“We Came Out Flat”

October 15th, 2017

Gerald McCoy speaks

As Joe wrote earlier, the Cardinals came out attacking the Bucs today in the exact way everyone in the world knew they would — yet the Bucs’ defense was like a cross between Rocky trying to catch that chicken and the proverbial deer in the headlights.

Adrian Peterson was lining up eight or nine yards behind the line of scrimmage and getting the rock and firing downhill, and the Bucs responded with no pulse.

Lumbering Carson Palmer took deep drop-backs to pass, and the Bucs looked like they were experiencing new read-option wrinkles from Chip Kelly and Marcus Mariota.

In the locker room after the game, Gerald McCoy explained that the Bucs knew precisely what was coming at them from Arizona and couldn’t stop it.

“We came out flat,” McCoy emphasized three times, via Buccaneers.com video.

On what changed later in the game when the defense clamped down, McCoy said, “we played football.”

McCoy added the Bucs could be 5-0 if they didn’t keep beating themselves.


This “flat” stuff is for losers. Sure, a slow start for a few series can be expected, but not falling behind 31-0 when you know what’s coming and you have talent.

“Flat” like that — for the second season in a row in the same building — is a reflection of poor leadership.

88 Responses to ““We Came Out Flat””

  1. ArthurKoblenzBuc Says:

    “We came out flat”
    So did my cauliflower pizza crust. What’s your point?

  2. Captain Big Stick Says:

    how do you come out flat? I have always defended GMC but lord.. flat? flat is not an option when you make millions of dollars man. Flat is the soda I get from a poop restaurant that doesn’t change CO2 lines, you’re a professional football player! You and every guy out there owe your employer to be ready, mentally and physically, to play and are well compensated to do so.. Flat.. wow

    go bucs!

  3. pit Says:

    this so frustrating because we know that our team is better than this and can play better.But for some reason we cant do it.Maybe Kotter should be “just” the OC he doesnt seem to handle the HC position very well.This is all on the Coaches.

  4. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Flat or flattened as AP ran all over us? I guess both maybe.

  5. jimmyjack Says:

    we were not flat. we are just a bad team.

    we are a bottom tier team that hasnt been able to compete with good teams. nothing new. been that way for 15 years now

  6. Mr. E Nigma Says:

    It is the Bucs’ bs excuse for this week. Contrived answers from perennial losers. The lost decade is almost complete.

  7. jimmyjack Says:

    our defense should be ashamed. Ari zona ran a ton of plays on us the 1st half and only 1 or 2 went for no gain.

    And this is nothing new….Case Keenum did it to us twice now. Even glennon was perfect in his first drive til he made a mistake……….We literally have trouble stopping the Keenums and Glennons of the NFL.

    Why did we retain Mike Smith this year?

  8. jimmyjack Says:

    This team cant play any worse. So we have hope(BUCSBALL)

  9. QUE 5 Says:

    Koetter still hasn’t changed the culture. That’s his duty and responsibility.

  10. Joe west Says:

    Bring back Gruden and release Vernon #28

  11. AceofAerospace Says:

    “We came out flat”. No sh*t. You’re also an 8-8 team, if you’re lucky.

  12. Ndog Says:

    The question is why does this keep happening to us despite different coaches and different players. I mean with Gruden it was the blowout at Carolina on Monday night. Then it was the route for Lovie at Atlanta (vs Koetter and Smith) then the blowout at St. Louis in the last game there. Then last year Atlanta blows our doors off on front of the world on Thursday night football. Now this year we miss every kick to lose in front of the world on Thursday to lose to NE. Lastly today with everyone watching to see how Adrian Peterson is going to play we get completely destroyed. Do you know how many different players and coaches that involves? Something is wrong here overall, maybe this whole thing is rigged cause this seems unbelievable.

  13. BobbyBucs Says:

    Honestly, the Bucs blow

    Did we really expect anything different this year? Maybe it’s time for Dirk to give up the play calling. It seems to be working for the Giants tonight.

    It’s just another year of the same old Bucs – cornerback issues and terrible defensive ends. It’s such a shame since the Bucs have such a talented core group of players compared to most teams. Imagine what McCoy or David would look like on the Pats. I’m not sure what the answer is at this point?

    Joe – start posting about the draft next year so we have something to look forward too

  14. jimmyjack Says:

    Ndog…..The main problem I have is that this team has more talent then some of those other teams you mentioned.

    You can make a case for Lovie cause he brought in most of the horrible players we had on defense but I’m starting to think this current coach staff has done worst then maybe any we have had here………mainly because of the talent we have thats being wasted

  15. jimmyjack Says:

    Unless something is wrong with VHIII personally you have to put blame on coaching. No way a player should get worse in his second year.

    And what about Spence……Is he even on the field. If so he obvisously shouldnt be

  16. Rayjay1122 Says:

    The Bucs are 2-3 and the teams we beat are both last place like us with a combined record of 2-9. Wow, what a disappointing start after all the hype.

    It is easier to swallow when you expect to be bad, but when the team is touted by many as being a team on the rise, it is hard not to be disappointed and negative.

    Should have had a clue when Vegas was down on the Bucs.

  17. BobbyBucs Says:


    I agree – it’s on the coaches. Look at what the Rams are doing. Look at what happened to the Chiefs once Reid came to town. It’s an absolute joke with the same old Bucs. Dirk needs to give up the play calling and start commanding the team like a head coach. Enough is enough already. This group is way too talented to be playing the way they are.

  18. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Today was the first time EVER that I turned a buccaneers game off. Somethings got to give. I wonder if Gruden would actually take this job? And FSU is complaining that Jimbo runs too much of a pro style offense, and their QBs aren’t good enough to run it. Who is the best one to ever run his system? Who would B our D coordinator tho?

  19. USFBUC Says:

    This is on the coaches, Coach K needs to give up play calling or do whatever he does when the game is on the line in the fourth quarter. To me it seems like he plays too timid at the start of the game. Then Coach K is like oh it’s the fourth quarter here we go let’s take some chances.

    The defense being flat is on Coach Smith and is unacceptable as everyone has posted. These past two fourth quarters are the Bucs I expected to be watching this year. Instead I am getting to watch three quarters of typical Buc ball and then 15 mins of why the F can’t they do this all game?!

  20. jimmyjack Says:

    Theres no doubt we have more offensive firepower then the Eagles and the Eagles took it to the Cards defense last week. So why the big desparity between their offense and us? Seems obvisous to me.

    Winston starts every game cold and Dirk keeps peddling the same tired gameplan. Another underachieving HC in Tampa

  21. Rayjay1122 Says:

    After seeing the other teams in our division play, I am not sure if we will beat any of them. The Saints obviously are good on offense and now the defense is coming around. The Falcons may be declining slightly though. The stinking Panthers look pretty decent too.

    Until the Bucs show us differently, they are what they are; last in the division, injury plagued and not very well coached or prepared.

  22. Pelbuc Says:

    This team year in and year out always has a losers mentality and the coaching is piss poor. Nothing changes and I don’t see this team winning more than 5-6 games. Desperately need a new GM and trade away as much crap as you can before the deadline.

  23. jimmyjack Says:

    I hate to say this but I may actively root against the Bucs so this HC can go.

    His offense been here for 3 years and the same problems arent getting fixed.

    I see no hope with this guy and believe we are headed back into the toilet once all our players realize they need out of Tampa to save their careers.

  24. Swanee Says:

    The team doesn’t have the talent that you say. Most of the secondary would not start on any other team . The defensive line is not good and does not bring enough pressure each game . David is our best defensive player and Gerald M is fairly solid but that’s it defensively. Must draft high caliber defensive players in 2018 draft. The defense does not tackle well enough to consistently win NFL games. We must now win all the non conference remaining games and at minimum split the division games to have a winning record. That won’t happen. 8-8 or 9-7 won’t make it into a playoff spot.

  25. Mr. E Nigma Says:

    Maybe the fans weren’t so “reactionary”. They were just ahead of the curve.

  26. dmatt Says:

    Weapons for any team mean playmakers. We either don’t have them or don’t know how to use them. We suck on kick/punt return. Reedy is just a body. We need play makers suck as Gabriel for falcons, Hill for chiefs, n the list goes on. Our dline is an embarrassment. Had the opportunity to at least get old veterans that still produce freeney, peppers, Calais Campbell but noooo…koetter says we’ll play wit what we have which is nothing over the past several years.
    Hargreaves play the way he looks…like a girl. Bring Javier Elliott in at cb. Kwon n David sparks the defense.Gholstin n Conte continues to get bonehead penalties…r they related…as in Trueblood. Will someone please trade tippie toe Charles Sims. MEvans is mediocre n continues to complaint n push off he’s not elite too soft n one dimensional. I’ll take the Packers devante Adams over Evans any day. Koetter is on the hot seat n he knows it. Bring in Jim Harbaugh as head coach n the spark on defense n offense ignites immediately.

  27. jimmyjack Says:

    How is it that this team hasnt been able to establish an offensive rythm on offense for 3 seasons now under Dirk.

    Yes the defense is absolutely terrible but this team has been built to play offense. We have drafted offense signed high profile free agents on offense and have an offensive HC and a franchise QB.

    Nothing Dirk has done here has been remotely successful. I’d like to sit here and say he will figure it out but we have been watching the same problems not go fixed for 3 seasons now.

    To me it’s simple. Dirk cant figure out how to run this offense.

  28. EA Says:

    There’s no motivation and/or hunger, that comes from coaches and players and it is apparent that the fire is missing. You see Drew brees rally his troops before every game, maybe Jameis will get there when he matures.
    It says a lot about GMC to come out and say “we knew what they were doing and couldn’t stop them”.
    Our O line and D line got pushed around today a lot until the fourth quarter. Doug Martin had no room to run anywhere.
    Leaders are born leaders and seems like the bucs

  29. Ndog Says:

    It is really hard to be a fan of this team.

  30. EA Says:

    Are lacking that leadership.
    Why would they be motivated, the check gets deposited regardless.
    Aside from week one, from what I’ve seen the last 4 games gives me no hope that they can beat any of the teams remaining in their schedule.

  31. jimmyjack Says:

    Fans are upset with Winston and rightfully so but my opinion is that better coaching would have an ability to get Jamies more focused and into a rythm to start games.

    He makes a lot of big time throws they just never come in the 1st half. This has been a broken record of a problem and better coaching would find a way IMO.

    Its the same as our problem on 3rd and 1. We have been a bottom tier team on these crucial plays ever since Dirk got here and he has never been able to fix it. Dirks failures are ones that good HC figure out.

  32. Warrenfb12 Says:

    This was not beating themselves lol

  33. Rayjay1122 Says:

    All the negativity. Typical so called Bucs fans…….that is what is going to start getting thrown at us when the blog police show up to call us stupid or morons or trolls etc. LOL

    I call it being honest about the current status of this team. I would also be willing to bet that all of us on this thread want nothing more than the Bucs to be at least competitive and at best champions.

  34. ArthurKoblenzBuc Says:

    The stick carrier movement is not behind a football team that carries a big stick. Preparation H maybe but no big MF sticks on Sunday. May Mr Ayers can brow beat this team to victory again perched from the bench

  35. jimmyjack Says:

    When has Winston ever hit a big bomb on the first drive to start a game?
    Why do we keep taking a shot every first drive?

    Inquiring minds would like to know.
    Freaking Tampa journalist(no offense) ask such generic Q’s sometimes

  36. jimmyjack Says:

    Come on RayJay……..This franchice loses perrianally. Of course negativity is typical. Shall we be giddy about getting blown out today…..jeez man what do you expect?

  37. LakeLand Says:

    Flat isn’t the word. They came out like they didn’t want to play. It was like they was asking themselves….why am I here?

  38. Oj "I Got The Juice" Howard Says:

    Jimmy Jack you have been hitting the nail on the head all night. Koetter is overwhelmed. Whenever this team wins, it seems as if it’s in spite of of Koetter, rather than because of him. I felt the same way about Lovies wins, as infrequent as they were. The Winston I know would not hesitate to scramble for as many yards as he needed. This team will never reach it’s potential with koetter and Mike Smith still employed

  39. Ndog Says:

    Oh and another thing our head coach needs to spend less time worrying about what color jersey is in the stadium and more time on giving people a reason to want to go. And news flash having a team not ready to play and embarrassing our entire city is not the way to do that!

  40. jimmyjack Says:

    I have no reason to go to any games this year. I’ve been laughed out enough games by opposing fans.

  41. Mike Johnson Says:

    Nah,,you didn’t come out flat. You got bullrushed, Manhandled, Over powered. Thats not flat. You got your A’s Spanked and whipped. We got 2 cable feeds out West here. And the AZ cardinal fans were Laughing their butts off at us those 1st 2 qtrs. It was truly embarrassing. And yes Buc fans, I’m placing the blame on the HMIC..That be Dirk Koetter. I’ve said a million times here, There was good reason Koetter and Smith were ushered out of Atlanta. Just ask owner..Arthur Blanks. I had us 8-8 this yr. But we might not reach that. Yes, its the SOB’S (same oleBucs). Stay tuned for..1, excuses Monday……..NEXT!

  42. Rayjay1122 Says:

    Jimmyjack……reread my post bro. I was being sarcastic about the blog police who attack us when we express how we feel about this crap. I am right there with all of you until given a reason for hope. Not holding my breath on that.

  43. jimmyjack Says:

    The biggest problem is that this is how we come out every time we pklay a big game.

    This was a big game for Arizona because they just lost at home and needed a victory badly.

    We just got beat at home and looked horrible missing plays all game. We needed a big win here to get some confidence.

    Not only dont we win we dont even bother putting up a fight. Everytime Dirks offense gets into a big game they choke……This was two chokes in a row. Dirk dont have this team ready to play with the big boys, Dirk gets schooled everytime he gets into a big game.

    This team will muddle through with a few wins and get into another big game and all they have shown its fans is they cant compete in this league.

    So wake me up when we get into another big game and I’ll cheer with a crooked smile and I’m sure I wont be suprized.

  44. jimmyjack Says:

    MB Rayjay

  45. Matt Says:

    Random fact I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore bucs mercy till we make the playoffs again after freeman had his meltdown i was-am looking forward to going shopping lol hopefully I don’t have to wait another year

    P.s. still a fan always will be but it’s been to long supporting a losing culture once we hit the playoffs let the shopping begin lol

  46. BUC76 Says:

    Hargreaves looked awful and was out of position the whole game, really nothing but trash from VHIII. Can we please draft a Def End next year, old man Carson Palmer could have knotted a sweater with all the time he had in the pocket, how often did our defense look like they were out of position, did I mention VHIII looked like garbage?

  47. BUC76 Says:


  48. Rayjay1122 Says:

    NP jimmyjack

  49. jimmyjack Says:

    Channel 8 Dirk interview soon

  50. drunkinybor Says:

    I actually am encouraged that we didnt give up. I know believe me I KNOW how bad it seems. I grew up being a bucs fan in the early 80’s. I was born in 1980, I truly believe this team is close to breaking through. I just have a feeling, Ill see in a few weeks..Go BUCS

  51. Shane Says:

    I wish these players cared about winning as much as some fans do.

  52. Lamarcus Says:

    McDonald > gmc

    Gmc gotta go. He has a loser and not a leader. He is a background dancer at best while this team lead singers is being lead by kids

    You can’t fix chronic years of losing. It’s not his fault but it is what it is. U ever hear that saying u can put water in front of a horse but u can’t make them drink it? Apparently gmc is that horse

  53. Bucsfan107 Says:

    If we keep playing like this I am worried that we won’t even get another w this season. 8-8 looks like a miracle. 10-6 no way and 11-5 ?????? Not even close unless they step up and make changes instead of excuses for everyone on the team.

  54. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    @mike Johnson I predicted 8-8 too but I think we go 6-10. Been telling ppl we overachieved last year. It was nice but i didn’t have high hopes going into this season. The whole bucs winning coach and stick carrier bs and America’s qb. Please. It was embarrassing watching them today at the bar.

  55. Midnightstroker1 Says:

    I left before halftime. I had two beers and a burger. They were blown out before I got done eating. And I eat fast lol

  56. PRBucFan Says:

    nah really…. “we came out flat”

    Coaching gets no pass either but when is this going to cease to be acceptable from the players? Its their job and they get paid very well for it, yet they are no shows for a half a game, every game.

  57. Capt.Tim Says:

    Its just Tragic, Watching Gerald McCoy.
    The team was flat, yet he warriored on.
    I said it 3 times during the thred- and there were more

    They were Triple teaming McCoy! Triple teaming!
    You never see that ! Especially at this level

    He would start of with a center/guard double, which almost every time he would fight thru. Then they were looping a TE or Tackle to hit him again!

    I couldnt believe it, so I watched the game again.

    Its criminal. It really is, that we havent gotten this guy some help.
    They should fire everybody from the GM to the janitor over this. Its inexcusable.
    McCoy fighting thru triple teams, while the rest of the Dline is getting walled by TEs and RBs.

    And Hargreaves is jogging, while Adrian Petersen runs right by him.
    At Least Justin Evans and Ryan Smith are trying- and making some plays. Rookie mistakes? Sure. Thats natural. But they are trying.

    Hargreaves gives up 9 pass completions-outta 9 targets.
    Yet he makes one tackle- and dances
    That explains whats wrong with this team

  58. Capt.Tim Says:

    “Lets see how we do today. The offense with the most passing yardage, against the 30th ranked defense, no pass rush, and Vernon Hargreaves.

    Hope Im wrong, but it sounds like a bad combination”

    I posted that in one of Joes Pregame articles.
    If I can figure it out, And lots of others here, then why cant our coaches.

    Our defense will probably be ranked last in the league after todays travesty.

    If we dont figure out how to rush the QB( other than McCoy), and sit Hargreaves coasting ass on the bench- then we will probably stay in last place

    Only in the NFL, will acoach and a GM keep playing a total failure, to keep from looking bad. To keep from admitting that Hagreaves is a first round bust, they will play him until he gets them both fired.

    Its madness.

  59. FortMyersDave Says:

    I usually defend GMC but that “flat” talk is the understatement of the year if not an out and out LIE! Memo to GMC: the whole team with the exception of a couple of players (LVD for example) looked like they were simply non motivated, without pride, outplayed, overmatched, and simply poorly coached. Is it lack of heart or talent???? for example VH3 looks like he may be a huge bust, sure compare the guy to Eli Apple and some might say well he is better but that just says that the NYG have an even bigger bust in their secondary than Tampa. The 2 teams this squad has beaten are 2-4 and 1-5 and if they played the Bucs next week I would not be surprised if either team beat the Bucs in a rematch. Its like a broken record, every game it seems like the Bucs take 2 or 3 quarters to wake up and sometimes they are going to be down huge after that like yesterday. Every dang week it seems like the Bucs D makes some offense with a back up qb or a one dimensional gameplan simply obliterate this D and the offense often does not even get 10 yards before the opponent has 10 points! The players have no heart, the coaches can n ot create talent and to be fair Koetter and Smith have not given the Bucs great gameplans to work off of and they mismanage the time clock and game time and time again. This 9-7 record of 2016 is beginning to look like Rah’s 10-6 smoke and mirrors of 2010. The 2011 Bucs went 4-12 and Buc fans: can Koetter and Smith actually get the 2017 Bucs 2 more wins to get to 4-12 given this D and inconsistent O???? The Glazers have to be wondering the same thing.

    So much for the promise of change and a new attitude at One Buc and the fans. The Bucs are back in the basement and Buc fans are wondering who the Browns, Niners and Giants can beat to allow the Bucs to get a chance to tank for #1 overall again except this year the D does not have to tank like Lovie’s team did vs New Orleans to lock up the #1, they can lose by just being themselves; you know giving about 10% in the first quarter and maybe pressing a bit late in the game and the offense can go completely inept w/o tanking as well and does not “wake up” until the game is out of reach and the players pad their stats like they did in Minnesota, the Desert and on Thursday nights in front of a national audience. And Capt Tim is right: show VH3 the pine. The guy is not only a bust but he is lazy as well!

  60. Buc1987 Says:

    No Hard Knocks won’t be a distraction…..

  61. Capt.Tim Says:

    2 easy explanations to our defensive problems.

    Noah Spence. 1 tackle. No sacks. No QB hits
    Robert Ayers. 1 tackle. No sacks. No QB hits
    Nothing. 4-3 DEs that cant hit or sack the QB
    While playing with a Dominant DT, who draws Double and triple teams every play.
    These to are getting shut down by TEs and RBs
    Are you kidding me?

    Vernon Hargreaves- ranked as the worst CB in the NFL.
    Hes not that good. There are guys walking the street that are better CBs than

    Until this gets fixed, We suck

  62. The Buc Realist Says:

    Buc1987 hit the nail on the head as usual!!!!! Next year the Bucs will go to training camp instead of filming a reality TV show!!!!! We are going to hear that there is only one goal!!! Everything will be questioned as “does this help the Bucs win on the field”!!!!!!!!

    And Joe will never say this. But both lines were manhandled!!!! hard to blame coaching, schemes, skill positions and other things that do not matter when the front lines are overwhelmed!!!!!!! Now if you want to say coaching did not have them ready to go, I will agree, and Head Coach Koetter already said it was on him!!!!!! They fought back in what should have been a blow out!!!! Improvement!!!!!

    #1_goal!!!!!!! #limit the distractions!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Buc1987 Says:

    I understand everyone’s anger towards Koetter, but I’m starting to turn on Licht too, DallasB style. For every player Licht brings in thru the draft or FA it seems that he has 3-4 bad players to one good. Now it’s our 1st rounder VHG that really looks lost out there. If VHG doesn’t make it, how many busts is Licht allowed before HE starts feeling the hot seat? Nope he’s not Mark Dom bad, but he’s moving in that direction. If Winston fails then how’s Licht looking then?

  64. Buc1987 Says:

    Correct Realist….we heard about it not being a distraction…that the players hardly even notice the cameras are there. If that’s so why was Swaggy Baker humping a tree for the cameras?lol

  65. The Buc Realist Says:


    At first I want to disagree!!!! Take VH28, and compare him to old man BG24!!! He was not considered good until his 4th year!!!!!!! This is still a team that is depending on very young core group!!!! and I think that is the main reason why we see such ups and downs right now!!!!!

    But one had to consider what is the relationship between NFL GM Licht and Head Coach Dirk Koetter!!!!!! Was not kicking because the head coach is fed up with the situation?????? Or his he taking the offense’s worst problem and working on it!!!!! And that is the red zone offense!!!!! Did Head Coach Koetter just say, its a blow out, lets work on and get tape on red-zone offense even on extra points!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!

  66. ATrain Says:

    Thank you Mr McCoy for making my point for me


    “Oh well we came out flat we knew what to do but…..Blah Blah”
    And Fans you should still cheer for us


    McCoy how about saying this
    I Can’t Lead I make millions so oh well I make 1 or 2 plays
    I know I’m a Hater
    Watch the film Baker is fighting in the trenches McCoy is chicken fighting standing straight up
    But some fans are good with a 2 million dollar sack

  67. ATrain Says:

    McCoy the invite stands
    Dinner and film at my House

  68. Clodhopper Says:

    Every year Gerald. Every single year since you’ve been here we’ve heard yall say youre flat at least once. You remember that when you whine about trolls more than you do about being flat. You rememebr this you look at the lower bowl and dont see enough pewter and red. Were sick of that fcking phrase!!! Put youre pushy away and pull your big fcking stick you bunch of soft ladies!!

  69. Clodhopper Says:


    It’s time to retire that phrase. Aint no one on this with so much as a half rotted twig!!

  70. ATrain Says:


  71. Phil Says:

    It seen like the entire team was unprepared to play. They have three extra days to get ready and they are out scored 31-0 in the first half. Flat isn’t the word. Try pathetic. Embarrassing is another word. The Bucs were embarrassing & pathetic.

  72. WyomingBucsFan Says:

    Rookies will get you beat. 21 and 51 both gave up touchdowns. Add the rookie mistake by a vet SS and add another TD!. We’re not a playoff team right now but these guys are young and will only get better. The head coach showed some panic not kicking the extra points. I think he should have owned that in his press conference. I kinda don’t blame him, the press would have roasted him if he had shown any doubt. Ask Chucky about that. Fans can jump off the band wagon if they please. They will come back as soon as the bucs get hot agin.

  73. Bucsfanman Says:

    I love how everybody jumps on GMC. What difference does it make who says what?! This team flat out stunk it up. And, open your freakin’ eyes! GMC was getting doubled and tripled on practically EVERY play. It’s right there, re-watch it. Where’s the rest of this d-line?! And if someone describes Ayers as “beastly” one more time, I’m going to bash them with my keyboard!!!
    What game were you watching ATrain? Were your eyes open?
    VHIII is a liability. He continues to give 10 yard cushions to every WR he faces.
    BTW, someone probably should’ve mentioned that there was a HOF receiver playing for AZ. who you might want to cover!

  74. DallasBuc Says:

    87- starting to look like I’m just as right today as I was 4 years ago. I have been basically run out of here for raising the red flag on Licht’s overrated job performance but it is finally becoming apparent to all of you that Licht’s record is not that great. This team lacks toughness and you can’t coach toughness. With over 4 years to improve this roster and we are still getting blown out multiple times a year and our lines are getting brutally savaged. That’s not normal and the man responsible for assembling the roster with talent has been a failure.

  75. Buc1987 Says:

    Clodhopper…Play softly and carry a mofo twig?


  76. ATrain Says:

    U rewatch the game and I mean the Bucs game

    McCoy was stand up watching the play end half the time
    But you are like Joe won’t see anything against McCoy he does no wrong

    McCoy gets paid to get by a double team that’s why he makes millions

    Please name a DLine player that is Great that didn’t beat the double team

  77. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    Oh, our self-anointed leader of our defense…..Mr GMC aka “Mr. Softie”…………………….

    ………..he’s such a nice guy
    ……….he even helped AP up after one play

    GMC didn’t show up yesterday except for a garbage sack during garbage time……that’s GMC thing, he’s always like that.

    Old man Palmer has all day to throw, rarely did GMC affect the pocket……he was invisible once again, as usual…..when you need big-time plays in big time moments, you never hear from GMC……all you hear from him are “crickets” chirping

    Thanks GMC for your inspirational play……no no…no, thank LVD, because he did more in one play than you did in 4 quarters of play.

  78. Bob in Valrico Says:

    As someone pointed out both their lines manhandled us in the first half.
    And yes, Hargreaves played terriblly,but he was not the only one.There offense was so good because we couldn’t tackle AP first and foremost. Didn’t see enough
    from TJ Ward who supposed to be a good run stuffer.
    But at the end of the day you need to score in the first half. At this point Jameis is struggling to sustain drives, and complete deep passes especially against the better defenses. He needs to do what Tom Brady decided to to do this year,work hard on getting better on the deep ball. This should be a major focus in the off season.I know Jameis likes to throw the ball to Brate and Hump, but don’t ignore Mike Evans.
    Fitzgerald’s ability to complete the deep passes opened up the offense and helped to sustain drives.

  79. Clodhopper Says:

    Talk big and carry a soggy used toothpick!!

  80. Buc1987 Says:

    Well Dallas….there’s lots of high picks that have failed. Lot’s of FA’s too. I think fans defend him cause Dom sucked so bad,but one can but togther a large list of failures by Licht vs successes. I think the failures would outweigh the success. Your the guy to put together the list…have a it!

  81. Bucsfanman Says:

    ATrain- Nobody, except for maybe Grimes deserves credit for anything on defense yesterday. Seriously though, if GMC is double-teamed there’s one-on-one matchups at 3 other defensive line positions. You have fat-boy Baker (who also helped up AP!), Gholston, Spence, Ayers, and McDonald (who at least had a sack!). How come these guys can’t beat a SINGLE-TEAM?!
    If you would just say that our defensive line stinks, as a whole, I’d be OK with that. But you keep singling out one guy.
    But hey, why use rationale when you can just point the finger?!
    Try this phrase for a change: OUR DEFENSIVE LINE STINKS!

  82. The Anomaly Says:

    Poor game prep by both the players and coaches.

    Stop forcing it to Meseasn. Worst signing for this team.

  83. TeddyTB Says:

    Yeah ive been siding with Dallas for some time on Licht. I don’t want to give up on VH28 just yet but I wasn’t happy with the pic at the time either. Licht hits on like 1 player per draft then the rest just stink. If Justin Evans doesn’t become somebody by the end of the season I’m ready for a new GM. I mean how do you start the season with no pass rushers, a whole stable of undersized CBS, and no quality safeties until a trade.

  84. Bucamania Says:

    There’s no excuse for that dogsh1t performance. AGAIN. Came out flat. This team has been flat all season.

  85. Solinor Says:

    Coach needs to let our OC call the plays so he can focus on becoming a better leader and preparing the team. I think he’s so focused and spending so much time on offensive game planning that he is ignoring his responsibilities as a head coach.. And that is to PREPARE THE TEAM mentally and physically. We were not prepared yesterday. Our team doesn’t take preparation seriously they need some leadership coach. Please give up the play calling duties. Monken will do great. Give him the reins and focus on your job, not the OC job.

  86. 813bucboi Says:


    there’s no way in hell you can blame HK for this….HK didn’t make the team come out flat….HK didn’t quit on his team by pulling Winston….HK didn’t leave points on the field….HK hasn’t used poor management….HK doesn’t abandon the run…HK doesn’t have horrible game planning….

    for Christ sakes HK isn’t even in the building anymore….they’ve been long gone….

    yall need to stop making excuses for dirk and call a spade a spade….this is worse than lovie…at least lovie didn’t have the talent to be successful….dirk has everything lovie never had and he’s looking worse….dirk has gotten blown out yet again…the players came out flat yet again….he quit on his team yet again….GO BUCS!!!!

  87. crazy Says:

    Came out flat = started the game loafing. All the player-picking and coaching in the world can’t fix not caring enough to play “flat.” The bench is the only cure for players who play flat but the roster’s not deep enough to use it.

  88. PRBucFan Says:

    Licht’s fault? lol thats a good one, too funny.

    But hey pretty soon we’ll be calling to fire them all.