Jason Licht Garners Impressive Support Through Sad Streak

November 9th, 2017

Lots of respect for GM Jason Licht during a tough time

It seems legions of Bucs fans realize general managers don’t coach or call plays.

Joe finds the current wave of support for general manager Jason Licht to be impressive in the midst of a devastating, soul-crushing five-game losing streak.

Joe’s 24-hour poll launched yesterday, with 1,450 voters, revealed fans more than 44 percent of fans are “confident,” “very confident” or “totally confident” in Licht. (Find it on the home page.) That may not sound like a great number, but given the great pain amid the fan base, Team Glazer might want to take notice.

You know, there’s a reason Tampa Bay icon Derrick Brooks, a man not known for bold calls, was on record all winter and summer saying he believed the Bucs were on track to win a playoff game this season. Yes, this season. And many other intelligent football minds believed the Bucs would be a playoff team in 2016.

That’s because Brooks and others believed the Bucs had the groceries in the cupboard — players and coaches. And stocking those shelves is Licht’s sole responsibility.

Anyone remember the stealth microphones of Hard Knocks capturing Chucky praising Licht’s roster during the show?

Were they all these gurus wrong? Is this current mess on Licht? Well, 44+ percent of JoeBucsFan readers don’t think so.

Joe has been critical of various Licht moves and non-moves, and supportive of others, and Joe believed this team had 10-win talent but thought playoffs was a stretch for this season. The rest of this season should illuminate quite a bit.

Again, given the emotional nature of fans, Joe thinks this was a great score for Licht, who is a well respected football man, someone Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer told Joe was an impressive “nuts and bolts” GM.

In the same confidence poll yesterday, formerly winning head coach Dirk Koetter only had 28.5 percent of fans in his corner.

70 Responses to “Jason Licht Garners Impressive Support Through Sad Streak”

  1. BucFanForever Says:

    Open opposing receivers, opponent running backs that have their way, downfield incompletions, and 1-yard runs aren’t on the general manager. Not when there are past pro-bowlers at every position responsible for those non-winning plays.

  2. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    And he doesn’t have a contract, ugh…All in with Licht, he put some good talent together, not his fault…

  3. AlteredEgo Says:

    It is not the roster….it is the quitter, self pity, not my job , loser mentality of the leaderless,knee taking 53….mental not physical…

  4. DB55 Says:

    Well, 44+ percent of JoeBucsFan readers don’t think so.
    I guess 56% think he’s a bum.

    When he didn’t sign Alex Mack I said hmm, no Dwayne Freeney 2 years ago? Hmm. Aguayo? This dude got balls. When he didn’t trade up for Ramsey I said dumb move but to double down and get vh3 I smh. But when he ignored the trenches, the pass rush and OTs that we desperately needed I had enough. And when he drafted OJ over Cook I knew this dude has no idea what he’s doing. Hard Knocks confirmed it and the fact that 2 out of 3 QBs will be on IR this year tells you all you need to know.


  5. Mike Johnson Says:

    Like I’ve said, Licht id gonna save Licht. He’ll rat and dime Koetter out to the high heavens to save himself. And then..smile. He gotta get that D line right though. DC Smitty’s time has come and gone. Give us new hope by..giving us some new coaches!

  6. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    The biggest issue Jason licht has right now, apart from his neglect of the D-line and willingness to gamble on old/ injured guys, and of course the Aguayo incident, is that he doesn’t have a contract.

    If Licht had another year left, then I don’t think he would be fired, but I just can’t see him being resigned after another disappointing season.

    Especially not when guys he didn’t go out and get, like Calais Campbell, AJ Bouye, and Idk… Kareem Hunt, are all out there thriving for other teams.

  7. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s been hit or miss with this guy, but when he misses….wooooooowooooo!
    I made this statement a bunch of times in the lead-up to Lovie’s firing: Coaches coach and players play. Add to that GMs well GM!
    Front to back, however, we have issues at EVERY level; Bad coaching, players giving up, and poor FA and draft choices. The result? A rudderless 2 and 6 football team that looks more like it’s trying to get the 1st overall pick in the 2018 draft!
    I think I’ll take up basket-weaving on Sundays! I’ll probably spend less on beer and remotes!

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    wasted first round and second round picks on a backup cfl cb and a former kicker is tough to come back from though. not to mention the other failed transactions including the martin extension. i was a licht guy but not sold any longer. results matter.

  9. Lakeland Says:

    Survey fans from across America.

    He would get less than 25% approval rate

  10. Tom S. Says:

    What sort of Fox News-style reality do the Joe’s live in?!

    Joe put a 5 choice poll out (let’s say 1-to-5 star rating of Licht), 56% of respondents gave Licht a 1 or 2 star review (out of 5), otherwise known as Little or No confidence in him. The majority of Buccaneers fans have LITTLE OR NO CONFIDENCE in the GM of the team. And yet, stuck to their love of all things Buccaneers GM dating back to the Rock Star Glory days of winning 35% of our games, Joe spins this to a vote of confidence? So if we are buying a product, let’s say a GM, and 56% of people give that product a 1 or 2 star review, would you expect an article to be written about how people seem remarkably confident in the product. Maybe in Russia Joe. Nostrovia!
    Dude, wake up, please. Joe gave the facts here and explained that in the face of a dark time, Licht interestingly scored very well considering the streak. This isn’t politics where people are split into parties. Also, the Bucs have been crap for a month. So yeah, Joe thinks it’s noteworthy that about half the fans inhaled the crap, thought about it, and don’t blame the GM.–Joe

  11. Kobe Faker Says:

    Kobe Faker endorsement

    2018 Gruden head coach and Jason licht as GM ticket

    Gruden brings in his DC – Im sure it will be a experienced agressive DC

    “I was peeking thru the front window of Hooters and i saw…

    Manboobs Jason Licht wearing a Hooters girl outfit smooching all over Jon Gruden…Licht wasnt wearing a bra”

    Kobe Faker

  12. Bucsfanman Says:

    OKAY?! That’s a strange visual!
    You’ve got issues Kobe!

  13. DB55 Says:

    Joe thinks this was a great score for Licht, who is a well respected football man,
    Come on bruh, keep it 100

  14. Stevbobucsfan Says:

    I think Licht is ok, not great but ok but I think if we get a D.C. And OC that can install some discipline we will see better result Even if we have to replace Koetter we really need some discipline on this team. That was L Smoth problem, no discipline. Guys not doing as they are told and no type of punishment for not doing so

  15. Vic Says:

    Only at joebucsfan would someone scream Fox News at a reasoned interpretation of poll numbrs. LOL. I love this place. … I voted “confident” because there’s only so much Licht can do, and I think he’s done a far better job than Dominik, though he screwed us at RB this season when he didn’t have to. The offense Licht built alone should have been (or be) enough to win us half our games this year. That’s not on him.

  16. Phil Says:

    I do think Licht will survive. I do not think Koetter will. Of course the only ones that matter are the Glazers.

  17. Guzzie Says:

    Can’t wait for next weeks headline after Fitz leads the Bucs to victory and looks good, even hitting DJax on a bomb….Jameis ruined this team, he looks like an idiot, what is the problem the Bucs have with young talented OFFENSIVE players, 2-3 years in Tampa and they all go crazy or become injury prone! Think about it just in the 2000s…Cadillac injured, Clayton injured, Mike Williams crazy, Freeman crazy, Drug Martin crazy/injured, ASJ crazy (looks great now of course), it’s got to be the Floridahhh heat or red tide or something

  18. TonyC Says:

    It’s odd because I just heard a pretty damning discussio about Licht’s performance between Justin P and Luke Easterling. For every home run pick Lichtenstein has made there have been at least one or two failures including Aguayo, Spence, Hargreaves (not s hutdown corner), maybe even Smith. He’s also been pretty blah in free agency.

  19. Pickgrin Says:

    If the Glazers are in a “heads will roll” mentality at the conclusion of this season – then Jason Licht should be at the bottom of their list.

    Of course – realistically – if the owners fire Koetter and his staff – then they will almost certainly have a “big name” in mind or lined up. You can’t fire your 5th HC in 9 years and not have it be a big name lined up.

    That Big Name if it comes down like that will likely either want full control or to pick his own GM that he wants to work with. So its certainly a possibility that Licht could be jettisoned on that basis if that scenario were to play out.

    I’ll say this – I would trust Licht to be in charge of personnel for this team a lot more than I would trust Chucky or any labdog GM he would bring in…

  20. Pickgrin Says:

    – where’s the ‘edit’ button Joe?

  21. Hawaiian Buc Says:

    This is how you know Licht has provided talent to this team: not one of us would have believed this team would have been 2-6 at the beginning of this season. We ALL thought we had enough talent to win at least 9 games. Some of us (not myself) thought we had championship level talent. Considering we were the least talented team in football 3 seasons ago, that’s saying quite a bit. No GM in the history of football bats 1000 with the draft and/or free agency. Even 500 is pretty good. We can all point to guys he’s missed on or passed on. However, you can say that 30 other teams passed on that same player. Plus we don’t know if he tried to go after a guy anyway.

    I think he’s made several huge mistakes. He has invested very little in either line, and that is clearly came back to bite us. The Aguayo pick was ridiculous, even though I understood the thinking. Chris Baker and maybe D-Jax appear to be guys that have hurt more than they have helped. Obviously there are more, but I think you get the point he has missed. That being said, he hit a home run on Mike Evans, Ali Marpet, Kwon, and (I still believe) Jameis. That’s pretty good for 3 drafts. He’s also got guys like Beckwith, Godwin, and OJ who I think will be long term impact players. Grimes was a fantastic pickup.

    I think he will have to address the lines almost exclusively in the draft and free agency. I don’t even think our corners and safeties are that bad, but they have to cover so long that they are gun shy. Wouldn’t you be if you had to cover someone for 5 seconds? I think he’s given us a core of talent that is good enough to win a lot of games with. I personally would give him one more year to fill some holes, but I understand why fans are impatient and want him gone. I would just caution people that it may be harder than you think to hire one better than what we already have. Anybody want Dominik back?

  22. DB55 Says:

    Blah blah blah can’t wait to see Fitz throw for 350 yards 3 TDS and 0 ints. Can’t wait to see him go on this 2 game win streak!!!!


  23. Kobe Faker Says:

    Kobe believes Licht is an average GM at best however….I want Jon Gruden at 1 Buc Place, but….

    Glazers will not allow Jon Gruden to become both HC and GM…No owners will allow that at this time or ever again in the NFL, but

    Jon Gruden will not come here with a dominant personality GM ,so…

    Jason Licht wins the least overweight kid contest in a fat camp

  24. 813bucboi Says:

    Licht has made his fair share of mistakes no doubt about it…..as much as I love my gators, I really wanted larmey tunsil instead of VHG and thought we should’ve drafted demarcus walker instead of Justin evans….

    with that said, he has put together the most talent we’ve had in years….but if the glazers let him walk I wont be mad….that would all but guarantee a new regime…the new GM will want to pick his own HC, who will want to pick his own staff….GO BUCS!!!!

  25. Lamarcus Says:

    Coaches. When every facet is wrong on he team it’s poor management. I don’t like the how they are handling jw either. But all in all koetter and licht and jw needs to stay

  26. pelbuc Says:

    Well, “The most talent” Licht has acquired is 2-6 and in a freefall. This guy has wrecked the roster and and has ignored the trenches for too long. Clueless and overpays. How many years do the Bucs have to give this guy to proove what we already know.

  27. ClodHopper Says:

    First two rounds the last two years were either players that weren’t very good or just dumb. OJ might be very talented but TE was the LEAST needed position in last years draft.

    As Joe and the Glazers like to say, which way is the arrow pointing? Down. He was very good at the draft his first couple years but not as good the last couple years.

  28. 813bucboi Says:

    sticking with this regime reminds me of the direct tv commercial…

    -where the guy is in the attic…banging his head against the wooden bean
    -the lady is drinking spoiled milk
    -the guy is sleeping in poison ivy
    -the lady’s licking the envelop and getting a paper cut on her tongue

    if he’s lost the team now, I can only imagine what will happen if he’s retained and we lose week1…or week2…

    the way we’re losing, getting blown out, coming out flat, looking unprepared, no adjustments, lack of creativity, unbalanced offense etc. has made it very difficult to retain him….GO BUCS!!!

  29. Says:

    How bout we build an O-Line

    Then steal boy wonder from Rams

    and Boy wonder’s QB

  30. bucster Says:

    The Bucs are 19-37 under Licht. Stats may lie, but records don’t.

  31. wewantgruden Says:

    I just hope our punter improves drastically (currently ranked 24th). I would hate the see the GM draft a punter in the 1st round.

  32. Not there yet Says:

    He has some some good things but the two main issues defensive end/tackle and running back. I’ll give him a pass for banking on players that don’t have the back bone to put a team on their shoulders we shouldn’t be killing Winston for what GMC, lavonte David or any other vet couldn’t do in over a decade

  33. Lord Cornelius Says:

    I duno man. He is the one who picked Koetter in the end; so if this staff is a failure that choice is also on him.

    He’s been decent in the draft – average to better than average; and probably below average in FA; for an overall average GM; which is still light years better than Mark Dominic who was like a bottom 5 GM.

    I actually could live with a Kober faker premise but not sure if it should be Gruden or just a better president of operations or something.

    Also don’t know which picks were on him or the coaches in temrs of in

    I have liked most his picks but each draft were some pretty big bluders that almost all of us seemed to agree on:

    2014 – ASJ in 2nd – bad mental evaluation although that 2nd round wasn’t great. Still could have landed multiple O-line or D-line in that round that have been solid. The worst was Sims in the 3rd round – could have landed a multitude of cornerstone lineman in that round – was a great draft for O-line. We all wnated an OG there; and it would have been a way better pick. Could have gotten a 3rd down back in the 4th or 5th round.
    2015 – can’t really hate too much on this; even if Donavon Smith just ends up a RT
    2016 – 1st round we all wanted Rankins I thought or Tunsil. I was ok with VHIII; but NO ONE was ok with Roberto Aguayo. If Light did this draft right he could have had Rankins/Spence/Ngyaokue or whatever his name is and still had ryan smith in the 4th while really addressing the pass rush finally. This draft was really bad.
    2017 – not a bad draft. I can’t hate on the Howard pick he was BPA. Evans may work out too but D-line was more important than secondary; and always will be imo when you have no pass rush. Get a pass rush then add secondary players. Just like you should get an offensive line built before adding skill players typically in terms of focus.

  34. AlteredEgo Says:

    It is the leaderless locker room….

  35. Tom S. Says:

    A. Long time readers know that Joe has expressed their political leanings on this site in the past, which happen to be of the Fox & Friends variety. So next time Joe or someone scoffs at the insertion of an example of political hackery and spin-cycle bias, he or she should read the pages of this very site, as you’ll find more than a couple of examples. Yeah, Joe’s written loads of political commentary here. C’mon. One-liners as part of a fun morning links post? –Joe

    B. “Again, given the emotional nature of fans, Joe thinks this was a great score for Licht, who is a well respected football man, someone Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer told Joe was an impressive “nuts and bolts” GM.”

    56% of people say they don’t have any or very little support for the GM and Joe crows that “this was a great score for Licht.”
    Read into the manifesto however you like.

    Look, feel free to spin this how you wish but don’t ascribe motives to Joe. That’s neither fair nor accurate. When a GM gets 44% on a 5-game losing streak, and significantly better grades than the head coach, then it’s a “great” score under the circumstances.–Joe

  36. JimmyJack Says:

    Tom S…….In response to what you just said…..I think you’re a dumbass

  37. deminion Says:

    If we can give mark dominik alota time why not licht?

  38. JimmyJack Says:

    I’m 50/50 on Licht but I do think if his brain was responsible for thinking Djax would put us over the top then he needs to be shown the door……If Djax was Dirks idea then maybe I could see Jason getting a chance to work with a coach who has a clue

  39. Says:

    Fitz is the answer. The $59 million man. Even-keel. Accuracy. Wheels. Very, very… very short memory.

    Whoever brought him in deserves some credit. Why it has taken half the season to get him on the field, I have no idea, and no explanation for why he was benched after leading the Comeback Of The Season in our untimely loss to Old Man Peterson.

    The question is, can he do it clean-shaven?

  40. BigHogHaynes Says:

    Licht was a BACK-STABBER then and will continue to be a BACK-STABBER…watch out Coach K….you just made the list!! TAKE A KNEE…KEEP AMERICA FREE!!! TAMPA YOU HAVE A PROBLEM!! AND THE CONSPIRACY CONTINUES TO RUN DEEP!!

  41. Hodad Says:

    When he’s fired the tag line will be the guy who traded up in the second round for a kicker he had to cut the following season. That’s what he’ll be remembered for, and why he’ll go back to being a meathead scout the rest of his life.

  42. Says:

    Lest we forget OJ, literally the last thing we needed to make the playoffs this year. His greatest talent demonstrated thus far is running routes through busted coverage, where he excels at catching deep touchdowns. Nothing against the guy, and he is good, but not the missing piece for a championship in the next 2 years.

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    Well said Joe

    Again I will restate he is about the only thing on our Bucs that I am totally confident in right about now.

  44. Duke Says:


    Question, when can we expect your own site?
    “Tom Bucs Fan ….unbiased as CNN”

    Hey this isn’t Russia, go out and get your own site use it as a platform to bash Joe Fox news fans. Stop kneeling and get busy!

  45. Kansas95Buc Says:

    For people calling for Licht’s head, name the last Buc GM to acquire this much talent on our team? If the team is coming out flat and unprepared, don’t that point to coaching?

  46. PRBucFan Says:

    Licht is supposed to coach and prepare the entire roster mentally for game day too right?

    Not only is he supposed to provide the talent but he is also supposed to cultivate it according to some of these crazy people ahaha. Too funny.

  47. Kansas95Buc Says:


    apparently that’s part of his job too lol

  48. Says:

    Hard Knocks provided some great insights. Have to question how serious any league exec is that walks around in athletic shorts and socks at his place of business.

  49. BucEmUp Says:

    I will personally be pissed beyond belief if Jason Licht gets the axe. The guy has done what he can and no gm is perfect. But this roster is LOADED with talent and the record is a product of coaching not talent.

    I really don’t want to see Koetter go either…I have been a HUGE supporter of his since before Lovie was fired, and I still believe he can become a great head coach, but two things need to happen. One for sure most importantly Mike Smith needs to go. That marriage has to be split up no matter what.

    The second is Koetter may need to let Monken call the plays, however I’m not convinced this is a must just yet. When the players (Mainly the quarterback) are playing god awful then the easiest thing to say is its the play calling. I see execution being the main issue and I think this is all a domino affect from Mike Smiths defense letting the entire team down.

  50. Says:

    Defense is not the problem. O-line is the root of all evil. Makes JW3 look like J-Free. And Defense in turn is on the field 80%. Our guys getting beat up, playing hurt. Name a good player on defense who has not missed time this year. You think they magically heal on a Tuesday’s worth of rest and treatment? Our whole defense is ravaged and sucking it up.

    It is the only game in the world where so many units are linked. All have to perform. O-line has been the weak link, leading to the Demise of so many promising Pewter Pirates.

  51. JimmyJack Says:

    The biggest problem with Licht is he is not just here to aquire talent. He is here to build a team……which includes players and coaching staff and everything in between.

    He has been here for two years. Granted Lovie Smith had more power for the first 2 but since Licht has been here our defensive line has gone unaddressed. It’s been bad every year and somehow Jason thought we could win and has failed miserably. To a lesser extent you could say the same thing about our offensive line. His coaching hires look horrible too. It’s almost like Licht doesn’t know his own team to replace Lovie Smith system with Mikes. They are similar systems and neither have worked in four years of trying. Hiring Mike was a foolish mistake. I know he’s Dirks friend but Licht has the final say so…..He wasn’t given control of the team to get pushed around by his HC.

    Worst of all the Licht moves might have to be this weapons for Winston movement they should have been nothing more then dumb fans not realising how soft we were up front………This GM was give a fat spending limit this past offseason and he pissed most of it away in the only area that was a strength.

    We can guess all day why this team is 2-6 right now but nobody will convince me that Mr. Licht doesn’t have a hand in it. This guy built this mess and the signing of Djax has to be one of the stupidest and biggest wastes of money you could get from an up and coming 9-7 squad.

    I do believe Licht is good at getting talented players but I also believe he has his head so far up his ass when it comes to building a team that he needs to wait behind Winston in the waiting room.

  52. JimmyJack Says:

    BucEmUp………How many delay of game pentalties did we have Sunday? Most these offensive players have been playing for Dirk since he’s been here yet they don’t know how to run a freaking huddle? These players are unprepared on a weekly basis and that falls on coaching.

    Licht hired this rookie HC and if you hired a garbage manager to run your team you don’t know what you’re doing either.

    The both of em may have to go. Neither show any evidence they know how to get their team playing at a professional level………..It should be about wins BTW……..Just like every part of the game with these two, everything regresses. It’s so bad the first step to fixing it is to hope to see this team play a competitive game for a change…….that is absolutely shameful.

  53. darin Says:

    Quite a high number for dirk. As bad as he has been thats about 25 percent more than it should be. Smitty should be about the same. Maybe one of these weeks he will realize theres really no risk left in blitzing. If he blitzed every play theyd give up less points. Never seen coaching go backwards so fast before. Its inexcusable and they should be embarrassed.

  54. Wewantgruden Says:

    You are all missing one important point: He selected losing QB JamesisNOT. They failed to dig deeper into his mental horsepower and spent all of their time investigating all of his illegal activities while at free shoes university (FSU).

  55. Not there yet Says:

    I was a big licht supporter but Dirk is not the only one in over his head. He just doesn’t have what it takes to get us over his hump it seems.

    They have killed this team like lovie Smith is still calling the shots from his basement. I think most people forget the ASJ fiasco and I’m talking about the behind the scenes moves. Yes licht found brate but he also cut him and brought him back right back before or after the dui. He doesn’t have a plan he’s just picking guys without any plan whatsoever. How many guys did he draft that couldn’t make the final roster on this team that’s not even a playoff roster?

  56. Tony Pepperoni Says:

    Jameis is garbage!! Can’t throw a deep ball, his accuracy sucks and he try to pump up the team while he’s acting like Cookie monster!

  57. Bobby M. Says:

    You are what your record says you are….Right now Lovie AND Koetter can’t seem to make much of these rosters….

  58. Buc believer Says:

    LOVE show Joe spins his numbers!!! WOW 44% of the fans support Licht!! He has awesome numbers!!! One itty bitty wittle problem there amigo… 46% DONT!!!

  59. Buc believer Says:

    Correction 56% don’t

  60. FortMyersDave Says:

    I wonder if any of JBF viewers who gave Licht a good grade listened to Justin and easterling discuss how bad most of Lichts picks have graded out. The 2016 draft is basically bust after bust and very few of his late round picks have done anything. The total miss on RB this spring in a draft full of talent is telling.

  61. Andrew Says:

    1st and 2nd round picks last year, both busts…

  62. adam from ny Says:

    this team thought they arrived because of the hard knocks spotlight…acting like bitch ass divas…now the whole league is letting them have it and putting them in their place every sunday…

    sunday’s are for men…not boys…

    also the line really doesn’t open up any holes for martin…it’s pathetic…why not create sweeps and turn the corner…remember back in the day the way tony dorsett and the dallas cowboys did that on like every other play…it works with a couple of horses and a te pulling in front of the rb….duhhhh!

  63. Clw JB Says:

    Just too many Fa complete busts- too many to list- his drafts are a C

    But the team quitting is not him

    The poor play calling and horrible tackling is not him

    To me a C just isn’t good enough…just like the coaching

  64. GrudenForPresident Says:

    Licht can go along with the coaches. He misses wayyyyyy more than he hits. He’s a middle of the pack GM at best. and thats not gonna cut it

  65. denjoe Says:

    Nice Spin, under 50% and your headline sounds like he’s popular.

  66. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    56% do not support licht and those are the smart 56 that are bucs fans…..my favorite 56 for the bucs cecil johnson

  67. Tommy W Says:

    If the next head coach wants him to stay, give him a 2 year contract. If he doesn’t like it, let him walk. He has failed miserably at stocking the trenches with enough talented players. This is where games are won and lost, where teams can impose their will. Right now, this team the loser fat kid getting his lunch money stolen. That’s on Licht as much as the coaches.

  68. D-Rome Says:

    Were they all these gurus wrong?


    Is this current mess on Licht? Well, 44+ percent of JoeBucsFan readers don’t think so.

    Anyone totally confident in a GM that has a *WORSE* winning percentage than Mark Dominick is trolling and skewing the numbers.

    Joe, you’ve argued this before that Koetter’s scheme isn’t the problem. Mike Smith’s scheme isn’t the problem. Other teams do the same things with a lot of success and with less talented players.

    Licht has obviously constructed a team with players that have bad attitudes. That’s not on the coaches. You talked about Donovan Smith being an a-hole in the locker room in regards to blasting his music. These are the kind of “I don’t care” attitudes that have been brought into the locker room. He’s one of many. Who signed these players?

    Jason Licht’s hubris kept him from truly addressing the defensive line and offensive line and his FA signings have overwhelmingly been a failure. He relied on Noah Spence to bring pressure on the edge instead of trying to go after a veteran in the off season. Reminds me of when Dominick opted to go with an unproven Bowers over Michael Bennett.

  69. Doctor Stroud Says:

    Team Glazer will re-sign the GM to a large long-term, multi-year contract and then fire him one or two years into it. #PaidFloridaVacation

  70. LongSeason Says:

    Yeah. All the gurus were wrong. Cases in point; Hargreaves, Agoyo and Nichols. Hargreaves sucks and he is a 1st round pick that is going bust fast. Agoyo sucked and he was a wasted 2nd round pick and a proven bust. Nichols was only a 5th round pick but now we know he was a wasted pick in more than one way. Watching him on Hard Knocks was a horrible experience. Had he even been in the playbook when the show started? His mentor was Snoop Dickety Dawg. When Nichols was having his phone conversation I could swear that he was wasted at the time. Looks like Snoop made sure that Nichols had as much ganja weed as possible. Yeah Jeremy looked fully baked. That was just the last couple of years. We won’t go into the crops of failed free agent ghosts that have been signed here that suck. Bottom line is that Licht sucks He needs to go.