Make The Jameis Call Fast & Easy For The Glazers

November 20th, 2017


If this NFL investigation into Jameis Winston’s conduct on the night in question lingers into next year, there’s something wrong with the process.

We don’t need psychiatrists, character witnesses and a wave of forensic teams to testify.

We need to answer one crucial question: how many passengers were in the Uber?

According to Winston’s accuser, Tampa Bay’s quarterback sat in the front seat and groped her while the two of them were alone in the car, waiting for fast food to arrive from a drive-thru.

The accuser’s newly-hired representative, John Clune, yesterday reiterated the claim that there were no other passengers besides Winston.

Winston says he did nothing wrong and now former FSU teammate Ronald Darby is backing up his buddy’s claim that there were multiple passengers. Darby said he and Winston were in the back seat while an unidentified third person sat in the front, next to the driver.

The only thing all parties seem to agree on is that the Uber was summoned on Winston’s account, which was immediately suspended once the Uber driver made her initial allegation to the company 20 months ago.

This case has spun off in bizarre directions.

Mystery Guest

Neither Winston nor Darby has offered any information about the name of a potential third passenger, the rider who supposedly sat right next to the person making the allegation. Who was it, and why haven’t we heard from this mystery guest?

I’m not sure whether Darby’s account helps or hurts Winston’s case in the public eye. This is the same buddy who spoke up in Winston’s behalf when he was accused of rape while a student at Florida State, with Darby claiming the sex was consensual.

Now, when Winston is once again defending himself against a charge of sexual misconduct, Darby reappears to offer an alternative scenario. More than a few people didn’t believe Darby’s account in the 2012 sexual assault case. Five years later, some will see him as a convenient character witness willing to defend Winston at all costs.

The ramifications of this new charge are far reaching.

No Middle Ground For Glazers

The Bucs could soon decide whether to make Winston one of the league’s highest-paid players. One disturbing aspect of this case is Winston’s failure to inform the Bucs of the incident when he returned from Arizona.

Dirk Koetter said he was blind-sided by the allegation, and that’s not fair to Winston’s head coach. Even if Winston believed the groping charge would never come to light, he owed it to the Bucs to tell them that his Uber account had been suspended — and why.

If the league takes its sweet time completing its probe, Winston could enter the 2018 season with a potential suspension hanging over his head. That scenario could affect Tampa Bay’s willingness to commit to Winston on a long-term basis.

Heck, it could even change the way Jon Gruden looks at One Buc Place as a potential landing spot for a return to the NFL sidelines.

If the Uber driver was groped and Winston wasn’t the culprit, he should not be held responsible, even if he was in the vehicle at the time of the unwanted sexual advance.

If the accuser’s allegation is verified and Winston is shown to be guilty, the Bucs have to move on from No. 3. I don’t want to hear about counseling or classes, he’s got to go.

Hopefully, the NFL investigation will be thorough and timely. There’s a lot at stake here, namely the future of a quarterback and perhaps the fate of a franchise.

I’d like to see Winston at a podium this week, giving a detailed account of exactly who was in that Uber. Yes, I want him to name names.

And I’ve heard enough from Ronald Darby, thank you very much.

Ira Kaufman is the most beloved, revered and esteemed Buccaneers columnist in town. He has hung his hat at world headquarters since July 2016. Tampa Bay’s only Pro Football Hall of Fame voter, Ira busts out columns here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and his award winning podcasts fire Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also see Ira every football Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on FOX-13, Scott Smith’s Tailgate Sunday.

91 Responses to “Make The Jameis Call Fast & Easy For The Glazers”

  1. Bculaw Says:

    I’m a huge JW fan, but I agree completely, Ira. This is an easy case for the Bucs. If multiple people were in the car, you can give JW some benefit of the doubt. If he was, in fact, alone, he needs to be shopping for a new team. Immediately. The violation of trust would be too much to excuse. I want JW to be our QB for a long time, but here’s hoping this is resolved before the draft so the team can evaluate its future needs.

  2. Bculaw Says:

    Oh, and I do want to know whether he informed the team of the issue at the time (and if not, why not?) and whether he has informed the team or the league of the identity of the third passenger.

  3. JMarkBuc Says:

    Has JW had a press conference since his finger lickin’ good performance in New Orleans? Seems to me like the Bucs have all but shutdown his media access..

    I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore, so maybe I’ve missed them, but seems like all is quiet on the Winston front.

  4. ndog Says:

    So I guess since if he is found guilty he gets cut, traded etc… then if she is lying then she should go to jail for perjury? Somehow I doubt it will play out that way as if she is caught not being 100% truthful she will not be held accountable at all. This is the problem I have, he has everything to lose and she has nothing to lose so she can say anything. I am not sure how he ever convinces anyone that he did not do this or anything anyone ever claims about him. For the rest of his life he has to live in a box or be surrounded by cameras to prove what he is doing at all times. I mean if this was his first offense in the NFL (which if he is guilty will be his first BTW) then does that warrant being kicked off the team? Maybe, but I am not sure that would happen if the previous accusation was never out there and who’s knows if that was true or not besides the courts, eye witness’s, and records of proof that says he was innocent. But why let those facts get in the way of a good guilt by dislike case.

  5. Josh Says:

    Unless a video is floating around out there, this will never be cut and dry. It will be a “he said/ she said”. He will prob get suspended, while still claiming his innocence. If that is the case how do the Glazers proceed? Do the get rid of a guy who claims to be innocent and if there is no factual evidence to back up the woman’s claims?

  6. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    I’ve written this numerous times… It’s the only way this will EVER be resolved in a light that keeps Winston as a Buc.

    If there was a third person in the car and that person assaulted the woman.

    If that is the case – as I’ve already written – then Winston needs to name that person, throw them under the bus, and then back it over that person again and again and again…


  7. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    It is still a she said, he said case.
    There are no witnesses on her behalf.
    I find it very very interesting that the very same lawyer who represented the cleat chasing Hoe from FSU who accused Jameis of Rape, is representing this UBER driver.
    If this were a Criminal Case, it would be laughed out of court, if it made it that far.

  8. gotbbucs Says:

    Maybe quit going outside to play with Ronald Darby?

  9. ClodHopper Says:

    If he did this. IF he did. I still don’t care. I’m more upset that he attempted to cheat on his old lady than I am about his pickup game being too blunt.

  10. Joe Says:

    If that is the case – as I’ve already written – then Winston needs to name that person, throw them under the bus, and then back it over that person again and again and again

    There’s no “throw them under the bus” here. Jameis has millions of dollars on the line if not his career. That’s not throwing anyone under the bus, that’s pointing out the truth (if that is indeed what happened).

    If Jameis truly is innocent, his camp badly, badly, badly botched this whole affair. Should have been taken care of long ago. Team Glazer has to be furious Jameis didn’t alert the team to this. Even if innocent, Jameis’ credibility took a major hit hoping this would just go away on its own and not tipping off the Bucs to what was going on.

    This is Three Stooges stuff on the part of Jameis’ camp.

  11. Lamarcus Says:

    Agree w Jmarkbuc

    In the wset coast (vegas) is not news here. I tried to look for it only espn,nfl network and bucs blogs have this incident story. I tried hard and it’s not news here.

  12. 813bucboi Says:

    the only reason why the 3rd person hasn’t been named yet is because he’s a football player as well…..that’s the only reason why I would assume darby and Winston haven’t said who it was…..

    with that being said, if I was Winston and darby, I would be telling the friend to come clean asap before I do because this is getting ugly…..

    I have a feeling that its all a play to get $$$ from Winston….if someone did touch her then they need to be put in jail and face the music….but if she’s lying, then she needs to be put in jail and made an example out of because this is ruining innocent peoples name….GO BUCS!!!!

  13. Joe Says:

    the only reason why the 3rd person hasn’t been named yet is because he’s a football player as well

    Heard speculation from a reliable source who this is, and you are right, if what Joe heard is true. If the player in question is indeed who Joe heard it is, can understand some foot-dragging for the next three months.

  14. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I am puzzled why a third person was interjected….unless it is true.

    Jameis need to clear this up immediately. If I am Koetter, I tell him he doesn’t play until he does.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    ^^^Which can only mean that it’s a top tier football player. FSU alum, perhaps?

  16. ndog Says:

    Joe serious question have you verified that the team was unaware of this situation? I mean everyone keeps saying that Koetter was shocked but that could have been that he was just being blindsided that it came up now as in that he was on the practice filed and had no idea these questions were coming, even though he knew. Are we sure that the Bucs did not know? Can you please verify if you have not already?

  17. Phil Says:

    This is nothing more than a shake down for money. It’s getting a little old these women coming and says so & so sexually assaulted me months or years ago. Nobody cares. If they didn’t have the guts to go report it to the police when it happen then get over it.

  18. HooliganSixx Says:

    May want to move on from Jameis regardless of outcome. This is a character issue that won’t go away. stealing crab legs, accused sexual assault at FSU, accused groping Uber driver and what else that we don’t know about? Fitzpatrick has this team playing better than Jameis did. We may have beat NE and BUF if Fitz played those games and be 6-4 right now. Offseason sign Kirk Cousins and move on from finger lickin’ Jameis. Go BUCS!

  19. JMarkBuc Says:

    Had DK been named HC by March of 2016?

  20. JMarkBuc Says:

    Sorry, yes he was ….January of 16

  21. '79Defense Says:

    Joe says “Heard speculation from a reliable source who this is, and you are right, if what Joe heard is true. If the player in question is indeed who Joe heard it is, can understand some foot-dragging for the next three months.”

    What is meant by foot dragging? Can the identity of this mystery person really be kept a secret for the next three months if “reliable sources” are already passing word along?

  22. Lord Cornelius Says:

    1. If Darby is making this up – that’s one of the dumbest moves I’ve ever heard of. He has nothing to gain from this. He’s putting his own career in jeopardy by even involving himself. It’s a lot more reasonable to believe he was there and is telling the truth; than to believe he is really just making this up, involving himself in a case and huge speculation by the public, just to help a friend from college. That’d be insane. Anything’s possible I guess but logic doesn’t make sense with him making this up.

    2. If Darby was there – her credibility is instantly destroyed – regardless of the 3rd person coming forward or not. She’d be lying about an incredibly basic and incredibly important fact.

    3. Darby is alleging nothing even happened period; as in the 3rd person isn’t guilty of anything. Winston isn’t alleging he saw anything either. It’d be nice to hear the 3rd party come forward regardless; and at least state their own innocence then if that’s the story they’re all on. It also makes sense they don’t want their name in this if at all possible; especially if innocent. They have nothing to gain really.

  23. Trox Says:

    Greg Auman tweeted a photo of Darcie Glazer Kaasewitz giving Jameis a hug and speaking to him on the field before yesterday s game. I don t think it is a stretch to assume the Glazer family is still firmly behind Jameis at this time. Could things change, if something new and damaging gets added to this case? Sure, no doubt.

  24. '79Defense Says:

    Well stated, Cornelius.

  25. Joe Says:

    What is meant by foot dragging?

    Dragging your feet.

  26. DB55 Says:

    Joe heard it is, can understand some foot-dragging for the next three months.
    I would love for it to be a white-boy media darling just to compare the reactions. I wonder what the reaction would be if Mariota was accused? I’d bet disbelief. But we all know Mariota would never ever ever eva be accused of violating a woman bc he’s happy happy happy.

    Honestly if I were jw reps I would gladly tell TB to kiss my ugly black ass. Loudly! And take my talents to NY.

    Go draft Baker Mayfield he’s all class all the time. Plus he fits the mold of what TB media feels is a professional franchise q.b.

    When Farve sent a dik pic to a chic not a damn thing happened but Ira wants JW out of Tampa. Okay! Bye!

  27. Joe Says:

    Greg Auman tweeted a photo of Darcie Glazer Kaasewitz giving Jameis a hug

    No such photo. He Tweeted a photo (apparently since deleted since it is not in his normal timeline or replies timeline but it is in his photos timeline) of Jameis talking to Darcie but no hug. However, in the photo cutline/caption he wrote how he saw Jameis and Darcie hug each other. You have to click on his photos timeline to see it.

  28. gilhealy Says:

    So, why not say who you heard it was, Joe and Bucboi?

  29. DB55 Says:

    Not only did farve not get suspended he only got a 50k fine. I think Jameis was fined 12k just for tapping a dudes helmet.

    Now Ira wants to fire Jameis over an accusation were there no proof from the accusers and eye witness testimony clearing Jameis of wrong doing, but the eye witness isn’t worthy enough?

    You guys just don’t see it do you?

  30. gilhealy Says:

    So, why not say who you heard it was, Joe and Bucboi? I mean, there’s more fake accusations that are given credence by Ira and others regarding the Kinsman charade. Why is Darby a bad dude for being JW’s friend? Jameis say’s he didn’t do anything illegal with Kinsman, and Darby backs him up. So. Why does that discredit him from helping Jameis out here? Nothing was proven true in Kinsman’s case, and Jameis never caved in. The case was dismissed, not settled. Why can’t you guys accept that.

  31. D-Rome Says:

    If the accuser’s allegation is verified and Winston is shown to be guilty, the Bucs have to move on from No. 3. I don’t want to hear about counseling or classes, he’s got to go.

    If the Steelers could stick with Roethlissberger don’t you think the Bucs could do the same?

    That being said, if this is true I agree with you.

  32. Bird Says:

    People will have to give up their phones

    Jameis salary 4 yrs 25 mil and could make 100 mil if this blows over

    Ronald Darby 4 yrs 4.5 mil. And he is ok player

    What do witnesses cost these days?

  33. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    that’s one of the dumbest moves

    Geez as dumb as videoing your bff having sex with a drunken college girl. The sex may have been consensual…may have not been…hell a drug could have been popped into her drink making it “consensual”. But what kind of moron tapes it…the investigators find out and he erases it. Nobody will go broke betting on how dumb Jameis and his posse are.

    There are literally thousands and thousands of very wealthy, very visible, very famous celebrities in the US. They are all targets of potential gold diggers. They all also feel mind numblingly entitled after being told their manure doesn’t stink for so long. They are the SPECIAL people. They GET AWAY with stuff far far more often than the gold diggers succeed…the creeps are well ahead of the gold diggers because they have the power.

    But I digress…I do not care about guilt or innocence enough to have even formed an opinion. Sometimes the celebrities are called to task for this crap like Weinstein, Moore, and Franken. Sometimes they are permitted to live in the Oval Office like Clinton and Trump despite the clear evidence of their misbehavior.

    The ones who do not get allegations….like the entire Bucs team save one!!! are smart enough to realize part of the cost of doing business as a famous, wealthy, exposed celebrity is PROTECTION!!! If he survives this somebody needs to get to Jameis and explain life.

    You received over 16 million in signing bonus and another seven in salary…one of the expenses you now need to pay…and ESPECIALLY given your FSU resume…on serious allegation (OK let that go) and several factual f ups.
    To the degree you plan to be out partying you need to invest in bodyguards!!!
    You need to plan your parties in advance with all necessary precautions.

    Now before the “fair” brigade chimes in with waaaah…would you like to live like that SPBF….your damn straight if I got the 23 million and all the other bennies that go with being the face of an NFL franchise. Planning your parties…hiring bodyguards and private limos with drivers that have been vetted….is a SMALL price to pay. If you don’t want to pay it…then don’t go out drinking in public at 2AM!!!

  34. Pickgrin Says:

    “If the accuser’s allegation is verified and Winston is shown to be guilty, the Bucs have to move on from No. 3. I don’t want to hear about counseling or classes, he’s got to go.”

    Stupidest thing you’ve ever written Ira.

    This incident happened almost 2 years ago first of all – not 2 weeks ago. There were no charges – no police report. No threat of Winston facing any. No EVIDENCE. Strictly an accusation that the accuser was not even all that concerned with apparently. Her own stated words following the alleged unwanted contact were -“What’s up with that?” – Hardly the response of someone who was in fear or who didn’t still feel at least somewhat in charge of the situation.

    Not to get political – but we had a modern times President take advantage of his position with a young woman (an intern) – In the White House – Lie blatantly about it directly to the American people – and he kept his job and finished his term. And is still greatly looked up to by his party as a great man and a great President to this day.

    We also have a current President who bragged crudely about exactly what Winston is accused of. The American people heard him on tape proudly brag about (crotch) grabbing just a few weeks before the election – but voted him into the most powerful office in the world anyway.

    Is there anything OK or acceptable about putting your hands on another person without their agreement to do so? No there is not. It is VERY disrespectful and depending on the degree – criminal.

    But lets be realistic – its not exactly a “death sentence” kind of offense either.

    In fact – I’d be willing to bet that if everyone reading these words went to the stadium today and got hooked up to a lie detector machine – the results would show that a good 60-70% or more have touched a member of the opposite sex in some way that turned out to be unwanted at some point in their lives.

    So let me get this straight – there was strong evidence that Jeremy Stevens sodomized a young woman against her wishes among other verified violent incidents prior to wearing the Buccaneer uniform for 4 years without any calls for his job while he was here.

    But if it turns out that Winston put his hand on a womans crotch for 3 seconds while she was wearing clothes – 2 years ago – then he’s “got to go”???

    The best QB in franchise history by a wide margin should be released immediately because he touched someone in an unwanted way…

    Meanwhile Rothlisberger who most likely straight up ra_ped at least 2 women is leading his team to another division Championship for about the 10th time in his career…

    That’s some messed up thinking there Irv.

    And the worst part of taking such a stance is that it suggests you believe Winston probably did do what he is accused of – and that those 3 seconds – if they did occur – somehow outweigh ALL the good things that Jameis Winston has given and done for this team and for the Tampa Bay community over the last 3 years – not to mention the legitimate hope he brings for the Buccaneers chances of success over the next 15 years.

    I don’t believe for a second that Jameis did this – but even if he did – Everyone makes mistakes. The majority of us have all done things that would likely be considered just as bad or worse than what this woman is accusing Winston of at some point in our lives.

    To suggest that the #1 overall pick in the draft – the 1st legit franchise QB in Buccaneer history who is more likely than not to lead this team to a Super Bowl or 2 during his career – that he should be shown the door instantly -simply for having touched someone in an unwanted way…

    Well – That’s just crazy talk!

  35. Not there yet Says:

    You can only get away with groping women if your orange. Black athletes should know better, they will always be held to a higher standard because of the thought that they should be thankful they are allowed to make millions of dollars. The owners and NFL will condemn Winston innocent or not but they’ll still support the president even though 13 women have come out and accused him if inappropriate contact. Having said that Winston is stupid for growing up in Alabama but still not realizing the obvious. It doesn’t really matter if he did it, the accusation is more than enough to convict a black man

  36. DB55 Says:

    Julian Edelman was arrested in 2011 for the exact same accusation. You know how many games he was suspended? 0.

    Or when he got in a fight in practice? 0 game suspension.

    To my knowledge he doesn’t even have a bad reputation in the league.

    Interesting wouldn’t you say?

  37. Clodhopper Says:

    POC should be EXTREMELY grateful that white people aren’t as racist as you claim. Then you’d really have something to complain about!!

  38. '79Defense Says:

    Well thought-out and well written, Pickgrin.

  39. DB55 Says:

    Should we Clod? I garuntee you’d never say that to a POC face.

  40. gilhealy Says:

    Way to go Pickrin. Joe and Ira along with most posters believe Winston guilty. They believe he ra ped Kinsman, even though evidence proves otherwise. I mean, when someone accusing you of rape dismisses her case day’s before trial, what does that tell you. It tells you the jig was up. Jameis didn’t crack, and they had to fold. He held all the cards. Yet, Darby’s a bad guy for sticking up for JW. What! Why? Jameis has a target on his back and is lucky to have a friend like Darby. If Ira is the dean of Tampa sports writers, Jameis needs to get out of town sooner than later. Ira’s true colors are showing.

  41. Clodhopper Says:



    You keep saying stuff like that and the same breathe say things you wouldnt say to my face. Youre such a big scary keyboard warrior. I’m shaking in my booties. tough guy

  42. Clodhopper Says:

    You say that almost as much as you say WTFDIK

  43. Trox Says:


    Thanks for the clarification, I saw that tweet on his timeline yesterday afternoon.

  44. mike n Says:

    people bring up athletes in the past that have screwed up… stupid, it doesn’t mater and doesn’t mater to the glazers, he is a qb and is held to a different standard its also a different age starting with ray rice it all changed, the league will be tough on you. He has already met w goodel and been warned, if there is anything to it he will miss games. The nfl was viewed as being to easy on abuse and harrassment because of going easy on guys, now the suspend guys for rumors and a few facts. Jameis showed durring the saints game what kind of person he is.

  45. DB55 Says:

    You know I luv you.

  46. Joe Says:

    Way to go Pickrin. Joe and Ira along with most posters believe Winston guilty.

    That would be patently false. No clue if Jameis is guilty or not.

    HOWEVER, Jameis is very, very, very guilty of being very stupid of not letting Bucs know about this. Turrible judgement on his part or his handlers. If his “people” were remotely competent, this would be have been a non-issue months ago, provided Jameis is innocent.

    Now, it’s borderline out of control and the NFL has its mitts involved. All bets are off.

  47. ClodHopper Says:

    You’re right to be suspicious though. It’s not about race, it’s about politics. Just watch how this all plays out until Pocahontas wins the presidency in 2020.
    Gotta lay the groundwork to make men evil. It’s the same tactic they used with Obama. And it worked marvelously, I might add.

    I know you think its dumb. We’ve talked enough for me to know what you’ll think of this but just keep it in your mind the next few years.

  48. Bobby M. Says:

    Here’s the point I would make, the attorney likely made it very clear to the gal that the GPS data from the cell phones is going to reveal the truth….and if she’s lying, its going to look terrible AND she faces a defamation suit. She’s still sticking to that story. The phone records or lack of will likely reveal a lot….

  49. Mike Johnson Says:

    Arizona ain’t no joke! Thats the same place Sapp got caught with his pants down….I bet all of yas this….Jameis will end of settling this out of court. The lady will get paid! Everybody knows..thats how the story goes!
    If Jameis does not get a grip..When he retires he’s gonna be down on skid row
    in East Tampa hollaring to cars passing by…..’Spare Change…Any spare change will help.” Cause these women got..his number. Word of advice to Jameis? Stick to eating..Crab legs!!

  50. DB55 Says:

    Although you may Vehemently dying the allegations

  51. DB55 Says:


  52. Frank Pillow Says:

    Seemingly, the bulk of the initial investigation/substantiating events/credibility rests on determining whether Winston was alone in the Uber or joined by Darby and a +1. Ordinarily, doing so could involve everything from pulling CCTV footage, mobile phone records, social media monitoring, casing for witnesses and their statements, receipts, etc. We’re nearly two years removed from the alleged incident, so some of that is going to be challenging to ascertain the facts from…not to mention the fact that this is NOT an active law enforcement investigation. This means it’s even more challenging to compel the information and legitimize a chain of custody. Remember, until/unless Jaboo is charged with a crime (and there hasn’t been any such indication, to date), whatever investigation is done is being conducted by partial parties- her side, his side and the NFL.

  53. Kalind Says:

    Ridiculous Kaufman. I sincerely don’t care if it’s true or not. It’s horrendous criminal behavior, but at BEST it’s he said she said…I’m not ‘moving on from no.3’ based on what could be (and likely is regardless of veracity) a money grab. Get real. Stop being ridiculous.

    This obsession with players off the field has to stop. IT HAS TO STOP. No one cares at all, AT ALL about what these guys do off the field. Unless he’s tried and convicted, I say forget about all this.

    Goodell should (he won’t cause he’s capt dipsh!t) ignore it too, again, unless he’s convicted of a crime. Otherwise, stop making this more than it is.

  54. ClodHopper Says:


    I didn’t watch that cuz Nick Wright is a race baiting hot take needing clown.

    BUT. That said, black QBs and racism is indeed something I won’t deny

  55. Buc Fan South Tampa Says:

    Glazers have to be real about this. This is not about fairness to Jameis, this is about the franchise – our franchise. Face it. Half the male fans will support him, half will not and 99.9% of the women fans want him thrown out of town. I agree 100% with the article, be transparent, and up front. To Team Jameis, If you can show proof. Drive-thrus have video cameras. Try and get a copy (albeit 20 months later). Take a lie detector test (and pass), sign a deposition. Have all three riders sign depositions under penalty of perjury. Show the locational data in their cell phones during that time. Remember they ping cell towers all the time. Dont sit there and do nothing. Unless youre guilty.
    The only thing the Uber driver has to do is do a news conference and make an accusation, then once the NFL does an investigation he will be suspended for the act, and for keeping it from the league, probably 8-10 games. Then he is probably cut, and picked up by Cleveland. Bye Felicia.

  56. Reedo Says:

    Not telling coaches or ownership is a huge issue. If Jameis had nothing to do with the act, and had no idea it happened at the time, once he found out about the Uber issue he should have spoken up. The coverup is almost always worse than the crime in America.

  57. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    There will be no conviction for a crime….there will be no charges filed or brought. the Arizona staute of limitations has passed after 1 year for misdemeanor $exual assault.
    There may be a civil suit brought by the Uber driver if it is filed within 2 years.

    At this point, I believe beyond whether Jameis did the act….is Jameis not informing the team. That, IMO, was a huge mistake.

    It would be incredible if Jameis informed the front office and they didn’t inform Koetter, but it is possible. Then, I would think Keotter would be the one with the problem.

  58. Pickgrin Says:

    gil – I was not presuming anything about the Joes or Ira’s beliefs on this matter.

    Mainly pointing out that Ira’s declaration that Winston must “Go” if it can be proven that he DID in fact do what he is accused of – is MESSED UP.

    To even say that is messed up – because it will NEVER be PROVEN one way or another. There was no report filed with the police. There was no investigation. There is no evidence. This was 20 months ago. No new evidence of any sort will come to light other than perhaps accounts by Winston, Darby and maybe an as yet unnamed 3rd party . A police investigation would have to be initiated for any reliable “evidence” to even appear and there is obviously none forthcoming. NFL certainly cant order phone records be turned over for example.

    Casting a cloud of suspicion over our QB – simply by saying – “well if he did it, he’s got to go” – when the chances are great that this will never be definitively resolved – one way or the other – That’s not a good stance to take IMO and quite over-reactionary as well.

    Everyone of us needs to get behind our QB 100% right now. He says he didn’t grab her crotch and I believe him until proven otherwise.

    Aside from this single accusation which he says he had no part of – Winston’s “behavior” has been nothing short of exemplary in his 3 years here in Tampa Bay.

    How does he not now get “credit” for all those good deeds – for all that exemplary behavior since Jameis the person started to become known to the people of this large community?

    One accusation – 2 years after the fact with no evidence and relatively mild in nature – and so many are ready to turn on our franchise Quarterback of the next 15 years?


  59. Cat Says:

    Ira assumes that Darby was lying in 2012 so therefore he must be lying now. If JW was guilty then making up a 3rd passenger would be incredibly stupid. Most guilty men would say they were drunk and can’t remember or that he and the driver were fooling around. Then he could spend his injured time in rehab. Darby is all the way in Philly. No need for him to put himself out there. It’s also interesting that Jameis still had the voicemail showing reasonable doubt.
    At worst JW is guilty of groping and the woman didn’t think it was serious enough to go to the police.
    It’s also funny how the accuser has suddenly retained a high priced lawyer famous for getting settlements. Her camp is probably negotiating a back room deal

  60. orlbucfan Says:

    Heck, it could even change the way Jon Gruden looks at One Buc Place as a potential landing spot for a return to the NFL sidelines.
    C’mon Ira, you can do better than this. Egomaniac is not going to be coaching here again–thank the lawd.
    As a female Buc hardcore fan, I will say that the problem with this whole Gropergate scam is the women who are actual victims of domestic violence and/or rape. It’s the boy who cried wolf. I’m taking Fameis’ side on this one. Go Bucs!

  61. orlbucfan Says:

    The victims of rape and domestic violence will have a harder time proving they’re credible. The whole thing stinks!

  62. RustyRhinos Says:

    Not a fan of false accusations, that being said it sure smells odifferus of Mr. Darby again being his key witness. Not that he was not there and seen what he seen. Next season Our organization is gong to need to make a 100+ million dollar decision on if we are to keep Mr. Winston as our QB or to let him plyl his trade someplace else. Looking at his skill set we have seen him display on the field, IMO it is a toss up if he stays or if he goes.

  63. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Well, if the third person is an NFL player and former teammate of Jameis and Darby, I believe it narrows it down to the list below. Take not of the name at the top of the list, who came into the NFL with character issues and an assault to his name:

    Dalvin Cook
    Jalen Ramsey
    Telvin Smith
    Kelvin Benjamin
    Mario Edwards
    Terrence Brooks
    Cameron Erving
    Devonta Freeman
    Eddie Goldman
    Rashad Greene
    Bobby Hart
    PJ Williams

  64. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Pocahontas….dang some here wear their racist IGNORANCE with pride. Why out yourself as a loser with that kind of talk? It’s exactly what is wrong with our country right now.

    This is not political. Man do you guys have wives and daughters. Look at what has happened the past 40 years!!! For every false accusation made by gold diggers or sick individuals as in the Duke Lacrosse case…there are THOUSANDS of case where wealthy powerful men have gotten away with this crap.

    I have no idea what happened. I do know Jameis is such an idiot that in the midst of stuff threatening his #1 draft selection he jumps up on a table and screams FHITP!!!! Now imagine you’re a serious person…and a Christian minister and you’ve sent her to FSU….does she really need to hear this?

    IF it was Jameis FIRST example of getting in this kind of jam it would be TOTALLY different!!!

    You all should stop slut shaming. If there were three in the car Jameis will be immediately in the clear. If there was only Jameis then we have at minimum a disgusting untrustworthy liar.

    I’m willing to let this play out….3 in the car or 1…that’s the question.

    Trust Jameis when he hides this from the team for over a year? That’s a tough one.

  65. Jeebs the Honey Bear Says:

    Also interesting to note, Sunday March 13th, 2016, the last day of FSU’s spring break….

  66. Capt.Tim Says:

    So many posters playing the Black victim card!
    Tell Jameis, next time hes being investigated for rape- to stay off tables.
    Especially if you are going to be videoed chanting”grab her by the “pu**y!”

    Just might make an innocent lil Angel seem insensitive, you think?
    Dont think I saw Edleman or Farve doing that!
    Ben Rothlisberger is a rapist scumbag- and I wont watch him.

    Playing the Victim card Aside, I read up on The incidents With Jameis in College. I dont believe he was guilyy of anything but bad Judgement. Very bad.

    Dont have enough facts about this incident. Too many conflicting stories so far.

    My concern is his poor judgement on the field. It doesnt seem to be improving.
    Dont think you can be a franchise QB, and make the mistakes he keeps making.
    You wont win Playoff games, Throwing the ball up for grabs, when you are pressured.
    I hope he starts making smarter decisions. On and off the field.
    But I am not optimistic any longer

  67. ClodHopper Says:

    St Pete

    She said it. Not me. So if you want to point the racist finger, point it at the insufferable c**t you’re going to vote for in three years. Thank you

  68. DB55 Says:

    All I know is that these local media types are setting themselves up for decimation suits. If I were Winston I’d take them for everything they’re worth.

  69. Dlavid Says:

    Here Here , you are in rare form Ira ! And on bulls eye on target !

  70. Pickgrin Says:

    Looked up the info available from Archives on Kurt Warner’s website about the 13th Annual Ultimate Football Experience charity flag football event held March 11th and 12th, 2016..

    The names given as celebrity participants in the “line-up included: Reggie Bush, Larry Fitzgerald, Carson Palmer, Patrick Peterson, Drew Stanton, Tyrod Taylor, Ladainian Tomlinson, Michael Vick, Jameis Winston, and of course Kurt Warner.”

  71. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Winston is a very high profile public figure…..when the words, in my opinion, I think, alleged are interjected….there will be a very high bar for a defamation suit….just don’t think that’s likely.

    What is called for here is some degree of fairness.

  72. Buc1987 Says:

    When Winston goes to another team and wins a few Super Bowls….this will all blow over…

  73. scott gilrane Says:

    Pickgrin, I didn’t mean to insinuate that.

  74. DB55 Says:


    I assume you’re responding to me?

    Yes, allegedly was not used often enough. Darby was called a liar. A statement was read allegedly from John Clune the lawyer which ends with verbiage along the lines of “if Winston agrees to settle out of court the nfl investigation will be dropped”. That statement in itself led me to be believe this is a money grab but the problem is that I’ve read Clune’s statements on twitter and the 2 articles in the local paper and neither have that verbiage included so I’m curious where the media person got this information.

    In addition this individual went on to say that Winston settled out of court with EK although that was never disclosed and Winston’s father allegedly claimed no money was ever paid to EK.

    So to sum it up this individual is telling the public that Darby is lying, that Jameis is guilty bc of his history. And that Winston will be suspended 8 games once the nfl finishes their investigation.

    But I agree with you TBBF a simple “allegedly” would have sufficed but these TB media folks are dumb af but wtfdik.

  75. lurker Says:

    “When Winston goes to another team and wins a few Super Bowls….this will all blow over…”

    i thought some said he would win them here, including his 3rd year…

  76. LakeLand Says:

    This is really stupid. There’s no criminal charges filed and there will be no criminal charges filed. Maybe a few dollars will exchange hands. Just give her a few dollars and buy her a Double-Wide.

  77. EasyTheGreat Says:

    If these allegations are true, cut him as soon as you find out about it. I want Baker Mayfield on this Bucs team

  78. Buc1987 Says:

    lurker…it’s called a speculation. A prediction from 2 and 1/2 yrs ago.

    Why is it that you care so much about the spawn of Satan all of a sudden?

    Where have you been anyways?

  79. Rrsrq Says:

    Ira, off subject, has there ever been a push for Ken Riley, played for the FAMU Rattlers, Cincinnati Bengals, and lives in Lakeland, 4th all time in interceptions for the Legenda

  80. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    SHE said it in response to that dullard Scott Brown’s slut…making FUN of him.

    I get that your information sources are incredibly limited and you would not know such a thing.

    What I don’t get is anybody soooo freaking full of hate they call a woman they have never met a C*nt. Your parents must be really proud of your class!!!!

    1% of this country owns 50% if the wealth. Do you know enough about numbers to comprehend what that means. The top 5% own 62%. The bottom 40% own less than 1%. Elizabeth Warren would like to level that playing field. You want to stay on your knees fluffing the wealthiest people in this nation…that’s your call…but calling successful women c&nts simply because you disagree with someone who would like to help the bottom half and you disagree with them politically is EXACTLY what is wrong with this country!!!

  81. Roy T. Buford Says:

    If Jameis didn’t do it (if something did indeed occur), it’s still a huge integrity and trust hit on Jameis, if indeed he didn’t tell the Bucs about it. The owners may want to close the door on Jameis well before FA, draft, and OTAs.

    Ira, and all, this won’t be solved before March, because if there is no resolution of this to totally dedunk the allegations OR there is no settlement, a civil case can (and I expect will) be filed before the two year point–the statute of limitations. So it will drag on anyway. Again, that alone may be “enough” for our team owners. On top of that, the Glazers may be so pizzed in addition that whoever vetted Winston and convinced them to draft him over Mariota–they dump a bunch of folks.

    Which is why I hope Jameis didn’t do it. But it is smart for the Bucs to get Griffin into the game, and see how capable he is…in as they move on from Winston and decide they need to draft a QB or get a Kirk Cousins type guy. FA is March if I remember correctly, so they won’t wait…they will move on their own hunch. So Jameis better start naming names, if he hasn’t already. And I bet by the end of the week we know the third dude…IF THERE IS ONE.

  82. Roy T. Buford Says:

    smh at comment: “This is really stupid. There’s no criminal charges filed and there will be no criminal charges filed. Maybe a few dollars will exchange hands. Just give her a few dollars and buy her a Double-Wide.”

    Wow. Hope it was just sarcasm. For we wonder what kind of person abuses women in the first place. Maybe these are the thoughts that millionaire losers like Ray Rice and Greg Hardy get in their head as the worse case if they get caught…and this is why women should pack heat and just stop the problem right there.

  83. LakeLand Says:


    Ken Riley should have went into the Hall of Shame over 20 years ago. Even the Legendary Jake Gaither said that Ken Riley was the best player he ever coached. Paul Brown was giving him the same props. 65 INT and still get no respect, it’s a shame.

  84. ClodHopper Says:

    St Pete

    Really? Slut shaming? Leave it to you to slut shame and tell others not to slut shame on the same day.

    Also I sure hope you met her or are you the type to call a lady a slut that you’ve never met? Tsk tsk your parents must also be proud of your class

  85. ClodHopper Says:

    Also. You’re not very tolerant of other people’s opinion. You get pretty angry at people that don’t think like you. They got a name for people like that. I’ll give you a hint. In the dictionary it’s between the words: “bigly” and “biguns”

  86. Rrsrq Says:

    LakeLand, I just wanna know if. ira knows since he is the HOF presenter/voter in Tampa Bay

  87. NFLNut Says:


    Neither Jameis nor Darby needs to release the name of Darby’s friend that was in the front seat! They both seem to believe that even that passenger did NOTHING wrong to the uber driver, so if she wants to sue that person civilly, let her try and find him!

    Everyone, including Ira, demanding that Jameis “name names” is being ridiculous!

    Let’s say YOU or IRA or whoever took a taxi next week with their wife and brother. They sat in the backseat with their wife, with their brother sitting in the front-seat. And 20 months later the taxi driver says the brother sexually assaulted her but doesn’t know who the front-seat passenger (i.e. brother) is, and they know that’s a lie … there is NO WAY they should just freely offer the brother’s name up to the accuser, especially if they think the accusation is bogus and it’s just a money-grab.

    It irks me when I see people demanding things from Jameis that they have no business demanding. NFL Football is Jameis JOB, it’s NOT his life and no one, not Joe, not Ira, not any mere “Bucs fan” has any right to demand Jameis do anything regarding his personal life.

    People are stupid … the more time I have spent on this forum the more I almost hope the Bucs cut or trade Jameis so he can play for a legit organization with a logical and sensible fan base!


  88. firethecannons Says:

    So figure out who(nfl players) was at Kurt Warners football camp (whatever it was Jameis was at) then who Jameis and Ronald Darby likely friends with and that folks is your 3rd person.

  89. Sierra048 Says:

    Lakeland says:

    “Just give her a few dollars and buy her a Double-Wide”.

    Wow! Stereotype much? I didn’t know public housing provided internets connections. See how easy that is.

  90. Mike Says:

    The third person is Kaepernick
    Plot thickens…

  91. NFLNut Says:

    ^ The third person may NOT be another NFL player; it may not even have been a friend of Winston’s but only of Darby’s, as Darby said it was his friend rather than saying, “and a friend of Jameis'” … other players at Warner’s camp were Patrick Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald, Tyrod Taylor and others … but my guess is this was just a good buddy of Ronald Darby and maybe Jameis as well …