Hire Derrick Brooks Immediately

December 25th, 2017


The Glazers need to do the right thing and bring back the man they fired in 2009, a Buc icon who can help lead them back to relevance.

Put down your Chucky dolls for a minute, people … I’m talking Derrick Brooks here.

In the spirit of giving, I’m offering ownership some sage advice. Mr. Brooks, also known as The Godfather around these parts, needs to be made an offer he can’t refuse.

Since 2011, Brooks served as part-owner and team president of the Tampa Bay Storm, which ceased operations last week. He’s been an appeals officer for the NFL the past four seasons.

It’s time to shake things up in the front office at One Buc Place, regardless of who roams the sidelines in 2018.

Do you think for one minute that Jon Gruden would have an objection with Brooks being part of the solution for a franchise that has lost its way?

No way.

Versatile Fit

I watched Brooks closely during Gruden’s Ring of Honor ceremony last week and nobody on the field was more excited than No. 55, a first-ballot Hall of Famer who was wearing his gold jacket.

Brooks will always be tight with Tony Dungy, but Brooks didn’t win a Super Bowl ring until Gruden challenged the 2002 defense to be historic.

And guess who responded with a season for the ages, capped by an NFL Defensive Player of the Year award? Our Mr. Brooks.

There is great respect between Chucky and The Don, who was released on orders from the top in a veteran purge that also claimed Joey Galloway, Ike Hilliard, Warrick Dunn and Cato June only a week after Gruden was canned.

Although he hasn’t played in a decade, Brooks is still treated with reverence by today’s stars. You think his presence in the organization couldn’t sway a big-time free agent to sign here instead of in Chicago?

And don’t forget about his special relationship with a young quarterback the Bucs have built around.

Yes, Jameis Winston and Brooks have forged a strong bond stretching from Tallahassee to Tampa. Winston’s development into an elite player is Job 1 at One Buc Place and Brooks can be a big help in that regard.

If Dirk Koetter is retained as head coach for a third season, Brooks can still be a key player in a turnaround that is long past due.

“Blind Leading The Blind”

Brooks won’t accept a token role. He doesn’t need the money and he’s got too much pride to collect a paycheck he doesn’t earn.

He takes his Ring of Honor recognition very seriously and Brooks still bleeds pewter. It’s been tough for him to see Buc fans turning to draft analysis in December rather than gearing up for a playoff run.

He sees a half-empty stadium and he remembers the glory days when Tampa Bay stars roamed the earth around Dale Mabry. He yearns for the close ties between organization and community that led to packed houses on fall Sundays.

The Bucs need another set of eyes in the building because right now, it’s the blind leading the blind. Team president sounds about right.

Brooks won’t overstep his bounds and supersede an assistant coach, but he’d be an invaluable resource in constructing game plans that would change every week.

There’s got to be a place for one of the best players in league history, a man who will work hard to restore pride to a forlorn franchise.

Have yourselves a merry little Christmas, Buc fans, and hope Derrick Brooks slides down the chimney at One Buc Place, bearing gifts and dispensing wisdom.

Ira Kaufman is the most revered sports personality and writer in town. He has hung his hat at JoeBucsFan.com world headquarters since July 2016. Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, Ira busts out columns here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and his award winning podcasts fire Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also see Ira every football Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on FOX-13, Scott Smith’s Tailgate Sunday, and catching him nationwide on SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio on Wednesdays at 5 p.m.

87 Responses to “Hire Derrick Brooks Immediately”

  1. Easy Says:

    Brooks should replace Licht

  2. mark2001 Says:

    Brooks shouldn’t replace Licht. But he does deserve a place in the organization, in the FO personnel or in the Coaching arena…if he wants it. Can you imagine what a Linebacker coach he would be…with this set of Linebackers? Wow. Know it wouldn’t happen, but can you imagine him bringing his want to and his knowledge to those guys? Unbelievable.

  3. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Oh please hell no

    Just once use your heads

    1 simple formula

    Hire a person who is a superbowl winner

    No ifs, promising, up and coming

    Did you win the superbowl?

    No….yet the fvk out
    Yes….when do you start

    Simple simple simple

    Does this town what to win a superbowl?

    Read below

    Hire somepne who is a superbowl winner

    Its that simple….and its why we have failed miserable hiring these what ifs

  4. EA Says:

    DB and Gruden have mutual respect but I keep hearing that Chucky demands absolute power.

  5. Rick Says:

    Brooks 55 should be DC

  6. JimmyJack Says:

    Is it just me or is Ira talking like Gruden is already the HC?

    I’m usually not one for reading between the lines but this one seems pretty straight forward.

  7. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Jon gruden and jason licht share the same agent….enough said

    Koetter gets fired…rooney rule interview ( i hope not db55. Wont look good) and than

    Grudog 5 year 7 mil per

    Licht gm and shared responsibilty with grudog

  8. The Anomaly Says:

    Please god no. Greatest Buc of all-time arguably. Great human.

    No. Please god no.

    It would be a disaster.

  9. Destinjohnny Says:

    It’s crazy this man isn’t in the organization
    Ronde 2!

  10. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    And vic fangio as defensive coordinator

    *think fox and staff will be fired in chicago

  11. ThunderSack Says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Brooks involved in the orgaanization on the admin side. Maybe Player and Personnel or Team President. Licht should not be going anywhere. Those two working together for the good of the team would be a sweet Christmas present.

  12. Roy T. Buford Says:

    He’s definitely worthy of being a Director, which is a very high position. Player Personnel, Player Development, Pro Scouting, or College Scouting. The first one is a stepping stone for GM…a position you don’t just put someone into. Brooks best skills are recognizing talent and developing people as well as just players. But given his comm skills from listening to Duemig and Dr. Lox commercials, I’m not put in a booth or any public speaking position. Sincere in talking, but lacks the words.

  13. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I still seriously doubt Gruden is up for coaching or for serious consideration of coaching by the owners. In about a week, all know. My money is on keeping things close to how they are and see if Koetter can fix it; and we gotta find out what the deal is with Winston’s J-WUbergate. Joe’s put out plenty of articles himself about how so many games could have swung the other way. Yeah losers find a way to lose, like Jameis leading the league…despite missing three games. You get maybe one or two special teams stinkers for return for a TD, or blocked punt in a blue moon. Just not ready to go into rebuild mode yet.

  14. Lakeland Says:

    We will be talking draft in December 2018.

  15. Tom Edrington Says:

    Hiring Derrick Brooks makes too much good sense and no one inside Buc Palace has a lick of sense, much less any good sense…..

  16. mark2001 Says:

    So Roy T. Buford…will you re-up your season ticket with no changes in the organization? How many do you think will? How many grand are you ready to spend on this product?

  17. Time4Change Says:

    Gruden may want final say on personnel but DB might be able to sway and interject his opinions and thoughts. As team president and advisor to the Glazers….absolutely

  18. Lakeland Says:

    Jason Licht 4 years as GM

    Atlanta Falcons 34- 29

    Carolina Panthers 39-23-1

    New Orleans Saints 32-31

    Tampa Bay Bucs 21- 42

    Let’s keep Jason Licht for another 4 seasons

    So we can get 4 more top draft picks

  19. Jman Says:

    THey need to get rid of the embarrassing “franchise” low class/character

  20. crazy Says:

    Brooks in the right role? Absolutely.

    Gruden in any role? No thanks. You can go enjoy the reunion and the SB season without having to relive the experience of the other 6 years and the decade that followed.

  21. Buc50 Says:

    Not only no but HELL NO!!! Love Brooks but I don’t ever want to see another attempt at the Cover 2 in Tampa. He has never coached a Team and I don’t want to see Tampa as his playground trying to figure it out.

  22. darin Says:

    It was so easy back in the 80s and 90s to be an attending buc fan even tho they stunk. Cost me 5 bucks to go to a game, If I didnt find tickets on a windshield. Yes its hard now to cough up that much money to see this garbage. If dirk stays I wouldnt pay the old 5 to go. Glazers arent gona lower prices, so they will fire the coach. Theyre good business people at least. This coaching staff is beyond clueless.

  23. Stu Says:

    Best Bucs’ idea suggested all year!

  24. tmaxcon Says:

    Bringing back a slew of underachieving has beens is not the answer and will fail miserably just like the lovie smith pr stunt…

  25. Erc2706 Says:

    Said it before and will say it again. He wasn’t great with the storm. He couldn’t get players who didn’t even make it to the NFL to sign with the team. What makes you guys think he could in any way help the bucs with personnel? In the organization yes. But making decisions that affect the team. No way. As a season ticket member of the storm I thought we’d get more out of his name on the field. That didn’t happen.

  26. Waterboy Says:

    Perfect fit to take over in a newly created VP of football operations role. Glazers need to take a step back and let someone with more football knowledge run the organization. I’m getting tired of the series of bad decisions when it comes to either hiring the wrong coaches or firing them too soon.

  27. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Mark2001. Yes, I will renew–I’ve been a fan for 41 years, season ticket holder for every adult year I’ve lived here locally…had a couple decades out of town. I hate losing like anyone else, and I hate paying for it. My ticket package last year was $10K. I will admit, I’ve cut it back to half. But we are one of only 32 cities with an NFL team. In fact, already paying on them for next year. Now, let me clarify. The outbrief is important. Does Koetter (and Jason) sell the Glazers on why they need to get ONE MORE year? BUF, ATL, NE, CAR, GB…were all close. It wasn’t like Schiano where he lost the team, or like Raheem where the other coaches lost the team. Give Koetter a year with someone else running the offense so he can be HC; let’s see if we get Jameis out of trouble off the field and get him to stop fumbling on the field. Could easily be 9-6 today. Yeah, I think Gruden would immediately sell SOME tickets, but that would last a year, and he’d start another clock ticking. He’d have been fired in Year 3 in today’s world. SB on Dungy’s D, then third, place, then last.
    Gone. Gruden had 4 of 7 losing years. The fact others since Gruden have not gone to the playoffs is on them; that doesn’t make Grudent a great coach. He won more games in coaching history, but his percentage is second to Dungy, who got fired. So yeah, I’m here next year, and any time after I can walk up to the stadium from parking. I’m open for ONE year for Koetter. 10-6 and playoffs or he’s gone. I’d rather risk waiting four years for one, over knowing we are three or more years away from all new staff, all new offense, all new D schemes, etc. I think what we got is fixable, with a few changes.

  28. Cobraboy Says:

    As much as I respect and admire Derrick Brooks what has he done to earn a responsible front office position with an NFL team> A great layer and man are not requirements to be a great football operations guy.

    His stint with the Storm was handed to him and I wouldn’t call the Storm particularly successful.

    Most good front office football folks start from the bottom and work their way up and most aren’t All Pros or coaches.

    Brooks working for the Bucs in some capacity may be a great idea, but Shelton Quarles has been with the Bucs for years, was a key, critical player in team success along with Brooks, and is now Director of Football Operations. While not a big HoF name, hasn’t he earned a promotion more than Brooks?

  29. DB55 Says:

    Am I missing something what did Brooks accomplish with the storm and why would he be a good hire and in what role? Ira might be losing it but wtfdik?

  30. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @waterboy…like your idea of a VP. Don’t think it’s Brooks, or Gruden, but would like a football mind over a businessman running that aspect.

    @mark2001. One more comment. I am betting season ticket sales suffer big next year. Good news (for prospective buyers) is the Bucs have no contracts, and I’d be surprised if they raise their prices again. They will suffer because of: This year’s record; disappointment in Koetter/Jacon; disappointment in Jameis. The latter is character suspician over latest allegations–parents don’t want to take their kids to see Jameis until he’s cleared (again). Now, that may be cleared up by March if he’s forthright and if the Bucs have good PR, they fix that part. The only thing that will keep me away, is if they start holding protests on fans time again. As I did this year, I will stay away myself out of principle and my own rigths until they do the right thing again. But regardless of all the above, the Bucs will still get 50K plus per game. Not the 60+ they want, but still okay given the “no blackout” rule. Ira’s off the mark on “half empty stadium.” Not so.

  31. Roy T. Buford Says:

    DB55…we agree. How’s that? Merry Christmas!

  32. Cobraboy Says:

    @ Roy T. Buford: tell me why any self-respecting, non-desperate DC or Free Agent would sign with a team knowing the Head Coach may get “an apple and a road map” at any moment?

  33. Defense Rules Says:

    @Lakeland … “Let’s keep Jason Licht for another 4 seasons so we can get 4 more top draft picks.” LMAO Lakeland … you nailed it. And I’ll take it a step further: Jon Gruden is too smart to take this Tampa gig, and so is Derrick Brooks. Winners may have big egos that sometimes get in the way, but they’re not stupid. Our best bet right now is to keep Koetter & Smitty, but replace Licht. Has Gettleman signed on with anyone yet?

  34. mark2001 Says:

    Roy… I’m sure the Glazers and the Bucs appreciate your support. But you do know that all those close games ended with an L, don’t you? Could easily be 9-6 is like saying that Hillary could easily have been elected president…but she wasn’t, and they dropped those games. You do know that Gruden lost more than a handful of top picks during his tenure, and that the team signed zero big name FA’s during his tenure, don’t you? Our core should have won SB’s from ’99 to ’02. That was our window when our D was in its prime. Just because Gruden got the proverbial blood out of a turnip for some more years doesn’t make that any less a fact. But hate on him if you wish…he did something no Buc coach came close to doing what any one did before or after his coaching tenure. And BTW…you think Smith will be kept? That we will run the same D scheme next year? And what O play caller is ready and willing to come to Tampa for a one year coaching job, unless things turn around rapidly? And frankly, in the business world, I can’t imagine a CEO that turned their organization from a laughing stock into the greatest company in their industry would have been fired in a year, particularly if they were encumbered by deals made by the ownership that effected profitability in the future, or other financial limitations . And if Koetter is here another year, where will that put many of our players in their contracts, including Jameis? I don’t know we can wait another year after this debacle. Had it been 8-8, you might have had a good point. But 4-12 and 0-6 in the division? No chance.

  35. Cobraboy Says:

    And let’s not forget this team may be without Winston until later in October next season.

    In today’s world, he’d have been better off getting caught with a doob than grabbing a crotch.

  36. ThunderSack Says:


    “Brooks working for the Bucs in some capacity may be a great idea, but Shelton Quarles has been with the Bucs for years, was a key, critical player in team success along with Brooks, and is now Director of Football Operations. While not a big HoF name, hasn’t he earned a promotion more than Brooks?”

    Completely agree now that I think about it. Elevating Shelton and inserting Brooks into a position would be a prudent move. Btw, Shelton was the one that got knocked back on the sideline trying to corral Winston during the fumble outburst.

  37. Cobraboy Says:

    Hey, Joes, how about a poll of who the JBF Mob thinks will be kept going into 2018, and if Koetter is gone, who takes his place?

  38. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @Cobraboy…very good point…and I think that is why those issues will be sorted out on coaching long before. I agree, it may be hard to bring some FAs here. But the weather, salary, and no state income taxes and a chance to start also mean a lot. We’ll have to see.

  39. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @cobraboy…on Winston…I think that is one HUGE factor in whether the Glazers replace Koetter. What GREAT GM or HC wants to come to the Bucs with the Uber nightmare disrupting his inaugural season as it were? Better to wait a year and get a QB AND a HC/GM…let the smoke clear.

  40. Nate Says:




    Look, I understand if you said that about Gruden,,,which I don’t agree with

    but D brooks is no has been he was a good personell guy for the storm and the NFL….you haters need to talk about what really hurt the storm is the winningest coach that had to resign

    waste your breath on another team it will save time om your life lol

  41. Nate Says:

    I swear I pray the Glazers hire brooks and gruden just so it will run all you fake fans off this melting pot fan base

    I’m a Bronx new Yorker but after years of living here I let it go and support the team ….not hate undercover at every past player of the era

    some of yall haters think this is n.y or boston 2.0 …..and probably the softest big talkers too


  42. Nate Says:

    and IRA, hell no they wouldn’t object……

    SPOT ON……”they are the only two who hugged and cried at the superbowl for god sakes” (*in my ira voice)


  43. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @mark2001…again, great points, great questions. So many problems. Start with Gruden. He did take us to a SB and did have a deficit of picks years after. I don’t have any malice for him. But he also had a problem getting along with people who worked FOR him. Kiffen was 70% of Bucs success. And Kiffen was HANDS OFF for Gruden coming in. Just don’t think he can go back to coaching with QUICL success being out of it for almost a decade. Yeah, if he’s HC, or GM, or (gulp) VP I’ll get behind him. For a reasonable amount of time. That said, I think Koetter gets one more year. Mike Smith? Again…the outbrief. What does Smith tell Jason and Glazers? What pull does Jason have right now? Will Koetter sacrifice Smith to keep his own job? That’s the awful beauty ugly of this thing…no one knows. I do have a good idea that Lovie bombed in his outbrief because he wanted another consulted to come in and help the D, and no indications of changes out his coaches…like his two sons. Do the Glazers LIKE Smith? I think they do. I think they sill like him a LOT. So he gets a chance to answer what happened. Can we wait you ask? We had to go from Raheem (who got his doors blown off every week) to Schiano (who got his doors blown off very week) to clean up a discipline issue to nostalgia in Lovie (who got his door blown off every week) to get a few fans back, to “something” where there is regression a few blowouts but most games close. Close is still “L” you got that right. But it’s not five scores in the first half like Lovie and Raheem. Who do you put in better? Gruden? Risky. One more year. Settle down with Jameis. Work the max of the cap. Keep what you got in coaching because they are either under contract or want to redeem themselves. A great motivator to turn a business around is when a guy says “I blew it, here’s why” you may want to give him a shot to fix it. No mercy after that! Just my take.

  44. Nate Says:

    brooks also said ….on sapps canton special I believe:

    ” I love dungy to death , but gruden was the right coach at the right time for US’

    end quote….I know that digs in the dungys team creditors craw lol


  45. tmaxcon Says:

    While the glazers are contiplainting thier next huge mistake they should just go all out and rehire mr peanut and make him offensive coordinator

  46. Roy T. Buford Says:

    tmaxcon…who would you hire…GM, HC, OC, DC? Who would your QB and how would you go get your stat players? Who are they? Are they available. My friend, you could be on the eve of a blockbuster job…

  47. MadMax Says:

    Im all aboard in hiring Mr. Brooks! Not sure which position, but get him in here.

    BTW, anyone else watching games while the sound is muted? Its lovely, allows more focus without all the noise.

  48. tmaxcon Says:

    I would bring in a real president with proven track record. Let him decide on licht and koetter. I’d replace Smith with a young aggressive dc… living in the past and bringing back unqualified has beens is a pr stunt not solid football moves.

  49. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    IMHO, it will be disrespectful to Shelton Quarrels, to inset Brooks in a position of authority over him. Shelton has worked his way up.
    And, I can’t see Derrick Brooks working FOR Shelton.

    Remember when the Glazers went all ape shizit over Raheem, thought he was the next Mike Tomlin ?
    With the success of John Lynch in Frisco, the Glazers might feel they have to sign Brooks ?

    If they do sign Brooks, get ready to do the Tommahawk Chop, because Brooks is a BIG FSU Homer.

  50. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Okay, highest paid NFL coach I THINK is Bill Belichick, but I don’t know what his deal is. I have heard/seen it is MORE THAN $8.5 mil for unspecified number of years (how do you do that in the NFL?) so could be MUCH more with royalties, plus he has basically total control…the de facto GM. If Gruden would do it for $10.5 Mil, what control would he want. Would the Glazers want to risk ceding ALL to a guy who lost 4 of 7 seasons, who is known not to get along with folks as the GM and HC (and or VP too)? So what would a guy like Belichick want? Gruden’s got all kinds of other endorsements. He doesn’t need to work, can only screw those up by coaching and losing. Now, I detest the Partriots, but the mentality on this board is to go after a HC (and GM as Bill in NE is, basically top tier) for a really tidy sum. Jason + Dirk has to equal $13 mil at least, right? Why risk a ex-coach in Gruden who may fail in four of seven more years, playing your only SB trump card? Gruden would not be the mother lode so to speak. The Glazers spent about three months on Lovie. I don’t think they’ve spent that much time on Gruden, and I don’t think they’re sold. I think they can do better. Break someone else’s deal. Make a bombburst. You can do that with HCs.

  51. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Tmaxcon…so a real president, young aggressive DC. Any names?

  52. LargoBuc Says:

    Come on Tmax who the hell dosebt want a president with a proven track recird? You dont think all 32 teams want just that? Well those types dont grow on trees hence why team hire young, up and coming, yet unproven professionals to run the front office.

  53. nevergoingtoagameagain Says:

    He has bad instincts, Choose Jameis over Marriotta.
    Failed with the Storm.

  54. Roy T. Buford Says:

    @largo, and @Tmax….

    Belichick got fired from his first coaching job. Bet the Pats are happy they gave him another chance. I really loathe NE, but man. Just leave it there, Bud. Tmax, are they messed up in NE too? I mean, they hired a coach who got fired after three (I think?) in CLE. Less than Koetter. But record SBs after in NE. Brady: Sixth round; found his way into a game due to injury. He’d probably left the NFL had it not been for Bledsoe’s injury. Amendola. Undrafted. Kind of like Hump. Both guys…leave it there. Unless tmaxcon….Hump stinks. What do you think?

    This isn’t a two year process; sure isn’t a three year process. It is business. And it’s a two-year business because fans won’t wait. I can’t blame them. But sadly, not realistic. Sure, years tick for me. I get unhappey. But it is a game. You take gambles. Win some. Lose some. I hate to lose. So do the Browns who lost and gave up on Belichick. They still lose PROBABLY because they GAVE HIM UP. The Pats, stumbled across their QB. The Bucs hate the lose. The Glazers hate it. I know darn well the fans hate it. But we all hate starting over before it’s time. We sure hate that our QB is caught in another sex allegation issue. One more year for these coaches, who turned in 9-7 last year. It is the OUTBRIEF. They’d have to really blow it. But these guys get one more year. Much pinned on Jameis.

  55. SOEbuc Says:

    Simeon says he wants to coach. Hell he said he wanted to play. He was at what seemed like every day at OBP during training camp. Bring him back Jon to be your Dline coach.

  56. Eric Says:

    In eleven years of coaching Gru had 3 losing seasons and was 8-6 in playoff games.

    Five division Titles.

  57. Cobraboy Says:

    @ Roy T.: No Gruden did NOT lose “4 of 7.” In his Buc tenure, he had 4 winning seasons that included multiple NFC South Championships.

    If you want to add in his 4 years at Oakland—which you have to if you want to evaluate the totality of his work— he only has 3 of 11 losing seasons, and 5 of 11 seasons he won the Division title.

    I challenge you to find an available head coach with Jon Gruden’s track record.

  58. Eric Says:


    Hear, hear!

  59. Clw JB Says:

    How could having Brooks in the building everyday not be great for the team? THE Buccaneer – THE Best player ever for our team and the best person to ever don our uniform- I’m all for it – maybe he can be a voice of reason for the hyper GM in the 2nd round when he wants to trade up for a kicker

  60. BrianBucs Says:

    As much as I like and respect Mr. Brooks I don’t see what he could bring to the Bucs organization except from a PR standpoint. He didn’t exactly help the Storm while running them. Bucs need some experienced NFL executives with proven success to help them turn things around

  61. Warrenfb12 Says:

    I’m not sure I agree with this Ira. If you want a president let’s get a guy with proven success

  62. SOEbuc Says:


  63. SOEbuc Says:

    Should go like this:

    HC chant- WE WANT GRUDEN!

    LBC chant- WE WANT BROOKS!

  64. HomerSimpsonRocks Says:

    Y’all are letting your love for a great former blind you to some simple facts. Just because Brooks was one of the best of all time, doesn’t mean he’d be great at whatever non-player position you’re imagining him with the Bucs organization. Obviously great player and seems like a great guy. So what. That doesn’t necessarily translate. Not every former player can coach, be a GM, be an executive, etc. I respect Ira a lot but this is silly fandom and emotion talking.

  65. BrianBucs Says:

    Jason Light’s record as Bucs GM is 21-42. Just sayin’……

  66. DB55 Says:

    Idk guys great players do not make great leaders. Take Jordan and bird neither of their teams have done anything at all competitive. Meanwhile Steve Kerr is more successful than both of them combined.

    That’s why I think frank Reich has a good chance to be a successful hc. Not only was he a great role player but he learned from Parcells and belicheat. More importantly his “MVP” caliber qb gets hurt and his back up comes in and scores 4 TDs. Maybe just maybe it’s the system but again wtfdik?

  67. lightningbuc Says:

    While we’re at it why not hire Brad Johnson for QBs coach, Mike Alstott for running backs coach, Keyshawn for WR coach, Sapp for D-line coach, Martin Gramatica for special teams coach. The Super Bowl win was great and all, but this is getting silly.

  68. Rod Munch Says:

    I like the idea – it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a non-loser in the front office.

  69. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Brooks should be in the organization at some capacity. Gruden is the answer for so many reasons. (Proven commodity, undeniably passion, motivator). I am not a transplant and appreciate people like Nate above that figured out that they live in Tampa not up north and are all in with the Bucs regardless. If things were “so great” up there why didn’t you stay? Lastly, Gruden is a Tampa guy who often refers to the Bucs as “we” even though he currently is not employed by them. Once again bring back our prodigal son and let’s regain respectability and a championship!

  70. Nate Says:

    UMM DB55

    Elway seemed to bring the broncos a superbowl….with a declining payton

    in the RIGHT position yes it works ………

  71. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I’ve always thought Brooks should be used more by this organization. He is respected and has the heart of a champion. Is he coaching material? I don’t know. But I’m confident he can sniff out talent and heart. He knows what it takes as a player to be great. I believe he could do wonders in helping evaluate players.

  72. cover deuce Says:

    If that talking horse in a suit can do it, then Mr. Brooks is certainly qualified

  73. DB55 Says:

    Peyton won Dungy a Sb too so let’s just call that a push and add Ron Rivera to the list.

  74. DB55 Says:

    Other the other hand if Brooks could get DeBartolo to buy the team from the glaziers then all bets are off.

  75. DB55 Says:


  76. mark2001 Says:

    I said at the top that DB would have a ton to offer as a LB coach…but let’s face it…it is a tireless, 24/7 kind of job and I really don’t know that would be what DB would want. He was a great player, earned his millions, and who can fault him for wanting to spend it and not grind himself into the ground?

    But what a great guy…who wouldn’t want him in your organization? I’d love to see him run for public office.

  77. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    SABAN HIRE HIM AND give him the keys

  78. Mike Johnson Says:

    Not sure the Brooks thing would work with Chucky. Unless Chucky has changed, he’s a power freak who wants total control. But maybe he has learned a thing or 2 sittin on the sidelines. Often times, Great players do not transcend into great coaches/managers. I’d start Brooks at the Assistant coachin level for a year.

  79. BucEmUp Says:

    Not at head coach or GM. Some type of assistant would be great to have him around….but we need Gruden or Arians at HC with Koetter remaining OC

  80. BucEmUp Says:

    Something else sounds like it going wrong with Arians so don’t think that will happen but if its not Gruden Koetter should remain head coach

  81. mark2001 Says:

    Mike… he isn’t a “power freak”…as you remember, he let Monte run the D side and he ran the “O” side. He even described a situation where he was the O coordinator and Monte was the HC, and it wouldn’t be much different. Not saying that didn’t change over the years, but early one, he gave Monte all the credit in the world, if you think back about it. Does that sound like a “controlling maniac”?

  82. Jmarkbuc Says:


    “what has he done to earn a responsible front office position with an NFL team> A great layer and man are not requirements to be a great football operations guy

    Most good front office football folks start from the bottom and work their way up and most aren’t All Pros or coaches.”

    Guess this makes the John Lynch experiment even more interesting.. He’s looking pretty adept at the moment….

    Don’t disagree with you on Quarles. DB in the building absolutely cant hurt. I’d take him as GM.

  83. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Best trait of DBrooks is the accountability factor

    He, Sapp and Lynch all held everyone accountable, Even Dungy…

  84. Jmarkbuc Says:

    Saban =Spurrier

    Great college ball coach, not so much in the big leauges

  85. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Can’t spin the facts. 4 of 7 seasons Gruden coaching the Bucs was in third or last place. 9-7 in third place isn’t even as good Dirk’s first year. Gruden won three division titles in his seven years. Never won a playoff game after the SB year.

  86. Cobraboy Says:

    @Roy T.: but YOU are spinning the facts.

    Any credible analysis of his experience as Head Coach should include his work at Oakland, too, where he had an owner meddling in every decision.

    It’s OK not to like the guy, but cherry-picking facts as proof of your position destroys your credibility. Knowledgeable fans can see right through your effort.

  87. Jmarkbuc Says:


    Monte as HC and Jon as OC was just a pr move to keep Monte from leaving for the SF job…

    You wouldn’t want to be the man than ran Monte Kiffin out of Tampa.

    And I’m glad it worked…