PODCAST: W/Gruden Looming, Koetter Fails Again

December 11th, 2017

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2 Responses to “PODCAST: W/Gruden Looming, Koetter Fails Again”

  1. Easy Says:

    I’m tired of all the Gruden chatter. The same people who want him back are the same people who wanted him fired. We need a good young Up and coming coordinator

  2. FortMyersDave Says:

    Justin makes a good point about how Koetter’s demeanor has changed from last year…. Yeah I guess losing streaks can get under your skin but its like what Justin said in his podcast; that its like Koetter knows he is done and is just playing out the thread as if he knows One Buc is already decided to move on from him….. Maybe that is why he is giving his guy Martin the reps and the start until it was painfully obvious that Dougie needed to ride the pine. There is definite discord on this team and a change is going to happen; it just depends on who besides Koetter gets the axe, does Licht???? Interesting note by Justin that Chuckie and Licht do have the same agent. Justin made a good pitch for Gruden in his podcast and it would have sold me IF Gruden would be willing to work with a GM and not just have a personnel assistant like Dominic. Something tells me Chuckie may want a bit more autonomy than the Glazers might be willing to grant but hey, Chuckie would not have had this team underachieve like Koetter and Smith have, even with some of his talent depleted teams toward the end of his time in Tampa he managed to squeeze wins out of his roster, I suspect he would have a few more Ws as head coach with this roster than the 4 Koetter has managed to scrape together and is real lucky he got those 4 else the Bucs could be in the top 3 in the draft with the Giants and Browns, as it is they probably will be picking 5th or so as everyone knows they’ll lose out unless the saints do not need to show up on week 17 due to a locked playoff seed and their 3rd string could probably still score 30 on Smith’s D…. Its a Bucs fan’s life to have expectations dashed and watch the team lose week after week; just like the days of Hugh Culverhouse, Ray Perkins and Leeman Bennett but with more talent on the roster and worse coaching….