Nerds Seeing The Light?

October 9th, 2017

Stunning conclusion

Yes, Joe does find a surprise from time to time digging for Bucs news and tidbits.

Take the PFF tribe (please!). Those clowns have, for the better part of two years, done everything to kill the career of Donovan Smith, poisoning naive minds with hocus pocus nonsense in an effort to run the man out of football.

What Smith did to these geeks is beyond Joe’s comprehension. Maybe his mother sent them a ransom virus? Who knows.

But prior to Thursday’s nutkick of a loss to the Belicheats, the tribe actually produced something positive about Smith, which nearly made Joe fall off the barstool. The well-trained orangutans at the tribe believe Smith never even allowed a pressure on America’s Quarterback, Pro Bowler Jameis Winston, in the win over the Giants.

And, yes, Joe is surprised these clowns would actually publish such information they’ve had such a crusade against Smith.

(Full disclosure: Joe believes the “grades” the PFF tribe uses, specifically for offensive lines, is pure and complete hogwash and at best, guesswork. Joe prefers getting his information folks who work in the NFL, not Irish lads in their college dormrooms.

26 Responses to “Nerds Seeing The Light?”

  1. westernbuc Says:

    Wait, you’re “just reporting” on Doug Martin but PFF is trying to destroy Donovan Smith’s career?
    What are you talking about? And where’s your sense of humor?–Joe

  2. DB55 Says:

    The Bucs have beaten 2 teams with a combined win total of 1 game, proceed with caution.

  3. Stud Says:

    Very glad he’s cleaned up the penalties this year.

  4. Lord Cornelius Says:

    “DB55 Says:
    October 9th, 2017 at 3:16 pm
    The Bucs have beaten 2 teams with a combined win total of 1 game, proceed with caution.”

    Lot’s of fun facts we can pull to say what we want.

    The Bucs; with average FG kicking; would be 3-1 after just defeating the prior SB champs.

    The Bucs just held one of the top offenses averaging 31.5 PPG to 19 points; their lowest output of the season.

    Bottom line is 2-2 was a reasonable goal with our first 4 week schedule; knowing that the Vikings/Pats and even Giants were all talented teams that should have been competitive. The Giants played us hard. Their defense held their 3 prior opponents to less points and like 190 passing yards a game before Winston went over 300 on them.

    Winston didn’t play well against the Pats; and the offense struggled; and we missed all our kicks basically; and still almost won the game.

  5. DB55 Says:

    I’m with you LC, felt the exact same until yesterday when I realized the two teams we beat will prob be drafting 1&2 respectively.

    I’m just saying proceed with caution cuz imo Winston’s issues are due to a lack of trust of the O-line and idk if he even realizes it. IMO when you get hit like he does it has to creep into your head on every pass play and you’ll begin to worry about getting hit than letting plays develop or taking what the defense gives you. Therefore forcing the ball where it don’t belong or not going through all your reads.

    Idk I’m sure I’m fos and have no idea what I’m talking about. Random thoughts that jump into my head.

  6. unbelievable Says:

    DB I hope you’re wrong about that creeping into Winstons head. We’ve seen lots of guys come out of college, get hit too much, and then play scarred.

    But I don’t think that’s what happening with Winston. He just seems so hot and cold. One drive of great plays and tremendous accuracy, followed up by missing multiple wide open guys. It’s baffling in year 3, but I don’t think it’s from fear. I dunno wtf it is though, lol.

    As has been mentioned, game planning from Dirk has been pretty underwhelming this year.

  7. unbelievable Says:

    Joeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ?

  8. Bayers Says:

    Release jameis Winston please unleash the beast

  9. Trubucfan22 Says:

    PFF was wrong about Smith, just like the Joe’s and Ira were wrong about Martin. The only difference Is that PFF isn’t afraid to post about how well Smith has done this year. Still waiting for the Joe’s to give Martin a little credit, and admit that they were wrong. Never going to happen though.
    Wrote multiple stories about Martin’s good first game. Why make stuff up?–Joe

  10. Stud Says:


    They were also wrong about Manziel, Mark Dominik and Vic Beasely being a bust but you won’t get retractions as they are too proud to admit the mistakes they post.

    They demand it from others but don’t hold themselves to the same standards.

  11. Tony from Los Angeles Says:

    When I picture what the Joe’s must look like, I always picture an angry Archie Bunker in a worn barcalounger drinking cheap ‘Merican beer.

    You have to think of PFF like a baseball batting average or OPS. They go by the numbers, period. Smith gave up ridiculous amounts of pressure his first two years. He thus got a bad grade. He has improved and gives up less pressure. Hence, a good grade.

    Just like if a hitter goes 0-5 with 3 strikeouts, that’s a bad game.
    If he goes 5-5, then that’s a good game.

    I can repeat this if necessary.

  12. DB55 Says:


    I’ve said it a hundred times, this offense doesn’t fit Jameis style. Jameis is NOT Koetters QB. This is a pass-heavy attack vs a balanced or run-heavy attack. I think Jameis thrives in that run-heavy system. Roll out the pocket, pick apart the zone. Etc.

    If you know anything about Jameis “The Messiah” you know that mf blind as a bat so throwing down field all day won’t get the best results.

    IMO Winston would thrive in Carolinas offense. Run heavy, TE passes for 1st downs and TDs plays to the WRs.

    Run, scrn, throwing 40 yards down field is going to garner low results. But wtf do I know?

  13. DB55 Says:

    I love Jameis but I also like Wentz. Wentz is prob the best young q.b. that’s come out in the past 5 years.

  14. GhostofSchiano Says:

    Just read about this release…….. worth checking the tires JOE?

  15. Capt.Tim Says:

    You’ll never convince some of these Zombies, Joe.
    Same idiots that complained about All pro Tackle Donald Penn.

  16. Broy34 Says:

    Yeah seriously. Pff trying to ruin a career but Joes take on Martin as an actual fan of the team after a hell of a return is nothing

  17. Broy34 Says:

    Db55 is borderline maxi pad negative. I don’t read his or maxipads comments. The McCoy hate is truly laughable. Nothing better than the Neanderthal comment yesterday where someone said “McDonald>McCoy”

    I’d stop coming here for comments but reading how dumb a bunch of bucs “fans” are has reached entertainment status

  18. DB55 Says:

    Db55 is borderline maxi pad negative. I don’t read his or maxipads comments.
    Then stfu! Do you see me talking to you? No, so keep it moving.

  19. Broy34 Says:

    See db^^^im referring to this article. Anyone who read your comments archive style will wanna Jump off a ledge. I put my heart and soul into this team but some people are just beyond obsessed as they use the bucs as Filler for their said lives

  20. unbelievable Says:

    @DB what’s weird to me is that Jameis seemed to play fine in his system as a rookie when he was offensive coordinator. I know there were various factors at play last year regarding playcalling, but it just seems worse to me since he became head coach. I think we saw more diversity when he was in Atlanta with Matt Ryan, it wasn’t all long developing routes even if was pass happy.

    At the same time, we are 2-2, plenty of time left in the season. Maybe they’re just in a funk right now. Hope it gets fixed quick.

    Re: Jameis being half blind, this was a concern I had with him coming out of college. Maybe time for him to start wearing contacts? Gotta be able to hit the long throws, regardless of the system. Agreed on the roll outs and play action, but what QB isn’t better with a strong run game? I mean Wentz has the #1 rushing attack in the league. Imagine what Jameis would do wit that.

  21. SB Says:

    What is REALLLLLLY funny about this is that Donald Penn got into a verbal altercation with fans this weekend about how he is overpaid and underachieving but PFF has him as Top 5!?

  22. DB55 Says:


    Agreed! Time will tell and I’m sure they’ll get on a roll.

  23. Joe Says:


    Still waiting for the Joe’s to give Martin a little credit, and admit that they were wrong.

    Don’t know Joe can say he was wrong when Joe doesn’t trust Doug Martin. Until he proves Joe wrong, the distrust will remain. If Joe were to “admit” he trusts Doug Martin, that would be a lie.

  24. Capt.Tim Says:

    – yup. Me too.

  25. firethecannons Says:

    less penalties also–sweeet!

  26. Trubucfan22 Says:

    After last week you still think quizz should start over Martin? Man, you guys are crazy. Lol