Drew Brees Endorses Chucky

December 27th, 2017

Over the years, Chucky has hung out at Saints practices and, obviously, has sat down with Saints coaches and players in preparation for Monday Night Football broadcasts.

That means he’s spent his share of time with future Hall of Fame Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

Joe advised Brees today of the rumors of Chucky returning to coach in the NFL this season. And Joe asked Brees if he’s picked up anything in those TV production meetings this year that leads him to believe Chucky wants back into coaching now.

“Listen, I think he’s as knowledgeable and as talented a guy as there is and as passionate a guy as there is when it comes to the NFL game,” Brees said. “You can feel that when you watch a broadcast or you spend any time with him off the field like I have. You know, he’s got a great history with Sean Payton. He gave Sean Payton his first job with the Eagles back in [1997]. So I don’t know, if he chooses to coach again, then I’m sure he would do a great job. But I think he does a great job in the booth, as well.”

Hey, Joe had to ask. You never know what Brees, who loves to chat, might have said.

Chucky is quite an enigma. It’s so rare for a guy who loves coaching so much — or any profession — to essentially walk away from the craft at 45 years old. Imagine a renowned college biology professor who tells everyone he loves teaching  more than life, but then he gets fired and works for CNN as a science expert — while still saying he misses and loves coaching.

If Chucky coaches again, whoever hires him really better be sure Chucky is committed to coaching for the long term.

112 Responses to “Drew Brees Endorses Chucky”

  1. AlteredEgo Says:

    Sean Payton whipped Gruden and his Bucs there first meeting……Deuce McAllister was a BEAST !

  2. DB55 Says:

    Translation: Gruden will kick our butts, keep him in the booth.

  3. Waterboy Says:

    Chucky is a great X’s and O’s guy but also his own worst enemy in that he doesn’t acknowledge/realize his own limitations. There’s no way he should have full-control of any team he goes to. Coaching yes but all other decisions should be handled by someone else.

  4. mark2001 Says:

    Joe….here is the deal…he was let go at a young age…he had young children. He got a great job in the booth. And who wouldn’t do that in that situation? It wasn’t that he didn’t like coaching…he loves football as much as anyone has….but he had a wife and a family, could stay in the community he loves, and make millions a year. That wasn’t rocket science.

    Now his youngest is leaving the house, and if you’ve ever been in that situation, you know that allows one to re-access things. Actually next year might even be better for him in many ways. But if he can be the coach for the Bucs, the organization we all know he loves, in the community he loves, why wouldn’t he? And whether he is committed for ten years, fifteen years, or whatever, he has counted the cost. And if we get him back here, we will be extremely lucky.

    Guys, just think how lucky we are…to have a coach that has lead two teams to the SB Oakland and Tampa Bay…who is well respected everywhere, except possibly in his backyard where he obviously tweaked the egos of some local personalities, who did their best to make sure others felt as they did. A guy that has been a true fan of the team and has connections going back to the earliest days.

  5. NFLNut Says:

    Chucky is the youngest coach to ever win a SuperBowl … and he may become the next coach of the youngest QB to ever throw for 11,000 yards in Jameis … it could be a match made in heaven.

  6. Bucnjim Says:

    Built a playoff/SB contender with the Raiders. Not only took the Bucs to the SB but won! All this with little to no good QB! His bad years with the Bucs he lost his below average starting QB (injury) and replaced him with a terrible backup QB who he never wanted here in the first place (Sims, then Gradkowski) He had one losing season with the Raiders and two with the Bucs. Basically he has only had one more losing season then the Vucs have had winning seasons in the past decade. Am I willing to gamble on history? YEP

  7. miken Says:

    I hope he wants back in… he could want in and go with another team. Could say been there / done that, lets go to ny or houston ect..

  8. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    It still blows me away – all the hate Gruden gets in Tampa.
    Versus the LUV he gets w/Oakland Fans. He’s a GOD in their eyes.

  9. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    There’s the rest and then there’s the BEST!!

    There’s Jon Gruden (The Best)
    • 2007 – Jon Gruden: After Starting 7-4 (Lost 3 Straight) 9-7
    • 2008 – Jon Gruden: After starting 9-3 (Lost 4* straight) 9-7

    And Then There’s The Rest
    • 2011 – Raheem Morris: After starting 4-7 (Lost 10* Straight) 4-12
    • 2013 – Greg Shiano: After Starting 3-8 (Lost 3 straight) 4-12
    • 2015 – Lovie Smith: After Starting 6-5 (Lost 4 straight) 6-10
    • 2017 – Dirk Koetter: After Starting 4-7 (Lost 5+?) 4-11+?

  10. Waterboy Says:

    The same people calling for Gruden now will be the same ones throwing names of his replacement out there in 2 years.

  11. Rob Says:

    If and I mean if the Bucs fire Koetter, Gruden would be foolish not to coach the Bucs. They are sure to make him the highest paid coach in league history. I figure they will guarantee 8-10 million per year for five years. Gruden is not turning that “for sure” money down. He can always go back to broadcasting when he is finished coaching. Gruden would fill Raymond James in a heartbeat and everybody knows it. I also think Gruden would get a more capable defensive coordinator in here along with assurance the Glazers would allow him to pursue high dollar free agent pass rushers. Go Bucs!

  12. Waterboy Says:

    From someone else’s post:

    DVOA of Gruden’s offenses

    Philadelphia OC (QBs – Ty Detmer, Rodney Peete; Highest ANY/A: Detmer, 1996, 5.74)
    1995: 24th (27th Pass, 10th Rush)
    1996: 10th (10th Pass, 17th Rush)
    1997: 17th (20th Pass, 11th Rush)

    Oakland HC (QBs – Jeff George, Rich Gannon; Highest ANY/A: Gannon, 2000, 6.73)
    1998: 29th (28th Pass, 29th Rush)
    1999: 2nd (2nd Pass, 4th Rush)
    2000: 6th (6th Pass, 5th Rush)
    2001: 3rd (2nd Pass, 7th Rush)

    Tampa Bay HC (QBs: Brad Johnson, Jeff Garcia, Brian Griese, Chris Sims, Bruce Gradkowski; Highest ANY/A: Garcia, 2007, 6.98)
    2002: 20th (13th Pass, 28th Rush)
    2003: 16th (15th Pass, 26th Rush)
    2004: 22nd (17th Pass, 28nd Rush)
    2005: 17th (19th Pass, 20th Rush)
    2006: 29th (30th Pass, 24th Rush)
    2007: 13th (16th Pass, 7th Rush)
    2008: 20th (17th Pass, 22nd Rush)

    Posted by MarchantWarchant on Dec 27, 2017 | 10:55 AM

  13. Bucnjim Says:

    So many people give all the credit to Dungy who can’t grasp the fact that Gruden brought in 20 new players that year a lot of them starters especially on offense. Dungy had his chance against the Rams but only gave our great D 9 points against the greatest show on turf which by the way only scored 11 and averaged like 31 points a game.

  14. DB55 Says:


    Better education system in CA.

    And this:
    except possibly in his backyard where he obviously tweaked the egos of some local personalities,

    I’m telling you these local yokles are dumb af. 620 should be a comedy station. That dude JP tries, he’s not a complete idiot but the rest are laughable at best and that includes Clayton who seems to be doing his best tap dance in order to “fit in”.

  15. DB55 Says:


    Match made in heaven I completely agree

  16. miken Says:

    Hard to believe Gruden would get one negative comment. No one In Oakland or anywhere else would. State of Florida has dumb fans… I remember Spurrier catching some heat, the jags ran Coughlin out, Fish fans say Jimmy didn’t do much and Saban can’t coach. It’s funny. Madden and Fantasy is as deep as some get.

  17. miken Says:

    @db55 yep!

  18. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Offense Total Yard Ranking

    OC – Eagles
    • 1996 PHI OC – 4th QB’s – Ty Detmer/Rodney Peete
    • 1997 PHI OC – 5th QB’s – Ty Detmer/Rodney Peete/Bobby Hoying

    HC – Raiders
    • 1999 OAK HC – 5th QB’s – Rich Gannon
    • 2000 OAK HC – 6th QB’s – Rich Gannon
    • 2001 OAK HC – 7th QB’s – Rich Gannon

    HC – Buccaneers
    • 2003 TAM HC – 10th QB’s – Brad Johnson
    • 2008 TAM HC – 14th QB’s – Jeff Garcia/ Brian Griese
    • 2007 TAM HC – 18th QB’s – Jeff Garcia/ Brian Griese

    *Career Highlights

    OC Eagles
    • 1996 – Lost Wild Card 0-14 vs. San Francisco 49ers

    HC Raiders
    • 2000 – Lost Conference Championship 3-16 vs. Baltimore Ravens
    • 2001 – Lost Divisional Round 13-16 vs. New England Patriots

    HC Buccaneers
    • 2002 – Won Super Bowl 48-21 vs. Oakland Raiders
    • 2005 – Lost Wild Card 10-17 vs. Washington Redskins
    • 2007 – Lost Wild Card 14-24 vs. New York Giants

    Gruden’ Starters
    • Chris Simms – 3rd round (97th overall) of the 2003 NFL Draft.
    • Brian Griese – 3rd round (91st overall) of the 1998 NFL Draft.
    • Bobby Hoying – 3rd round (85th overall) of the 1996 NFL Draft.
    • Rich Gannon – 4th round (98th overall) of the 1987 NFL Draft.
    • Bruce Gradkowski – 6th round (194th overall) of the 2006 NFL Draft.
    • Rodney Peete – 6th round (141st overall) of the 1989 NFL Draft.
    • Ty Detmer – 9th round (230th overall) of the 1992 NFL Draft.
    • Brad Johnson – 9th round (227th overall) of the 1992 NFL Draft.
    • Jeff Garcia – UDFA

    Note: Gannon was drafted as a running back/receiver by New England.

  19. 813bucboi Says:

    @DB55….I AGREE….that last sentence says it all…..

    “But I think he does a great job in the booth, as well.”

    that’s mean keep in him the booth cuz if he gets hold of Winston, its game over….GO BUCS!!!!

  20. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    I was literally done with football for a minute – after this

  21. Bucnjim Says:

    Waterboy what you have to look at is wins with that SH!T SHOW stable of QBs! Not only wins BUT quality wins. Philly in Philly TWICE and the list goes on and on! Not a win against the winless Giants a win against the Bears with Mike Glennon starting? And they could have actually won that game. A win against the Jets? Really you count that one? Then Miami yeah one to be proud of! ZERO wins in the division and not a single one against.a quality team. Don’t think Gruden was ever winless in the division and his home record is better then most other coaches in our history.

  22. Waterboy Says:


    How does Gruden’s total yard rankings compare to Koetter’s?

  23. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Yeah I agree the local media did a great job of turning the fans on Gru.

  24. Lakeland Says:

    Bucs fans changes like the weather. I hear this nonsense from them every year. They brags on a free agent, then they kick him to the curb like a rag-doll. They brag about draft picks, and after one bad game, they go sour on him.They was begging for Dirk Koetter to replace Lovie Smith Koetter won 9 games last season and he crowned King of Tampa. This season the team sucks and they want to run him out of town with his tail between his legs.I don’t know which is worse, the pathetic fanbase or the pathetic franchise.

  25. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Who gives a flippin flying crap what Brees thinks????

    I sure as hell doesn’t.

  26. DB55 Says:

    **********2001 – Lost Divisional Round 13-16 vs. New England Patriots************
    That needs asterisks all over it. In front behind underneath

  27. Waterboy Says:

    He brought in those QB’s. Had Thomas Jones on the team but couldn’t figure out how to use him so he let him walk and spent a top 5 draft pick on Williams instead of keeping Jones and picking up a QB in that draft (Rodgers). I think Brees hit the free agent market during his tenure also.

  28. mark2001 Says:

    Gruden can coach….. and lives for football. He loves Tampa Bay….he loves the Bucs. He is well known and well respected. He has a proven track record under adverse circumstances. But some just aren’t so sure…what? That he would be worse than …let’s just try it again another year? That some players might not love him as much as they do Dirk? Give me a break…think about it guys. He is all in with Tampa Bay. If he chooses another job, maybe I’m wrong. And if so, well, I would bet Lovie will be available in another year. And the local sports personalities love him…so he must be the right guy for the job… right?

  29. DB55 Says:


    Normally I would say fire mike smith and Keep Koetter but if Gruden is available and he could work with Winston man that’s fire right there. FUEGO!!

    Koetter biggest mistake was coach bj and Monken. Heck bj Monken Smith and Warhop.

  30. Bucnjim Says:

    Brings a tear to my eye and not a good one. Did you see the man in that clip though #56. I miss Hardy Nickerson because he is the real player who began to change the losing culture.

  31. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    BS he used Jones.
    Actually revived his career.
    Remember he was a BUST before he came to Tampa.
    Phucking Allen and his insane number crunching – couldn’t afford him.
    So he took his talents to the “City of Broad Shoulders”.

  32. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Damn Skippy

  33. JonBuc Says:

    Lovie and his 5-19 record since joining the Illini….back to the basement would be my plan.

  34. Dewey Selmon Says:

    NFL nut. Gruden was the youngest coach to win a SB until Tomlin did it a couple years later.

  35. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Always a day late & a dollar short #LifeAsABucsFan

  36. Waterboy Says:

    Thomas Jones started 3 games under Gruden and got pissed left after 1 season and went on to have about 5 1000 yd seasons under Lovie while Cadillac had 1.

  37. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Gruden turned a Quarterback – that was drafted as a running back/receiver into League MVP. Then he took Chris Simms – the same guy that couldn’t beat a ranked opponent in college to the Playoffs in his 2nd yr.

  38. mark2001 Says:

    Jones had a good year after he left here, but didn’t last too long. I wanted S. Jackson over Clayton, and if we had drafted Jackson, we wouldn’t have drafted Caddy. And those things do tend to have a domino effect. Who knows if Michael Clayton was Jons choice or the GM. And I don’t know how that decision went down, nor the decision for Caddy over AR. Gruden said that Caddy wasn’t his first choice and the GM made it. But then AR had years to straighten out his mechanics and study behind Brett…not a bad situation for him. And what “QB’s do you think he had out there he could bring in”? Without huge dollars for FA. At best it would be a draft pick. And he said Simms wasn’t his choice, third round, so that hardly counts. And let’s not forget that Gruden was an extremely young coach at the time, and he has likely matured since then. You may have noticed that I don’t want Gruden to have the GM and Coaching reins. I don’t know if Licht is the man or not. But we will see how those things play out.

  39. Lakeland Says:


    What about Jason Licht?
    People keep saying that the team hasn’t given GMC help on the O-Line. People keep saying that the team hasn’t given Jameis Winston quality protection from the O-Line. People keep saying that the team hasn’t given Jameis Winston a decent rush attack to compliment his passing. People are saying that the team hasn’t given Jameis Winston quality coaching. People are complaining about the secondary. People are complaining about the DC. Then after all these complaints, they will say that they hope the Glazers keep the GM. I don’t understand this fanbase. They whine and shed crocodile tears all day long. These are the same type of people that will re-elect a President, during a recession. After they have lost their jobs, homes etc.

  40. Eric Says:

    What the heck does Drew Brees know……

  41. Lakeland Says:

    Hasn’t given GMC help on the D-Line

  42. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    LOL TJ had Career numbers in Rushing: 627 & Y/A:4.6
    Allen said he would’ve liked to bring back TJ at the “right price”.
    But he received a better offer elsewhere

  43. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Caddy was NFL Rookie of the Year – then his body couldn’t hold up.
    Can’t fault Gru for that.

  44. Waterboy Says:

    Rich Gannon was in the league 11 years before every playing for Gruden so he didn’t groom him from being a RB into a QB but he did help revive Gannon’s career because up to that point he was very average and close to being out of the league.

  45. mark2001 Says:

    Stephen Jackson… Eight thousand yard seasons…. Over 11 thousand yards rushing. Thirty six hundred yards receiving,….What could have been.

    Most consecutive seasons with 4+ rushing touchdowns (11) – tied with Emmitt Smith
    Most consecutive seasons with a 40+ yard run (11)
    Most rushing attempts by a player without a 60+ yard run (2,764)
    Most consecutive touches without a fumble (unofficial) – (870) from November 13, 2011 through end of career.

  46. Rod Munch Says:

    Gruden loves being on TV and getting attention more than he loves coaching. As long as ESPN keeps him employed and on MNF he’ll continue to sit in the booth. Then again with the way ESPN is losing money and viewers, perhaps they won’t keep him around for long.

  47. Waterboy Says:

    I fault Gruden for Cadillac because they had a RB on the team before drafting Cadillac but he couldn’t figure out how to use him. He insisted on sticking with Pittman.


  48. AlteredEgo Says:

    Gruden has not lost a game since he left the Bucs…stat dat

  49. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Lol Gannon was hot garabage before Gruden.
    C’mon now – When we were in the Old Black N Blue Divison.
    I watched him play with my on two eyes. Garbage.

    The QB he became in Oakland under Gruden was Day & Nite different.
    Sh!t just listen to what Gannon says about Gru – and how he changed his career – from in NFL Journeyman to an MVP

  50. mark2001 Says:

    Don’t know if that is true, munch. I don’t think he doesn’t love coaching. Does he like making more money and being on TV every week? I think he did for a while. But couldn’t you have asked the same question of John Madden? I think both guys love both.. and why shouldn’t they.

  51. DB55 Says:


    Good point I’m beginning to think the a-list FAs just don’t want to play in TB. SHOCKER I know. No other team would pay Djax 10+ mil per year yet here we are.

    Other than Aguayo and VH3 his picks have been let’s call it B+ and I hear that the owners may have played a part in the Aguayo pick.

    But for my money no bigger mistake than BJ.

  52. mark2001 Says:

    Waterboy…if we had drafted S. Jackson instead of Clayton, the rest would have all been different. So if you want to take a time machine RB trip, go back one more year. He was the diamond in the rough we passed over, for the future best blocking WR in our division.

  53. Waterboy Says:


    I do agree he revived Gannon’s career. Gannon was the perfect fit for his system.

  54. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    No doubt brotha

  55. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Sidebar:Farve’s been talking about getting into coaching for awhile now.
    I wouldn’t be shocked if Gru brought him in as a position coach.

  56. DB55 Says:


    I love that brain of yours. Gruden AND Farve training Jameis. Good lort son. It’s like Tom Brady who?!?!?! Lol

  57. Lakeland Says:


    It take a combination of Free Agents/Draft Picks to build a successful team. You’re not going to build a successful team with good draft picks and poor free agent signings. Even stable teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers, NE Patriots etc, rely on free agents and trades. And you have to bring in decent coaches also. The GM position is not one dimensional. When the Bucs won the Super Bowl, they brought in a bunch of free agents. The Rams, Eagles, Vikings, Jaguars are going to the playoffs after miserable seasons. Because they brought in free agents who could come in and start right away and have an positive impact.

  58. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Lol, If Gruden wants to keep Jameis.
    Who am I to disagree. I’ve always said that he would be the perfect coach for the kid.

    But at this point – Alex Smith would be great pickup for Gru. He’s like a better version of Gannon at this point in his career. He comes out of gates fast in the 1st half. Doesn’t turn the ball over much. Know’s verbage of the system front & back

    Just Listen.

    I can never how Gru was salivating over this kid in Urban Myers System in Utah.

  59. Waterboy Says:

    I like Licht’s approach to bringing in players. He mostly builds thru the draft but brings in veteran “bridge” players to fill some of the holes until the younger players are ready to play. We saw that with DJax this year while Godwin was waiting, TJ Ward until Evans was ready, Grimes was the bridge player for Hargreaves/R. Smith last year.

  60. Eric Says:

    Gruden knew he had a great defense. They won a lot of games pounding the rock, getting the lead and just sitting on the other team.

    So no need for the high flying offense, which he has produced before with different personnel like Rice and Gannon.

    The head coach needs to know how to win games with what they have. Gruden does. Only three losing seasons in 11 years with two different teams. 8-6 in playoffs.

    If we win the division next year I could care less if we are 18th in offense or whatever. But with Winston the focus point and a true franchise QB plus Evans and Brate/HowardI think it will look more like the raiders than the bucs.

    Not that I am counting on this actually happening.

  61. Rod Munch Says:

    mark2001 – Gruden beat out Madden for youngest SB winning coach and then followed him to the TV booth. I think that is who Gruden models himself after. For Madden I don’t know if it was that he loved the attention, or he just didn’t want the grind of coaching anymore – when you don’t want to fly anywhere and instead take a bus, it’s a lot more leisurely to do so when you’re not the head coach of a football team. Also I didn’t say Gruden didn’t love coaching, he just loves the attention that comes from having his face on TV more. He’ll make more money coaching if he returns, but then again if the rumors of him making $6.5-mil/year in the TV booth are true, wow. Anywho ESPN isn’t going to be able to afford that for much longer, so I don’t know when his contract is up but I’m guessing he’ll be getting a huge pay reduction no matter where he goes on TV.

  62. Jimmy Jam Says:

    DeSean Jackson news hitting the airwaves.

  63. Nate Says:

    nate dub bucs insider lol

    remember after the scuffle how heated Sean Payton was of Koetter for being stoic as stonehenge on the sideline????

    well this article doesn’t surprise me ……

    I wasn’t at the game or on the sidelines but it was probably some expletives with something like

    “show some passion and control of your $%#%ing team”

  64. Waterboy Says:

    What was Gruden’s record in Tampa after that super bowl? I remember a lot of mediocre seasons and 0 playoff wins in 5 yrs. Don’t even think he had to face Brees back during those days and the defense had Vick’s number. Delhomme gave him some problems but he’s not Cam Newton.

  65. Waterboy Says:

    My mistake Brees joined the NFC south in 2006 so he was there Gruden’s final 2 seasons.

  66. DB55 Says:


    There’s a story on Djax about a car accident, a gun and some weed. None of which are his!!!

  67. Nate Says:


    if you remember Thomas Jones *although the closest back to 1000 yards that didn’t reach it ….(simms just passed him)

    couldn’t hang on to the football……fumbleitis while he was here

  68. Nate Says:

    and waterboy

    1 of those playoff losses was to the superbowl giants ….the other a 2nd year chicken salad made out of chicken spit chris simms

    all with a rebuilt defense after the window for it was closing and went


  69. Waterboy Says:

    4 fumbles that season which is too many but not quite on par with Tiki Barber’s 8 or 9 per year. Someone said earlier that a good coach can fix that. He didn’t have that problem after going to Chicago.

  70. BucEmUp Says:

    One thing that people don’t seem to account for with Gruden is how long ago he coached. After a decade of watching the game from the outside in, I guarantee the man has a whole new and improved outlook on the job. I Like Koetter and really want to see him get another shot….but if Gruden WANTS to coach the team….WANTS as in not because they are paying him the most but because he is passionate about helping this team win then Gruden it needs to be.

    This team needs a winner and I’m sure that guy will bring the juice this team needs.

  71. Waterboy Says:

    The Giant’s were awful that year they had a lot of very lucky breaks to make it to the super bowl and even win it. Forgot who it was that caught the ball on his helmet but the Giants weren’t a great team that year.

  72. Nate Says:

    It wasn’t Grudens fault we never sucked enough for the #1 pick or even #2

    his mistake I give you was not drafting aaron Rodgers *which he atoned for ……..but neither did about 24 teams

  73. Nate Says:

    giants won 2 superbowls from that team mannn….wtf are you smoking …..lol

    the roll out by manning and catch was lucky……NOT THE STRAHAN LEAD DEFENSE>>….

  74. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Gruden is super smart and has been out of football for 10 years with hands on it, but that doesnt mean he has stopped learning, you have to be out of your skull to think that gruden steps in with his same offense and philospphy, he has studied years of film on college offenses and NFL offenses so he will be definitely bringing a new version of the gulf coast offense and I would expect it to be super high powered with some of the offensive pieces the bucs have, and with a new GM the bucs will just add some competetnt pieces to the entire team

    so swaggy is fighting and desean is getting in situation where he crashes his car with weed and hollow tips….great signings there Licht

  75. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    This should all work out on it’s own over the next year.

    The Bucs bring back Licht/Koetter/Smitty. The Bucs hire Derrick Brooks as Team President. DB will be involved in all aspects of the team. He can be an experienced sounding board for Koetter and Smitty as well as provide tips out on the field occasionally. His first real assignment would be to identify an “expert” on existing NFL talent and their availability. We have sucked a FA we need an FA expert…maybe it’s DB himself.

    This either works or Koetter is obviously gone after next year. This is the perfect time for Chucky. His final son is a senior this year and will be off to college. Perfect for everybody. If Koetter doesn’t cut it next year nobody will feel sorry for bringing in Chucky.

    The timing actually works better for both the team and Chucky in ’19 not ’18.

  76. Nate Says:


    and the how long he coached argument …what about dick vermil old and ancient asss

    came back to coach like tales from the crip and kicked our ass or we would have 2 superbowls .

    remember thaaat….13-9 or whatever the score was

    I swear some fans have selective memory……lol

  77. unbelievable Says:

    That’s an “endorsement”? LOL.

    Gruden was a great playcaller, but yet he couldn’t get Joey Galloway and Antonio Bryant on the field at the same time, in his own scheme…

    hmmmmm 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  78. Waterboy Says:

    He didn’t suck enough to get a #1 or 2 pick but did have a 4-12 and 5-11 season in there so I think that got him a #4 and #5 pick. I think Gaines Adams and Cadillac were the selections.

  79. Raysaneers Says:

    AlteredEgo Says:
    December 27th, 2017 at 4:31 pm
    Sean Payton whipped Gruden and his Bucs there first meeting……Deuce McAllister was a BEAST !
    Hey great post, too bad Jim Haslett was the head coach in 2002.

  80. Waterboy Says:

    2003 – 7-9
    2004 – 5-11
    2005 – 11-5
    2006 – 4-12
    2007 – 9-7
    2008 – 9-7

  81. DoNUTS Says:

    Looks like DJAX In some trouble. Weed and bullets in car.

  82. Waterboy Says:

    5-11 would’ve gotten him fired in today’s environment.

  83. unbelievable Says:

    Djax news seems to be an appropriate ending to this underperforming season. LOL.

  84. Waterboy Says:


    I like that approach.

  85. unbelievable Says:

    @Waterboy- yup, really only 1 good season after his first year.

    Of course 2007 started off looking super promising, until we went from 9-3 to 9-7 on a 4 game losing streak, after Kiffin announced he was leaving the team.

  86. JimmyJack Says:

    St Pete that timing doesn’t work out at all if you believe the reports that Gruden is eyeing his return this year and has started assembling a coaching staff.

  87. DoNUTS Says:

    Stick a fork in this season. It’s done!

    Facts not all in on djax story so need some caution but I suspect JBF is reaching out to their Tampa PD connects to dig up the story. Driver fled the vehicle. Did suspect have 4.3 speed? Lol.

  88. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    How much total time and resources did it take to develop Aaron Rodgers?

    The countless hours spent w/ quarterback guru’s have been well documented -(Despite playing behind a Hall of Fame Quarterback for all the 2005, 2006, 2007, and half of the 2008 season.

    Aaron Rodgers was Mentored By:

    • Tom Rossley
    • Mike Sherman
    • Jeff Jagodzinski
    • Tom Clements
    • Mike McCarthy
    • Joe Philbin
    • Terry O’shea

    Most have forgotten-just how bad he looked during those 2005 & 2006 preseason games. It wasn’t that pretty either – when he got a chance to start a few regular season games against Baltimore (2005) & New England (2006).

    He was a major project- that paid off in long wrong run.
    Nothing more, nothing less

  89. Waterboy Says:

    Gruden’s not going anywhere else he’s looking for an easy trip to the super bowl and the Bucs are on the right track. He’s not going to go to Cleveland or some of the other teams that might be hiring where he would actually have to put together a team. NY would be a decent fit but Eli won’t be around much longer so he’d have to groom a rookie or get an old vet like Cousins or Keenum to replace him in a year or so.

  90. Cobraboy Says:

    @ waterboy: Thomas Jones consistently put the ball on the ground. That was his failing, and why Gruden fell out of love with the guy.

  91. JimmyJack Says:

    Gruden track record is that he gets the most out of his players. Thomas Jones is a rare exception, certainly not the norm.

  92. Waterboy Says:

    Gruden is a salesman the Glazers have to be smart when dealing with him and don’t let him dictate the terms. He’ll try to sale them on the possibility of going elsewhere if not given the terms that he’s asking for to gain leverage but the reality is he doesn’t want to go to a team where he has to build and it is highly likely that he will have to go thru some rough years before seeing success. His ego can’t take that hit.

  93. Waterboy Says:

    According to his stats Thomas Jones had 4 fumbles that season.

  94. BrianBucs Says:

    Just think of how many readers and posters on Joe’s site here very badly wanted Koetter hired that NOW very badly want him fired.
    Oh, football is a funny game, lol

  95. JimmyJack Says:

    My fantasy is that Gruden gets hired and they keep Licht. Gruden becomes a big factor in the free agents we bring in but let’s Licht do his thing during the draft. If it worked out like that I think we can see long term success.

  96. LUVMYBUCS Says:


    Insane, the amount of production – Gruden was able to get out Joey; so late in his career.

    Joey Galloway (2005-2007)
    • 2005 – (AGE:34) 83 receptions, 1,287 yards, 15.5-yard average, 10 TDs
    • 2006 – (AGE:35) 62 receptions, 1,057 yards, 17.0-yard average, 7 TDs
    • 2007 – (AGE:36) 57 receptions, 1,014 yards, 17.8-yard average, 6 TDs

    Can’t say the same for Dirk & Jackson.

  97. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah Brian. The fans were also crying for “Weapons for Winston”…..At the end of the day we should trust that our front office knows better then beer chugging fans…….I would also hope that a reporter like Joe(no offense) wouldn’t realize what the Bucs Don’t that Doug MARtin is washed up.

  98. not there yet Says:

    No matter what side of the fence you are on don’t insult gruden by comparing him to gutless dirk koetter. Whoever has issues deciding if he’s right for this team fine but when you start to wonder if he’s better than dirk then whoever you are you have no business talking or covering the game of football.

  99. ManzielMadness Says:

    Greatttt DJAx caught with drugs and bullets in his car… police investigating…

  100. stevbobucfan Says:

    As I have said several time I would like to see Texans O’Brian come to Tampa love Gruden I still have a recording of the full year we went to the Super Bowl. however as stated earlier will Gruden stay around for the long term like a Bilichick or will he be a Parcells where if every thing doesn’t fall into place quick as did the first time around in Tampa will he bolt. I mean sitting in the studio making3 or 4 million compared to dealing with all the every day headaches of the NFL especially when he has been away from it for so many years and the players are a whole lot different now they are more of a headache then back then

  101. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    Will be great to be relevant again when Gruden takes over. You folks that aren’t on board will have your fears alleviated soon.

  102. Lamarcus Says:

    Koetter > Gruden.

  103. Chris Schiefen Says:

    Why the hell are you pretending Gruden quit coaching? He was fired from his dream situation, blindsided even. In my opinion he was actually a little heartbroken, but also his ego was bruised. And you’re acting like he just watched games on his couch. No, he was studying a billion miles of tape, coached whenever he could, and had a high profile gig coaching every single high profile college QB coming out. Oh, and was basically the lead analyst in the sport. One of the Joes simply does not like Gruden and keeps pooh-poohing the idea of him coming back. Yeah, after a decade of thirst building up, coming back the conquering hero to a desperate area, he’s gonna give that up in three years or something. Right.

  104. Bucsace Says:

    Thomas Jones had his faults…..but Michael Pittman couldn’t carry his jock…..maybe the worst starting RB to win a SB……but Chucky loved him

  105. unbelievable Says:


    Can’t argue with you on that point! Galloway was like an ageless gazelle.

    It helped that he managed to have virtually no contact with defenders on his routes as well. Forget about blocking downfield lol.

    That’s one thing I’d really like to see our WRs as a whole improve on- downfield blocking for the RBs or guys on screens, slants, etc. Evans is the only one who seems to do it at all. (and of course he’s really good at it since he’s huge)

  106. Rod Munch Says:

    Bucsace – The biggest issue was Gruden using Pittman when we had this guy named Mike Alstott that was better in every way and the few times Gruden did give him carries he destroyed teams (go watch the highlights from that 2002 Browns game again). That is what never made sense to me – Alstott was still ultra productive and could do everything, and instead Gruden had Mike Pittman running into the back of his offensive linemen on every play.

    For Thomas Jones he looked good for the half season he played here, but my memory is that he wanted a fairly big contract and up until the Bucs he had been a bust. Instead of paying Thomas Jones, Gruden instead signed Charlie Garner to a big money contract (you know, right after he cut Lynch and let Sapp going saying he couldn’t afford them).

  107. JMarkBuc Says:


    The Rams game. Dungy got to the NFC championship with Udersized, under talented QB with huge heart. If Bert Emanuels catch was good, we’re in the SB.

    Back then we called it Buc Ball.. Hold the other team to no points and then win at the last second , just barely. Great testament to Dungy’s ability to get the most out of what he had. Shaun King won some big games too, that year.

  108. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    Per: Thomas Jones

    Coming from Tampa, it was my fourth year in the league. I had a pretty good year. And going into free agency, I was ranked the #1 free agent running back. I was debating staying in Tampa. I really loved it in Tampa. I loved playing for Coach Gruden and finally having a chance to get my career jump started. But Chicago reached out, literally, as soon as free agency started. It was a numbers game at that point. Tampa, I really wanted to stay there, but what they were willing to offer wasn’t what I was looking for.


    Mar 3, 2004
    • Thomas Jones signed a four-year, $10 million contract with the Bears that includes $3.5 million in up-front money.

    Mar 5th – 8th , 2004
    • The Bucs had been in serious negotiations with Duce Staley (He was In Tampa). But couldn’t get the number right (Another Low Ball Offer). So Duce Staley signed a five-year, $15 million contract with the Bears that includes $4.0 million in up-front money

    So In Classic Bruce Allen fashion – after a couple low ball offers.
    He’s lost all leverage because the well dried up at the position.
    Now he must overpay.

    Mar 9, 2004
    • Charlie Garner signed a six-year, $20 million contract with the Bucs that includes $4 million in up-front money. Note: They had been in serious negotiations with Deuce Staley. But couldn’t workout the numbers.

  109. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    *Duce Staley signed a five-year, $15 million contract with the Steelers that includes $4.0 million in up-front money

  110. Mord Says:

    Gruden, aside from winning the Super Bowl with a great team, led some very frustrating-to-watch football teams.

    Offenses were painfully predictable, and he stuck to the dictoms of the WCO

  111. Mord Says:

    There are some reasons I think Gruden returning here could be great, but think there’s a lot of “rose colored hindsight” in the air…

    Aside from winning a Super Bowl with a great team, Gruden presented us with some incredibly frustrating football.

    He stuck to the dictums of the west coast offense without adjusting to defenses that evolved to defend it well

    He couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt his offensive approach to the skills of the players he had (“Mark [sic] Alstott” anyone?).

    He became predictable! Conservative, even. Fans in my section made a running joke of calling (accurately) what play was coming. Are there stats that show the ratio of drives ending up 3–and-out, punt and lean on defense for better field position in the next possession? He won some games this way, obviously, but it sucked to watch and didn’t look like “offensive genius”. Looked a lot like what we ended up deriding as “Dungyball” before he got here.

    I fear that his time in the booth, his extensive study and knowledge of the league may make him even more of a “fantasy minded” or video-game-minded football coach, yearning for a team perfectly comprised of all the players he so effusively “loves”.

    Contrast that possibility and the downside parts of his track record with the mindset and results of a coach like Sean McVay, who has made an offense work via a more creative and adaptive use of the players he inherited.

    I dunno. I won’t hate it if they bring Gruden back, and do have mixed feelings about Koetter, but I cannot see Gruden as a guaranteed savior

  112. Phil Says:

    Gruden can’t get here fast enough. The only reason we went to the Super Bowl is because Jon Gruden outcoached Andy Reid. We haven’t outcoach any team since Jon left.