Jameis: It Was Lattimore

November 5th, 2017

Fingers Saints’ CB.

When Mike Evans got tossed from the game today for blasting Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore, there is no one to blame but Lattimore.

That’s the words from America’s quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston.

After the game today, Jameis was asked what sparked the sideline hassle between him and Lattimore that resulted in Lattimore shoving Jameis and then Evans clocking Lattimore.

Jameis said that he had told Lattimore to get back to the Saints’ bench. If you noticed the video, Jameis is pointing at something, touches Lattimore and then Lattimore reacted angrily.

“I told him to go to his sideline,” Jameis said.

And then Evans came racing in and blasted Lattimore.

When Jameis was asked about Evans’ response, Jameis said that Evans was protecting him.

“Marshon Lattimore pushed his quarterback,” Jameis said of Evans’ response.

Also, Jameis was asked if he would throw in practice this week he said, “I don’t know. It’s not my decision.”

41 Responses to “Jameis: It Was Lattimore”

  1. Buccaneer scotty Says:

    Dirk has lost his team

  2. Jim Says:

    Oh great! Joe ignores completely Winston knocking Lattimore on the back of the head, which started it all. Jameis still doesn’t understand video recording, apparently. Look, we all saw the sequence repeatedly and know what happened, including the Refs and the NFL. But let’s be stupid…
    You might want to re-read, and also see Joe’s previous story. –Joe

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    cancer93 has completed his mission. he has destroyed another regime and set a franchise qb back 3 years with his mentally weak soft leadership. it does not matter who is the coach or gm until the leader of the losing culture and face of the basement years is playing with dolls elsewhere.

  4. EA Says:

    Lattimore is making fun of them and rightfully so.
    It’s Dirk Koetters and coaching staffs fault for setting them up for failure.
    This team is and can be better than this on the field, Shame on the coaches, this is a very undisciplined and poor coached football team.

  5. Pelbuc Says:

    Spoken like true cowards. And those are your captains Buc fans! Jason Licht should jump in his pool and not come out! This is making the Dominik years look like the glory years.

  6. Ray Perkins Jr Says:

    This team needs veteran leadership. It is a joke that Evans and Jameis are team captains.

  7. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I actually liked Evans’ dirty rotten cowardly low-down blind-side cheap shot…..either give them the 15 yards on a run up the gut….or that way….much more entertaining.

    We now know that at least one Buc can tackle…..even though the play was over and the Saint didn’t have the ball….it was a terrific shot!!!

  8. Nprbuc Says:

    Why did JW take it upon himself to become a school teacher? Because he knows there is no penalty for being Ann asswipe! That was really helping your team right? No we will loose Evans for at least one game for his schoolyard antics. This team, and it’s coaches and captains are totally out of control. Welcome to Pee Wee football. Protecting his QB my butt.

  9. Mike Johnson Says:

    Frustration. 2-6 would make anybody angry. Jameis clearly hit Lattimore on the back of the head. Whats that honey? You say..I’m drunk? Well think of how my Bucs must feel right now!

  10. ndog Says:

    Again you want to walk over to our sidelines and talk trash then you get what you deserve, which is getting blown the **** up. I love what Mike did and would love it even more if he were my teammate cause I know hes got my back. Again talk trash and dont walk away when warned then you get whats coming to you. Sorry not sorry.

  11. bobby4919 Says:

    ‘Jameis clearly hit Lattimore on the back of the head. ‘ HAHAHA Mommy!!! the big bad QB HIT me on the back of my head WAWAWAAA

    What I saw on my TV was Jameis poking Lattimore on the back of his helmet.

  12. rhonda barb Says:

    Ran into Licht at Starbucks, he is high on Aguayo’s brother! May take him in first round. This is what happens when you draft an idiot number one! Shameis Loseton!

  13. Destinjohnny Says:

    All those Ohio state players are punks

  14. bucster Says:

    Guess what, Jaboo, if your team is repeatedly getting clowned, expect the opposing teams’ players to clown you.

  15. SeattleBuc Says:

    I’m usually pretty positive compared to most Bucs fans. But at this point its a total do over, again. Fire everyone and cut half the starters this offseason. Time to clean house. This is a team of cast offs from the coaches to the aging free agents. We already wasted GMC, he is done. Lets not waste Jameis, Mike E and Kwon now as well.

  16. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Mike Evans deserves to be suspended, and I was not sad earlier in the game when he was down in pain. He’s a two-bit thug like any other friend of Johnny Manziel. The apt response was to stay out it and take it out on the next play. But Evans is a loser, like his team. He’s already proven himself a loser by kneeling on his lazy painted up loser body twice out of shear ignorance. He can’t control his emotions…this is nothing new for him. There are many discipline problems on this team, and having a guy like Mike “The Tattied Thug” Evans as team captain is one reason they can’t band together.

  17. Aubpierce Says:

    When Gruden sent McKay packing that was the beginning of the end for the Bucs. Until the Bucs find a competent general manager they will never be successful. Jason is the real cancer in the organization.

  18. Season Is Over Says:

    Mr. Magoo should have at least been a man and admitted he was wrong. Instead he gave a smart alec press conference in the locker room without accepting responsibility. Anyone can predict how this is going to end.

  19. Dewey Selmon Says:

    I saw 2 captains show their true colors. We suck so we get frustrated and baited. Worse than the headbutt in Dallas, Winston was actually in the game that time.

  20. DBS Says:

    You can fire everyone. Again. But who has been getting it wrong with all these hires so far? And you think they will get it right this time? This is far beyond “If at first you don’t succeed”.

  21. James Walker Says:

    The team has lost their coach. The coach never lost his team. Dirk was talking about this in training camp.

  22. The Anomaly Says:

    Give me a break. Players end up on opposing sidelines all the time. JW is showing his immaturity. Can’t hide it.

    He is a sad sack right now.

  23. Shane Says:

    Lattimore was the instigator. He was talking trash to Deshaun Jackson the play before then went to the Bucs sideline and started talking more. That’s when Jameis said go back to your sideline.

  24. cmurda Says:

    Lattimore brought the fight on himself. JW had enough and made sure that his finger pushed hard enough to get Lattimore’s attention. The guy that deserves to get the game ball is Evans. Say what you want. The man was protecting his QB and had the hardest hit of the game while doing so. Our defense would be wise to take notes on Evans form there. That’s how you hit Conte, Kwon (what happened to this guy), disappearing act McCoy, and Beckwith.

  25. SOEbuc Says:

    That wasn’t even a hard push on Jameis. Mike and the other player’s are just losing control of themselves because of this very sad half way through the season.

  26. Not there yet Says:

    Tape doesn’t lie Winston. That was stupid and childish and it was you’re fault. You’ve got a lot to learn about pleasing grown men. What worked in college doesn’t float art this level

  27. Bird Says:


    You are one weird guy. What does McCoy who plays defense have any impact on jameis poor play. Now he could impact other defensive guys if he is loafing but dude. Let it go.

    Did McCoy not go on a date with you in the past?

  28. ndog Says:

    Not there yet tape doesnt lie you are correct. So look at the tape and ask yourself where that incident happened and what was going on. The play before was 3rd down so Lattimore should have been on his sideline after that play, but instead he was talking trash to our entire team. When you think you can get away with that you better be able to back it up. Looks to me like he wanst so he got pooped, sometime you actually get what you deserve. Bet you he doesnt do it again.

  29. Season Is Over Says:

    The only thing more embarrassing for Mr. Magoo than him pushing Lattimore is the roasting he is taking on Twitter. It is pretty epic.

  30. unbelievable Says:

    Aubpierce you nailed it.

    I thought Jason Licht seemed to be on the right track, finally. (of course you’re not gonna nail every pick or transaction)

    but this team is imploding before our eyes.

  31. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I liked seeing Mike Evans show some passion and fight.
    Perhaps it will rub off on this team of quitters ?

  32. Ed Says:

    This team need more player’s with Evans passion, Mike Evans did a better job of protecting his quarterback then his sorry ass offense lineman. i will take 22 more player’s like Evans and you can take this nice, kind and soft team.

  33. BigMacAttack Says:

    Lattimore is a jerk, yeah sure, but he does his job on the field. I like Evans’ passion but both he and Jameis embarrassed themselves and their team. The players are very frustrated and they’re back to committing stupid penalties again. Much of this has to go to the head coach. Dirk has no fire on the sidelines. At one point I thought he might cry.

  34. Bucs Sam Says:

    Your QB came off the bench to start a fight? Oh boy…..

    He didn’t realize or own his mistake? Oh Boy…

    He set up his #1 reciever to take the blame, likely fine and potential suspension for his totally immature actions during a game? Oh boy…..

    That’s the Bucs leader? That’s the captain of the team?

    What about his response shows leadership?

    That’s the franchise?

    Lets call it now. Koetter takes the fall for Winston this or next year, in 2019 we draft the new franchise QB and in 2021 we can be hopeful for Playoffs again.

    Just amazing, Tampa is clearly cursed at the QB position. Winston will probably be a great Browns QB one day. Go Jags?

  35. Clint Says:

    One of, if not for the Browns; the worst organizations in all of professional sports. So far from daylight, something other worldly or something that is so far above and beyond what’s even out there could save them. What that is, they surely won’t find. Pretty confident you’re not going to see a winning Tampa team in any of these guys careers which is sad. I like Jameis. But these are the Browns south. Tampa fans deserve a decent team. They just are Murphy’s Law really. Could tell last year that Koetter was a disaster. That was a team that should have went so much further. He sat on leads and was so conservative over and over that he was lucky to win a few and it cost him others. Not a good coach or a winner. Also, start wearing the red uniforms at home. Such a loser organization.

  36. Buc15 Says:

    Push a teams injured franchise qb and thats what you get. I dont give a damm why it happened but Evans did what any team mate should have done when seeing Winston get pushed like that. If I could I would pay Evans fine for him.

  37. Bucs Sam Says:

    Winston started it, coming off the bench. If I was on the team, I would have watched JW get what he deserved.

    come off the bench, push someone in the back? you deserve to be knocked on your …….

    The Saints player didn’t pick on an injured QB, he responded to a moron coming
    off the bench to pick a fight. Evans should have given respect to the player teaching a child to play like an adult.

  38. PRBucFan Says:

    Winston started? Was he the one one the opposing teams sideline running his mouth?

    And he literally touched the back of his helmet nudging it like “get going already and stop yapping!” He did not “knock him in the back of the head” lol

  39. Scott Says:

    I was hoping Winston would come around, but any QB out of college is a crap shoot. No matter how good they are before the NFL you just can’t tell how they will do under the pressure of the pro game.

    Let’s face it, Winston lacks something either in intelligence or character, he just can’t handle himself mentally or emotionally and doesn’t even seem to realize how clueless he looks.

    But I’m sure he’ll give us another great speech about leadership later in the week. You know what? When it comes to leadership maybe the guys like GMC and Winston that talk about leading are doing just that, talking. Maybe the way to lead is by example.

  40. DalvinCookRules Says:

    Winston is a prideful person and he let his pride get the better of him. I’ve seen Deion Sanders and Andre Rison go into an all out boxing match in the middle of the field. That’s not what we saw.

    People need to put this in perspective. Basically, they are angry that Winston has not been able to overcome the miserable GM & coaching staff and single-handedly take this team to the Superbowl. Okay, fine.

    So, the right thing to do now is to be very rational and cut Jameis Winston. I think that would be right up the ally of a franchise that has basically failed at making a good decision since the day it accidentally hired Tony Dungy (and no, Jon Gruden was NOT a good decision, he was a magic fix, but a terrible attempt to replace a HOF coach)

  41. DalvinCookRules Says:

    and in case that wasn’t clear, yes, cutting Jameis Winston would please the reactionary cry baby fans, but it would be the stupidest thing this franchise has done in a while (well, until next week)