Bringing The Fire

December 26th, 2017

Now look, Joe cannot condone a player going mental on the sidelines having to be restrained by a team suit (Shelton Quarles) when it looked like said player was going to make a beeline towards a zebra.

But damn straight Joe enjoyed and love the fire America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, showed when he thought he was robbed of a fumble recovery.

It’s about time someone threw a proverbial chair against the wall.

And Joe was equally excited to hear all the commotion going on in the Bucs locker room immediately after the game, as was picked up on Buccaneers Radio Network reporter T.J. Rives while broadcasting live inside the locker room.

Joe was listening as well, and Joe heard someone — it isn’t clear who — absolutely screaming at the top of his lungs about something, and it wasn’t with glee over a new Christmas present. Whoever it was sounded like he wanted to crack skulls.

Then other voices were audible during a commotion of some sort. It reminded Joe of the time Scott the Engineer went mental on “The Howard Stern Show,” with about 25 folks egging him on amid pandemonium, when Stern refused to cough up five-figures on a push-ups bet because he thought Scott the Engineer cheated.

Rives was waiting for Lavonte David for an interview when it was clear things were getting out of hand in the locker room. Rives was trying — and failing — to talk over the chaos, mentioning tempers were flaring after a frustrating loss and hoping he could also drown out the vulgarities that were being spewed. Rives explained David was delayed in the pre-arranged interview because David had to intervene in calming someone down (read: break up a hassle). With more hollering being heard, Rives noted, “Emotions are running high.”

Seconds later, whoever was producing the show apparently told Rives they were bailing to commercial to avoid the FCC from knocking on Team Glazer’s door for the team network airing several variations of George Carlin’s seven dirty words.

Since the locker room was closed to other media at the time, we can only guess what started or who was in the middle of the fracas. Joe wonders if the incident was sparked when someone in anger stole Swaggy Baker’s treasured framed picture of a palm tree?

Joe applauds this! It’s been way too long for players to be tolerating incompetence, stupidity and ill-discipline from teammates. It is about time folks are being called out in front of others.

Where was this passion two months ago when the Bucs still had a prayer of a wild card run?

104 Responses to “Bringing The Fire”

  1. gilhealy Says:

    darn right, Joe. Any competitor should’ve been livid.

  2. Since76 Says:

    Because nothing leads to success quite like pointing fingers and a lack of self-control? Actually, since we don’t know what happened in the locker room, we have no idea whether it was good or bad, so speculation seems pointless.

  3. feelthepewterpower Says:

    We dont know what officially happened, 76, but if you heard it on the radio like I did you know there was a serious spat going on.

  4. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jameis isn’t the best and will never be a top 5 qb.
    But I for one love him and am glad he is on this team.

  5. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, this is the type of story that I get really torn on. Part of me applauds the passion and absolute disgust at losing, at least on the part of some players. But another part of me though says that this situation clearly shows what’s been wrong with this Bucs’ team all season: lack of discipline & leadership.

    The lack of discipline has shown up on the field time & time again all season. The Carolina game was another perfect example. Penalties IMO are almost always the result of a lack of discipline, as are sacks and fumbles. They oftentimes kill a great play, and other times kill drives or result in settling for FGs instead of FGs. Happened all day again Sunday. Bucs’ offense settled for FG after FG because of poor discipline (sacks & penalties especially at critical times). The 3 fumbles killed 3 very good drives … at critical times. Bucs BTW had 12 penalties Sunday to Carolina’s 6.

    Despite clearly putting up far more yardage than the Panthers, the Bucs lost the time-of-possession 29:30 to 30:30, and tied them in 1st downs (20 apiece). Bucs’ pass defense was awesome, giving up only 160 yards & intercepting Newton once. Run defense was decent, holding the Panthers to less than a 4 yard average per run (31-for-115 yards), but … a lot of it came over the middle and at critical times. Baker’s penalty on 4th & 3 at the end of the game was certainly a critical penalty … and showed a very clear lack of discipline IMO. What’s just as interesting though is that Newton FUMBLED on their last play, YET STILL SCORED. Lucky break for the Panthers? Bad break for the Bucs? Or lousy penetration on a critical play?

  6. Geno Says:

    Maybe Jameis wouldn’t have to go so ballistic if he had a coach doing his fighting for him. It’s the coach’s job to be arguing with the zebras. It’s SJ clear Koetter has given up on the season at this point. He needs to go.

  7. Since76 Says:

    I get that there was a significant dispute, but whether it was a good thing or a bad thing depends on the details, in my view.

  8. MTM Says:

    Good teams don’t have weekly melt downs. Discipline is not existent on this team. The offense routinely kills positive plays with stupid ass penalties. Dirt Cutter has no business being a head coach. He got the job by process of elimination. Do you think anybody was pushing to call him in for a HC vacancy?

  9. mark2001 Says:

    You guys are so funny… all that about how you “loved Jameis’s passion”. But what about this weak HC? He should have been reading the coach the riot act before Jameis exploded. So if you loved Jameis’s passion, what does that say about Koetters “passion”? Is there any?

  10. mark2001 Says:

    Exactly Geno…but how is it that most all of these guys, including the writer, are like crickets when it comes to that?

  11. Jman Says:

    Joe: I’m so proud my QB as embarrassing the team and city on national TV again. Let me go lick my fingers thinking about a giant 23 year old baby throwing a foozball.

  12. Capt.Tim Says:

    Glad we have all the Joy over the Bucs screaming, Cursing.
    Oh yay! Fire

    Dont seem to recall the best teams or players screaming and yelling in the lockerroom
    Brooks? john Lynch? Ronde Barber?
    The Patriots? Did they ever have to have their Interviewer leave the scene, due to the obscenities in the air?


    Did Jameis tantrum make him look good on TV? Especially when he was wrong?

    Joe Montana, Bret Farve, Tom Brady. Aaron Rodgers.
    While they can all give impassioned speeches, the rarely raised their voices- especially at Teammates.
    Dan Marino constantly screamed at teammates- and never won Sh*t.

    Its the Coaches job to get talented players on the field- and hold thrm accountable.
    As teammates- its your job to get the very best out of your teammates.
    And to know what is their very best. Screaming at a talentless player, for not playing like a probowler- will only lead to frustration and mistakes.
    If he isnt very talented- then you know that as a teammate. You know what to ask of him.
    Not everyone is an Allpro
    Old NFL saying
    “Its the job of the Few, to carry the many.

    All the screaming and cussing is mostly immaturity and theatrics.

    At your job- if things are going badly, Management will make changes. Ownership may change management!
    But you and Your Co- workers try to encorage each other with pep talks
    Can you imagine if, duringva meeting, one of your co-workers started screaming and cussing?
    Everyone would think he was a kissass, performing theatrics for the boss.
    Same in the NFL

  13. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Preach brotha

  14. mark2001 Says:

    Capt…football isn’t selling widgets. It is a game of blood, sweat, tears and passion. You can’t take that out of the game and turn it into a teaparty.

    That being said, the passion needs to be within boundry’s. And the coach is responsible to make sure there is a defined way of dealing with that passion…. and when one senses an injustice, the HC will deal with it one way or another. No player should be running out of the field like that, tapping player helmets from other teams, or giving them a blind shot. True…. the players did those things. But a coach that sits quietly while those things happen isn’t doing part of the job of a HC. Period.

  15. Bird Says:

    Funny that mike Evans was ripped by some for his tirade and cheap shot against a guy to protect his quarterback.

    Yet Jameis meltdown is awesome.


  16. Jman Says:

    Yea so Mark it’s the coaches fault Winston is a terrible human being? It’s funny because the league is seeing his true colors now.

  17. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Sad but true

  18. Time4Change Says:

    Spider 2 Y banana

  19. Bobby M. Says:

    What I see is a player who feels entitled to do whatever he “feels”….whether it’s fumbling under pressure, throwing risky passes, poking opponents in the head, chasing a ref….As long as we call him the ultimate competitor, we can ignore 9 losses straight and keep talking about passing yards.

  20. The Buc Realist Says:

    If you just snap and grab the ball instead of fumbling, then you don’t have to go WWE wrestling to show passion!!!!!

    LOL!!!! But I am only shocked that it was not spun in the article that Coach Smitty needs to go!!!!!!!

    Some love to play favorites around here!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. USFBUC Says:

    I love the passion for winning but I am bothered by the lack of control. Tom Brady was pissed about his suspension and instead of throwing a fit he came out and had one of his better seasons. That is how the passion needs to manifest itself.

    I don’t know what the right call is on the coaching situation but it sure seems like once again this week that Koetter is not in control of the players. The Browns are having an even worse season but at least they don’t look like a dumpster fire like the Bucs do.

  22. adam from ny Says:

    the buccaneers are a crazy fuggin team at this point…this has really been one nutty season from hard knock to the present…this debacle has to end…have no fear – here comes the little chuckaneer

  23. Clodhopper Says:

    I wish I had thought of this when I was a youngster and acted like a total disrespectful brat. I should’ve just told my dad not to make me act like a man, and my temper tantrum as a three year old was just “passion”

  24. adam from ny Says:

    word is evans went chuck zito in the locker room

  25. Bucsfanman Says:

    Jameis going ballistic. Yawn!

  26. mark2001 Says:

    Jman… I don’t think you get it. Jameis and Mike aren’t stupid. The Coach needs to lay down the law that all reaction to the Officials or other players other than a few words after a play comes through him. And if you don’t agree with that, you sit. What kind of a weakling do you think Koetter is? He just needs to act like a coach when it comes to discipline. You think Sapp would have done that? And you think Jameis is a more “wild child” than Warren?

  27. denjoe Says:

    Looks like it did at the end of the Schiano days LMAO!

  28. DoNUTS Says:

    Bird has the correct observation of the double standard being displayed by the media on the post game meltdown. If Evans does it, bad….if Winston does it…good/passsion/fire. That is ridiculous and biased!

    These are all examples of a team with no HC or leadership at the top. If the Glazers were on the fence on whether to keep Koetter, this event has probably tipped the scale toward removal.

    I am looking forward to coach Gruden grabbing some facemasks and letting this team know who the leader is. This team needs a leader and Winston is not it. While some may be impressed with his “fire”, he really needs to grow up. He is lucky I am not coach, I would fine him the max and bench him for first series next week. At this point, sitting him the entire game would be on the table as we are not in the playoff hunt.

  29. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    I womder, why don’t the Stickcarriers go all usual cro-magnon over Derp Koetter lack of passion? I’d like to see a poll of how many of these snake-bitten stick fans feel about their precious pubichead coach now. Justin told us the #1 storyline season of the Bucs 2017 season would be the pandemonium of the movement. Right, more like the moving on of a movement.

  30. lightningbuc Says:

    It’s obvious to all those not enamored with Ruskin’s QB that the dude ain’t all there mentally. Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!

  31. mark2001 Says:

    Realists…”some love to play favorites”…but you know it isn’t some strategy….they just feel that way.

    After all, propping up a coach with one foot out the door, while cutting a guy that might be the next one, alluding to them as a “egomaniacal, power monger head coach ” certainly isn’t a business decision. It is the way they feel.

  32. pabucsfan Says:


    good teams dont have meltdowns or tirades? Really? I guess you havent wached the Patriots or Steelers or Seahawks the last few years.

  33. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Happy Holidays brotha

  34. The Anomaly Says:

    Fire? It’s called a meltdown.

    Dude needs to grow up and fast.

  35. JonBuc Says:

    I loved JW’s fire & passion here as well. Things have bottomed out, Buc fans. Something needed to be done. Going to the bench and saying “oh well” would probably pacify some Koetter apologists…but this sent a message. Hopefully the Glazers heard it.

  36. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    @ Clod

    Your weekday morning tantrums are missed buddy. I’m here to put you in place if you ever need the advice 😉

  37. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    No matter what – we should acquire another QB this offseason.

    Let Gruden sort out – who the starter will be.

  38. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Buc Realist


  39. Hodad Says:

    I guess some of you would be happier if Jameis just smiled on the sideline, went home with his fat pay check, and played with his Batman dolls.

  40. Buc believer Says:

    Why didn’t Jameis continue the chase if he wanted a piece of the guy so bad??

  41. 813bucboi Says:

    DR says: But another part of me though says that this situation clearly shows what’s been wrong with this Bucs’ team all season: lack of discipline & leadership.


    that points to coaching…..theres no leadership at the top starting with dirk….he’s not a leader of men….only a play caller….send him packing some we can get begin to get better….GO BUCS!!!!

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    What up LUV! Same to you my friend!
    LUV, not everyone agrees with your take on drafting another QB. However, I think it’s in their best interest. Despite all the good things he does, he’s a guaranteed turnover EVERY game. On top of that, you don’t need your QB being immature and “mental” all the time. And, for the love of everything football, we need to stop using the “he’s 23” excuse. Sunday was embarrassing IMO. Passion?! No, that’s a full-blown tantrum!
    I think you need to be 100% sure. Bring in some competition and lets be sure.

  43. DoNUTS Says:

    I agree 100% on acquiring another legit QB and let competition fix the QB position. Winston has never really had any competition for his position from HS-FSU and now the Bucs. I think it has hurt his growth. If he is really a franchise QB, he will rise up; if not he will move on. He has flashes of being legit but he needs to make some major changes to his game to continue at NFL level. He was very very bad in ball security this year while being better at the short – mid range passes. Sadly, his defensive recognition was low and the short passes had little YAC, which is what is hurting the teams ability to sustain long drives.

    If Chucky comes, there will be competition; probably a vet as its his goto when he feels a position needs an upgrade (to grab a vet in FA). Keenum? If Koetter stays, expect more of the same show next year minus DJAX- who I think may be packing as we speak.

  44. 813bucboi Says:

    @REALIST SAYS: Some love to play favorites around here!!!!

    like you and your favorite coach dirk…..this situation falls on his shoulders…..this team is undisciplined and lacks leadership…..we have seen the offense unable to score more than 21points again this season….defense unable to stop someone once we have a 4th quarter lead….and the ST has regressed and continues to give up big plays…..

    your favorite coach is outta here 01/01/2018…..hope PODS is teaching you well….I hear dirk has a lot of sh!t to pack!!!!!!!…..GO BUCS!!!!

  45. meh Says:

    That’s not fire. That’s loss of composure.

  46. 813bucboi Says:


    what mid/low round QB in this draft do you think can out play Winston once gruden takes over?…..

    I don’t see it….don’t use a draft pick on a QB….keep fitz…he went 2-1 this year….

    wiston’s troubles relates to coaching….he doesn’t have to proper HC or QB coach in his corner…..gruden will change that….once he takes over, he’ll have Winston making right decisions and becoming an actually QB and not just a football player with an arm and passion….GO BUCS!!!!

  47. gilhealy Says:

    What a bunch of wussies on this site. Passion and fire scares you guys. Was he over the top? Maybe. But he recovered the ball, and should’ve had his chance to drive the field. Yet, you chumps think he should’ve been happy to lose. Embarrassing group of weak minded racists.

  48. Chucklehead Says:

    Complete BULLSPIT that there are Bucs fans on here saying this team is just an embarrassment.

    Embarrassing is our record.

    Embarrassing is our knack for making scrub QBs look like HOFs

    Embarrassing is looking up how much money we’ve spent trying to manufacture pressure and sacks on QBs

    Embarrassing is watching our defense choke away another close game in the fourth quarter for what? The 4th, or 5th time this season?

    Embarrassing is watching another post game PC with our HC and star player saying “yeah, we gotta fix this” or “this one is on me”

    What Im not embarrassed about…. finally seeing the kettle boil over. First step in fixing something is admitting its broken. I finally saw a Buc get as pissed as I am. Maybe this is just what the half steppers on this team needed.

  49. AlteredEgo Says:

    DD55 says it is OK….behavior like Jameis’s is non white etiquette

  50. Rayjay1122 Says:

    LOL…. what a train wreck. I have been just observing without any cares when it comes to everything Bucs related. I am finally officially saying goodbye. I hope things get better for all of you who continue to deal with all of the ineptitude of the Bucs life. I have finally decided to no longer be a Bucs fan after 38 years of for the most part being dissappointed, embarrassed and frustrated. Time to move on for me. I wish you all the best. Thanks Joe for the years of hard work.

  51. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Someone’s leaking – the Top 2 QB’s in the draft – don’t want any parts of Cleveland.

    Cleveland’s got a ton of picks. So if your gonna make a move. Do it now.

  52. not there yet Says:

    Inmates running the asylum so yes koetter is a nice guy why is why the players control his locker room. Bet GMC and dirk were standing watching like a bunch of cowards. If this is going on with the owners of the team outside waiting to get in lol how does he possibly keep his job? He should have been fired over a month ago and with Smith

  53. Jman Says:

    JAboob is just embarrassing with his behavior.

  54. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Why not trade for Alex Smith & Nate Sudfeld?
    They both know the West Coast/Gulf System.

    Seamless transition IMO.

    Use all the additional premium picks – to sure up both sides of the line.

  55. Chucklehead Says:

    See ya

  56. firethecannons Says:

    Tom Brady had a meltdown and blasted his own coach–his superior! Horrors!

    If Koetter would throw a flag or grow a set and have a confrontation with the ref then Jameis wouldn’t have to get upset. Jameis was right–he had the ball and the Bucs got ripped off and you stupid pussies think he should just accept that–dumb assholes

  57. Chucklehead Says:

    Sorry fellas Jameis aint going anywhere. Your stuck with him.

    Nate sudfeld? Really? Alex Smith?

    Sounds good. Lets trade away the 23 year old thats breaking team and league records and bring in a nobody and a guy that only has a couple years left. Absolutely brilliant.

  58. Capt.Tim Says:

    Football is a game of one thing, and one thing only
    How many of your guys can win their individual battles.
    Can your DE beat their OT
    Can your CB beat their WR

    Thats it.

    Everything else is theatrics
    Jameis has preached, swallowed his fingers, etc.
    And it still hasnt helped a team with no DEs win games.
    It doesnt make any difference

    Talent, and only talent matterss. You dont get to the NFL, if you arent self motivated. No matter what nonsense the media tells you

    Screaming, hollering, or a Rousing speech arent going to affect the outcome of an NFL game

  59. Joeypoppems Says:

    Was it passion? Sure. It was also immature.

    Joe said the Ian Rappoprt report about the rift between Jameis and Koetter made Jameis look like a child. Then he acts like a child and throws a temper tantrum on the field because a call didnt go his way and its “passion and fire”.

    He isnt the first player on the wrong end of a bad call but he mightve been the first player to fight a ref over it.

    I love that he has that passion and desire to win. Just show it in a profesional way. Maybe he will mature eventually but until he does acting like that is a bad look

  60. The Anomaly Says:

    Anyone who thought was acceptable behavior is a freaking moron and probably never played a down of football in their life or they are an FSU honk.

    That was unacceptable. If that’s how is on the field how do you think he acts off of it? He’s emotionally a twelve year old.

    Pass on any type of extension.

  61. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    I am with geno Maybe if Koetter would raise more hell about some of these calls and players making dump mistakes then maybe Jameis wouldn’t do it so much.

  62. Nate Says:

    swaggy baker didn’t cost the bucs that loss


  63. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    If Jameis was traded to the Browns.
    **For a Top – 5 pick + (3) 2nd Round Picks

    Possible Draft Selections
    • Round:1 || Pick:#4
    • Round:1 || Pick:#5
    • Round:2 || Pick:#33
    • Round:2 || Pick:#36
    • Round:2 || Pick:#37
    • Round:2 || Pick:#64
    • Round:3 || Pick:#65


  64. gilhealy Says:

    Yea, Anomaly, they’ll pass on an extension…you can’t be that dumb. Well, reading your prior postings, I guess you can. Either way, hang on. Unless JW decides to leave, he’ll be a Buc for years.

  65. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Those critiquing Jameis should maybe rewatch the play that got him upset. Ref made a bad call that cost us the game.

  66. Bucsmon Says:

    Passion is great to a degree, but maturity gets you respect. If you watch the replay the Panthers clearly recovered early on. The refs dont award you the ball for taking it away after the call has already been made.

    1 issue I dont see many of the Analysts make is the Baseball Windup throwing motion that JW has. It seems that it was ok to critique Tebow for this but not Winston. An extra half second and bringing the ball back an extra 6″ to get more velocity opens up opportunity for Dlinemen with long arms.

  67. Mike Johnson Says:

    All to little, to late Buc Fans. Jameis should know possession of a lose ball in not declared possessed until the ref can clearly see who has it. And the ball was taken away from him on the bottom of the pile. Therefore he was not in possession. I’m not the least bit fired up about Buc passion when they are 4-12. Save it for a TV commercial. GET ME A FIRED UP DEFENSE NEXT YEAR with a..Passionate Defensive Coordinator.

  68. Pickgrin Says:

    Later Rayjay1112.. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. No take-backs.

    Can you drag some of these other Jameis haters with you as you go?

  69. Cobraboy Says:

    Lockerroom fights are embarrassing regardless of who is involved. It’s what finger-pointing losers do.

    Just another nail in the coaching coffin.

  70. 813bucboi Says:


    instead of trading Winston, why not just bring in a HC&OC that can develop him?….that’s less of a crap shoot than banking on alex smith….and you mentioned nate sudfield?…..who?…….does he have a higher upside than Winston?…I doubt it….

    nawl man…..let gruden work his magic with Winston and the results will be similar to goff and wentz…..keep fitz for another year…..2-1 in relief duty aint bad….

    if you want to trade players for picks GMC, djax and maybe LVD are the players to trade even tho I would hate to lose LVD….GO BUCS!!!!

  71. 813bucboi Says:



  72. 813bucboi Says:


    HAUL A$$!!!!!!!

    you and @realist can both help dirk pack his sh!t and hit the road…..good riddance chump!!!!!….GO BUCS!!!!!

  73. Cobraboy Says:

    I like Winston and think he’s a keeper, But if Newly named GM LUVMYBUCS can trade Winston for a #1 and 3 #2’s, I’m all in.

  74. Bucsfanman Says:

    Face it, we are once again the laughing stock of the NFL. Jameis antics do nothing to dispel that. If anything, what people saw yesterday only reinforces it. This is what being a 4-11 team is about.

  75. BrianBucs Says:

    Jameis’ temper tantrum Sunday looked like the one he threw at the end of the Rose Bowl when he and his Niles were getting crushed by Mariotta and his Ducks. Screaming at coaches, throwing his helmet, kicking benches and water bottles like a spoiled little ten year old.
    Fave of a franchise? NOPE

  76. BrianBucs Says:


  77. Pierce Says:

    Where was the passion two months ago? It was there but a third year QB wasn’t ready to get in the face of Vets. I don’t think JW has ever been in this situation before (maybe in HS but definitely not in college). He’s evolving hopefully into a true leader that demands accountability. My only hope is that he stops being an idiot outside of the game.

  78. mark2001 Says:

    Capt. Tim… talent isn’t the only thing that matters… it is important…but the talent gap between most teams isn’t that great. It is between the ears and motivation that are the most important. And many players have testified to that. In fact, many times the most talented guys don’t have the best careers because they can’t figure out the mental part of the game or lack motivation to do the things they need to on and off the field to be winners.

    Sorry man….you are as far off base as one could be about such things.

  79. loggedontosay Says:

    A lot of judgmental people. Wonder how Trump was elected.

  80. mark2001 Says:

    BTW Tim…you may not believe it, but Aaron Rodgers makes his O line better and the receivers better. And his “talent” from a purely physical standpoint has been on the decline for years. . And the running game better. Sapp and Rice made the corners better. John Lynch was very bright, and that allowed him to outperform many guys at the same position much more physically gifted with God given talent than he was. All these guys I mentioned could teach a masters class at their position.

  81. gilhealy Says:

    Sorry about my stupid racist comment earlier. I was fired up this morning and posted like a d!ck. No reason for that.

  82. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Jameis is like a spoiled rotten brat throwing temper tantrums when he doesn’t get what he wants… I’m pretty sure Mike Evans doesn’t like Jameis… u see how upset he gets when Jameis can’t throw the ball accurately or throws an interception? That’s not love I can tell u that

  83. Pruritus Ani Says:

    Really? I can’t even believe this is being debated. Your behavior is such that the Director of Football Operations for your team has to physically intervene and restrain you so that you don’t further jeopardize your career. It’s not fire but an embarrassment.

  84. The Anomaly Says:

    “Sorry about my stupid racist comment earlier. I was fired up this morning and posted like a d!ck. No reason for that.”

    Hopefully, you’ve been warned by the Joe’s. It should not be tolerated at all.

    Keep your deck of race cards at home. I’ll be watching to see if you cross another line. Since I doubt you can help yourself…it is only a matter of time.

  85. Jmarkbuc Says:

    How long have we all been saying JW gets too jacked up…

    and when has running on to the field like a maniac or freaking out on referees ever EVER resulted in them changing a call or admitting it was a bad call?

    Never Ever

  86. Rrsrq Says:

    It’s irrellevant, Jameis will be back next, whether he went bananas or not. Dirk, we don’t know, history tells us the Glazers will back door a coach, have they already done so, we will not until this time next week. I would like to believe DK learned a lot from this year, but it may come down to who wil” be the defensive coordinator. I do not think there will be a lot of roster turnover as many think, the only sure fire person that will not be a Buc next year is Doug Martin, who will go to the west coast and do well. Hoping Grimes returns for one more year.

  87. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    So Jameis was just supposed to sit there, wave goodbye to the crowd, and walk into the locker room? Y’all rip him for showing some passion, even when our season is long gone. Finally, someone shows some fire and heart and yall tear him to shreds. But ain’t that what you all get on GMC for? Not showing passion to win? 🤔

  88. gilhealy Says:

    Thanks Anomaly, you do that. And I’ll keep an eye out on your posts as well. It looked like you were coming around a bit after the last two games. But you still want the kid run out of town. Ok.

  89. Rod Munch Says:

    I have no issues with Winston going nuts after the refs just handed the Panthers a win. When you have a fumble, and there’s a pile, and the refs without even throwing anyone off the pile award the ball to the other team – then Your QB is at the bottom of that pile with the football in his hands – then yeah, he should be going nuts – and the coach who is coaching for his job should be even more livid than Winston. But nope, Dirk just stands on the sideline with a clueless look on his face like always.

  90. Clodhopper Says:

    Jameis baby fit would have been fine IMO, if he didn’t shove Quarles and show ZERO respect for him. That my only problem with it. Getting mad is one thing, disrespecting a suit is an entirely different thing.

    Not liking an extreme act does not mean you think the only other option is to the exact opposite in the other extreme. Does this country even know that not everything is black and white? There’s TONS of gray. Don’t ignore that fact.

  91. Kansas95Buc Says:

    @Rod M.

    My thoughts exactly. People wanna rip Jamies for going nuts but the coach stood still like a lightpost. Hell I went nuts after the play, anybody with a pulse went nuts after the play. We got robbed, simple and plain. Glad to see somebody on the team wants to win and badly at that

  92. DB55 Says:

    Capt Tim is so stupid. I guess you never seen Brady going off on McDaniels on the sidelines or the refs on the field.

  93. lambchop Says:

    I’m sorry but THAT kind of passion and fire is immaturity more than anything else. He ran around like a little kid who got his lunch money stolen. To run onto the field like he was going to confront a ref or a Panther and to come back to the sidelines like a phantom teammate was holding him back was retarded. After he pushed off Shelton Quarles, he came back with his tail between his legs. All show, no go. That is Winston. He talks like a champion, but his actions are nothing like a champion.

    I like fire and passion, but don’t go nuts like a little kid. Grow up. You got beef with the fumble? You shoulda played 60 minutes and not settled for FGs all day long. He played well, but it’s gonna take a lot more when you have a deficient team, if he wants to be the leader by action and not by being a QB.

    I would rather see him get angry and slam his helmet and sulk on the sidelines than go on a berserk run. That shows lack of composure and control.

    The guy is all talk and players (teammates and opponents) have figured him out. He has a lot of growing up to do. Tom Brady has tirades on the sidelines but it’s controlled. He uses it to play better. THAT is passion for the game. He proves you can’t stop him. Let’s see some of that from Winston.

    Let’s see how much passion you have against the Saints. Although, I would rather have a loss in a hopeless season so we can keep the #5 pick. No point scoring 30 points now. But, let’s see some of that passion from that fumble in a losing cause. I’ll appreciate that. Oh and you owe Shelton Quarles an apology. I wouldn’t even mind seeing him being benched for the first quarter against the Saints. Someone other than these players needs to get control of the situation.

  94. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Perfect. Spot on.

  95. Rod Munch Says:

    If Tom Brady was on a loser team with a loser coach and was getting constantly hit all day and just lost a game after he was fighting with 300lb giants at the bottom of a pile and won that battle – only to have the refs give him a middle finger while his coach stood there looking dumb – yes Tom Brady would go psycho.

  96. satchseven Says:

    lambchop get real folks like you never wants black males to do anything but shuffle and grin

  97. Season Is Over Says:

    America’s laughingstock and Tampa’s embarrassment. Anyone condoning this type of behavior is an enabler or a complete moron. It only gets worse from here under Dirk “We were done by Halloween” Koetter. Do you really thinks this helps his credibility in all of his legal woes? Just when you thought Tampa had something to be proud of. Koetter lost all credibility by not suspending him a game like Martin.

  98. The Anomaly Says:

    @ Gil – what are you going to watch for? Another JW melt down? Inexcusable. Another INT? Another fumble?

    You won’t see me calling anyone a racist or other names.

    JW is a laughingstock outside of Tampa. A huge embarrassment.

    I hope they don’t give him a long term contract unless he EARNS it in a major way.

  99. gilhealy Says:

    @ Anomaly – just watching for more dumb, moronic posts like the one you just posted. If you honestly believe Jameis won’t be a great QB, you have no clue what you’re watching. You just don’t like the guy. That’s fine. But the embarrassment will be yours in years to come.

    Didn’t I just see you call DB a racist? Why’s that? He puts your moronic posts on blast to hopefully enlighten you. You should be grateful for education we’re trying to give you. Try watching a few other games along the way. You’ll see football is a team game, not an individual one. Cmurda’s post should set you straight. That could be lesson one for you. Or, keep posting drivel. Either way, your harmless. So it’s no concern to anyone. I’m done. I’ve wasted enough time on you.

  100. USFBUC Says:

    Who is the best coach in the NFL right now? Bill Belichick, right. Well Coach Belichick has already called Winston a franchise QB and my guess is that Belichick knows what he is talking about. Winston didn’t make the jump we all wanted to see this year but he isn’t bad. We could have a far worse QB situation and honestly with as often as he gets hit I am not surprised that he fumbles a lot.

  101. The Anomaly Says:

    @ Gil – LOL. I called no one a racist. I have 4 club seats. I’ve been a fan for 30+ years. You know nothing about me or my football knowledge. Let’s see JW play well when something is on the line. He’s playing ok now that the season is over. And three turnovers is almost a guaranteed loss no matter how well the offense or defense plays. I showed that FACT.

    23 TOs/18 Tds is not going to cut it, ever.

    Screaming like a two year old on the sidelines is never going to cut it.

    You ever notice you make excuse after excuse for the guy? Did you do that at FSU too?

    He makes dumb decisions. He either cleans it up or he becomes another Jeff George.

  102. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Belichick only said that right before we played the pats… And he also said he was really worried about the Rams PUNTER last year before he played them….

  103. lambchop Says:


    Don’t bring race into this you POS. I’m a minority myself!

    I got no problem with him “being black”. I got a problem with his decision making and maturity.

  104. lambchop Says:

    @Rod Munch,

    Tom Brady wouldn’t get the middle finger from the refs because he’s actually the GOAT. It happens in every sport, you ball you get the call.

    Let Winston accomplish a quarter of what Brady has done and he’ll get the call.

    Brady has lost more Super Bowls than Winston has had bad calls go against him. And Tom has handled it like a Pro.

    Don’t make assumptions because he chews out his OC. The guy has mad respect for the game.