What Would They Have Done?

October 24th, 2017

Simpler days.

One only wonders what would have happened.

What would a glory days Buccaneer from the best defense in the NFL have done if an opposing running back was allowed a first down on a Benn’d Around-type play?

That was the question posed by Scott Kacsmar of Football Outsiders who shared one of the galling plays the Bucs defense gave up all too easily Sunday.

(And notice how Bucs stud defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was held at the line and he still made a play 10 yards down field. But yeah, he’s the reason the Bucs defense stinks. Sure.)

32 Responses to “What Would They Have Done?”

  1. Defense Rules Says:

    Wow Joe, that’s an awesome video of that play. Great example of Bucs’ tackling at its’ worst. Our RDE (looks like Ayers 91 but maybe not) was unblocked but penetrated too fast, blew containment & missed what could’ve been tackle for 3-5 yd loss. The TE (82) lined up in front of him blocks Lavonte (54) down the field totally out of the play. Tandy (37) races in from 20 yd line then misses tackle at 30 yd line (allowing play to gain 10 more yds). Kwon (58) overruns play & misses tackle (allowing Bills to get 1st down). Beckwith (51) also overruns play, but recovers enough to help GMC (93) & Evans (21) make tackle from behind (McDonald 90 was also in there). So 3 Bucs flat miss the tackle & another gets blocked out of the play. Instead of losing 3-4 yds on the play, Bills gain 12 yds or so & get a 1st down. Sad, very sad. But hey, it’s Smitty’s fault so we’re all good.

  2. Trollslayer Says:

    Ya know there are
    Some notable free agent pass
    Rushers out there available they are
    Old yes but could provide boost on the worst pass rushing defense in football names like Mario Williams and Dwight freeney are still out there if I was a GM in this sitch and wanted to do everything in my power to put my team in position to win games I would look at every options just saying

  3. Bucn Enough Says:


    Our GM would n’t recognize a pass rusher if they bit him in the ass…
    Licht is responsible for this mess and must be held accountable. His overall record as GM is HORRIBLE….

    He has only one good draft – 2015, and that is only because of Jameis. There are questions about Marpet ( at center ) and Smith has regressed.

    2016 Draft is not look’n so good;
    Hargreaves is not playing to “potential” and Spence can’t stay healthy and is undersized.

    The Buc stops with Licht…

  4. Buc4life24 Says:

    Notice GMC being held? That would have been a call hadthe tables been turned.

    Very sad to see all those missed to tackles to include #58!

  5. Buc4life24 Says:

    Ugh typing on my phone struggles.

  6. Aaron Says:

    or this one in the 1st Q

    3rd and 10 at TB 36
    (7:47 – 1st) (Shotgun) T.Taylor scrambles right guard to TB 10 for 26 yards (C.Conte, J.Evans).

  7. Kobe Faker Says:

    thats our kwonie!

    splash play belly flopper

    how many splash missed flaps? 7 , 8?

    sheeps here think he is better than luke kuechly! lol!!!

    licht beer going to pay him same kind of money? lol?

    its mike smiths fault!!!!

  8. Bucsfanman Says:

    The “Benn’d around” is akin to the “Bubble-Hump screen” (I’m trademarking it so don’t even think about it!); PRE-DICT-A-BULL!!!

  9. Shabazz Says:

    Good defense comes from good coaching. Look at the top defenses. Mike smith defenses were never good

  10. Pickgrin Says:

    God that play was a nightmare.

    Tandy. Kwon and Beckwith all blew it on that play.

    Kwon especially.

    Tandy coming in fast took an extra step outside to contain the edge and funnel the runner inside so he kind of did his job – but in retrospect should have just gone straight for the tackle.

    Kwon took steps towards the line at the snap when he should have just stood right where he was and watch the play develop for a second. This put him out of position immediately so then he was backpeddling trying to get back to where he should have been – and then over ran to the outside getting simultaneously juked to the inside and whiffing the tackle.

    Beckwith also over ran to the outside.

    Tandy trusted his LBers to be where they were supposed to be – but Kwon didn’t trust Tandy to contain the outside and thus put himself out of position to make the tackle.


  11. Bob in Valrico Says:

    WAS wondering what happened to Tandy,Ithought he was still injured.

  12. Defense Rules Says:

    Bob, Tandy might still be injured. He only logged 5 snaps total in the game. I was thinking the same thing BTW. Tandy’s normally one of our better tacklers IMO.

  13. Gerald McRuud Says:

    Hold up.

    We’re giving #93 CREDIT for making this play???

    What the hell’s goin on out there?!? Shirley you can’t be serious.

    Gerald McCoy needs to know he has one job. One play to make in this situation. The line to gain is the 23 yard line.

    Look at the gametape! Pause the tape as he disengages from the clear holding penalty. He starts pursuit headed direction in the direction of Beckwith, or to Kwon’s left hand side as Kwon faces the ballcarrier. If he simply and aggressively makes a B-line to the spot where Beckwith is at this point, he collides with #26 on about the 26 yard line, as the cutback was the only option for #26 given Kwon’s angle.

    INSTEAD, now pause the tape just as 1:56 changes to 1:55. McCoy does NOT make a B-line for the area where Beckwith was — as McCoy stands at the 28 yard line with the tape paused at this point, you see his shoulders now damn near parallel to the line of scrimmage. Seriously. He is on the 28, #26 is on the 27 yard line, and McCoy has now set him self up with an angle to tackle the ballcarrier’s back foot. He CHOSE this bullcrap angle with the GAME on the line. There was one play to make, and he FAILED to make it.

    He made ONE tackle all game, a similar play where Tyrod ran for like 8 on 3rd and 7 from the 10 yard line headed in to score.

    If you look at that play and give #93, $16 million a year credit, you’re out of your skull.

    Look at McCoy’s angle at 1:56 when he’s at the 28 and the ballcarrier has his back turned to the camera. Now advance it to the first frame of 1:55 where #26 has turned upfield and #93 has turned BACK now with his chest facing the camera instead of continuing UPFIELD to make the play and not come up short AGAIN.


  14. Gerald McRuud Says:

    Also, that holding penalty both stops the clock and knocks them out of FG range — in a tie game. Screw you NFL! Add it on to the K2 false OPI call reparations check you’ll be sending us. Please address the check to Bert Emmanuel.

  15. Not there yet Says:

    Oh Tandy inner is why he whiffed on that tackle? He doesn’t have pro bowl pedigree he has undrafted and shouldn’t be sharing snaps with Ward and no one can argue that unless you want to mention half a season where he played like a starter. Pick a guy let them succeed or fail. You can have running back type rotation at safety if your playing more than one guy you don’t have a guy which is why the rookie played every snap of the game. Wasn’t he injured in training camp?

  16. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Ok, Kwon didn’t miss any where near 7-8 tackles yesterday.

    And here’s the thing Kobe, the ENTIRE defense was missing Tackles yesterday. Including Beckwith, to whom you have grown so fond.

    So, if the entire defense is missing tackles, and blowing coverages, that tells me it comes down to coaching/ preparation. Which falls on Mike Smith.

  17. Blake_Bucsfan Says:

    Oh and I’ve yet to see Beckwith ( who I like as well ) has yet to even come close to making plays like this.


    Or this.


    Or this.


  18. Lamarcus Says:

    Was that the gmc only stat of the game? That 800, 000 dollar tackle?

  19. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Thanks for posting this, Joe!

    I want the ignoramus Buc fan – GMC haters to look at the number of blockers GMC has on him – and then count the blockers on everyone else. Hint: the ignoramuses will have to use more than their nose picking finger to count the blockers on GMC.

    PS – those are multiple interior lineman they sent to block GMC, not some chippy RB

  20. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Before you guys throw Kwon away – realize the guy is playing his first live football in over a month. That is what rust and a lack of practice looks like.

  21. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    It’s doom and gloom that’s for sure and I get it. We’ve not played well the first six games…but there have been some flashes of potential.

    #3 and the offense are finally getting it together. 27 points against a highly ranked defense on the road…the emergence of OJ…and I think they are finally figuring out how to use DJAX better. Get him the ball sooner. A 5 yard catch with 10 yards of YAC is still a 15 yard pass.

    I think we have questions on our defense but I don’t think this sloppy tackling will last forever. What we HAVE to figure out is how to protect our back four better with a freaking pass rush!!! QB’s with as much time as our opponents have had will pick apart ANY NFL defensive backfield.

    The season is hanging by a thread time to put it all on the line including some serious gambling. It’s time for Smitty to break out the most creative blitz packages…we have some talent for that…we clearly do not have the DL to get to the passer the conventional way.

  22. RustyRhinos Says:

    So, “what would they have done?” This play would have never been called against those Bucs teams there was always a 4 lane highway right up the middle of those defenses or have we all forgotten that? If a play is called and the first player misses his tackle, it is a foot race to the first down marker and more on most plays. At least it is against our Defense. Our Vaulted and expensive DL has little to no distance speed. Why do we always sign the large slow DLinemen? To plug up the middle of the line, so how has that been going for us? We still have and have always had the 4 lane highway thru the middle of our Dline and on past our LB’s. The last LB IMO that stopped this more times than not was Hardy Nickerson. That sure has been awhile since he was prowling the middle of the field for us.

  23. unbelievable Says:

    Bucn Enough Says:
    October 24th, 2017 at 5:49 am

    He has only one good draft – 2015, and that is only because of Jameis. There are questions about Marpet ( at center ) and Smith has regressed.


    U serous bro? Perhaps you are forgetting, mike Evans, Kevin Pamphile, Ali Marpet, Kwon Alexander, OJ Howard, Kendall Beckwith, Chris Godwin but yea yiure right man, only 1 good player.

    Not to mention UFAs like Brate and Hunp. Plus some role players like Sims and Benenoch. He’ll, even Justin Evans looks like he’s gonna figure things out.

    2016 is looking bad at the moment but there’s no way to know that Spawn was gonna rip his shoulder apart 2 years in a row. He was the best pure pass rusher in that draft. Agauyo was obviously bad and VH3 is looking that way too but the kid is also still just 22 years old.

  24. briandorry55 Says:

    Or Hardy?

    What did Kwon have money on the Bills?

  25. JMarkBuc Says:

    Offense is bout scheme. Defense is about, guts and heart and pride. This D does not appear to have any love or the game, and certainly no pride. Being a 40 yr Bucs fan, you get used to your share of losing. But our defenses always played with pride and guts. This is what’s most disappointing . I can stand some losing, had plenty of practice. But to keep getting steamrolled and not give a $hit.. That completely unacceptable from the D.

  26. Ryan Thompson Says:

    5 Good things from this week:

    1. Winston is on pace for 4,000 yards. Again. I saw lesser performances get rave reviews from the professional talking heads, and this was on a questionable shoulder. The kid is the real deal, if the rest of the team can pull it together.

    2. McCoy is still killing it. Like a prize fighter whose down and out, he doesn’t know HOW to quit… even if he wanted to. As the defense broke down around him he’s still a bright spot. What could have a better defense done? I worry more about what the defense would’ve looked like without him.

    3. A Bucs kicker made a 50 yard FG. This is an unheard of stat as of a few weeks ago, and of course, goes unlauded as these kicks SHOULD be automatic.

    4. O.J. Howard can do what DeSean Jackson hasn’t been able to – stretch the field!

    5. Time of posession: 33 minutes. This overlooked stat shows that it’s not just some flukey plays that led to the points of the board, but well controlled and sustained drives.

    The only team that can beat the Bucs is the Bucs. They have the talent to stand toe to toe with anyone else.

  27. buccochris Says:

    I really wish the GMC haters would STFU! That man is out there ballin’ while being double and triple teamed, being held constantly (without flags being thrown) and he is still in the QB’s face or making hustle plays like this…on a bad ankle. All while the haters are sitting on their fat arses swilling beer and eating whole pizzas and bags of chips criticizing him. SMH!!!

  28. LakeLand Says:

    Jason Licht has got to go. And he can take these “Licht Lovers” with him.

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    Since we’re revisiting tape; On Ayers’ sack where was GMC? Look closely.
    2nd, am I the only person who saw “Beastly” get blown up by a lowly FB?! Blown the F up on one of Shady’s scores!
    The point? We can cherry pick all day. This is a TEAM game. Want to place blame? Place blame on Coach Smith and the ENTIRE defense. Even our stalwart DB Grimes made mistakes.
    The title of this story is “What would they have done.” “They” would’ve held each other accountable not spout off at the 1st chance to social media. “They” would’ve coached their comrades on the field to get them in better position. “They” would have tackled better. “They” would not have tolerated laziness at any level. “They” would not have been in this predicament to begin with because “they” had a GREAT coach and talented players.

  30. Gerald McRuud Says:

    I really wish the GMC slurpers would look at the game tape! Stop giving the man for “making a hustle play” when he did not make the play in question! Did not get the tackle in the stat book but more importantly failed to make the stop before the line to gain. A great player makes that play. That’s the ballgame. You make that play, they’re looking at a 40+ FG to take the lead — and if they hit it Jameis has ball in hand with 1:45 and a timeout. That’s a 50/50 shot at a win. Fail to make the stop short of the 1st there, as McCoy did, and they’re kicking a chip shot and you get the ball with 15 seconds and no timeouts. 98% loss. We would have been better off letting the guy score the TD then and there on that play after he got the 1st down. You have to play complimentary football. That means the million dollar a game man has to make THAT play in THAT situation to turn the ball back over to the franchise QB so he can do what he does — what he did all game. What #93 failed to do once. Make the play when it counts. Look at the sideline TD throw to Evans with 3 minutes left, now look at what’s above. On the TD you see a winner QB making the play to win the game, on the play above you see a loser DT coming up just a little bit short on a play he should have made, a play an ELITE player would have made. Look at the gametape.

  31. Joe Says:

    I really wish the GMC slurpers would look at the game tape!

    LOL So NFL offensive coordinators are slurpers? They watch more extensive tape than the Belicheat wannabes.

  32. Gerald McRuud Says:

    The simple truth is that in 7 games this year, #93 has made 3 tackles in the 2nd half. If he would have come up with #4 on this play, he would have done so short of the 23. And we’d likely be 3-3. He did not, so we are 2-4.

    He’s making Revis money. He’s on pace for 5 sacks this year.