Peter King Talks Gruden And The Cowboys, And Glazers

November 29th, 2017

Sports Illustrated and super insider Peter King talked Chucky and the Bucs yesterday on national radio.

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King said he believes Chucky could be a fit for the Cowboys, only if Dallas continues its complete meltdown without Ezekiel Elliott.

And then King talked Bucs — without mentioning Chucky.

“I think there will be some questions to be asked in Tampa Bay,” King said. “I don’t think Tampa Bay wants to be known as this franchise, Schiano lasted two years, Lovie Smith lasted two years., They don’t want to be in this revolving door thing. I think unless they play horrible down the stretch, Dirk Koetter stays.”

Joe disagrees with King on the point that Team Glazer would care about being known as a team with a “revolving door” of coaches. Joe’s not saying Koetter will be fired, but why would Team Glazer care about public perception if they believe they have the wrong coach? Only a team of morons would give that consideration in assessing its head coaching situation. And Joe is confident Team Glazer is an intelligent body.

Listen to King below.

54 Responses to “Peter King Talks Gruden And The Cowboys, And Glazers”

  1. JonBuc Says:

    Gruden to the Cowboys makes a lot of sense…star power…Marinelli stays as DC…Winston may have cost the Bucs Gruden amongst many other things.

  2. Bucsince78 Says:

    Gruden will be in Tampa next year running the show. His youngest son will be out of High School in 2 years and Gruden is ready for the NFL grind. He has been able to spend time with the family and see his children grow up. It is now time for the Buccaneers to grow as an organization and get Gruden NOW.

  3. The Buc Realist Says:

    If Gruden has all these options, why would he choose a team with the worst roster that is in the toughest division in the NFL??????

  4. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its just a matter of time Joe. Whether this year or the next..Koetter is going. As is his, press box, binocular wearing, no walk the sidelines, Defensive Coordinator.
    Smitty. Nothing aginst Koetter. But he’s a one tier job type guy. Actually had they just hired a better HC and kept Koetter as OC, we would have been better off. And Koetters alligence to Dc Smith is just outright sorry. they both got down with the ship. Good Riddance!

  5. 941bucsfan Says:

    Joe its more of a Job security thing. Teams that get quailty head coaches usually have had stability at the head coach position before the new coach was hired. Some of these quaility head coaches are passing on the opportunty to coach tampa especially if they only think they have 1 year to get it right or they will be fired

  6. mike n Says:

    these coaches have given the Glazers no choice… they all needed to go and now its time for Dirk to go.

  7. pick6 Says:

    i think Dallas makes the most sense, they have all the pieces on offense gruden wants, are the center of the football universe, and many old friends already work there. Dez Bryant is breaking down but Gruden has thrived with no-name or over the hill WRs. What he has always needed is a solid line, a dynamic RB, and a QB
    with some savvy….while i’m still high on Jameis we clearly lack the other 2, and have not been on the cusp of anything meaningful as the cowboys have. If Dak isn’t his guy i wouldn’t bet against him luring romo out of the booth in hopes that a year off has rejuvinated him a little

  8. Waterboy Says:

    Problem is if you keep getting the wrong coach then the person making that decision need to be fired. I think they have to give Koetter another year. Mike Smith is a different story.

    I don’t see Garrett getting fired but Dallas is already built and should be ready to make a super bowl run once Zeke returns so that should be a draw for any coach and Chucky loves the spotlight so Dallas would be a great fit for him. Hopefully they’ll hire him soon so that I won’t have to read or hear about him much longer.

  9. Waterboy Says:

    I had my fill of the mediocre Gruden years but I do give him credit he can talk a good game but 57-55 as a Bucs coach says it all. Take away the 1 super bowl year and we’re looking at a 45-51 record.

  10. Nick2 Says:

    Peter King doesn’t have the pulse of the Glazers even though he wants people to think he does. Gruden was their dads choice and he won him a Superbowl. When the Glazers bought Man U they had to go on a thrifty payroll budget that Gruden would not have been happy with. That time is over and so is the short reign of Dirk Koetter. The Glazers know they can be happy with Gruden for years. This will be their stability hire for years to come.

  11. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    The revolving door thing is pretty accurate. In order to get a good coach to sign on the dotted line, you have to prove he’ll have the time to implement his plans. Right now, the Glazers can’t do that.

    I don’t believe there will be a head coach vacancy in Dallas this year…not after what they did last year. Regardless, Jon would never sign there because John would want control, and Jones would never give up control.

    I differ with J0E on this one regarding the frequent coaching changes. I think it does hurt the organization. Maybe not if the coaches being fired deserved it…and Love/Raheem/Schiano probably did deserve it, but Koetter is a good coach.

    Some fans may not think so at present, but he is. The Glazers need to stick with him. If he has the time and talent, he can bring us a championship.

  12. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Mike Johnson Says
    “Its just a matter of time Joe. Whether this year or the next..Koetter is going.”

    Not if we have a winning season next year and make the playoffs.

  13. 813bucboi Says:

    what exactly does king mean by” playing horrible down the stretch”?….we’ve been playing horrible all year!!!…lol…5 blow outs and counting….

    I think brent hundley will put the final nail in dirk and smitty’s coffin after we get blown out (yet again) on the road in green bay….

    our last 3 division games may be meaningless to our opponent because they’ll likely be in the playoffs by then….so its very likely that we win 2 of our last 3 but it’ll be against back ups…..if beating back ups is the only way for dirk to save his job, this franchise is in a world of trouble next year….GO BUCS!!!

  14. Bucsfanman Says:

    Bonzai- I was on the fence until I read that quote from Koetter regarding that failed drive last Sunday. Do we really want a guy who coaches scared?! Even if he was an OC that quote makes my eye twitch!
    He has shown an inability all season to make adjustments in-game and with his play-calling in general. What would lead you to believe that would change?

  15. 813bucboi Says:

    Buccaneer Bonzai Says:
    November 29th, 2017 at 11:45 am
    Not if we have a winning season next year and make the playoffs.

    he wont make it to next year!!!!…simple as that….we’ll lose our next 5 games which will make that a 6 game losing streaks….OUCH!!!….GO BUCS!!!

  16. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Until and IF this Jameis thing is settled, what coach will want to come to Tampa ?
    Welcome to Goodell’s NFL.
    In any court of law, this entire Jameis accusation situation would be laughed out of Court, if it even made it to Court.

  17. mark2001 Says:

    How about Lovie Smith as HC, Rah as the D coordinator, D. Koetter Offensive Coordinator, and Dom. as GM? WINNING…..BTW, Bleacher Report listed the 10 worst Offensive Coordinators July, 2010. Greg Olsen Bucs was number 8….D. Koetter was number 6 as the Jacksonville Jaguar D coordinator. I wonder if the same guy can win such an “honor” on two teams?

  18. mark2001 Says:

    Jacksonville O coordinator. How many of us had ever seen that? July 22, 2010. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same.

  19. DB55 Says:

    My crystal ball says Jameis and Gruden going to see the Lion King live on 42nd st. That would be so dope. Gruden would be dumb to go to Dallas, you can’t have two alphas trying to run the show. See: Jimmy Johnson.

  20. mark2001 Says:

    Consider this guys. The major reason,..the biggest reason Koetter was given the HC job was because of his success with Jameis and the desire to see his growth in the same system with the same Offensive/ CB coach. Are we sure that is the right thing now? Will he develop the full range of skills to ever be “America’s QB” under Dirk’s tutelage? Frankly, I’m not so sure anymore.

  21. Jason Says:

    @The Buc Realiest
    How would Cowboys make since?
    Eagles are potentially setting up a really amazing team for years to come. He would face his brother twice a year which if he outperforms him could get him fired. Also Jones has one of the biggest egos out of all the owners. He fired Johnson after he won two Super Bowls. Is that someone you would work for?

  22. martinii Says:

    The optics of another coaching change would be devastating at this time. Bottom line “WHO,” would want to come here? Don’t say Chucky, I agree with King, If Chucky goes anywhere it would be with a team like Dallas who has all the Offense in Place. Gruden doesn’t build a team, he takes one ready to take the next step and then he bullies it over the top. I.E. Tony Dungy’s Buc’s

  23. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    It’s been a weird year for coaching changes.

    Let’s face it…UCLA was the obvious choice for West Coast Chip Kelly.

    If Scott Frost takes the job at his alma mater…Nebraska..that would make sense.

    Dan Muellen was probably the safest choice for the Gators. Competent and experienced and should still have good recruiting contacts in the SE.

    Greg Schiano is available again if we want him back. LOL Seems to me he wants to stay in college where the kids pay attention to toes on the line instead of a bunch of unruly professionals.

    Man there are a bunch of openings.

  24. mike n Says:

    @peter King.. Unless they play horrible down the stretch??? Which game on the schedule do you see them winning? MNF vs atlanta coming, panthers saints, at pack, and lions all need wins for the playoffs. 4-12, maybe 5-11. The problem with Gruden or any other high profile is how will they view Jameis? Is he injured and have an Andrew Luck season next year? Will he have a suspension hanging over his head? I think Brady and zeke were innocent but they were a distraction and got big suspensions. I wish Jameis was just suspended the rest of the year and get it over with. Mcdaniels and Gruden may say thanks but no thanks.

  25. Kobe Faker Says:

    Lol dallas cowboys?

    Gruden wants as much control to his team as possible. He will only be a OC head coach in dallas with jerry jones. Puppet garrett will not be fired in dallas.

    With jameis suspension, grudog will have a builtin excuse for the first year. Grudog knows this year tampa will be lucky to be 6-10. He knows at worst he will be 8-8 even with jameis suspension, which will be a successful accomplishment for his first year

  26. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Continuous firing of the coaches has multiple effects…

    Players constantly learning new systems and never mastering any of them. Roster construction based on these systems that don’t work for the old or new because their are simply mismatches on the roster throughout. Plus, players know not to trust the current situation too much because it’ll just change tomorrow. That truly has an effect on people. Free agents don’t want to dive into situations that aren’t stable.

    It goes on and on.

    Koetter was a brand new head coach. So was Schiano. So was Raheem. At some point you have to give one of these guys 4 years to figure this thing out and keep building and making course corrections. Bellichick was not amazing at is first coaching stop… but he was learning and adjusting and ALWAYS improving.

    If the Bucs fire another coach after two years… then the problem is truly the only single constant that has been at the helm since Gruden was fired and Malcolm passed away. The sons.

  27. JMarkBuc Says:

    Gruden only comes here if Glazers give him full control . Surely they wouldn’t make that mistake again.

    Derrick Brooks for GM

  28. LUVMYBUCS Says:

    The Buc Realist

    Gruden enjoys a challenge – that’s why he took the Raiders Job.
    A team that was coming off a 4-12 season, the year prior to his hiring.
    He built that team into a contender within 3yrs.

    1998 Oakland Raiders (8-8)
    1999 Oakland Raiders (8-8)
    2000 Oakland Raiders (12-4) OT / Lost AFC Conference Championship
    2001 Oakland Raiders (10-6) Lost Division Playoff Game

    Plus he LUV’s Tampa.

    Like Gruden said a couple months back at OneBuc.

    The Glazers gave up a ton picks (plus cash) to acquire his services.
    And I’ll probably never live up to it. But I aint dead yet – got dammit.

  29. Phil Says:

    I don’t think Gruden will sign a contract until after he is inducted into the Ring of Honor. So Gruden could be the Christmas present to the fans.

  30. Ryjo Says:

    I would be okay with Koetter staying another year, but I’d like to see the following things:

    1. Koetter gives up playcalling. He has made too many mistakes and I think its because he has too much on his plate. He should give up playcalling and devote his newfound time to big-picture stuff.

    2. Mike Smith has to go. Somebody’s head has to roll and the defense has been the weakest link (its not even close). The Bucs had a very good defense for a short moment in time last year but that has turned out to be an aberration. The defensive trend under Mike Smith has been bottom-of-the-barrel.

    I’d like to see the lower level coaching staff shuffled around (bring in some new blood at position-level).

    This season is effectively over anyways, so I think the goal of the Bucs now should be to just treat the rest of the reason like an extended preseason. Test the 2nd, 3rd string guys to see what they’re made of. If they prove themselves – great! The Bucs then will have more options for next year or perhaps even a couple guys they can shop around for some more draft picks. Win-Win.

    Just my thoughts…

  31. Eric Says:

    By all means let’s subtract the super bowl winning season from his resume.

    Totally fair.

    Tampa fans = dumbest in the league

  32. kennys Says:

    just get gruden

  33. bucfan999 Says:

    Bring Gruden back NOW, let him work with the team the rest of the year to see what he really has here and once the season is over bring in Rex Ryan to run the defense. It would be like have a HC of the defense and a overall HC in Gruden. The rest of the league would be on notice for next year

  34. Mike Johnson Says:

    Say Buc Bonzai..I luvs it. That word…IF. What great possibilities and expectations. IF……..YEs-sireeeeee!!!

  35. tmaxcon Says:

    All you people wanting to relive a failed past are hilarious. gruden is partially responsible for the bucs current playoff drought so let’s bring back a guy that could not build a consistent winner. BEYOND STUPID…. you people scared of change or trying something new are just laughable. reliving a failed past is not the answer. the bucs need a clean slate with a president of football operations that keep the glazers out of anything and everything football related. they need an offensive head coach and decent defense. what they don’t need is a has been coach from the past or a has been player from the past who should have retired 2 years earlier than he was forced out… trying to relive the past is just to please the delusional fans that consider a crappy 2 playoff wins in 6 years glory years. bringing back underachieving has beens will also keep the bucs basement streak alive.. but since fear of change for the living in the past buc fan is greater than losing – so be it… stop with tampa is a defensive town that is total garbage tampa is a losing town not a defensive town. that style of football no longer exists in today’s nfl. people the future could be bright with new philosophies and forgetting a pathetic past that includes 4 good seasons and 1 great season in 42. raise your standards. new things are nothing to be afraid of. new is damn sure safer than reliving a failed past. maybe living in the past scared buc fan should try leaving the house twice a week without bubble wrap and a surgical mask and ease into accepting change. it’s not scary i promise. just take baby steps

  36. D-Rome Says:

    Let him go to Dallas. Gruden would be a disaster here. I’d be willing to wager most of you who think he would be great here were children or young teenagers 15 years ago.

  37. mark2001 Says:

    Ryjo…would have been fine if done last year. It is too late now for that now. If you don’t extend Licht, do you think any other GM will give him another year or two for that?

  38. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Tony from Los Angeles

    The problem with us is that our coaches are not making the needed adjustments at all. Incase you missed it, the Falcons realized we didn’t make any type of adjustment and kept their foot on the gas

  39. Destinjohnny Says:

    Get Gruden a strong team president and gm….
    And we are a playoff team year in and year out

  40. Crazed Fan Says:

    All this Gruden talk gives me diarrhea!!! Find someone else. Chucky teams didn’t do jack!!! Remember Brad Johnson? Jeff Garcia? Tim Brown. Bruce Gradkowski? Tim Rattay? Stop drinking the Chucky flavored Kool-aid!!! Chucky flavored kook-aid tasted like s- – t!!!

  41. Bucko40 Says:

    Winston has already caused 1 coach to get fired by throwing him under he Bucs after his rookie season. Now he’s about to cost a GM and another coach their jobs. Gruden is never coming back to Tampa. The Glazerhouse boys burned that bridge back in 09’. Good Luck Bucs fans finding a coach that wants to and can handle Winston and his frenetic on field play. The only coach that quickly comes to mine would be Jimbo Fisher and only if he gets fired at FSU

  42. Crazed Fan Says:

    Screw Gruden!!!

  43. ben Says:

    BRING in Gruden as head coach and I will buy 2 additional season tkts . great coach when he was here with a bad gm

  44. Smokingjoebucfan Says:

    You people are idiots. Sick of hearing take away the super bowl year and you have a average or below average coach is what i keep reading on here. Why the hell do you subtract a super bowl and the season that got you there? Doesn’t matter what you say, it wasn’t Grudens team blah blah blah! Well who raised the Lombardi Trophy up? What coach? Also the freaking Glazers mortgaged many a year for that special season and that mothereffin coach. It took years to recover from the loss of draft picks and unfortunately after the team and coaches were dismantled we’ve been in ring around the coach every other year… Gruden was left with scabs to work with and still got fired after scrapping a 9-7 season together

  45. mike Says:

    Gruden would leave us at the alter like parcels

  46. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Jus because some of us want Gruden back doesn’t mean we’re trying to relive the past. Its because I truly think he’s the best option out there, other than Jim Harbaugh

  47. Howard Cosell Says:

    What is the one constant on this team since 2003?

  48. Howard Cosell Says:

    Hint: There’s only one

  49. Duke Says:

    Smoking joe fan,

    I’m guessing that you are among the 8 or 9 people from the area who remembers how brutal JG’ s schedule was for his last year and how impossible it was for him to make certain personnel decisions . The fact that those decisions were made w RM at the position isn’t something to forget.

    I’ll take on the “He can’t develop a QB” and “He can’t build a team” with the fact that He was not in a position to build a team and never did He get to draft a QB.
    It’s simple, just because He hasn’t doesn’t mean He can’t. But let’s take that same thought process and say it’s iron clad fact. Ok, do you want a coach to build and team and develop a QB or do you want to WIN the Superbowl? Basically, it’s one or other because ain’t nobody available to choose from that has done all three.

    Smart fan, picks up and coming unproven at anything or a proven commodity? Smart fan, goes with a proven winner? Now what does Tampa Bay Bucs Fan do?

  50. Crazy Cossack Says:

    I don’t see him working for Jerry Jones, otherwise he’d be a good fit for Dallas. Jason Garrett is nothing but a puppet for Jerry. Gruden would have to have much more control.

  51. Maze Says:

    Blows me away people take this guy seriously. King is extremely overrated, I mean the guy I thought Eli Manning demanded a trade yesterday. Enough said

  52. Tom Says:

    Gruden or nobody. If not Gruden they might as well keep Koetter.

  53. BucEmUp Says:

    Koetter stays smith is gone

  54. C. Alaka Says:

    The only way I see a new HC is if they force Koetter to fire Smith & he refuses to unemploy his close friend. You know that’s how some of these coaches go, management tells them they have change their staff & they say no thank you.

    There’s still 5 games left & as long as Koetter shows that Jameis still got the goods then he stays b/c @ the end of the day the Bucs go as far as Jameis goes.

    I see Koetter staying w/ a new defensive staff.