Godwin Rising

December 12th, 2017

Getting national props.

It is understandable if Bucs fans aren’t seeing positives when the team is gunning for a 4-12 record, plus fans also have to worry about repairing the door ripped off its hinges after another losing Sunday.

One bright spot from Sunday was receiver Chris Godwin. The rookie actually got playing time in the first quarter (!) and he continues to produce when he gets on the field.

Godwin led Bucs receivers with five catches for 68 yards against the Lions. The way he is playing, it is going to be hard to keep him off this season or next.

And it isn’t just Joe impressed by Godwin. A couple of national NFL analysts are seeing the same, Gregg Rosenthal of NFL.com and smart Evan Silva of Rotoworld.com.

Yes, this looks like another potential steal for Bucs AC/DC-loving general manager Jason Licht. This year’s draft is really looking to be a blockbuster with O.J. Howard, Justin Evans, Godwin and Kendell Beckwith.

Any time a general manager can get four starters in a draft — it is only a matter of time before Godwin starts — that, friends, is a haul.

52 Responses to “Godwin Rising”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    If we can only get a QB to take advantage of our awesome receiving talent ….it would help to running game too…..somehow it is not working out

  2. Clodhopper Says:

    Right now, he is the best WR on the team in my humble opinion. Evans has more talent, but Godwin is better at this point in time.

  3. mike10 Says:

    Alteredego – agreed.

    Jameis-sail-a-lot has to improve his accuracy and pace at getting the ball out to take advantage of the offensive talent we have… otherwise go get cousins and say “bye Felicia” to Winston

  4. AlteredEgo Says:

    mike10…..Jameis’s mechanics, footwork, is horrible at time…WATCH….often he does not step into the throw ,instead his feet are set at 10 & 3 open hips ..all arm

  5. mike10 Says:

    Ya great pt. Might explain why he’s off balance and putting so much air under his balls

  6. Clodhopper Says:

    And dont forget that awesome tackle he had on special teams too!!!

  7. Conte Piscateli Says:

    With Goodwin’s emergence and all the holes on this team, would it be crazy to trade probably our biggest asset (Mike Evans) for high draft picks. It seems we have more weapons than we know what to do with, and Evans will be looking for a colossal contract soon. I like Mike Evans, but could this be the best option for this team going forward?

  8. Jim Says:

    Winston is only 23. He could play for 20 more years. Give the kid a break.

  9. D-Rome Says:

    I asked this a few days ago and I’ll ask it again: Has Godwin dropped a pass this year?

  10. Guzzie Says:

    Not a bad idea to trade Evans look what happened to the Saints after trading Brandin Cooks for a 1st rounder

  11. mike n Says:

    i remember watching him in rose bowl thinking he was a late 1st rounder. How he last till the 3rd , i don’t know. He has a bright future.

  12. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    This is why they can’t afford to lose Licht…Scouting and the draft is the one thing this team is getting right finally…minus the gringo pick…

  13. AC Says:

    when Jameis finally puts it together im going to come back here and look for all the naysayers.. i bet they will be licking his jock strap by then.. fake a$$ fans

  14. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    C eh N eh D eh Says: minus the gringo pick…

    Really man?

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    What needs to happen after watching DJax loaf over the last few games is for Godwin to START opposite of Mike.

  16. tmaxcon Says:

    i feel sorry for you poor jameis haters…. he will go down as greatest buc of all time and win multiple championship regardless of your blind hatred. I do understand your dilemma the bucs have never fielded a respectable offense nor have had a franchise qb. especially under the ignorant, one dimensional POS dungy so I don’t fault you for not understanding offense nor qb growth cycles.

    Kleenex anyone

  17. AlteredEgo Says:

    Criticizing Jameis …has nothing to do with being a “fan”…been here long before most

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    He’s been playing great…..when he gets a chance to play…..GO BUCS!!!!

  19. America's Groper Says:

    Would love to see Godwin reach his full potential as being a deep threat but unfortunately we will not see that with Shameus because he can throw a deep ball

  20. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Agree Licht has had a couple of excellent drafts. Now if he could have two in a row with guys in the trenches. We need to build this team up front on both sides of the ball.

  21. tmaxcon Says:


    sorry but licht lost a lot of credibility with blowing the first round pick on vh3 and aguayo. Godwin and Beckwith seem legit but there is not a keeper on that oline outside of Ali so I think it’s time to really examine his drafts. Evans is the only player from his 1st draft. yes jameis will be fine and lead this team for years so the grand slam is good but lot’s of misses too that can’t be overlooked.

  22. AlteredEgo Says:

    One more year for HC/GM….
    Patience Coach Hoppers
    Draft Drew Lock or any other starting caliber QB….if Jameis is the man by 2020….trade to other QB….if not we’ll have the next QB with a few years under his belt…

  23. DB55 Says:

    AlteredEgo Says:
    December 12th, 2017 at 8:03 am
    If we can only get a QB to take advantage of our awesome receiving talent ….it would help to running game too…..somehow it is not working out
    Your constant moaning is funny and I ignore it most times. I just wish you’d support your argument.

    Jameis went 5 for 6 with Godwin on Sunday, he also had a 68.4 completion rate so wtf are you talking about son?

  24. Pa Privateer Says:

    AND…….Maybe Stevie T will be a hidden gem next year

  25. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    gruden 5 year 35 mill contract

    licht 1 year extension

    good draft (except 2016)but FA acquisitions were horrible

    *2017 Licht still built a playoff team. Klueless couldnt put the pieces together

    Son of Kobe Faker

    *tampa vs ATL MNF will get 2017 lowest TV rating

    Darcie Glazer is Pi$$ed

  26. Phil Says:

    I don’t think anyone has a problem with the job Licht is doing except for drafting a kicker. The problem is the coaching and that Jameis seems to have regressed instead of getting better. The team doesn’t seem like they are prepared heading into a game. To many mental mistakes during a game.

  27. AlteredEgo Says:

    DD55….of course I see Jameis completions …you don’t see his F ‘ups….well gloss over or ignore…of all the on field flaws in Jameis’s game….accuracy is the one that troubles me most….that is not something easy to correct…his mechanics are HORRIBLE at times

  28. not there yet Says:

    Another reason dirk will get fired, this is just too easy…. Jackson can play slot so can Godwin. There’s no reason Humphries should be starting over either one of them. Doesn’t matter that he was the starter, we all said it was a spot that could be upgraded. If another coach comes in here Humphries will not start

  29. passthebuc Says:

    I think you could get a 1st and a 3rd for Evans. With the receiving corp we have, we could use the additional picks to shore up the OL with the 3rd pick and a DE with the 1st rd pick. You have to give up something to get something and Evans and GMC would be my choices to go. GMC deserves a shot at a ring and I am sure we could get a 2nd and 3rd for him.

  30. passthebuc Says:

    send me some of whatever you are smoking

  31. DB55 Says:


    You know what? No more excuses.

    Last Thursday I saw Ryan throw 3 Ints and still win the game. I’ve always blamed the oline for getting jw molested how can you play q.b. wo protection?

    Then I learned that 5 of the 7 qbs with the most hits, knock-downs and sacks are playoff teams or wild card teams as of today.

    Case in point Russell Wilson and Tom Brady have been hit and molested more than the Messiah. So as of today no more excuses either you get’er done or you don’t fck the bs.

    You may proceed with your bashing

  32. tmaxcon Says:


    gmc deserves a kick in the arse and a one way bus ticket out of town…. POS quitters don’t deserve anything.

  33. AlteredEgo Says:

    DD55….I don’t bash….provide examples…

  34. Bobby Says:

    This is what I predicted since the draft. Godwin was the best pick of the draft and to get O.J. Howard to go along with him…wow! Now we just need an O.C. to take advantage of the talent and draw up some plays. I’m sorry, Koetter is just plain vanilla.

  35. Broy34WantsGruden Says:

    Hey ego-is your life so sad that you have to be the first comment every article bashing a 23 year old qb who has set bucs records. Please give a rest dude it’s becoming pathetic. Atleast tmax supports jameis and is funny with his takes

  36. AlteredEgo Says:

    Yo Broy…don’t get personal….stick to football…make your point …

  37. Broy34WantsGruden Says:

    And ego just because of you I’m going to pay attention to lock just so I can laugh when I think of your suggestion to replace jameis with some no name sec qb

  38. Lakeland Says:

    All of this praise for Jason Licht for drafting Chris Godwin in the 3rd round.

    My praise goes to the Rams GM Les Snead for drafting Cooper Kupp in the 3rd round.

    Chris Godwin 23 Rec, 298 YDS, 0 TDS

    Cooper Kupp 56 Rec, 783 YDS, 4 TDS

    I feel sorry for Buc fans

    They live for Mediocre

  39. Broy34WantsGruden Says:

    Db– now tell me if any of those mentioned QBs have the worst defense in the league as well as franchise history. Bills game (defense) Patriots game (kicking) maybe one more game kicking. Vikings (defense) panthers game (oline) falcons (defense) Packers (defense) does jameis need to improve absolutely. Is jameis in an abysmal gameplan offense with ridiculous 7 step drops absolutely. But no quarterback ever will win with this bad of a defense. You saw what Winston can do in the bills game chiefs game last year and eagles game rookie year. If you think he has the stats (or anyone) of a 2-8 qb then you are delusional sir. No running game no defense mediocre o line no help from his coach. Like Justin said watch what happens when he’s three step dropping. And he had ONE target his first two years. Now he has no defense. The D blows the game every week

  40. Lakeland Says:

    LakeLandBuc Says:
    May 5th, 2017 at 12:44 pm

    I believe Kendell Beckwith will be ready for TC. But when Jason Licht traded back into the 3rd Round. I was sure it was for Auburn DE Carl Lawson. I believe he will be the ‘steal’ of the draft. A 1st Round talent drafted in the 4th round. Adrius Glanton is from Lakeland, he’s a really good LB. The best to come out of Lakeland since Ray Lewis. Kendell Beckwith will be just fine, he will be a star for the Bucs.

    I still believe that Licht should have drafted Carl Lawson
    Kendell Beckwith will not shine unless he’s at MLB
    Carl Lawson has 7.5 sacks for the Bengals

  41. AlteredEgo Says:

    Broy “just because of you I’m going to pay attention to lock “…I have used Drew Lock as an example, in most posts I include ( other another starting caliber QB)….this team can not wait until we need a new QB…as I’ve said draft a high ranked QB and let it sort itself out …if Jamies can fix his sheet fine, trade the (Lock) QB….I hope Jameis can become everything he was drafted to become…that said I serious issues with his mechanics….of course every knows all about his bone head plays and inaccuracy….his accuracy is my greatest concern, his inaccuracy is hidden in his stats that many are so gleefully ready to rest on. Break down Jameis’s YAC per completion and they are dismal

  42. Bucsfanman Says:

    ‘They live for Mediocre’

    @Lakeland- I was shaking my head, “of course we love tapioca!”

  43. bucs_365 Says:


    Kupp has gotten a lot more playing time than Godwin. We have Evans and DJax in front of him…. And just because Kupp has bigger numbers than Godwin, doesn’t make him a better pick. Kupp has done well. Godwin has done well with his opportunities. Both good picks.

  44. Lakeland Says:

    Why spend high draft picks on players to sit the bench? You can sign UDFA players to sit the bench. That’s why the Rams are 9-4 and the Bucs are 4-9.

  45. Lakeland Says:

    Dirk Koetter and Jason Licht should have enough common sense to realize that you can’t draft players for the future in Tampa. They need to draft players that can step in and play right away. If they are looking 2-3 years into the future, then they are dumb as a bag of nails. You have no future in Tampa as GM or HC, your future is NOW.

  46. Lakeland Says:

    Robert Woods and Sammy Watkins are in front of Cooper Kupp. But Jared Goff has target Cooper Kupp more, because he be open more. Plus he has a 66% catch ratio. O.J Howard, Justin Evans, Chris Godwin, Kendell Beckwith should have seen the field more this season. The Bucs were 9-7 last season, and close to the playoffs. The draft should have been about drafting players to help them get to the next level (playoffs). It seems like they was drafting players to sit and learn for the future. They have too many holes to be drafting players to sit.

  47. C. Alaka Says:

    It’s so funny how when Godwin is thrown to by Jameis, most times it’s complete. The guy runs the right routes, gets to the spots he’s supposed to be! He’s rarelly over thown all of a sudden by Jameis.

    I think the kid should start & not in the slot but outside. Djax might be dangerous more in the slot

  48. Bobby M. Says:

    Godwin was a solid find…..problem however is the same GM that found Godwin, also spent $33 million on Desean Jackson. That’s the issue with Licht, for every gem he finds, he has a total bonehead bust to offset it. And that’s why the team is in yr 4 with Licht and still sucks.

  49. BucsFan90 Says:

    Then why start Hump over Godwin and Doug over Peyton? Is Koetter trolling or stupid?

  50. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    @DB55 too sensitive about Jameis “SON” nobody here that’s for real wants Jameis to fail, we were all in and still turn on the TV every Sunday hoping he balls out, but your boy keeps looking bad and AMERICAS TURNOVER MACHINE doesn’t ball so hard like FAVRE to justify giving the ball away 2.5 x per game. AGAIN another horrible deep ball throw to Evans on the PI call underthrow overthrow behind receivers above receivers and it’s true that his mechanics are clumsy scattered inconsistent. Getting another high draft pick QB is the right move. If you suck at work then the boss can bring in someone else to see how they work out and let the best man win WTF

  51. Viejo_Sombrero19 Says:

    2018 after the UBER suspension from GOODELL we can give Jameis the last 12 games to see if he is THE GUY or not

  52. Ed Says:

    All the crap related to offense watch other teams spread the field so that when receivers are open they have some grass in front of them then watch Buc receivers when open get tackled because they are stationary or coming back to the ball. Only plays all year I’ve seen that has been successful has been the misdirected run play to right with Howard sneaking out to daylight and having an open field. That’s on Koetter not designing enough plays to space out the field Bad offense