WDAE-AM Apologizes To Bucs Fans

October 17th, 2017

A radio station that repeatedly claims it’s devoted to Buccaneers fans and coverage of the team took a nasty shot at hardcore Bucs fans on Sunday — within minutes of one of the most painful Tampa Bay losses of this decade.

Cruel it was.

It came via Twitter, from the official WDAE-AM 620 account. The offending Tweet was deleted but not before it was seen by many thousands of Bucs faithful as they tried to recover and writhed in agony.

WDAE took a shot at the Stick Carriers fan group and its many thousands of supporters.

Bucs Uncensored Podcast host Justin Pawlowski shared the offensive Tweet several times and gave his two cents. Here’s one example:


When Joe saw the offensive Tweet from WDAE on Sunday night, Joe shared it with the following message: “It’s always cute when those paid to understand fans, and to lecture them, are clueless to the roller coaster ride of the hardcore supporter.”

For Joe, it really was deplorable for WDAE to kick fans when they were at their lowest. Mean-spirited stuff.

WDAE program director appeared to agree when he issued an apology Sunday night on Twitter.

This just saddens Joe. Joe would love to live in an exciting sports town anchored by a kick-ass sports radio station at one with the pulse of the sports community. But Tampa doesn’t have that any longer.

Not only are WDAE listeners now fed the national Dan Patrick show every morning for three hours instead of local sports talk, the station has lost touch with its audience, and kicking JoeBucsFan off their airwaves in July, citing the Bucs Uncensored Podcast, is only one small example.

Sunday’s offensive Tweet was deleted, but it’s message and the disgust that prompted it is very much alive.

78 Responses to “WDAE-AM Apologizes To Bucs Fans”

  1. Buc believer Says:

    I stopped listening to this joke of a radio station a while back. Like Justin said they only want to divide fans, nothing else.

  2. Bucsfanman Says:

    It’s really sad. I come here anyway, but there’s nowhere to go but here, Joe. This is pretty much it.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. tmaxcon Says:

    wdae just like the rest of commercial radio is irrelevant. it’s adorable they still try though.

  4. Weebs10 Says:

    They need to get rid of “Big Dog”

  5. grafikdetail Says:

    cute media beef… LOL

  6. Tampa Bay Tailgater Says:

    Very interesting…saving face is all but this shows us all how they really feel behind this false curtain. It’s ashame that this is the only competitor in the area.

    How about a Joe Sport Radio Network!? That sounds pretty awesome! Your home for the best Bucs, Bolts, and Rays coverage!

  7. Buc1987 Says:

    I don’t listen to 620 anymore.

    I come to JBF to read the articlse and watch fellow Buc fans trash one another when we’re down. 🙂

  8. DallasBuc Says:

    Sounds like the SnowflakeCarriers need their safe space too! Problem is all the tough talk with nothing but an embarrassing effort on the football field to back it up. Toughen up buttercup because truth hurts.

  9. Bucsfanman Says:

    @87- Now THAT’s a true fan!

  10. Mike Johnson Says:

    Joe..the only was for Tampa Bay to be an exciting sports venue is for us to…WIN. And win consistently. Until this happens, its going to be up and down. Until our Bucs become who they say they are…There will always be turmoil and chaos. And unless Koetter has a winning season, once agin the calls for decapitation will grow louder. Your website does does the very best it can do and is to be applauded. But until the players and coaches of this franchaise make up there minds to win..at all cost. its gonna be tough. We all want to win. But us old heads have just become..comfortably numb.

  11. ClodHopper Says:

    Is that all they got? Is that the totality of the apology? It looks like a kid forced to apologize that didn’t mean it.

  12. Buccoon Says:

    There not wrong!! This what needs to be down when people are paying money to be at games watch games and talk about games!! There doing there job! But these Hillary supportars are to dog on soft these days everything is an issue with them!!. I stand with America and it’s president!! God bless my soul

  13. Buccoon Says:


  14. ElioT Says:

    The ONLY reasons to ever tune to AM 620 are the Bucs pre and post game shows, and that’s only because they’re the only options…

    Seems like there’s an opportunity for a live Joebucsfan.com pre & post game show podcast along side Ira, Justin, and the gang?

  15. Buc1987 Says:


  16. LakeLand Says:

    The Bucs stinks and only the Bucs can change that.

  17. D-Rome Says:

    This just saddens Joe. Joe would love to live in an exciting sports town anchored by a kick-ass sports radio station at one with the pulse of the sports community. But Tampa doesn’t have that any longer.

    Man, WDAE used to be a *great* radio station. I don’t understand why the station would take a shot like that against the fans. I would love to know who at the station thought that was an appropriate course of action. Nothing good could have come from that.

    I’m sure it’s all a coincidence but it seems that as soon as the Tampa Bay Times bought out the Tampa Tribune the sports journalism landscape changed around here. It seemed like a major shift from the big media to the so-called little guy, and that’s a good thing. First the Trib goes down and then the station got rid of Rick and Tom in favor of Mike and Mike. I know many around here didn’t like Rick and/or Tom but I thought they had an entertaining and informative show. Their experience as sports journalists for the local paper brought about a fresh perspective. Maybe many of you turned off the station long before that. I had to shut it off for a few years during 3:00 – 6:00 due to the incessant Joe Maddon bashing.

    I don’t root for 620 to fail. I think they have good on-air talent. I like Pat and Aaron. I like 1040 a lot with Eric Kuselias in the morning and Rock Riley on the air at 3:00. It’s a better station right now.

  18. Bucsfanman Says:

    @ElioT- I second that motion. Joe, we have a motion and a 2nd to move it to “council”!

    All in favor……..

  19. ClodHopper Says:

    I got to say, there definitely feels like there’s a void on Sunday mornings. I’ve tried to listen to these guys Sunday morning but they’re just kind of annoying. I think there is a great opportunity for some monies to be made

  20. D-Rome Says:

    It’s really sad. I come here anyway, but there’s nowhere to go but here, Joe. This is pretty much it.

    That’s really not true. There are others but JBF is my #1 stop in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

  21. R.O. Says:

    Offensive? Seriously? That hurt your feelings? Really?

  22. doctor_berto Says:

    They had to apologize for that? Give me a break. Cant believe this is news worthy. 620 is one of the only things i can listen to these days being that they mostly leave politics out of it.

  23. James Walker Says:

    What is WDAE? Is that where Chris Thomas used to work before they went out of business?

  24. James Walker Says:

    If the Big Dog came to JoeBucs that would be the nail in the coffin for that sorry excuse of a station.

  25. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    geeeeesssss louweeeeeeeezzzzzz!!!!

  26. Smokeymountainbucfan Says:

    There’s so much negativity down there in that town wether it be radio,tv, or sites that claim to be supporters of the Bucs. WDAE tweeted nothing any different than what has been thrown out as click bait on this site. Seems like a few people are pissed they got fired and are no longer on the air and don’t have the gonads to ask the readers of this site to take a knee and protest WDAE so that eventually the Bucs will take notice and look for another station to broadcast the games???? Just a question/opinion

  27. University of Seffner Says:

    I think WDAE will go out of business in the near future (5-10 years).

  28. buccadawg Says:

    WDae is a poor excuse of sports talk,first they drop JOE BUC, they go national, which is a death nail i think, now this. Personally i quit listening a while ago, i got tired of the big dog calling BUCfans ” GOOBERS”.

  29. Kenny Says:

    Havent listened to WDAE in years and years (Ive been living outside of America for the past 6 years) but I remember almost all of the broadcasters seemed to not be from the Tampa Bay area.

    Generally speaking, in my opinion, its a dumb idea to hire Yankee fans, Giants fans, Cubs fans, Braves fans to do local Tampa Bay sports talk. Yea they can sit and talk about the teams for a few hours per day. But they arent fans… and they dont come across as supporters of the local teams at all.

    I dont want to put anyone out of the job… but they should prioritize hiring local broadcasters (who support local teams) to fill positions.

  30. HowToSpellRhonde Says:

    “Offensive” tweet. lol

  31. celly Says:

    I live in Atlanta. I listen to WDAE on iHeart radio. I only listen in the morning. In the morning, they simulcast The Dan Patrick Show.

  32. Wright in Montana Says:

    Hard to be a StickCarrier of the Bucs right now with this crappy excuse for a football team thats showing up on Sunday’s.

    The only good thing going for Tampa in the sports market is the Bolts. Anyone else is a crappy excuse for a professional franchise. Ill tune in and support my Bucs every Sunday, but it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it right now.

  33. Conte Piscateli Says:

    I’m not sure that is really a shot at hardcore fans as much as the sorry excuse for some Bucs fans.

  34. Lev Says:

    I am never turning that station on again.

  35. 813bucboi Says:

    i wasn’t offended…..I saw the humor in it….why so sensitive?….GO BUCS!!!

  36. Gobucs Says:

    I miss mike and mike on the early show. They had good analysis and talk.

    Now we have to guys that just babble and try to be funny.

    Mostly commercials anyway. Terrible radio.

  37. Gobucs Says:


  38. Buc-n-Iowa Says:

    As I mentioned before, the “little dog with a big mouth” is only a supposed Bucs fan because he couldn’t get a job in Philly. He is not a real Buc fan. That is why he is so divisive and has been from time he started here. He was unfair with Dilfer (not that he was perfect), and pitted Bucs fans against Dunn in favor of Alstott (how did that work out?). I appreciate honest and fair criticism, but with all the disrespect nationwide, we need real long time Buc fans running the show who understand our 30+ year plight. Their recent comments show that that is not 620, until the get rid of the dog and change their attitude. Those of you who don’t understand this have probably moved here from other area and have other loyalties, or just jumped on the ban wagon when the Bucs got successful. 620 and the dog are perfect for you so stick with them and quit complaining about this site.

  39. Phil Says:

    I heard a rumor that Jon Gruden could come back to coach the Bucs. That would be a dream come true.

  40. DBS Says:

    Bolts 5-1. At least they are not a Nation Wide embarrassment.

  41. Mojiska Says:

    I see this as an overall fanbase problem. Some of the most negative fans i have ever seen. I love the bucs, always will. But some fans need to understand that constant negativity is part of what hurts this team. No player wants to play in a market that blames all the worlds problems on them. So the only way we get good players to come are by drafting or overpaying. No one will give the hometown discount. Then the fans gripe even more about not getting enough talent or overpaying, causing an even more volatile cycle.

  42. Pickgrin Says:

    That was not a shot at Bucs fans. It was a direct shot at JBF. Call it like it is.

    Pretty childish if you ask me.

    WDAE sucks balls these days anyway so who cares…

  43. Smitty Says:

    There’s so much more to this story, and to me I feel like it all boils down to the animosity between Joe Bucs Fan and 620. I’d guess that tweet was probably by someone – maybe even John Mammola himself? – that meant to post it from their personal account due to their personal grudge against the Stick Carrier movement, and not from the station account. And that person didn’t toggle over to their personal account before typing it.
    Even if that is the case, you have to question the leadership and integrity of those tweeting and running 620 to be allowing the lack of professionalism representing the flagship station of the Bucs. Let’s not forget Mammola’s role in the 102.5 air card scandal at Pin Chasers a few months ago too, which his response was “any press is good press” and didn’t care. They appear to be into old school “radio war” tactics. I say just move along. The Bucs aren’t moving away from 620, there’s no leadership change in sight for 620, and there’s no reputable sports station coming in to take on 620. So podcast it up!

  44. Joe Says:

    I feel like it all boils down to the animosity between Joe Bucs Fan and 620.

    Let Joe be perfectly clear: Joe has zero animosity with 620. None! If there is any animosity, it is not coming from Joe.

    WDAE made a business decision, and so did Joe.

  45. Lamarcus Says:

    I wasn’t offended either but it was an attack on the stick carrier movement

  46. Lamarcus Says:

    Since Joe left that station I left also. Go Joe and exposed these clowns

  47. Smokeymountainbucfan Says:

    @Phil Where’d you hear that from

  48. unbelievable Says:

    Joe Says:
    October 17th, 2017 at 4:11 pm

    I feel like it all boils down to the animosity between Joe Bucs Fan and 620.

    Let Joe be perfectly clear: Joe has zero animosity with 620. None! If there is any animosity, it is not coming from Joe.

    WDAE made a business decision, and so did Joe.

    I believe the animosity would be between Justin and 620, not the J0es!

    It’s always amusing when a business owner lets personal feeling and petty feuds cloud their judgement and business-making decisions. 620 is dying and they are lashing out because of it.

  49. unbelievable Says:

    Gruden is not coming back.

    Can we put this pipe dream to rest, for good?

  50. El Barto Says:

    Look at the roster of talent that ISN’T working on 620 as opposed to the roster that is working there. Bobby Fenton, Justin, Ian Beckles. They were all great. You could build a radio station out of people 620 has let go that’s far better than what they actually trot out there now.

  51. Chris@Apple Roof Cleaning Tampa Says:

    I still miss Dan Sileo, who was fired from 620 WDAE.
    He is kicking butt out in San Diego

  52. LakeLand Says:

    Jon Gruden…The Bucs stunk with Gruden before. 57-55 overall record. Outside of the Super Bowl season, 45-51. To break it down further, outside of 2002 and 2005, 34-46. No more retreads, Gruden was fired for a reason.

  53. Iamabuc Says:

    WDAE=TAMPABAYTIMES……need to understand, after so many years of disappointment from our team, we don’t need for you guys to rub it on our faces. News flash to both….we know, bitches!

  54. DoNUTS Says:

    So when does this goofy drama end and we get back to the key issues at hand??

    If the stick carriers are really offended that easily they should get off twitter and social media where only those with alligator skin survive.

    Bucs still searching for consistent QB play that doesn’t start in the 4th quarter. This isn’t FSU/college where comebacks were regular events. I see regression not progression in #3 play so far. For clarity, Fitz is not answer but #3 experiment has about 2.5 more NFL seasons left and if he has not grown out of his many bad habits then he too will be looking for a job. I laugh when I see posts that infer that he will be here for 10+ years. Are you really paying attention to the QB turnover in this league? You have about 3-4 years then the search will begin if nothing (playoffs) is produced. Its a NOW league this isnt the 80-90s. His contract expires in 2019 so it fits 2 year window and I know the Glazers are thinking the same way I do because they are business men first (see Brooks and Lynch decisions for reference). Why should they invest more in a #1 draft pick who cant make the playoffs or throw 65% completion rate, which is the minimum for most playoff QBs? This is a prove it league where only results (wins) count.

    Bucs still have no DEF line pressure (5 years now); not GMC fault he has zero help. My #1 offseason complaint. I think its time to trade Kwon or LVD for a pass rusher, IF the right deal can be made. This may wait til offseason just depends on their thinking internally and the deal. I dont think Kwon has much trade value to be honest; hamstrings are unpredictable and tricky to eval so his value will be low. Make him stay home on road trips; Im tired of seeing him rah-rah from the sideline. Put a skirt on if you want to cheer.

    Koetter needs to take some heat for the vacation type atmosphere he created in AZ. Superbowl teams dont behave like they are on vacation in mid-season. This team looked lost in the desert.

    Bucs are not going to the playoffs again and if by miracle they do it will be one and done.

    I know my posts tend to get some of your panties in an ass bunch…its okay just grab that the pliers and pull.

  55. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Is it any coincidence listenership and adverstisers are obviously dropping out at WDAE? Why could that be? Maybe Jones and Stroud pushing their liberal talk show points? Maybe it’s Duemig bashing people for not calling in, then bashing them on the phone when they do call in? Or maybe the programming just sucks.

  56. Roy T. Buford Says:

    I always say no, nothing is better than listening to WDAE.

    By that I mean, nothing is better–silence…is better.

  57. Roy T. Buford Says:

    Oh, I guess it’s “in-appropriate” for a guy who runs radio to know how to spell.

    Guess mass media degrees these days can be bought online.

  58. sorryitriggeredyou Says:

    @Roy T. Buford LMAO.

    It’s ok to call out Bucs fans al la Justin I’m ok with that, but to backstab the loyal fans and rub a crushing loss in their faces to get a dig in is some classless s#$t. That’s something NOSBOS would do or DBAG55 🙂

  59. Realbucfan Says:

    Uhhhhhhh, let’s all sing together now, Why Can’t We Be Friends, Why Can’t We Be Friends……

  60. notonline4 Says:

    Weebs10> they can also get rid of Ronnie Lane that T Kras joke Ron “The child molester Diaz, Heck they may as well restrucure under some other format because a sports talk station it isn’t, just a sad joke.

  61. jb Says:

    Buccoon Says:
    October 17th, 2017 at 2:16 pm
    There not wrong!! This what needs to be down when people are paying money to be at games watch games and talk about games!! There doing there job! But these Hillary supportars are to dog on soft these days everything is an issue with them!!. I stand with America and it’s president!! God bless my soul
    Hey Buccoon, The Menza Society has a IQ test set up for both YOU and YOUR POTUS. Vegas is giving 100 to 1 odds that neither of you finish higher than 90. LMAO!!!

  62. I'm tired and 87 is right Says:

    I have been coming to Joebucsfan for several years now and am pretty much on this site everyday. This is where I go now for all Bucs stuff and to find an outlet when I’m down after a Bucs loss. I hope the true fans can continue to lean on each other when times have been rough like this last game. Thanks Joe for sticking up for the fans when 620 aimed low. Sometimes as a fan we just need a place to vent. I love my Bucs and always will and good things will come for this team and their loyal fans. It will mean so much more to us when we once again lift that Lombardi trophy. Go Bucs and never lose the faith! Thanks Joe!

  63. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Joe have you considered a livecast before games. Facebook lets you do live video. You could feature the stick carriers at games through your facebook page.
    BTW, I stopped listening to wdae in july.

    Nice idea, but Joe prefers to eat Team Glazer’s impressive spread in the press box while talking to various people and getting pumped for the game. –Joe

  64. Larry “Fother” Mucker Says:

    620 is unlistenable. SIRIUSly.

  65. unbelievable Says:

    lol jb

    I would put the over/under at 86….

  66. BurgDweller Says:

    Their true colors came out in that tweet that no apology can fix. It just proves their divisive agenda and it is honestly just sickening. How in the world do they expect to keep their ratings up pulling stunts like that? Tampa Bay is a football town and loves the Bucs. Nice way to show fan support WDAE.

  67. FortMyersDave Says:

    James Walker Says:

    “What is WDAE? Is that where Chris Thomas used to work before they went out of business?”

    WDAE was a heck of a station before Chris Thomas died. The station has really gone downhill. Heck I still miss the days of Weingarten and Scot Brantley on the old 820 The Team which goes back to the days of the CIT and the old Sombrero. I like listening to the Rock on 1040 now though only online as its signal does not get down to my part of the world in Lee/Charlotte Counties like WDAE’s. Local talk radio is a dying breed, a victim of the numbers game.

    El Barto: do miss Ian Beckles as well, I believe he does a one or 2 hour show on 102.5 the Bone every Sunday; he actually had some good content when paired with Ron Diaz (who definitely has history with our man Justin), formerly of “Ron and Ron with Fez Watley” on the station my generation rocked to in high school and college: 95YNF. Loved Diaz back then but now, hmm almost like listening to Romey and the clones flame people on the national feed.

    Smitty: good points in your post: I googled “stickcarrier hate” just to see if anything popped up and sure enough there was a link to someone’s twitter account who is associated with WDAE and the thread I read was basically about this guy threatening to block a follower for tagging his tweet #stickcarrier. When asked why by others he basically said he does not hate the stick carriers but does hate the one who invented the phrase. Now he was asked who this was directed to: Teddy Roosevelt, Dirk K or some guy named Justin P and our WDAE man cryptically answered: you know who! So judge for yourself, is there hate coing from WDAE?

  68. Tbbucs3 Says:

    I’ve never seen a fan base turn on their own team after a couple bad loses like this one does. Especially on JoeBucs, 1 loss to the cards and the whole world explodes. Fire this fire that bench him bench that. It’s early in the season there’s a lot of football left. Loses are part of the game. The losers are the ones that dwell on them winners are “on to Cincinatii” as Belichick says.

    As the Bucs are trying to make a culture change within their organization the fans need to make a culture change as well.

  69. FortMyersDave Says:

    Tbbucs3; you should note that a lot of the negativity is coming from posters who have started posting in the past week or so since the NE loss, they were not around after the Giant win or the Bear win and likely are just here to troll for their own agenda which is not concerning being fans of the Bucs. Sure you have TMax posting about the shortcomings of GMC on every thread and a guy from Lakeland who actually seemed angry when the Bucs beat the Giants and some other guy who bragged about selling his club seats to opposing fans and turning a profit and joking about the Saints sending AP to the desert to derail the Bucs, so it is true that those guys and a few others are very negative and I question why they post if they dislike the Bucs so much but for the most part I think most of the regular posters and readers on JBF want the Bucs to succeed and are simply frustrated by seeing the same old garbage season after season, coaches making crucial errors and not making adjustments that a Pop Warner coach could correct as well as draft picks simply not playing to expectations and the fact that what ever can go wrong in Tampa does while other NFL clubs seem to get around their issues so much easier unless you have a franchise in a place like Cleveland, Chicago or San Fran…. You are just reading the posts from true fans who really thought this team could win 10 games but now realize that Vegas might have been right with an o/u win total of 8 and that this is an average team when healthy. I was hoping Vegas was wrong and they do make mistakes (like the Jets o/u at 3.5) but looks like they pegged our Bucs but it is early in the season and unlike some of the trolls I don’t think the Bucs will go 2-14 though if they continue to play like they did on Sunday we won’t see too many more wins this season…..

  70. THETRUTH Says:

    TBuc you hit it on head , went from go bucs to fire everyone. We have a franchise QB TO HE SUCKS trade him. Went from VH3 is a beast to he sucks ( yet he does suck) again never draft a florida DB or WR.

    FANS HAVE TO RELAX , they win 2 in row you will be saying Super Bowl , it’s funny

    620 if actually took more calls from people instead of 3 min talking and 10 commercials. Than talking again next segment. Have a day where fans don’t wait 30min to say something it is the fans show.

  71. Dean Boring Says:

    I listened to WDAE 620 every morning when the Tampa Bay Times sports guys hosted the show. We had real local sports coverage then. But when they went with Mike and Mike (Uk) Dan Patrick I stopeped listening.

    Since 620 is owned by Clear Channel that is root of the problem. No local ties, or loyalty. And no interest in local sports of which we have a lot going on.

  72. bucster Says:

    Are the Stick Carriers still a thing, seeing as how Dirk’s “stick” seems to now be a toothpick he carries?

  73. PIHB Says:

    Deplorable? You guys obviously have been with the station and it is petty to turn their tweet (which was probably from an intern ) into them hating Bucs fans. You run a great site but I would think you would be above something so childish
    Childish? You act like Joe sent the Tweet and then the apology. Probably from an intern? Highly doubtful. As you said, Joe might know a thing or two having been with the station. –Joe

  74. Dean Boring Says:

    On another subject, does anyone think that Winston is any better in his 3rd year?

  75. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    PIHB Says
    “Deplorable? You guys obviously have been with the station and it is petty to turn their tweet (which was probably from an intern ) into them hating Bucs fans. You run a great site but I would think you would be above something so childish”


    Here is what is childish…having a guy run the station that allows personal grudges to determine programming.

    That’s childish.

    If WDAE were smart, they would also latch onto the Stick Carrier movement and support it, because a strong fan-base does wonderful things. Instead, this ‘guy’ is envious that he did not start the idea. He sees station ratings drop and JBF popularity explode, and because he has a grudge, can’t swallow his pride long enough to look at what Joe is doing right.

    The solution to their ratings is staring them in the face, but he is too blind to see it.

  76. Casey Morgan Says:

    I never liked the Fat Dog on 620 and am thankful that we have a good alternative now: 1040 am

  77. chargedcbh Says:

    I live in DC and it’s Redskins all day here, the day after the first game the Little Dog opened the show talking everything but the Bucs. He even talked about Pre Season Hockey, are you serious. This has an effect on the fan base, nobody consider the Bucs to be a big deal. You guys talk about baseball and your team aren’t in the playoffs, it’s amazing. I’ll try 1040 and see if it’s better.

  78. mike10 Says:

    Ya I agree, it was an idiotic tweet. But let’s not be hypocritical here and kick DAE while they’re down either Joe.

    I don’t think that tweeter (?) has a job any longer, but it’s assumptive to suggest it represented the opinion of the station.