Chris Godwin Up

December 22nd, 2017

Might start Sunday.

Joe remembers telling safety T.J. Ward after Monday night’s game with the Dixie Chicks that the Bucs suffered so many injuries, Joe thought he was watching a Vietnam War documentary.

Ward had a chuckle with that one.

It’s not far off. The Bucs were battered and bruised Monday night and one casualty was wide receiver DeSean Jackson. That’s bad news for the Bucs but, in a twisted way, good news for Chris Godwin.

The rookie from Penn State has grown quite a bit. In recent appearances, all Godwin has done is make plays and get production. What more can you ask for?

Don’t be shocked if Godwin gets his number called Sunday. Just like he did when Mike Evans was hurt. Jackson missed Wednesday and Thursday practices with his bum ankle.

In so many words, Bucs offensive coordinator Todd Monken predicted Godwin would get chances if needed Sunday.

“Chris has earned that,” Monken said. “Chris has gone out there and played really well. There is a reason why we drafted him. We think a lot of him.”

Call Joe crazy if you want, but since Thanksgiving, you could argue Godwin as been just about as productive as Jackson.

23 Responses to “Chris Godwin Up”

  1. DooshLaRue Says:

    Man, I love me some Chris Godwin!
    Great kid, great draft pick.

  2. chocolatecvb Says:

    I can’t wait until we find a coach that can put all this receiving talent together into one powerful offensive machine!!

  3. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Call Joe crazy if you want, but since Thanksgiving, you could argue Godwin as been just about as productive as Jackson.” Great point Joe. Agree 100%.

    Brings up the question … With ME13, Godwin, Hump, OJ and Brate, plus our stable of RBs to catch the ball, why are we paying DJax $11 mil next year for 50-55 catches? Oh that’s right, I almost forgot, he got $20 mil guaranteed. And then we used a 3rd round pick on a WR instead of on a DE, DT or CB. Awesome pick … terrible prioritization.

  4. BucFanFromOH Says:

    Wish we could find a trade partner for DJax. I’d rather see ME13 and Godwin out there with OJ/Brate. The problem is if one goes down Hump is not a viable #2 option.

  5. JWBUCS Says:

    Chris Godwin was a tremendous draft pick when you add up all his attributes…. Yes, he is athletic and brought good ball catching skills, but he brought great attitude and mindset, and he came prepared to move up to the professional level.

    Maturity not often seen in young men, and personal preparation including diet and training. Godwin made a serious investment into his Pro Football career! I hope he has a long and productive career with Tampa Bay!

  6. Patrick in VA Says:

    I have a theory that might be out there but I’ll throw it out and see if anyone think there may be some merit to it. Could it be that Jameis’ style and way of playing quarterback is a lot different than other quarterbacks in the NFL and that makes it hard for veteran players who have played with other NFL QBs to adjust to him? He always seems to do well with younger, new talent. He made Brate and Humphries nearly household names when nobody knew who they were, he’s connecting well with Godwin now, but it took a while to sync up with Mike Evans when he first got here and he still hasn’t figured it out with Desean Jackson. Could it be that WRs need to grow up with Jameis to be able to work with him well? Should we look to the draft or undrafted FA exclusively for new WR talent?

  7. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I’m gonna guess that Joe doesn’t know anyone from the Vietnam Era. Nice one Kellen Winslow.

  8. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Dewey – when you’re asking yourself why no one likes you and you don’t get invited to things and people generally think that you’re intolerable, take a screen shot of that comment you just made and refer to that. It’s was a humorous reference and not in any way a knock on anyone that was in Vietnam, dude. calm down.

  9. The daily coroner Says:

    Cut Jackson Baker and Ayres. Then go after a few really good free agents on the DL

  10. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Along with our LBs, our TE & WR corps are our strongest units…..we have both talent, versatility & depth.

    It’s great to have Jackson added to the WRs because it provides tremendous depth along with speed. We need to find better ways to get him the ball in space….going downfield hasn’t worked and it’s not Jackson’s fault.

    Also, we have a good mix of Rookie cheap contracts, UDFA mixed with the higher Veteran contracts…..remember, Mike Evans will soon be making a lot more.

  11. Patrick in VA Says:

    @ Coroner – Normally I’m not in on calls to cut players with no contingency plan simply to do it, but given the lack of production from all the players you mentioned and the price tags associated, your point is hard to argue. What I will say is that I would wait through preseason to cut Jackson. I’m interested to see if he still pulls his off season shenanigans of skipping all of those opportunities that he would have to get on the same page with Jameis. If he’s not interested enough to come in and try to fix what’s broken, then I say dump him and save as much of the money as you can and let the young guys have a shot. Jackson has a skill set that few in the league have, but it only matters if he has the ball in his hands. If he can’t connect with Jameis, he’s no good to us.

  12. adam from ny Says:

    has anyone noticed that freddie martino is getting more playing time now than doug martino…maybe they should bring gino martino up from the practice squad too…


  13. Aristotle Says:

    I’m glad we all know that Godwin and Evans would do much better for the Bucs, not attacking DJax but he’s expensive and Winston can’t throw the deep ball. Hopefully we find a trade partner with a team that can use DJax skills.

  14. Ed Says:

    Cut this sorry as G.M. he the mastermind behind this mess.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    I would LOVE to see more of Godwin. IMO he has outplayed DJax and appears to have better chemistry/timing with Jameis. In fact, if he started opposite Mike for the remaining 2 games AND into next season, I would not be disappointed.
    He WILL be Tampa Bay’s #2 WR in the very near future. Take a picture of this post because you heard it here!

  16. Son of Kobe Faker Says:

    Godwin catches the ball in traffic without the drama like monken coached queen Evans

    Alot of targets for godwin these last 2 games and ship drama queen knee ler for a 2nd round pick

  17. Pa Privateer Says:

    I think without DJax in the lineup the offense will look more fluid. One less wasted long ball each quarter.

  18. dmatt Says:

    Son of Kobe faker

    I agree with u 100%. Godwin goes out n ball without the drama after catching a pass. He dont fall to the ground prematurely anticipating a hit after catching a pass, he don’t complain about a defenders coverage, he stretches n go all out to catch a pass, he don’t push off, n he let his physical skills speak for itself without the wining, complaining, n drama. Ill take Godwin over ME any day n I can’t understabd the reason he’s not starting or at least playing ahead of Humphries. I’m up for Evans b n traded n bring in a FA. I’ll take Sanu, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, devante Adams over ME any day.

  19. Son of Kobe Faker Says:


    Exactly and well stated however

    There are blind fatal atttracted bucs sheep that demean you for stating anything bad about MEME and kwon the matadour

    Meme wants 16 mill per year foer the next five years….lol but licht beer will give it to him

  20. JonBuc Says:

    Good thing Licht’s Out got his option picked up for next year…what other drunken sailor would pay well above market for malcontents?

  21. Bucsfan951 Says:

    Evans on one side while Godwin on the other side… welcome to the Bucs future! Too bad Howard is injured and Jackson isn’t in the slot. Maybe sorinkle brate in that mix as well. Offense has the weapons to do damage. Just gotta put it all together.

  22. Pickgrin Says:

    DJax is guaranteed $7M next year and isn’t going anywhere in 2018 (unless traded).

    Godwin was a tremendous pick and will likely be a very important part of this team for many years.

    Those who bitch that we should have drafted a DE or CB instead at #84 are clueless. Godwin was by far the highest rated player on the Bucs board when the 3rd round pick came up. Bucs liked Kareem Hunt quite a bit and would have selected him at #84 I believe if Godwin had not slipped so far. But Licht sticks to his board for better or worse. And in this particular case – I bet 4-5 years down the road we will all be very happy that Godwin fell to the 3rd round and Licht was smart enough to snatch him up.

  23. Larry Says:

    Winston has ONE complete, franchise type game this year. (Monday night against Atlanta). That’s NOT enough. Between the QB being anemic, the defense a joke, and the play calling predictable, (for the most part) the 2017 was a bust. There needs to be a definite coaching change. Not sure Gruden is the answer but he would bring some fire to a a group of demoralized players. No matter what they say they have to be getting tired of losing!!!