Complete Week 10, Game-By-Game Guidance

November 10th, 2017

Todd has every game covered for Sunday and Monday as we hit Week 10 in the fantasy season.

Also, Todd included thoughts on the Monday game because he may not be able to give you the regularly scheduled Monday podcast due to weekend travel. Don’t worry. If you need anything, remember Todd answers your emails at Also, if you’re available to play golf in a terrific charity golf tournament on Saturday morning, November 18th, sign up for the Stache Clash at The Eagles Golf Club. Todd is a big supporter and participant in this annual event and encourages you to contact Courtney Fox for more information at

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One Response to “Complete Week 10, Game-By-Game Guidance”

  1. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Some poor drafting the last 2-3 years has also hurt. Hargreaves was picked too high, 2nd round for Aguayo was terrible, picking a WR in third round this year when the team has much greater needs at Dl and DB, 5th rounder Jeremy Mcnichols did not even make the team, Austin Jenkins 2nd round in 2015 , etc etc. That is on Licht.

    A Fish stinks, from the head down!
    It starts in the front office and trickles down through the organization, Might be time to give the GM his walking papers, because picking a kicker as high they did was senseless and also some coordinators have no business leading a club, Its time for the league to see some new faces coaching instead of the merry go round we see all the time, If they had the nerve to pick in the draft like that they can go outside of the league and find fresh talent, I mean it couldn’t get much worse!