Lions Players Mock Jameis Winston

November 10th, 2017

It’s rare to hear NFL players take verbal shots at another team’s quarterback.

And it’s even more rare when the two teams haven’t faced each other in a season and won’t for five weeks.

However, Sunday’s finger-sucking, pregame antics of America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, were a too irresistible target for Lions players this week.

Yes, Jameis shocked a lot of the country when he was seen on FOX trying to pump up his teammates by sucking his fingers while shaping them in a “W” formation and yelling “eat a W tonight.” (Video below) Hey, Joe thought it was funny at the time, though the stone-faced Bucs standing around Jameis revealed he failed badly.

“I’m not going to lie, that was one of the most embarrassing pregame speeches I’ve ever seen,” Lions guard T.J. Lang said Tuesday evening during his weekly radio appearance on 97.1 FM in Detroit. “It wouldn’t have been as bad if his teammates got riled up, but the looks on their faces like, ‘What the hell just happened?’ I mean, if the guys would have got riled up, you could have been like, ‘OK, that was kind of funny, it was kind of cool.’ But it was just dead, man. It was brutal.”

There’s more via here, including from Matthew Stafford. And the NFL Network video below, Deion Sanders and LaDainian Tomlinson take their shots at Jameis.

If the Bucs have a pulse, this should make for an interesting clash against Detroit in a month.

And no, Joe had no problem with Jameis’ bizarre 17-second speech, which was followed immediately by whatever Kwon Alexander offered the team.

Joe is confident the finger-sucking had nothing to do with Devante Bond crapping the bed on special teams early in the first quarter.

117 Responses to “Lions Players Mock Jameis Winston”

  1. 813bucboi Says:

    OMG…its another 813 repost:…LOL…

    813bucboi Says:
    November 10th, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    i hope with Winston sitting he gets to learn more about his teammates….i know he’s a leader but as a leader you have to know that theirs more than one way to skin a cat….

    some team mates may need that rah rah from him….others may need a face to face chat….others may need to be yanked by the face mask….

    i think what makes a certain player become a team leader is by the way he handles every individual player…much like a HC….some may need words of encouragement while other may need to be called out….i hope by sitting Winston finds out what makes his teammates take their game to the next level….

    maybe less pregame antics on the field and more serious motivate speeches inside the locker room before taking the field….i have no problem with his pregame stuff but it seems to cause the team to lose focus or not take the game as serious….just my honest opinion…..GO BUCS!!!!

  2. Arealbucfan Says:

    These Bucs have no pulse and it shows when they play

  3. Jim Says:

    Yes, “It’s rare to hear NFL players take verbal shots at another team’s quarterback.” But it’s also rare to see your QB vigorously sucking his fingers before the entire stadium and TV audience. And it’s rare to see your QB head-butting an opposing line backer. Rare indeed…

  4. AlteredEgo Says:

    They’ve been eating too many L’s

  5. Kansas95Buc Says:

    At what point does the team get tired of getting blown the f*** out on national television?!?!?! At what point does the desire to win overtake everything else? Playing the Lions has all the makings of another blowout. My god man I just want the Bucs to play with a sense of pride and passion. If I could call the devil and sell my soul for the team to be competitive again I would heavily think about it

  6. DB55 Says:

    This whole town has been eating L’s. Bucs, Rays, public education. L’s all around.

  7. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    @Arealbucfan Boom! well said!

  8. Defense Rules Says:

    My hope this Sunday is that Fitz can provide the spark … and leadership … that this team so badly needs. Hope also that the coaches change things up & get creative, because ‘more of the same’ will surely lead to the same results.

  9. JMarkBuc Says:

    Surprised it took this long. That $hit was wack.

    As a team, or as a man, how could you not stand up and fight with people mocking you daily?

    You would think that out of 16 games you would accidentally have one game where everyone gave a damn. You know blind squirrel and all…

  10. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    @Dbag55 Rays weren’t terrible. Rowdies won a playoff game. USF is 7 and 1. Lightning are on absolute fire right now. Tampa hardly eating Ls.

  11. JMarkBuc Says:


    We did that already. Worked for one year. That’s how we got here.

  12. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    OK, it came off as stupid looking, I agree with that.
    But at least someone was trying to fire up our team.
    F#ck the Detroit Players

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    I think if Winston just says,”eat the w” and not demonstrate it, the players would’ve taken it more seriously and would’ve actually got the message….GO BUCS!!!

  14. DB55 Says:

    Tampa is like the minor leagues for football players. They come here then some get called up to the real nfl. With real nfl coaches and fans. That’s why so many formers Bucs have rings.

    Aren’t the lightning run by a dude from jersey? There you go num nuts it takes a yankee or a Boston Red Sox in this case to come down to the meth capitol of the world to show ya’ll how to win.

    Wtf is a Rowdie? Has USF been to a BCS bowl game? You know like the two bcs championship JW started in? Hmmm no! Right they suck right? Yea they do. Lol.

  15. Sweep the leg Says:


    You’re a total Moron.

    Stfu and go eat d***

  16. ClodHopper Says:

    This whole eating Ws thing is the biggest over reaction from the masses since November 8th 2016!!!

  17. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    We keep asking the question have the players quit on Koetter?

    Maybe the more appropriate and concerning question is have they quit on #3?

  18. JMarkBuc Says:


    Agreed on the Bermuda Triangle, and the NFL triple A affiliate, but…

    From 1997 to 2003, our players and coaches were coveted by other teams. We had great players, coaches, front office, and scouting. Think the team DR was even awesome. Stadium was packed with Buc fans. Everyone having a ball.

    The culture can be changed. Done once before. Takes the right people, but it can be done.
    Start with the ugly azz uni’s

    Glazer boys wake up.

  19. wewantgruden Says:

    What do you expect from someone of his intelligence? Just think about it this way: he was probably up to the weeeeeee hours of the morning practicing that garbage. Did it ever cross his pea brain that it just might be dddddumb. Heck, I could not even see Gomer Pyle pull that whack crap off.

    Ass I have always proclaimed: “He is as dumb as a bag of hammers” with no morals or ethics. Fitz to the rescue. Although, the Jets d-line can bring it with 3 pass rushers.

  20. wewantgruden Says:

    and yes….the Ass on the last line was done as a joke.

  21. DB55 Says:

    So TB was good 15 years ago? Then imo the town should just stfu and stopping complaining. The Bucs have completely sucked for 41 out of 45 years. You ain’t got no room to bash anyone. ESPECIALLY when you hold the captain of the losing culture to such high regard. Why would you post such drivel on the 41 out of 45 years? Why make stuff up?–Joe

    It won’t be the lousy play that turns me from this team it will be the absolutely clueless fan base. Listening to 620 on a Monday is the funniest and saddest thing ever. “Fans” beach and moan yet don’t have the first clue of what’s going on. It’s really pathetic.

  22. Dewey Selmon Says:

    People been mocking us for 42 years. What’s new?

  23. Lamarcus Says:

    Eating Ls what got the team on the same page

  24. Kansas95Buc Says:


    you’re right, Jamies was trying to fire up the team to freakin win! Honestly, Jamies and maybe 4 other players are playing to win. And seeing how openly the Lions are talking crap, if the team come out flat that game I’d say we would need a serious evaluation of the team, top to bottom

  25. Doctor Stroud Says:

    A lot of people talk about coaches losing the locker room, but this seems like evidence that the QB has lost it. I wonder what he plans to do about this, except go to Dr. Andrews.

  26. Doctor Stroud Says:

    And, let’s face it: the Lions are mocking the Bucs?!

  27. JMarkBuc Says:

    Who is the captain of the losing culture? I was referring to the ONLY winning time in our history. And who was I bashing?

    I’ve never heard anyone say they would be turned from their team by the fan base. That $hit is comical.

    Just a people watcher are ya..?

    Until we fans buy the team from the Glazers, all we can do is bitch. We are good at it, 41 out of 45. We’ve had lots of practice.

  28. wewantgruden Says:

    Scroll up and look at the picture of JameisNOT. It is not too far off from the old school prisoner stripes…………..

  29. passthebuc Says:

    Maturity 101

    You can dress them up but you can’t take them out in public.

  30. DB55 Says:


    My bad they’ve sucked for 40 out of 43 years.

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    The players were not surprised by JW eating his fingers….perplexed over what the hell an W actually is, is more like it or even how to accomplish one.

  32. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs are nothing but a Sideshow…step right up and get your tickets.

  33. Lakeland Says:


    In 1979 the Bucs were only in their 4th year of existence. They were one game from the Super Bowl. Hugh Culverhouse totally destroyed the team a few years later.

  34. Tbaybuc Says:

    I could care less about pregame speeches and what Lions players think or not think. I just want to start winning

  35. DB55 Says:

    Sweep the leg Says:
    November 10th, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    You’re a total Moron.

    Stfu and go eat d***
    I bet he got triggered bc of the meth

  36. Says:

    Ahh, the Team’s greatest fans converted to the internet’s funniest trolls thanks to the Putrid Play of the Pewter Pirates. #itsabucslife
    Honestly these comments are the best thing about Bucs football this year

  37. Iamabuc Says:

    ThaT was stupid as fuq….Winston needs to leave the pregame speeches to Kwon….it’s not the first time he’s pregame speech suck…but that One took the cake as the most annoying….smh

  38. unbelievable Says:

    lol 87.

    wewantgruden, you have become as pathetic as tmax. We will start a gofundme for you as well….

    Oh, and UCF gonna whoop that USF butt!

  39. USFBUC Says:

    Some of these comments had me lol’ing for real in my office

  40. Says:

    Why is Planned Parenthood buying half the ad space on JoeBucsFan – you are quite the Salesman, Joe… quite the Salesman

  41. USFBUC Says:

    God the videos about Winston eating his fingers are hilarious!!!

  42. AlteredEgo Says:

    Is anyone reading this to Jameis ?

  43. Steven007 Says:

    What unbelievable said re: wewantgruden. When one attempts to out troll the grand troll of them all – Trollmax/Cancermax, it’s noteworthy in a sad way.. But you (wewant) do what trolls do best. You get your silly shtick and you roll with it as an irrelevant non sequitur hobby horse (Trollmax example: GMC is so super powerful and god like that he is inexplicably (and ridiculously) the reason for every ill of the Bucs, blah, blah). Yours is obviously this ridiculous narrative that JW is “dumb as a bag of hammers” which is a pretty silly insult, but consider the source. Listen, hate on JW if you’d like. As a Bucs fan that’s pretty stupid as he’s not going anywhere. But the kid is not stupid. Perhaps his ‘Bama southern accent coupled with an AA lilt is hard for you to swallow. But as has been stated many times before, he was accepted to Stanford and he scored a 27 on his Wonderlic (average for NFL QB: 24), higher than many very successful QB’s. So your allegation is stupid (yes, actually stupid) on its face.

  44. PRBucFan Says:

    I still wont watch it lol

    Too embarrassing

  45. firethecannons Says:

    Lots of things need to change and the quality of JW’s pregame hype speech is a good start. WTF was he thinking–he seemed oblivious to the response too. I think people want to like him but damn it was just too weird. I am not sure it will ever go away-it wwas that bad–this is coming from a devoted Jameis follower. I am embarassed for him–not sure I can stick with this team–honestly too weird in too many ways.

  46. Bring Tony Dungy back Says:

    @Db55 Catch some of us up to speed on what you know about the Bucs that most people dont. You said clueless!?! You called out the fan base, talking about we the reason for the Bucs sucking. Let help you out a little bit on your history and then your math. Bucs began playing in 1976 and this is now 2017. So that will be 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041…. 41 years! So now tell us how the fans can turn the F’n Bucs into winners

  47. James Walker Says:

    This is the last time I’ll be on this site till draft time. You guys are like poison. Bye.

  48. Hodad Says:

    Lions players, like all the NFL aren’t just laughing at J.W., they’re laughing at the whole team. No team wants to give their opponent bulletin board material, but in the Bucs case, they know we’re a bunch of push overs that can’t beat anybody.

  49. AlteredEgo Says:

    “This is the last time I’ll be on this site till draft time. You guys are like poison. Bye.”…..yeah and Buc 1987 said he was going to buy season tickets when the Buc’s drafted Jameis

  50. ShutTheBucUp Says:

    Like others have said, Tampa has been being mocked for a long time. Lol. But Jameis needs to stop with the rah-rah speeches. When you’re on a losing streak its embarrassing no matter what you say. Heres one they could try:

    “Hey guys, lets go out and try not to embarrass our fans and families. Try and give some effort for 60 minutes so we don’t get ourselves or our coaches fired! WE ALL WE GOT! WE ALL WE NEED! OH WAIT, EXCEPT A PASS RUSH AND A DECENT QB!”

  51. pablo Says:

    Pablo says this is Jameis Winston’s pre-game speech in the eyes of the rest of the NFL.

  52. AlteredEgo Says:

    pablo….how much do the Bucs charge for JumboTron time ?

  53. Not there yet Says:

    Yes koetter was supposed to develop Winston. His play on the field and now even his leadership quality has taken a hit. The biggest thing he had going for himself was his ability to be a leader now he’s just a national joke and it’s the only thing that’s been easy for this guy this year. No off-season for you my friend Winston you have a lot of work to do. Week 8 sealed Dirk’s fate, the only way he keeps his job is a magically rally, if Winston is willing to eat his fingers in front of the world pre game then anything can happen.

  54. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Westside Crab Legs

  55. Dave Pear Says:

    and Buc 1987 said he was going to buy season tickets when the Buc’s drafted Jameis
    87 also said that the team that drafted Jameis would be going to the Super Bowl in his third year.
    87 CANNOT be trusted.

  56. AlteredEgo Says:

    “Not there yet Says:
    November 10th, 2017 at 4:46 pm
    Yes koetter was supposed to develop Winston.”……

    we’ll never know if Jameis is the QB in that draft Koetter “wanted to develop”

  57. The Buc Realist Says:

    Some were so concerned with this team getting “national” attention!!!! They cheered when the Bucs were punished,,,,,,,I mean were assigned for Hard Knocks!!!!!!! Well here is all the national attention!!!!!!! And the same that pointing and laughing,,, JW3 better be writing down names right now!!!!!!!! These are same that offended that ME13 chest bumped a player from the back, But have not said anything about another player punching, Choking, and bodyslamming another player!!!!!! The Bucs and fans need to circle the wagons and turn off all the outside noise!!!!! It is nothing but distractions!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Not there yet Says:

    we’ll never know if Jameis is the QB in that draft Koetter “wanted to develop”

    That’s very true but doesn’t really matter, you work with what you got. Mike Smith is the reason he looked competent last year. I say we play a 16 game season against the chiefs at their home stadium with them chanting their war cry. Winston will be the best qb in the league that year, that is the quarterback I was hoping we drafted, time will tell

  59. FowlBall Says:

    It’s not just the Lions. The entire sports world is laughing at Jameis.

  60. AlteredEgo Says:

    Hey..I am hoping he is the best QB in Buc history !….but I am not a blind cheerleader

  61. daveman Says:

    I’m sure NFLNut will be here shortly to remind us that Winston is the youngest QB ever to act like a crazy person on national TV.

  62. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Us true Bucs fans are the toughest fans out there lol. We have truly seen it all. The highest highs and the lowest lows.

  63. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Joe your a dumb ass! Period if that didn’t bother nothing will ! Your site and the NFL are on thin ice ! Go ahead and block me I’m do with this poison and extreme amount of denial it’s unbelievable

  64. Joe Says:

    Go ahead and block me I’m do with this poison and extreme amount of denial it’s unbelievable

    Gonna have to come a lot stronger if you want to be banned.

  65. Sweep the leg Says:


    Thinks he’s the all knowing football guru and everyone else knows nothing.

    God what a stupid narcissist.

    But judging by his grammar and math skills I’m sure he has no clue what that even means.

    And using words like “triggered” and “bruh” shows his education level.


  66. BucEmUp Says:

    The players have tuned out Jameis because he isn’t producing. Please save the argument of his passing numbers. Hes also up there in attempts. Defenses dont fearJameis and our offense has tuned him out.

    The worst part about all of this is it falls back on Mike Smith. If Jameis had a defense that at least didnt get blown out his entire state of mind on the field would be different. You cant put a young qb in a position where he knows before the game that he has to throw 4 tds to win. Its not fair. Jameis is desperate and its not right. This defense is going to destroy his chance of growth and it falls on Koetters shoulders and if he is too blind to see the problem and or act on it then he deserves to be fired.

    Licht needs to fire Mike Smith immediately to save himself Koetter Jameis…everyone

  67. Tony Pepperoni Says:

    The Defense is not over throwing wide open receivers,and the Defense is not chewing on their fingers before the game like a Fing idiot

  68. cmurda Says:

    Nothing would be said if this team actually did eat a “W”. Like any of the last 5 weeks that is. I could care less about the pregame speech that Winston gave. The team seems to respect him but I sense a little less fire from this team. The truth of the matter is JW can say whatever he wants and his team has his back, but you gotta back it up on the field. Until the injury, I thought JW was playing well and backing it up but the defense was the primary letdown. This team can’t get into sync and it is because of a lack of accountability. No different then when Rah was coach. The players need to demand that accountability themselves. It shouldn’t only come from the coaches. This coaching staff seems to be in over their heads but at the end of the day, players play the game. Until I start seeing some cohesion and effort, I will refer to the group of men playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as paycheck collectors.

  69. Bucs fan #7423 Says:

    Our season is already over and we only played 8 games!!!! Lmfao what a joke

  70. Seattle Buc Says:

    Last year they were on that 5 game winning streak. Jameis gave that alphabet soup eating Ws speach. I thought it was so cheesy. They lost that game.

  71. cmurda Says:

    Tony Pepperoni Says:

    The Defense is not over throwing wide open receivers,and the Defense is not chewing on their fingers before the game like a Fing idiot

    No, the defense is too busy letting Adrian Peterson run wild on them to the tune of 26 carries 134 yds and 2tds. They are also too busy with miscommunications like Ted Ginn running wide open for what should have been an easy 60+ yd TD for the Aints. You know the type of miscommunications they claim were a thing of the past. Last, but not least, the defensive line is making sure opposing QB’s stay healthy and untouched while torching us.

  72. PRBucFan Says:

    Untrue his own teammates thought it was wack in the moment too lol

    Eating Ws… ahahaha

  73. JimmyJack Says:

    Man these comments are getting ugly…….I’d love to point direct fingers to a select few and let you know how stupid you sound but I get it. We are all just upset with our team. The Bucs have managed to completely suck the joy out of another season before the halfway point. As the rest of the season drags on it’s easier to take out our aggression on fellow fans because we are more readily available…….Maybe we all need to take a step back.

    Our hopes for this team are gone. The players and coaches survived the week so we have little to cheer for. There will be changes next year but somehow we have to find a way to care about this team…..This week offers a decent prize from a losers perspectitive…..We get the Jets and have a chance to sweep the city of New York…….now that’s something. I’ll take bragging right(no matter how petty) over a yankee all day. This article represents a way to get revenge over Detroit. Revenge games and spoilers are all our team can give us this year. Beating Atlanta twice and dragging them down with us will be our best possible success along with avoiding a sweep at Carolina…..a team that has always had our number……and keep that series in favor so we can exploit them next year………….If none of that interests you Then you must care about the rematch with New Orleans, if you enjoy physical football. Those two teams won’t just be coming out to play next time. That will be a very intense battle, reguardless of the record…….If our team has any character with an ability to contend in the future it will show up for that game.

    I realize there is no way to doll up a 2-6 team and no matter how well they play, if they decide to, will be done in vain and their fans will be dissapointed through any effort……….All we can do is find a way to get up for BucBall and merely wish to see a team show up that can give us hope for 2018. This town is tired of sitting on their hands on Sundays, we just need something to get up about……..In any case fan vs fan violence will not fix anything.

  74. JimmyJack Says:

    Ok so while Winston did sound a bit…..umm….ack….yyyeeeahhh……..Let’s face it, the guy sounded clinically insane during that speech.

    Lots of people have noted how his teammates looked during that speech.

    Winstons speech was a problem but so is turning your back on a teammate which is what happened there.

    To me that begs the question when exactly did his teammates turn their backs on the QB. You can’t play the game of football at a high(professional) level when you don’t think your teammate have your back………I realize no outside fan has the answer to that question. I also realize you could argue that a lack of support from teammates won’t improve accuracy and decision making but I would disagree.

  75. richbucsfan Says:

    Totally buffoonish. Perhaps the wrong choice for a franchise QB.

  76. cmurda Says:

    I’m in complete disagreement with the JW haters. This dude has played well. Sure, he misses those deep passes way too often and he has parts of his game to work on, but he played very well in 4 of the first 6 games and 1 of those games was against Arizona when he got hurt. After the Cards game, all he did was have the following stat line against Buffalo.

    72.7 comp%
    384 yds
    3 tds
    1 int
    112.3 qb rating

    And even after our defense and Hump blew that game, people were still hating on JW. I still have confidence in JW but I’ve lost it a long time ago with Mike Smith and his putrid defense. I’m leaning towards Koetter has to go but the next 3 games will help determine his fate. I know many fans including myself think the thought of Chucky or Harbaugh is amazing, but the chances are slim and our best bet is for Dirk to turn the corner and show hope for next year.

  77. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Anyone have any thoughts on Bret Farve as QB coach as part of Gruden’s coaching staff next year. Don’t be surprised. Could do wonders for Winston.

  78. Wewantgruden Says:

    @steven07: you my friend are out you your mind. Possibly related to JamesisNOT???? Maybe you at “dumb as a bag of hammers “ can find a BOGO ON THE STRAIGHT JACKETS

  79. USFBUC Says:

    I think the Bucs should trade DJax, and most of the Dline away for whatever we can get. Then go after the top FAs on the Oline and Dline and go all in on the next draft and trade the future picks away. There are too many holes that need to be filled.

  80. USFBUC Says:

    If we cut or trade away the players that seem to be failing the most or not a good fit – the RBs, DJax, Dline, and a few Oline we could have 109m to play with next offseason. We should be able to lure who ever we want with that kind of money. Let some expensive FAs carry the team(hopefully) for three years until we have draft picks again after trading away a few years of them to get what we need in this year’s draft and then see what happens.

  81. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis can do it….but not the way he has been going about it…well I reserve the accuracy final grade

  82. AlteredEgo Says:

    The BIG…BIG…problem is not coaching !….it is the 53 !!!!!!!!

  83. DB55 Says:

    .We get the Jets and have a chance to sweep the city of New York…….now that’s something. I’ll take bragging right(no matter how petty) over a yankee all day.
    lol you guys are funny

  84. Chucklehead Says:

    Jameis has lost the lockerroom

  85. JimmyJack Says:

    USFBUC……… I think the DJax signing was a horrible idea. It has proven to be such a colossal waste of money and waste of talent.

    That signing is something you could directly point a finger at and it provides evidence of how the Front Office doesn’t have a clue how to put a quality football TEAM(not a collection of players) on the field.

    It sounds easy to say to dump Jackson but I have no faith anybody on the Bucs knows how to fix it. If this team makes changes in the front office whoever needs to figure out what changes need to be made to fix this roster. They may want to keep Dsean……..Maybe somebody else can get the explosive plays out of Jackson that we have been waiting for. I’m willing to let them make that call.

    It’s pretty sad when you look forward to offseason moves more then Sunday when it’s week 8. What a effing disgrace this team is.

  86. JimmyJack Says:

    Chucklehead…….Did he ever really have the locker Room? The media loves to call Winston a great leader……..Maybe we were sold a bill of goods believing Tampa had a tight-knit group of players in their locker room.

    As poor as Winston looked as a leader Sunday was just as poor as his team has looked around him. The whole team has played like s*** all year……….My question is: Are we now seeing the results of Winston losing the lockerroom or has Winston never had the locker room to begin with?

  87. Lamarcus Says:

    Jimmy jack is right. Koetter had his back. His teammates should of came out and defended their guy says alotta when Jw “knows his team is boo boo” but always defend them. We have a bunch of losers on this team can’t respect any of them. They always was on social media and should know Jw is taking a beating for his hilarious finger Licking chat JW intentions wasn’t malicious and proves how these vets are unprofessional. Jw is a young. Just like they hung out justin evans out to dry on that tackle. That will be detrimental to him. Idc if jw ever defends them toward cut time.

  88. AlteredEgo Says:

    I do not think Jameis has lost the locker room…I think Jameis has lost his way and showed his AZZ ….who hasn’t done that… the accuracy thing…I draw a line in the sand !….forget the names and teams….see how the game is is passing…if you can’t do that…make the throws….another training camp ain’t going to fix it…

  89. Rob Says:

    So tired of douche bag 55 or dingle berry 55 or whatever he is too dumb or lazy to spell out his name. I don’t give a $hit what you say about anything. Read a book or take an English class so you can write one post without multiple grammatical errors.
    Anyway, the human ATM ( America’s turnover machine) is a joke, not just in Tampa, but across the nation. That unprofessional behavior instigating a fight because you and your team are getting your a$$ beat was real leadership wasn’t it. The ATM is not the answer. He is not the only problem though. A team of underachieving, paycheck stealers is the problem. Koetter already lost the team and now the endless cycle of firing inept coaches and starting over begins. Sigh. Go Bucs!

  90. Chucklehead Says:

    I believe all the teams mental issues started earlier in the season when they lost those games due to a head case kicker. They put it all out there and didnt play great, but played good enough to win, yet failed. It took too much out of them and then Winston gets hurt. Say what you want about the injury but Ive seen QBs sit out with injuries to their nonthrowing shoulder. I havent seen any of the “real fans” give him props for being tough enough to play hurt.

    Its not Jameis. Our D sucks.

    We get so far down so quick that we have to abandon the run game. Any good back is better in the 4th quarter but you cant be great if youve been shelved. So now the defenders just go full pass rush and max coverage downfield.

    Jameis is still young and needs a defense to compliment what he can do on offense. Hes no Manning or Elway. He cant be expected to come back from 20 down in the 3rd quarter every game.

  91. Chucklehead Says:

    Jimmy jack

    Jameis looks like a 20something that has no answers. I want him to be able to go out and handle the offense. Our defense is so horrible that its putting twice the pressure on our offense and its taking us out of our game plan and Winston out of his comfort zone.

    Correct what needs to be corrected on defense and watch our offense get better.

    As far as the locker room. Winning cures all. Eat the W, just dont accidentally bite a finger on your throwing hand. Maybe just some rah, rah speeches for a while

  92. Supersam Says:

    Joe doesn’t have a problem with anything Winsnone does, if that was mike Glennon or any other qb Joe would have ate his lunch.

  93. Supersam Says:

    Winsnone has lost this team.

  94. firethecannons Says:

    Ok Chucklehead–we’ll eat the W–then what? do we crap an L next.

  95. Chucklehead Says:


    I dont care what you do with an L. It doesnt matter what we do with a W at this point anyway. The season is lost, the team, the fans, the town, the players, the front office have all been embarrassed once again. Some of yall say your looking forward to another high draft pick, it wont matter. Any rookie that comes into this $hit$how will be consumed by it and turned into another drone playing for a losing ballclub. He will take on the same attitude as everybody else.

    The players we have right now need to learn to play to win. Quit with the excuses, man up and get it done.

  96. Tbbucs3 Says:

    Nobody likes complaining more than Bucs fans……

  97. JimmyJack Says:

    Our defense does look horrible but I believe they would play better if this offense was not so awful.

    It is demorilizing for a defense to have zero or three points to play with every first half……..The offensive struggles do affect the approach that our defense has.

    We have two units that do not feed off of each other and that’s what good football teams do. So what if Winston throws a darn INT or misses an easy TD. We saw Drew Bress and Tom Brady do that right in front of us. What happened when those guys screwed their teammates? The other side of the ball stepped up and carried them.

    Our team doesn’t do that……When our defense goes out there in a tough spot they don’t have the attitude to step up and make a play to give the Offense the ball back(not consistently). And when our defense(LVD) does step up and get our offense the ball back the offense doesn’t step up and make it count. Our offense just feels like they are waiting til the end of the game so most of the time…….hoping they can hit a few random bombs downfield with no other ability to get into the end zone. Our offense never seems hungry to score. Every time this offense gets a key possession on offense sit there and hope they step up their game and focus……..instead they play like the possession isn’t important and you see dropped balls, missed blocks, stupid pentalties, and of course poor throws.

  98. Lamarcus Says:

    Bucs fans compliants

    Week 1 : run game (licht for not drafting a rb)
    Week 2 : the defense not drafting rb licht
    Week 3 : not throwing to djx enough koetter
    Week 4 : kicker folk
    Week 5 : defense vh3
    Week 6 : offense jw
    Week 7 : defense
    Week 8 : offense jw
    Week 9 : Jw

  99. Big Stinky Says:

    I think Winston has lost the team as well and have said it in other posts a couple times. All it takes is for a TEAM to believe in a LEADER and that he can bring you back in ANY game. Just look how the Pats believed in Brady down by 25 points in the SB. He is right there w/ Montana NOW in my book. Why can’t I be a Patriots fan? Had to pick the Bucs as a kid. My freaking luck the Bucs just happened to be in the NFC Championship the year I picked a TEAM. What a BIG mistake that has turned out to be. Why did I have to grow up South of Tampa? Think it’s time to root for ANOTHER franchise but DEEP down I will still be a Bucs fan. Lamarcus told me I should be an Eagles fan since I like Wentz SO much more than JW and I think he is right. We probably AREN’T going to get rid of Jason Licht anyway so EFF IT!!! Why bother caring about this TEAM underachieving ALL the time? This team has SO many holes to fill we are going to be rebuilding for another 5 years. Philly is ready NOW!!! Or at least SOON, and I better get on board before they WIN their FIRST SB. Chitcan Licht and Smith and I will come back. Neither of them has done ANYTHING to help this team get BETTER! #Thanks4theMemories #WalkThePlank

  100. cmurda Says:


    Are you okay man? I’m considering alerting the authorities to watch for a jumper at the Skyway.

  101. Big Stinky Says:


    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Spot on!!!

  102. Buc1987 Says:

    AlteredEgo…whenever you’re ready to stop this facade give it a go.

    Long time back when the Bucs drafted JW you trashed him like hell in the JBF message boards. Then you disappear from JBF fro 2 1/2 years while JW was the man only to come back in here when he’s having a tough go… saying stuff like… “Hey..I am hoping he is the best QB in Buc history !….but I am not a blind cheerleader” As if YOU ever rooted for him to begin with the past 2 and 1/2 years. You NEVER liked him and were a BIG TIME Mariotta nutjob. Now it’s hey I really want the guy to do well…..B*LLS*IT!

  103. Big Stinky Says:


    It’s been long overdue, been a fan for 38 years now. Wasted WAY too much money on this team and couldn’t afford to go to San Diego for the SB. At least now if Philly goes MAYBE I can get a ticket (if I am lucky). It has been 10 years of rebuilding and we are NO closer than when Licht got here. Again, too many holes to fill. Too many WASTED acquisitions on his resume!!! #ChitcanLicht #JettisonSmith

  104. Buc1987 Says:

    Stinky if the Eagles suck next year….stick by em.

  105. Big Stinky Says:


    Just wish we had the TALENT that we had when McKay was our GM. This team had depth at EVERY position on defense. And then some!!! Then he went to Atlanta and made them better. That’s a REAL GM for you. I would pay a King’s ransom to bring him back to Tampa because neither Licht NOR our scouts can evaluate talent, PERIOD! #WalkThePlank #BringBackMcKay

  106. PRBucFan Says:

    lol he really listed his one good game as proof as to why he’s done good ahaha.

  107. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey BiG Stinky McKay only had the ATL GM job for two seasons he is now a front office guy the GM for AT LEAST now is Dimtroff he has been the one who has gotten better with his drafts and player development. I am no Dimitroff

  108. RustyRhinos Says:

    Fan but man you should fact check before you show your knowledge.

  109. RustyRhinos Says:

    Hey BiG Stinky McKay only had the ATL GM job for four seasons he is now Team President and the CEO for ATL The GM now is Dimtroff he has been the one who has gotten better with his drafts and player development. I am no Dimitroff Fan but man you should fact check before you show your knowledge….. Oops took my own advice and checked my facts.. Dimitroff has been ATL’s GM since 2008 when that job was taken away from McKay. 2004 best season under his GM stewerdship 11-4, 2005 8-8, 2006 7-9, 2007 4-12 With McKay he brought in Jim Mora as his first coach, lasted 3 seasons the he tried Bobby Petrino debacle that led to his his exit as the GM and move upstairs. 2008 ATL went 11-5 under their new GM.

  110. RustyRhinos Says:

    McKay has been credited with helping to bring the new Mercedes Stadium to ATL. So there is that. By the way not meaning to cause a BIG STINKY, Did not Mr. McKay leave out team in Cap hell, that Mr. Allen had to try and fix, he did a good job of that IMO. Not to much else but he did correct that very well.

  111. RustyRhinos Says:

    I agree with whoever said that our game against the Lions should tell us all we need to know about our team. If they come out flat we should take a serious look at who is Balling and who is loafing. The loafers get sent to the day old breadstore. When the team you get paid to play for gets called out by another team this should bring out the BEAST WITHIN. If it does not then we have way to many players not earning their paychecks. I understand that some of those players across the field from our team are friends with players on our team. But I would punch my 2nd best friend (my wife is my best friend) square in the mouth again and again and again to earn a win. Are our players not tired of being out intenseafied, out hustled, out testicular fortified each and every game. I hope our team shows up from the first drive to the final whistle. If not I bet they might come out a little more hustle next week if a few “flat” players find themselves cut on Monday. Yes we do not have enough talent to overcome losing a good player or three, but I bet it would get the “flat loafing” players attentions.
    Go! Bucs! Beat the Jets.

  112. FortMyersDave Says:

    My guess, Bucs still lose to Detroit but a couple of big mouths on Detroit get hit hard when they play Tampa as it will be bill board material and even “punks and thugs’ who quit will go after that action. Smart Detroit, real smart might help Tampa steal an upset and move down to 6th or 7th in the draft. Fans here have to remember that Detroit is not known for winning football even with guys like Sanders and Stafford.

    Big Stinky, Bucs were hamstrung draft wise after losing a pair of 1s and 2s for Jon Gruden and we all appreciated the Superbowl (except possibly for Lakeland who would be mad for the Bucs winning as he is the only poster who loves the Bucs losing EVERY week without agenda and that Buford T Justice character for certain team members not saluting during the Dixie Chicks attempt at our anthem). The Super Bowl pedigree saved Gruden’s job when they went 4-12 one year (2007?) that got them GAINES ADAMS in the draft. That has stuck with the team through today, lost draft picks and poor draft picks, the team nver recovered and Licht has gone Culverhouse with his ineptitude in 2016….. Culverhouse was about profit, what is Licht’s excuse????

  113. notonline4 Says:

    When tose of you who talk all the sh*t taht you do are capable of playing or coachong talk until the STFU all of you trolls show up when losing and can’t hear anything fron you otherwise. You are not fans just whiney little bitc*es!

  114. DBS Says:

    Even the national Media are laughing. Just the other night while looking at the Wild Card picture a talking head was predicting Miami to beat the Bucs when they play. And said if Jameis Plays he did not know if he would be eating W’s or l”. Or Maybe just chewing on is knuckles.

  115. jim burns Says:

    Its bad enough to be 2-6 . Its a whole other level to be 2-6 and act like idiots . Its a shame these guys act like punks when most people would be happy to be making the kind of money they are . Its embarrassing .

  116. FortMyersDave Says:

    notonline4: I hear you but trolls love to egg on. Lets go Bucs! Upset Detroit, Miami, Green Bay and the over rated Jets! Give the trolls a cornanry who want 2-14. I am with ya, winning beats losing! And DBS: Miami media thinks their team is on tank mode so where did you here your info, Polk County ala “Lakeland”?, I was down in South Florida (Broward) last night on business and their sports radio and fans think they could do a Rah Morris to 4-12. Losing culture down there apparently as well….

  117. Tom Says:

    JW is a immature clown leading a bunch of clowns in there clown suits.