Chucky: No One’s Called

November 15th, 2017

“Man, it is so cool to hear my name talked about this time ever year. It’s almost as rad as hanging with Hooters chicks. Sure beats talking to Ian Beckles. Love this sh!t!”

If Team Glazer is looking to oust winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter and replace him with Chucky, that’s news to Chucky.

With a couple of national folks fanning the flames that Chucky replacing Koetter in the coming weeks is very close to being a thing, Chucky hopped on BSPN radio this morning on the “Mike and Mike Show” — Joe thought those guys broke up? — and did his annual non-denial/denial that he may or may not want to coach again. But in doing so he claimed no one has called him about any coaching opening, real or unreal, types Michael David Smith of

Gruden said on Mike & Mike that he is happy working for ESPN as a Monday Night Football commentator, but he also said he isn’t going to declare that he wouldn’t coach again.

“I haven’t talked to anybody,” Gruden said. “All I really have in my life is my family and football. That’s about it. I’m real sensitive to the coaches that are out there coaching, so I don’t speculate. I just love football. I’m trying to hang onto the job I have. I’m very fortunate to be with the people I’m with. I don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future. I just know this: I’m gonna continue to give my best effort to the game, stay prepared, and I love Monday Night Football and don’t plan on leaving but, as you know in life, you never say never to nothing.”

Well, at least somebody at BSPN asked him about this. Yesterday as Joe was enjoying a craft beer, he got a call from his coveted columnist, eye-RAH! Kaufman, to talk shop. Now Joe isn’t going to share a private conversation but of course Chucky came up.

Joe rhetorically asked eye-RAH! with all of these Chucky rumors flying all over in national NFL media circles, why BSPN with an army of vaunted journalists hasn’t tried to pin down Chucky with these Bucs rumors.

Of course, that might get them in hot water with a fraud who has damned near killed BSPN with his bad business deals and rotten operation yet just got re-upped on a new contract.

Only in media can a CEO-type oversee an outfit that hemorrhages cash, lays off hundreds in part due to poor vision and get rewarded with a contract extension.

48 Responses to “Chucky: No One’s Called”

  1. The Buc Realist Says:

    And let me say this, because I already know plans are being made for it to happen!!!!! If you fools errrrr fans, on national TV are chanting “Hire GRUDEN”
    all game long on Monday night football, in front of the whole nation, It will be a terrible look for the franchise!!!!!! That will be a “defining” and solidifying for the national media that the fan base is full of goobers and rubes!!!!!!!!!!!!! and it will be very hard to argue their point!!!!!!!!

    And how embarrassing for those fans to pine over the past and then to be left at the alter!!!!!!!!! Shameful!!!!!!! Shame on the so called “fans” that are chasing the past, thinking that will solve everything!!!!!!! When all it needs is a little roster upgrades and good ole hard work!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dewey Selmon Says:

    He knows he is coming off like a tool so he is trying to cool the talk. he loves the attention. Just heard Chris Simms say that when he got fired Simeion Rice called Gruden a scum bag. No one came to Jon’s defense. Dude has a massive ego and will get tuned out by this generation of players, who some don’t even remember Gruden on a sideline.

  3. BartButtplug Says:

    Gruden won with Wyche’s players. My sources tell me negotiations are in the works for Bellichick to be the next coach of the mighty buccaneers.

  4. Drew Says:

    What do you think of having Gruden become our new GM? Keep Koetter if Jameis still believes in him and put a strong football mind in the front office

  5. Joe Says:

    What do you think of having Gruden become our new GM?

    Complete and total disaster.

  6. 813bucboi Says:

    he hasn’t heard because harbaugh is the man for this team…..harbaugh will get this team to the next level….not just jameis..but the entire team….GO BUCS!!!

  7. Kyle Says:

    The future is so bright, i gotta wear shades man!……….go bucs

  8. tmaxcon Says:

    Living in the past is for ignorant losers with short memories… most people dying to relive the failed dungy years or grudens single glory year are weak and scared of the future and change. You small little people are not strong enough to accept real change thus rather make excuses and dream of failures of the past than make exciting fresh new memories

    Dungy the failure did far more harm to bucs than good not mention he wasted 99 and 55… soft one dimensional fool who choked in big games and post season… simple as that

    Gruden was a drama quern who did get the job down with the defense whyce built but was nothing more than an unstable one hit wonder..

    Why relive a failed past. One championship with that defense is failure anyway you slice it…

  9. Not there yet Says:

    I’m real sensitive to the coaches that are out there coaching, so I don’t speculate.

    Exactly gruden you don’t throw a coach under the bus even if you truly want his job behind the shadows. What you do is continue to let him dig his own grave and trust me Dirk is doing that very thing. You go out there and beat Miami by a field goal in another boring game that won’t inspire confidence and if we get an experienced GM that wants Dirk gone Glazer’s will send him packing

    Ring of honor game will be the game that could send gruden back to coaching the bucs if it’s ugly at halftime especially if he has the ego the say he does and the entire stadium is chanting his name. Lol if you want to keep Dirk Glazer’s, sell more tickets to the away team

  10. tmaxcon Says:


    Get over harbaugh its not happening no way he’d work for this pathetic franchise…. its a HUGE HUGE steap back financially snd prestige wise leaving a proud program for the laughingstock in nfl… harbough aint coming to tampa under any circumstances

  11. 813bucboi Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    November 15th, 2017 at 9:07 am
    And let me say this, because I already know plans are being made for it to happen!!!!! If you fools errrrr fans, on national TV are chanting “Hire GRUDEN”
    all game long on Monday night football, in front of the whole nation, It will be a terrible look for the franchise!!!!!!

    NO….IT WILL BE A HORRIBLE LOOK FOR DIRK!!!!….having a team with this much talent and only having 3 wins at this point of the season is unacceptable….having these many weapons on offense and not being able to score is unacceptable….having a lousy defense with a seasoned hand picked DC like smitty is unacceptable…..the nation will see how incompetent dirk is and how much this team has regressed since last year….GO BUCS!!!

  12. 813bucboi Says:


    we’ll see….

    get over bashing GMC….he’s a buc for life….GO BUCS!!!!

  13. The Buc Realist Says:


    You are on point as always!!!!! These so called “fans” and scared of progress!!!!! They want what they had in the past, even though they complained everyday about it!!!!!! Its why it takes so long just to design and build a damn pier in St Pete!!!!!! How many big projects in Tampa get stalled because the they are scared!!!!!!!!!

    They want a time machine!!!!!!! Maybe that is why they keep playing the same old music at the stadium!!!!!!!! I bet half the fans still have the same hair cut that they did in high school!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Joe Says:

    Gruden won with Wyche’s players.


  15. Joe Says:

    you go out there and beat Miami by a field goal in another boring game that won’t inspire confidence and if we get an experienced GM that wants Dirk gone Glazer’s will send him packing

    Joe has to apologize but when did anyone get the foggiest notion that Ryan Fitzpatrick was Kurt Warner 2.0??? Pretty sure anyone that can create an exciting offense around Fitz could land a very big-time job in the NFL making serious seven-figures a year.

    What’s Koetter supposed to do, march Jameis out there and throw left-handed? Guess that would be exciting… for Dolphins fans.

    Joe understands folks are infatuated with Chucky the TV star coaching the Bucs, but does anyone remember Brian Griese? That’s what an offense looks like with a backup quarterback who can’t throw. That’s Fitz.

    For every Case Keenum, there are 12 Mike Glennons. If a backup quarterback was any good, he wouldn’t be a backup.

    Not sure what folks want from Koetter. So he should open up the offense for Fitz and watch him throw five picks? Yeah, guess that beats winning with a “boring” offense.

  16. LakeLand Says:

    So Sam Wyche was responsible for:

    Simeon Rice (15.5 Sacks)
    Dexter Jackson (Super Bowl MVP)
    Keenan McCardell (61 Rec) 2 TD Super Bowl
    Keyshawn Johnson (76 Rec)
    Dwight Smith (2 TD Super Bowl)

  17. denjoe Says:

    Fitz was lucky, he only had the one pick, I don’t think we beat Miami unless the Defense scores, in this game or we have a massive day running the ball. With cutler playing, we have a chance though.

  18. Lamarcus Says:

    I don’t want a mnf color announcers as the next coach. We done lost ours minds. While the glazers at it hire a milk trunk driver as oline coach, that door mat salesman tomsula for dc, hire me as thier marketING director, the mcdonald manager for gm

  19. denjoe Says:

    Not sure what folks want from Koetter.

    Wins simple as that! A team that is prepared to play! A team that is not out of the playoffs in November!

  20. deminion Says:

    I worry about a guy who hasn’t coached in years, makes you wonder has the game passed him by? you saw how lovie was a dinosaur after 1 year lol I like gruden hopefully he has a OC with a innovative mind to bring. Gruden will need to be a walk around coach imo… would I take Gruden over dirk no question ideally id want harbaugh the qb guru no one else is out there though. Only Teryl Austin but he is DC we need a real coach! Go bucs. Also I wouldn’t want gruden touching the draft or personel stuff lol

  21. Kobe Faker Says:


    Pure 100% sheep here

    Wins/winni g cures all

    Gruden wins and life is good in sunny tampa

    You can bring hof bellicheck here and if he consistently loses, we will shred his hoody into piecec

    “Winning cures cancer”

    Kobe Faker

  22. ClwJB Says:

    Hope they learned with the Lovie debacle what a return to the glory years will do for you…there is only 1 Dick Vermeil

    Get the lazy head case(s) out the locker room and bring in more with LVD type desire and watch this team soar

    It’s all about confidence and mind-set

  23. volbuc1 Says:

    Didn’t Mike Golic ask him about the opening of TN and not about the Bucs??Also, didn’t he say he “hasn’t talked to anybody”. not no one has called. That doesn’t mean no one has called he could have messages on his desk, or that his Agent is taking the call. You must be getting desperate to write stuff now. This article is Fake News!!

  24. Mike Johnson Says:

    The longer our Bucs stick with Koetter and his sidekick Smitty, the worse its gonna get in the long run. Koetter is not going to bring us a championship fellow Buc fans. He and Smitty couldn’t do it in ATl, and they won’t do it here. Sure, there will be ariel bomb completions and some victories here and there. But Koetter cannot bring the pirate ship in from rough seas. All he and his crew can do is continue to get out the…SOS and Mayday calls. Theres good reason the ATL owner Mr. Blamks let him and Smitty walk.

  25. Not there yet Says:

    Stop it Joe…. They offense was dead long before Fitz got on the field. Suddenly your saying they can’t score points because Winston is hurt. They are 3-6, Fitz has played one full game. It’s like what you did then entire off-season talking about Nick folks one great season, Fitz has had a few good ones as well so don’t give me that we don’t have a capable back up because I didn’t here that kind of talk when Mike Glennon was the backup up and who’s better?

    With these weapons there are no excuses, isn’t that what you and it’s said before the season started?

  26. Kobe Faker Says:

    The pro gruden fans like myself belief in 1 thing-

    Will gruden develop young jamis and this offense into a prolific offense to win playoff games. Absolutely.

    There are however 2 worries

    Who will gruden bring in as DC? We are confident with his knowledge of coaches around the leauge and successful schemes, gruden will bring experienced nfl coaches and not frat boys like Klueless

    GM? We know grudog is alpha dominant and cant work with another similar personality

    Kobe believes manboobs licht beer fits the description

    Kobe Faker will be screaming “Hire Gruden!” On top of his trailer from lakeland so loud, The Buc Realist could hear him from Sebring

  27. tmaxcon Says:

    gruden with full control will resemble the incomponent Lovie Smith with full control. disaster

  28. Not there yet Says:

    tmaxcon Says: gruden with full control will resemble the incomponent Lovie Smith with full control. disaster

    You mean like Dirk Koetters team?

    The Glazer’s aren’t going to give full control to any head coach, they learned that lesson with lovie. This team needs an alpha male type coach that’s bigger than the players doesn’t have to be Chucky but it has to be an a hole like Chucky. Schiano type attitude but someone with credibility and not only is gruden a great play caller and motivator he’ll bring in assistant coaches who will get the job done, guys that won’t come here for guys like Dirk.

    This isn’t reliving the past, it’s a known commodity and this is a playoff roster in the hunt for a top ten pick. Great coach, great play caller that’s why he’s going into the ring of honor but bad drafting ok fine but all this time away from coaching I’m sure he’s got a new perspective

  29. BoJim Says:

    Grudens head is too big to fit through the locker room door. Glazer’s will pass.

  30. Kobe Faker Says:

    Did everyone see the passion and emotion of sean peyton last week?

    Jumping, cursing, yelling

    Did you see peyton give less carries to ingram for fumbling the previous game vs chicago? Everyone k ows who is in charge at new orleand….did you see ingram with 3 tds and no fumbles vs buff

    We need an emotional no nonsense passionate leader as hc

    “Ill be your huckleberry”


  31. Hodad Says:

    Why would anyone want Harbough? He was fired from S.F. because everyone hated him. His Michigan team couldn’t beat Michigan State for crying out loud. He can’t get a storied college team into the final four, so thinking he can win in T.B. is laughable. Gruden was the best coach the Bucs have ever had, period. I’d take him back in a second over Koetter.

  32. volbuc1 Says:

    People are living in fantasy world if they think Gruden would come back to Tampa. He has nothing to prove in Tampa. Already won the Super Bowl, and He is in the ring of honor. Why would he want to tarnish that? What if he came back and was terrible and got fired a second time?? Stop the nonsense!!!

  33. 813bucboi Says:

    Hodad Says:
    November 15th, 2017 at 11:51 am
    Why would anyone want Harbough? He was fired from S.F. because everyone hated him.

    not true…players loved him….he took them to 3 straight NHC championship games and 1 SB….it was the GM that thought he had an ego problem…turns out the GM was stupid and he was the one with the ego problem…..harbaughs biggest problem in college is urban meyer….urban will send him to us….and watch we get to the playoffs next year….GO BUCS!!!!

  34. BIG DADDY 58 Says:

    Hey Tmaxcon . Heres some fresh futures for you .
    Leeman Bennett
    Richard Williamson
    Raheem Morris
    Greg Schiano
    Ray Perkins
    Im ready to give Gruden another chance.The guy breathes football.And of the two Grudens that are and will be head coaches and at some point head to head,my money is on chuckie !

  35. Kobe Faker Says:

    In football (even college)

    “It is, It was, and It will always be about the QB”

    Kobe Faker

    *Jim Harb cant seem to find that legit QB in Mich so far…if mich stays the same for the next 4 years, i think jim is going to the NFL where he can build around the QB he wants

    Lets give Gruden the chance to build with a franchise talented QB like Jameis. Like he states repeatedly, the man carries a playbook where ever he goes. Gruden can tell you right now, this second what he would do, jameis strengths/weakness, routes, …etc… sheep here think that gruden has been out of coaching too long? he probably is the most rounded and knowledgeable person in the NFL from analysing all the teams the past 7 years on the booth

  36. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    Harbaugh is unable to attract the top talent needed to put Michigan in the winners circle.
    Too much competition from proven winning programs like Alabama and Ohio State, etc, etc, etc.
    Plus, Michigan is a hard as hell school academically, and Ann Arbor isn’t exactly paradise.

    I can see Harbaugh wanting to leave Michigan, if the price is right, and return to the NFL.

  37. Lord Cornelius Says:

    Koetter hasn’t really run a good offense this year period. I don’t think it’s debatable. When you consider the talent we have it’s even more indicting.

    What Koetter did in 2015 was pretty special in terms of getting our offense to produce – especially the run game. He really did fine as an OC by itself. I wrote 2016 off as a learning curve due to balancing OC duties with HC duties; but 2017 has been his worst year calling plays.

    Even the play design isn’t that good in general. Too many deep drops and to Kobe Faker’s points – not enough quick passing designs or options to the TEs like Howard who should be getting 5-8 targets a week at least at this point.

    My biggest concerns for the team going forward – IF we keep this staff:

    1. Can we put our players in better position to succeed next year with this staff? Are they willing to look in the mirror and make those changes? I think Koetter needs to give up the OC role / play calling role at a minimum.

    2. Can we identify the weak characters on this team and weed them out? Can we find the true “Buc” identity we need going forward? This is a look in the mirror for Koetter & Light & Smitty – to figure out wtf happened this year with this locker room and the sh1t we saw in so many collapses and lopsided losses.

    If we don’t keep the staff then all those same questions apply.

  38. KnoxvilleBuc Says:

    First time posting on this site. Just got back from Tampa to Knoxville. Born and raised a Buc fan. Try to make it to two or three games a year either in tampa or in an opposing division rivals city. Beating the Jets this past Sunday was no remarkable accomplishment. I like Koetter but I do not believe he’s cut out long term and it is a business for the Glazers so seeing Gruden on the sidelines would bring people back to Raymond James. Certainly everyone here in Knoxville would love to have Gruden and I have my own reservations about hiring him especially at the college level. Personally I think he has had the time to sit back and understand what went wrong in Tampa. Stayed close to the game, City, people within the organization, and he clearly cares about his career at the Bucs. The time he has had to sit back and learn has made him reevaluate the way he drafts and how he handles personnel will make him better at this time in his life. It is proven recently new hires can win quick and he certainly is capable on taking us back where we belong. Would love to have that fire and passion back. You can feel it when he talks about the Bucs. Overall Gruden or Mike Tomlin if we catch him at the right time if the Steelers falter or the organization goes in a different direction when Big Ben retires. Go Bucs

  39. JimmyJack Says:

    The media is going to bat for this Dirk Koetter because they are clinging to his 9-7 season, which is barely an accomplishment outside of TB.

    With the media behind this guy he will survive another year so long as his team doesn’t get made as fools like they have several times over the last two seasons.

    Personally I think the Glazers have painted themselves into a corner with their kneejerk firings over the years. I feel like this franchise is stuck with Dirk Koetter now. That’s because Dirks teams choke in big games, even if the competition ain’t that great. Dirks team just has not proven they can contend in this league. But the franchise looks unstable if they move in another direction. Can’t even see how any coach would want to come here if they fire another coach.

    So we are stuck with Dirk and his team chokes when they get into an important game. I have little hope for this or next year. Maybe they prove me wrong, that would be nice.

  40. bucs_365 Says:

    Drew Says:
    November 15th, 2017 at 9:17 am

    What do you think of having Gruden become our new GM? Keep Koetter if Jameis still believes in him and put a strong football mind in the front office

    I believe Joe already answered “complete and total disaster”… I’ll second that… Do people not remember the Bucs with Chucky and his hand-picked GM Bruce Allen completely decimated the roster with the worst drafts in team history? Did we not already live thru Chucky having a hand in personnel. By the way, we already have a GM named Jason Licht who has stocked this roster at most positions except DE. We’re not there yet, but this team, despite its poor play, is really loaded with some young talent. Licht did that. Chucky wouldn’t know what the hell to do as GM. Terrible, awful idea. The worst. Gruden is a coach and a TV talker… not a personnel guy or a cap guy. And frankly, I don’t want him as coach either.

  41. JimmyJack Says:

    @Realist……..What the hell are you talking about in that first post? Nobody’s going into the stadium planning on chanting for Gruden.

    They go in rooting for the team, it’s when this team gets embarrassed and fans have nothing to cheer for. I go to at least one game a year and haven’t seen this team win in 7 years………That is f***ing embarrassing man. And when we get embarrassed and have to walk out of the stadium with our heads down getting mocked by other fans Tampa fans have nothing to do but start a “Let’s go Lighting” chant to laugh off the game…..It the same thing with the Gruden chats.

    Some fans are sick of having to do silly chats to laugh about to cheer themselves up. We are sick of this team being a laughing stock. If the Bucs give their fans a game on Monday Night they will get support. But if they give us another embarrassment you’ll hear Gruden chats very loud. You can’t blame anybody for being sick of this team embarrassing their fans, if you do then your a dumba$$

  42. unbelievable Says:

    Gruden ain’t coming back.

    The only reason the rumors are flying around is b/c J0es and others in the media keep talking about it. click click click though

  43. LakeLand Says:

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    2002 Super Bowl Champs

    2003 7-9

    20014 5-11

  44. LakeLand Says:


  45. Bucsace Says:

    Gruden is a weasel……..just ask Keenan McCardell

  46. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    It’s playing out to be Gruden’s triumphant return. After all there is even a statute of him in the lobby of his soon to be office. He’s the real deal, look at what McVay’s done with the rams. If you pay attention you can tell the Gruden’s have been a massive influence on him. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised to see Farve on Jon’s staff next year. Hopefully the ownership doesn’t screw this up.

  47. StPeteBucsFan Says:


    How many defenses have an HOF player on their squad? How many defenses have TWO HOF players on their roster. IF Lynch makes it we can say THREE HOF players.

    With the exception of Simeon NONE of the players you mentioned were a pimple on the butt of Sapp…or DB 55…or Lynch….who got those players for us.

    Sapp would have never been a Buc if Dungy had arrived earlier. Wyche ignored the weed reports that broke just ahead of the Combine. Think pious Tony would have drafted Sapp.

    IF you have TWO HOFers and a borderline third that is clearly the core of the championship defense. Sapp and DB55 and I believe Lynch were GREAT…again excepting Simeon none of those players you mentioned were close to great.

  48. Arealbucsfan Says:

    It’s don’t wanna go thru another HC. Still, the fact of bringing Gruden back is exciting. It’s not jus him alone, I see him bringing Rex Ryan with him. This defense is built more for 3-4. And I see Jameis as a perfect fit for the west coast offense