14 Monday Morning Headscratchers

November 6th, 2017

There’s no way Joe will sleep tonight.

So here’s some of the Bucs-related stuff buzzing through Joe’s head:

1 – So the Redskins let DeSean Jackson and Chris “Swaggy” Baker walk this past offseason, along with 1,000-yard receiver Pierre Garçon, and yet they’re a solid, competitive football team at 4-4 with Bruce Allen calling the shots.

2 – When your team has lots of talent and it’s absolutely alley-beaten in four of eight games midway through a season, there’s almost no such thing as an overreaction by fans or ownership to a 2-6 record.

3 – Injured, out of the game and then entering the field of play to instigate an opponent is a profound level of stupid, yet America’s Quarterback, Jameis Winston, did just that yesterday.

4 – The delay of game penalties and other pre-snap penalties by the offense yesterday are among the biggest red flags when it comes to Dirk Koetter. This is Year 3 of his offense. Same QB with many of the same linemen. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy.

5 – If Jason Licht and Koetter really want radical change, then a few players should be cut today.

6 – What if the Bucs did the smart thing this offseason and had Patrick Murray competing with Nick Folk instead of a kicker they already knew was mentally weak/damaged?

7 – The loss of Will Gholston with a scary neck injury should make the defensive line worse, but how much worse can it really get?

8 – The loafers on Alvin Kamara’s first-half touchdown are Robert McClain, Vernon Hargreaves, T.J. Ward and Kwon Alexander. What kind of defense do you have when guys quit while their teammate is trying to wrap up a dangerous runner at the 8 yard line. Sickening video here.

9 – With Doug Martin suspended for the first three games, and the Bucs in desperate need of running back help entering free agency and the draft, there’s no doubt a member of Team Glazer asked Jason Licht what he thought of bringing in Adrian Peterson for a look. Joe’s confident the words “washed up” were invoked. Peterson, after humiliating the Bucs last month, dropped 159 yards on 37 carries against the 49ers yesterday.

10 – Imagine if your job this morning was selling Bucs tickets.

11 – Watch the Jaguars play defense and you’ll see a unit that looks like it literally wants to murder someone. The Bucs’ defense? Totally different animal.

12 – Lurking out there is Miko Grimes, who could, if she chose to, drop a whole lot of ugly truths about this Bucs team on Twitter. Joe’s not against that, but it sure would make things worse than they already are.

13 – If the NFL suspends Mike Evans one game for his cheap shot, which he would deserve, the silver lining would be a full-game dose of Chris Godwin. Joe thinks that would turn out well.

14 – Koetter and Titans head coach Mike Mularkey run nearly identical offenses. They readily admit it. Mularkey is 5-3 and his team has put up points, despite brutal backup QB Matt Cassell getting his share of playing time this season. Koetter’s system is not the problem.

46 Responses to “14 Monday Morning Headscratchers”

  1. Bill Douglas Says:

    Lot of content there Joe.

    In response to point 8, this is precisely why Kwon is often ‘disrespected’ by TB outsiders who ‘don’t know what they’re talking about’. Everyone remembers his good plays, but the bad plays? Few even know what they are because he’s often off-screen. Hey, we all got a fraction of a glimpse yesterday.

  2. Bill Douglas Says:

    In response to point 14….

    Systems demand specific talent. TEN has one of the better OL’s in the league. We don’t, and I know you disagree with that, but it’s true. I’d say TEN is evidence of that.

    Any offense looks good when a 4 yard run is in your arsenal. Dirk comes from that old school type of thinking, and it’s not wrong. But, what happens when we can’t do that? 13 points over 2 games.

  3. J dubb Says:

    I want us to start running a 3-4 defense, at least if the other team doesn’t know who is rushing it could lead to unblocked easy sacks cuz our linemen are not winning the 1 on 1 battles. Ultimately our three down line man would be McCoy at end Baker in the middle and McDonald on the other side should provide enough space for the linebackers to stop the run as well cuz we can’t stop anything right now. My four lb would be Kwon and beckwith in the middle with David and glanton on the outside ( even if Spence was healthy, he hasn’t shown me dynamic pash rush ability or that he can even hold up in the NFL). With those 4 lb, any one can rush on any play, although no specialist I think it makes it that much harder for the offense cuz u never which guy is coming. With Spence / Ayers on the field teams would know he’s the one rushing…..as for the back end, give Smith and Hargreaves the start at corner….let’s at least find out what we have going into next year and maybe build their confidence cuz if they can prove to be good alongside Evans our secondary could be decent, just find another starting caliber safety……sorry for the long post but I’m just so frustrated, and I havent even started in on the offense yet

  4. Guzzie Says:

    Josh McCown is going to light us up next week, welcome to Tampa Saquon Barkley, don’t take a first round RB, yeah Zeke and Fournette look amazing and their teams are winning, so will our next coach runoff Jameis, he’s won’t be invested in him

  5. richbucsfan Says:

    Sadly, I don’t believe JW is the franchise QB. He seems to be more talk with little production. His after game comments about getting better and doing better have no meaning. I was hoping he would turn the corner this season and succeed. Other contributing issues: no RB, no OL.

  6. Bucsfan107 Says:

    Winston is a loser and has failed to be a qb I think a high school teams qb could come in and do better just trash Fitz is just a little better which tells me winston might be backup material especially with the eating a w thing what a joke time to rebuild this team all over again fire everyone and trade others with value winston included if he has any value…

  7. Gnawesome Says:

    saying Koetters system isn’t the problem is ridiculous, two seperate teams running similar offenses not THE EXACT SAME. Furthermore, Mularkey actually dedicateds reps to running the football not only to set up the pass game, but to have an effective running attack providing the offense with a balanced attack. Koetter not so much, the formula sucks, player execution is inconsistent and we’ve tallied more :45 second offensive drives I’ve ever seen from one team.

  8. D-Rome Says:

    I never thought I’d see the day where loaf and Kwon Alexander were used in the same sentence.

  9. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Most of us have stopped caring about what’s wrong, as the Bucs don’t listen to us anyway. Which is why Koetter still calls the plays, why they still bring in Sims on third down, why they don’t use their weapons, why the try a 20-yard low-probability sideline pass on 3rd and 4. If they lose against the Jets at him next week, and I expect they will, many of us season ticket holders like me, won’t be back this year. Some won’t come back for much longer, if ever. This is what lack of discipline and lack of leadership looks like. This offense really misses Vincent Jackson. They need to get Mike Evans out of here. Great skills, terrrible team player, awful leader, lousy American. Start with him, go from there.

  10. Tom Edrington Says:

    Jameis is NOT America’s quarterback…….America is better than that!!!!

  11. GramaicasLuckyCoins Says:

    there’s a reason why the lightning are a world class organization….

  12. darin Says:

    No the system is not the problem. Weve seen it work. The problem is that dirk isnt the coordinator anymore. Another problem is that dirk is the head coach now. Of course another is that mike smith is the d coordinator. Hindsight is of course 20/20 but dirks a coordinator, not a hc. He is a terrible hc. Team has no direction, soft, unprepared etc etc etc

  13. ItsDookie87 Says:

    The system may not be the problem but the person responsible for calling the plays in that system is. It’s not just about the types of plays, it’s about the feeling of the game and knowing when to call said plays to maximize their success.

  14. bucster Says:

    Why do people, Joe included, keep insisting the Bucs have lots of talent. They DON’T! It is obvious. This team sucks in all facets of play and coaching.

  15. HarlemBuc Says:

    In my line of work we do “root cause analysis l”… for the life of me I can’t figure out where the air is let out of the tires on this team
    The line sucks, lbs missing critical tackles and the secondary is out of position… that makes me say scheme but the defense doesn’t play with will, skill or heart
    On offense you’ve got every conceivable weapon except a consistently dynamic running back… the offensive line doesn’t have the strength or unity to hold up at the point of attack
    Most damning and disturbing is the third year QB is immature, injured and inaccurate
    What moves can you even make in one off season to fix this? Where do you even start? I don’t see a direction forward here Joes… what the hell are we gonna do?!?!

  16. Defense Rules Says:

    The real headscratcher Joe is your statement “Koetter and Titans head coach Mike Mularkey run nearly identical offenses. Koetter’s system is not the problem.” Neither of those 2 statements is quite correct. Mularkey runs the ball a LOT more than Koetter (47% vs 35%) AND is a LOT more effective in doing so because (1) they have a much better OLine; and (2) they have much better RBs (as in TWO of them). Yes the Titans are 5-3 but 2 of those wins came against the Browns & Colts … winners of 2 games TOTAL thus far this season. Not only is Koetter’s system a problem (forget yardage, look at points scored over these last 2 seasons), but so is his play-selection. Quality of players may enter in someplace in there also.

  17. Wewantgruden Says:

    I have been telling you guys that JamesisNOT is not intelligent enough to play QB at this level. He determined his fate with the pregame speech (psycho) and terrible play.
    Dear Bucs: do not sign him to a long term contract!!!!!
    Dear Lord Cornnut: are you believing me now? After all JW is as dumb as a bag of hammers.

  18. 813bucboi Says:


    Don’t hide until Thursday!!!…GO BUCS!!!

  19. Jman Says:

    Mariota gets hurt physically at times but is mentally solid

  20. Bobby M. Says:

    I said it before….if Winston is leading us to victories, he could eat his toes and guys would rally around that….but he’s not and veteran players are looking at a guy that has been anointed the face of the franchise who isn’t coming close to carrying the team in any capacity. Winston is who he’s always been dating back to his FSU days….erratic and oddly bizarre flashes of immaturity. Except now he’s 23

  21. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Something I have not seen anyone touch on:

    Losing mentality? I don’t think so. Look at the Jags. They bitched and moaned about the very hard camp they went thru – lots of work in pads, lots of conditioning. But, that is what puts you in position to execute and be mentally strong. As a player, you know you are supposed to tackle that RB at the 8 yard line, but if your legs are tired you are slow to react.

    Kotter is the infamous “players coach” – lots of days off for vets and fat azzes like Swaggy Baker (nice signing there Mr Licht – yeah, Campbell was a lot of money, so why is it ok to literally give away $5MM /yr?!).

    I believe one creates that “winners mentality” thru hard work; it gets you thru the challenging moments in a close game, or in a game you are down in.

  22. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Point 14
    Mularkeys Offense is the exotic smash mouth.
    Koetters Offense is just mush mouth.
    Mularkey has a great O line and best tandem of rb in the league.
    Koetter has no run game yet refuses to adjust his system.

  23. Doolnutts Says:

    I really don’t understand folks that say Koetter needs to call better plays? What does that mean exactly? Totally mixing up play calling doesn’t do jack. A good football team runs the plays they want to run and executes. It is that simple. I would agree that we do run on first down conisistantly but the whole scheme is based on running the football to set up a play action pass… this is oiterially the absolute basics of the scheme. We are never going to line up in shot gun and throw around like Peyton Manning and I’m fine with that given how erratic Winston has been.

    And guys calling for a 34? In the middle of the season you want to install a 34 defense? Do you know how much time it would take to randomly start up a 34 D with the proper blitz packages etc. it’s the middle of the season we can’t

  24. Doolnutts Says:

    Change schemes. Stuck with what we got

  25. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    One other thing Mr Licht:

    Don’t you think things would be vastly different had you drafted a game changing DE and a Kareem Hunt in the frigging 3rd rd?! Yeah, but we are deep at linebacker!! You saw many of them standing around watching the Saints RB score instead of tackling…

  26. Bird Says:

    15- luckily we are 4th in draft currently so shut down Jameis Let him recover. Lose lose lose. See what Ryan griffin has in tank Maybe he becomes future back up or more. Just not sure Jameis is the future as he is a big part of the offensive mess this year with 5 or 6 solid options to throw too. Aaron Rodgers would put up 500 yards throwing a game with these weapons for jameis

    #1 , #2 and #3 picks for browns, 49ers and Giants may turn out to be 3 quarterbacks as those teams cannot avoid that issue any longer (garrapolo obviously could change 1 pick)

  27. Not there yet Says:

    Lavonte David was clearly pushed in the back at the beginning of that kamara run but was not called. The refs missed a lot of calls that benefited the saints, they got all the help they didn’t need

  28. Harry in Costa Rica Says:

    Here is a “head scratcher” you left out Joe:

    The Eagles quick repair job of the mess Chip Kelly left. Again, too much is made of our loser mentality in the locker room. Hard work and the right players (DE & RB) make winners.

  29. Sickofit Says:

    I was against drafting Jameis from the beginning, his turnovers ar FSU were a huge red flag for me. But he is here now and tossing him aside after 2 1/2 seasons is the wrong move. He is still a young qb and not everyone progresses at the same rate. His inaccuracy down field should result in the coach calling more short to midrange passes, especially since the running game is struggling, but we keep calling the same bs plays. #BringBackGruden…he will fix this offense.

  30. garbs65 Says:

    Ironically, our kicking game is the best part of the team now…lol

  31. Bird Says:

    It has been confirmed by coaches and analysts. The bucs run the short plays and check downs. (Dink and dunks) they have guys at all levels

    Jameis chooses the home run plays cause he has the gunslinger mentality

  32. gotbbucs Says:

    The leaders on this team are mental midgets.

    The season is lost (obviously), and examples need to be made of some of these guys. Bench Winston and Evans and release Martin.

    I’ll say it again, being a players coach like Koetter and Smitty only works if the players are mature enough to handle it.

  33. denjoe Says:

    That play started with a block in the back and then guys running into each other, didn’t see loafing but plenty guys getting pushed around like B!tches.

  34. denjoe Says:

    Joe you should get Chris Landry or someone else from outside the area, who can evaluate talent to give us their opinion on our “talent” We all wear Buc’s colored glasses, It couldn’t hurt.

  35. DB55 Says:

    Alan Cross nuff said

  36. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Believe it or not Alan Cross was a team leader. Everytime he caught a ball he would punish the defender.

  37. Mike Johnson Says:

    The HARD Life of a Bucs fan. Nothing to be happy about going to work on Mondays. At least we got one winning team in Fl. How bout them JAG-WARS? Lord knows they deserve some sunshine also. They also have been losers for years. Our(Buc) time will come..I just want to be alive to see it!

  38. Tnew Says:

    Point 14… they can say it’s the same all they want. Titans run a healthy dose of read option. Most pass plays are designed for quick reads. Mariotta typically in passes has one read. This week watch the Bucs coach’s film and watch the titans. Focus on two things.

    1. Offensive line scheme
    2. Route trees from the WRs.

    I’ll do the same. If the two schemes are the same, I’ll admit I was wrong. I haven’t studied the Titans yet. I’ve just watched condensed games. From my albeit limited perspective, Koetter’s scheme is very vanilla and his designs are flawed. If he runs another pitch play this year, he should be fired on the spot. he hasn’t figured out the lineman can’t physically do what he is asking on that play. That play is a loss of three every time.

  39. Lamarcus Says:

    Mariatta = play by design

    Jw = go look for someone open

  40. Lakeland Says:

    Mike Mularkey is great working with your QBs.

  41. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    Kwon not the only one missing tackles!!! I saw one play from the end zone and Kamara gets a big hole…our DL is a joke…but thankfully there’s LVD right in position plugging the hole and then…totally whiffing the tackles..not even getting a finger on him to slow him down.

    FIRE THE TEAM…not the coaches!!! Start playing all the backups till we find some players with “want to”. Trade everybody else for draft picks and load for next year…CLEAN HOUSE!!!

  42. big daddy 58 Says:

    J Dubb) In order to run a three four defense you got to have dominating d linemen.Something the bucs are two or three years away from having.Leeman Bennett put a better product on the field.Im depressed!

  43. big daddy 58 Says:

    This team makes me long for strike football or the Bandits.The Bucs have always been a defensive minded team .I would much rather see them win 17-3 than to watch all thisflash and dash crap.DEFENSE wins championships!

  44. big daddy 58 Says:

    BUCS ! Cleveland browns south ! Actually given a decent quarterback the browns would have a few wins ! At leastt they are competitive!

  45. JMarkBuc Says:

    Just hearing the words
    Bruce Allen make a me Ill.

  46. unbelievable Says:

    3. His stupidity started before the game and only continued throughout, unfortunately. But this is our “leader”….

    4. Couldn’t agree more, inexcusable execution week after week.

    8. Defense gets softer each week. They played 1 and 1/ good quarters yesterday.

    9. The 49ers suck, plain and simple. Everyone runs wild against them.

    11. We could only dream of a defense that nasty right now.

    13. AJ Green will prob get a 1 game suspension for his actions. If that’s the case, then Mike does not deserve the same punishment, just a fine.

    After all, he saw an opposing DB shove his QB, and was reacting, fighting for his brother. If the other 52 guys played with that same intensity, we would be at least 4-4, if not better. Jameis should def be fined for his asinine behavior too.

    14. Titans have a run game, pretty simple…