Pass Rush May Get Help

December 2nd, 2017

Brett Hundley has a trend

The heinous, NFL-worst pass rush of the Bucs has done such a number on Joe, he’s got to find a dude to hang drywall after impaling the wall behind his 60-inch HDTV with a remote.

Watching opposing quarterbacks order a sandwich from Jimmy John’s and complete the meal without a concern to spilling crumbs on a Bucs pass rusher is beyond the pale. The pass rush is an insult to both sober and drunken Bucs fans alike.

However, tomorrow facing Packers never-been quarterback Brett Hundley, the Bucs may just get some help. It seems, per Ryan Wood of, when Hundley leaves the pocket, he has a very detailed pattern of where he will move.

Since replacing Aaron Rodgers, Hundley has thrown 35 passes outside the pocket. Just four were thrown running to the left.

The 5-yarder to receiver Davante Adams was only Hundley’s second completion going left.

Well, that helps. It’s bad enough the Bucs cannot breathe on a statue of a quarterback much less a mobile one. But if the defense knows where the mobile QB will run, he’s basically a glorified cigar store indian.

Lord knows the Bucs need every possible morsel of help when it comes to getting heat on the quarterback.

12 Responses to “Pass Rush May Get Help”

  1. Roy T. Buford Says:

    C’mon guys. We know how this turns out. The Packers are going to get well against the Bucs. The D is going to be great, especially if Matthews is back. Hundley or whatever his name is (first sign of a Keenum-style curse), is going to pass for 300 yards. Let me say that again: Packers QB gonna pass for 300 yards.

    Now, a bit of optimism (if we can call it that). Our O line will not miss Marpet or Dotson. Take that how you want it. How am I taking it. Marpet at C sucks. I’m happy to have Hawley in there. Happy to have Evan Smith at left guard. Smallish yes. But they can get it done. Move Pamphile to RT…he’ll be fine. Oh, nothing to address the turnstyle at left tackle. Bottom line: No difference. Barber instead of Martin. No change. It’s a wash.

    Oh my gosh. What if Jameis gets hurt? I don’t care. He’s still hurt now, let’s be real. I’m betting putting in some blood products and other juice doesn’t fix the problem. Just slows it down. But I’m a lawyer not a doctor. So let’s wait and see. But my man JW3 has a load of other legal stuff on his mind–again. For him, don’t care. No Fear. Kiss mine. For Bucs fans. Kiss it again. Following us into the next season like a bad fa*t. Not looking good for the Bucs.

    We have MNF coming up in two weeks and best we can hope for is spoiling the Dirty Birds playoff hopes. Hardly worth a grand in tickets is it? What the heck. I’t still MNL in a league that has a dying image because they can’t figure out how to reach out to normal guys when their players prove they hate their country, hate women.

    So let’s enjoy the All New West Club and get our doors blown on in primetime. Oh yeah, I’ll be back hoping our Bucs do something next year. No worries.

  2. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Sorry for the typos…meant to say we’ll get our doors blown off in MNF…as the NFL image continues to take big hits.

    That said, it will be nice to visit with the SB team members walking around the game as Jon Gruden gets his night of induction into the Ring of Honor.

  3. kgh4life Says:

    If the Bucs want to win this game, Mike Smith has to stop playing scared, they have to be more aggressive in the secondary,especially at the line of scrimmage: jamming the receivers to throw off their timing, but knowing the Bucs they’ll probably screw this up.

  4. uckinator Says:

    It’s obvious what our 1st round draft pick is going to be. Don’t care if we have to trade up to get him. A dynamic, scare the daylights out of the opposite offensive coordinator, PASS RUSHER !!! A great pass rusher makes all the other 10 on defense better. Why Licht (and others before him) didn’t address this in the draft earlier is beyond belief ! I would put that position as high on a teams list as the quarterback. It’s that important. You look at all the great defenses over the years and the one common denominator was the opposing quarterback got “happy feet” after picking dirt out of his mouth guard a few times.

  5. I'm back...WhatDaBucisthis Says:

    👍 what uckinator said!

  6. Defense Rules Says:

    Great strategy Joe, except for one minor flaw: for Hundley to run right (or left), Bucs DLine actually has to cause him to move out of the pocket. As in ‘QB pressure’. Just out of curiosity, how’s that been working out for us? The reality is that Hundley could take a nap in the pocket on each play if he wanted to without worrying about having to run anywhere. Since McDonald & Ayers are both out it appears, today’s DLine will consist of GMC, Baker (whoopee), Siliga, Gholston, Russell, Clarke & O’Connor. Grand total of 6 sacks in 11 games among them all … and GMC has 5 of those. Can see the Packers quivering in their boots now.

  7. Mike Johnson Says:

    My fellow Buc fans crack me up. We sit on Sundays watchin our Bucs with a bible, some beads, cross, a prayer…Oh and a strong drink… Hoping. On the flip side, Fans of teams Like the Saints, Pats, Panthers..confidently watch..knowin their teams have a 60 to 80% chance of winning every Sunday. We..are not there with them.

  8. JD Says:

    Even knowing where Brent Hundley will be running to doesn’t matter. We lack such talent on the defensive line besides GMC it wont matter most likely. If Hundley runs out the pocket I expect Lavonte David or Kwon Alexander to make the impact rather our line. I think I may send my tape in to Jason and Dirk so they can just plug me in where they need me in the trenches. I hope i’m wrong and our Dline dominates as our team as a whole but the way this season is man we will find a clever way to beat ourselves or get simply out-coached by lack of proper adjustments or simply playing scared when we do finally have a lead….

  9. Mbfists Says:

    He isn’t going to roll to either side because he will have a clean pocket to throw from and won’t have any need of getting grass stains out of his uniform because he will look like he just put it on when the whistle blows at the end of the 4th

  10. Reach87 Says:

    Agree. Add some disciplined pass rush to help take away some passing lanes and we stand a chance. That will also help vs the screen game McCarthy is going to try on early downs. Go Bucs!

  11. Clw JB Says:

    Feels like the 80’s again – knowing we have no chance at GB

    And what would a meaningless victory do but Lower our draft spot….

    4-8 with 4 no win games to go

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  12. not there yet Says:

    If this defense and coaches have shown anything it’s that the way they gameplan has no real common sense logic. Preparation is why the games are over in the first quarter, we suck at that. This isn’t enough to keep him from shredding our defense