“In Danger Of Getting People Fired”

November 5th, 2017

More prominent national hot-seat talk

As ecstatic as Bucs fans were last year as Tampa Bay rode a five-game winning streak to national respect and to what felt like a true team culture change, they’ll do a complete 180 and be at rock bottom today if the Bucs lose their fifth-straight in New Orleans.

It’s just that simple. NFL football is an emotional roller coaster because even just a two-game streak can mean so much to an organization. A five-game streak is usually a game-changer.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports and ProFootballTalk.com, a friend of Joe, arguably is the NFL’s loudest and most influential voice. He’s the guy owners and executives pay the most attention to. It’s been that way for years.

Hosting with former Bucs QB Chris Simms on PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio this week, Florio said the Bucs are “in danger of getting people fired,” and he believes Dirk Koetter likely is feeling the pressure of working for ownership that has a penchant for replacing its head coaches after two years.

“Somebody’s getting fired in Tampa if they keep this up, whoever it is, it’s going to be somebody,” Florio added.

Joe agrees. And Joe will take it a step further. If the Bucs continue this collapse and somehow end up as the NFL’s top underachiever and finish 4-12 or 5-11, then there should be major changes of some variety coming to One Buc Palace.

Florio and Simms’ discussion is in the video below.

55 Responses to ““In Danger Of Getting People Fired””

  1. BucJ Says:

    You’re right joe. I think we need to get rid of a few under achieving players and get rid of most of our coaching staff. It’s a mess, but honestly even if we do “wipe the house” I guarantee a much better season record next year

  2. Bird Says:

    Unfortunately , it may turn into game of thrones

    And heads will roll

  3. Off the Cuff Says:

    Licht infused more talent into the team, but very little beastly attitude. Nobody fears us because we act like we’re playing two hand touch instead of trying to beat the crap out of the other team.
    Try trading our glut of no name defensive lineman for Ndomukong Suh?

  4. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Nothing is worse than unmet expectations…….you expect 10-6 and get maybe 6-10……..not good.

    But, how on earth could they fire “Winning” Head Coach Dirk Koetter?

    My prediction is that they will survive one more year….but better make some big moves to improve the team.

  5. Buddy Says:


  6. DallasBuc Says:

    Jason Licht is a complete disaster and successfully conned most of you into supporting him. Says more about the devoted fanboy than Licht however. Reminds me of politics and this national nightmare we are all living through. So go ahead and support the idiots you gladly put in charge and revere as they eff things up and squander all the passionate things you care about while stroking their narcissistic ego. Getting what we deserve.

  7. SteveK Says:

    It would be beyond short sighted to fire the head coach. The players are the reoccurring theme here.

    What HC candidate would want to come to a place that has had 5 head coaches in 9’years?

    If we get rid of our coach, we better damn sure get rid of a lot of players.

    It would be the definition of insanity to fire our head coach and expect these players to suddenly become winners. Something stinks well beyond coaching.

  8. Sunny Says:

    A coach that knows what it takes to win , a proven winner , Jim H , gruden , ???

  9. DayOnePaul Says:

    Come on Joe. Post that classic video of Jon Gruden yelling at Chris Simms in practice.

    “Jesus freakin Christ Chris, West Right Slot 72 Z Bingo U-Split Can it with 58 Lexus Apple 314 Hammer. Dummy Snap Count on 1.
    What’s so goddamned difficult?”

    That clip is priceless.

  10. Gencoimports Says:

    I agree with what Ira said the other day. If ownership keeps firing management after only two years then they are the problem.

  11. Q Says:

    I wish i could post pictures on here because I have a good screen show from bay news 9 when they mentioned bucs interested in jon gruden

  12. Joeypoppems Says:

    6-10 or worse they clean house. Coaches are fired and Licht wont get an extension.

    Looking at the schedule, I dont see 5 more wins to get to 7-9 at the end of the year.

  13. Ga. Buc fan 41years Says:

    Here’s a thought.What did the Redskins and the Falcons and the 10-6 BUCs have in common? Raheem Morris, the man is a motivator. The Bucs need to lure him away from ATL.

  14. Kalind Says:

    That explains so much joe! The reason the NFL is struggling, the reason viewership is down, the reason Papa johns is pissed… They listen to one of the dumbest human beings on earth! When Florio gets on his soapbox and show his ignorance on anything non-field related…he is leading the NFL down the path of utter stupidity (ref his personal Kaepernick Crusade, his stance on player punishment, drug and alcohol, violence in the game etc etc etc etc!) thank you Joe!!! We finally got to the bottom of this!!!

  15. Eric Says:

    I’m thinking this won’t end well. Dirk erred in declaring this was the most talented bucs team in years.

    Either he was wrong or failed to coach em up.

  16. Buc believer Says:

    There is ONE common denominator in the last 8years of losing. That is #93 the Batman loving , comic book collecting, can I have my hot milk in bed loving, look at me what a great religious man I am because I pray in the middle of the field while everyone else is in the locker room, man child Gerald Mc loser!

  17. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    OMG…we’re going to lose this game. Anyone who is surprised is ignorant.

  18. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Ga. Buc fan 41years Says
    “Here’s a thought.What did the Redskins and the Falcons and the 10-6 BUCs have in common? Raheem Morris, the man is a motivator. The Bucs need to lure him away from ATL.”

    Is this a joke????

  19. Kobe Faker Says:

    “I blame the loud Rap music!”

    The Buc Realist

  20. Kobe Faker Says:

    The next HC will be a proven commodity

    No more what ifs or promising…

    Did you or did you not win the superbowl before

    “I did it before and ill do it again”


  21. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    If Gruden gets to Tennessee then its over for this organisation. They have a golden opportunity to fix this franchise and they are going to screw it up.

  22. Joeypoppems Says:

    I still dont understand why fans are crowning Jon Gruden as the savior of this franchise. Stop living in the past.

  23. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs can finish the season strong
    At least going 6-3, to get to 8-8

    New Orleans Saints 5-2 (Twice)
    New York Jets 4-5
    Miami Dolphins 4-3
    Atlanta Falcons 4-3 (Twice)
    Green Bay Packers (4-3)
    Detroit Lions (3-4)
    Carolina Panthers 5-3

    These teams are a combined 29-23
    These teams are average or below average
    I don’t understand the tanking talk
    The Bucs are capable of beating all of these teams
    If the Bucs finish below 500
    The Glazers should clean house

  24. Kobe Faker Says:

    There is only 1 thing Jon Gruden wants in life.

    Gru is already filthy rich. If all his sons picked up the heroin habit, jon will still be rich. If his wife left him for demar dotson and demanded a divorce, gruden will still be filthy rich

    “Jon Jon what do you want most in your life?”

    “I want to be in the HOF!”

    “LOL! That was Dungys team!”

  25. Eric Says:

    I like that Gruden past. Way better than the present.

  26. Eric Says:

    Dallasbuc is a big lib?


  27. Wewantgruden Says:

    I hope everyone is aware that the five game win streak towards the end of the year last year is all about nothing. Meaning, they were playing teams that were either out of the playoffs or teams that were in the playoffs resting their good players. Nothing more nothing less Don’t take the fools gold again this year if they reel off 2 or 3 in a row at the end of the season.
    *** I was also amazed in the lack of Tampa fans in NOLA yesterday. I have been making this trip every year for the past 20+ years and I did not see the usual large qty of fans. They are either giving up on this team or was too embarrass to wear the team colors. Either way pretty sad.

  28. Lakeland Says:

    The Saints has 4 rookies that has started at least 4 games
    They have 3 more rookies, that has played in every game
    They have three 2nd year players as starters
    They have three 3rd year players as starters

    If the Bucs can’t beat this YOUNG team
    Then this team need to rebuild

  29. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    A famous saying in professional sports…”You can’t fire all the players so you fire the coach”.

    I say let’s just flip that once. Let’s keep the coaches and gut the team. #3 obviously stays as do a couple dozen building blocks…ME13 stays…DJAX goes
    Rest of the WR’s stay.

    Just gut the DL. Realist says we can get a 1 and a 3 for GMC. I take that deal.
    Then dump players like Ayers, Baker, anybody over 25!

    This team is not as far away as some of you believe. Again a break here or there…or some freaking consistency and this team could be 4-3…it would be the same team just different record. I get that you are what your record says you are and so the 2017 BUCS are 2-5.

    But we shouldn’t totally project this years woes or successes (remember last year’s D} onto next year.

    Draft 2 DE’S…a dominant OT…a good running back with upside…CB’s…and with the rest take some more shots at the DL.

    If we cut the right players…trade the players we can for draft picks and load up…we could turn this around next year….IF #3 regains his arm strength.

    I love #3 but after the Andrew Luck saga I’m now getting nervous.

  30. Lakeland Says:

    Why turn it around next season?
    This team is 2-5, with 9 games to play
    5 divisional games
    They should turn it around, starting today

  31. Joeypoppems Says:

    Wewantgruden Says: 
    November 5th, 2017 at 9:16 am

    I hope everyone is aware that the five game win streak towards the end of the year last year is all about nothing. Meaning, they were playing teams that were either out of the playoffs or teams that were in the playoffs resting their good players. Nothing more nothing less 


    Thats just not true lol. The 5 game win streak was weeks 10-14. Nobody rests starters that early.

    The 5 game win streak was all about generating turnovers at a ridiculous rate that cant be sustained and/or relied on.

  32. Joeypoppems Says:

    A 1 and a 3 for GMC is a ridculous offer to expect. And am argument can be made that this team is too young and inexperienced. Getting rid of anybody over the age of 25 is ridiculous as well.

  33. Not there yet Says:

    I’m sure Dirk is feeling the pressure and he definitely is part of the problem but he is being sabotaged by lack of leadership weak-minded high priced players. We have some leaders but for instance Kwon can’t be a leader to the o line, that guy has to be someone in the film room uhm like GMC for the d line ….. Linebacker group is doing their job because they have leaders not just good players, what about running back group and o line? Sweezy is not a leader either. The one thing many people don’t talk about is Logan Mankins second season how he demanded better play from the lineman does sweezy or Dotson have that type of dog in them? The leader of the o line happened to be the guy who helped Doug get his day contract when he ran for 1400 years then Mankins retired, minus one guy and the o line was back to playing like garbage the next year. Calais Campbell was expensive but that’s what we needed not cheap under achieving aged veterans. This teams needs a Hardy type signing he was the leader before Sapp and Brooks took over, these guys have high price tags and someone just doesn’t get that in Tampa

  34. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Full Blown Implosion looks like what is coming, if we lose this game.
    Something is radically wrong with our team. We have way too much talent, to play like we have been playing.

  35. Ga. Buc fan 41years Says:

    BUCBONZAI NOT a joke think about it with an open mind. I don;t look at him as a head coach but you have to admit thePLAYOFF Redskins,super bowl Falcons. And a10-6 buds teams all had 1 thing in common!

  36. denjoe Says:

    We need a good GM, who will do what it takes to make
    a young, Tough, team of guys who want to win.

  37. Fire Goodell Says:

    Dirk interviewed with the 49ers. As bad as they are, if they hired him, he’d become Bill Walsh II. The Broncos interviewed Raheem for their head coaching job before Gruden got fired, and probably would have become another Mike Tomlin.

  38. Buc1987 Says:

    Hire a different coach…..get the same results.

    The Glazer boys don’t have a good track record of hiring coaches…

    I still think it’s the laid back lack of caring about the Bucs within the community that rubs off on talented players. Money isn’t enough to make them give a crap. Lynch, Sapp, Barber, Brooks, Alstott and such had something to prove. For several years the team was crap and they made it better, and I think they knew that they made it better. As if look this team was crap forever and we’re going to be the players that turn it into something special. Always hungry for more cause they kept coming up short.

    I’m just throwing this out there. Everyone has their own football related theories as to why they suck. There has to be more to it than just bad coaches and bad players. The team sucked under Hugh too. There has to be more to it.

  39. zwak Says:

    What good head coach would come here, they all know the first time they have two bad years they will be fired?

    That being said I would move on from Shelton Quarles our pro scouting dept is very disappointing..

  40. Lakeland Says:

    Tony Dungy was on the “Hot Seat” every season
    Mainly for the Bucs poor starts
    Or a losing streak during the season

    1996 season
    Started 1-8, finish 6-10

    1997 season
    Started 5-0, lost 3 straight
    Finish 10-6, won a playoff game

    1998 season
    Started 4-7, finish 8-8

    1999 season
    Started 3-4, finish 11-5, made playoffs
    Advanced to NFC Championship game

    2000 season
    Started 3-0, lost 4 straight
    Was 3-4, finish 10-6, made playoffs

    2001 season
    Started 4-5, won 5 of 6, clinched playoffs at 9-6
    Rested starters during week 17, finished 9-7

  41. Lakeland Says:

    The Bucs are 2-5 this season
    And the fans are talking Tanking
    The fans are talking a Top-5 draft pick
    The fans are saying the season is over
    The fans has no confidence in the franchise
    The fans has no confidence in the coaches, players
    The fans has no confidence in the GM
    Total Disarray

  42. Eric Says:

    The Glazers made a great hire on Dungy, then got lucky Gruden came available.

    That led them to the mistaken impression they knew something about pro football.

    They don’t. Ergo the raheemschiansmithdirk fiascos.

    Pathetic. I doubt Gruden will agree to subject himself to this moronic fan base. Win the bowl and get treated like crap.

    Likely to keep his money and laugh himself to sleep every night.

  43. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t blame the fans. That’s not my point either. I just have a feeling that when you’re snowed in, in Pitt. You watch the game no matter the record. If the Bucs fall to 2-5….you’re going fishing here in Florida or doing something else. I think there’s only a few 100 of us that truly give a crap about the Bucs left in this area. That’s how much they’ve beat down this fan base. I can say a few 100 even though more show up for home games cause most of the ones that do show up, don’t really watch the game anymore.

    I think it’s just easier to just say I’m a Buc fan, than to care THAT much about the team or as much as some of us do. I’m trying to steer myself in that direction. Take the….if they start to win they start win approach. Not really care about the losses so much. Ride them out like I’ve always done. Just say I’m a Bucs fan and NOT EVER raise my expectations to a high level. When it happens it happens at this point. Pounding on keys on website won’t change it. We don’t change a damn thing.

    I don’t know. I lived in San Diego for 2 years. I used to call that one of the most laid back cities I’ve ever lived in. Their team is gone now….

  44. Buc1987 Says:

    And LakeLand picked the team to go 7-9. So he’s not too let down….

  45. Wewantgruden Says:

    Listen the the GRUDEN chants today when the Bucs are on offense IF they fall behind.

  46. zwak Says:

    Gruden isn’t ever going to coach again let it go!

  47. ruggyup Says:

    What surfaces here is a high correlation between Bucs fan attitude with coaches/owners excuses joined by overall NFL displeasure, dismissing even TV watching, and yada yada yada but not forgetting diminished quality of the whole NFL product. Hard to deny most games are just not worth watching and fans being fans lose interest when star players are not playing. The big increase in the frequency and severity of injuries adds another question mark about product quality. Please don’t spout the old football is a violent game crap before you think it out.

  48. Joeypoppems Says:

    Why would there be Gruden chants in New Orleans? lmao. When the Bucs are on offense you will hear Saints fans screaming and making noise. Not the handful of Bucs fans there voicing displeasure.

    Stop kidding yourself.

  49. Lakeland Says:

    Today is the Day
    They either rise up
    Or lay down and lose the season
    A 2-6 record will put them in a bad position
    They will have to win 8 straight to get to 10-6
    9-7 will not get them in the playoffs

  50. denjoe Says:

    What do you guys think about Rex Ryan? Just wondering he’s got a lot of baggage but his D wouldn’t be soft! Just curious here.

  51. DislocatedBucsFan Says:

    No one should be fired after this season nor during this season. If anyone gets fired it should be Licht. His FA have all been mediocre at best and his draft picks aren’t very good either. His saving graces are Brate and kwon. VHIII has yet to show anything, ( I’m a Gator fan) DS76 is awful. We all know about the kicker and outside a few splashes Our new safety isn’t worth writting about either. Lastly, Jameis is an average QB, he reminds me of Byron Leftwich, Josh Freeman, Fitzpatrick, and Osweiler ( I have no idea how to spell his name). Winston, is erradic with his passes and his decision making is awful. The “Touch” he was supposed to have on his passes is no existent. Coaching is a huge part of the game and Koetter deserves much scrutiny. But can you expect someone to fix a car with a lil’ tykes tool set?

  52. Wewantgruden Says:

    Bucs fans are starting to show up in NOLA!!!!! Let’s win for a change Bucs!!!!

  53. denjoe Says:

    DislocatedBucsFan Says:
    November 5th, 2017 at 11:58 am

    No one should be fired after this season nor during this season. If anyone gets fired it should be Licht.

    I agree

  54. unbelievable Says:

    Yep, we can changes coaches and GM again…. And continue being bottom dwellers for another 10 years…. It’s the Bucs way!

    Do you guys not understand that NO coach worth his salt wants to come to an organization that will only give them 2 years at most? The new HC that turn their teams around are ver few and far between, and many times it’s a 1 year wonder. Very few have sustained success.

    Give Dirk and Licht another year. Or continue being the bumbling Bucs…

  55. lambchop Says:


    Gruden didn’t become available. The Glazers went and got him.