Koetter Talks About Post-Christmas Jameis

December 27th, 2017

Dirk Koetter played fierce defense for his quarterback this afternoon.

Don’t you dare call Jameis Winston “such a polarizing figure.”

That’s what former Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk did during an interview question of Koetter on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

Hawk wasn’t attacking. He wanted to know what Jameis is doing behind the scenes to cement himself as a leader and help the team.

Koetter took exception to the initial premise and said anyone who thinks that are people who don’t see Jameis’ commitment to the team.

“A perfect example, I rolled into the parking lot at 5:30 this morning, pitch dark, and guess whose truck was already in the parking lot, Jameis Winston,” Koetter said. Players day off on Tuesday, I roll in nice and early, guess whose truck is already there, Jameis Winston. You know, the guy is a grinder. He’s constantly studying tape. He’s meeting with the coaches. We’ve got guys in and out of the lineup; he’s meeting with the new guys. He’s trying to get everyone on the same page.”

Koetter further emphasized the Jameis is devoted like franchise quarterbacks who are much older and mature.

“Don’t be too quick to judge when you don’t know all the facts,” Koetter said.

The head coach wasn’t attacking Hawk, just passionately standing up for Jameis.

Joe thinks it’s pretty cool that Jameis was working at the crack of dawn after Christmas — on the players’ day off.

Joe is confident Jameis will treat Sunday’s game against New Orleans like the Super Bowl, which should be very entertaining.

47 Responses to “Koetter Talks About Post-Christmas Jameis”

  1. DB55 Says:

    Reminds me of a certain coach I know. He’s a grinder too and he sleeps at obp. It’s like a match made in heaven.


  2. Tom Edrington Says:

    Would love for Jameis to have a few sessions with Dr. Gio Valiante. He’s helped many professional golfers get themselves to a new level in the game….I think it wouild be great for Jameis to have a few sitdowns with “Dr. Gio”……he’s nearby in Orlando.

  3. Jason Says:

    Need coaches who can match Winston’s work ethic.

  4. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jason…work ethic….coaches are slaves to the game….players get to play…go out and be 20 something men about town….

  5. DB55 Says:


    It might be best if he just stays his butt in the film room. Too many GMC’s too grab out in public if u know what I mean.

  6. Jason Says:

    AlteredEgo slaves to the game when your 23 year old quarterback is beating the head coach to building everyday during the season is proof against your argument.

  7. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jason…Josh Freeman was heralded by the local press for being first and last into the facility ….that in and of it’s self is meaningless….it is what you do on gameday….

  8. Conte Piscatelli Says:

    What time do you think Swaggy Baker gets to OBP? I’m guessing LUNCH time

  9. ndog Says:

    Your right Altered Jameis is just horrible. However the only positive part of this team is the passing game and yet all you do is rip the QB. Man that makes a lot of sense. Dude you are tired and need to get a new team cause Jameis isn’t going anywhere so you are going to be very unhappy for a long time.

  10. 813bucboi Says:


    he knows his job is on the line….he should be eating, sleeping and sh!tting at one buc place….he’s rolling up there at 5:30?…Winston was probably there for over an hour, waiting to go over film with dirk…..

    who cares about freeman….he couldn’t hold winstons jock strap let alone be the type of passionate leader he is….GO BUCS!!!!

  11. AlteredEgo Says:

    ndog …you are emotionally driven with poor reading comprehension….a bad combo…

  12. Rob Says:

    You and your daily sarcastic rants about future HOF McCoy are beyond annoying. BTW, you couldn’t carry his jock strap BWTFDIK. Get a job and stop acting like you know more than anyone else about the Bucs. Been a Buc fan longer than you have been alive most likely. Not sure what your infatuation with the human ATM is either. The guys plays hard but spoils many efforts with his fumbles which help lose games.

  13. mark2001 Says:

    Guys… at least half the team in this league would love to have Jameis as their QB. And at least half the team in this league would love to have Gruden as HC. But neither is good enough for the losers among us.

  14. Joe Says:

    What time do you think Swaggy Baker gets to OBP? I’m guessing LUNCH time

    Well played. 🙂

  15. DB55 Says:


    Yet he gives the defense the lead late in the 4th. Then your future hof’er who doesn’t like to get hit moves out of the way so the offense can score. It happens every single time. If you watch the game it’s you’ll see it and if you respect that then that’s on you.

    I know we can’t compare McIceCream to Sapp bc he’s a “different” player but all week Winston has been compared to Marino bc Winston broke Marino’s record so there’s that.

    And unlike you I don’t have to wait bc Winston is already in the hof. Look it up num nuts.

  16. mark2001 Says:

    And ask yourself … If you asked all the team GM’s tonight…how many would trade their HC for Dirk Koetter, or Mike Smith for their D Coordinator?

  17. PriMech54 Says:

    I’m sure we could all chat for hours about the development of JW. Fact is, I’m pretty sure that out of all the teams in the NFL, Bucs fans would be the only people to gripe and moan about a QB who’s about to break a Dan Marino touchdown record (w/ less interceptions) while the rest of the team ranks in the bottom-f@#*ing-4 of the entire league…

    Seriously, It’s pretty insane that Tampa of all teams has a quarterback who has thrown for 11,000 yards, 68td/41int, 60+ completion %, 250+ ypg, in less than 3 years and is still the youngest QB in the league.. and you still b!t@h!!

    “Oh but he’s regressed”

    completion percentage – 65%
    int percentage down to 2.2%
    yards per attempt up to over 8
    18/8 td to int ratio
    QBR over 130 for the last two weeks and +10 from last year…

    “Oh but he fumbled”

    *dismal running scheme – one 100 yd rusher in almost two full years*
    *Koetter calls super long, developing route combos for the first read consistently*
    *patchwork offensive line that’s allowed how many sacks in the last 3 games? over 15?*

    I’m not saying he’s perfect. I’m saying he’s the youngest QB in the NFL. Licht has built this team from the outside in – so, completely backwards. That kind of error in building a team will set you behind a year or two when compared to a team who built from the trenches. Let’s give Winston the same pieces that Seattle gave Russell Wilson: a monster running game and a lethal pass rush. Winston is an absolute beast when we can throw off of play-action.

    I’ll finish this rant off by reminding you that Blake Bortles is a 10 win starter this year. 10 WINS! Oh, what’s that? You’re saying that Bortles isn’t the reason for the record and it’s because the Jags have a badass running game and a mean defense? My point exactly… you catching on yet? If Bortles can’t be praised for their record this year, then you’re not allowed to demonize Winston for being 2-10 with the polar opposite situation. Enough with the logical fallacies.

  18. lightningbuc Says:

    Maybe Yeehaw Junction’s QB should come in later, cuz coming in early ain’t working.

  19. gilhealy Says:

    what ain’t working, lightningbuc? can you not read? PriMech54 just spelled it out for you and the rest of the trolls, yet you still don’t get it. Silly boy.

  20. 813bucboi Says:

    I played CB in college….im not aware of any defense that allows only 1 dt to shot whatever gap he wants and forces the rest of the lineman to hold the point of attack…..either both DT’s are shooting the gap or everyone is holding the point of attack…..

    ive seen for the past 2 years GMC shoot the gap and the RB runs right behind him allowing the olineman to get to the second level which causes the RB to run untouched until he meets one of the safeties…..this happens time after time….

    if GMC really wanted to be dominate and use his speed to his advantage, he would fire off the ball, knock the G back and establish a new LOS…..or if the DC was smart he would just line GMC up at DE and let him have at it….

    I don’t blame GMC too much…..it you let a dog crap on the floor, he’ll continue to crap on the floor until you bust his a$$…..I blame the DC….I blame the HC….he’s a good player but he’s slightly overrated….GO BUCS!!!

  21. nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    Stop it
    You are just being toooo…reasonable and intelligent for this site…common sensical fact and logic is not allowed!!!

  22. mark2001 Says:

    Jameis will be fine… with the right coaching. I’ve seen enough to believe that.

    And BTW…funny to hear some Packer fans I know saying they would take Gruden and dump MM in a heartbeat. And yet, we are having a serious debate about whether we should bring in Jon or keep Koetter and hope he can turn this debacle around. Talk to others around the league… in Oakland… in Dallas…and onward…pretty funny.

  23. Rob Says:

    First, McCoy is not my HOFer. He has never had the defensive end support which would make his sacks, TFL, pressures much much higher. Put Simeon Rice or Lee Roy Selmon next to him and you get the point. You bash him because he is a “nice” guy, maybe because he is a Christian. Selmon was the nicest player I ever met off the field, on the field when the ball snapped he was unstoppable. McCoy has the motor but no help. As for you misspelling numb nuts, you usually have at least one grammar error per rant. Back to Jameis, I don’t hate him one bit. I think he may be the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Bucs, especially putting up the numbers you speak of. His fumbles, over 30 with over 15 lost, are killing his team. It is not all on him. Many players have underperformed this year on both sides of the ball. Our pass rush sucks. We can’t run the ball. We are usually behind by halftime by multiple scores and thus don’t brag too much on Winston’s numbers. Many of his numbers are padded when the other team is just playing back to contain the Bucs which they usually do. What is the Bucs touchdown percentage in the red zone where the games have been lost all year? I would love to see Jameis succeed with my Bucs as he is my teams quarterback. This has been a torturous year to witness the implosion of my team. Nobody thought we would go 4-12, even the haters. I pray Koetter keeps his job as I don’t think he is really the problem. Spend the draft picks and money to get bonafide pass rushers in here and run the damn ball. Go Bucs!

  24. Lakeland Says:

    Who cares about the passing yards? The only thing fans care about is wins. That what they pay to see ( their team win football games). They don’t pay to see their team pass for 400 yards and lose. I’ll take 300 yards of total offense and a win over 500 yards of total offense and a lost any day of the week.

  25. Rob Says:

    DB55, Jameis Winston has tied Hall of Fame great Dan Marino during yesterday’s loss in Carolina. Winston and Marino now own the record for the most TD passes made before their 24th birthday with 68. There is still one game remaining on the schedule, so Winston has a chance to break that record next weekend against the New Orleans Saints.

    Winston’s record-tying TD pass came early in the third quarter as he hit his former FSU WR Jesus “Bobo” Wilson for an 18-yard score.

    Winston is not very impressed by the news of his record-tying feat as he feels that it doesn’t matter if you have that type of game and lose. Jameis went 21 of 27 for 367 yards with 1 TD, but is very disappointed by his three fumbles. Surely after the dust settles, he will begin to see the significance of the record.

    I can read bro. Winston himself knows stats are for losers. I’m also reasonably sure that Marino would trade all the stats in the world for a winning Super Bowl ring. Once Jameis propels the Bucs to the playoffs and wins there too, if he isn’t suspended next year for SIX games… the chatter about his propensity for turnovers will subside. Go 2-12 as a starter and you deserve some of the criticism, not all of it, but you are the leader of your team. Go Bucs!

  26. lightningbuc Says:

    Instead of eating W’s, Icky Licky should eat some more passing yards to assuage the Jaboo honk stat geeks.

  27. Lakeland Says:

    2017 Passing Offense

    4. Tampa Bay 4021

    5. New Orleans 3958

    9. Atlanta 3969

    27. Carolina 2916

    NFC South Standings

    New Orleans 11-4
    Carolina 11-4
    Atlanta 9-6
    Tampa Bay 4-11

    Passing yards don’t mean NOTHING

  28. Bob in Valrico Says:

    It seems to me that if McCoy takes a route to the QB by coaching or personal design,somebody ought to making a tackle before the safety. Thats why they call them linebackers. Also possible that Beckwith might be playing Mike linebacker on more running plays next year.He’s got the build for it and Kwan has the speed to roam the field. No other lineman on the team has come close to McCoy’s tackles,tackles for a loss on the team this year. Happen to think it is because
    Baker does so little next to him that he’s playing the run as much as he does.

  29. NFLNut Says:

    The line “stats are for losers” is said by garbage players that happened to play on great TEAMS.

    As for Marino … NO, there is NO WAY Marino would trade his stats, which earned him a gold jacket and a bust in the HALL OF FAME for some team accomplishment like a ring. Marino was an NFL MVP and is in the HOF … that means a whole lot more than a mere ring.

    Every year ONE player wins MVP … FIFTY-THREE of them get a “ring”.

    Anyone who thinks Dan Marino would trade his career for the career of Trent Dilfer is INSANE imho!

  30. NFLNut Says:

    As for Jameis … Jameis doesn’t care about stats BUT that’s because he has always been “the man” and always put up crazy numbers, so while he’s focused on winning and he is indeed a “team comes first” guy, he has never had to be the garbage player that gets carried by the great team … there’s no respect or honor in that for a great player.

    I also believe Jameis needs to take more of a long-term approach to things … everyone knows I believe in the young man, maybe more so than anyone on this site … BUT … his desire to win MEANINGLESS games irk me a little, simply in that, at times, losing is better for a team in the long-run than winning is, and next week may be one of those times.

    A win next week, could drop us to around the #11 pick and land us another Vernon Hargreaves level player like a Ken Webster, while a loss will assure us of a top #5 pick and allow us to draft the most dominant DE, S or the guy some are calling “Mr. Perfect” and the best RB prospect since Barry Sanders …

    I believe in the future of Jameis more so than any other young QB in the NFL today … and I would NEVER want to see anyone dampen his desire for excellence and success and his insane will to win at all costs … but … I would like to see him view things in a long-term way … just as it’s sometimes better to just take a sack or throw the ball out of bounds, taking a late-season loss to improve draft position can also benefit a team.

  31. DB55 Says:


    Love your opinions but how come you never share your thoughts on McIceCream? Am i wrong, does he defend the goal line or is he just in it for the pro bowls and Pepsi promos?

    I remember Brent grimes said in an interview that some guys are just in it for the money. Do you think he was talking about McIceCream?

  32. DB55 Says:

    As for you misspelling numb nuts, you usually have at least one grammar error per rant
    My bad I’ll be sure to turn it into grammerly before posting. 🙄

  33. Rod Munch Says:

    The only people Jameis is “polarizing” too are the dopes who just watch a highlight reel and think that makes them an expert. Winston is an exceptional talent and a true franchise QB, and if you don’t believe that, then you probably should spend your Sunday’s roaming interstate rest stops for holes in the stalls since that would be a better use of your time.

  34. pick6 Says:

    Jameis’ impressive statistical achievements have to always be balanced against that fact that he has played alongside the worst defensive units in this sad sad franchise’s history in 2 of his 3 pro seasons. Yeah he could have scored more points or turned the ball over less, but the only year he had a competent defense this was a 9-7 football team that finished 7-3 once the defense finished throwing up all over itself in the first 6 games of the year

  35. Lakeland Says:


    You should have mention that to these #WeaponForWinston# crusaders during the offseason. Common sense should tell a person that it takes a COMPLETE team to win in the NFL. The Bucs has their high octane passing game. And a 4-11 record to go with it.

  36. Lamarcus Says:


    That post of yours was a loser mentality approach to life and to the game of football

  37. NFLNut Says:




    The Spurs TANKED AN ENTIRE SEASON to get Tim Duncan … and then won 5 RINGS.

    The Colts TANKED AN ENTIRE SEASON to get Peyton Manning … and then won two conference titles and a RING.

    The Cavaliers TANKED AN ENTIRE SEASON to get LeBron James … and then won four conference titles, a RING and became relevant for the first time in their team history.

    WINNING teams often tank at the end of the year to secure the playoff matchup they want.

    YOUR COMMENT shows you are simply ignorant to the FACT that a loss now and then can be what is best for the TEAM in the long-run.


  38. NFLNut Says:



    The reason I have never really commented on GMC is because my area of expertise is QBs … I’ve studied QBs for decades. I don’t know defense in the same way.

    As for my mere “opinion” on GMC … I think he’s wildly over-rated across the NFL and rather under-rated amongst Bucs fans. Personally, I would like to see him traded, not because he sucks, but because I think the cap space his contract eats up could be better spent on multiple players than just on him. To me, he simply is not worth the money he’s being paid, period.

    Of course, I have a hard time seeing anyone but a QB getting mega-dollars. To me, since football is the ultimate TEAM sport, I think bank-breaking contracts on single, non-QB, players rarely ever work out for the good of the team.

    For example, I LOVE Lev Bell, but there’s no way, if I was the GM of a team that I would give him QB money which is what he’s reportedly seeking … I just wouldn’t do it. And to think GMC is basically getting QB money just makes me sick as he definitely is NOT worth it imho.

    When a team has no legit pash-rushers, a horrible secondary, holes on the O-Line and a bad rushing attack … but spends a ton on ONE defensive tackle, that just seems extremely stupid to me.

    If the Bucs could trade GMC for a 2nd and 4th I’d do it, not just to get two players for one, but to free up the additional cap space to go get a legit pass rusher AND another cornerback, etc.

    That’s my two cents anyways.


  39. Lamarcus Says:

    Tanking for who and for what?? Chubb?? Come on

  40. NFLNut Says:


    ^ Lamarcus, it’s not a season tank, it’s one game that could drop you SIX-SEVEN slots.

    If we lose we should get Saquon, Bradley Chubb or Minkah Fitzpatrick … one is considered a perfect prospect and the best RB prospect since Barry Sanders (better than A.D., Gurley and Zeke) … the other is considered BY FAR the best DE prospect and the other is considered a Jalen Ramsey type CB/S who is an amazing leader and squeaky clean off the field … if we lose we can get one of those guys … if we win we could get a guy like CB Ken Webster who no one thinks is anything special and might be Vernon Hargreaves 2.0 … or a DE like Clellin Ferrel who scouts “think” is solid but don’t really know as he doesn’t have a lot of production.

    To me, this is like 2016 all over again … if we lose we will get either Bosa, Zeke or Ramsey … if we win we will get another Hargreaves.

    ONLY A SHORT-SIGHTED LOON would want to win a meaningless game rather than get a great prospect rather than a complete question mark no scout is excited about.


  41. NFLNut Says:

    Lamarcus … I take it that your silence means that after you read my post, you saw the light, and now agree with me that, at times, tanking can be the best thing an organization can do … have a great night!

  42. jim burns Says:

    You guys ever notice the OL looks a lot better when Fitz is in there? ( of course you haven’t ) . Have you noticed he makes a decision and gets rid of the ball ? ( of course you haven’t ) . Do you know he is 2-1 and JW is 2-10 ? Why wouldn’t we play the guy that gave us the best chance ?

  43. Lamarcus Says:

    NFL nut

    The target draft number I want is pick 32

    I want to bank on rookies on the poor dline. I like for us to do something like Seattle does. Just get 3 to 4 rotation on line. I prefer proven players

  44. Lamarcus Says:

    Jim burns

    We are still riding Fitz loss from ATL. Correct. Last time Fitz was on the field was a loss.

  45. DavidBigBucsFan99 Says:

    Jim Burns do you know that Welcome Back Koetter calls for more longer developing routes for Jameis than Fitz? Did YOU notice that Jameis got sacked 7 times against the Stankin Panthers and on 3 step drops? Of course you don’t because you only go by what other haters say and your own biases against him. Like others you only look at a few things so you all have tour little I told you so moments. You people will never be happy with him no matter what he does here.

  46. NFLNut Says:

    Jim Burns … you’re a loon. Beating two of the weakest teams on our entire schedule is not proof Fitz gives us a better chance than Jameis.

    Had the coaching staff rested Jameis at the right time, which would have been for the Saints and Panthers games and played Fitz in those games, he’d be 0-2 and Jameis right now would be 4-9 as I see it.

    The Titans had a 100% winning percentage with Matt Cassell last year … that doesn’t mean he gave the team a better chance to win than Mariota did.

    The Patriots had a 100% winning percentage with Jimmy G … that doesn’t mean he gave them a better chance to win than Brady did.

    I could give like 100 more examples, but just learn your lesson quickly and stop being a loon …

  47. RickinFtMyers Says:

    Now, I’m not hater of Gerald McCoy, but one glaring constant remains undiscussed by any one connected to the Bucs, be it ownership, management, coaches, players, media, pundits, like Joe, or fans. Since he was drafted in 2010 the Bucs have gone 10-6, 4-12, 7-9, 4-12, 2-14, 6-10, and 9-7.

    While it’s unfair to blame all the losing solely on McCoy, one indisputable fact remains; McCoy is the only constant across those seven seasons and this one which can easily wind up 4-12 or at best 5-11 another losing season. Everything has changed and changed repeatedly during those eight years – general manager, head coach, coaching staff, the team – everything has changed except for the ownership, the fans and Gerald McCoy.

    Clearly, McCoy is great and destined to the Hall of Fame nor should he shoulder all the blame. But, what is it about having a DT that offensive coordinators have to plan to counter and who makes the Pro Bowl every year that prevents the Bucs from winning year after year. Does he lack support on the rest of the defense? Is he really too “nice” to lead the development of a truly nasty defense? Although I won’t call or imply he’s a cancer because clearly he isn’t, is he somehow bringing the team especially the defense down? How would the defense develop without McCoy?

    As you begin to shoot down these questions, keep in mind that McCoy is the one constant through eight years, during which the Bucs have two winning seasons and no playoff appearances. No other Buc save the ownership and the fans can make that claim.