Damning Display

December 11th, 2017


Even if the Bucs somehow eeked out a win yesterday, one NFL typist believes it was a damning reflection on Bucs coach Dirk Koetter.

Look, even Koetter knows that when a team is 4-9, folks will talk out in the open about the job security of a head coach. Rightly or wrongly, it comes with the territory of the NFL being the most popular sport in America.

While watching the Lions-Bucs game yesterday and seeing all the #WeaponsForWinston, Edward Lewis of NFL.com couldn’t help but wonder why this offense is so damned flat.

Sunday’s loss was yet another reason the disappointment in Tampa Bay should be at an all-time high. Even with Mike Evans banged up, the Bucs (4-9) showed potential all over their offense. Rookies O.J. Howard (four catches, 54 yards, one touchdown) and Chris Godwin (five catches, 68 yards) flashed star power. Adam Humphries (three catches, 25 yards) was a playmaker in the slot. DeSean Jackson (four catches, 41 yards; one rush, 23 yards) was a speedy threat both down the field and on gadget plays. It’s one of the NFL’s biggest mysteries as to why the Bucs aren’t more productive on the field, though Winston’s turnovers (three more on Sunday) likely don’t help matters. Perhaps that’s why the head coach and quarterback are butting heads.

The Bucs have moved the ball the past two games, but a combination of turnovers and stub-your-toe, drive-killing penalties — Joe is looking right at your Caleb Benenoch — doomed the Bucs.

It is great that Koetter is finally getting O.J. Howard and Chris Godwin involved in the first quarter for a change. Now his two biggest tasks to repair this team will be finding ways to get his best skill position players more involved early (like the last two weeks) and to get America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, to knock off his ugly habit of fumbling.

42 Responses to “Damning Display”

  1. Bird Says:

    So in summary. Guys were wide open all over the field during the game but that is coaches fault they weren’t thrown too. We have to many weapons to get ball too but that is damn lichts fault for having to many weapons

    Jameis fumbling the ball is coaches fault cause simply they haven’t coached him enough to not fumble the ball. Haven’t shown him the death grip yet.

    Joe’sfatalattractionto2jameis. Com

    The smoes continue to blame everyone not named jameis. Hey it’s the coaches fault for not exercising all of Jameis ‘s demons. Keep it up guys. You are looking great.

    I thought koetter called pretty good game. Except starting doug Martin was a joke

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how the Jameis apologists spin this one. He’s regressed. The plays were there. Albeit the play-calling leaves a LOT to be desired, this offense will only go as far as the QB, and he ain’t getting it done.

  3. Bird Says:

    Like the photo. I am scratching my head after reading this article

  4. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    This loser will be scratching his pubichead on the links soon enough. He’ll keep speaking softly, but he’ll be carrying a golf pencil for a stick.

  5. Wombat Says:

    Not too many teams win with 5 turnovers. This team has too many holes to fix this year. The offence has been the problem all year. They haven’t produced at all.

  6. Gobucs Says:

    53 turnovers in 42 games.

    Spin that one apologists.

    Or throw the race card like a few have the last few days.

    Everyone killed Glennon and McClown for anything and rightfully so and people do the same thing to Winston and the other day there were people talking about how it’s because people don’t want a black QB.

    Moron millennials that are poor little victims and don’t take responsibility for their actions. Just find any reason you can to blame someone else and as a last ditch effort of everything else fails. Throw the race card.

    You people are an embarrassment to life.

  7. NJBucsFan Says:

    Maybe we need a QB that pumps everyone up with pre-game antics

  8. AJ Says:

    Am sure the Glazer’s looking down from their box. Was not at all amused at what they saw yesterday. A team that looked unprepared and uninterested. A team coming back from that embarrassing Green Bay loss. And laying another flat out crappy game. Half empty stadium that had plenty of Lions fan.

    I think this was the game that gets Koetter and Co fired.

  9. BucFamous Says:

    As was pointed out to a Bucs fan on NFL Sirius this week–Jameis has improved in every statistical category except 1–Wins. Which can hardly be blamed solely on him. (As much as some Bucs fans would like to)

    He needs to cut down on the turnovers (even though his stats are about average), and he’s not a great deep ball thrower (some of the best QBs aren’t btw), but all of this “regression” talk is so overblown it’s ridiculous, and the stats prove it.

    Now, would we like him to progress faster—yes. And some of that has to do with coaching and some of that has to do with him. It would also help to get an Oline and a legitimate RB. Oh, and perhaps not having the most predictable offense in the entire NFL.

    But a sure fire way to tell someone doesn’t understand football is if they’re on here screaming that Jameis is regressing and a failure.

    Numbers. Don’t. Lie.

  10. FortMyersDave Says:

    In 3 weeks (or less) I do not think this is going to be Koetter’s problem anymore, no way he survives with a 4-12 record. Does Licht get another year? Joe probably has some idea but us fans have no clue as to what the brain trust AKA the Glazers are pondering. Nonetheless next Monday Night ought to have some fireworks, hopefully the Bucs are not down 30-3 when Gruden gets inducted at halftime….

  11. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    You got to get the ball out faster with short passing routes

    When a real nfl oc has a terrible oline to protect the qb, they start calling non stop slants, screens and short crossing patterns …BUT the qb doesnt get touched no matter how bad the oline is because the ball is out in 2 seconds

    Jameis is fumbling on the time consuming plays and the oline has broken…klueless still cant figure it out

    Hey koetter, stop those comeback routes. No one is calling them no more. Corners are jumping on them easily in the nfl. And defenses now all know koetters 20 yard seam patterns and waiting for them

    Son of Kobe Faker

  12. Bird Says:


    IS right on

  13. Bird Says:

    Cause I criticize Jameis and he deserves it. I am a racist on this website.

    Meanwhile. I only have a lavonte jersey but mike Evans is probably my favorite

  14. passthebuc Says:

    The problem is your QB. YOu can change coaches, play calling, O line, but the result will still be the same. You have a QB that sucks

  15. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    No apology needed, if Jamies continues turning the ball over instead of taking the sack (or throwing the ball away) then he needs to go. He is aware that he needs to stop doing it, but he still does it willfully, which is very frustrating to see as a Jamies fan. If it doesn’t stop next year it never will, and if that is the case then he needs to go.

  16. Bird Says:

    So the #1 overall selection needs only 5-10 yard passes drawn up for him cause that is his bread and butter now.

    And then same fans laugh at how many screens we run and of course blame coaches. All tho coaches fault.

    Guys. Jameis touches the ball every snap. Koetter almost has to throw his game plan out the window based on what Jameis is doing good and what is playing bad. And bad is usually in many areas so what play do you call?

  17. Matthew Lloyd Says:

    Sorry, I want to see a good game but our season is over so I hate to say it , but I was glad we lost. I want new coaches and I will take the high draft picks. Jamis Winston will be our QB next year so you can hate on him all you want. He is playing poorly but he will improve greatly with better coaching. Gruden Gruden Gruden! Josh McDaniels wouldn’t be so bad either.

  18. JameisWin55 Says:

    I think this sets up perfectly for Gruden he will hear his name called all night by the Bucs faithful on MNF get inducted into Ring of Honor while Dirk looks bad on national tv I think it’s the change going to happen quickly once season over

  19. NJBucsFan Says:


    If you extrapolate his stats it does show he regressed. He is averaging 247.5 yards per game. That would put him at 3,960 yards for 16 games. He wouldn’t even hit the golden 4,000 yard mark that everyone points to as his proof of talent. His TD rate with the same math would put him at 22. That’s the same as his rookie which is less then last year.

    The one star that he would have progressed in is his INT. He would have 2 less then his rookie year but his INt rate remains flat so one would argue it is not progression.

    But he

  20. NJBucsFan Says:

    But hey…numbers don’t lie

  21. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    The numbers don’t lie that Dirk is a loser.

  22. Greg Schiano Says:


    Numbers do not lie: Famous Porky Jaboo is tied with Blake Bortles for the highest number of 3+ INT’s per game in the last 3 years.

    Numbers do not lie! Throw in his fumbles and near misses (should have been an INT) and Jose’s QB is going down in flames. I am going to kick the cat if 1 more idiot states “he is only 23…let him mature” or “he was hurt” I am hoping for 3 more games of Fitzmagic!

    Greg Schiano

  23. Greg Schiano Says:


    I remember all of those great days when you trash talked Tim Tebow! Tim Tebow still has more NFL playoff game wins than Jaboo! Bring back Tebow!

    I cannot remember having as much fun when Tebow was playing for the Bronco’s and kneeling was done in respect!

    Bring back Tebow!!

    Greg Schiano

  24. Nate Says:

    LISTEN I played for the main college team in this area

    you cant throw short passes and not mix it up because the great teams will sit on those routes and make you one dimensional

    so regardless what his percentage is you have to be able to stretch the field and make them pay it

    NUMBERS….can be looked at whichever vantage point to your advantage of your point

    like 4,000 passing yards the 1st two seasons….well matthew Stafford did it EVERY year besides the 1st too…..and looks like he’ll get it after yesterday

    avg scoring under 20pts for 3 years !!!!!!!!!!!! 3!!!!!

    Dirk AND jameis own that

    52 turnovers in 44 games whatever it is








  25. Lamarcus Says:

    Dirk was given the keys to the franchise Qb development and anything f up is a reflection of Koetter.

    Hate to say it but Gruden wants JW he wants him now

  26. Wausa Says:

    It’s Jamies fault that the line sucks, the running backs are the worst in the NFL and the defensive line is the worst in the NFL with equally awful defensive backs.

  27. Mike Johnson Says:

    Koetters truly skating on thin ice here. One blowout and he’s done. He still might not make it going 4-12. He needs to win one to stay alive. And honestly guys..looking at the schedule, I do not see that ONE game there. The Glazers might just..pull the trigger after the season. And we all know, they are not afraid to do it.

  28. JMarkBuc Says:

    Baker Mayfield is NOT the answer…Manziel 2.0. Heisman winners very rarely to turn out to ne great pros.

    Draft a QB?, sure. Just not that one.

  29. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Bird Says:
    December 11th, 2017 at 7:05 am
    So in summary. Guys were wide open all over the field during the game but that is coaches fault they weren’t thrown too.”

    In summary that is not what this article is saying whatsoever. Literally nothing about wide open WRs not getting thrown balls.

  30. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    3 turnovers? Does that count Doug’s which took 3 points away.

    So if #3 turns it over three times that’s a TD and FG we don’t score…10 points in an NFL game is huge. We MUST stop the turnovers…and not just #3’s.

  31. NFLNut Says:


    Russell Wilson sucks! He threw three picks yesterday. The Seahawks must draft a QB in the first round!



  32. Lord Cornelius Says:


    You can tell when someone has an agenda – by the fact that they come into a thread and make comments that indicate they didn’t even read the damn article; and just start posting anti-QB posts.

    Winston had a bad game. But people are posting as if those games were plentiful this year. He only has 3 bad turnover games (Vikings/Panthers/Lions) this year. The Vikings game I wouldn’t even put on him because we were down huge by the 2nd quarter – and 2 of those interceptions weren’t his fault imo (Djax falling and getting pushed and one pass hitting ME in the hands)..

    Going into the game he had his best TD:INT ratio vs any other season. He still likely finishes with his best TD:INT ratio; and likely best TD:turnover ratio in a season. Yet people post as if he’s horrible and a bottom 5-10 type QB in the league.

    Winston was disappointing this year but not as much as many other aspects of this team. At least for me. I’m not going to call someone an idiot if they disagree – that’s just my opinion. I think he’s easily the best QB we’ve ever had and can win a SB here with the right team.

    In the end this is the biggest thing imo:

    There aren’t many games I’d say we lost because of Winston since he’s been here – vs games I can say we single handily won because of Winston. Or games we should have won because of Winston (Bills / Packers / Pats this year alone).

    Think about it like this – over the last 3 years – would you rather be down 2 with Winston and 90 seconds left; or up 2 with our defense and the other team having 90 seconds left?

    I know what I’d pick.

  33. jo_mama Says:

    trade James and Get Baker Mayfield.

    Jamies is a Coach killer…

    He is Josh Freeman 2.0
    He is RGme 2.0

    No coach is going to come here and deal with him.

  34. crazy Says:

    They’re flat because they take the field knowing what’s coming. They know they can win when Jameis is hot if the defense isn’t too leaky. When either falters they know it’s going to be a long afternoon. Only better performance can fix that.

  35. Lakeland Says:

    This team is not that talented, maybe on paper.

    But how many championships has “Paper Champions” won?

  36. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Jo mama

    I agree Winston is a poser, and just not that talented.

    Mayfield is not the answer…early indications are he’s a head case too….

  37. SOEbuc Says:

    Seriously? Benonoch? Hasn’t played in more than five games, if that. How about Donovan Smith that has never not started a game on the left side that let’s Jameis get destroyed from the left side every week. Jameis gets blasted from the left every week resulting in off throws, pic, and fumbles (not saying that’s always why). If Jameis can get time in the pocket, he can make good throws, but he can’t because THIS OLINE SUCK$ BIG TIME MONKEY B#LL$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOULD HAVE HAVE NO PROBLEM WHAT SO EVER WITH CONNOR WILLIAMS IN THE FIRST. GET SOME BAD ASS FA OLINE (I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT SWEEZY’S), AND JAMEIS AND HIS WEAPONS COULD START FIRING.

  38. Joe Says:

    Everyone killed Glennon and McClown

    For good reason. Not only were they turnover machines, they didn’t have talent.

    If you think Jameis is a no-talent like Glennon and/or McClown, you might want to save yourself the aggravation and quit watching football. Good, God.

  39. Sweep the leg Says:


    Of course Winston has a lot more talent than those two. However Winston absolutely deserves every bit of criticism he’s getting. He’s a turnover machine and everyone is blaming every single thing except Winston. He’s getting every benefit of the doubt imaginable and doesn’t deserve it. And it’s gotten so bad people are starting to use the race card. That’s my point.

    You can’t kill other QB’s for everything under the sun and turn around and defend another one for doing the same stupid things. Double standard.

    Do you not see my point? If you don’t then you’re blindly following a QB based on likability and not actual facts.

  40. Sweep the leg Says:

    And did you not read the next part of “everyone killed Glennon and mcclown”

    The “rightfully so” part?

    Nice cherry picking to make it look like I was somehow defending those two losers.

  41. chickster Says:

    Picking a kicker in the second round should all that needs to be said

  42. QBKilla Says:

    If the O-line was better, Jameis would be better.