Jameis Isn’t The Problem

December 26th, 2017


If the haters haven’t yet crawled under a rock, this will leave them scurrying for a hole.

America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, is on the cusp of setting another NFL record.

Last season Jameis set the new NFL standard for quarterbacks becoming the first in NFL history to throw for 4,000 yards in each of his first two seasons. He very likely would have extended that streak had he not gotten hurt this year.

But in the loss to the Stinking Panthers Sunday, Jameis is now tied with the great Dan Marino for most touchdowns thrown before turning 24. Jameis and Marino are tied with 68, per the Associated Press by way of the Elias Sports Bureau.

Yeah, the Bucs are barreling towards a 4-12 season, but the quarterback is the problem, right? Right!

55 Responses to “Jameis Isn’t The Problem”

  1. lightningbuc Says:

    I heard Palm Harbor’s QB fumbled away his Christmas gifts yesterday.

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    These records won’t mean a thing if we don’t start winning games, and soon. Believe me, without a ring and regardless of surpassing Marino, people will have to consult Google to find out who holds that record!
    Marino would trade every record he owns for a ring, guaranteed!

  3. The Anomaly Says:

    Marino? buwahahahahahaha

    Dude never won a thing. Great analogy.

  4. Asdf Says:

    Stop comparing passing stats between eras. The league has opened up the passing game so much since then you can’t compare them.

    Also take off the blindfolds. If Jameis was that good, we would have a better win loss record. He’s put up some nice stats in losing efforts, we can all agree on that. However, what we have actually seen from JW is a QB with:
    – horrendous ball security through year 3, questionable accuracy and decision making (don’t talk about completion % with me – that ignores ball placement which is incredibly important for YAC and for not getting your receivers killed)

  5. mark2001 Says:

    Jameis isn’t the problem…we need to hire a “egomaniacal, power monger head coach”. I don’t see the later that way, but agree that Jameis isn’t the problem. He just need to continue developing.

  6. WyldKat Says:

    Jameis has played well for the last two weeks. YaY!

  7. Eric Says:

    Bs propoganda. A great Qb doesnt need a website to prop him up.

  8. ben Says:

    Does the national nfl media think Jamies is very good with all the bucs weapons? Of the newer qb’s is he at the top or the bottom rating? Love is a funny thing!

  9. Buc Fan in NC Says:

    Been trying to say that all season. #3 isn’t the problem. Only dummies that don’t know football think that

  10. Bucsfanman Says:

    As an aside, will Jameis hold another QB record? For fumbles?!

  11. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Joe says “Yeah, the Bucs are barreling towards a 4-12 season, but the quarterback is the problem, right? Right!”

    Right. Jameis is one of the many problems. 23 turnovers to 18 TDs. He’s a fumble machine. He’s missed three games, where half of his teams wins came, and he still leads the league in fumbles.

  12. dmatt Says:

    The problem we have is we need a real coach!! Koetter is a clone of Lovie. Kick a field goal or punt instead of aggressively going for the td or first down. Conservative n scared to make a fist n punch em in the mouth. Quit being a push over!! NFC South coaches r keeping their fingers crossed that we keep koetter because he doesn’t know how to maximize the talent of Winston n other weapons. Just imagine what Sean Peyton, Ron Rivera, n Dan Quinn would do with Winston’s talent. With no huddle offense, Winston would take the offense to another level…something I really thought koetter would do but I guess u know not u do not. I want Harbaugh, or let’s lure Sean Peyton from the Saints.

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    he aint the problem, but right now, he aint that good either….luckily we have gruden coming in to develop our franchise QB and “coach the dirk out” of these players!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  14. 813bucboi Says:

    dmatt Says:
    December 26th, 2017 at 9:07 am
    The problem we have is we need a real coach!! Koetter is a clone of Lovie.

    I agree and disagree…..we do need real coaches….without a doubt….but don’t insult lovie like that…..lovie never had the talent dirk currently has….dirk is doing less with more….dirk is clueless and incompetent!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!

  15. gilhealy Says:

    Hey Bucsfanman, d!ck, let’s take a look at career fumbles.

    Favre- 166
    Elway- 137
    Eli- 114
    Brees- 101

    Take off your racist glasses and learn a thing or two before spouting off.

  16. DBS Says:

    Personal records is nice. 68 TD’s are nice. Except if they are not scored at the time they are needed to win games. scoring 1 in one game or 2 in another all season adds up. All care about is him getting his offense in the end zone and beating other teams. Not kicking field golds every year.

  17. Patrickbucs Says:

    Original argument gilhealy, get out of here with that.

  18. gilhealy Says:

    Patrickbucs, uh?

  19. The Anomaly Says:

    @ Gil – take your racist crap outta here. Joe needs to start perma banning anyone who drops the race card. It’s immature like J(he ate his other initial).

    He is a turnover machine.

    Turnovers is probably the largest predictor of wins and losses(outside of the actual score). You turn it over it the NFL and you will lose. Melting down like a child does not help.

    Lots of talent but little between the ears.

  20. Nate Says:

    JOE, not one of the haters and not saying we need to get rid of Winston at all….unless somebody we draft in the future outplays him BUT

    passing yards barely win games and definitely not championships or division titles

    matt Stafford has thrown 4k every year besides his first two

    hows that working out for the lions???

  21. Bobby M. Says:

    Maybe the Bucs will change the scoreboards this offseason so next year they post passing yds and a passion meter so the fans can cheer for that. Wins are overrated.

  22. Bucsmon Says:

    Certainly not the only problem, but the stats dont tell the whole story. R. Wilson had 72 TDs in his 1st 3 seasons and far fewer Turnovers. He had 0 fumbles lost his 3rd season. The JW baseball windup is giving DLinemen with long arms lots of opportunity to knock the ball out, record a sack and recover a fumble. This stat does not show up in calculating the QBR

    We also need to coach the M. Evans pushoffs, 3 penalties in last 2 games, get some help on the Dline and secondary.

    I think with 1 upgrade on the Oline and Peyton Barber could be a very good RB. He shows a lot of promise.

    But will the Glazers spend the $$? I doubt it. Lots of holes.

  23. Nate Says:

    I’m calling it now…..to push jameis and as insurance

    bucs better draft a josh allen in the 2nd or 3rd ……

    because if this uber thing gives a wind of an suspension

    depending on a old vet who barely beat the worst on the schedule and a constantly injured undrafted qb is reckless and dumb

    we wasted a high pick on kicker……this makes more sense

  24. Bucsfanman Says:

    @gilhealy- So, let me get this straight, I make a statement about Jameis’ fumbles, which incidentally ARE an issue and suddenly I’m a d!ck and racist?! How does commenting on fumblitis get to being racist?!
    Nobody was making this personal until you chimed in. Listen tough-guy keyboard warrior, go tell your mom to make me some leftovers and I’ll be over later to tuck you in! There, there now little man, it’s OK, your Jameis fat-head just got delayed. Just go hug one of your stuffed animals!

  25. Ndog Says:

    Push Jameis? That implies he needs motivation which is about the dumbest comment I have ever read on this site. Others question his turnovers, or his decision making which while I disagree with but get, but you are questioning his motivation? Man you need to get a new hobby cause watching football aint your thing.

  26. Bucsfanman Says:

    Incidentally gil, the numbers you quoted are for CAREER fumbles. So no, smart guy, in 3 years Jameis does not have as many fumbles as Favre with 302 career games and 20 years in the NFL. Or Brady, Brees etc…
    Before hitting “submit” you might want to make sure you make quantified statements. Had you done a little more research, Jameis Winston stands atop the league in fumbling. 15 to be exact.
    But, what do I know?
    Any comment on FACTS tough-guy?! Buh-bye!

  27. chipbuc Says:

    Bottom line unless you are named Brady or Rodgers you need a good running back to be successful in the win loss department. Look around the league Goff looks great throwing a 5 yard screen pass that Gurly takes 70 yards for a TD. Or Prescott who with out Elliot looks like crap, but when Elliot is doing his thing Prescott looks great. Or Bortles who now has Fournette actually looks like a competent QB. Or even Breeze with the addition of Karmara makes the new orleans team much more dangerous, not to mention more wins.Bottom line give Tampa a good back, thus a good running game,the wins will follow. Pretty hard to play QB when the other team doesn’t worry about the run, and thus plays the pass the whole game. Think about it. PS i know the haters won’t think about it, they will just hate. Also a good defense wouldn’t hurt.

  28. Jman Says:

    He embarasses the Franchise with his behavior and is a petulant child with little mental toughness. Enjoy

  29. Defense Rules Says:

    Jameis isn’t THE problem Joe, but yes he is PART of the bigger T-E-A-M problem. His accuracy is getting better IMO, and thus throwing fewer INTs. He’s also seeing the field better IMO, and thus making faster decisions. BUT … this team still isn’t getting into the end zone, and a large part of that IS on Jameis. The fumbling concerns me like it does most other fans. Part of that is on Jameis for trying too hard to make things happen & prolong plays (instead of throwing the ball away). Part of it is on the OLine for some of the jailbreaks they’ve been allowing.

    Biggest concern though is about what beginning to look like his immaturity and poor decision-making. You can call it ‘passion’ or whatever, but as the face of this franchise, he’s got to do a LOT better. Going after other players when you’re out of the game, going after refs for calls you don’t like… that’s all BS. Garbage like groping incidents … leaders don’t have that kind of ‘stuff’ follow them around. Jameis needs to grow up … and fast.

  30. Lamarcus Says:

    U guys say stats don’t matter for JW. I beg to differ

    What if we had a 11 -4 record but JW is throwing 120 to 180 yards a game as a effective game manager y’all still would be calling for a new qb cuz we need a aggressive Qb. So it doesn’t matter y’all just hate JW cuz he is the real deal. Calling out his immaturity is a reach. I’m totally sold to the fact that some Bucs fans are the worst talent evaluators of any fan base.

    Passionate players is what we need in the last 10 years.

  31. Lamarcus Says:


    This franchise embarrasses itself since it’s inauguration. Come on we are talkking about a franchise who started 0 -26 to start off and haven’t made playoffs in like 15 years. We were a bad team that draft JW and now JW is the problem? Gtfoh.

  32. SKBucsFan Says:

    Let’s all lobby the NFL to change the scoring system. The passer with the most yards wins. The Bucs will apparently dominate the league.

  33. gilhealy Says:

    Bucsfanman, no kidding. I know those are career fumbles. It goes to show it happens to all of ’em. To not expect Jameis to be susceptible to fumbling when he’s a drop back, willing to take, a hit QB is unrealistic at best. You guys tear this kid apart. If ya’ll can’t see what the future holds for this guy, I can’t figure out any other good reason except blind hate. I’ll apologize for the racist slant. That was wrong. I just can’t see the reason to slam the kid while he’s growing up. He’s got more passion and want to than anyone in the league, and just wants it bad. He’s gonna be a great one, and it kills me to read the vitriol aimed at him. He deserves better.

  34. Patrickbucs Says:

    Lamarcus good to see you know Bucs history.

  35. Lamarcus Says:

    Defense rules

    JW is a team problem? What do u mean by that? If defense rules u should know that all u want from the offense is give u lead. Then defense should stop them that’s the whole team problem. Green bay game me13 loss the cion toss in overtime me13 knew it was a lost. JW frustrated over the fumble proves that the defense is letting the team down the most. That should of been a victory kneel down not a pass that got stripped. Get it??

  36. NJBucsFan Says:

    The continual need to compare Winston to other QBs is getting extremely old. Yes Winston has put up record breaking cumulative career stats. That is all relative in today’s game. 4,000 yards is the new 3,000 yards. I’m not bashing Winston, but that is the reality we live in today. He has not lead the league in passing yards, TDs, or completion %. So while it is great he is the first to do some of things, I think we need to understand that someone else will do it and while Winston has done it, it has not translated to the ultimate goal….playoffs and Super Bowls.

  37. Arealbucfan Says:

    If JW could actually drop back 3 steps instead of two and had an actual pocket to sit in with time for the play develop that’d be a hell of a difference.. we need an Oline

  38. loggedontosay Says:


    So is hate. All of the national NFL media you speak of, are they being objective? All of the stats Joe post that makes every other QB great, people like you claim an exception whenever they are applied to Jameis Winston. The national NFL media does not watch the Bucs games.The media is not a reliable source of information.

  39. Defense Rules Says:

    @Lamarcus … “JW frustrated over the fumble proves that the defense is letting the team down the most.” All due respect Lamarcus, your statement is just a diversionary tactic. A = B so C must be the problem. What I said is that Jameis is PART of the team problem. You don’t win or lose games over 1 play … it’s ALL the plays taken in their entirety that decide the outcome. A Jameis fumble is just as costly as a Martin fumble or a Barber fumble or a Brate fumble because … a fumble is a fumble. They represent drive killers and typically points lost. And oh yes, cost your defense more time on the field (as in ‘less time to regroup between series’?)

    A defense that gives up 24 points a game and ranks #24 in the league is a below average defense. And that’s especially hurtful when the team’s offense only scores 22 points a game and ranks #20 in the league … which makes it a below average offense. Get the picture yet? Football is a T-E-A-M sport and there are many aspects to the Bucs’ problems as a T-E-A-M. And yes, Jameis is PART of those problems. He’s also PART of our greatest strengths.

    Bucs have a LOT to clean up this off-season. Personally I just hope that our owners and management is up to the task, because IMO they’ve been a huge PART of the Bucs’ problems themselves through the years.

  40. Bucsfanman Says:

    @gil- My apologies as well. Got a little personal there!
    Look, for me, it’s not about tearing him down. I know that he can be a good QB. And I do not hold him responsible for EVERY fumble, his o-line stinks and we have no run-game. What I do expect from a 3rd year starter is improvement, not just in pass stats but in smart QB play. He HAS to play smarter. You and I both know that this is a win/loss league. Passion does not win games, good play does however.
    Don’t take this personally but you and some others are quick to judge people that have criticisms of Jameis labeling them “haters”. It’s not hate to want better for your team when the criticisms are legit, just as Evans’ drops 2 years ago. I’m not here to “run Jameis out”, but he has to be part of the solution more than the problem. It’s not reaching for the stars to ask for a little more ball security.
    With improved play-calling, better o-line play, a solid defense, and a run-game, I think the sky’s the limit. But, be honest, he’s part of the problem with the turnovers. He CAN be that guy, I just don’t think he’s there YET.

  41. Dan Says:

    Listen. We want nothing more than for Winston to be the answer. But when he has had games in his hands he has not been able to close out. You saw the difference yesterday between a franchise qb and a good qb. Winston had a shot twice to win the game late and couldn’t score. He’s a mid level guy at best who is super inconsistent and let’s his emotions cause really silly mistakes.

  42. ATrain Says:

    Jamies needs an OLine. PERIOD!!!!

    We need DE That can get to the QB

    Then let’s see what this team does

  43. Bucsfanman Says:

    ATrain- How about some short-yardage passing plays to counter the bad o-line too. It’s frustrating to watch this team keep putting their weaknesses on blast. If you KNOW you’re struggling protecting JW on 5 and 7 step drops, adjust the play-calling.
    This team needs d-line help like nobody’s business! After 10 years you’d think they’d get it together!
    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas ATrain!

  44. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Jameis is the best QB this franchise has ever had.
    He’s 23 and still 5 years away from hitting that peak window where talent, athleticism, experience, and acumen collide.
    The future is extremely bright.

    Just ignore the naysayers. Don’t even acknowledge them. They don’t make the decisions. They certainly don’t understand the game.

  45. gene Says:

    How about this site takes ownership for why Jameis isn’t progressing and drop the “America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler” crap every time you refer to him. You only feed the notion he has of himself that he’s special. He’s not.

    How about you act like you’ve been there when you refer to him. You don’t see the paragraph of accolades Brady or Brees have earned every time they are referred to do you?

    And you don’t see the childish behavior exhibited by them that Jameis consistently shows either.

  46. Season Is Over Says:

    Didn’t Marino need only 27 games to get 68 TDs? This is Winston’s third season with 44 games. Marino had nearly 100 TDs at the 44th game. Stats are fun.

    Since we are comparing Mr. Magoo to the greats lets see who took their teams to the playoffs. Marino took his team to the playoffs the first three seasons. Including a Super Bowl. Manning took his team to the playoffs two of his first three seasons. The Tampa Bay Bucs live in the gutter in the NFC South. Is everyone taking crazy pills?

  47. ATrain Says:


    Very True I’m not for the Coaching change ever 2 years but your right short passes would help Brate Hump Evans can all grab those

  48. ATrain Says:

    Gil how was Bucfans comment Racist??

    Is it because you think he said it because Jamies is Black? If this is true I would say your possibly Racist because you are basing this on believing Bucsfan is White

    Not cool in my opinion
    I did not want Jamies before the draft (not because of race)

    But I can say I’m a fan NOW He has proven himself in my opinion. Not Race

  49. gilhealy Says:

    @ ATrain – you’re right. I apologized to Bucsfan.

  50. gilhealy Says:

    @ Season Is Over- Marino also got picked by a real good Dolphins team. He was picked way down the board. Great defense, HOF coach, and a solid organization. Jaboo, not so much. He got picked by the worst team that season. That makes what Jameis is doing all the more impressive. No defense, no running game and a possible 2nd coaching change. So……

  51. jim burns Says:

    If jimmy garoppalo was our quarterback we would have at least 8 wins . Cant turn the ball over 3 times and win . All these yards he gets are garbage yards . They play a few steps back and let us move down the field knowing he will screw it up .

  52. ATrain Says:

    Jamies turn over are his fault because he is trying to make up for the sloppy play of the OLine

    Don’t forget this kid is 23 most QB are starting their career at 23 he is young with a lot of pressure

    Bucs fans need to get behind Jamies

    Just look at his strength
    He works on the touch this kid will be a HOFer

  53. RickinFtMyers Says:

    Yes, and Dan Marino used to own the QB record book. He owned every QB record except one, number of Super Bowl wins. Marino had exactly zero.

  54. lambchop Says:

    What a homer post.

    Jameis is a big part of the problem. Turnover Factory! Stats are for losers. He’s chasing Marino who would give his left nut for a SB win, not to mention his “records” that will either be broken or forgotten.

    Yea he’s been injured. So what? He shouldn’t have been playing then. Either he or the coaches screwed that up. But, he’s been turning it over since his FSU days, so what’s the excuse for that?

    QB play is the most important aspect to wins, with field position being second. A QB may not win games on their own, but they sure as heck can lose games. It always comes down to a hand full of plays that decide close games. And he just hasn’t consistently protected the ball. The OL sucks. So, take the sack or throw it out of bounds so you play the field position game. Everyone has a fit if the RBs cough it up, but let’s blame the OL, the QBs injury, my neighbor, for the QBs turnovers? Gimme a break.

    It’s not rocket science to realize our QB turns the ball over way too many times that either cost us points or field position with a crappy defense. The strategy with a horrible team is to have your QB play like Trent Dilfer. At least nobody can point the finger that the QB lost the game.

    I wouldn’t mind his turnovers if our team could light up the scoreboard, but that’s not happening any time soon.

    Jared Goff, Deshaun Watson, Carson Wentz are all ahead of the QB curve compared to Winston. Stats when you’re a perennial loser chasing your opponent means nothing to me.

    “Eat the W, not the Records”.

  55. lambchop Says:

    Marino set 68 TDs in 25 games in two seasons.

    Winston set 68 TDs in 44 games in three seasons with one more game left to break the record.

    To me, more than age, the number of games needed is more remarkable.