Chris Baker Blasted By Ex-Buccaneer

December 1st, 2017

Among the “tissue paper.”

The resident local expert in trenches play is shaking his head at Chris “Swaggy” Baker, the Buccaneers’ sackless defensive tackle.

Of course, the expert Joe is referring to is former Bucs guard Ian Beckles (1990-1997), the longtime local sports radio voice who is a busy man these days on 102.5 FM and with his In The Trenches podcast.

Through this season, Donovan Smith has been a frequent target for Beckles’ disgust. Along the offensive line, Ali Marpet is the only guy who consistently gets praise from Beckles.

This week on In The Trenches (search it on iTunes), Beckles said the Bucs are pure “tissue paper” on the defensive line. And after repeating his usual song that Gerald McCoy is overrated, Beckles turned on Baker.

“Baker, like invisible. He just looks out of shape and he looks like he doesn’t care,” Beckles said of Baker. “I’m watching him on goal line getting pushed back. I mean, we brought you in here because you’re a big fat guy who’s hard to move. So let’s get some pressure. Let’s get some push. I’m not seeing anything from Baker. Baker was very likable with all that Hard Knocks stuff, but I’m not liking what I see on that football field.”

Yes, Baker is a thorn in the side of many Bucs fans, especially since DT/DE Calais Campbell also was available in free agency and now he is a Defensive Player of the Year/MVP candidate in Jacksonville.

Heck, just this morning on 1040 AM, longtime Jacksonville columnist Gene Frenette said in all his decades covering the Jags, he’s never see one one new player come to the team and take over a locker room like Campbell has.

But back to Baker. With Clinton McDonald injured, Joe expects Baker to get the most work he’s had all season Sunday in Green Bay, and he could shoulder a huge load for the rest of the season.

It’ll be interesting to see if/how he responds.

43 Responses to “Chris Baker Blasted By Ex-Buccaneer”

  1. BoJim Says:

    He needs to ‘swagger’ on outta town.

  2. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    He’ll be winded by halftime…usher this buffoon out the door ASAP!

  3. Rojas Says:

    He only came here to collect a check.

  4. Howard Cosell Says:

    This is a perfect example of as guy whose taken on the personality that pervades 1 Buc Place. As I’ve stated ad nauseum “Teams take on the personality of their owners”. Sure, the Glazers want to win but they’re a far cry from the rabid owners like Bob Kraft et al. With the Glazers it’s more of a corporate thing, lets hire and delegate winning and then go watch soccer.
    The team see’s this. They’re not blind. Swaggy knows there’s no real consequence to a half-assed effort like there would be on a team with a better culture.

  5. ATrain Says:

    Wait a minute a Seven Year Professional Football player who played for the Bucs said McCoy is overrated?????

    Joe why are all of these people wrong?
    What do they see YOU DONT OR REFUSE TOO?

  6. JMarkBuc Says:


    Well put. For all DK’s talk about changing the culture, in my estimation, it’s much worse now.

    I’ve watched a lot of bad Bucaneers teams over the years, but almost all of those teams had heart and desire. I see none of that with this team.

    Starts with the owners and filters it’s way down .

  7. Waterboy Says:

    6 million vs. 16 million a year you get what you pay for. Poe I think signed for around 11 million a year.

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    @Beckles … “we brought you (Baker) in here because you’re a big fat guy who’s hard to move.” Classic line from Beckles. Since when does being ‘big & fat’ equate to being ‘hard to move’? In any sport I’ve ever played, the ‘big fat guys’ were almost always the least effective. Once you get their momentum going in one direction, it keeps going that way. And no need I’m sure to bring up ‘lack of endurance’ from being out of shape. Oh wait, I just did. Swaggy Baker isn’t a ‘poor man’s Calais Campbell.’ He’s just a ‘big fat guy collecting a Bucs’ paycheck courtesy of Jason Licht.’

  9. Greg Says:

    a poor mans Albert Haynesworth….this all is on wonder boy Licht

  10. DB55 Says:

    Do not be fooled if Campbell played next to gmc he’d have 3 sacks or be on IR by now.

    The curse of the ice cream McIceCream is REAL!!! Plus wasn’t there a rumor allegedly that McIceCream didn’t want Campbell signed allegedly bc it would take away attention from him allegedly?

  11. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Another horrible 7-9 move by Licht and ian is right about the LT who gets beat every play which leads to why is jameis playing this weekend

  12. Lamarcus Says:

    Agree Db55

    Campbell didn’t want to play next to gmc for that reason. He blindly signed w jax says any team but the bucs

  13. ClwJB Says:

    Couldnt pay Campbell…not…they knew his dominant personality would clash with soft edge McCoy and divide the locker room…so they sign a lard a** slacker who has blended right in with camp cushy pants and his staff…and is soft just like his co-starting DT

  14. Tackleblockwin Says:

    We gotta draft Dline right! But wait, we need help at DB too. What about RB? So many holes to fill. What is sad is that many of our players are out of shape. Dline especially in 4th quarter looks like they can barely get off from the snap. Anyone else notice this?

  15. BigMacAttack Says:

    This season is over. It Doesn’t matter who the Bucs play. Either side of the ball will break down and lose the game. I was hoping to read that Dirk is gone. I never imagined he would achieve the level of suck master after last season. Licht hasn’t hit on a single free agent yet. Djax has been bad as well.

  16. BigMacAttack Says:

    I hate to say this but if Joe was in charge of free agent signings over the last few years, the team would be better 😂

  17. Destinjohnny Says:

    Jason in the future you have to vet guys mentally man.
    I wouldn’t make to many mistakes with the glazers pocket book…..

  18. JonBuc Says:

    A dream matchup would be Heckles vs Saggy Baker in a one-on-one drill. Listening to Heckles…one would think his gold jacket and HOF induction is right around the corner.

  19. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I think most of the Licht hate is overstated here. They never take into account his home runs, only his failures. Overall I believe Licht deserves one more year on probation along with Koetter…win ten or you’re fired. Good luck on the injuries.

    But that’s not to say Licht doesn’t have mistakes on his resume…some of them glaring. But when judged in that 50-50 prism of the draft success rate…Licht has actually done quite well.

    But he clearly failed on the Aguayo pick…probably his worst mistake…but Swaggy is another poor FA choice…then again there’s Brent Grimes….50-50.

  20. DB55 Says:


    I wouldn’t doubt it.


    Not true we had like 19mil cap space plus who got cut to make room for Campbell. Do not be fooled we had the money.

  21. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    @Howard Cosell Well said. Glazers brought in Shiano to clean up the crap mentality and they gave up to run him. So, they get Lovie and it’s all happy go lucky, they still suck. Koetter is a “players” coach in other words no back bone.

    I hope Glazers bring in Gruden as an adviser like Jville brought in Coughlin. That’s made a huge difference. Koetter is a decent OC but head coach he isn’t not. If they have another resource to guide the ship Koetter can play a part but step waaaay back.

  22. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Baker is very talented, at blacking out Tampa Kickers.

  23. Pickgrin Says:

    Bucs have a free out at the end of this season with Baker and IMO will likely use it and look elsewhere for DT help.

    Baker is guaranteed $3M of his $4.875M salary for 2018 – but only if he is on the roster the 5th day of the league year (sometime in March).

    Clinton McDonald is in the last year of his deal this year. His 4 year deal was rather cheap – earning him only $2M in this the final year. McDonald is an experienced, quality back-up/ borderline starter talent who we have all seen make plays. At age 31 next year – He’d be a good player to re-sign to another lower end 2 year deal – if not for the fact that he’s missed 17 games his first 3 years in Tampa Bay – and is now hurt and out again in 2017.

    GMC is certainly not going anywhere – Maybe Stevie T can develop into a player – but aside from keeping Spence, Gholson and maybe Ayers – I think we need to bring in about 5 new DL players next year.

  24. T"CHALLA Says:

    Enough with the Glazers hate. We as fans should wait until the seasons over to evaluate , players coaches and general manager . That being said this far into the season there are facts . first Winston should not play Sunday in Green Bay , cold weather and a hard playing surface is not good for an injured shoulder. second the defense has been a major disappointment ; third the secondary has played too soft ; fourth pass rush is non existent; fifth on offense play calls have been less than satisfactorily executed ; offense has not utilized its players effectively to be successful and sixth clearly the running game either due to poor blocking and /scheme or ineffective running backs. We should evaluate if our lads deficiecies are due lack of talent or, poor coaching.

  25. Howard Cosell Says:

    Hate? Lol..maybe intense disappointment, sadness and futility but no hate at all. The Glazers are great people individually but collectively they’re not running the Bucs very well. THat’s not even up for argument. It’s verifiable fact. You are what your record says you are, right?

    The coach/player/GM hate and revolving door is a Red Herring for less intelligent fans

  26. Howard Cosell Says:

    Honestly bro, we’ve done the things you list every year since 2003 and it has gotten us absolutely no where but back to where we started

  27. SOEbuc Says:

    GMC overrated? Just read he tied his highest total QB hits (21) in one year this year so…

  28. lightningbuc Says:

    Signings like this, it’s easy to see why Joe named a beer after Jason Licht.

  29. DoNUTS Says:

    If the Glazer’s were serious about bringing back the glory days when the DEF was feared, they would have brought in Campbell at any expense! They blew it and its gonna set this franchise back 3 years. There is no Campbell next year and the rookies never pan out in year 1. That non-signing was as big a deal as signing our franchise QB in 2015.

    The fans of this team deserve better GLAZERS!!! I think they are trying to be the Rays of the NFL. Cheap equals consistent losing in NFL.

  30. DoNUTS Says:

    Stop blaming GMC. He is not the reason this DEF is getting crushed. He has NO help! NONE! The DE on this team might as well stop taking the field and play 9 on 11. If I was the GM, I would clean house of everyone but GMC on this D line. I think some fresh faces would do him some good in trusting that there maybe some help at some point.

    I heard Biglog trying to blame DJAX on radio for the team problems…his Buc insiders are off….its Baker thats the cancer. We heard that in training camp and the hard knocks video highlights it. Who mocks another professional (K) while they are working? A cancer type personality does! I also think this this team on OFF has taken a step back in trusting Winston…between the on field poor play and the questionable off season incidents that seem to find him. The team has to be thinking can we trust him on Sunday in the back of their minds whether they say it or not publicly. Its human nature.

  31. teacherman777 Says:

    Dontari Poe signed for 8 million.

  32. unbelievable Says:


    Did it ever occur to you that maybe Campbell didn’t want to even come here?

    I know this is a very hard concept for Bucs fans to understand, but not all free agents want to come to Tampa. In fact, most do not.

  33. Smokingjoebucfan Says:

    Ian Beckles you sucked to. You sucked on the radio and the last stop in radio before your swinging a hammer or driving a truck is doing a podcast. Stick carrying fat boy who ran his mouth all off season and was trying to be all around the cameras when hard knocks was in town sucks to. Been quiet lately though

  34. Duke Says:

    Unbelievable , you’re absolutely right, the best players prefer to go elsewhere, the Bucs get the pick of “the pay check FA’ s”.

    Donuts, the Glazers aren’t cheap. But , the don’t spend money wisely if you think building a team. They seem to be rather astute at spending at a level commensurate with the market. If the stadium is sold out each week and the area corporate sponsors are plentiful then there’s a situation where you can make a statement like they’re cheap. They are business men. Successful business men.
    They wouldn’t be here now if they spent like drunk sailors on weekend leave in Bangkok.

  35. Hodad Says:

    Take the blinders off with regards to Gerry. He’s been the center piece of every bad defense since he’s been here. Next year if he isn’t dumped he’ll be going on his fifth head coach. It’s always someone elses fault, Gerry has no help. Blah, Blah. He’s the stay puff marsh mellow man. He did NOTHING to slow down the Falcons this past weekend. Great players make those around them better, not the other way around. He makes everyone around him soft, and spreads that loser mentality through every defense he’s been on. We’ could only do better without him,can’t be worse then what we are with him. I’d trade him for a box of cracker jacks!

  36. Nox Says:

    It is a shame they are wasting snaps on Baker when they have a young DT, specifically Channing Ward who could develop into something special.

  37. denjoe Says:

    Bravo! Jason Licht another great find. LMAO

  38. Pelbuc Says:

    Exhibit 29 as to why the GM must go!

  39. nate123456 Says:

    please cut all these old nobodys!

  40. westernbuc Says:

    Calais Campbell looks great because he’s on a stacked defense. No way he’s even close to his numbers if he’s on this Bucs team.

  41. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t be pissed at my man..SWAGGY. He’s just doin what countless others before him have done. He’s takin the guaranteed money..and runnin with it!! Just like his cohart Easy Money Sweezy. Gettin their money for nothin and there chicks for free!!!!!

  42. Reach87 Says:

    Trolls. Beckles is wrong about McCoy. He goes hard, plays major minutes, and is respected league-wide. Wrong about Baker to a point. He is out of shape, but he is going hard as well and if you look, making plays when they are there. Our defensive problems have not been due to any single player consistently… though it may be sophomoricly (sp) to single out someone with a big personality (Baker) or someoe who bought his teamates ice cream one summer (check every other team in the league and they have a player who has done that). Then comes the regret that we could have had Cambell.. we dont have him. For whatever reason he didn’t want to play for the Bucs… get over it or go root for the Jags. I’ve said it before… many posers on here remind me of Johnny Fontaine from the Godfather…sad. Pass defense (tight/handsy coverage with DLine swatting the quick passing lanes) will be something we need this week. Go Bucs!

  43. pewter Says:

    This team doesn’t want to develop talent…..Channing Ward is on the PS and C. Baker is active…. He is a lard ass with no motivation…