The Morning After

October 30th, 2017

Joe woke up in a fog today, head pounding, dry tongue. Logged onto and saw the 17-3 score yesterday. Yeah, guess some people are right; you can’t drink away your problems.

1. What Joe witnessed at the Den of Depression was just mind-boggling on so many levels. First, that an offense with America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, DeSean Jackson, Mike Evans, Cam Brate, O.J. Howard and Adam Humphries could only score three points is equal parts unbelievable and unacceptable. Yet it happened. Teams would give their left nad to have some of the players on the Bucs offense and they could only score a field goal? Hell, the Browns scored 16 points yesterday. The Browns!!! What the hell has happened with this team? It rolls up 27 on the road in Buffalo on a good defense and then gags up the spaghetti like that? Winning Bucs coach Dirk Koetter said yesterday that if there are any fingers to be pointed, it should be at him. He’s right. Look, Joe respects, likes and admires Koetter but that was just a mail-in job by him and his team. They were either terribly ill-prepared or Koetter has a communication breakdown with his squad. How else to explain the NFL’s No. 1 passing offense couldn’t score a touchdown. Yeah, the Stinking Panthers are not a bad team and it helped that future Hall of Famer Luke Kuechly returned to play. That shouldn’t mean the Bucs showed up as if someone screwed with their alarm clocks. Just because Halloween was two days away didn’t mean the Bucs offense could transform into a ghost. The Bucs, since Chucky was jettisoned, have had some rotten offenses. Really terrible. This year’s Bucs, with an offense loaded with studs, looked like Bruce Gradkowski or Brian Griese was leading the way with Kregg Lumpkin at running back and Dezmon Briscoe at receiver. This was a very damning game for Koetter.

2. As you likely already read (if you haven’t scroll down a little), a sports orthopedist and surgeon, the former Chargers team doctor who regularly appears on SiriusXM NFL Radio, believes Jameis has a rotator cuff injury based on video study of his throwing. Joe has no idea if that is the case but that is the only logical excuse for Jameis to play so terribly, unless you subscribe to the notion that missing two practices this week made Jameis rusty. You have to wonder if sitting out a total of four practices the past two weeks to rest his shoulder isn’t the culprit. Of course, Koetter and Jameis were asked this yesterday and of course they denied it, but Joe doesn’t believe in coincidences. Last week Jameis may have had the best game of his career. A week later, maybe his worst game of his career. The way Koetter likes to rest players and keep them fresh, if missing a couple of days of practice is no big deal, why not rest most of the starters for two days leading to a game? Either that or Jameis shoulder is worse than the Bucs are letting on (both Koetter and Jameis denied this too). Or is it is a lack of practice. Or both.

3. Oh, how about that pass rush (what edge rush?). Cam Newton dropped back 32 times and not once did the Bucs register a quarterback hit. Not once!!! How is that even possible? Yeah, the Bucs were running some three-man front looks, but still, no quarterback hits. None? That is a complete and total disgrace. It’s almost malpractice. But hey, Joe once saw in the first half Mr. Beasting Robert Ayers get within five feet of Newton in the pocket, so Joe guesses he should chalk that up to progress. Baby steps.

4. Joe is a big Donovan Smith backer but like with Winston, Joe has to be fair and cannot bury his head. Smith had a rough game yesterday. Joe understands folks lay awake at night with the thought of running Smith out of town but from everything Joe has heard, that’s not even remotely close to happening. The Bucs believe Smith is, at worst, a serviceable left tackle. He can be great at times, both a road-grader and with a knack for holding his own against the very best pass rushers. The Bucs like his upside but recognize his inconsistency. The most important factor in Smith’s favor? He has never missed a snap. That is huge for NFL folks. Given how the NFL is in a crisis of finding quality offensive linemen, the Bucs aren’t in any hurry to replace a guy who has big upside and who never misses a snap. However, Smith has to raise his game. He’s given up plays resulting in terrible shots to Jameis. Given that Jameis is not 100 percent, Smith really has to make sure to keep his quarterback’s jersey clean.

5. Joe was shocked yesterday how the defense played, even without any pass rush (what edge rush?). Without Brent Grimes and Robert McClain, Joe thought surely the secondary was going to get roasted like a Thanksgiving turkey. Instead, not only did the defense hold its own, it played well. But eventually, the offense being unable to move the ball left the defense starting to get fried. In no way one can point a finger at defensive coordinator Mike Smith and his players for the job they turned in yesterday. Defense did not lose the game at all.

Trinkets: T.J. Ward had another iffy game yesterday. Joe noticed how Ward apparently decided to throw fundamentals away in order to get a highlight on NFL Network. Ward tried to splash a ball carrier instead of wrapping up. Could have gotten called for head-hunting. As could be expected, he whiffed on the would-be tackle. Never even tried to wrap up. In the process, Ward gave up a first down. Through seven games it’s becoming clear to Joe both why Koetter says Ward is a rotational player, and why the Broncos released him. Ward signed a one-year deal with the Bucs and Joe cannot envision Ward in a Bucs uniform next season. Why would the Bucs want to bring back an aging safety who clearly has lost a step or two who cannot even secure a starting job? … A run game would be nice. … Kwon Alexander made a couple of solid tackles. It appears he’s starting to shake off the rust. He led the Bucs with 10 tackles. … Speaking of tackles, fan favorite Chris Conte had some nice open-field tackles. He may have had his best game as a Bucs player.

56 Responses to “The Morning After”

  1. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    It’s only October and Bucs Fans are already looking towards the draft….how sad 🙁

    Were the Browns of the NFC South.

  2. TheBucsAnthem Says:

    ……and we all seen yesterday with our own eyes that Jameis looked “off” and he was more “off” with his high throws and overthrows and his bad decision-making the Jameis THE ISSUE with execution against a BAD CAROLINA TEAM.

    Jameis cannot keep on doing this with his slow starts and all the Issues I mentioned above.

    Douggie Fresh is DONE….his burst is gone and he’s not fast anymore….he looked Pedestrian.

    The Defense…..look, we played a very bad Panthers offense so no way was the BUCs defense suddenly had their “light bulbs” turn on….no way, the defense is still suspect.

    Jason Licht really needs to re-evaluate this whole team now….including the QB.

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Joe….is there a reason why you continue with the “winning coach Dirk Koetter”L

  4. Rob Says:

    Worst part about this as a Buc’s fan is that I am starting not to give a crap anymore. Apathy is setting in, at least with me and that seldom happens concerning the Bucs. There is no hope for this season. Playoffs was the only acceptable outcome and now that is not going to happen. Heads should roll justifiably. Koetter clearly not the answer. Smith is also not the answer. This is not even a rebuilding year now, it is a regressing year and if that is the case, scrap the whole failed project. 2-5 is a disgrace. Start over…we are used to it.

  5. Wombat Says:

    I can see Jameis having trouble with the arm. His throws yesterday were off. It still doesn’t explain his bone headed decision to toss the ball somewhere in the direction of DM22. Also that throw to Brate which was intercepted had some juice on it, but it was behind him and into the arms of 59.
    This team has way too much talent to be here, Jameis will get Koetter fired if he keeps playing like this.
    At the moment, this team is dead in the water and the sharks are circling… can’t see a remedy here soon.

  6. The Buc Realist Says:

    The defense played very well considering their holes on the roster!!!!! But I am surprised that Joe Did not give LVD his props!!!!!!!! Dude is “THE” best player on the defense and has strung some very good games together!!!!!!!!!

    I know that many are angry and ready to burn everything down to the ground today!!!! But what we are watching is mainly a young team playing inconsistent!!!!!!!! This is the team that had the #1 overall pick 2 years ago, don’t forget!!!!! We have seen flashes in just about every part of the team and we have seen absolute failure in different area’s of this team!!!!!! We saw the slogan weapons for Winston, and this offseason we will see the “fix the trenches”!!!!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Locked In Says:

    This game was on Jameis and the O-line, not Koetter. Simple as that.

  8. D-Rome Says:

    Dirk Koetter is in over his head. He is not the coach to lead the team to the playoffs and beyond. There is no excuse for this year’s lack of performance. At least under Lovie Smith we *all* knew the team was rebuilding, especially in 2014.

    This team was supposed to be the finished product to make a playoff run. The one thing the 2014 and 2017 teams have in common is that neither version has a dedicated offensive coordinator.

  9. DallasBuc Says:

    Among the many delusional things we see it is particularly amusing to watch the constant sugar coating of the play of Donovan Smith even when claiming to criticize him. He is a sore liability and should not be our starting left tack. Speaking of delusion how is it that no one is saying what we are all watching?…this overrated oline is soft dog squeeze getting blasted play after play. Can’t create holes for Martin who is repeatedly assaulted 4 yards in the backfield. Can’t create a pocket for Winston whose pocket magic more often than not is saving the oline’s bacon at great risk to the team and himself. People really need to stop trying to convince themselves that the oline they are watching is good. It is decidedly not good.
    Speaking of lines our Dline is also not good. Kinda the same analysis where it is soft, overrated and getting savaged play after play.
    The trenches are what is wrong with this football team. Jason Licht has had four offseasons to improve it and it is time to acknowledge that he failed. He is a failure and our team is a failure because of him. We will never be a good team with this overrated bum calling the shots. Scoreboard

  10. Bird Says:

    Locked in and wombat –

    100 percent correct. The Joes rarely points a finger at jameis. They are blaming coach and Jameis shoulder.

    He has 1 good quarter every 4 which is not good enough for #1 pick. All these weapons on offense and #3 scores 3. Hope he turns it around Great kid. Great leader But wow. Not playing good. His receivers are starting to talk a lot on sidelines too

  11. Clodhopper Says:

    I’m about done with Jameis. He’s too inconsistent. He has some great games, but not enough. How can we ever win a Super Bowl with him? Say we make it to the playoffs some day. Does anyone really think Jameis can string together 3-4 good games in a row to make it and win a Super Bowl? Especially when every one of those teams will be playoff caliber teams, defenses and coaches? He’ll just get too hyped and over throw everything under the sun, or he’ll be flat and wake up when its too late to win the game and throw for 400 yards in a loss during one of those playoff games.

    Koetter, I’m glad you’re man enough to point the finger at yourself, but that’s getting old too. If you’re going to point the finger at yourself, PLEASE figure out what you’re doing and fix it. Yeah yeah yeah, it’s your bad. It seems like its always your bad, and you keep doing the same thing over and over. STOP!

  12. QUE 5 Says:

    I tried to tell everyone the offensive system is antiquated and too basic. No one wants to tell that to Koetter for some reason

  13. Hodad Says:

    Joe’s #1, enough already with the winning coach Koetter. Joe’s #4, yeah Don Smith holds his own, but he also holds D.E.’s ends even more! Joe’s #5, the defense couldn’t lay one hit on the Q.B., you call that a good performance? Trinkets, yeah changes need to be made. That will start after the season when losing coach Koetter, becomes fired coach Koetter. It won’t be Licht searching for a new coach either, he’ll be collecting his unemployment check.

  14. denjoe Says:

    Tampabaybucfan Says:
    October 30th, 2017 at 8:11 am

    Joe….is there a reason why you continue with the “winning coach Dirk Koetter”L

    I was wondering the same thing.

  15. Jersey Buc Says:

    What’s really frustrating about this organization? Is that in the golden age of mediocrity that is the NFL, the bucs can’t draft/coach/play well enough to even compete at an acceptable level. If they didn’t play Chicago and New York they’d be 0-7. And I’m not so sure they’re that much better than Cleveland or the 49ers. I still laugh at how people say the defense is still suspect…that’s code for it sucks. To not even lay a hand on a QB that has a banged O line playing in front of him…there are no words. To me it begins in the front office. The out cry is that it’s hard to find good players. How about it’s hard to find knowledgeable people, who can find good players???

  16. NJBucsFan Says:

    It is definitely time to stop with the nick-names…Dirk Koetter is no longer a winning coach, Winston has not looked like a Pro-bowler, nor has made a Pro Bowl since his rookie year (as a 3 choice option since many backed out). To call Donovan Smith serviceable left tackle should be a crime. He is at best, a backup swing tackle, but should be playing guard.

  17. Bucsfanman Says:

    We are STILL way too predictable. We are wasting the talent on the offensive side of the ball. Why have the Eagles been able to develop chemistry and we can’t?
    Our d-line needs to be replaced by 4 bowls of Cheerios! Even the freakin’ Browns can generate a pass-rush! This group is terrible!

  18. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    no heart in this team…TRADE whoever for whatever…Looking to the future again at week 8 🙁

  19. passthebuc Says:

    Guys, we are only one player away from dominating the league.
    1. left tackle
    1. right tackle.
    1. left guard
    1. running back.
    1. DLE
    1. DRE
    1. DT
    1. RCB
    1.ST. S
    1. F. S
    JUst one player away from the supper bowl.
    Oh, I forgot, 1 talented QB
    That’s all guys, just 1.

  20. passthebuc Says:

    Assume you realize all new coaching and ownership

  21. 813bucboi Says:

    They were either terribly ill-prepared or Koetter has a communication breakdown with his squad. How else to explain the NFL’s No. 1 passing offense couldn’t score a touchdown

    im picking the former….I think the offense came out unprepared and “flat”….this is the 4th week in a row this “team” wasn’t been prepared properly….either the defense shows up and the offense doesn’t or vice versa….

    and regarding the defense, I honestly didn’t think they were impressive….they cbs finally didn’t give up a big play but CAR still ran the ball at will and converted on 3rd down we they needed to….

    CAR executed their game plan to perfection….run the ball and play good defense…..that’s exactly what they did….they didn’t try to trick us or do anything special….they haven’t had big explosive plays all season….they stuck to their identity….we(BUCS) still don’t have one….

    we haven’t won a game yet when Winston throws 40times or more….he threw 41 yesterday….these coaches don’t no what the h3ll their doing….GO BUCS!!!!

  22. MTM Says:

    The Bucs organization is responsible for killing kidneys and livers since 76.

    The offense as whole is playing poorly. Jameis looks spastic in the pocket when pressure is on. He makes some of the most stupid decisions to try and not take a sack. His stats may look great but stats are for losers…

    And the defensive line is inconsistent as hell. D-linemen run right past the running backs consistently like they have no clue where the play is going. Get used to it folks. Its not changing anytime soon.

  23. Wewantgruden Says:

    I will be making the trip to New Orleans this weekend, as I have done the past 20 years. Turn up the volume on your TV’s as I will be leading the GRU-DEN chant all game long.

  24. Defense Rules Says:

    @Joe … “Joe respects, likes and admires Koetter but that was just a mail-in job by him and his team.” Bingo, we have a winner! Bucs were ill-prepared yesterday & the sharks are circling. Jameis had no business being out there yesterday.

    Donovan Smith ‘is who he is’. Folks need to get used to it. Many excellent plays with a periodic whiff thrown in. And his penalties yesterday were very costly. I honestly don’t think he’ll improve that much from here on out (hey, it is his 3rd year … his ‘technique’ should be pretty well set by now). But that being said, he’s far better than anyone else that we have, and other teams aren’t about to ship us a higher quality LT. Personally I’d draft a LT this coming year or next, and IF the newbie pans out at LT, then move Donovan to RT or even G.

    Pass rush also ‘is what it is’. Shouldn’t be any big surprises there. Did anyone REALLY expect a 240 lb DE (Spence) to finish the season AND get double-digit sacks?. Did anyone REALLY expect Jack Smith to tear it up this year given his injury history? Did anyone REALLY expect Will Gholston & Robert Ayers to pile up a bunch of sacks this year? There were potential solutions to our DE problem available in BOTH FA AND in the draft … Licht gambled & by-passed them all. Hmmm, how’s that working out for us?

    And yes Joe, the defense played quite well yesterday (especially in comparison to previous performances). Carolina doesn’t have any speed-burners at WR or TE right now, but our CBs (Ryan Smith & VHIII) did an effective job I thought of sticking with them. Personally think that moving VHIII to the other side might have made a difference for him. Hard to tell on TV. And I thought Conte played well too. Not very impressed however with Ward or Evans right now (especially Evans coverage on the Panthers’ last TD).

  25. ndog Says:

    At this point the Glazers need to just sell the team so we can get fresh blood in this place. I am not blaming them at all, but ever since Malcom passed away this franchise has been a disaster, that cant be a just bad luck. No matter the coaches, no matter the GM, no matter the players the one thin that has not changed is the ownership. Sometime things are just not meant to work out and to me this is clearly not meant to work out for them. I like them and think they have done some great things here but it is time for everyone just to go their separate ways. Sell to a local like Eddie D and lets get this thing turned around.

  26. Greg Says:

    What will it take for you to stop calling him America’s Quarterback??

  27. Chris Says:

    This team does not impose it’s will on anyone. They play there opponents style of football. Week one, they imposed there will on the Bears and crushed them. after that, poor play, turnovers, slow starts, missed kicks, ill timed penalties, and just finding all sorts of ways to lose has plagued this team. this signifies a bad football team. This team has the talent to win and go deep into the playoffs. they need to learn how to win games by imposing there will on other teams. they are good enough.

  28. Patrick in VA Says:

    It sucked being in the dregs of season after season where we had little to hope for and a dearth of talent. We convinced ourselves in the off season every year that this squad was going to get us back on track. It never was, but once things started unraveling it was easy to admit to ourselves that we really just weren’t that good and we’re not on the level of other teams.

    This year, everyone saw it. This was the year when we were undeniably positioned to take our place and be recognized in the league as a contender. We had the weapons. We had the coaches. Everything was in place. The fan base was in a frenzy and ready to support the team and carry them to wherever they were able to go.

    So, to have them fall on their faces the way that they have this year, it makes it harder to swallow than it’s been in the past. You can’t blame it on the lack of talent. The talent is there. I listen to sports radio in other markets and they’re beside themselves wishing they had the weapons that we’re doing nothing with in Tampa.

    Now we’re at the point that we always get to in the season where it’s barely time to put a jacket on and we’re already looking at the draft. But what good does looking to the draft do? We’re going to bring in a 21 year old kid and he’s going to right all the wrongs of this organization? No. He’s not.

    Unfortunately, the pestilence that sits over this franchise isn’t going anywhere. I’ve been a blind homer and an optimist for about 5 years on this site, and longer before I found the site, but I don’t know how to root for this team anymore. It seems like we all care a whole lot more than the people that are paid very handsomely to care. I’m not begrudging what they get paid. If you can get it, then get it. But it’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that someone can be incentivized the way that they are and for them to regularly show up looking like they’d rather be anywhere else in the world.

  29. Bucsfanman Says:

    @ndog- It has and always will start at the top.

  30. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    With the Donovan Smith thing, I have been crying for the past few years for lichts heads because he has whiffed so bad on the draf and had a shot at a franchise LT or 2 and he buried his head and is not fit to be thsi team’s GM, time to start over from the top down

  31. sorryitriggeredyou Says:

    er that offense isn’t good, you can’t say the defense is better cause they held the Panther’s to 17 points, the Bears held them to 3 the week before. Ya’ll don’t be dumb.

  32. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Patrick- Well said and I concur. They have squeezed the joy out of being a fan. My nephew thought I’d be upset over the loss. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, “It’s hard being a Buc fan!”

    On a bright note, Murray hasn’t missed a kick yet!
    How’s THAT for optimism?!!!

  33. C eh N eh D eh Says:

    America’s QB lol …looking like one big mistake again…you can rah rah all you want and be a leader at QB but if you can’t hit the broad side of a barn door you’ll never make it in the NFL…every week there is a TD miss on the deep ball..EVERY frickin week !!!

  34. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    “Ward tried to splash a ball carrier instead of wrapping up. Could have gotten called for head-hunting.”

    This is exactly what I warned about when they signed him and everyone was claiming he would be one of the starters. He is a penalty magnet, and even though he hasn’t gotten many yet, it is because he has hardly played.

  35. BrianBucs Says:

    It must have been those orange socks………..

  36. 813bucboi Says:

    The Buc Realist Says:
    October 30th, 2017 at 8:21 am
    The defense played very well considering their holes on the roster!!!!!

    the defense played well because they went up against a lousy offense!!!!…the only good thing about the defense was watching the cbs playing up at the LOS which are VHG and ryan smith strengths!!!!

    get real!!!…this staff has failed!!!!….GO BUCS!!!

  37. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    There should be serious consideration for trading Djax and #93 now…not sure if licht is going to be around next year so maybe that would be a reason to be quite at the trade deadline, but if that is the case then this team is being mismanaged and poorly handled if ppl are looking tiwards their own future and not the teams

  38. BartButtplug Says:

    The team is not into it. They are soft peddling. The money goes into their bank accounts and they laugh at all the suckers. If you think they care as much as you do, think again. Btw, the uniforms and the team both suck.

  39. LakeLand Says:

    Seasons: 42 (1976 to 2017)

    Record (W-L-T): 252-398-1

  40. ATrain Says:


    YOU called out everyone on the Offense.

    WHAT ABOUT GMC Was he in the Game…Did he come within 5 feet of the QB

    GMC is the LEADER of the DEFENSE HE is the HIGHEST paid and YES that matters


  41. DallasBuc Says:

    Time to stop running cover for your sacred cows Jason Licht and Donovan Smith. We aren’t winning anything with these two bums except maybe another first round pick which would be two in four years with phony Licht at the helm.

  42. DallasBuc Says:

    First overall pick^^^

  43. derrickbrooksforGM Says:

    @Bucsfanman LMAO helz yeah positive indeed. We need something ANYTHING positive right now.

  44. Bob in Valrico Says:

    Look Jameis shouldn’t have been out there yesterday,but I’ll give him a pass
    for yesterday.
    Jameis was supposed to be one of the most NFL ready QB’s to come out of the draft, who could make all the throws. I am not seeing that. His slow starts,ball placement and turnovers have hurt the team.He
    needs to play better and hire a better off season QB coach to fix some of these
    issues. Sad to say it, but a good coach and offensive mind could be wasted if Jameis doesn’t become more consistant in his play and decisions. If Koetter can’t get Jameis on track, who can? Gruden is not known for working with young

  45. DBS Says:

    Waste another 3 or 4 years on him. He will change. This is year 3. The excuses are over. If he was that injured they would have pulled him.

  46. Patrick in VA Says:

    @Bob – while your alluding to Gruden being a possibility is pretty out there, I agree with the overall message of Jameis needing to show improvements. I don’t know that he’s better today than he was that first game against the Titans. We all see the flashes of potential and we see the talent, but it’s all erratic and there’s no consistency. I’ve honestly had my fill of hype speeches and platitudes from him and the team talking about what a great leader he is. From where I sit, it doesn’t look like he’s led us to much yet. So let’s stop slapping this kid on the back for being such a magnetic leader that has everyone on track and wanting to do great things until he’s actually gotten them to do something. The table has been set. It’s not like he had to take a bunch of rag-tag misfits and turn them in to greatness. They had cupboards that were stocked as well as any team we’ve ever seen. They’ve done nothing with it. If anyone had a modicum of leadership in them we’d see this ship getting back on course and we’d be making the most of our talent. As it stands, however, every week we’re treated to another flavor of ineptitude.

  47. Bobby M. Says:

    Couple things…Jameis has a solid game against Buffalo, he gets the praise. He sucks, and we defer to his shoulder now for his excuse. He was hurt in both games. The guy is inconsistent, starts slow, inaccurate and turnover prone. That’s who he is. If he steps on the field, he’s accountable, its that simple. This is yr 3 with the same system that was more then capable last yr. Get used to it because it wont change any time soon.

    IMO…this team is built exactly like the Colts…..plenty of “talent” but in the wrong places. Andrew Luck is already beat to hell from lack of protection. Our o-line isn’t even avg….Winston will be Luck in another year or so. Licht was too confident in Smith progressing, Marpet moving, and Sweezy bouncing back. NONE of those are going well. Smith is by far the weakest link on the o-line…..Saying he’s serviceable….well so is Josh McCown. Smith is doing Winston ZERO favors and is going to send him to the sidelines routinely if they dont upgrade the position.

  48. Bucsfanman Says:

    @ATrain- Maybe it’s because GMC has DOUBLE the sacks of Robert Ayers!!! LMAO! You’ll get the joke when you look at their stats!
    It’s beyond ridiculous how awful this defensive line is. And yes, I’m including GMC. We should have more sacks by accident than we do now.

  49. Dusthty Rhothdes Says:

    Licht and legit shot at drafting a franchise LT in Laremy Tunsil, but he whiffs and gets an undersized corner….then back in 2015 kooky licht had the absolute best chance to grab another cornerstone OT in LaeL Collins…but lichts saves the kooky moves for drafting a kicker instead which seems like a pretty great grounds for a new GM in 2018

  50. orlbucfan Says:

    Hey Joes,

    Back in the Dark Ages, 1983-95, we Bucs faithful could always console ourselves with the fact that our players( with a few rare exceptions) stunk up the planet. No can do now in 2017. This loss belongs to Dirk Koetter and Mike Smith. PERIOD!

    The players deserve so much better. What is wrong with these two coaching morons? They have regressed like crazy since last season. I could call a better game plan, and I’m an old diehard female fan. The second I heard the very first offensive(and it stunk) call-run up the middle-I knew it was another loss. Koetter has built the best Bucs offense player-wise that has ever been. Why can’t he game plan for them? Smith, whatever…still not sold on him. It isn’t Licht’s fault. Mebbe Koetter isn’t cut out to be a HC. That said, please don’t fire him. These players have been through too much with musical coaching chairs.

    But, hey, we have a solid kicker. Wowie.

  51. JMarkBuc Says:

    The morning after:

    1. Whether or not you agreed/disagreed with Jameis as the draft pick, it’s time to face the fact that he is not an NFL caliber QB. He can’t hit the broad side of a barn. The few catches that do get made are because of exceptional effort by WR’s. If the ball isn’t way overthrown, it’s behind the WR. Ever heard of throwing them open. Add that to the boneheaded turnovers, and this guy is way more Geno Smith than “Americas QB” Hell, Jared Goff looks better to me. Lots of talk, absolutely no walk.

    2. DK had this job fall into his lap, and that’s on Licht and the Glazers. Way in over his head. Cracks me up too when I see on this site, “DK is a straight shooting, hard nosed bad ass”. I call BS. Mike Tomlin? That’s a bad ass. Does this team look, act, or feel like they have a bad ass coach–puh-lease. All this hero worship and oil paintings for a guy who can’t head coach his way out of a wet paper bag. We all know the clock is ticking on him.

    3. As far as jobs falling in to laps, Mike Smith, join the club. Bucs have always been about Defense, whether the team as a whole sucked or not. We always played respectable defense. Once again a coach who is in over his head, or the game has passed him by. Yes, tackling and covering is on the coaching. If I hear one more time ” we need to communicate” I’m gonna puke. Once again way too much talk already, not near enough action.

    4. Jason Licht? Either you don’t have a clue or you have a really bad scouting dept. or both. We are saving cap space? For what? The next signing of Darelle Revis? The more I study the NFL the more I think the Steelers are the model franchise. They’ve had three head coaches in what 60 yrs? Always a contender, and always respected. You can certainly tell where Dungys inspiration came from. But I digress. This team needs a severe shake up top to bottom, again.

    5. Lastly, for those calling for Gruden, best be careful. Yep, he can probably put together a decent offense, but without defense, we will not win in this league. That and his ego. Bruce Allen and Gruden destroyed this team. Could never figure out, with Grudens love for veteran players, how he cut John Lynch. Dumbest move ever by the Bucs, in a long list of dumb moves. Be careful what you wish for with Chucky, you just might get it.

  52. Bucs Sam Says:

    Jamies is the problem.

    He’s hurt, but is more worried about his starting record then his winning record.

    The guy has a massive ego and it’s only being made worse by being able to decide he stars when he’s clearly not capable of getting the job done.

    Take the ball from him and let him watch a game behind a Pro like Fitz. Fitz might not have the scray arm talent of Jamies, but he’s a pro and plays like one.

  53. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    Jameis is hurt. Period.
    He can;t practice and thus is going to be rusty and off his timing.
    This is a horrible situation.

    He has the worst LT in the entire NFL protecting him.

    I’ve been saying this for years… as long as Turnstile Smith is the starting LT, the Bucs have no chance. Stop clamoring for a RB with a 1st round pick – the Bucs need a LT and a pass rush first and foremost. Build the team from the lines on both sides and good things will follow.

  54. JMarkBuc Says:

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why people keep saying JW has arm talent. Unless overthrowing and under throwing and missing completely is arm talent…… Wake up people, the kid is charismatic but he is not all that talented

    Deshaun Watson? That looks like talent.

  55. SavannahBuc Says:

    At This Point, I Feel Exactly The Same Way As I Did With Josh Freeman. Jameis = #JOSHFREEMANv2.0 ….. Surrounded by Offensive Draft Picks & Free Agents and this guy cannot complete a pass unless in zone coverage

  56. Pickgrin Says:

    This team is becoming difficult to support.

    Apathy setting in. Not Good…

    When you start 2-5 there’s nothing to look forward to. Even if this team gets “turned around” tomorrow and goes on a tear finishing 7-2 – it will mean nothing but worse draft position.

    That’s a sorry ass start for a team that we pretty much ALL believed had enough talent to compete and be a “winning” football team in 2017.

    It seems the crucial “complementary football” element has been missing since the beginning of game 2.

    Most recent examples are the offense playing its best game of the season last week while the defense shat the bed vs the Bills = loss. Yesterday – the Defense played well enough to win. The young CBs we were so scared would get torched all day manned up and played a surprisingly good game collectively – especially considering there was ZERO pass rush. But our loaded with playmaking talent offense couldn’t even get into the red zone much less the end zone – for 4 quarters – at home…

    I’m just in shock that we have this much talent on this team and are playing such bad team football. As are the Glazers I’m sure.

    There’s only 1 place to start looking in such an instance. Its unfortunate to say and hard to believe considering how last year ended on such an upswing – but Coach Koetters seat may be getting a little warm right now.

    Finish 3-8 or anything similar – and the winds of change might just be afoot once again at OPB.

    Sigh – Its a Bucs Life….