Jameis Fingers An Identity Crisis

November 2nd, 2017

Head-scratching and damning commentary

At Abe’s Place on Sunday, you might find Joe struggling to lay off the bourbon (not the amazing wings) before the Bucs-Saints game.

Why? Joe absolutely cannot believe what America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, was saying at One Buc Palace today.

Seven games into this season, 23 games into the Dirk Koetter regime, 39 games into Jameis quarterbacking Koetter’s offense, Jameis earnestly said this Bucs team is searching for its identity.


Are things this freakin’ bad?

Jameis tried to explain that every year is a new team and last year the Bucs found their identity during their winning streak. And Jameis’ implication was that doesn’t carry over and the 2017 edition is figuring itself out with its new pieces.

In the words of Greg Schiano, “BALONEY!”

Teams lucky enough to have returning coaches, coordinators and captains don’t get to say they’re searching for an identity. That’s for bad teams, or teams that experienced major change, and it’s certainly not for a team that went 9-7 last season.

Heck, Team Glazer made a massive and rare-in-the-NFL commitment to Mike Smith this offseason for the express purpose of maintaining the team’s defensive identity and building on it.

Joe can only imagine what Team Glazer is thinking hearing Jameis talk about the Bucs having no identity.

“We gotta find it,” Jameis said when pressed on the team’s identity.

Koetter certainly made it clear to the Bucs what kind of identity he demands. He even stated publicly he wants a “badass” football team, and we saw him order players to speak softly and carry a big mother*#%$’n stick.

The Jameis video is all there on Buccaneers.com for fans to see. Bring the TUMS.

62 Responses to “Jameis Fingers An Identity Crisis”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    This is simple….when you are inconsistent from week to week you have no identity except inconsistency.

  2. NFLNut Says:



    The Panthers, Falcons, Steelers, Raiders, Titans, Bears and Chargers MUST all BENCH their QBs and draft some no-named rookie QBs out of colleges like Syracuse and let their current starters and franchise QBs go when their contracts are up if they ever want to win another Super Bowl because ALL of those QBs are having worse years than Jameis!

    There are so many goof-balls on this site it cracks me up!



  3. DB55 Says:

    Jameis at his wits end. I hear NY is beautiful this time of year. #2020

    Gmc is the identity of this team and as long as he infects this team with his loser ways this team will never win. You have to cut the cancer. – Tmax. ✊🏾

    All seriousness though how many former teammates and coach of gmc now have SB and conference championship rings? I can name at least 5-6 right off top of my head. The best one imo is Adrian Clayborn.

  4. IndyBucsFan Says:

    I think this falls in the Dirk is a bad leader/coach category

  5. DB55 Says:

    And Michael Bennett.

  6. AlteredEgo Says:

    Opposing DC have been fingering Jameis…

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Last year there was a lot of talk and preaching about “family”.

    Haven’t barely heard that word mentioned this season…

  8. unbelievable Says:

    @DB55- Clayborn hasn’t done chit in Atl. Never even got 5 sacks in a single season since he got there.

    Bennet would be a better example, but he was very productive here too, so it really doesn’t matter.

    The other guys who have left the team and had success are not on the D-line.

  9. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Dirk is just Norv Turner. Really good OC, below-average HC.

    Just the way it is.

  10. Kobe Faker Says:

    “What happened to the alphabet soup?”

    Kobe Faker

  11. Not there yet Says:

    Yep still talking about how he needs to get better. It’s one thing when Brady or Aaron Rodgers says it but when the franchise guy when he says it when everyone is waiting for him to break out it’s not good.

  12. DB55 Says:


    Denial is a river in Egypt.

  13. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    Starts in the trenches…Those guys have to take the game over Sunday for any hope of winning…

  14. Michael Wright Says:

    Its Ok there Jameis Us long time Buc fans and fans across the NFL already know what the Tampa Bay Bucs idenity is. I won’t even Identify it here. We shall all see Sunday in New Orleans! I’m heading to the Liquor store now………

  15. ClodHopper Says:


    You took the exact words out of my mouth. I was thinking, it sounds like TJ ain’t the only one at his wits end

  16. Arealbucfan Says:

    Dirks coaching style doesn’t mesh with the way Jameis plays and it never will.. and I don’t think the defensive players respect or trust smiths scheme.. grimes doesn’t wanna be a part of it anymore and it’s contagious..last year we were all in this year we’re half out… Jameis needs better coaching to progress further.. agreed dirk is a great OC but I think HC is too much for him.. but that could change if he gave up play calling and started putting his foot in some a$$e$

  17. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “AlteredEgo Says:
    November 2nd, 2017 at 2:06 pm
    Opposing DC have been fingering Jameis…”

    Well that’s just weird

  18. Patrick in VA Says:

    I mean, he’s not wrong. We’ve all seen it and anyone I’ve heard from that’s watched them play has said the same thing. At least they’re not blowing smoke. Hopefully that means that they’re honestly working on diagnosing and addressing the issues

  19. wewantgruden Says:

    The really sad thing for all of us long time Bucs fans is that the organization will reward JameisNOT a massive contract when he comes out of his rookie contract in 2020. This will only cripple the team for another 10 plus years. Let’s hope the organization is smarter than the turnover buffoon QB.

  20. MadMax Says:

    Lol, touche Nut….but that qb from syracuse would be a good move with a 2nd or 3rd rounder next draft (if he comes out) to sit behind jw3 and learn and possibly move on with if it doesnt work with jw3. See that, its called forward thinking. Not hard my friend 😉

  21. wewantgruden Says:

    Dear Lord: Why can you not come up with your own thoughts instead of slamming everyone else for what they propose? I believe you may be the real troll.

  22. D-Rome Says:

    Jameis is absolutely correct. The team has no identity on how to win. Look at the Bills, look at the Rams, look at the Patriots, look at so many other teams that are finding success this year. It’s easy to look at good teams or even bad teams (like Arizona) and see an identity.

    What is the Bucs identity? I can’t name it. The team doesn’t win with strong defense. The team doesn’t find real success passing the ball. The Bucs aren’t a team that produces any up front pressure. The Bucs have a below average running attack (thanks for nothing Doug Martin). The team isn’t strong in either of the trenches. The team doesn’t have a strong “no fly zone” secondary.

    The only real identity the team has is that the team has an “offensive guru” that can’t figure out how to score touchdowns in the first quarter.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    Denial about what?

    GMC never having a legit DE next to him? No, I’m well aware…

  24. DB55 Says:

    Walk like an Egyptian

  25. DallasBuc Says:

    Oh they have an identity alright. Soft, entitled, dispassionate loser identity. Starts with crafty takeout boy GM.

  26. unbelievable Says:

    I prefer to strut, bruh

  27. PRBucFan Says:

    this is the kind of thing you here from a team that has completely fallen apart.

  28. NFLNut Says:


    MadMax … you’re not a loon on the level of some other posters on here and I do understand what you’re saying as they’re nothing wrong with having a dynamic backup QB … the 49ers had Steve Young and that worked out great for them … heck, even Tom Brady was just Drew Bledsoe’s backup and we all know how that worked out.

    And, for all I know, Jameis could bolt Tampa the first chance he gets. I expect them to exercise his 5th year option, but I then think he may make them franchise him in his 6th year rather than sign a long-term contract, as the new CBA will be coming in and the salaries could jump in his 7th season … so, by 2021 Jameis could sign with a new team and this Dungey kid or any other QB we draft next year would have had 3 years to sit and learn and may be ready to roll.

    Heck, I could see Brady and Brees both playing another 3 years and for the Patriots and Saints to get into a bidding war to sign Jameis in 2021 … and then JW can decide whether he wants to play in a nice-weather city with a dome and torment the Bucs fans 2x per year for the next 10+ years … or go win rings in cold Foxborough with Bellichick who will desperately want to prove it was him and not Brady that was most responsible for those 5 rings, by winning with another QB not named Brady … I LOVE IT!


  29. OAR Says:

    Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman….then be Batman!

  30. PRBucFan Says:

    Can I use your crystal ball too Nut?

    Hell forget 10+ years down the road…
    When is he going to get out of his current funk along with our coaches and rest of the team?

    Or are you using Tarot Cards?

  31. Negative Jeff Says:

    Jameis – the Bucs identity is you, and you suck! You suck out loud! If you’re hurt, take a seat and let the healthy QB play. Another losing season for the yucks. I’m sick of it! You f-ing know the Glazers are sick of it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  32. LakeLand Says:

    Losing football games is their identity

  33. 813bucboi Says:


    we’ve already heard multiple players voicing their frustration…..now we have the leader of the team say we have no identity….WTF!!!….

    LOL….and some want to keep dirk…LOL…why, we’ll have no identity next year!!!…LOL…GO BUCS!!!!

  34. Defense Rules Says:

    With all due respect to Jameis, this team does have an identity, and it’s not a good one. Every year we make a few changes, talk playoffs … then, KAPOW, they underachieve. That to me IS their T-E-A-M identity: U-N-D-E-R-A-C-H-I-E-V-E-R-S. Fans ultimately blame ownership, management, coaching, players, the water boy (hey, why not), but the reality is that collectively (which is what T-E-A-M is all about) they continually underachieve.

    When I look around the NFL at ‘winners’ I see certain common attributes in all consistent winning teams. I see strong ownership, quality management that’s good at stocking their teams with good players, and competent coaching staffs that are good at developing young players. Stability in those 3 areas especially seems to be a consistent thread. As for the players on those teams, I see certain players whose leadership skills AND performance on the field are very visible (ya, players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, TJ Watt to name but a few). I also see excellent T-E-A-M B-A-L-A-N-C-E. I’m not seeing the same qualities in the Bucs, and haven’t for many years (actually pretty much since our 2002 Super Bowl team).

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    An identity crisis, eh? Right now, the fans have no problem identifying you:

    If we’ve “identified the issue”, FIX the G-D issue already!

  36. Q Says:

    Maybe it was koetter apology to Atlanta… identity missing badass football team/ I’m sorry Atlanta that’s not what this teams about

  37. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    It’s like a struggling golfer who is spraying it left….then spraying it right. Spray n Pray. That’s your Bucs right now. You don’t know who/what is going to show up each week.

    The goal of every golfer is to always have one “miss”, either left or right, consistently, so you know where the ball goes when ya miss hit it.

    When you coin flip who shows up between Off/Def….I completely understand where Jameis is coming from and not shocked. I think that’s the identity piece he is referring to.

  38. NFLNut Says:


    His current FUNK has his on pace to have a better year than the last two NFL MVP’s … at the age of 23.

    Ya’ll can hate on Jameis if you want but even if he NEVER gets better than he is right now, he’s a 15+ year starter in the NFL that will shatter the record books for passing yards & TDs … you guys are loons.

  39. Pawel Says:

    Not sure what’s he talking about because clearly the identity is suck suck suck.

  40. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “wewantgruden Says:
    November 2nd, 2017 at 2:34 pm
    Dear Lord: Why can you not come up with your own thoughts instead of slamming everyone else for what they propose? I believe you may be the real troll.”

    You must be new here. I’ve written a lot of my own thoughts on this site over time.

    I just take particular interest to people who come in here and slam the team or certain players using delusional arguments that aren’t rooted in reality. I just don’t get it.

    Example – saying Buffalo & NY played “prevent” defense and that’s why Winston put up good numbers. That’s just completely inaccurate. You’re quite literally making sh1t up just to trash a Buccaneer that for whatever reason you obviously have an agenda against. That grinds my gears.

    Hell you’ve said a bunch of pretty hateful things about Winston – none of which were backed by reality. What’s sad is pointing this out to you will change nothing. You will be here tomorrow probably saying the same inaccurate things.

    Also – all I did was make a light-hearted dumb joke here about a typo / him saying “fingering”. Had no idea that would be so offensive lol.

  41. BartButtplug Says:

    Good luck finding the identity. If they get rid of the disgusting uniforms and go back to a uniform that has identity, that may help.

  42. PRBucFan Says:

    Again can I borrow that crystal ball Ms. Cleo?

    His age is irrelevant, he’s now 3 years in.

    And the stats mean nothing or the “pace he’s on”. The only thing that matters is W’s and his FUNK is very much a reality. And if he continues to play like he did last week, he won’t last much longer as a starter lol.

    He’s not untouchable. Use your eyes and not those homer glasses.

  43. PRBucFan Says:

    Stats are for losers

  44. wewantgruden Says:

    Madden 18 is what all of us fools should of been believing in. Check out today’s article in the Tampa Bay Times. Predicted 6 winds, but I have idea how it could even be that high.


  45. wewantgruden Says:

    NFLNut-Job: are you sure you are not actually JameisNOT or one of his relatives? He will be a back-up within 2 years and yes probably for many years. I will be in NOLA supporting the Bucs that I have done for over 20 years. I will also be the one starting the Gru-Den chants that you will hear on TV. Reason why: is that I care AND tired of being a fan for such a sh-tty team.

  46. Bucnjim Says:

    Jameis look in the mirror my friend the identity is You! This teams coaches and owners have invested time money and especially players to make you better and the offense great. Everything is in place to make this your team and especially the offense. To be honest it seems you have lost a little fire during this losing streak! That fire is the one thing that makes me a HUGE fan of yours because every great player has it. If you get that fire back the rest of the team will follow which is what a real leader does.

  47. NFLNut Says:


    PRBucFan … wins are an organizational accomplishment … in truth they mean NOTHING when evaluating individual talent.

    Marino/Fouts/Moon were maybe the 3 greatest pure passers that ever lived and they won ZERO rings in over FORTY YEARS of NFL football!

    Drew Brees suffered FOUR losing seasons AFTER winning the SuperBowl and league OPOY … wins are orginizational accomplishments and mean NOTHING when evaluating individual talent!

    Heck, Philip Rivers and Carson Palmer, and even guys like Drew Bledsoe and Boomer Esiason, ALL OF WHOM Jameis is far better than not just at his current age but at any age, were 10-15+ year starters in the league.

    You LOONS that want to dump Jameis or think he will be a backup just make utter fools of yourself.

    Sensible and intelligent posters like myself and LordC get a kick out of your idiocy, so feel free to keep it up … loons!


  48. NFLNut Says:


    Great post … as always!

  49. NFLNut Says:





    As they say availability is the best ability but I feel horrible for both those guys … two seemingly awesome young men with worlds of talent … so sad … injuries suck!


  50. Wewantgruden Says:

    I think we should start grouping the “dreamers” together….
    Lord Cornnut: Bucs have won two games against teams with a combined 4-11. Even scarier is that the Bears have a better record than the celler dueler Bucs. We need to unite and spread the good word on chasing JameisNOT, Dork Kotex, and Todd Lickad-ck out of Tampa. You do know that “Dreamers” will not be allowed in this country too much longer?

  51. Bucsace Says:

    NFLNut- Is that you Jameis?

  52. Wewantgruden Says:

    Busace. You are on to something. Shouldn’t he be watching some game film….or at least “are you smarter than a fifth grader”.

  53. unbelievable Says:

    I’d love to know what clueless username “wewantgruden” used to post under, since it’s only popped up in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

    Newsflash pal- Gruden ain’t coming back. Ever.

  54. NFLNut Says:


    Wewantgruden who CLAIMS TO BE A DOCTOR with 20+ offices doesn’t know the difference between the word “know” and “no” and now pulls another grammatical gem out of his hat by saying the Bears are a “celler dueler” when the obvious phrase is “cellar dweller”.

    Hey doctor, “celler” is not even a word and “dueler” has no connection to the correct “dweller”.

    Please, GO BACK TO SCHOOL before you hurt someone on the operating table … or before you induce a sensible and high-football-IQ poster like Lord Cornelius into stroke from having to read your idiotic Jameis and Bucs related posts.

    You are a verified loon … and by the way … the guy you dream of having as the next Bucs coach raves about Jameis … loon!


  55. unbelievable Says:

    lol nut.

    Yea I didn’t even bring up the grammatical errors….

  56. NFLNut Says:

    unbelievable … some folks like the good doctor seem to be beyond help

  57. PRBucFan Says:

    You can repeat the same crap over and over all you want the funny thing is you mentioning the names of those QBs in the same breath as Winston shows your homering delusion lol.

    WINS are all that matter in the league and if you have a QB thats playing like Winston did last week and in the first half of most every game this season he will not last neither will the coaches or anyone else contributing to the losses.

    A QB like those legends lasted through the losses because they played well and weren’t part of the reason (for the most part) their teams lost. That is not the case for Winston right now.

    YOU ARE A DELUSIONAL talking about Winston being better when he’s in his third year all the while looking worse than he has ever looked in a Bucs uniform to date.

    It’s pointless even conversing with you though. I’ve been around these boards since their inception and you may be one of the most annoying posters I have encountered. That type of poster that acts like by regurgitating the same things repeatedly it somehow makes them more valid or that only by acting as if our players can do no wrong can we be a “true fan”.

    You remind me of the Freemanites that would always tell me about the records he was breaking and all the yards he had and blah blah blah.

    I warned them he wasn’t untouchable, and they wouldn’t listen.

    I want Jameis to be great, but my desire for him to succeed does not cancel out the reality that he has actually been pretty dreadful at times this year and very inconsistent. And if there ever was a QB killer it’s inconsistency. So when and if he pulls his head out of his arse than I will talk about him doing well until then I’m going to call it as I see it. Not sit there and blindly defend him just because I want him to succeed.

    But I’m done discussing this with you. Not going to go in circles. I will agree to disagree with you and spare myself further convo. Have a nice day.

  58. Eric Says:

    I believe NFL Nutjob is JOE … Please, Joe doesn’t engage in this kind of nonsense. Much better things to do. –Joe

  59. Macklemore Says:

    I think Jameis should quit listening to those motivational tapes and start learning how to throw a football. He quotes some inspirational guru here, but we ain’t seeing inspirational football. He does all the shouting before the game and even in the interview, he comes off as smug. “We gotta get better” is his mantra and repeating those words ain’t helping.

  60. Wewantgruden Says:

    Lord Cornnut: my apologies for the grammatical errors. I use voice recognition from my phone and laptop and do not have time to verify the accuracy. The laptop technology is fairly new in which the bugs are not worked out. I am a busy man and don’t have time to verify the grammar or correct spelling. Some of us do work and not living in mommy’s garage.

  61. JMarkBuc Says:

    Identity? Does the phrase “Franchise QB” and face of the franchise ring any bells?

    Truth is we do have an identity, all talk, no action. Sub Nfl caliber play. Can’t hit the broadside of a barn on offense or defense. I think we’ve got all the identity we can stand.

    And the uniforms are The ugliest part of our identity. Can I get some fries with that whopper?

  62. C. Alaka Says:

    Joe you’re confusing coaches “philosophy” w/ a teams identity. Every yr you’re definitely trying to find your identity b/c players come & go, players grow & decline. For example, your RB might not be able to carry the offense anymore & your QB has gotten better to a point they can carry the offense. So yes I see where Jameis is coming from. This team has NO identity! There’s nothing they do great to hang their hat on & a lot of that is due to the players.