Jameis Gets Bad Ranking From NFL Scouting Godfather

December 22nd, 2017


America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, doesn’t have much a cheering section at NFL headquarters.

A couple of weeks ago, insider reporter Ian Rapoport of the league-owned NFL Network delivered an unsourced report claiming Jameis and Dirk Koetter were dealing with a rocky relationship. Rapoport didn’t even include a comment — or a no comment — from Jameis or Bucs officials before going public on national TV. Jameis continues to go out of his way to call the report BS.

Enter Gil Brandt, the 84-year-old scouting godfather and former Cowboys architect of the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s.

He still works for NFL.com and is a regular host on SiriusXM NFL Radio, in addition to his duties at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Koetter once worked for Brandt, and Brandt has hosted Koetter for two seasons during a weekly interview on NFL Radio.

Brandt is no cheerleader for Jameis.

In a new piece for NFL.com. Brandt ranked Jameis No. 8 among quarterbacks 26 and under by the start of the 2018 regular season. Yep, there’s Jameis, right under Blake Bortles, and 49ers starter Jimmy Garoppolo at No. 6.

Winston, 23, has been hampered some by injury issues this season. He has the skill set necessary for success, but he also has a long release and gets involved in too many bad plays. I’m concerned about his ability to accept coaching, given that he hasn’t performed well this season despite the presence of Dirk Koetter, who’s good at working with QBs, on the sideline. Winston has plenty of potential, but will he make the changes needed to become a championship-caliber player?

Spin Jameis’ strengths and weaknesses however you wish. There are many ways to view his game. The bottom line is he’s riding an eight-game losing streak as a starter and his third season has not been the proverbial “next step,” though it could be if Jameis has a rousing finish against the Panthers and Saints in the final two games.
Despite having a healthy stud tight end in Cameron Brate, and a healthy Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and capable Adam Humphries for Sunday, and with Peyton Barber moving the ball well for three straight games, few people expect the Bucs to put up many points against the Panthers on Sunday.

What does that say about Jameis?

Heck, the “Joes” and Ira Kaufman made their weekly score predictions for the Panthers game on the Ira Kaufman Podcast. The consensus (average of the three predictions) was the Bucs would score just 13 points. Meanwhile, the Panthers haven’t allowed less than 20 points since Nov. 5.

Jameis has a long way to go to jump out of the pack of average NFL starters.

35 Responses to “Jameis Gets Bad Ranking From NFL Scouting Godfather”

  1. nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:


  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Nothing to see here people……..move on

  3. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Jameis vs The World

  4. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ……many many moons from now after Jameis got released from the Bucs and the is trying to resurrect his career with another failing franchise like the Browns or Bills….

    ….all bucs fans will lament over of what “could’ve been” just like all other high rd QB draft picks of the past

  5. nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Dirk was suppose to develop JW, however headcoaching has intefered some IMPO.
    Anyone who knows JW know, he was hurt longer than people report, but anyone with eyes so the kid get laid out.

    I wanted JW to be in Tampa because it was closer, but maybe he needs to leave this beyond expectations fanbase. ASJ and a few others left and it has been on the upside. Bias is too ramp it here in Tampa. They want robotic, programmable, heartless, unemotional, game figures!

    Give me a break. JW is not Koetter’s problem, Koetter is JW’s problem, Koetter was promoted to stay with JW and develop him and Lovie was ran out of town!

  6. NFLNut Says:

    Gil Brandt is a loon … he got called out by tons of current and former NFL players for his biases and nonsense when he did his all-time rankings as well:


  7. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    @ nole4JabooANDdBucs

    You’re delusional if you think Koetter is the problem

  8. SB Says:

    Koetter just needs to stop hand-cuffing JW3 and trying to turn him into Matt Ryan. He is the best QB in the league from outside the pocket. You would THINK Dirk would get him out of the pocket more often

  9. NFLNut Says:

    Mariota is one of the worst QBs in the entire NFL whereas Jameis, in his 8 healthy games, has put up MVP numbers … the media cracks me up with their utter stupidity and transparent biases.

    Gil Brandt might want to WATCH the last Bucs v Falcons game to see “talent” being realized … Mariota and Dak are not even physically capable of playing the game Jameis played last week … they don’t have the arm talent to do so.

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    When your team is a LOSER..Everything and everybody is the problem!! I juast hope Jameis does not end up like a guy named..Dan Marino. Stats and trophies galore but not one single..Ring!!

  11. NFLNut Says:

    I covered the Brandt nonsense in yesterday’s post though I was told his rankings were just based on “talent” not on who he’d start a franchise with … his rankings are even worse if it’s who he’s start a franchise with … the guy is a loon and that article alone should disqualify anyone from ever even being considered for a GM position!

    Anyways, Gil Brandt’s comment on Mariota shows his bias as he states, “Mariota is not having a good season. But I honestly just love this guy” … he actually says that Tennessee’s run-first system isn’t good for Mariota and that he should be throwing more … throwing more? Hahahahaha, why, so he can have 20 picks instead of 14? How stupid.

    Good luck to media types like Brandt writing a truthful article when they are so biased.

    Brandt’s rankings are completely absurd, period.

    His rankings in order are: Wentz, Goff, Watson, Mariota, Dak, Garoppolo, Bortles, Jameis, Trubisky, Brissett.

    I’d have it: Jameis, Wentz, Watson, Garoppolo, Goff, Dak, Mariota, Trubisky, Brissett and Bortles

  12. libucfan Says:

    We’ve got 99 problems but Jameis isn’t one…

  13. webster Says:

    Brandt says mariota is having a bad year but honestly i just love the guy. He then puts all the blame on the titans’ scheme. Nevermind jameis has a higher completion percentage, more tds, around 100 yrds less than mariota all in less games. Sure clearly there is no bias there. Buc fans, understand jameis is a hated man around the nfl. As one poster posted, move on. There is nothing to see here.

  14. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    “NFLNut Says:
    December 22nd, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    …. … he actually says that Tennessee’s run-first system isn’t good for Mariota and that he should be throwing more … throwing more? Hahahahaha, why, so he can have 20 picks instead of 14? How stupid…..”

    Actually, Brandt is 100% spot on and I agree on Mariota throwing needing to throw more.

    Mariota made his living at Oregon slicing and dicing defenses with short pin-point accurate passes.

    The days of scrambling around non-stop and running like Vick did are over…NFL defenses are just too fast today.

  15. webster Says:

    One more point…..im sick of yahoos like brandt questioning winston’s coachability. This man has praised every coach he has ever had..fisher, lovie and koetter. Just because winston tries to do too much at times is not a sign of coachability. Its a sign of being a young qb. Where was this yahoo when winston went to koetter and told him you need to coach me harder? When you are bias, you miss those points which can skew your ignorant takes. Move on indeed.

  16. Tampabucfan88 Says:

    Thebucsanthem I would disagree with the rules favoring the qb the running QB is stronger than ever look at cam he’s is not a pocket QB I don’t give a damn what anyone says he’s not he is a scrambling QB if u don’t believe me look at his stats in his mvp season and last year last year he tried to play in the pocast and he sucked look at him this year he’s scrambling but some team fixed there Defense to stop that (apparently not he Bucs) but the running QB is a thing believe me oh yea I forgot the system the panthers offense run is the zone read to beat that u have no choice but to hit the QB but not fair when u get late hits

  17. NFLNut Says:


    Gil Brandt’s “rankings” are a running joke in NFL circles!

    He did a large all-time rankings list that he was just killed for in league circles as it was so horrendously stupid.

    QBs: He had Warren Moon and Jim Kelly ranked ahead of Drew Brees … and Aaron Rodgers didn’t even make his list at all!

    RB: He had Barry Sanders EIGHTH all-time, hahahahahhahaha … seriously.
    He also ranked Zeke Elliott (after just 16 career games played) ahead of HOF’er and 7-time 1st team all-pro Ollie Matson

    WRs: He ranked 2 time 1st team all-pro Bob Hayes at #6 but put Lance Alworth who was a 6-time 1st team all-pro at #12 …and he had MICHAEL IRVIN down at #21 … hilarious!

    CBS: He has MALCOLM BUTLER, a guy who has never even sniffed a 2nd team all-pro spot and probably NEVER will ahead of Lester Hayes and Ronde Barder who combined for SEVEN 1st team al-pro spot … his list reads like it was written by someone who escape from the old folks home without their meds!

    S: He has RONNIE LOTT ranked 5th … 5th! That’s like ranking Michael Jordan as the 5th best SG ever, just behind Allen Iverson … RIDICULOUS!


  18. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    I have zero concerns about Jameis’ ability to accept coaching.

    I am fully skeptical of the Coaching that Jameis is receiving from Koetter and Bajakian.

    Dirk Koetter does not have a good track record with young Quarterbacks. He turned an immensely talented kid in Blaine Gabbert into a shaky, unstable headcase. And Bajakian has zero track record of being the guru that Koetter and Jameis espouse him to be.

    If Jameis weren’t so gifted and strong willed, Koetter would have probably already ruined him.

  19. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Don’t let Koetter continue to coach the Magic out of Jameis.

    Jim Harbaugh, Bruce Arians, Josh Mcdanials, and Bill O’Brian would have already had Jameis playing at a Pro Bowl level.

  20. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Excuse me, an All-pro level, consistently.

  21. ndog Says:

    This is really simple gang at this point it is about Jamies playing more consistently like he played on Monday and then everyone will just shut up. It is clear to most of us, not you Anthem, that this guy is one of the best talents in the league but now that he is healthy it is time to show out the next two weeks and shut everyone up. I even heard people saying this week that he should have done this earlier in the year and he let the team down by not doing this till now. Well do you think maybe he didn’t do this cause he was hurt? Rodgers got every excuse in the book when he game back and throwing 3 picks but Jameis got no excuses just more ridicule. So now it is time tear it up for the next 2 weeks and the garbage will die down, for now.

  22. dlinehamsandwitchtime Says:

    Brandt is a moron

  23. tickrdr Says:

    They just need to get some “weapons for Winston”.


  24. Bird Says:

    Constant battle style of

    Good Jameis vs bad Jameis

    Just like superman comics. Time for good Jameis to kill off bad Jameis. Well maybe next year cause we need the #4 pick for Chubb

  25. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Believe a the stat addressing Jameis being very good out of the pocket
    is largely due to his pocket awareness and squirting out of the pocket
    and extending plays. My guess would be that DLineman don”t have as much time and space to adjust to his movement on shorter drops.
    He was very successful in the last game. Rollouts are good until defenses see your tendencies, I thought both Jameis and Fitz were caught on these type of
    plays We did have a some real nice connections to Howard on rollouts.
    Would be very surprised if he is allowed to go uncovered as he was this year.
    It is essential for Jameis to be as good in the pocket as on the move to consistantly to move this offense. If not for the Barber fumble,offense had a great chance to score 14 in the first half. Tack on 14 in the second half and
    you got a great chance to win most weeks.

  26. Bucnut2 Says:

    It kills me the anyone that tells teh truth about winton is immediately attacked. Lets’ look at some facts. The ONLY QBs stats that matter are turnovers because if your QB turns it over you can twin in teh NFL. That fact is readily displayed in Winston, Lots of TO’s, 40% win percentage and he’s about to go 2-11 as a starter this year. Fitz 2-1. Enough said, if you guys care about winning, you should be about us moving on from America’s Turnover Machine.

  27. 1sparkybuc Says:

    Great coach, good QB, bad OL.

  28. T Syce Says:

    Hey 1sparkybuc….”great coach”!!! Are you smoking crack?!?! You must be Dirk Koetter in disguise. Or someone close to him.He’s trash and he doesn’t run a balanced offense

  29. ATrain Says:




    He was awesome yesterday now a few bad games hurt and he sucks

    Remember they booed Bradshaw off the field for his first 4years of his career



  30. NFLNut Says:

    Bucnut2 … you’re one of the biggest loons on this forum and have displayed your extremely low-football-IQ time and time again … and your recent post above is no exception.

    Mariota is one of the worst QBs in the entire NFL but his TEAM is 8-6 … not because he played good but because they have played an incredibly weak schedule and have a dominant line and run game … had they played the Bucs schedule they’d probably be around 5-9 at best.

    And … no, turnovers, is certainly NOT the only stat that matters and in fact isn’t even very important … if it were the Titans would have far less wins than the 3-11 Colts as Mariota has a way worse INT % than Brissett.

    You know full well that Favre, Eli, Namath, Bradshaw, Unitas, Peyton, Roethlisberger and many other all-time greats with at least one SB RING have wither led the entire NFL or come very close to it in INT’s …

    Keep reading my posts and one day you might raise that low-football-IQ at least a few points 🙂

  31. Sunny Says:

    I’m concerned about his ability to accept coaching, given that he hasn’t performed well this season despite the presence of Dirk Koetter, who’s good at working with QBs, on the sideline.

    That line concerns me , is JW not listening to dirk ?

  32. 1sparkybuc Says:

    The franchise needs some stability. Dumping the HC every two or three years is a recipe for disaster. Cleveland regrets firing Belichick. Stick with Koetter for another year or two.

  33. adam from ny Says:

    look at his face in the pic…thats a poo poo face…it can be turned into an instagram meme…

    “when you smell another fart in the locker room”

  34. The Anomaly Says:

    The ATL is not the norm for J(he ate the W).

  35. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    U fans are flucking pathetic. The guy gives all he can for this team behind a patchwork offensive line and shotty play calling. Winston is the answer, not the problem.