Chucky”

  1. Bird Says:

    He will use other teams to get bucs to pay up big.

    Gruden is a buc and grew up a buc Fanatic. His home is 10 minutes from stadium.

    The raiders are moving to Las Vegas where they will struggle to fill out home stadium. It will be people from other teams who go there to party for a weekend and gamble. Not a gruden type of town.

    Dallas has the oline , qb and running back gruden salivates over. Plus the defensive coordinator is already in place and was a former buc. However , could you see gruden (who wants all the power) putting up with jerry jones (who has all the power).

    If glazers want gruden , Gonna be around 7 – 7 plus range Gruden likes licht and they both have same agent and he wants to take Jameis to next level. I would just hope that gruden leaves the draft to licht. Gruden did fine in free agency but draft was prettt bad (that I remember ). Just seems like koetter is dead man walking and will not be given fair shot to turn this jacked up season around.

  2. Bird Says:

    Go bucs!

    Just not this week against saints. Need #4 pick for Barkley , or Chubb

  3. Bobby M. Says:

    There’s this misinformed idea Chucky only won with Dungys team…..We traded for him because he turned Oakland around the way Dungy turned the Bucs around. He then came here and delivered what Dungy could not and remained competitive all while the Glaziers reduced spending to the bottom 5 in the league for five straight yrs.

    It’s funny but folks say Koetter deserves another yr because Winston was hurt….yet when Gruden lost Johnson and Griese, he was still expected to produce winners with a garbage payroll and a team that hadn’t had a 1st or 2nd pick in back to back yrs? Koetter has had ONE five game winning streak that props up his entire resume here….Gruden built Oakland into an offensive powerhouse with Gannon and delivered the goods to Tampa. I’ll take a proven winner over our current crap show without blinking.

  4. Rossta61 Says:

    What will happen is the Bucs will screw it up like always and Chucky will be coaching for another team and all the fans that don’t want Chucky to be here will be crying in the beers when he wins a Super Bowl for another team we always let good players and coaches get away. It’s a Bucs life

  5. feelthepewterpower Says:

    Joe, in a weird way, I wonder if the Glazers feel this subconscious pressure to fire Koetter because of the short hooks on Morris, Schiano, and Lovie. Even though Keeping Dirk might be the right thing to do…

  6. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Glazers should be in negotiations now. Will have to satisfy the Rooney Rule quickly…

  7. Defense Rules Says:

    I like Chucky, but his offensive genius has been way overblown. Gruden had Monte Kiffin for his 7 years as coach here, and that made all the difference. When Gruden came here in 2002, Monte’s defense ranked #1 … giving up a meager 196 points on the season (just a tad over 12 PPG) & the Bucs went 12-4 and we won the Super Bowl.

    In the years that followed until Chucky was fired after the 2008 season, Monte’s defense ranked in the Top-10 all but 1 year (2006 Bucs’ defense ranked #21 … Bucs went 4-12 that year under Chucky). Even with Top-10 defenses in 2003 & 2004, Chucky’s Bucs went 7-9 (#4 defense only allowed 264 pts) and 5-11 (#9 defense allowed 304 pts). Since Monte left (after the 2008 season), Bucs have only had ONE year that our defense ranked in the Top 10 … in 2010, Rah’s defense ranked #9, gave up only 318 points and the Bucs went 10-6.

    All this ‘Hire Gruden’ talk won’t make the Bucs relevant again. Our identity has always been D-E-F-E-N-S-E. Chucky’s offenses never ranked above #18 in the NFL (in 2002) and ranked as low as #31 (in 2006 when we went 4-12). His average offensive ranking during his 7 years is #21 … pretty much exactly the same as what we’re seeing this year. And yes, NFL teams have changed in the 10 years he’s been gone … today’s defenses are MUCH BETTER than what his offenses faced years ago.

    ‘Be careful what you wish for’ as all our mamas used to say. What WILL make us relevant again is to FIX THIS DEFENSE so that it ranks in the Top-10 year after year. Invest in DLine and secondary upgrades (our LB corps is good enough for us to be a Top-10 defense right now IMO). To make those enhancements, bring in a GM who understands D-E-F-E-N-S-E. Our present GM doesn’t.

  8. Frank813 Says:

    West coast team? Aren’t the Raiders moving to Vegas?

  9. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I agree with Bird. There is no way Gruden works for Jerry Jones. And, he needs to let Light handle the draft.

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo agrees with TBBF. Pablo thinks Herry Hones and Hon Gruden would be a disaster and Hon should stick to working with Hamus and leave the draft to Hason.”

  11. mark2001 Says:

    Guys…… this isn’t about “putting other teams out there to drive up the price”. There will be much demand out there, but that is because he is in demand by many teams…many of them he wouldn’t want to even coach for. Now his agent may be talking to some owners. But he will be a “hot commodity” contrary to the belief of some Tampa Bay fans.

  12. mark2001 Says:

    And Defense Rules…our current coaches sure as H don’t know how to fix this Defense.

  13. DB55 Says:

    I wouldn’t underestimate the ny Giants. Kind of a dream job.

  14. mark2001 Says:

    Perimeter…the Glazers are just trying to show some consideration to Dirk by waiting until the season is over. There is plenty of time to do what they would have to do.

  15. AlteredEgo Says:

    Why would want to live in Las Vegas ?
    SF sure it is a beautiful city and a beautiful part of the country

  16. BoJim Says:

    Koetter deserves another year and not because Jameis was hurt. I believe he will get us going again. Opinion, as all others.

  17. mark2001 Says:

    I agree Altered. And wouldn’t the fact that no one would want Koetter if he was on the market a week from today, while Gruden would have his choice of a dozen teams at top dollar, mean something? These NFL owners and GM’s didn’t fall off the proverbial “turnip truck”….at least most of them didn’t.

  18. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Look carefully at Jon Grudens’s record here and you will see the pendulum swings that Koetter is having this season. His record was 7-9 the year
    after superbowl. He folllowed that up with a 5-11 record the next year.
    He was 11-5 the next year ,I believe aided by the weak schedule from the previous losing sesson.The next year with a tougher schedule, back to 4-12.
    He then followed that up with his first two winning seasons in a row. Keep in mind it took him 6 years to start a two year winning streak.
    Now the Gruden years were hobbled by the same personnel issues that Koetter
    has endured,but some of those were due to Chucky and Bruce Allen signing
    washed up free agents like Charley Garner and Tim Brown, and Todd Steussie.
    Now are Licht’s bad free agent signings,injuries,hurricanes,no Bye,Jameis
    injury and struggles with turnovers enough to give another year ? The players are playing hard for Koetter.. Did Keyshawn play hard for Gruden.

  19. mark2001 Says:

    Bob.. there is no “weak schedule” to set us up for 11-5 next year. We are five games behind Atlanta…. and we aren’t substantially better than any team in the league. So to think we will be close to a 11-5 next years is pretty much “wishful thinking”. In fact, if we don’t have a good draft and FA period, we might expect another 4-12 or 5-11 season if things don’t change.

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    After compiling a 40–28 win-loss record (including playoffs) in four seasons with the Raiders, Gruden replaced the fired Tony Dungy as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002

    _via a high-stakes trade that included Tampa Bay’s

    • 2002 first-round draft picks
    • 2003 first-round draft picks,

    • 2002 second-round draft picks
    • 2004 second-round draft picks

    +$8 million in cash

    *Would trade all of that and more for a Super Bowl ring any day!

    But lets look at The Good Vs. The Bad

    The Good
    2002 12-4 || .750 *Super Bowl (NFC South Division Champ)
    2005 11-5 || .688 Lost 1st round of playoffs (NFC South Division Champ)
    2007 9-7 || .563 Lost 1st round of playoffs (NFC South Division Champ)
    2008 9-7 || .563 Monte’s announcement/Defense collapses (3rd place)

    The Bad
    2003 7-9 .438 || Super Bowl Hangover – NFC South 3th place
    • 2003-Gruden vs Johnson (illustrated by a video clip of him yelling at Gruden on the sidelines) led to his de-activation for the final 7 games of the 2003 season

    2004 (5-11) .313 || NFC South 4th place

    2006 (4-12) 250 || NFC South 3th place.
    • 2006-Chris Simms Injured Spleen/ 6th round draft pick (194th overall) Bruce Gradkowski starts 11 games (3-8 as starter).

    4 out of 7 years – Gruden Won & Lost w/ scraps- Its not like he had a bunch of premium draft picks and cap space.

  21. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Mark, my weak schedule comment referred only to Gruden years,not suggesting
    we benefit that way.Jason Licht’s free agent signings have not given Koetter or Smitty A fair chance. He has been neglecting the defense for most of his time here trying to fill the holes with second or third tier players. He also wildly overestimated the value of a Jameis-DJAX connection.There were injury issues to Jameis to be sure,but he still is behind the curve on deep ball efficiency.
    Licht failed to recognize that,eventhough Jameis had only averaged no more than
    two deep completions over 40 yards a year.

  22. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Every year everyone had us listed as “Paper Champs”.
    Coach Gruden took us to another Level.

    Thx Coach!

  23. I'm a Tandyman Bucs Fan Says:

    Keep Irk and Smitty and you are going to get what you just finished getting. These Bucs aren’t going to play for those 2 after what they have been through this season. New leadership is what is needed at this stage of the game. I don’t care who it is as long as these 2 clowns aren’t retained!!!! Tired of talking about all this crap. Come on Mr. Glazer let’s get this done so us Buc Fans can begin to heal. 12 weeks is a long time to be ill!!!!

  24. DoNUTS Says:

    If I was Gruden, it would come down to the QB position for my next coaching location. The QB play determines the winning and losing most of the time in every NFL game.

    I would pick Prescott or Watson over Winston, who is injury and turnover prone. Texans and Dallas DEF is better than Bucs. Dallas has familiar faces in current coaching group so it seems more natural move.

    I know this will anger some but its how I see it. I think it may be Koetter again. I was hoping like most Chuckie would come here but when you think about what he would be thinking about when making the decision then I think we are not his #1 spot.

  25. mark2001 Says:

    Bob…I understand what you are saying… I’m just saying that there is never an “easy enough” schedule t set you up for a 11-5 year. You earn that.

    And don’t you think Licht sat down with Smith and Koetter regarding the needs of our team, and they gave the green light to the FA signings? I understand the draft involves young and un-NFL tested teams, and might be more unknown regarding the transition. But it is only Lichts FA signings to the point that he did the contracts and shared input. I’m certain he relied greatly on the coaches for their assessment of the teams needs and FA’s available. And they all had a major hand in that. You can’t just lay that at Lichts door.

  26. mark2001 Says:

    DoNuts… I think the decision is more complex than that. Tampa is his hometown…the Bucs his team… he is established and comfortable in the community. So I think the decision is based upon whether the Glazers will offer the job to him and meet his basic terms…the same terms he would ask of any team.

  27. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Koetter will have to improve on game management and sometimes conservative play calling in the red zone. And he will need the bond that he has been building with Jameis to work the kinks out of his game in TO department. Just the talks Koetter has had with Jameis the last two weeks alone to calm Jameis down make a mockery of the Ian Rappaport report. And despite of the TO’s Jameis has responded with some inspired play for his coach.

  28. Jim Says:

    It would take five #1 picks to even start to fix the Buc’s defense. Play to WIN!

  29. JabooBuc Says:

    It’s crazy to me that Houston would get rid of Bill OBrien. He has taken them to the playoffs with almost no QB play. Finally gets his guy and they start tearing it up until he gets hurt. Crazy!

  30. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Mark, Who knows? Licht has said in the past the he will keep trying to convince
    someone he is right in his personel decisions. Ultimately as the final decision maker the monkey falls on his back. Licht needs to be relieved of free agent responsibilities,given his poor track record. Hire another GM type or two to fix this
    problem like Atlanta did.

  31. ChanEpic Says:

    Are we overthinking this a bit ladies and gents? I think an(the) argument to be made is that there is an opportunity to pick up a SB winning homer coach who can COMPETENTLY LEAD A LOCKER ROOM and that is why you make the move to Gruden. We had a 23 year old performing a ratchet version of the Jack-Ass TV show before every game to do anything to light a fire under the a*** of grown men in need of a leader. The LEADERSHIP VOID is THE issue and Koetter, isn’t getting it done with the Xs & Os OR in the inspiration department. Chucky immediately fills THAT void and that, I’d wager, buys you 2-3 more wins on a season.

  32. BigMacAttack Says:

    He will be the highest paid coach in the NFL, Somewhere around 5yrs at $75-100 Million.

  33. Scotty in Fat Antonio Says:

    Except being locked in a basement for a year, this has got a LOVIE “HOWELL” SMITH disaster written all over it.

  34. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Hmmm… has his friend float other teams as possibilities for leverage to make sure the Bucs pay him well and are more likely to keep him in the future because of their financial commitment. Smart😉

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    gruden will be our next coach….we just wont be able to name him HC until after the last wild card game is played on bspn…..

    glazers silence speaks volumes!!!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  36. FortMyersDave Says:

    DoNuts also forgets to consider that Watson may never be the “flash in the pan” rookie ever again. He surprised a lot of teams and now is coming back from a bad injury and teams now have tape on him to actually study; couple that with being a step slower and I say Watson could become a game manager like injury prone Mariota; not a bad qb but no sensible reason to put him ahead of Winston though I get how many simply will not take off the hate blinders for the kid from FSU…. Preskott also displayed some poor play when he had to play without a RB and some injuries to a strong OL. All the people who have drunk the BSPN inspired koolaid of Winston having so many tools forget that his OL was mediocre to start the season with Marpet as Center and overall got worse as the injuries mounted and also that Dirk K stubbornly refused to bench a washed up Dougie Martin, leaving the Bucs with one of the worst run offenses in the league….

    I love how the national media trolls the Bucs; if Winston played for the Giants, Pats or Broncos and made the same mistakes they’d all be citing his unsportsmanlike penalties as an “aggressive drive to win”, his eating W’s as a “unique way” to inspire his team mates, and his fumbles would be looked at as “growing pains”…. If JW was in a media darling market: some stuffed suit in Bristol, NYC, or other northern cesspool would be calling him a 23 year old diamond in the rough. Got to give the kid a decent OL and a running game to work with before we run him out of Tampa unless you really want him in another city like it seems so many natl talking heads want…

    For what its worth, it would be cool to see Chuckie back on the sidelines of RJS and he is probably loving the attention and the rumors of going to Dallas, Oakland or Nashville as it will raise the anty and might make him the highest paid coach in the NFL.

  37. FortMyersDave Says:

    ChanEpic; I agree with ya and think any competent coach who managed the game clock at least on average with other NFL clubs, threw loyalty out the window and found a good RB and decent kicker before the season started and laid down the hammer with a few suspensions like what happened up in Jacksonville this season could have made that Bucs 4-12 record at least 2 or 3 wins better by winning a few of the following: Carolina road, New England, ATL home and possibly on the road, Buffalo, Green Bay, and Detroit; all winnable and even the AZ and Carolina home games could have been W’s with better coaching….. The wise guys in Vegas had this club pegged at 8.5 wins plus or minus and they usually are pretty spot on when it comes to setting the numbers so obviously the Bucs underperformed…. Too late now and all the Bucs will have to show for a 4 win season is a 5th overall draft pick if they lose as expected to New Orleans…. At least Chuckie would have 2 picks in the top 38 or so of the draft if he came here…..

  38. Mike Johnson Says:

    It will be Tampa. Gruden loves the stage setting in Tampa close to home. I don’t see the Raiders doin well in Vegas. To many distractions. Jon knows it. If Gruden will bring back passion to our Buc Nation then bring him on. Our coaches currently show the emotion of the, Walking Dead TV series. We need a motivational injection bad. DC Smitty can sit in the cheap seats high above the stadium with me and utilize his binoculars as a fan.

  39. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “Cindy Gruden”

    The Faker men knows how women tick

  40. Maze Says:

    Only problem is Dallas has proven to have a game manager at QB. And the same goes for Oakland. They got exposed and look like trash

  41. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    “My dad and I was peeking thru the Hooters front window and we saw….

    Jon gruden forcing Ira Kaufman to rewrite and read his HOF acceptance speech for 4 hours”

    Son of Kobe Faker

  42. Guzzie Says:

    If we keep Koetter, big if, would love to see Marvin Lewis as our defensive coordinator, actually no matter who our next coach is, still want Lewis as DC

  43. BringBucsBack Says:

    …“It’s either a team on the west coast or down south, let’s just leave it at that”. So Gannon knows that Chucky is returning and to whom!!!

    So. Chucky is fired by TB in 2009, never moves, remains in Tpa the following 10 consecutive years, raises his family here, see’s 2 of his 3 boys through HS just to uproot his 3rd (football-playing) son during his senior year to coach in TN??? Oak is the only other option and his roots are just too deep here.

    Heeeerrreee’s Johnny!

  44. Lakeland Says:

    So “The greatest coach in Bucs history” has a career 57-55 record with the team. This is a “Pathetic Franchise”, the most pathetic in all of sports.

  45. AlteredEgo Says:

    If Chucky comes to Tampa it’ll be 2019 not 2018….
    One More Year for the coaching staff…including GM…that said…I am sure there are BIG contingency plans hammered out by both owners and new staff on the shelf …one more year for GM/HC/DC

  46. BringBucsBack Says:

    In ‘02 the Bucs had to give up picks AND serious coin to get Gru. Now they only have to give up coin…and lots of it!

  47. Guzzie Says:

    Indy, Cincy, and Giants definitely are getting new coaches, Cleveland and Tampa have high probability of new coaches, and Tennessee, Oakland, Arizona and Houston have been mentioned replacing their coaches, other than Marvin Lewis and Gruden there isn’t any other established head coaches available, unless Arians and OBrien leave, what I’m saying is who do we replace Koetter with if we don’t get Gruden??? It’s gonna be an unproven coordinator ala Raheem or a college coach, unless Marvin Lewis which will invoke Lovie Smith comparisons, scary thing being a Bucs fan, might as well keep Koetter and replace our DC

  48. NFLNut Says:


    My Gruden Odds:

    Stays in the Booth: 40%
    Bucs: 30%
    Raiders: 15%
    Texans: 10%
    Titans: 5%

    The reason I have “stays in the booth” higher than “Bucs” is simply because he’s already in the booth job, whereas, at the moment, Koetter is still coach of the Bucs.

    Personally, I don’t think the Raiders will fire Jack Del Rio and Bill O’Brien is still under contract for next season with the Texans and is a darn good coach, so I’m not sure they’ll have an opening either. As for the Titans … I don’t think they will appeal much at all to Gruden, as Mariota has been one of the WORST QBs in the entire NFL this year.

    As for the Cowboys job … Jerry Jones has been pretty adamant that he will retain Jason Garrett so I don’t see that position being open either … if it were, it’s a prime job as it comes with good weather, no state income tax, a great O-Line, great running game, some great young defensive talent … and a QB that used to be efficient and is still young.

    All of the above said, if Gruden comes back to the NFL, I’d give the Bucs twice the odds to land Gruden as the second highest NFL team (the Raiders) for the following reasons:

    #1 Jameis: Gruden is a huge fan of Jameis and Jameis is not only younger but he is already better than Derek Carr, Mariota and Dak Prescott … the one guy that might excite Gruden is Deshaun Watson but while he’s more athletic than Jameis, he has a slighter frame and is not anywhere near the prototypical pocket-passer Jameis is, nor does he have the arm talent Jameis has.

    #2: Tampa: Gruden already lives in Tampa and loves it.

    #3: Weather: The Detroit Lions are being rumored to be ready to go all-in on landing Chucky … but, come on, it’s Detroit … no one chooses to live in Detroit.

    #4: No State Income Tax: The Texans and Cowboys could match this, but I don’t think either job is a sure-fire opening, especially the Cowboys one.

    The ONLY TWO REASONS I can think of for Gruden choosing another team over the Buccaneers, are:

    1. MONEY: If the Bucs outbid the Titans, Texans, Raiders and whoever else and offer Gruden, say, 5 years and $45,000,000 … what will be do if the Lions lose their mind and offer him 7 years and $70,000,000 and complete control of player personnel as well?

    2: EASE OF WINNING: It’s obvious that the NFC South is the best division in the entire NFL, while the AFC South is a joke division and the AFC West is also a light division. It would be much, much, much easier to take a team like the Raiders, Titans or Texans to the playoffs in their weak division than it would be to take the Bucs to the playoffs in their loaded division.

    That’s how I see it.


  49. NFLNut Says:

    I have heard reports that Gruden’s youngest child graduates this school year, as in, in about 6 months … and other reports that says he graduates next school year, as in about 18 months … WHICH IS IT?

    If it is the latter, it wouldn’t shock me to see Koetter keep his job for one more year and for Gruden to come in 2019 … but, as I don’t see the Bucs having another bad year next year (though they could go 10-6 and miss the playoffs, which could also get Dirk fired strangely enough), Gruden would really be taking a big risk not to take the job this year if he wants it.

  50. TouchDownTampaBay Says:

    LOL, Bucs fans at it again. Tampa is one of many teams that may be hoping to land Gruden. This team’s defense should scare any coach. Tampa has been a bad franchise for a long time now. I think you guys are way to self centered and not being objective about this. NY Giants is the big apple which would appeal to Gruden and his ego. Dallas obviously is one of the premier franchises hence all of the prime time slots they get. The Raiders have Carr and have always had a large following. If Gruden does come out of retirement I honestly think Tampa would be way down on his list of desirable options.

  51. Lakeland Says:

    These are the exact same so-call fans that was begging for the Glazers to fire Lovie Smith and replace him with Dirk Koetter. Here we are, less than two years later and these exact same so-call Bucs fans are begging the Glazers to fire Dirk Koetter and replace him with Jon Gruden. And these exact same so-call Bucs fans were begging the Glazers to fire Jon Gruden. The franchise is pathetic, the so-call fans are pathetic. The local sportswriters are pathetic, everyone connected with the Yucs are pathetic.

  52. Son of Kobe Faker Says:


    Move back down to Lakeland….We are ground zero of Pathetic

  53. 813bucboi Says:


    the same fans that were calling for lovies head are the same fans begging the glazers to give dirk 1more year because they thought dirk was such an major upgrade over lovie…..turns out they’re wrong!!!!…grass aint greener on the other side….its dry as a dessert!!!!…..that’s the only reason why some fans are begging for 1more year…just to save face…..luckily the glazers have a plan in place that doesn’t involve dirk…..their silence speaks volumes!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  54. buc15 Says:

    Gruden would kill defenses with the amount of weapons we have on offense.

  55. AlteredEgo Says:

    813….you are why the jury systems scares me

  56. Pickgrin Says:

    Texas is not considered a “southern state” or part of “the South” anymore than Arkansas or Oklahoma. SouthWEST if anything.

    Just sayin…

    The only NFL teams “down south” as Brad put it are the Bucs, Dolphins, Jaguars, Falcons, Titans and Panthers.

  57. Lakeland Says:

    One losing season and these so-call fans will turn on Jon Gruden like a pack of hungry wolves. They need to face reality ” no one want to coach this pathetic franchise”.

  58. Joe Says:

    West coast team? Aren’t the Raiders moving to Vegas?

    In three seasons.

  59. Joe Says:

    Gruden would kill defenses with the amount of weapons we have on offense.

    You talking about the Gruden who couldn’t figure out a way to get Antonio Bryant and Joey Galloway on the field at the same time, or the Gruden who knew how to use DeSean Jackson?

  60. 813bucboi Says:


    why?….because I hold people accountable…..GO BUCS!!!!

  61. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    You talking about the Gruden who couldn’t figure out a way to get Antonio Bryant and Joey Galloway on the field at the same time, or the Gruden who knew how to use DeSean Jackson?

    1st off in 2008 – How many games did Joe Galloway miss because of injury?
    I know he played the 1st two games – then he missed like 5 or 6 weeks because of a injured foot – that hampered him the entire offseason. Then he came back for two or three games – and missed the rest of the season.


  62. Chris Schiefen Says:

    This is…one of the dumbest articles in Joe Bucs Fan history.
    1) you cited San Diego as having a team
    2) you forget Ryan Tannehill exists
    3) you wrote all those words, when Gannon was clearly saying Gruden is gonna go to Oakland or Tampa.

  63. NFLNut Says:


    In fairness to JOE, I’m pretty sure Ryan Tannehill ceased to exist a couple years ago …

  64. FortMyersDave Says:

    Man, why does Lakeland post on JoeBucs fan if he hates Tampa Bay so much. Negative post after negative post. Even the McCoy and Winston haters show a desire for the Bucs to be better but this troll loves when they lose and when they win he complains. My guess: a closet ATL perhaps Carolina fan???? I would guess NY if he was for the Bucs cutting ways with Winston ALA BSPN and their desire to make the big market teams viable….

  65. Carl Schreffler Says:

    Chunky got traded to to the Bucs ,he is not a Buc ,Chucky sees a kid in Carr that he will turn into the NFL MVP just like he did to Rich Gannon ,and Rich will help Chucky do it know who’s season completion record Brady Bitch broke ? RICH GANNON’S , Chucky see’s it like he is getting a young Gannon cause he got Gannon late in Gannon’s career but he still made Gannon a NFL MVP ,who you think help make Bret Farve a NFL MVP ? Chucky did!