Koetter Slams The Geeks

November 3rd, 2017

“I’m here all week.”

Great one-liner yesterday from winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter.

Joe really admires Koetter and his impressive trait of candor. Ask Koetter a question, you get an answer. You may not like the answer because it is too direct, but in Joe’s eyes, that is refreshing and welcome.

Well, yesterday Koetter had a blast at the spreadsheeters. It’s a target he’s fired at before.

As could be expected, after last Sunday’s Shat Show at the Den of Depression, where America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, had one of his worst NFL games, the haters across the nation have awoken. One well-known Jameis hater, Sean Wagner-McGough of CBSSports.com, stopped just short of suggesting the Bucs will never be successful with Jameis due to his turnovers and his uneven play.

It seems Wagner-McGough longs for the day he can type “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers today released quarterback Jameis Winston.”

Of course, this same scribe leaned heavily on the junk science of the well-trained orangutans from the PFF tribe and their Irishman who types from his dorm room in Dublin. For reasons unknown, the spreadsheet warriors despise Jameis.

A key focus in Wagner-McGough’s story is how Jameis cannot hit the broad side of a barn.

Well, ironically, Koetter was asked yesterday if he thought Jameis has improved his accuracy this year. Koetter quickly replied that he has. When Koetter was asked a follow-up question of what he based his conclusion on, Koetter let loose with a classic.

“I watch him throw about 200 balls every day.”

LOL. Take that, nerds!

Joe just cannot believe the hordes of mongrels out there who seemingly cannot wait to dance on the kid’s football grave. It’s pathetic, actually.

53 Responses to “Koetter Slams The Geeks”

  1. DallasBuc Says:

    When convenient use stats. When they do not support my opinion deride the source and dismiss them out of hand. Sounds clear and fair-minded to me.

  2. 813bucboi Says:

    talk is cheap dirk….pull a win out of your a$$ and stop the BS….GO BUCS!!!!

  3. ClodHopper Says:

    There’s the problem. 200 balls a day and he can’t see how innacurate he is? Only takes me 40 balls a week to see he can’t hit the broad side of a barn, especially if it’s moving!!

    He must be able to hit a fleas wing from 50 paces in practice to even out that average!!

  4. Bobby M. Says:

    Tiger Woods looks like a legend on the driving range….Sundays not so much.

  5. AlteredEgo Says:

    #3’s honeymoon is over…..

  6. Mike malarkey Says:

    Remember how critical we were about glennon’s ball placement? We should be with jameis. Even when a completion is made, it’s usually behind the receiver, or high, which limits RAC.

  7. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    DRIVING RANGE = I look like Tiger Woods, twirling the club and all. STRIPING IT!

    1ST TEE = Dump 3 in the creek, hitting 6 off the tee.

    Who cares about his practice balls, Dirk. I have not seen any progression in accuracy. I see a scared and confused young man and that’s squarely on you, pal.

    Do you find it funny that the Bucs can put up so many points when they are 30+ points behind? Look at their 2nd half stats versus 1st half. Two completely different teams.

    I find it so hard to comprehend that Dirk hasn’t harnessed that mindset for a full football game. What a waste of talent.

  8. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    You don’t see Aaron Rodgers, Derek Carr or others look so mechanical like JW is. Their natural abilities can take over games. It’s gotten to the point where JW is likely over analyzing EVERY throw and it’s gotten so bad that he forgot to just play football and have fun. JW has that ability but I feel Dirk is putting him in this box, never allowing JW to just play natural….


    We’re in the hole by over 21+ and then it’s go time and we actually move the ball? DIRK! Why not try and start a game that way, you know, with a sense of urgency instead of playing to not lose a game?

  9. wewantgruden Says:

    JameisNOT should look good in practice, as he knows he will not take a hit. The problem is in a real game situation he does not have the poise or intelligence that it takes to make the right decisions AND protect the football. All you need to do is replay the attempted shuffle pass/fumble from last weeks game to prove this out.

  10. Rob Says:

    The difference, apparently, is that the practice Jameis is different than game time jame “miss”. I would love to see Jameis win, no have great stats. I don’t care about any stat but one, that’s wins. Until Jameis is able to get this team over the hump and clearly that is not happening this year, he is merely another project quarterback. Playoffs is the only real barometer to gauge his progress and in year three, not just Jameis but the entire Buc organization from top to bottom, gets an F or at least an incomplete. Not happy with this abortion of a season at all. Go Bucs!

  11. BigHogHaynes Says:

    What’s going on this morning…this team is in a regressive state of mind, we have the Coaching Staff back from last year, but ain’t nobody blaming them, no one is saying that the locker room has been lost, no one is saying that Smitty’s Scheme Sucks, but we loving Coach K’s candor!! TAKE A KNEE…KEEP AMERICA FREE!! HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM! PIZZA HUT ONLY!! HOUSTON YOU HAVE ANOTHER PROBLEM and the Jailer dropped the ball!! NUST OUT SOME WINS BUCS!!

  12. Greg Says:


  13. AlteredEgo Says:

    Along with being inaccurate Jameis does not use the pocket well and flushes himself…..go back and watch the 2 stiff old QB’s we played this year Manning and Brady…a step or two in whatever direction they sense as the rush is developing….this trait is something Jameis can learn….accuracy not so much

  14. DB55 Says:

    Derek Carr is 3-4 with a hof rb in his backfield and a pro bowl left tackle. Just stfu already.

    He seems to hit everyone EXCEPT for Djax just fine. Completion percentage should be accompanied by drop percentage.

    As you watch q.b around the league you notice – hey wow look they missed a wide open receiver. Imagine that!!!!

  15. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Everyone on here (Dirk included) is talking about JW, JW’s health, lack of pass rush, etc…

    Meanwhile we are playing the hottest team in football in 2 days and don’t seem to be too concerned with that. I see another game where the Bucs come out flat and not prepared to play a game. I wish Dirk would steer questions back to the Saints like he consistently did last year…he is falling down the hole with the rest of us, when he should be the one talking us off the ledge.

    I love DK’s candor…but it was more attractive when the record was above 500. Now I see someone who just looks stubborn and that scares me. I’m losing faith folks…

  16. DB55 Says:

    You people would be better off commenting on horseshoes and nascar.

  17. AlteredEgo Says:

    DB 55 I can accept drops and misses….sheet happens….what troubles me is that RARELY do Jameis balls lead to YACS….and many of his misses are big play potential if completed….certainly the Bucs have stats on YACs/completion ….and it could not be good

  18. 813bucboi Says:

    we have the Coaching Staff back from last year, but ain’t nobody blaming them, no one is saying that the locker room has been lost, no one is saying that Smitty’s Scheme Sucks, but we loving Coach K’s candor!!


    we have a lot of “dirk” fans but very few BUC fans….some don’t want to hold him and HIS staff accountable….they want to blame us being 2-5 on everything but him….they claim its because:

    -lack of talent
    -Hard Knocks(the funniest excuse)
    -still coaching the lovie out of players(another funny excuse)
    -STILL needs time to gel

    its coaching people…simple as that….we’ll see sunday…GO BUCS!!!

  19. Joeypoppems Says:

    Well his accuracy has not improved imo. But the people who want to run him out of town are definitely over reacting. Hes the best QB this team has had. Idk why anyone would want to give up on him so soon lol

  20. Lamarcus Says:

    Jw is the man the franchise. I notice in preseason his has improved. Now we can a complete game maybe we can get on a roll. IN JW WE TRUST

  21. Lamarcus Says:

    Yall hating on a KID to not change a losing culture but to carry the franchise. So far he has. Not his fault his defense is soft. But cming in as 21 year old and making us believers giving us a chance every Sunday is good in my book

  22. DB55 Says:


    Brother you’re not watching film. If you just watch the game you’ll notice even when they’re hit in the breadbasket they immediately go down. Not 1 wr fights for yac only Brate and that’s only sometimes. There’s plenty of examples but just look for that on Sunday. Catch and go down, and Mike Evans has to be the worst at it especially considering he can throw most dbs out the way with his pinky. that’s why I’m like wtf is Monken doing?

    Anyway I get it, you guys expect jw to come out and score a td on the opening drive, throw the ball away, take the sack and throw perfect spirals 30 yards down field to a spiriting Djax for an 78 yard td and a win.

    I get it.

  23. DB55 Says:

    Here’s the funny thing, he did exactly that against Buffalo and they still lost.

    First drive, 50 yard fg. Final drive he hits Evans for the go ahead score.

    7pt lead w 3:14 left, the def gives up 10points in those 3 mins helped by a fumble by a receiver TRYING to get yac. Maybe that’s why they’re coached to just go down.

    Awaiting your retort…..

  24. Not there yet Says:

    Ok then does he need to be evaluated for performance anxiety? I think he’s our franchise and some fans will argue that but can’t argue his accuracy has to improve. the question was set up for him to perfectly defend his quarterback. Hopefully he has a great game so this talk of shutting Winston down can end.

  25. ClodHopper Says:

    Jeeze DB. Why don’t you just go full blown racist and include Rodeo and Curling while you’re at it. #InferiorityComplex


    It wolid be nice if we scored on the opening drive more than once or twice a season. And it would be nice to hit a sprinting D-Jax at least once per game.

    I know I know. That’s asking too much. I get it!

  26. Mike Johnson Says:

    Don’t kid yourself Koetter. You are playing an injured QB in hopes of saving your Job. Ain’t gonna work. Well, I hate to tell Y’all this. But Jameis will go down even worse with a couple of well placed hits. And they are coming. Might even come Sunday. The Saints you see..Have a great pass rush..as you will soon see. Best case scenario for our Bucs is 5-8 with the no 4 pick in next yrs draft. But Koetter should be ashamed of himselg abusing an injured QB. Jameis should be sitting and everybody in the NFL world except Bucs fans..Know it.

  27. denjoe Says:

    That was the brilliant one liner? That dirk is so hilarious!

  28. Kobe Faker Says:

    This is not rocket science but jacksonville koetter is a stubborn bifocul fool

    Jameis had 1 of his best games having OJ targeted just 6 times and the offense flowed vs buff but then he goes to hump and targets him 8 times vs carollina….does koetter want to get fired?

    I cant wait til grudog turns OJ into jordan reed like his brother did in wash.

    If koetter the clown doesnt target OJ at least 6 times vs the saints…it will be my last post till koetter is fired

    “Dilly Dilly Milli Vanilli”

    Kobe Faker

  29. AlteredEgo Says:

    Hey I am a passionate Buc fan…I want Jameis to be the greatest….BUT I will not gloss over his glaring faults as the media has done…as well as many on the forum….

  30. Not there yet Says:

    Sorry DB but Winston is erratic and misses basic throws and even though he is accurate he’s still not reading the field so he’s often times making the harder throw. If he surveys the entire field like a starting NFL quarterback must do to have a successful offense then you’ll see chunk yardage

    People are thinking corners have shut Mike Evans down nope dude has been wide open so many times this year but Winston misses it

  31. denjoe Says:

    I don’t know why Dirk didn’t just drop the mic right there? lol

  32. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    I get nerds typing or televising shows looking to make a “name”. They need controversy and negativity to see their product.

    I get honest opinions here about the Bucs struggles. But what is incredibly disturbing and disgusting are the trolls who take absolute JOY in the Bucs struggles. They would rather toot THEIR own horns about their prodigious NFL knowledge and be right even if it means the Bucs and their fans suffer than root for the team to turn it around.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure who these loser aaaholes are. Just read and make your own decisions. How many are giving any balance…how many are 100% negative….but the biggest tell….how many clearly are taking JOY from the Bucs struggles!!!!! Makes me want to puke.

  33. DB55 Says:

    Not there yet

    I say he’s shook. I say it’s a culmination of 2.5 years of getting drilled behind that line. You get hit 260+ Times and see how confident you are. Doesn’t help that when he does make a big play or does hit a long pass it gets called back for some stupid penalty.

    I’m just saying the kid is so much better than you people are saying. I’m guessing maybe ya just don’t know no better. But then again wtf do I know?

  34. DB55 Says:


    Lmao. You already know what’s up.

  35. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    Hey another moment where we agree. Exactly and add the fact that most of the pressure is on him. He’s always been known as too competitive and now with all this pressure he is clearly trying too hard…as are many of his teammates IMHO.

    The collar is getting tight for EVERYBODY associated with the Bucs.

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    Mike Johnson Says:
    November 3rd, 2017 at 10:30 am
    Don’t kid yourself Koetter. You are playing an injured QB in hopes of saving your Job. Ain’t gonna work.


    they all know, from licht to dirk to smitty that their a$$ is grass if we finish with double digit loses….

    the thing that im worried about is Winston becoming the next Andrew luck….playing to save his coaches job has cost luck almost 2 years…instead of sitting him, they rush him back and his injury gets worse….dirk is a fool for not running the ball heavy with an injured QB and having him throw close to 40 times….brees and payton will put a end to dirk and smitty….GO BUCS!!!!

  37. DB55 Says:


    He’s like a combo of Andrew Luck and RG3. The sacrificial lamb.

  38. DB55 Says:


    Stranger things have happened. Now if you could get me and Hawaii to agree then we’re talking….

  39. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    This is the most unintelligent and stone aged level of thinking imaginable. The stat geeks literally just said Jameis is too inaccurate and commits too many turnovers.

    He is.
    He does.

    I’m his biggest supporter but the Bucs havdvlost soooo many games because of turnovers. The Bucs have also left at least ten huge plays on the field this season because of missed big play throws (see: every deep pass to Djax).

    Those same nerds have known for years that D. Smith is the biggest liability the Bucs have.
    They are right.

    Get heads out of sand.

  40. Pickgrin Says:

    Kobe Liar says:
    “If koetter the clown doesnt target OJ at least 6 times vs the saints…it will be my last post till koetter is fired”

    So I guess we’re all hoping for OJ to only get 4 targets this week then so we can be rid of your nonsense for at least the rest of this year and hopefully much longer.

    Not that you would actually quit posting even if he didn’t get 1 target.

    Ever hear the story of ‘the boy who cried wolf’ Kobe?

    You are the liar who cried – “I’ll never post again if…”

    And yet here you still are….

  41. JMarkBuc Says:

    Joe really loves him some DK… Candor? Sounds like he avoided the question to me.

    P.S. DK is 11-12 now, and the uniforms are still ugly.

  42. Duke Says:

    Mike and buc boi,

    First, everyone except the Glazers are working to save their jobs. DK MS and every other coach is actively involved in remaining employed. If JW gives the team the best chance to win Sunday you’re Damn right He’s playing. B

    Here’s where you two are off in your perspective. if was just about the coaches saving their asses by playing a injured and performance wise diminished JW then they should be fired. Fired for stupidity. Who in their right mind would like to bet their future income on a QB, who is not 100% , to save their jobs. When JW is 100% they’re not winning. So you’re suggesting that the coaches believe that a less effective JW is the best call. WTF!!!!

    If DK needs to improve his odds at continuing to be the HC the absolute smartest play would be to sit the franchise . He’d accomplish the goal of protecting the team’s most valuable asset for the future. And He could sit down with the Glazers and state the obvious, Ryan Fitzpatrick is/was incapable of leading this team to win’ s. Had JW been able to play at 100% the season would have been turned around at the mid way point. Can’t argue against that. Which is why if DK is going with JW, it’s not to save his job. If JW completes the season and it is a losing season then DK is most likely out.

  43. LakeLand Says:

    Every NFL QB has a bad game
    Cam Newton
    Game: 2016 vs. Minnesota L 10-22
    Stats: 21-35, 262 Yards, 0 TD, 3 INT, 8 Sacks, 47.6 QBR

    Russell Wilson
    Game: 2012 vs. St. Louis L 13-19
    Stats: 17-25, 160 Yards, 0 TD, 3 INT, 2 Sacks, 45.8 QBR

    Drew Brees
    Game: 2012 vs. Atlanta L 13-23
    Stats: 28-50, 341 Yards, 0 TD, 5 INT, 1 Sacks, 37.6 QBR

    Aaron Rodgers
    Game: 2014 vs. Buffalo L 13-21
    Stats: 17-42, 185 Yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, 1 Sacks, 34.3 QBR

    Tom Brady
    Game: 2003 vs. Buffalo L 0-31
    Stats: 14-28, 123 Yards, 0 TD, 4 INT, 2 Sacks, 22.5 QBR

    Ben Roethlisberger
    Game: 2017 vs Jacksonville L 30- 9
    Stats: 33-55, 312 Yards, 0 TD, 5 INT, 2 Sacks, 22.2 QBR

  44. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Don’t throw up your guts!!

  45. Duke Says:


    How did you come to the conclusion that JW is not intelligent enough to be successful as an Nfl QB? Is it because He’s black and you believe He’s intellectually challenged? Yeah, I’m going there because what you say is so far outside the box that I’m really questioning how you came to that point.

    JW is recognized by the best minds of game as a prodigy at the QB position. That’s not based on his physical ability but on His mental ability. HE has a photo graphic memory and is IQ wise light years ahead of his peers. Wentz and Luck
    would be the only company in the best young minds QB Club. It’s so far from the truth that either you’re a nut with an agenda or possibly someone with alcohol or drug issues. I’m not trying to be mean or belittle you. It’s just on your shared opinion and how radical it is.

  46. LakeLand Says:

    A 23 year old QB can’t have a bad game in the NFL? That’s normal in the NFL for any QB.

    Ben Roethlisberger 35 years old | 13 Year Vet
    Game: 2017 vs Jacksonville L 30- 9
    Stats: 33-55, 312 Yards, 0 TD, 5 INT, 2 Sacks, 22.2 QBR

    Eli Manning 36 Years old | 13 Year Vet
    Game: 2017 vs Seattle L 24-7
    Stats 19/39 134 Yards, 1 TD, 1 Sack, 15.7 QBR

  47. DoNUTS Says:

    LOL… Love seeing all the excuse makers in here..its every QB has a bad game (Winston has had 5 games with QBR less than 50) or its he gets hit too much (JBF just saying this line is great in pass protect this year). Please stop making excuses and be more critical as that is a part of accepting a losing culture we are trying to shed. We are fans not push overs. The product is HORRIBLE for past 6-7 years for most part! (Glazers)

    Speaking of shed…this is a watershed moment for the Bucs this week. Win and give a glimpse of long shot hope…lose and the season is over. Its over not kidding.

    Stop with all the excuses for #3. He is a big boy and his personality tells me he doesnt want you making excuses for him. Its time to shine or move on in the NFL. He has 1.5 seasons left to prove it. I hope he does but right now its looking more like a long shot. If you want a career stat to chew on, #3 has had 6 games with QBR under 60 (putrid) and 11 with QBR over 100 (superb). He needs to work on being more consistent if anything. If you chart the QBR scores on a histogram its like a roller coaster. Lastly, I blame the DL as much as I blame #3 for the failure of this years team. Its about equal in my mind after the Carolina game.

  48. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Someone posted above about why we aren’t blaming the coaches. I’m not blaming Koetter too much because if Winston could hit DJax deep we’d be calling Koetter a genius. Koetter has schemed guys open, Winston has to hit them. The criticism of Koetter should be that if Winston can’t hit Jax deep, why do we keep calling those plays. I won’t put too much heat on Mike Smith, even though I’m not his biggest fan, because it’s hard to stop an offense when your D line can’t even invade the QBs space, let alone hit him. The coaches can do better, but we don’t have the players to get a consistent pass rush and Winston needs to hit the deep ball. I’m confident that Winston can get better. I’m also confident that we need 2 new DEs in the off season to fix the pass rush. I was happy at the time that we re-signed Gholston, but in a passing league do we really need to give relatively big money to a run stopper? He’d be better as a 3-4 DE, not a 4-3 DE. He IS a good player, just not good at what we need. This draft better be mostly Defense or my head will explode.

  49. DoNUTS Says:

    Sorry this should be >> Winston has had 6 games with QBR less than 60. Under 50 was one game…last Sunday!

  50. Defense Rules Says:

    @StPeteBucsFan … “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure who these loser aaaholes are. Just read and make your own decisions. How many are giving any balance…how many are 100% negative….but the biggest tell….how many clearly are taking JOY from the Bucs struggles!!!!! Makes me want to puke.”

    StPete, I got re-assigned to a major command HQ many years ago & was warned by a higher-ranking officer to get out of the assignment. His comment to me: “They eat their young.” Knew exactly what he meant … after I was there 5 or 6 months. Too late.

    Lots of ‘fans’ (and media) seem to do the same thing. Far too many gravitate to the ‘extremes’ nowadays … so many seem to be either far to the right or far to the left; they’re either very pro-Trump or very anti-Trump; they’re either pro-Jameis or anti-Jameis. And if you don’t agree with them, watch out: ‘they eat their young.’

    Reality IMO is that we’re all flawed & just need to keep working to get better. Not perfect, just better. And I think that’s what I see Jameis trying to do. He’s very up-front about his bad games & I’m convinced he’s very sincere when he says “I need to play better”. He is a franchise QB IMO, but he’s still very young, and the team around him hasn’t made it easy to get better & for him to become more consistent. My only 2 real concerns for Jameis, long-term, are (1) his health (a QB playing with a throwing-shoulder injury still concerns me); and (2) that his coaches are ‘coaching the Jameis out of him’ and trying to make him into something he’s not. I see very little any more of him rolling out & throwing on the run, among other things. But then again, I’m not nearly as experienced as his coaches are, nor am I making millions to coach Jameis like they are.

  51. DoNUTS Says:

    Nice post Defense Rules. I agree with the premise on the extremes but this will happen when a team is struggling like the Bucs.
    I have both praised and been critical of Winston. From my perspective, some of the defending of #3 while blind to what is going on the field with him such as his bad mechanics and feet that dont plant when throwing are obvious. Stop blaming the OL or his injury…its BS. I think he did it (bad feet plant) 4-5 times last week (once to Evans on 3rd down play-overthrow). Tom Brady had bad/slow feet too coming out of Michigan but he worked his ass off to rid himself of the bad habits. It can happen.
    My gut is telling me #3 may need a new voice to get him out of the bad habits and maybe Bjankian is not the right fit. Look at his/Bjankian history with Cincy or TENwhen he was OC, do you recall any great QB play when he was there? I dont! In fact, I recall the QB being the reason for the Cincy playoff losses in 2011-2 when he was OC-QB coach. I think his head will be first to roll. I dont see the Glazers firing Koetter this year as that means they messed up. If there is one thing people with lots of money never admit, its making a mistake. They leave that for us underlings to take responsibility.

  52. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Bunch of blind beavers

  53. satchseven Says:

    From my perspective, some of the defending of #3 while blind to what is going on the field with him such as his bad mechanics and feet that dont plant when throwing are obvious. Stop blaming the OL or his injury…its BS. I think he did it (bad feet plant) 4-5 times last week (once to Evans on 3rd down play-overthrow

    I agree he never looks good in the pocket his feet are all over the place

    time for new qb coach who will get in his butt for bad decisions, continuing to force the ball to a double covered me13 is stupid .he could easily have more picks . I am no longer confident in him making the right throws at the right time, or taking the sack instead of trying to make espn top ten plays