No Police Report Filed

November 17th, 2017


Good gumshoe journalism by Jenna Laine.

The ESPN Bucs reporter made at least one phone call to Scottsdale authorities and confirmed that the incident which is alleged to have taken place some 20 months ago between a female Uber driver and Jameis Winston was never reported to police.

Two red flags for Joe here and let Joe be perfectly clear, these red flags do not mean anything about guilt or innocence, but they are two logical questions.

The first is, why wait this long to come public, for both parties involved? The second question, why wasn’t a police report filed?

Now again, there could be very valid answers to these questions, but they are legitimate questions.

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  1. unbelievable Says:

    I’m never one to ever dismiss a claim or allegation like this, and certainly not victim blame.

    But from what we know so far, this story definitely stinks…

  2. Rojas Says:

    This is beyond BS.. someone is money hungry. Why not file a police report ? Why wait 2 years almost ?

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Speaking for Pablo

    “Pablo once groped an Uber driver….boy, did Pablo get a surprise….Pablo didn’t notice “Her” Adam’s apple…..Pablo thought about filing a complaint to Uber. Pablo thinks Uber should provide notice when the driver is an “other”…..

  4. Memberberries Says:

    lol I bet 99% of groping victims never file a “police report”. Keep up the wishful thinking.

  5. Pickgrin Says:

    “why wait this long to come public? The second question is, why wasn’t a police report filed?”

    Q1- because its a witchhunt for the NFL after botching the Elliot situation – and Q2 – because there is no evidence whatsoever.

  6. Nate Says:

    no guilt or innocence here joe but one answer is to why …..but if someone wasn’t initially looking for money BUT now knows they CAN w / all

    these men that cant control there urges …I hope its not true but if so man GLAZERS hire gruden n brooks as gm and

    BRING BACK THE CREAMSICLE BUCS!!!!!!!!!!!! You’ll bring back energy and double the stands….good talent bringing a NEW History to the creamsicle bucs but redo the pirate…make him more aggressive

    SHOUT to Justin palowski and the carriers!!!! gruden brooks baker and/ or flowers even IF you keep Winston on wait n see

    build both lines keep mcoy and ali and build around lets GO!!!!!!

  7. ndog Says:

    The problem here is unless somebody steps up and says they did it and confirms it was not him then it will be he said she said forever. Just like other events in his life that he cannot prove or disprove.

  8. AlteredEgo Says:

    it seems …a Ray Lewis defense is coming…

  9. Chucklehead Says:

    You would think that this story would have surfaced some time ago while all the Kinsman accusations were still fresh and the civil suit was active. Very strange timing.

  10. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “Memberberries Says:
    November 17th, 2017 at 2:23 pm
    lol I bet 99% of groping victims never file a “police report”. Keep up the wishful thinking.”

    Do 99% of victims also come forward almost 2 years later publicly?
    Do 99% of victims say they can’t ID the person at the time it happened but then act like they knew it was that person the whole time?

  11. Nate Says:

    P.S Lavonte David said it 1st..CREAMSICLE BUCS!!!!!…redo the pirate….lavonte holla at the glazers…..yo brian LOL you doubled your investment I’m a ex banker for hsbc…your welcome!!!


  12. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    strange timing but seems like easy to at least validate him in front seat with todays technology and where were all hisboys that got the uber for him? and why was he in an uber when the NFL gives free rides on the back of the player card and also if he just rollin out a club im sure he could of gotten any girl he wanted to be with him not the uber driver… just doesnt add up unless jameis just dumb

  13. NJBucsFan Says:

    @Lord – I don’t know if you pay attention to the news…but there is a large movement happening right now of victims coming forward. It’s about strength in numbers. If it happened, the amount of time from occurrence to it being public should not count against the victim. If it happened the victim had to be comfortable with the issue being public.

    While I believe in innocence until guilt is proven, I also believe many take it too far by looking for what they deem to be odd as a reason it could not have happened. We are too quick to make a public decision when none of us know a damn thing. We don’t really know any of the people involved (we only know what Winston wants us to see). We all need to take a step back, stop the immediate public trial and let it work itself out one way of the other.

  14. AlteredEgo Says:

    not good…

  15. webster Says:

    Joe…did you see ian rappaport tweet about the voicemail from uber?

  16. Gavster12 Says:

    Those red flags aren’t red flags.

    1. A lot of woman and men have been coming out on sexual assault lately. Which probably gave her the strength she needed to make this public. Knowing the backlash and that there will be many people discrediting her account.

    2. She probably did not want to go through the whole report process etc. But the fact that she immediately filed a report with Uber should show that she wasn’t trying to hide it for future ammunition.

    She is not seeking money etc. She is just bringing this to the public view.

  17. AlteredEgo Says:

    Jameis should have “taken” a knee…

  18. Lord Cornelius Says:


    Yeah I’ve noticed for sure… But we’re not talking about some systematic Hollywood oppression here; or systematic oppression by politicians in power; so I don’t really think it’s comparable in terms of the “fear of coming public” movement right now.

    With Weinstein or a Senator or big name celeb; there is a much more obvious fear that an accusation could ruin your life / career / etc.

    With Winston; there is not that same precedence or risk. So many people (likely a majority of this country if you read the comments on these articles) already have convicted him of being a terrible rapist pig despite the evidence being very damning against the FSU accuser.

    I’m not even saying he’s innocent yet; as we need more detail. I’m just trying to stop the guilty assumptions I guess before we actually know more.

    As of now this is a he-said / she-said case; with no actual evidence; and questionable circumstances surrounding the she-said allegation.

  19. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    This franchise is fu@%ed. This will kill any chance Winston ever had of redeeming himself nationally for his college endeavors.

  20. G-Men Says:

    This is from Tampa Bay Times.

    The report documented a complaint filed to Uber and said the driver declined to file criminal charges for the same reasons she did not give her name for use in this story, not wanting to be known nationally as Winston’s accuser.

    She did file a complaint immediately with Uber.

  21. William Walls Says:

    100% of this craze of allegations, both real and imagined, is cover for Weinstein. Just sickening.

  22. Bradinator Says:

    I agree with NJBucsFan. The rush to judgement either for the alleged victim or Jameis is not useful. I know we do not want this to be true because he’s our guy and “we know him”. Truth is we don’t know him personally. We only know what we read about his training etc. We really don’t know anything about the lady involved. Unfortunately outside of Bucs fans he will have very few defenders due to the past allegations and some immature shenanigans. Unless it is proven definitively in his favor, he is going to have a very difficult time putting this behind him. Looking around at the national reaction, it sure looks bad for Jameis and for the Bucs. I really hope this is proven to untrue beyond any doubt.

  23. AlteredEgo Says:


  24. Seminole Bill Says:

    “The first is, why wait this long to come public?”

    Claims of inappropriate touching have surfaced everywhere since the Weinstein outing in the media. That may have prompted the woman to come forward. As for why no police report, she may have been reluctant to report it, thinking it would go nowhere.

    That doesn’t mean her story is true; just that her story needs a response from Jameis. Its likely we’ll never really know exactly what happened.

  25. tmaxcon Says:

    jameis is an easy target. this is a societal issue not a jameis issue. it’ now fashionable to accuse everyone of everything years later and provide no facts. it’s the latest fad for the gender neutral it’s cool to be a victim society.

  26. Bradinator Says:

    It just occurred to me from reading the various reports. All the reports appear to say that she filed an incident report with UBER immediately. Uber then suspended/banned Jameis from UBER. I imagine they sent something telling him that he was banned or he would have been told the next time he tried getting an UBER ride. If that is true, then Jameis has known about this complaint for over a year. That doesn’t sound good when thought about that way.

  27. Cover Deuce Says:

    A woman accuses a famous, rich athlete of sexual harassment and your first response is, “what took you so long?” Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, Joe. People as thick as you ask this question when something like this happens. Every. Single. Time. And victims advocates will tell people as thick as you (Every. Single. Time.) that it is not uncommon for sexual assault and harassment to go unreported, especially in situations where the accuser has much less power and status than the accused. You should be ashamed for even asking such a boneheaded, easily answered, and plainly misogynist question.
    Let’s take a deep breath here, especially as Joe is now a victim of your abuse. Did you even read what was written here? It’s a fair question to ask why it took so long for this to be public, just like nearly every other question that will be asked of Jameis and the accuser. –Joe

  28. GhosofSchiano Says:

    The Ghost knows this. If I ever found myself in a crowded elevator, subway car, escalator I am raising both hands HIGH. Lest any incidental contact be misconstrued. Damn what a world we live in.

  29. Pierce Says:

    I’m tired of defending this kid.

  30. webster Says:


    Maybe you should read jameis statement where he said he was contacted by uber at the time of the incident and he denied the allegations then. He even says that the driver must be confused the number of riders in the car. Also read ian rappaorts tweet where he says he heard the original voicemail and chris from uber said “you or someone in your group acted inappropiately”. That sounds as if the driver didnt even know then who groped her if at all. Innocent until proven innocent

  31. Buc1987 Says:

    Pierce…take a nap then.

  32. webster Says:

    Innocent until proven guilty

  33. Buc fan in Chicago Says:

    “America’s QB”…….I supported them drafting him. Now, he is starting to look like a bust. A fan since 1976, its getting old with this franchise.

  34. tmaxcon Says:

    what’s a shame is the pc police and the soft arse it’s cool to be a victim crowd are shredding the constitution to achieve their delusional utopia…

    innocent before proven guilty…

  35. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    Im beginning to think GMC inappropriately touched tmaxcon.

  36. Bird Says:

    Not good.

    More information will come out I’m sure. One important fact is it was his phone /account used to call the uber. So if not him , then someone he knows or was with.

    Guilty by association sometimes in the eyes of public opinion

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Per Ian Rapoport:

    “The article from Buzzfeed alleges Jameis WInston was the only passenger in the car. Winston and his reps say no. I listened to the original voicemail from “Chris” from Uber stating “you or someone else in your vehicle” engaged in inappropriate behavior.”

    Interesting. Sounds like the caller from Uber was under the assumption that there were multiple people in the car and the driver did not ID who the alleged perpetrator was; but is now speaking as if she knew with confidence it was Winston and he was the only one in the car.

    I’m sure more will come.

    Of course the hunting ground Kirby is jumping on this and basically suggesting he’s 100% guilty despite the fact that he has no idea.

    Rape is terrible. Misogynistic culture is bad. But what’s worse than any of that is trying to ruin a guys life to feed some rape narrative you want for your stupid movie.

  38. Rod Munch Says:

    Just more fake news “#metoo” hashtag garbage. Women out there should be the ones most upset by these fake reports from these slits who just want either a quick payday or to get themselves attention. Now when you hear allegations against anyone for anything, anyone that has an IQ over 17 immediately questions if it’s real or not – and if you don’t, then you fall into that under 17 category. The worst part is nothing ever happens to these women after making these fake claims – never, they always get away with it, always.

  39. SmokeymountainBucsfan Says:

    The Bucs,media,& hard knocks groped all of us and it felt good at the time that’s why I didn’t say anything. I don’t know about all of y’all but I’m madder than hell, I feel violated.

  40. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Here is the problem for Jameis.

    1. He has a past (true or false)
    2. He is impulsive….his actions on and to some degree off the field bear that out. The poking incident on the sideline is an example.

    Because of these two items….the accuser will be given more credibility than the evidence likely deserves.

    I can say this… seems to me to be inconceivable that Jameis who has acted like a choirboy since becoming a Buc would do something this incredibly stupid.

    I don’t know that Jameis has a substance abuse problem….but mix that and 2am and that could be the answer….or, the answer is that the allegation is totally false.

  41. Uncle Says:

  42. 813bucboi Says:

    I have no sisters…3 brothers….I have no daughters…2 boys….but I do have female cousins that I consider my sisters….

    I know for a fact, it a man groped them, they would’ve called the police to file a report right after calling us to come kick his a$$…..

    if a crime was committed a police report should’ve been filed…..something’s fishy…..GO BUCS!!!!

  43. The Buc Realist Says:


    How long ago could the organization know about this??? And could it be why NFL GM Jason Licht’s extension got tabled until details of the investigation came out????

  44. Not there yet Says:

    We’ve played Arizona twice already and nothing until this week…. If I’m going out on a limb I wouldn’t say he’s guilty or innocent but your the dummiest human being on Earth to be the face of a franchise of the most popular sport in America and you grope an Uber driver for which you paid for, you would have had to known you’d get caught. She’s must have looked like Miss America because Winston girlfriend is extremely attractive

  45. Lamarcus Says:

    Cuz it makes sense to come out 2 years later when evidence is trash then to say when it happened?

    Jw is fav player but Idk about this one. After everything he been through you would think he learn from it but then again it’s jw were talking about. Nothing surprises me about this Buc franchise

  46. mike n Says:

    Heres what is scary… What did Zeke do? Sounds like nothing and he got 6 games. Sounds like Brady didn’t do anything and he got 4 games.

  47. The Buc Realist Says:


    Maybe you should not fall for every cheap pick up line!!!!! Have a little self responsibility, Just cause you “swallowed” everything, then that is on you!!!!!!

  48. JaboosLickedFingers Says:

    Guess sucking his fingers isn’t the only way Jaboo gets them wet.

  49. lambchop Says:

    For those of you saying we live in a state of affairs where we have to keep our hands up in a crowded room in case of incidental contact, should realize that every accused person has apologized. So the stories are not about incidental contact or whether we need to get a contract for contact. You can’t touch someone without their consent. Period.

    But, I did take a double take when Al Franken’s accuser said she called him fish lips the rest of their trip together. Who gives their victim a nick name if the harassment really upset them? She came across as another me too but not really convincing that she felt she was violated.

  50. lambchop Says:

    I mean, who gives the person who sexually assaulted them a nick name.

  51. cmurda Says:

    I once had my packaged groped by a woman in a club. I was only about 22 years ago. It just so happened that the girl that did it smiled and was pretty hot. I was taken back and never ended up dating the girl or anything but I was definitely honored. I’m a dude so it’s fair to say I think differently than women. The thought of going to the police etc would never enter my mind. This accusation seems pretty strange at the least. Let’s assume it happened. One would assume that after the girl made it clear she wasn’t interested in JW or didn’t appreciate him touching her, JW would apologize for being out of line. Is it really necessary to make it known publicly 2 years later? That is, if it ever happened in the first place.

  52. Cover Deuce Says:

    “Let’s take a deep breath here, especially as Joe is now a victim of your abuse. Did you even read what was written here? It’s a fair question to ask why it took so long for this to be public, just like nearly every other question that will be asked of Jameis and the accuser. –Joe“

    Oh, did me calling you thick hurt your feelings? Perhaps you need a safe space. Seriously, you don’t get to play victim while cloaking your skepticism of an *actual* victim of an *actual* trauma in “logic.” I will restate my previous point (which you completely failed to address at all), that this question gets asked of sexual harassment/assault victims. ALL. THE. TIME. “What took you so long? Why didn’t you report it? Why now?” It’s disrespectful. It’s typically a product of outright misogyny and ignorance (neither of which have any excuse) on the part of the questioner, and the questions themselves do nothing but deflect attention away from the accused. Jameis has, at best, a questionable pattern of relationships, behaviors and attitudes towards women. He has used up any benefit of the doubt people may have been inclined to give him – that you continue to do so is something I think you should be ashamed of. I take his accuser seriously, and it’s time the Joe’s stopped shamelessly leg humping “America’s QB,” (a moniker that has always made me gag, personally) and start asking real, difficult questions. Starting with: if Jameis is such a stand up guy, why does he keep finding himself in these situations? Forget who he is as a player and the questions we all have there. Is this the kind of *person* you want to pay $30 million a year to rep your entire organization?
    Please stop assigning motives and feelings and opinions to Joe that don’t exist. Joe’s neither misogynistic nor ignorant. Heck, the Joe typing this has three daughters and has been surrounded by women his entire life. Regardless, you’re not going to convince Joe it’s unfair to question the woman accusing — and Jameis — why it took so long to go public. Heck, Jameis himself was moronic for not addressing this publicly soon after the night in question,.–Joe

  53. cmurda Says:

    @813. Exactly, my friend. I would knock some dude from here to Kingdom come if he assaulted one of my sisters and I fully believe my sisters would let me know. This accusation seems awfully strange.

  54. DoNUTS Says:

    JW needs to be given the benefit of the doubt until the story is fully vetted by NFL. I think its a story and maybe one of his boys was out of line. I have been critical of JWs play.

    813Boi – sounds like you are speaking from inexperience. This crime is rarely reported especially when it involves a public figure on one side.

    For those of you making the Trump or #metoo fake news leap…should I play the audio again of Trump and Billy on the bus? While I do think some of this is bandwagon, the people who have multiple victims like Trump, B Clinton, Weinstein and Moore in AL are simply pedophiles or sexual assault criminals with a pattern of behavior that is being brought into the light.

  55. DoNUTS Says:

    I think tough guy syndrome is affecting the comments area. LOL all these “if my sister”…..what a joke! These tough guys are always the first to run in times of trouble.

  56. Arealbucsfan Says:

    Nothing is going happen (legally) but Goodell still mite suspend JW jus for the fact it happened. JW needs to make better choices in life and choose his friends wisely.

  57. Arealbucsfan Says:

    A tru friend would come out and tell them the truth. But who knows. Seriously JW stop being so dumb

  58. DalvinTheBeast Says:

    Basically, anyone can say Jameis did something to them and the public’s default reaction is to believe them. Not saying the Uber driver is lying, but what I also stated is a fact.

  59. DalvinTheBeast Says:

    If I’m JW and I’m innocent, I come at this driver with everything I have. Sue her until there’s literally nothing left of her.

  60. Destinjohnny Says:

    Ya it’s not like Jameis to do anything wrong…..

  61. Gencoimports Says:

    Do we know if Winston was alone in the car with the driver or were there others with them?

  62. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Odd it just comes out now, sure, and I wonder if there are any tweets from back then to corroborate the lady. Needs to really be believable. Right now, everyone is “coming out” and maybe she feels like this is the time, finally. I have no idea. I’m not passing judgement on her, or on Jameis right now.

    In Arizona, sexual assault is rape or intercourse/oral without express permission. Unlike other states, it does not include unwanted “groping.” In Arizona, that is a lessor crime termed “sexual abuse.” In Arizona, 13-1404, a person commits sexual abuse by intentionally or knowingly engaging in sexual contact with any person who is fifteen or more years of age without consent of that person or with any person who is under fifteen years of age if the sexual contact involves only the female breast. It is a Class 5 felony.

    With all Jameis has been through on the FSU stuff, I find it hard to believe he’s anything but a gentleman, period. Definitely need more details, and I’m sure the Bucs want to know the truth.

    I will say this: If Jameis did do it, then he needs to go. 22 year old (then) guys do a lot stupid things. But anyone at any age knows you don’t grope a woman. That’s a line no one can cross. Again, not saying I suspect he did anything.

  63. AlteredEgo Says:

    J’amorous Winston

  64. Fire Goodell Says:

    Even without criminal charges, in the NFL’s kangaroo court, where Roger Goodell is judge, jury and executioner, Jameis could be found guilty and get the book thrown at him.

  65. Frank Pillow Says:

    Today is a dark, dark day for Bucs fans. By his own account Jameis isn’t denying that something happened on that Uber ride. Rather, he’s denying that he was the perpetrator of the alleged inappropriate touching and/or implying that another NFL player is responsible. If so, and assuming he didn’t come forward and report the individual when Uber first raised the matter, then he and the team certainly should do some soul searching- particularly since he and the Bucs continue to perpetuate the notion that fun loving Jaboo is a leader of men and a mature professional all wrapped in a star package.

    He’s seemingly guilty of being in the wrong place/time (again). He now has to defend his name against allegations of a sexual nature (again). If I’m Jason Licht I’m appaplectic. All of the vetting yarns he spun. On top of a miserable season, an underachieving roster, an uninspiring coach and empty stands, all of the time and effort spent rebooting Jaboo’s image (HardKnocks) and making him the face of the franchise, we’re at rock bottom.

    As fans they’ve made us all guilty by association…all stained by ineptitude…all embarrassed, again!

  66. Cover Deuce Says:

    “Please stop assigning motives and feelings and opinions to Joe that don’t exist. Joe’s neither misogynistic nor ignorant. Heck, the Joe typing this has three daughters and has been surrounded by women his entire life. Regardless, you’re not going to convince Joe it’s unfair to question the woman accusing — and Jameis — why it took so long to go public. Heck, Jameis himself was moronic for not addressing this publicly soon after the night in question,.–Joe“

    Oh cool you have daughters and you know women, so you obviously can’t be capable of mysoginist statements or attitudes. No more explanation required [insert heavy eye roll]. Seriously? Let me answer your questions using Occam’s razor if your curiousity just needs to be sated – Q: Why would the woman wait so long to make an accusation? A: Because Jameis Winston is a successful public figure who has eluded rape charges already. He has lots of money, public support, and he has eluded much more serious charges in the past. Plenty of victims would and do think twice about coming forward in these situations – something people like me have to keep explaining to people like you over and over. Seriously, you’re either naive or you just aren’t paying attention if this is a question you still have to ask out loud. Power dynamics are an integral part of understanding how these accusations play out. Q: Why did Jameis not address this immediately after it happened? A: Either it was a nothing burger, or he’s a stupid, entitled sexual predator who hoped to sweep his latest indiscretion under the rug quietly. Given his history of what I will generously call poor judgement, I’m inclined to think it’s the latter. And, for what it’s worth, his accuser has already said she’s not pressing charges and it isn’t about money. The questions you have already chosen to ask have done a lot of work in illustrating your attitude toward victims. The fact that we’re still waiting on an article that even tepidly questions why Standup Guy Jameis keeps finding himself in these situations also does quite a bit of work on your behalf. I’m not saying you’re irredeemable or deserve to be thrown into the bay, but I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you shouldn’t do better either, and this particular article you’ve posted is victim smearing trash of the highest order. You don’t get to hide from that. Either Jameis Winston is just unlucky, or he’s got serious issues with maturity and his attitude towards women. You need to wake up to that and start asking real, difficult, substantive questions, instead of just deflecting or minimizing Jameis’ responsibility.

    Look, Joe’s not defending Jameis. You can read between lines all you want, insult Joe (though not here) and act like you know what’s in Joe’s head, but that’s not fair or accurate. …Joe knows very well that victims often don’t come forward in these types of situations, and certainly that isn’t limited to celebrity-related happenings. That’s one reason, among many, why they continue to happen across society as much as they do. Still, that question is part of the process, among many other questions, whether you find it a fair question or not. There’s no victim smearing here or anything of that sort. –Joe

  67. 813bucboi Says:


    Tough guy talk… Nawl that’s real talk!!!!…

    First, I know Uber drivers that don’t allow passengers to sit in the front for many reasons… This is one of them….

    Second, any female with any type of respect for her self would report it to someone immediately….

    I understand some don’t for whatever reason but the way I was raised and the way the women in my family were raised it would’ve been reported asap….GO BUCS!!!

  68. Nole4JabooANDdBucs Says:

    I am willing to put my reputation on the line on this one, JW did not grope the Uber Driver! He is simply an easy target…smh

    Did JW and Kinsman have sex, you Betcha!

    If this Uber driver came forward before JW’s disastrous encounter with Kinsman the groping could be conceivable, (since like most high school and college kids can be involved in touchy, Feely antics. Yes groping can be a male or a female) Of course no poster here ever touched anyone in any form, shape or fashion, male or female, right…yeah just what I thought.

    JW is in a bad situation, he is a young,wealthy,charismatic black man with an overblown and convoluted past…
    That people try to equate to his being a bad dude, if he display any emotional response, whether it’s eating W’s or tapping an opponent on the shoulder for taunting the Bucs bench…give me a break!

    Oh well, poor guy will never have any sponsors. All he really wants is to play football, the game he loves And be great!

  69. Lamarcus Says:

    Jw and those fingers tho……lol

  70. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Breaking news on ESPN..

    also in the car was GMC, Al Franken and Tmaxcon……

    What a development this is…oh my

  71. Mike Johnson Says:

    the shere HORROR..of being a Bucs fan. We are not winners so..hey..everybody jump!! Its the..Onvasion of the body snatchers.

  72. Oxycondoms Says:

    Jameis used trumps go to move

  73. Larry Says:

    Not sure if latest accusation against Winston are true or not. He settled his last sexual assault before trial so we never really heard the entire, both side of the story. I do however think that he has NO RESPECT FOR WOMEN!! Last year he basically told all the young girls at a middle to “Sit down and be quiet!” and let the boys speak. Really? To me this is typical of what I have seen of his school boy,under age behavior, both on and off the field. Not the face you want for a franchise!!! You do what your are!

  74. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    Cover Deuce get a life. It’s funny how many people show up here just to try and bash Winston when they get a chance. Most on here I have never seen all season so just go away. If any of you are true Bucs fans you should support your team until reason to do other. This is a non story until proven guilty. Their are no facts here just what it says allegations. Go Bucs

  75. Kansas95Buc Says:

    Now I hope this isn’t true but it seem like in this day and age if a woman makes a allegation about you, you’re toast

  76. The Buc Realist Says:

    A lot has been said about our QB today!!! I think everyone needs to take a step back until the facts and more of the investigation comes to light!!!!!! The only “fact” we definitely know at this point is that clearly our QB is no H0m0!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. lightningbuc Says:

    Cover Deuce,

    Excellent. Unfortunately, most of the Jaboo goobers here have no idea what Occam’s Razor is, but you are dead on that it fits here.

  78. Wesley Says:

    It’s sad how quick people are to just assume he’s guilty.

  79. DoNUTS Says:

    I agree Realist this issue needs more time. While I have been sometimes overly critical of JW, he needs a break until there is more clarity on the facts. Sadly, the media does not work that way due to the 24 hour cycle. Hopefully, this wont drag out months like the Eliot saga.

    813Boi – I’m not impressed with your “real talk” because I am living in the “real world” (where assaults are not reported), which is hard and cruel at times.
    Herself is one word not two. This is called victim shaming…ask your sister. >> “Second, any female with any type of respect for her self would report it to someone immediately….”-813BucBoi

    Kind of ironic that the line is a Pick Em – Bucs v Miami

  80. Ken G Says:

    The reason Winston never got in front of this in 2016 is simple: HE WAS PROTESTING HIS INNOCENCE IN A CIVIL CASE WORTH MILLIONS! Jeez Joe, are you that in the tank for Winston that you don’t see that? She NEVER settles if this story is public. He had to settle last winter and try to walk this one Past the graveyard.
    Licht should be fired today. He drafted a guy with No. 1 pick while he was on a sexual conduct yellow card. Unnecessarily risky.

  81. SteelStudBuc Says:

    Let’s not victim shame here. Maybe Winston is a predator. Isn’t he in a relationship too? That’s pretty unfaithful behavior too. We all saw the massive red flag and still drafted him…

    Let’s assume he’s innocent… innocent ppl don’t have sexual allegations made against them… I’m leaning towards guilty…

    His move tho… used by many men also known as the “rub test
    If she likes it she’s yours.. if she doesn’t… next

  82. JF Says:

    She openly said she didn’t want money
    Also she didnt file charges because she didnt want her name out.
    Also it takes a LOT to get an Uber account banned so she must have something.

  83. NFLNut Says:


    Peyton Manning got out before the news about him putting his anus and testicles on a female trainer cost him a massive suspension … Zeke got 6 games with NO PROOF that he did anything wrong … Jameis could get 6 games as well even if he did nothing wrong … this is the new norm and the witch-hunt has just begun … I wouldn’t doubt if high profile players on every team get outed, even if there is no truth to the reports, over the next few years …


  84. tval Says:

    Disgusting people like frank link this to the teams success. You have an agenda..misguided, heinously, but definitely an agenda

  85. tval Says:

    Innocent people don’t have allegations against them?? Rofl!! So sweet, so tender..or just hroke??

  86. tval Says:

    She said she didn’t want $$$$…lol!! SHE’S AN UBER DRIVER!!!!!!!

  87. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Why now? Seriously?

    You guys read so much into this, bring so much baggage and rage. Look, the question remains legitimate and part of the process. It’s not an evil question. Just like the answer isn’t tainted.–Joe

    This entire movement happening now is all about woman (and men) finally having the courage to come forward despite the public shaming (see some comments above) they are sure to receive.

    I don’t want the above to be true. But – The vast, vast, vast majority of sexual assaults in this country go unreported. People are coming forward now about events that happened over 30 years ago. Asking why now and why no police report was filed is what could be asked about the thousands of allegations that have come forward during this movement. People feel empowered by the courage of others right now.

  88. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    She DID report it to Uber at the time of the incident.

    She did NOT file a police report, nor will she, because she doesn’t want her name made public and go through the slut shaming that the fans of #3 will heap upon her. Read some comments here.

    It’s incredibly rough for women to deal with this kind of stuff…especially if we’re talking a famous person with a large throng of faithful fans ready to make the girl’s life miserable.

    Just sayin’

  89. webster Says:

    Innocent people dont have allegations against them? I guess you have never heard of the duke lacross team? Why dont you google Brian Banks and see what punishment an innocent man received for “allegations” made by a woman.

    @ joe

    Please stop responding to this cover deuce. He clearly has an agenda and is just that…..a deuce.

  90. The Anomaly Says:

    JW is a model citizen. These are all lies. He’s a good dude. It’s just kids playing around. JW is a great human. Back off.

  91. webster Says:

    @ st. Pete

    She did not even know who touched her. Thats why chris from uber said in his voicemail to jameis said “you or someone in your party acted inappropiately.” If she didnt know then, she doesnt know now.

  92. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    St Pete…you are one of the very few that makes any sense…