Ex-Buc Says Donovan Smith Has To Go

November 4th, 2017

Legions of Buccaneers fans are eager to launch third-year left tackle Donovan Smith from the roster.

Now they have company in a former Bucs offensive lineman.

A guy who manned right guard for seven years in Tampa Bay, Ian Beckles, has manned a local microphone for much longer than that. Talking Bucs now mostly via his In The Trenches podcast on RadioInfluence.com, Beckles remains down on Gerald McCoy, but this season he has a new target: Smith.

“Our offensive line, you know, there’s times where I think they play well enough to win. I just think they’re average to below average and that’s it,” Beckles said this week. “I don’t see a lot of movement. I don’t see a lot of mean play. I don’t see guys punishing anybody, and that’s what you see on great football teams. Sweezy’s supposed to be this mean dude, um, I’m not really seeing it.

“I don’t know really where our strength is. You say you really want to run at the strength. I don’t see a strength on our offensive line. Both our guards to have played shoddy against the Panthers. … So offensive-linewise it ain’t pretty.

” …We have some players [across the team] that are consistently poor. Donovan Smith. I don’t know his contract situation, next year, groom somebody else to go over there. Not only does he get his ass kicked a lot, there’s a lot of missed assignments and a lot of penalties, too.”

Regular listeners of Beckles this year know his favorite on the O-line is Ali Marpet, but Beckles has had enough of Smith.

Smith might be having his worst season as a Buccaneer. But Joe contends 24-year-old Smith remains an average starting left tackle in the NFL, and he’s got a lot of durability and lots of upside. The Bucs have far greater problems to address.

Joe predicts Smith will have a strong game Sunday when he squares up against standout pass rusher Cameron Jordan of the Saints.

59 Responses to “Ex-Buc Says Donovan Smith Has To Go”

  1. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    I think Smith has value but not at LT….perhaps RT or G.

    And, yes we have bigger issues…..we need to draft 2 DEs & a CB high in the draft.

  2. darin Says:

    Bigger issues is right tbbf. The first of which is coaching.

  3. webster Says:

    The bucs have many issues. They are just not a good football team right now.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    If I remember right, some of his draft profiles were calling him to eventually become a guard in the NFL!!!!!

    I see this as another “Jeremy Trueblood” problem, where the guy is usually here for work, But you wish to upgrade him, but there will always be larger needs for the team, so they eventually give the guy a second contract!!!!!!

    But this past offseason, the word on the street, that since there was so much turnover on the interior line. 3 new starting positions that were switched or new starter!!!!!!!! That in the back half of the season, once the interior started to get, they would then evaluate the Tackles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GO Bucs!!!!!!!!

  5. JimmyJack Says:

    Last time I checked most our linemen were touted as being run blockers, not to mention OJ Howard being the same. Yet we spend most of our free agent money on the passing game and keeping trying to run a deep pocket pass attack that throws 40+ times a game.

    All the while our franchise QB says he doesn’t know what the identity of this team is.

    The more and more I watch and read about this team the more certain I become that nobody over at One Buc knows what the **** they are doing.

  6. Ed Says:

    Hire a G.M. that know what the hell he is doing instead of jumping into a pool. The GM, for this team is the reason this team is loosing, it’s because he has created a loosing ass attitude.Look at all the bad no talent players he has gave contracts to. He should have been fired when Coach Smith,was back stabbed out the door.

  7. Joe Says:

    I think Smith has value but not at LT….perhaps RT or G.

    He told Joe last year he can’t play right tackle.

  8. Joeypoppems Says:

    I know Smith himself has said that he can not play RT (dont know why fans keep suggesting it). I wonder if he could kick inside to LG. We need a starter there as well since weve been using a rotation at that spot.

    I dont know anywhere near enough about OL play to know if he can make that transition or not.

  9. Kobe Faker Says:

    Oline play is everything to koetters ancient deep vertical passing schemes

    the Oline has to hold their blocks alot longer and with the blitz almost impossible to block

    there are terrible Olines all over the NFL…thats why the OCs all have short passing schemes

    peyton manning with his uptempo short passing game put all his left tackles to the probowel because he was never sacked.

    “What is a slant?”

    Klueless Koetter

  10. Rojas Says:

    He’s not a very good LT.. he’s more of a LG. Wouldn’t mind drafting a LT am kicking him into guard. Our line will be good.

  11. Conte Piscateli Says:

    Just because Smith has never played right tackle and obviously doesn’t think it would be an easy transition, doesn’t mean he can’t. Had he tried and failed miserably yet, I haven’t seen that tape. Marpet never played center before in his life, yet I see him snapping a ball every weekend. I bet if you tell him it’s right tackle or the street, he gets a much more can do attitude. Face it he doesn’t want to be able right tackle, because left tackle makes more money.

  12. The Buc Realist Says:

    Joe Says:

    “He told Joe last year he can’t play right tackle.”

    And he did not tell you that he could play Left Tackle well either!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dewey Selmon Says:

    guess we went from a grand slam draft to a triple. If Winston doesn’t pan out, we’re down to a double.

  14. JimmyJack Says:

    Kobe, I agree……..It’s a bit of an indictment on the management team over at One Buc place to trot out the same team this year with weak line play. We got into a big game last year vs DAL as both lines got whipped and exposed. We then proceeded to come out unprepared and with no intensity vs New Orleans which put an end to any postseason hopes…..Of course I am guilty of drinking the KoolAid and thought we could show different form this year but at this point it is not shocking that this team has looked unprepared and with no intensity again this year.

    This orginazation has failed terribly to identify and fix the problems with their teams. The “weapons for Winston” movement was giggly sweet but didn’t come close to getting this team over the playoff hump.

    One thing is for certain, the Glazers do not open their pocketbooks very often. When they do it usually happens when this team seems primed to make a playoff run. I see no way that the Glazers feel that the state of this team is something that patience will heal. I believe there is bigtime pressure on this front office to start producing results and from the looks of it our boys are prepared for nothing but choking and lying down in this league.

  15. Kobe Faker Says:

    single? Ali Marpet as fumbling center experiment

    next batter up!

    “Ill be your huckleberry”

    Jon Grudog

  16. Mike Johnson Says:

    Its the SOB’S (same ole Bucs), Being proactive in setting up Sundays excuses for their upcoming A..s Whippin against the Saints! Just one in a number of..Plusable pretext to hide behind. …Honey I’m on my way to the liquor store for Tomorrows Buc baptism.

  17. Tackleblockwin Says:

    I think Smith is ok at LT. I do think it is funny that he says he can’t play RT though. That is nothing more than a “pay me LT money” type of comment, imo.

  18. big daddy 58 Says:

    The Jags need run stoppers ! Why didnt the Bucs trade someone like baker or tuikolavatu to the jags for a pass rusher before the deadline ????They are chock full of good to better than average ends and tackles!They need run stoppers !
    Everyone hammers the dbs for bad play.It all starts up front .We need a dominant end to help GMC.

  19. Kobe Faker Says:

    The NFL thought also that the Bucs /glazers have a up and coming team when they were gifted the superbowel 2021 as host

    the NFL is going to demand that Tampa Bay become a somewhat presentable team very soon

    “NFL is Grudogs #1 fan, Kobe Faker is Grudogs #2 fan”

    Kobe Faker

  20. LocalJoker Says:

    Problem solved. LT Connor Williams/Texas round 1 pick 5. Next Joe Staley. Draft is loaded with DEs and CBs.

  21. JimmyJack Says:

    Big daddy………If our Bucs are going to trade for some help and take on more salary they would need their owners approval.

    Maybe if we had cashhappy owners it would be a different story but we don’t. I could be wrong but a lack of any trade shows a lack of faith in this front office from the owners.

  22. Joeypoppems Says:

    @big daddy 58

    Why would the Jaguars trade one of their pass rushers (the 2nd most important position on a team) for an under achieving player (Baker)or a guy on IR (Stevie T) when they could get Dareus for a mere 6th round pick….

  23. Kobe Faker Says:

    Maybe the Glazer boys want to holdoff till the new GM/HC comes in

    David Gettlemen/ Jon Gruden 2018 ticket

    “I Did it before, Ill do it again!”

  24. LakeLand Says:

    NFL Career Sacks %

    Russell Wilson 8%

    Jameis Winston 5.1%

    Drew Brees 3.9%

    Matt Ryan 4.8%

    Ben Roethlisberger 7.0%

    Tom Brady 4.9%

  25. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs O-Line isn’t that bad in pass protection. The problem with the Bucs offense, is the love of the deep pass. It takes time for the deep plays to develop. That put more pressure on the O-Line to hold their ground.

  26. Destinjohnny Says:

    Maybe we can trade to Donald penn….
    Scouting and personnel…….

  27. LakeLand Says:

    Go to NFL Next Gen Stats, and you will see that Jameis Winston is one of the best protected QB in the NFL. I don’t know Ian Beckles is seeing, I don’t see it in the games, or the stat sheet. Jameis Winston has more time than EVERY NFC South QB, and most QBs in the NFL. Also DeShaun Watson is the only QB ahead of Jameis Winston in IAY ( Intended Air Yards), 11.3 to 11.2.


  28. Defense Rules Says:

    @Ian Beckles … “Our offensive line, you know, there’s times where I think they play well enough to win. I just think they’re average to below average and that’s it.” Seems like a pretty fair assessment to me. And Lakeland you’re spot on: “Bucs O-Line isn’t that bad in pass protection.” Far too many of our pass plays take forever to develop. Jameis getting sacked 5% of the time isn’t great, but it also isn’t gross … until Dirk has him passing 40-50 times a game then the numbers catch up to ya (and QBs get injured).

  29. LakeLand Says:

    *****I don’t know what Ian Beckles is Seeing*****. I’m not a Donovan Smith lover. But he and the Bucs entire O-Line has played exceptional well this season.

  30. Bobby M. Says:

    An “average” LT will ruin the development of a potential franchise QB….Ask Andrew Luck how that’s going. He’s by far the weakest link on a very avg line. Another situation where he was deemed the best option and we settled for no competition to allow him to develop.

  31. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    g at best. Below average LT

  32. Wesley Says:

    Stick to eating food Ian.

  33. unbelievable Says:

    I love how Beckles speaks like he was some great HOF player. He was average at best. Anyhow….

    1. Of course D. Smith says he can’t okay right tackle. He wants LT money, not RT money.

    2. He’s actually pretty good in pass protection. The problem is he has several snaps every game that he takes off, resulting in a missed block, or a penalty.

    3. Our run game has been most effective on the left side, followed by the right side. We plain stink running up the middle, yet almost every 1st down run is right up the gut. WTF Koetter?

  34. LakeLand Says:

    According to Football Outsiders O-Line rankings. The Bucs O-Line is ranked 6th in Pass Protection. And they have them ranked 12th in Run Blocking. This not average nor below average. According to my math, this is above average.


  35. unbelievable Says:

    Lakeland- love me some football outsiders

    We run up the middle on over 55% of our runs, yet we rank 27th in the league in runs up the middle…

    Ill say it again: WTF Dirk?

  36. Blade Runner Says:

    I disagree 100% the O-Line hasn’t given up that many sacks per game…Sure, they commit dumb penalties sometimes but overall I think they have played well. The real problem is that Jameis holds onto the ball too long and our running game is anemic!

  37. Not there yet Says:

    Pamphile would be a better left tackle.

  38. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Donovan may not be great, but I’m sure a lot of teams would take him at LT. He’s very young and O-Lineman in college aren’t groomed for the NFL like they were in the 90s. He may not be top 10, but we could do a lot worse. Being objective, I will say that he has caused many of Winston’s mistakes this season and was beaten on the play that injured Winston, and the play that re-injured him. I can see why people want him gone, but with the age old question: who do you replace him with? It’s easy to say he should go, much harder to find a better player to replace him with. I’d find 2 DEs, 2 CBs and a RB before I’d worry about Smith. That’s just me.

  39. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Unbelievable, I agree, but we have to look into Koetters’ mind. I always go back to the kicker. Koetter repeatedly has said the kicker has to make his kicks. He made a struggling kicker try from 49. Why? Cause that’s his job. Now put this into the perspective of other positions. Koetter has his scheme, and he wants players to execute said scheme. He wants to run between the tackles. He calls a majority of his runs between the tackles. Why? He either recognizes that our backs can’t get outside, or he has his vision of what makes the offense work (play-action fakes witch are mostly inside run fakes) and wants his players to play accordingly. Both are good observations of our RB talent, but both also show a rigidity that will hinder us without any imagination and misdirection. He has shown the ability to scheme players open (Howard and DJax), but also won’t change play calls that have shown to not work. Why? Because that’s how his offense is supposed to be run, and he’s going to run it.

  40. Duke Says:

    Defense rules,

    The plays have a combination of short to long routes. If JW gets the ball out faster there’s usually a guy wide open. JW is the only one pulling the trigger.
    He takes the time because He can and prefers down field throws. It ain’t scheme

  41. unbelievable Says:

    BuccaneEric- I get what you are saying, and tend to agree for the most part.

    But, wasn’t one of our biggest criticisms of Lovie that he was too stubborn and wouldn’t adjust his scheme to maximize the player’s talents? Same goes for Koetter on the offensive side of the ball. (The kicker is different in my opinion, you’re not going to scheme different ways of kicking…)

    I get what you’re saying about the scheme and running up the middle and how it affects play action, etc., but I think you can run outside and towards the edges, and still make play action work. If anything, it would open up more opportunities for bootlegs and misdirections, which would be more effective.

    At the end of the day, wins are more important than sticking to a specific scheme. The best coaches game plan and adjust for the opponents weaknesses, instead of insisting on doing ‘their’ scheme. We saw Koetter get very creative in 2015 and work around many deficiencies we had on the offensive side, it seems like he should be able to to do more with all these added weapons.

    But more than anything, I just want to see a game where we execute on both sides of the ball consistently. Every week this season it’s either been the offense or defense that doesn’t show up, or any plays half the game competitively.

  42. unbelievable Says:

    *or only plays half the game

  43. jerseybuc Says:

    If you really told you he can’t play RT I think he is repeating what his agent told him. He will lose money on his next contract if he moves to RT. I watched him in person in Happy Valley and even back then I thought he was too slow footed to play LT. I haven’t changed my mind.

  44. BuccaneEric75 Says:

    Unbelievable, you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned Lovie. I think Koetter is more diverse, but he’s got some stubborn in him. You can see it in his press conferences. I wasn’t mentioning the kicker in terms of scheme, just to show that Koetter expects his players to do thier job, HIS way. I will say that he’ HAS forgone long field goals, but his words gain insight into his philosophy. He knows how his offense works and is reluctant to change for his talent. Sims on 3rd and 1 is one example. Koetter was asked about that play and said he expects Chuck to make that play. None of us watching the game thought Sims should be in the game in that spot, let alone make the play, but Koetter put him in and expected him to get the 1st. Koetter, in my option is and above average play caller, but he lets his inner guru out a little too often.

  45. JimmyJack Says:

    Unbelievable……Unlike our football team, you executed that comment very nicely………The thing you said that sticks out to me the most is your mention of how creative Dirks offense was in 2015.

    Of course, the glaring difference since then is that in 2015 Dirk was calling the game but it wasn’t his gameplan. I remember Dirk saying how much he hating having to call his plays within a specific gameplan that he didn’t always agree wit……..well, now everything’s on him and this offense does nothing but rake up yards while muddling along in the scoring dept.

    It’s well noted how disgusting our first half offense has been. I think it’d be very interesting to see how effective they were in first halves back in 2015. By memory I know they got a few points against Philly and Minnesota that year. Them two 1st halves alone probably equated to more points then we scored in all first halves combined in 2016-17…….P.S. I just dry heaved

  46. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Let me say it again…

    As long as D. Smith is the LT, the Bucs will be plagued by bad penalties and subpar play. D. Smith is a bad LT. He would be better served st RT or G. What makes it worse is that he whines saying he can’t make a switch like that. Meanwhile, Maroey and dozens upon dozens of other offensive lineman are capable of making the switch, serving as swings, and learning multiple positions along the line.

    He can learn a new position or play LT in the CFL.

  47. Joe Says:

    Joe’s about to quit typing this because, apparently, no one reads.

    Donovan Smith explained to Joe last year how he cannot play right tackle.

  48. Erc2706 Says:

    I went and searched Google play for I and podcast and boom there it was. Thanks joes!! Been missing hearing his football knowledge. It’s always good to hear former players who were smart. Ian wasn’t the best guard and used his smarts to stick around the NFL a long time. I value his opinion as a bucs fan.

    Added to the Joes podcast!!!!

  49. DallasBuc Says:

    [If you are ever banned — and Joe strongly suspects it is just a matter of time — if will be your own doing. — Joe]

  50. cmurda Says:

    I don’t really care where D Smith plays as long as he doesn’t pull the ole’s and stops committing penalties. Right now, this guy is a subpar LT. The draft picture is shaping up. We need an LT and 6 DE’s.

  51. DallasBuc Says:

    Sacred Cows unite

  52. DallasBuc Says:

    Isn’t Donovan Smith part of the “GrandSlam” draft we hear so much about?
    Don’t ban me

  53. DallasBuc Says:

    If it is my own doing I will never know why because you never tell me.
    The don’t ban me disclaimer is because I never know what gets me in trouble. For example, I just laughed out loud in comments and you deleted it!
    Unwritten rules that constitute crimes against Joe for a thousand Alex…

  54. DallasBuc Says:

    If you don’t want to be scrutinized why bother having opinions?

  55. Joe Says:

    If it is my own doing I will never know why because you never tell me.

    Don’t play dumb. Been explained to you many times.

  56. DallasBuc Says:

    Notice we aren’t talking about horrible Donovan Smith and his horrible talent evaluator Jason Licht.
    Crafty diversion!
    Jason Licht on draft day crafty

  57. THETRUTH Says:

    Why would anyone even. Go to Beckles for thoughts , he is often wrong yet never thinks he is.

    Love how he has to tell everyone who he is and and that he played that he Interviews cause no one knows who he is. Haha

    D.Smith just needs to stop making a penalty a game

  58. Joeypoppems Says:

    Ive read a lot of comments on this thread that say things like: “Pamphile is a better LT” or “Smith will be better at Guard”

    I genuinely would like to know what leads you guys to believe these are true. I dont know enough about OL play to be as certain about these things as some of you guys seem to be.

  59. johnnybuc Says:

    his worst season as a buccaneer ?? not even close the penalties are a problem but other than that he’s been fine