It’s The (Rotten) Defense

December 9th, 2017


Joe was looking at some information and it hit him like an empty beer bottle to the grill.

Bucs fans, a good number of them, are apoplectic about the Bucs offense and, in particular, have turned on America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston. Well, Joe was researched information for another subject and came across this little nugget: The Bucs are the No. 5 passing team in the NFL. That’s right, top-five! And that was with Jameis missing three starts.

So how exactly is Jameis and Bucs coach Dirk Koetter so awful that the Bucs’ passing offense is this good? Go ahead haters, speak!

Of the top-ten passing offenses, only two teams have losing records: The Bucs and the Cardinals.

Arizona lost its starting quarterback. The Bucs? They have a defense so frighteningly bad that would scare the hell out of Freddie Krueger.

If the Bucs just even had only a half-arsed defense on the road, as opposed to a full-arse defense on the road, this team would be in contention for a wild card still.

And, yeah, the Bucs should get rid of their quarterback who leads the No. 5 passing offense in the NFL. Give Joe a friggin’ break!

52 Responses to “It’s The (Rotten) Defense”

  1. ben Says:

    weapons for Winston and yet he still is rated towards to bottom of nfl qb’s. U keep on how great and yet he is not talked about like the other youg guns,huh ?

  2. BoJim Says:

    Man, the haters turn on people fast around here.

  3. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Stats are for losers, like us.
    We are so far behind so often, it inflates our passing numbers, as teams go into a prevent defense on us.

  4. PC Says:

    Averaging less than 20 points a game… 4-8!

  5. chickster Says:

    I agree the offence is as bad as the d dirt cannot get a rhythm on his play calling and his body language on the sidelines and at his pressers looks to me he has no clue what to do . no pass rushers instead we picked a kicker that’s sitting at home

  6. chickster Says:

    And a TE that we do not throw 2

  7. Seattle Buc Says:

    Chris nailed it, of course youre going to pass when youre down to scores early.

  8. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I think any rational Bucs fan knows that this team’s major issues are its running game and the putrid defense

  9. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Hmmmm… Let’s see, we have averaged 18.5 points a game under Koetter, which stinks.

    Last time I checked you win the game by scoring touchdowns not by gaining yards.

    If we were 5th in scoring offense, and we were still losing games, then no one would be complaining about the offense. As it stands now, Dirk’s side of the ball has been largely impotent.

  10. BuccLuck Says:

    Koetters passing game can be successful that’s hard to argue. But, any team that can’t run the ball and gives up scores every drive on defense is not going to be successful.

  11. Sweep the leg Says:

    Whopdie doo

    I don’t care if they’re the fist offense. It completely doesn’t matter if you can’t score points.

    Maybe if our messiah QB stops turning the ball over every time he starts to get sacked. We lost by how much to Green Bay? Oh didn’t the messiah make another one of his desperation throws right to a defensive lineman that ran it back? How long does he have to make the same exact mistakes before he is held accountable? It’s pathetic. What is it now?

    50 turnovers in 41 or so games? I’m sure that’s the defenses fault too right?

    My god our standards around Tampa are extremely low. Maybe if he could complete a pass to the broad side of the barn this great number 5 offense would score more than 18 measly points a game. Coaching sucks the QB sucks (other than garbage time)the defense sucks. All of it is embarrassing

  12. Duke Says:


    What is a prevent defense? Define what to look for please.

  13. Bird Says:

    Joe s at it again people. Yah that means Jameis is a top 5 qb then? A good who stares down receivers , terrible inticipation lately. can’t hit the side of a barn some games, should forget throwing the deep ball and has 1 good game out of 4. Right on again Joe’s

    you guys remind me of Stephen a. Smith. His way or highway Thinks he is speaking knowledge and he is always wrong.

    Plus no one hates Jameis. Shouldn’t hate a member of bucs of you are true fan. except maybe meshawn.

    I’ll continue to go by wins

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    I can see the point of defending the QB with passing stats……but to go on to say that we are anything near a playoff team is laughable and borderline insane. THat status needs to be earned on the field and the Bucs performance against playoff caliber teams speaks for itself.

  15. JonBuc Says:

    Fitzie was totally balling during his 3 starts…so there’s that.

  16. America's Groper Says:

    You can run up garbage yards every game and/or move the ball throughout the game, but you got to put points on the board too. If you separate field goal points from the final score i think that it would not be impressive

  17. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, you’ve become a true expert at cherry-picking stats. Oops, better caveat that: cherry-picking stats that serve your argument. Yes the Bucs offense is #5 in passing YARDAGE. But we’re #3 in passing ATTEMPTS. Several Bucs’ fans above hit the nail on the head as to why … our run game sucks AND we fall behind by so much so often that we’re forced to pass.

    But the real bottom line is that passing YARDAGE doesn’t mean diddly if it doesn’t turn into POINTS. Our offense is ranked #22 in POINTS FOR. Not good. Not good at all, particularly considering that our Bucs’ defense is ranked #21 in terms of POINTS ALLOWED.

    So if I read the meaningful stats correctly, Bucs offense is passing its ass off (#3 in passing attempts) but coming away with very little to show for it (#22 in points scored). Yup, keep beating that ‘It’s the defense’ drum Joe. Heck with offensive performances like ours, “this team would be in contention for a wild card still” if it wasn’t for our road defense. Must be nice living in Wonderland … say hello to Alice for me.

  18. JimmyJack Says:

    And we should have a top passing game. In 4 seasons Licht has devoting 3 first rounders to that phase one second rounders and a couple other picks to bolster the passing game…..He also had his biggest free agent signing for the passing game.

    Fans are upset because we are not scoring with all this investment and they have every right to be. Yes our defense is bad but to just point a finger at that is turning a blind eye on how poorly this team has been built.

    Nobody was expecting this team to win with stellar defense but most of us were expecting the Bucs to keep pace on offense rather then getting blown out several times this year. We are a bottom tier scoring team which is evidence the ones managing this team have little idea on how to get this team winning.

  19. tmaxcon Says:

    It’s The (Rotten) Defense

    It’s The ROTTEN Franchise top to bottom.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Nice stat defense………ANother good revelant stat would be to see where’s we rank in yards/attempt. GIVEN our putrid ability to hit bomb plays my Guess is botTom tier

  21. lightningbuc Says:

    Jaboo is America’s Garbage Time Stat Building QB

  22. macklemore Says:

    Stats are empty calories. No one is eating W’s on this team.

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    Lightning Buc……..Your offending some people calling it garbage time. Some are claiming we are not very far off from being a playoff contender.

  24. BigMacAttack Says:

    Koetter will call five good plays and the team marches down the field. Then Bam! Brain dead! Garbage calls followed by FG. The offense is too predictable. Luke Kuechley knew every play that was coming and stuffed them. Koetter needs to go. He’s totally lost me because of his stupidity. I said he should have let his “OC” call the plays and focus on being a HC. I’m going to the game because I wasted another year on season tickets, but this garbage play is getting old. They are a team full of underachievers and GMC leads that pack.

  25. WillieG Says:

    Do you think the defense would be this bad if they had actual leaders like Sapp, Brooks, Lynch and Barber?

    It seems to me that Licht brought in a couple of veteran malcontents who think they know more than the coaches (Baker, Ward). That would have been okay if the defense had strong leadership to keep them in line, but McCoy ain’t no Sapp. Alexander ain’t no Brooks. The secondary has zero leadership as well.

    So the malcontents undermine the defensive coaching staff with their lazy practice habits and game day free lancing, instead of setting a standard for practice ala Hardy Nickerson and strict adherence to the scheme like Lynch, Sapp and Brooks demonstrated. Attitudes are contagious. A team is only as strong as its weakest member.

    It takes STRONG leaders to police their own and get everyone on the same page. The defense does not have that.

  26. Jim Says:

    Gruden won a Superbowl averaging less than 17 a game.

  27. JimmyJack Says:

    WillieG I will disagree with you but just about the Linebacking core. I agree that leadership is necessary but I think you have to have it at each level. I see a lot of good things happening with our linebackers…….Even when we had injuries our backups came in and played well. Gotta believe our linebackers do a good job keeping each other motivated and prepared.

    Our backfield and Both Lines really need more leadership it seems. This is something that should have been adressed already or they have failed at achieving.

  28. Lakeland Says:

    Maybe the offense is killing the defense.

  29. AceofAerospace Says:


  30. Defense Rules Says:

    @JIM … “Gruden won a Superbowl averaging less than 17 a game.” At the risk of opening up a can of worms Jim, might add that the 2002 Bucs’ D-E-F-E-N-S-E only allowed an average of 12.25 points per game. It was ranked #1 in points AND #1 in yardage. It’s still considered one of the Top-10 all-time best defenses.

    And BTW, the 2002 Bucs offense averaged almost 22 points per game (346 points scored in the regular season and ranked #18 … better than this year’s Bucs offense, with Brad Johnson at the helm). Gruden did well with what he had, but I personally doubt that team would’ve won the SB without that incredible defense.

  31. DoNUTS Says:

    Yes, TB is 5th ranked passing offense. Of those top 5, TB ranks highest in passing attempts(37.8) to achieve the yards, they avg the fewest yard per game(261) of the bunch, tied with Saints on fewest TDs (19) of the 5, lowest passer rating (88) of the top 5, (243) is lowest total points scored of the top 5 and ranked 22nd in league (most impt off stat of all
    is points) and tied with NE with the most sacks (27) given up.

    Love the stats Joe! It works both ways.

    This team is far from good on offense with or without Winston. You can try and paint it pretty but this team is ugly. Look forward to change. Go Bucs!

  32. DBS Says:

    You can keep on and on if you wish. But for someone that does not believe in stats you are using them everyday. Even site you can’t stand and laugh at. Winston is not who you think he is. And he never will be. He is average. Not the next Brady or Rogers.

  33. loggedontosay Says:

    Buc fans are not turning on Jameis; people who do not like black QB’s are coming out of the woods and bunkers. Jameis is not the reason the Bucs are losing. The defense is and Koetter’s playbook. Jameis is from some god awful hell hole in Alabama. If their was a god Alabama would be wipe from the face of the earth. I digressed. Jameis is by no means refined. He will learn the difference between hatefulness and meanness. Alter ego how much money did you lose and how? Your attacks on Jameis are focused. You are attempting to influence opinions. Your population size is to small. You are wasting your time. Uber thing already dead in the water.

  34. B Coburn Says:

    For sure we might score more with better defnese, but that still doesn’t change the fact our red zone offense sucks and we don’t convert a lot of third downs. That sounds not on the d. Also agree soft defence when in a hole does inflate stats. Anyone can see offense is out of rhythm a lot even with all the weapons.

  35. B Coburn Says:

    Sorry I mean better field position we would score more

  36. Joe Says:

    Buc fans are not turning on Jameis; people who do not like black QB’s are coming out of the woods and bunkers.

    Am sure there is some of that.

  37. I Bleed Pewter and Red Says:

    Tampa Bay
    4 – 8 ….4 more games …being bottom dwellers seems to be in our DNA ..smh

  38. DBS Says:

    Yes that is exactly how stupid you are. How fast did you guys and the General turn on Glennon when his play did not meet your expectations?? Remember when everyone was saying he could not hit the long ball? He did not get as many games as Winston. So ya because he is Black we want him gone. Try again with your race crap.

  39. FortMyersDave Says:

    Joe Says:
    December 9th, 2017 at 11:04 pm
    Buc fans are not turning on Jameis; people who do not like black QB’s are coming out of the woods and bunkers.

    Am sure there is some of that.

    Its the same crowd who put a lot of hateful threads up last year when the Bucs played Carolina on MNF, the game where Aguoyo made the game winner after a real bad night for both offenses. I recall reading a lot of garbage on national sites like Yahoo, BSPN, Fox etc. about Cam and Jameis being the 2 worst qbs in the league, that they probably had a combined Wunderlich score in the single digits, etc. etc. I guess when there isn’t an alt-right rally going on these characters take to their keyboards and dish out a little hate, have seen a bit of it here on JBF but it is worse on other sites,,,,

  40. LargoBuc Says:

    Jameis is okay. 12 td 6 int 61% completions. 2100 yards. His finger sucking was hella embarrassing though.
    As an offense we are 22 in points scored. Sure being 5 in passing yards is okay but this offense has too many talented receivers and a “pro bowl” quarterback too, to only be 22 in points scored. Of course having a legit rushing attack would force opposing defensive coordinators to focus on something besides our passing game. That falls on Licht. Just like our lack of an edge rush.

  41. loggedontosay Says:


    Tony Romo and Steve Smith Sr. have made interesting comments concerning Koetter’s playbook.

  42. loggedontosay Says:

    I will be watching the Bucs at 7am tomorrow and cheering for them to win. If they win, I will talk big sh#@$t.

  43. Matt Says:

    I’m laughing at whoever said Jameis is ranked very low for qbs. First off, why does that matter. And secondly, those ranks are based on wins which u can’t blame on him. U can blame the next head coach of the Giants who somehow is still allowed on our sideline

  44. Waterboy Says:

    Could the reason that they fall behind so early in game be due to the defense allowing teams to march right up and down the field putting up points early in games? Arizona and Minnesota immediately pops into mind. Also if you look back at the Buffalo game the defense let them move the ball 75 yds in less than a minute to tie the game up before Humphries fumble at the end of the game. Last week in GB, the Winston stupid fumble hurt but in OT it was the defense that let them march right down the field to close it out.

    Winston has a lot of room for improvement but with that defense he doesn’t have much room for error because they can’t consistently stop teams from scoring so the Bucs are always playing catch up.

  45. D-Rome Says:

    Yards do not equal points as evidenced by Irk Koetter’s inept offense which has averaged under 20 ppg over the past 3 years. Besides that, the Bucs are 5th in passing because Irk refused to play Peyton Barber and commit to the run.

    Buc fans are not turning on Jameis; people who do not like black QB’s are coming out of the woods and bunkers

    You better believe there is some of that around here (thankfully not many) just like there was with the previous head coach.

  46. Bird Says:


    That is freaking hilarious. . EMpty calories. Post of the day

  47. darin Says:

    When your defense is horrendous you’re going to be passing the ball alot. Alot of passing equals alot of passing yards, doesnt make a good offense. I think what fans want is a balanced offense who wins games. Hard to do with a defense who cant stop a bloody nose. Back to the draft boards

  48. Defense Rules Says:

    @Waterboy … “Winston has a lot of room for improvement but with that defense he doesn’t have much room for error because they can’t consistently stop teams from scoring so the Bucs are always playing catch up.” Do you think that MAYBE if Licht had spent a few more draft picks on ‘Weapons for Smitty’ (to build an actual DLine) and a few less on ‘Weapons for Jameis’ (to accumulate WRs) that the defense MIGHT be doing better? And do you think that MAYBE if the Bucs’ offense didn’t start off games so atrociously (and kept the ball longer) that the T-E-A-M MIGHT not have been in a position of needing to play catch up in so many games? Nah, didn’t think so. Keep the blinders on, Smitty make a fine scapegoat.

  49. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Lets face it “the rotten defense’ timely takeaways contributed to 17 points in
    Miami and 21 points in Chicago. No question our slow starting offense would not have won these games on their own. Defense needs more quality draft picks
    yesterday not next year. Jason licht needs to do better especially in free agency
    to get pieces for this patchwork defense. We have to stop spending free agent money on players like Chris baker whose work ethic should have been investigated before he came here. Personally think we would have been better
    off with Akeem Spence,a player you know instead of one of questionable practice habits.
    As much as I like Robert Ayers attitude and effort,believe that only playing
    12 games for three years prior to his signing should have been a red flag.
    He only played in 10 games last year and started 8 games.

  50. Cobraboy Says:

    There is more to “offense” than just “passing offense.”

    Unless one chooses to cherry pick.

  51. lightningbuc Says:

    Joe Says:
    December 9th, 2017 at 11:04 pm
    Buc fans are not turning on Jameis; people who do not like black QB’s are coming out of the woods and bunkers.

    Am sure there is some of that.


    Change “black” to “sexual assaulting” and you have a BINGO for me!

  52. Buc4eva Says:

    Its been the defense since Mike Smith walked through the door.

    The fact that anyone CANT see this is a complete Moron.

    Now with that said Joe, the reason they are top five in passing is because they probably throw the ball as much as anyone in the league. Thats just numbers and you know it.

    Jameis and Dirk need to stay in Tampa along with Jason Licht. I will bet a weeks pay with ANYONE that the day this team has a DC that plays press bump and run coverage and only situational soft zone coverage this team makes the playoffs that year. THAT YEAR FIRST YEAR IT HAPPENS!!!!!

    The fact the the glaziers have continued to hire coaching staff after coaching staff that run the same damn syle defense tells me they don’t know SH!t about football.